Sunday, January 27, 2013

I have had enough of this Illegal Gun Control Ranting...

from the Obama administration...fact Congress nor POTUS has the authority to ban or restrict firearms as granted in the 2nd Amendment...fact criminals commit crimes not Law abiding citizens...may I suggest Congress stop all funding for foreign aid and use the money to provide Law Enforcement security at all of our schools? This would be a good start and a logical one vs false outrage directed at firearms and the legal possession of such!

Enough is enough folks I am sick and tired of  Sen Diane Feinstein going off the path and trying to force Kawlifornias Liberal and illegal laws on the rest of the Nation..Barack Obama and his entire administration should be Impeached immediately for Sedition and Treason...any Congressional/Senate representative who fails to act is guilty as a conspirator! 

It is Congresses duty to uphold the constitution... all parts thereof not selected sections...

Enforce the 2nd Amendment Now!

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