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Italy Says That It Will Use Military Action To Attack The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat
The Italian government has affirmed military action against the Islamic persecution of Christians, and that such action is inevitable. I did a whole video on this:

According to the report:
"Military action is inevitable in the fight against terrorism and more should be done to tackle religious persecution, Italy’s foreign minister said.
In an unusually strongly worded interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Tuesday, Paolo Gentiloni said Europe has long ignored dangers faced by people in other parts of the world and must do more.
“Responding to terrorism inevitably implies military consequences. This may shock some people but these groups must also be dealt with on a military footing. I won’t use the word ‘combat’ to avoid being painted as a crusader,” Gentiloni said.
He noted that Italian forces are committed to training local armed forces in Somalia that fight against the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militants who singled out Christians in a shooting on Thursday at a university in Kenya that killed nearly 150 people.

Islamic State’s incursion into North Africa has alarmed Italy, whose southernmost island is separated from Tunisia by a 70-mile stretch of the Mediterranean.
Violence in Libya has swelled the numbers of illegal migrants coming to Italy by boat. The turmoil in the region that they are fleeing was brought home in March by an attack on the Bardo museum in Tunis in which four Italians were killed.
Gentiloni has previously pledged that Italy would fight in Libya as part of an international mission and said on Tuesday the government may consider also contributing in the future to tackling militant groups such as Boko Haram in Nigeria.
The fact that these groups are targeting Christians brings the need to help even closer to home, Gentiloni said, “because it concerns our identity and our roots”.
“For years Europe has had a bad habit, a mix of selfishness and cowardice that prompts it to turn its gaze elsewhere when it comes to what happens beyond our little old world,” he said.

He said it was important within Italy, which houses the Vatican papal state, to protect Christian sites and minority religious communities, such as Jews, which could become targets."

Obama Helps Clarify What Is, Is Not Christianity

One of my friends in Scotland commented that Christianity in America is a mile wide and an inch deep. After returning to America from living overseas twice as an adult, I would say this is a fair assessment.
The majority of Americans identify as Christians. However, their response to Gallup and Barna polls reveals there’s a disconnect, even a contradiction, between what self-ascribing Christians actually believe and claim. Sadly, poll results indicate that most self-ascribing American Christians, while they state they would like to read the Bible more, are unfamiliar with fundamental Biblical facts, they misunderstand or have no knowledge about what Jesus says about himself, salvation, heaven, hell, or death.

Some self-ascribing Christians claim that, “born-again Christians are disturbing.” (Such a claim either represents ignorance or the rejection of Jesus Christ’s teachings recorded in the four gospels as true. Clearly explained in John 3:1-21 and elsewhere, Jesus himself declared that salvation from sin/separation from God is that one “must be born again.”)
Some self-ascribing Christians either support abortion now, or had the opportunity to prevent it or did nothing after the U.S. Supreme Court’s final ruling in 1973. Some self-ascribing Christians have expressed “horror” over abortion practices (like Kermit Gosnell’s) but voted for and continue to justify their support of leaders who advocate for infanticide and sex-selective abortions.
Still others, support same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue, unable to understand its spiritual and biblical origin, while also whining about religious rights issues. Such claims, that completely ignore, reject and/or misinterpret biblical truth clearly articulated by the God they claim to worship, obviously mislead and confuse non-Christians.

Capitol Police Chief Who Stonewalled Release of Harry Reid Injury Data Reportedly Resigns

By Thomas Lifson
After stonewalling release of reports filed by the Capitol Police protective detail that was with Harry Reid when he suffered mysterious injuries on New Year’s Day, Kim C. Dine, chief of the Capitol Police, is reported to have resigned. Bridget Bowman and Emma Dumain of Roll Call (hat tip: Breitbart) report:
 U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim C. Dine has submitted a letter of resignation to the Capitol Police Board, multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed to CQ Roll Call.
It is not currently known whether the letter has or will be accepted by the three-member board, made up of the House and Senate sergeants-at-arms and the Architect of the Capitol. Multiple attempts to secure a comment from Dine were unsuccessful.
There are other issues aside from the mystery surrounding Reid, whose story about his injuries has changed

The chief’s letter of resignation also comes amid reports of conflict within the department, which employs 1,775 sworn officers and 370 civilians. A recent CQ Roll Call report detailed growing frustration among rank-and-file officers regarding alleged policies passed down from department brass that officers should not participate in “low value” stops around the Capitol campus. The officers said the top priority was combating terrorist threats against the Capitol and lawmakers, with day-to-day policing taking a backseat.
Lawmakers questioned Dine about officer morale at a recent House Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee hearing.
But it is clear that Harry is watching out for his guy:
Despite the recent concerns about Dine’s leadership, he did receive support from some lawmakers, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., a former Capitol Police officer himself. “I’m for a strong Capitol Police,” Reid said on March 3. “We need to give them more resources, rather than less.”
As in Alice and Wonderland, things keep getting curiouser and curiouser about Harry Reid.

Walker To Obama: You Can’t Pick Which Part Of The Constitution You Support

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker lit up the National Rifle Association crowd at their annual conference on Friday. Walker received numerous standing ovations from the audience and boasted about his favorable rating from the gun rights organization.
“I’m proud of my A+ rating as governor. Some on the Left might call it a Scarlet Letter but I consider it a badge of honor,” he said. “It’s about protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens to possess firearms – but it is bigger than just that. It is all about freedom – the very thing our founders spelled out in our nation’s Constitution.”
“Sometimes I think that the current occupant in the White House forgets that when the president is sworn in he takes an oath to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,’” Walker continued. “Well Mr. President, the 2nd Amendment is part of the Constitution. You don’t get to pick and choose which part of the Constitution you support. Preserving, protecting and defending it is not optional. It’s mandatory.”
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“Biologically Primed” Mrs. Clinton, Take Two

The Arkansas Hillbillies (Clintons) leaving the White House . . . .
[ The Arkansas Hillbillies (Clintons) leaving the White House . . . .]

Maybe she can be arrested Monday.
Check it out:
Mrs. Clinton is going to announce her presidential run very quietly, we are told, on Sunday. And I think I’ve got a new slogan for Mrs. Clinton: No Surprises This Time. And, you know, put a picture of Obama up there. No Surprises This Time. But there’s gonna be a surprise. Martin O’Malley is gonna announce in late May, I am told. And Elizabeth Warren is out now starting to sound critical of Mrs. Clinton.
Now, as for Mrs. Clinton, she’s going to announce her campaign on Twitter and Facebook, on social media. She’s gonna do it in a very low-key way. This is an effort to make Mrs. Clinton look hip. This is an effort to attract the Millennials and the youths of America who are assumed to get all of their news and all of their information via Twitter on portable mobile devices rather than watching television.

One Democrat familiar with the campaign rollout said that Mrs. Clinton’s announcement will feature visits, campaign stops and visits to people’s homes in the early states and in the early days. I guess Mrs. Clinton really wants to find out what it’s like to be dead broke. Well, she said she was dead broke, she and Bill were dead broke when they left the White House, had to steal furniture from the residence. 

Saudi King lavishes Hillary Clinton with $500K worth of jewels
[Saudi King lavishes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with $500K worth of jewels ] 
Wondering if the IG of the State Department is looking into this also!

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Why Do Republicans Fear This Woman?

When will liberals learn that their way does not work. Literally.
Check it out:
I don’t get the automatic qualification for president. I don’t… Well, I understand why in her mind and in some Democrats’ mind she deserves it and is owed it as a payback for making sure that her husband was not damaged during his presidency by saying with him. I understand all that. I understand that she is deserved something, that they owe her something. But in terms of Smartest Woman in the World, imminently qualified to be president? I just don’t get it. 

But even in light of that, she’s not gonna get anywhere near the kind of examination that any Republican candidate’s gonna get. Cookie, would you do me a favor? We haven’t played this in a long time. Would you grab the screeching Hillary sound bite that we popularized? This was back during the Bush administration, and the Democrats were out “dissenting” on the Iraq war. All of those who’d voted for it were out trying to pretend they hadn’t voted for it, that Bush had lied to ‘em, and she’s out screaming. 

Some people had raised the question of patriotism and criticizing the commander-in-chief while at war, and she’s somewhere and just started screaming, cackling, about how dissent is patriotism and how she not gonna sit there and let other people tell her what she can’t say and so forth. It’s out of control. It wasn’t measured. It sounds wild and just… You throw all of these things together, and I’ve just never understood why it is a fait accompli that she’s qualified, that she could be and should be elected, and would somehow be okay to serve.   

I’ve never understood it.
Now, I know it’s inside-the-Beltway. It’s the establishment this, the establishment that. But she’s not gonna get anywhere near the examination by the media that any Republican is gonna get. In fact, they’re gonna have to cover up for her. You know, in another sound bite she gets asked about Benghazi and the fact that four people died. After a month or two had gone by, she says, “What difference does it make now?” That was an honest answer. She’s saying, “What are you gonna do? It happened.
“Big deal! All right, what difference does it make now what happened? What difference does it make if I was in? What difference it make now?” That’s an indication how impersonal and cold she is rather than sensitive and aware. I just have never gotten it. I have never understood it. And I’ll tell you this. You’ve seen this yourself. You know it. You’ve seen the stories where intimate friends of Hillary describe what she’s like in private.
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White House tweeted a rainbow picture of Obama that will Make you Choke

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The narcissist in chief knows no limits.
Check it out:
I must caution you that if you have delicate sensibilities and are easily nauseated, you’re gonna want to have a barf bag nearby before you take a peek at this sycophantic Obama-worshipping picture that the official account of the American public’s White House tweeted out earlier today.
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Vladimir Potter May Bail Out Greece

Is it life which imitates art or art that imitates life? I usually don't much care. I'm not much of an art aficionado, but in the case of Greece and the European Union, I think it's life imitating art.   

Greece is officially out of money. Actually, they've been broke for quite some time, but now it's crunch time. They need money to make a rather large payment (450 million Euros) to the IMF. They don't have it.
So let's call the country of Greece, the low rent district of Europe (Bedford Falls), or Bailey Park. For those unaware, I'm making reference to Frank Capra's classic movie It's a Wonderful Life.

The European Union, or the Old Building and Loan, has helped the residents of Greece, Bailey Park, all it can, and will no longer lend it any more without Greece instituting austerity measures. Thus far, they have refused.
Well, desperate times lead to desperate measures. The duly elected representative of Bailey Park, the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, has made attempts to acquire more funding from the EU, the old Building and Loan, but to no avail.
Enter Mr. Potter. We might better know him as Russia's President Vladimir Putin.
Now, if you recall from the movie, the desperate residents of Bailey Park all rush into George Bailey's Building and Loan to withdraw their money, but the Building and Loan is broke. One panicked account holder exclaims that old man Potter is giving 50 cents on the dollar. To that, Tom, another account holder, begins to walk out, saying, "It's better to get half than nothing."

This is exactly what I see happening to Europe, and Greece is just the tip of the iceberg.
Greece's Prime Minister Tsipras is meeting with Vladimir Potter today to discuss possibly procuring a loan, a line of credit and discounted energy supplies. The European Union is none too happy about that.
Just like old man Potter, swooping in to take advantage of the Building and Loan's desperate customers, Vlad is seeking to do the same. This is made-to-order for the Russian leader. Ahead of the meeting, Tsipras has already made overtures to Russia, condemning economic sanctions on Moscow. 
The UK Telegraph reports that a source in the Russian government says that lines of credit are indeed possible, as well as granting new loans and discounts on gas, but that Vladimir Potter is interested in something in return. The source described that something as receiving particular assets in Greece, but provided no details. However, the Russian media identified some potential somethings as maybe the Greek gas company DEPA, the railway operations, and both the Athens and Thessaloniki sea ports.  
Wow, sounds like Bailey Park may end up as Pottersville before it's all said and done.

In the short term, it appears that Vladimir Potter is trying to drive a wedge into the EU by using Greece's veto power to end sanctions on his country. With leverage over Greece, it may also begin to break up the EU's unified front against Russia's ambitions in Ukraine.
And as more European nations like Spain and Portugal falter, Vladimir Potter will no doubt be more than willing to step and buy out their Building and Loan shares, for pennies on the dollar.  
Who knows – in ten years we may be looking at the USSE, the United Soviet States of Europe.

Attorney: If the Supreme Court Keeps Going This Way Free Speech will be Dead

圖片標題: supreme+court+justices.jpg
[The elite who are above 'We the People' don't give a hoot about Justice anymore...they have a sweet and protected life...courtesy of those who placed them into office and who they owe their allegiance too]

John Whitehead, the head of The Rutherford Institute and author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, recently warned that things that people say may well be considered too "dangerous" by the current tyrannical supreme Court of the united States.
According to One News Now:
An organization fighting for individual rights says the Supreme Court's refusal to hear a case involving students' right to wear American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo is an ominous sign.

On Cinco de Mayo in 2010, three Oak Hill High School students in California were told by school officials they couldn't wear patriotic T-shirts because Hispanic students might be offended. John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute says the justices didn't even give a reason for their refusal to hear the case.

In Whitehead's opinion, today's Supreme Court isn't a civil libertarian court – which he views as indicative of a dangerous trend.
Whitehead, who has practiced law for 40 years said, "As I'm looking at the court decisions across the country in the lower courts and the Supreme Court, pretty soon anything that might offend somebody – and you can put quotes around that word 'might' – is going to be taboo. So free speech, as we've known it, I think is almost dead if this court continues the way it's going."
"They uphold any action by public schools [and] basically any action by the government," Whitehead added. "So ... if you want civil liberties protections. you better get in the courts, you better fight – and the next time some of these judges come up for the Supreme Court, let's get a judge on there who understands the Constitution."

Whitehead has filed a lawsuit on behalf of student against the school district and their parents (Dariano v. Morgan Hill).
John Whitehead was also involved in another famous First Amendment case regarding US Marine Brandon Raub. Raub's civil rights were violated after he posted statements venting his frustration with the federal government on his Facebook page. Following being kidnapped and taken for psychiatric evaluation without charges against him, Raub sat down with Whitehead for an interview in which he stated, "I'm scared for my country."

The fact that free speech is under assault in this country tells us that we have strayed from our founding and Marxists are, in fact, in high levels of government to control what we say and wear. And as a warning, the so-called "hate crimes" laws are nothing more than a means of trying to control how we think !

Strapped Americans Headed for “Civil Unrest and Riots,” With Poor Spending 60% on Bare Essentials

It is clear that the economic realities falling upon the masses in America are driving us towards a crisis point.   Even with substantial government subsidies, the bottom 10% of Americans are beyond struggling, spending more than 60% of their meager incomes on the bare essentials. According to the latest official numbers, the poorest in the United States are spending 42% of their income on housing and another 17% on food, statistics that are unsustainable for individuals and families.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

For many Americans, the rise in food and housing prices is a tough squeeze. That's because—even in an era with low overall inflation—low-income Americans spend a disproportionate share of their money on food and housing.
New data from the Labor Department show the extent of the discrepancy. The bottom 10% of Americans, by income, devote 42% of their spending to housing and an additional 17% to food–nearly 60% of their total spending, according to the Consumer Expenditures Survey. By contrast, the wealthiest 10% of Americans dedicate only 31% of their spending to housing and 11% to food–closer to 40% of total spending.

Contrary to perception, not all food and housing is covered by the welfare state, with many lower class Americans paying out all their wages just to get by with the basics – leaving scant to nothing for everything else.
Take a look at this chart based on Labor Dept. statistics:
The richest spend less, proportionally, on food and housing, as do the upper half of Americans, who average less than a third of income on homes and only about 11-13% on food.
By contrast, the world's poorest billions, who often live on less than a dollar a day, typically spend 50% of their money alone on food for sustenance, putting prosperity even beneath the dream level. Not surprisingly, most of these people live in unstable, chaotic and often war-torn regions.
The difference in these percentages are huge in much more than just disposable income. It is the deciding factor in terms of the ability to save money, secure retirement and education, pay off debts and especially to deal with a crisis.

Far too many Americans are already teetering on the edge, and emergencies of any kind – including personal, family illness/injuries, economic or natural disasters and much more – are enough to drive most to either capitulation at the hands of government assistance or worse – desperation.
David Quintieri, commentator and author of The Money GPS, is warning that this kind of extreme economic pressure is likely to trigger civil unrest and riots.

With the past many years yielding no real signs of opportunity or enthusiasm for average Americans, there is plenty of reason to think that other echelons of society are following suit, where a slide to poverty becomes a collapse.
The worry is that these numbers only signal a slide in that direction for the rest of the nation's poor – who are also economically strapped – and behind them the quickly disappearing Middle Class, with many already treading water to make ends meet and carrying significant debt loads.
When desperation sets in, order goes swiftly with it. After that, riots, unrest and martial law. We all know the pattern.
Worse, we all know the system – propped up by a swelling nanny state giving out freebies and handouts to a disturbingly dependent class of masses – cannot last and is doomed by design to collapse.

How long until we see riots in America – not just over media-driven issues as in Ferguson – but over sustained, untenable economic desperation from the bottom up?
The hour is getting late. It really may not be long…


Texas: Christian Teacher Faces Disciplinary Action for Telling the Truth about Islam

Was Muhammad a True Prophet? 

oped: Indeed I will help the teacher out: 


Foster High School in Texas is the site of more Christian persecution in America due to Islam. Now a teacher is facing punishment from the school district for an 8 page handout that warned the class about the truth of Islam.
Though the information on the handouts were not sourced, it appears that that information could easily be documented.
Among the information in the pages were facts like:

Which prophet was false: the Jewish Moses, the Christian Jesus, the ...
[Even the last Pope seems to believe more of Adam and Steve..than Adam and Eve...sorry state of affairs]
  • Muhammad posed as a prophet. . .Both Jesus and Paul warned that after they were gone many false prophets would come. Muhammad is simply one of them. . ." 
  • "Islam is more of an ideology than a religion. It is also an ideology of war. . ."
  • "[Islam forces] its ideology on cultures and ultimately on the world through propaganda, subversion, and even physical force when it is deemed necessary, one area of the world at a time."
  • "You will either give into their demands recognizing Islam's 'noble' rule, you will become a Muslim yourself, or you will die."
  • "[Muslims believe] All governments - except Islam - should be overthrown."
  • ". . .everyone will be brought under the yoke of Islam, willingly or unwillingly."
  • ". . .even though generally Islamic followers will say that they 'believe' in Jesus and respect Him and the Bible, in fact, neither is really true."  
 Before Al Qaeda hit Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French magazine, for ...
Enough is enough,” he said. “We came to City Hall today to let the ...
Designated Terror Group Hamas-CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) were called in by one Muslim student's parents, who spoke to the principal.
Hamas-CAIR's Executive Director Mustafaa Carroll, who has openly stated that Muslims are above the law, told the district, "Only a strong response to this attempt at student indoctrination will send a message that our schools must never be incubators of hate."
Student indoctrination? Hello pot? This is kettle.
I don't' recall Mr. "Above the law" Carroll lifting his voice while Islam has been used to indoctrinate thousands of American kids around the country, such as any number of these incidents listed here. Why? Because they fit his agenda.

KHOU reports:
CAIR's Houston director told KHOU 11 News that the Foster HS principal confirmed what the teacher handed out, and said that he is not happy about it.

A Lamar ISD spokesman released the following statement to KHOU 11 News: "We're disappointed to learn one teacher made independent changes to a lesson plan, resulting in information being given that didn't follow subject matter, or state and local curriculum plans. As soon as this issue was brought to our attention, the administration addressed the situation with the teacher. Ensuring our students have access to factual information, given in the proper context, is a priority in our District. Arbitrary curriculum decisions, which are clearly outside of the guidelines, won't be tolerated."

The District added that the teacher will face "appropriate disciplinary measures." 

So, let's get this straight, pointing out the truth about Islam and its ideology and history demands "appropriate disciplinary measures." However, if you teach Islam according to how Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR want, then it's just fine. Does anyone else see a problem with this scenario?
At least one of the students stood up for their teacher. Byron Randle told Click to Houston, "He wanted us to make our own opinion. Everything he gives us he wants us to make our own opinion. He's like the one of the most neutral guys I know."

Here's copies of the pages the teacher gave out. Share your thoughts below and if you want to share your thoughts with the principal, here's his contact information:
Gene Tomas
4400 FM 723
Richmond, TX 77406
Phone: (832)223-3800

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Mass Homosexual Orgies Discovered In The Vatican

Caligula Wasn't Especially Brilliant - The Meta Picture
Caligula, Look It Up.

Caligula made his horse a Consul. I'm making this dog a Senator.
 oped: Bottom Line the Roman Empire under Caligula and Nero were all about Bi-Sexual Orgies...anything goes 'If it feels good do it' was their motto...akin to the Obama administration eh'?  
I do believe we are in the End of Times...the last Pope'... who seems to enable the Caligulas of the world... 

Homosexual orgies, and also a possible murder, have been discovered in the Vatican. This is just another proof of the satanic homosexual takeover of the Vatican. The Muslims conquered Constantinople, but the sodomites conquered Rome. According to a report on the story:  
The Vatican has been embroiled in two separate, highly embarrassing, scandals.
In one, a north Italian priest has been removed from office after allegations emerged that he had been surfing the internet to find gay lovers and had been involved in gay orgies.
The other, which has generated – if possible – even more lurid press coverage in Italy, alleges a priest in the south of the country is under investigation on suspicion of murdering one of his parishioners.

Father Gratien Alabi, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is under investigation for murder following the discovery of female bones under the flagstones of an ancient mountain chapel.
The bones are anticipated to belong to Guerrina Piscaglia, 50, who disappeared from nearby Arezzo in Tuscany last year, The Times reported.
The case has generated intense media interest, with some papers claiming that Father Alabi had engaged in an affair with the woman, a parishioner of his and another priest's church, and fathered a child with her.
Father Alabi has denied all claims, protesting his innocence.
Meanwhile, to the north of the country, the local Curia is scrambling to address the allegations made by a 32-year-old man from Rovigo, midway between Bologna and Venice.
The unidentified man apparently approached the media after church authorities failed to take action following his official complaint to the Ecclesiastical Court of the Puglia region against the unidentified 50-year-old priest.
The younger man claimed he met the priest through Facebook, forming a close friendship with the clerical figure who then confessed his homosexuality to his online correspondent.

In his complaint, according to Italian newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorno, the man included a record of his conversations with the priest.
In these online interactions, the priest admitted to sexual relationships with other religious figures – as well as members of the Vatican's elite Swiss Guard – using the internet to find new partners and engage in sexual encounters online.
Following the involvement of Archbishop of Taranto Filippo Santoro, the individual involved was immediately removed from office, once the "reliability of the facts" had been established.
He added that the allegations included behaviour that was "absolutely incompatible with the priestly ministry."
"Needless to say, the feelings of the archbishop and the Curia are those of the regret and dismay," a Vatican spokesperson told the Italian newspaper.

There is a very dangerous homosexual supporting ring deeply entrenched in the Vatican, which is helping enable it when it conducts mass with such a depraved heretic.
I have myself experienced, to some measure, this homosexual supporting ring in the Catholic Church, in a conversation I had with one priest and Catholic canon law judge, named Robert L. Kincl (also known as Fr. Bob Kincl), who was ordained in Rome. Kincl had befriended us as a fan of acting as conservative, yet referred to homosexual fondling as permissible in the conversation. Having been shocked at his remarks, I told Kincl:

How can you, as a priest, be so liberal toward such a sick evil as two men fondling each other, or as two men having a "relationship" just as long as they are not going with other men. It is evil and it is reprobate.

I also told him:
It is not tolerable for you, as both a priest and a canon law judge, to be permissive to somebody having a homosexual relationship just as long as they are not being promiscuous with other men. It is deplorable, and in the words of St. Paul, "worthy of death" (Romans 1:32).
Kincl defended his position and responded with a rejection of the Old Testament and a twisting of St. Paul's condemnation of homosexuality in Romans, stating:
We do not follow the Hebrew Scriptures. We follow Jesus Christ who never mentioned gay relationships. When St. Paul mentioned such a relationship he was referring to the promiscuousness of the Romans using sodomy. decided to investigate Kincl and found that he has a dark past. In 1993, Kincl worked as a Commander in charge of clergy at the U.S. Navy, and while he was in the service he defended another chaplain confirmed to be guilty of child molestation, named Robert Hrdlicka.

The investigation revealed that Robert L. Kincl had even written the authorities, not to charge the pedophile who molested the young boys, but urged them to send him back to serve as a chaplain:
Catholic chaplain Lt. Robert Hrdlicka pleaded guilty to molesting boys in 1993. Before his sentencing, six other Catholic Navy chaplains and the church's archbishop for the military services urged authorities to send Lt. Hrdlicka to a church-run treatment center.
"It is my fervent hope and prayer that he will be able to return to the active ministry as soon as possible," wrote then-Cmdr. Robert L. Kincl. Instead, Lt. Hrdlicka went to prison. looked up Kincl's My Life page, to find out that after all these years Kincl is still friends with Hrdlicka the pedophile, since he is on his friends list, of which I took snapshots: 




Just as we have Muslims, like Bergdahl, who have infiltrated the military, we have people like Kincl who have infiltrated both the military and the Catholic Church, with their depravity.
Kincl is now serving as a priest in Our Lady's Maronite Catholic Church alongside Msgr. Don Sawyer. When I confronted Sawyer on Kincl, Sawyer vehemently defended Kincl. decided to contact the Diocese of Austin to file a complaint, and spoke with the Very Reverend Daniel E. Garcia as the Vicar General for the Diocese of Austin, and Chancellor and Secretariat Director for Administration, Deacon Ron Walker, who were under Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of the Diocese of Austin.

We asked them how could someone who supports homosexuality and defended a pedophile still be serving as a priest and not be excommunicated, to which Deacon Ron Walker, rolling his eyes, said that the Church's main objective would be to reconcile him with God, and not excommunicate him.
It seems that the Diocese of Austin could care less if one of its priests supports homosexuality and defended a pedophile.
Why is this man serving as a priest when the Catholic Church, in its teachings, forbids homosexuality?
It is not surprising to see how far reaching homosexuality has gone in the Vatican. What other deviancies will enter the Vatican in the next decade remains to be seen. Whatever happened to normal sin? In the good old days, steeling a chicken perhaps constituted such sin, but these days, it's sleeping with it.

While we were doing some work in Texas we were told of a man named Msgr. Michael Yarbrough (also known as Michael Yarborough), and how he is a deviant priest who forcefully kissed a young man named Hector Escalante on the lips, and how he was supporting a pro homosexual group called Call to Action.
Well, we decided that we were going to bait Msgr. Michael Yarbrough. I visited him in a confessional booth where I told him my age and apparently it registered an interest, and he asked me if I wanted to come and hang out with him. He fell for the bait. I found it very odd that a priest of his high position, with a very busy schedule, would all of a sudden want to spend time with me.
I accepted his offer, and gave him a call, and asked him if we would meet at a book store. He said that he preferred that we meet in his office. I found this quite disturbing because it was in his office where he kissed Hector Escalante. When I did research on Msgr. Michael Yarbrough, I found a 2002 report written in the San Antonio Express which stated:

Hector Escalante complained that Monsignor Michael Yarbrough kissed him on the lips and groped him in his office in 1998, when Escalante was 27, on his last day on the job as a St. Matthew's Parish employee.
Yarbrough admitted kissing him but said Escalante misunderstood the gesture, which the priest said was common among men in his family. He denied groping Escalante.
Imagine, a man kissing another man on the lips as "common."
I told Msgr. Michael Yarbrough that it would be better that we meet in a book store, to which he agreed. I asked him how much time he had, and he said, as long as I wanted. After doing some more research, I also found out that on top of kissing a young man on the lips, Msgr. Michael Yarbrough is a also a major donor to a pro homosexual group, called Call to Action, and I found his name on a list made by Call to Action designated as "major donors." I took a snapshot of the list with Msgr. Michael Yarbrough's name highlighted:


So, we had the meeting at the bookstore, and after some conversation, I busted him on his heresies and his scandals and also paid a visit to his church, where I was eventually kicked out by his followers (who probably know nothing on how evil this heretic is). 

Christianity is not about sycophancy, its about war against evil and the devil. We must arm ourselves to fight in this war. CLICK HERE TO GET OUR NEW 2-DISK DVD SPECIAL ON CHRISTIAN MILITANCY AND PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE WAR AGAINST ISLAM, TYANNY, AND THE FORCES OF DARKNESS


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Another Homofascist Trying to Play the Victim – This Time With Yours Truly

gay parade 16 Funny: Gay parades worldwide

Well, the sodomites are at it again! They try and play the victim when they are the ones committing the crimes. I wrote an article last month dealing with CNN's Chris Cuomo's claim that our rights don't come from God. Cuomo doesn't believe law comes from God either. Yet, Chief Justice Roy Moore demonstrated that both do come from God. However, since the back and forth between Cuomo and Moore was about redefining marriage to include sodomites, I wrote that if we dealt with sodomites in a biblical manner, we wouldn't be talking about redefining marriage. That erupted into a firestorm of sodomite temper tantrums on a sodomite blog, which I won't even give the pleasure of naming. However, what I actually said became so distorted by these sexual deviants that they claimed I was calling for the "murder" of "millions" of a "minority group." Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let's just address a couple of things, shall we? First, in no sense of the word did I ever, nor have I ever, nor shall I call for the "murder" of sodomites. I would never do that because it would be a clear violation of the Sixth Commandment, "You shall not murder." So, anyone who claims that I want to see any individual, including a practicing sodomite, murdered in the street by vigilantes, such as Islamists are currently doing to "accused sodomites" in Iraq, is putting words in my mouth that I have never uttered nor penned.

Second, in a tweet to me, the sodomite blogger claimed they are a minority group, which they are not. Blacks in America have resented this claim from these deviants and Black Churches have cut off certain denominations for their embracing of what God calls an abomination. One should remember the leader of the Civil Rights Movement Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's famous address when he dealt with the heart of this issue by stating, "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Character is the issue and those who engage in sodomy are demonstrating their depraved character.
Third, these people know they are committing crimes, but they don't want to repent and they don't want the law to be brought down upon them and justice administered.
The sodomite, who took to his little blog, continued to distort my words on Twitter along with others who want to play the victim, while they commit crimes against nature (Rom. 1:24) and some of them commit crimes against our children.
Second, in a tweet to me, the sodomite blogger claimed they are a minority group, which they are not. Blacks in America have resented this claim from these deviants and Black Churches have cut off certain denominations for their embracing of what God calls an abomination. One should remember the leader of the Civil Rights Movement Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's famous address when he dealt with the heart of this issue by stating, "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Character is the issue and those who engage in sodomy are demonstrating their depraved character.

Third, these people know they are committing crimes, but they don't want to repent and they don't want the law to be brought down upon them and justice administered.
The sodomite, who took to his little blog, continued to distort my words on Twitter along with others who want to play the victim, while they commit crimes against nature (Rom. 1:24) and some of them commit crimes against our children.

Just take a look at what has been entered into the congressional record concerning the sodomite manifesto.

Bradlee Dean provides some history:
Back in 1987, the Gay Manifesto was published by Michael Swift in the Gay Community News on February 15-21, 1987. It was also interjected into the Congressional Record (omitting the preface, which I have added below), showing that Congress is well aware of this content.

When the homosexual radicals became aware that people were alarmed by this homosexual manifesto, they looked for something to cover their tracks. So they reverted to saying that the homosexual manifesto was merely a "satire" rather than a reality.

Swift's original preface stated: "This essay is an outré, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed desperately dream of being the oppressor."
And what do these sodomites want to do to you, your wives and your sons and daughters America and the world? Swift's own words tell us. He writes:
"We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us.
"Women, you cry for freedom. You say you are no longer satisfied with men; they make you unhappy. We, connoisseurs of the masculine face, the masculine physique, shall take your men from you then. We will amuse them; we will instruct them; we will embrace them when they weep. Women, you say you wish to live with each other instead of with men. Then go and be with each other. We shall give your men pleasures they have never known because we are foremost men too, and only one man knows how to truly please another man; only one man can understand the depth and feeling, the mind and body of another man.
"All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead, legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men. All homosexuals must stand together as brothers; we must be united artistically, philosophically, socially, politically and financially. We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemy. 

Continue Reading:

New York Times: Christians Must Be Forced To Accept Gay Lifestyle

Gay Parade, Paris
If you ever needed proof of the Left’s totalitarian tendencies, the New York Times has provided it. There is an old liberal saying: “The world is just one execution away from utopia.” Yesterday, the NYT decided that Christians have to be “forced” to accept the gay lifestyle.
In a tirade against people of faith and their “sins,” Frank Bruni goes off on Christians everywhere, demeaning them and basically saying they are unfit to be human beings. However, the striking thing is not just his hatred of Christians, but his remedy to their supposed wrongs.
Bruni wants churches to be unable to call homosexuality a sin. He wants the liberal church teaching of ‘anything goes’ to be adopted by all. 
gay parade 16 Funny: Gay parades worldwide

Breitbart puts it this way:
Op-ed writer Frank Bruni, onetime Times restaurant critic and a gay activist, has written that Christians who hold on to “ossified,” biblically-based beliefs regarding sexual morality have no place at America’s table and are deserving of no particular regard.
In one fell swoop, Bruni trashes all believing Christians as “bigots,” saying that Christians’ negative moral assessment of homosexual relations is “a choice” that “prioritizes scattered passages of ancient texts over all that has been learned since — as if time had stood still, as if the advances of science and knowledge meant nothing.”
In other words, if you still cling to your benighted views and your “ancient texts,” you are living in the past and your views merit no respect.
Bruni’s solution to the impasse is not some sort of goodwill compromise or a treaty of mutual respect, but a take-no-prisoners ultimatum to Christians to abandon their beliefs or else.
 Gay Pride Parade in Chicago, ca. 1970s
Mainstream denominations are dying across America as they embrace Brunei’s call to arms. Frankly, I usually don’t wade into the social issues debate; but the totalitarian angle of his thesis is disturbing to me.
Of course, if you listen hard, you can hear the Left also bashing Islam and their killing and mutilating of homosexuals all over the world.

Did the President Have Mariam Carey Killed to Cover Up An Illegitimate Child?

miriam carey henry junious wilson ii miriam carey henry junious wilson ...
mariam carey3
There may be more to the incident of Mariam Carey, the 34 year old woman who was shot dead for breaching a temporary White House barricade back on 10/03/2013, than we ever imagined.  Of course, the official story released by the White House says they had no idea of why Carey tried to breach a barrier at the WH and led them on a high speed chase that ended with them fatally shooting her. As is seen in the video of the incident, it was anything but a high speed chase, and with Secret Service and D.C. police surrounding Carey's car with guns drawn before the chase, it is highly likely that this triggered her to attempt to escape

The bottom line is Carey was at the White House to see President Obama, and in bringing her 1-year-old child along should show us she was bringing her daughter to meet her biological father.
One thing is clear, both D.C. police and the Secret Service had orders to kill her. Both agencies knew she had no weapons from having her car surrounded to when she got out of her car unarmed. Yet, she was shot dead from behind.
There is also the lack of interest from the Administration and the usual race agitators, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who, under any other circumstances, would have been all over this.

Then, there is the purported father of Erica Francis, a CIA agent by the name of Eric Francis, who goes by several different names and social security numbers. This coupled with the fact that the government held the child and would not release her to Mariam Carey's parents or family members, who ended up having to go to court to obtain custody, proves to be very suspicious.
The fact that the official story says Mariam Carey was suffering from delusions and her mental state had been deteriorating some 10 months prior to the WH incident is purely government propaganda. Carey's delusions was said to consist of her belief that President Obama was stalking her, secretly videotaping her, and had her residence bugged. 

Carey's so called delusions may not have been delusions at all, but true fact, considering she would have been scrutinized in this very manner if the President really were interested in keeping an eye on her because he was afraid she would start talking. 
Carey's family and job life just isn't consistent with what we are being told by the government.
President Obama made several official trips to Stamford, CT, from 2009 to 2012, not to mention trips there that may not have been reported.

Judging from what evidence was weighed against the official story, we find that the actual incident makes no sense other than Carey trying her best to meet Obama with her child and the President going all out to make sure she doesn't. 
The barricades themselves were more than likely placed there entirely because President Obama knew Carey would attempt to bring their child to the White House soon and not due to an increased terrorist threat, as we were told. He knew this by actually doing what Carey suspected him of doing and was labeled delusional for it.  
In any case, the President of the United States has a responsibility to present himself to the American public as a person of impeccable integrity—albeit, this President has missed the mark more times than we can count. He has the opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of those who question him by submitting to a paternity test and lay speculation to rest.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hillary’s Secret Server Was Most Certainly Hacked By Our Enemies – She Should Go To Jail

Hillary Actually Said This.....

Hillary Clinton has no business running for President of the United States. Anyone who enters the service of the United States government, and especially someone who has held such high office as her, is educated rather thoroughly on security procedures and the importance of protecting classified information.
However, she chose to ignore these rules and not only use a private, unsecured server to conduct government business; she used an unsecured mobile device in a foreign country that is an adversary to the United States. She did this not once or twice; she did it multiple times.
If anyone in the trenches had willfully exposed classified information or even sensitive information in this manner, they would be prosecuted. Of course, we know that the Department of Justice under Obama would never bring charges against a Democratic superstar.

Breitbart reports:
A former top intelligence official for the Obama administration believes that it is “very likely” that countries like China and Russia–and maybe even Iran and North Korea–hacked into Hillary Clinton’s private email account while she was secretary of state.
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn–who ran the Defense Intelligence Agency, which is the sister agency to the CIA, for the Obama administration–told Fox News’s Megyn Kelly on Monday that there is a “very high” probability that nations hostile the United States hacked into Clinton’s private server, which cybersecurity experts have determined had numerous security lapses.
Politico recently reviewed photos from pool reports during Clinton’s tenure at the agency and determined that she used her less secure personal blackberry in countries like Vietnam, Brazil, and South Korea.
This lack of security concern seems to be rife within the State Department.
Do you remember when Victoria Nuland, while on the ground in Ukraine, used an unsecure phone to discuss American policy in Ukraine and interactions with the European Union? The Russians promptly recorded everything she said and released it for the world to hear.  “F… the EU,” were her famous words.
An attitude that contributes to such carelessness about security comes from the top. Hillary Clinton was at the top.
The president’s main job is to protect the American public. She doesn’t deserve this trust and doesn’t deserve to be president. No, she should be in jail.

Is A 3rd Great Awakening On The Way?


Recently, while announcing his 2016 presidential bid in front of 13,000 onlookers at central Virginia’s Liberty University, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz garnered tremendous applause, saying, “I believe God isn’t done with America yet.”
I think he’s right. Though the forces of evil may try, there are many Christ followers who intend to see spiritual revival break out in this, one of the two greatest nations on earth. “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).”
Before its foundation, America first flew the Appeal to Heaven flag. It was the banner George Washington used on his navy ships to signal that their only hope against British rule and religious persecution was an appeal to heaven. The crusade continues today.

Indeed, pockets of revival are breaking out under the appeal to heaven banner across the nation. Some are expecting the next great move of God to emerge under this banner that pictures an evergreen tree on a white flag with the words “An Appeal to Heaven” across the top.
“Our nation is in crisis. It has grown darker over the past six years. It will continue growing darker until we turn back to God as a nation. The good news is when we do, we’ll see a Great Awakening and many souls will come into the kingdom,” says Jennifer LeClaire, senior editor at Charisma magazine, contributor to, and author of “The Next Great Move of God: An Appeal to Heaven for Spiritual Awakening.” “I’m blowing the trumpet. I’m sounding the alarm. There is hope for America, and that hope lies in the body of Christ rising up to do as Jesus commanded: Occupy until I come.”

I want to encourage my readers to pick up “The Next Great Move of God.” LeClaire has become a rising prophetic voice for revival in America. The wisdom she’s been given by the Holy Spirit and the vision she has for God’s move in America is something to which every Christian (and non-believer, for that matter) should pay notice. Jennifer is a fearless voice for Christ’s truth, in love, and has earned my tremendous respect in the years we’ve known each other.
“Sparked in part by a revelation Dutch Sheets received over the course of 12 years,” notes LeClaire, “the nation is being called back to prayer for a Third Great Awakening.” Through in-depth interviews, eyewitness accounts, transcribed speeches, and prophetic visions from noted leaders such as Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, the late Steve Hill, and others, LeClaire’s “The Next Great Move of God” serves as a means to not only fan the fires of revival unto this awakening but also equip you to sustain it.
“For every prophecy about judgment on America, there seems to be another prophecy about a revival, renewal or awakening. The Lord has spoken to me – and many others – about another Great Awakening,” writes LeClaire. “He told me it would grow darker before the light shines brightly in this nation again. It has indeed grown darker. I believe it will grow darker still, but the darkness will not overpower the light. I see an emerging move of God – the next great move of God; a Third Great Awakening.”

To that I say, Amen.
Events in Indiana, Arkansas, and around the world have shown that, as Christ warned, anti-Christian bigotry, hostility, and persecution will rise to a great crescendo as we approach the end times. We are witnessing this now. In the Middle East and across the globe, many of our brothers and sisters face great persecution – what I call “hard persecution.” Here in America, radical secularists and Islamists are quickly moving us from a softer persecution into comparable hard persecution. As does LeClaire, I believe that this can be reversed and that we may yet witness a great revival – a Third Great Awakening.
Pick up “The Next Great Move of God” and read fascinating accounts and prophetic visions as to how many of your favorite faithful believe these events will unfold.

Republican Party Elites Abandon Traditional Marriage

Accuracy in Media
Only six of 54 Republican members of the Senate signed a pro-traditional marriage legal brief to the U.S. Supreme Court that was submitted on Friday. USA Today noted, “By contrast, 44 Democratic senators and 167 Democratic House members filed a brief last month urging the court to approve same-sex marriage. The brief included the full House and Senate [Democratic] leadership teams.”
These developments strongly suggest that while the homosexual movement remains solidly in control of the Democratic Party, the tactics of harassment and intimidation that we saw wielded against the religious freedom bill in Indiana last week are taking their toll on the Republican Party as a whole.
In the Indiana case, a conservative Republican governor, Mike Pence, abandoned the fight for religious freedom in the face of homosexual and corporate pressure.

It appears that more and more elite or establishment Republicans are simply deciding to give up on the fight for traditional values and marriage.
While this may seem politically expedient, this dramatic move to the left by the GOP could result in millions of pro-family conservatives deciding to abandon the Republican Party in 2016, a critical election year.
USA Today also noted that, “while some members of the 2012 Republican National Convention platform committee filed a brief against gay marriage Friday, it notably did not include GOP Chairman Reince Priebus.”

The Republican senators signing the brief included:
  • Senator Ted Cruz of Texas
  • Senator Steve Daines of Montana
  • Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma
  • Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma
  • Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
  • Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina
Fifty-one members of the House of Representatives signed the brief. But House Speaker John Boehner’s, R-Ohio, name was not on it.
Taking the lead for traditional marriage in the House was Representative Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., who not only signed the pro-marriage brief but has also introduced House Joint Resolution 32, the Marriage Protection Amendment, to amend the United States Constitution to protect marriage, family, and children by defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman. The resolution has 33 co-sponsors and has been referred for action to the House Committee on the Judiciary.
Huelskamp is the only member of Congress who has authored one of the 30 state constitutional amendments that prohibits homosexual marriage and polygamous marriage. In 2005, when he was a state senator, 71 percent of Kansans voted for the state constitutional amendment that he authored.

In reintroducing the federal marriage amendment, Huelskamp said, “In June 2013 the Supreme Court struck down section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which had defined marriage for federal purposes as the union of one man and one woman, but upheld the right and responsibility of states to define marriage. Since then, though, numerous unelected lower court judges have construed the U.S. Constitution as suddenly demanding recognition of same sex ‘marriages,’ and they struck down state Marriage Amendments—including the Kansas Marriage Amendment—approved by tens of millions of voters and their elected representatives.”
However, on April 28 the U.S. Supreme Court will review the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, which upholds marriage laws in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. A ruling is expected in June.
USA Today noted that scores of prominent Republicans last month joined a brief on the homosexual side filed by former Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, a former lieutenant to Karl Rove who came out of the closet and announced in August of 2010 that he was a homosexual. He has since launched a “Project Right Side” to make the “conservative” case for gay marriage.

Big money Republican donors such as Paul Singer, David Koch, and Peter Thiel have either endorsed homosexual rights and same-sex marriage or funded the homosexual movement. Thiel is an open homosexual.
A libertarian group funded by the Koch brothers, the Cato Institute, has been in the gay rights camp for many years and its chairman, Robert A. Levy, wrote a “moral and constitutional case for a right to gay marriage.”
Other signatories to the Mehlman brief included Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Mark Kirk of Illinois, and former presidential candidates Rudolph Giuliani and Jon Huntsman.
The signers of this brief at the Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage were described as “300 veteran Republican lawmakers, operatives and consultants.” Some two dozen or so had worked for Mitt Romney for President.
One of the signatories, Mason Fink, who was the finance director of the Mitt Romney for President campaign, has signed on with a super PAC promoting former Florida Republican governor Jeb Bush for president. In another move signaling his alignment with the homosexual movement, Bush has reportedly picked Tim Miller, “one of the most prominent gay Republicans in Washington politics,” as his communications director.

A far-left media outlet known as Buzzfeed has described Bush as “2016’s Gay-Friendly Republican,” and says he has “stocked his inner circle with advisers who are vocal proponents of gay rights.”
But some conservative Christians are fighting back against the homosexual movement.
A brief to the court filed by Liberty Counsel notes that, in the past, the Supreme Court has upheld marriage as “a foundational social institution that is necessarily defined as the union of one man and one woman.” It cites the case of Skinner v. Oklahoma, in which marriage was declared to be “fundamental to the very existence and survival of the race,” and Maynard v. Hill, in which marriage was declared “the foundation of the family and of society, without which there would be neither civilization nor progress.”
Liberty Counsel said the court is being asked to affirm a false notion of marriage based upon fraudulent data about homosexual activity in society. It said, “For the past 67 years, scholars, lawyers and judges have undertaken fundamental societal transformation by embracing Alfred Kinsey’s statistically and scientifically fraudulent ‘data’ derived from serial child rapists, sex offenders, prisoners, prostitutes, pedophiles and pederasts. Now these same change agents, still covering up the fraudulent nature of the Kinsey ‘data,’ want this Court to utilize it to demolish the cornerstone of society, natural marriage.”
The homosexual movement has long maintained that Kinsey validated changes in sexual behavior that were already taking place in society. In fact, however, the evidence uncovered by Dr. Judith Reisman shows that Kinsey deliberately exaggerated those changes in a fraudulent manner by using data from pedophiles and prisoners.

Commenting on the impact of the acceptance of the fraudulent Kinsey data, Accuracy in Media founder Reed Irvine noted, “Gradually over the years, acceptance of the Kinsey morality has grown to the point where premarital and extramarital sex raise no eyebrows, where, in some communities, out-of-wedlock births are in the majority, homosexuality is glorified and aggressively promoted in our schools and the last taboo—adults having sex with young children—is now under attack in some of our institutions of higher learning.”
The Mattachine Society, a gay rights organization started by communist Harry Hay in 1950, cited the flawed Kinsey data in an effort to convince the public that homosexual behavior was widespread in American society.
The book, Take Back! The Gay Person’s Guide to Media Action, said the Kinsey Report on male sexuality “paved the way for the first truly positive discussion of homosexuality in the mainstream media.”
Today, this same Kinsey data is being used to convince the Supreme Court to approve homosexual “marriage” as a constitutional right.
This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.