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Did ya know "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" —Almost wasn't released  As the president of Kapp Records was hesitant to release the single, thinking it was too racy for the

 Way back in 1960, teen idol Brian Hyland scored a smash hit with "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," the ultimate and possibly original bikini song. While bikinis were still considered scandalous at the time, this novelty song's origins were quite innocuous: According to The Billboard Book of Number One Hits, one of the tune's writer's, Paul Vance, was inspired to pen this ode to a shy swimsuit-wearer after watching his 2-year-old daughter, Paula, frolic on the beach. When the president of Kapp Records was hesitant to release the single, thinking it was too racy for the times, Vance explained that the perfectly innocent song was about a toddler, and the label's president agreed to release it...and on August 8, 1960, it hit number one. (Side note: The guy introducing the performance below is none other than Dick Clark, but this isn't "American Bandstand," it's the "Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show," which was also hosted by Dick.)

Coloradans faced with 'thugs' opposing recall

by: Jack Minor 

Colorado voters attempting to recall two state lawmakers who helped pass a rash of draconian gun control laws that were rammed through the legislature now charge that Chicago-style thug tactics are being used to get them to recant their signatures.
“Everyone who signed a recall petition has received multiple phone calls, mailers and face- to-face visits in an attempt to get them to remove their name,” said Victor Head, a plumber from Pueblo.
“Our small town is now facing Chicago thug tactics by [those] attempting to prevent us from exercising our rights to hold our elected officials accountable for their votes.”

Head is the chief of Pueblo Freedom and Rights and one of three sponsors of a recall petition against Democratic State Sen. Angela Giron for her gun control votes during the recent legislative session. Democrats who control both chambers pushed through a series of gun control measures despite widespread opposition from state residents and law enforcement officials.
The laws include a ban on any magazine that can be modified to hold more than 15 rounds. Since magazines have a removable plate on the bottom to ease in cleaning, the law can be interpreted as a ban on the sale of all magazines in the state. Additionally, the law prohibits the simple act of handing a magazine or firearm to a person to assist with clearing a jam, calling it an illegal transfer.
The laws have been challenged in court by the majority of the state’s sheriffs, who call them unconstitutional and unenforceable.
After passage of the laws, residents began a recall movements against four legislators who supported the gun control laws. Voters were able to gather sufficient signatures for recall elections against Senate President John Morse and Giron.

During the signature gathering process, Colorado Recall Watch, a group dedicated to fighting the recall against Morse, placed a robocall to Colorado Springs residents claiming that the effort were being spearheaded by outside groups.
“Wealthy special interest groups have launched efforts to recall dedicated public servants across Colorado,” the website says.
Head says the claim that the recall is anything but a grass roots effort is a complete fabrication.
“No one is out-of-state. I’m sitting in my house. … I was born and raised in this town. All of us on the petition grew up in the area, and everyone involved in this process are long-term residents. Of a total of $25,000 in support we have raised, maybe $1,000 has come from out of state.”
A review of Pueblo United For Angela, a committee supporting Giron in the recall, reveals the group is getting money from big donors and outside interests.
The Washington, D.C.- based Sixteen Thirty Fund has given $35,000 to help Giron fight the recall while Citizens for Integrity and Mainstream Colorado, both Denver-based organizations, donated $20,000 and $15,000 respectively. Additionally, the American Federation of State, Federal and Municipal Employees union, based in Washington, has contributed $3,500.

The robocall by Colorado Recall Watch suggested that signatures gatherers were criminals and encouraged residents to demand they leave their property if they come to the door. The message even suggested residents call the police on the signature gatherers.
“Criminals, convicted of forgery, fraud and even sexual assault – if they are not already, these workers will be in your neighborhood soon,” the alert says.
Despite the tactics, petition gatherers were able to gather enough signatures to have a recall election against Morse and Giron. However, after the signatures were turned into Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s office, petition signers found themselves the subject of a series of intimidating tactics attempting to get them to recant their signatures for recalling Giron and Morse.
“People who signed the petition received a phone call from a live person asking them if they wanted to remove their signatures from the petition,” Head explained. “This was followed up by two different mailers which contained a postcard that people could send back asking for the removal of their signatures from the petition and then after that they sent people to go door-to-door to visit the people who signed the petition.”
Head said the pressure by Giron supporters was approaching harassment.
“I had one woman who told me she had nine missed phone calls from Pueblo United For Angela while another woman said she had four phone calls and two door knocks in a single day,” he said. “While they are not technically breaking any laws the constant follow-ups is almost borderline harassment.”

Jim Elson, a voter who signed the petition against Giron, told the Pueblo Chieftain he was berated by a caller from Pueblo United For Angela.
“An individual called and asked if I remembered signing a petition pertaining to Senator Angela Giron. Of course I remember signing that petition,” Elson said. “He laughed at me and said, ‘Well, do you know you signed a petition that contained false and fictitious information?’ He then went on to say that I didn’t know what I was signing.
“Why do you call me at home and berate me and tell me I’m so misinformed? It was so insulting,” Elson continued.
The Coloradoan reported that voters who signed the petition to recall Morse have received similar phone calls.
However, so far it appears that the attempts to get voters to change their minds have not been successful. Andrew Cole, a spokesman for Gessler’s office, said that to date no one has come forward requesting his or her name be removed from a recall petition.
Being unsuccessful in preventing enough voters from signing the recall petition and getting them to change their mind, Giron is now claiming the reason she is being targeted for recall is because of racism.
“I know it’s partially about me being a Latina and being in this position of authority,” Giron said.
Head says the claims of racism are simply par for the course for liberal groups.

“It’s just ridiculous, when all else fails they play the race card. Anybody that’s ever been here in Pueblo knows this not the case,” Head said. “There’s lots of Hispanics here, I’m part Hispanic. If anybody would take the time to read the other two names on the petition committee to recall Giron they would see that besides myself, my brother as well as my friend Ernest Mascarenas are all Hispanic.”
While Democrats have tried to say recall signature gatherers are criminals, it appears to be a case of projection.
MediaTrackers reported a volunteer for Pueblo United For Angela was arrested while canvassing a neighborhood on a failure-to-appear warrant, which it claims could be related to a domestic violence charge. The volunteer, Elric Franco, was going door to door asking residents who signed the recall to rescind their signatures.
Franco was reportedly talking to a homeowner who had not signed the petition and was mistakenly trying to get him to remove his name. When the homeowner asked Franco why he was on his property, he allegedly said, “It’s none of your business, you are not on the list, don’t worry about it,” before telling the homeowner to go back inside his house.
After feeling threatened, the homeowner called police, but before officers arrived, Franco’s campaign coordinator arrived and began taking pictures of neighbors and the homeowner. She allegedly returned later with three men who were described as “thugs” who drove by while filming houses pointed out by the coordinator. They also reportedly took down license plate numbers of vehicles in the neighborhood.

After responding to challenges by Giron and Morse, Gessler’s office sent a statement of sufficiency to Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who under Colorado law must “without delay” set an election date between 30 and 60 days from now, which would place the election in August or September.
On Tuesday, attorneys for Morse and Giron went to court arguing that voters did not realize what they were signing, claiming among other things that the wording was not sufficiently clear because voters were asked if Morse and Giron should be recalled but never told voters an election would have to be held to do so.
“A petition form must inform unsophisticated as well as sophisticated voters who are considering whether or not to sign the petition,” Democrat lawyer Mark Grusekin argued in his appeal of Gessler’s decision.
Head said he believes the effort to portray Pueblo voters as ignorant and stupid will backfire on Giron.
The legislative debate over the gun control laws drew interesting comments from majority Democrats.
State Sen. Evie Hudak, D-Westminster, scolded a witness opposing one of the gun restrictions.
Amanda Collins, 27, of Reno, Nev., told her story of being assaulted and explained that had she been carrying a concealed weapon, the incident might have ended differently.

“I just want to say that, actually statistics are not on your side even if you had a gun,” Hudak scolded. “And, chances are that if you would have had a gun, then he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you.”
Hudak continued, speaking over the committee witness, “The Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence says that every one woman who used a handgun in self-defense, 83 here are killed by them.”
Finally able to resume her testimony, Collins said, “Senator, you weren’t there. I know without a doubt [the outcome would have been different with a gun].
“He already had a weapon,” she told the meeting of the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. “He didn’t need mine.”

A similar attitude was displayed by state Rep. Joe Salazar.
He said that a woman who feels threatened by rape on a college campus doesn’t need to be armed, because she can use a call box to get help.
Salazar’s statement came in a debate over a proposal to ban citizens possessing a concealed-carry permit from being armed on university campuses.
“It’s why we have call boxes,” said Salazar, “It’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at.
“And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around, or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop a round at somebody.”

Perhaps the most surprising statement came from U.S. Rep. Diane DeGette, a Denver Democrat who displayed her perspective on gun magazines.
“I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now they’re going to shoot them; so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot, and there won’t be any more available,” she said.

The Denver Post said DeGette didn’t appear to understand that a firearm magazine can be reloaded with more bullets.
Additionally, the gun control issue in Colorado has been featured on major media outlets after a majority of the state’s sheriffs have said that not only will they not enforce the new laws, but that they are actually suing the state over them.
“We have said these laws are unconstitutional and if we truly believe what we are saying then we need to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak,” Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said. “These laws are an infringement on people’s Second Amendment rights and we need to represent and stand up for the citizens who voted us into office.”
State officials admitted they were doing the bidding of the White House. In February, Vice President Joe Biden flew to the state to strong-arm Democratic lawmakers who were feeling pressure from their constituents to vote against the bills.
“He (Biden) said it would send a strong message to the rest of the country that a Western state had passed gun-control bills,” Tony Exhum, a Democratic lawmaker from Colorado Springs, told the Denver Post.
House Majority Leader Mark Ferrandino, an open homosexual who also pursued a “civil unions” agenda this year, admitted the gun-control bills introduced by fellow Democrats had national implications.
“I was shocked that he called. He said he thought the bills could help them on a national level,” Ferrandino said.

IT director who raised questions about Zimmerman case is fired

Ben Kruidbos said he was concerned that attorneys did not have all the information they needed to prepare the case.

By Tom Watkins and Nancy Leung 

Sanford, Florida (CNN) -- An employee of the Florida State Attorney's Office who testified that prosecutors withheld evidence from George Zimmerman's defense team has been fired.
Ben Kruidbos had been on paid administrative leave since May 28 from his job as director of information technology for the State Attorney's Office.
A spokeswoman for Fourth Judicial Circuit State Attorney Angela Corey said Kruidbos was no longer an employee of the office.
Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, is on trial in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year.

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Kruidbos testified before Zimmerman's trial began that Martin's cell phone contained images of Martin blowing smoke, images of marijuana and deleted text messages regarding a transaction for a firearm and that those images had not been given to Zimmerman's defense team.
He received the termination letter, dated July 11, on Friday, the same day jurors began deliberating Zimmerman's case. The letter states: "It has come to our attention that you violated numerous State Attorney's Office (SAO) policies and procedures and have engaged in deliberate misconduct that is especially egregious in light of your position."
Kruidbos said that, when he printed a 900-page Florida Department of Law Enforcement report from Martin's cell phone in late 2012 or early 2013, he noticed information was missing. 

Concerned that attorneys did not have all the information they needed to prepare the case, he said, he reported his concerns to a State Attorney's Office investigator and later to prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda.
Kruidbos said he generated a report that was more than three times the size of the one that had been handed over.
For example, Kruidbos said that 2,958 photos were in the report given to the defense but that his report contained 4,275 photos.
Kruidbos also said that he has been told to not put specific case-identifying information into internal e-mails.
Through his attorney, Wesley White, Kruidbos informed Zimmerman's defense team that the information existed.
In court, Kruidbos testified that he was concerned that he could be held liable if all information wasn't shared. "All the information is important in the process to ensure it's a fair trial," he said. 

In a six-page dismissal letter, the State Attorney's Office, Fourth Judicial Circuit, blasted Kruidbos' assertions and motivations. Managing Director Cheryl R. Peek accused Kruidbos of having erased data from a laptop in violation of the Public Records Law and derided his concern about being held liable as "feigned and spurious" and "nothing more than shameful manipulation in a shallow, but obvious, attempt to cloak yourself in the protection of the whistleblower law."
She concluded, "Because of your deliberate, willful and unscrupulous actions, you can never again be trusted to step foot in this office. Your have left us with no choice but to terminate your employment."
But the defense said Kruidbos' testimony supports its claim that the state violated the rules of discovery.
"When it takes me six months to get a color picture of my client, when the first one I get is a black and white, when I look at it and go, 'This is off a cell phone; cell phones don't take black-and-white pictures,' and I ask for a color copy, that takes two months," defense lawyer Mark O'Mara said Wednesday in an interview with CNN's Martin Savidge. 

"And then I get a pastel-colored color copy of it, and it takes me to file a motion and have a hearing set before I get the actual .jpeg, no, that's frustrating. That should not happen. I've done this too long to make believe in my own mind that that's happenstance."
O'Mara said he learned about the missing information months after he was to have received it. "The only way that we really found out about it ... and the only way that we really found out about the intensity of the failure to give us information was when a person from their own office, a whistle-blower, came forward and said, 'I gave them that information in the middle to end of January' and we didn't get it until June 4th."
He said he was "beyond" shocked. "It could have derailed the trial," he said.
The defense said it did not get the complete report until a few days before the trial. O'Mara and co-counsel Don West argued that they needed more time to go through the information found on Martin's phone and asked for a delay, which was denied.
Judge Debra Nelson said before the trial that the possibility of sanctions -- requested by the defense -- would be addressed after the verdict.
The defense team declined to comment Saturday.

Victim of brutal Cincinnati hate crime mob attack dies
via: CCC
Pat Mahaney, 46 died on July 12th and authorities suspect his death could stem from injuries sustained during a brutal mob attack in August 2012. Mahaney is white and was brutally beaten by six black males aged 13 to 14. The local media censored, and is still censoring the race of the perpetrators. Watch as WCPO Channel 9 calls the attack a “boredom attack.”
The Hamilton County prosecutor’s office says they will consider charging the suspects with additional crimes after they see the results of the autopsy. Three of the suspects have already pleaded guilty to felonious assault as a plea bargain and are awaiting sentencing. The other three are awaiting trial for felonious assault and aggravated rioting. 

Watch Video:

Trayvon Martin’s Involvement In Local Burglaries Covered Up By Media, School, Police, Prosecutors

Martin Clan

Excerpted from The Last Refuge:
Ironically were it not for Frances Robles writing a Miami Herald article on March 26th 2012 an entire chain of events would not have taken place.
It was that Robles article, and the outlining of the Miami-Dade School Police Department’s report on a Trayvon Martin incident from October 2011, that kicked off an internal investigation by M-DSPD Police Chief Hurley against his own officers to find out who leaked the police report.
[Note: The Miami-Dade Public School System has its own Police force, and Chief, who report to the School Board and Superintendent - Not the Police Dept. The Police Chief is appointed by the School Superintendent, in this example, Alberto Carvalho] 

It was that M-DSPD internal affairs investigation which revealed in October 2011 Trayvon Martin was searched by School Resource Officer, Darryl Dunn. The search of Trayvon Martin’s backpack turned up at least 12 pcs of ladies jewelry, and a man’s watch, in addition to a flat head screwdriver described as “a burglary tool”.
When Trayvon was questioned about who owned the jewelry and where it came from, he claimed he was just holding it for a “friend”. A “friend” he would not name.
Later, after the police report was outlined in the Robles article, and despite Trayvon being suspended for the second time in a new school year, Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, said Trayvon’s dad, Tracy Martin, and Trayvon’s mom, Sybrina Fulton, did not know anything about the jewelry case.
It was only as a consequence of the M-DSPD internal affairs investigation that “why” they may not have known came to light.

On October 21st 2011 a burglary took place a few blocks from Krop Senior High School where Trayvon Martin attended. The stolen property outlined in the Miami-Dade Police Report (PD111021-422483) matches the descriptive presented by SRO Dunn in his School Police report 2011-11477.
However, there was ONE big issue. SRO Dunn never filed a criminal report, nor opened a criminal investigation, surrounding the stolen jewelry. Instead, and as a result of pressure from M-DSPD Chief Hurley to avoid criminal reports for black male students, Dunn wrote up the jewelry as “found items”, and transferred them, along with the burglary tool, to the Miami-Dade Police property room where they sat on a shelf unassigned to anyone for investigation.
A separate report of “criminal Mischief” (T-08809) was filed for the additional issue of writing “WTF” on a school locker. [It was the search for the marker used to write the graffiti that led to the backpack search].
The school discipline, “suspension”, was attached to the graffiti and not the stolen jewelry.
 oCTOBER 2011 - 1
The connections between the Police Burglary report and the School Report of “found items” were never made because the regular police detective in charge of the Burglary case had no idea the School Police Dept. had filed a “found items” report.
Two differing police departments, and the School Officer, Dunn, intentionally took the criminal element out of the equation – instead preferring “school discipline” and not “criminal adjudication”.
It was only when the M-DSPD Internal Affairs investigation kicked in, and six officers gave sworn affidavits, the manipulative scheme to improve criminal statistics within the School System were identified openly.
School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho gave his hire, Police Chief Hurley, instructions to reduce the criminal behavior of young black males. The chosen strategy between them, to insure optical success, was to stop using the Criminal Justice System to punish black student behavior. Instead they instructed the School Resource Officers to use school discipline in place of criminal justice.
Another approach was the use of The Baker Act, to quantify behaviors under health HIPPA law secrecy by assigning the students with psychological problems. This allowed them to again use school discipline and work around criminal reports.
Without the reports, the statistics would improve immensely;  And improve they did.

The final approach, to insure no-one would find out about the manipulation, was to change the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for inter-agency information sharing.
This new SOP was outlined by a communications directive in 2010 forbidding the sharing of Miami-Dade School Police reports to outside agencies without redaction. Officers had to send any and all requests through the public information officer.
Hence, the furor of Chief Hurley when the Robles article hit the press and cited police reports – Hurley smelled a leaker and launched an investigation.
Ultimately the internal affairs investigation initiated by Hurley led to his own firing, because the officers questioned told the internal affairs investigators the truth of what was going on and outed the scheme.
One of the examples of this in action was the jewelry incident and Trayvon Martin – as accidentally outlined in the Herald report. But the Herald never knew their reporting had launched an internal affairs investigation which led to the collapse of the scheme.
Meanwhile the stolen jewelry from the burglary (PD111021-422483) was sitting on a shelf in the Property Room listed as (2011-11477 “found items) gathering dust.
Until we started digging, and the FOIA requests revealed not only the scheme, but the fact a victim was never made whole with the return of their items.

That is, until now. Keep reading

Terrorists In The White House


On June 13, 2013, Hamas-linked radical cleric Sheik Abdullah Bin Bayyah met with the Obama administration, none other than National Security Advisor Tom Donilon heading the meeting. Also included was the Obama administration’s special envoy to the Muslim community, Rashad Hussain, who is deeply embedded in the Muslim Brotherhood.
This is the same Hamas—officially designated as a terrorist group by the U.S. government—who have called for the destruction of the United States, the destruction of Israel, and the annihilation of the Jewish people down to every last man, woman, and child.

This is the same Hamas who regularly chant “Death to America!” on every street corner.
What exactly was the Obama administration discussing with our enemies? Removing Hamas off of the list of designated terrorists organizations!
Oh, but this is only the beginning…
Hamas is only one side of the radical White House coin—the Muslim Brotherhood being the other side.

Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood that Barack Hussein Obama backed in Egypt, and still secretly hopes will be returned to power.
The same Muslim Brotherhood that in their own internal documents call for the destruction of the United States.
The same Muslim Brotherhood whose front group CAIR—the Council on American Islamic Relations—an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial—has had literally hundreds of meetings with the Obama Administration.
But the Muslim Brotherhood not only meets with the Obama administration, but is inside the Obama administration.
All of the following individuals have deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:
Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development.
Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council.
Rashad Hussain, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
And Eboo Patel, member of Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.
Barack Obama says NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a traitor for aiding and abetting the enemy. But Barack Hussein Obama is the enemy.

The Great Tray-Con: America Manipulated to Miss the Real Story

tray finger
By Dylan Skriloff
Warning Graphic Image
We’ve seen it before; the mass media hyping up a small story into a national sensation.
Sensationalism is part of the business, after all, and anybody in the media lives off of ratings or web hits or print circulation. Eyeballs and eardrums, however you break it down.
This here New York-area weekly newspaper editor writing in Clash Daily for the first time, cannot remember the last time a serious story outed as a media-generated fraud has had so much staying power as the Trayvon Martin case.
The real national news story is that there is no national news story but that which the media itself invented. The rabbit hole goes deeper because the media repeatedly got caught inventing the story, but still managed to sell it!
It started with the initial reports; white guy George Zimmerman, white male George Zimmerman, white white white Zimmerman Zimmerman Zimmerman, killed an innocent black youth and due to racism or some other nebulous force, nothing had been done about it. In an election year with the whitest-looking man ever, Mitt Romney, running against the first black president, Barack Obama, the dog whistle ears immediately perked.

Then we saw Zimmerman. The white man wasn’t even white. He had a “white” name, but his appearance clearly drew from his Hispanic mother.
Though the census sometimes categorizes Hispanics as whites, the news media never does. Not until the Trayvon Martin story when it invented for itself the new term “white hispanic” on the fly. Everyone was in on it from the NY Times to NBC to Oprah.
In news media land, Hispanics and blacks had generally been grouped together as  ”minorities”; but that is flexible, we have learned. If it helps play into a story-line that white injustice is omnipresent, Hispanics that are clearly mestizo in appearance, will now pass as white as long as it is useful to the editors.
Oh, I’m waiting for someone to say he’s not hispanic cause he’s half-white. Tell that to the president. Zimmerman says he’s hispanic and that’s what most Americans would respond to him as being.
So, the first lie of the media was to send out the initial story that the man who killed Trayvon Martin was white. This basic profile got everyone riled up, but it wasn’t even true.
Not too many Americans were deterred from believing the white vs. black angle of the story, however, by the fact Zimmerman’s not white. Mere details. He was already chosen by God to play the role of “evil white” in this psychodrama and gosh darn-it if some small detail, such as the basic premise of the story being detached from reality, would be allowed to get in the way.

This is the mass media and they make Hollywood look realistic, so just back off and let’s live out this make believe drama!
So now, after Zimmerman, the hispanic, is chosen to play the role of evil white in this play, the pressure cooker’s dial is raising a bit, and media personality Al Sharpton is just the man to come into the picture, barking. We know his routine and it’s all the same everytime.
Sharpton, a media man with his own TV show, succeeded in multiplying the audience of the drama and brought part of his following to a fearsome rage. While Sharpton is busy working his magick on the ground in Sanford, Florida, the news media is cooking up reports backing up the racial angle and the idea that Trayvon suffered a total miscarriage of justice.
But many of the pieces of information the mass media used to get people’s buttons pushed, turned out to not only be wrong, but to be blatantly doctored to the point of being nearly criminally false. Inciting a riot is legitimately a crime and this is what the news media seemed to be taking it upon itself to do so.

Initial reports that stoked the fury of the masses said Zimmerman was never even taken in for questioning. Of course, that turned out to be a lie. He was taken in in handcuffs, as a matter of fact, as video shows. How many other lies were there? Can we count them all? Needless to say, if the story was initially reported consistent with what the facts bore out, it wouldn’t have been much of a sensation.
One of the key lies that stoked the embers of racial tension was when NBC released a tape of Zimmerman saying, ”This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black,” for seemingly no reason other than to profile a black kid as a potential criminal. However, the alleged news stations (we probably should call them propaganda stations), conveniently deleted out several seconds of audio which showed the operator had asked the race of the youth, so police could identify him.
Oh, just a small detail. He answered a question, for crying out loud, he didn’t smear the kid with a racial insult!
Then WABC puts out a video it claims showed Zimmerman suffered no damage to his head or face in the fight with Trayvon. Only problem is, instead of looking for wounds, they were hoping not to see any. As we know from police footage, Zimmerman did have a busted nose, lacerations on the back of his head and blood spilling out of him.

It wasn’t tremendous physical damage done to him in the fight, but it wouldn’t have been fun to be on the receiving end of those blows either. But alas, the experts at WABC couldn’t be bothered to get an accurate look at his head, anxious instead to see what they wanted.
Then there’s the trick of showing the pre-teen photo of the victim to stoke empathy, while making the “bad guy” look, well, bad. It’s just a show like any TV or movie.
The bigger story that Trayvon vs. Zimmerman provides, is the inexcusable and unethical practices of our national news media.
It does seem following the vast number of inaccurate reports disseminated during and after the Boston bombings and the Newtown massacre, there is some growing awareness that working in this field of media we journalists should try to, you know, get the facts at least mostly straight, before running with a story.
As much as the Internet has grown and we try to deny the power of TV and the big networks and newspapers to ourselves, we’re lying if we can’t admit, for the biggest stories that really move the world, the old establishment news media still has us in their grip. Even when we know they’re advancing an agenda, it’s hard to break free 100 percent.
The mass media drives story-lines that end up creating our political destiny, and we follow even when we know the stories aren’t really legit. Once they inflame emotions, their job is already done.
It’s like we’re in an abusive relationship with the lying news media, making excuses for them. If you are a media critic, you are not exempt.  More people must be stubborn when we learn a story is bull.
Kick the habit! You didn’t feel that. The media made it happen.

Media Put White People on Trial in Trayvon Martin Case

Rachel Jeantel : "Creepy White Cracker Ass"

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, GlobalGrind went out of its way to advance Obama’s vision of racial harmony. Both pieces received over 30,000 Facebook “likes.” Both opinion pieces established a premise as fact that white people can never understand the black condition.
Both pieces went out of their way to reinforce that what was on display during Rachel Jeantel’s testimony in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial, was not actually what was seen and heard. What makes this worth noting is that this is deliberate Balkanization of a segment of America. It seeks to replace justice with self-serving cant.

Back in the day, the racial dismissal in vogue was “it’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand.” The problem with that assumption is that any sane person, of any color, really does understand. Rachel Samara, who authored the first preemptive strike with “What White People Don’t Understand about Rachel Jeantel, said:
  •  “I can imagine George Zimmerman's defense is just hoping some of those 5 white jurors have some prejudices ... or hell, are even racist, because if they are, their tactic to make Rachel out to be less intelligent, rather than less credible than she actually is, might actually work."
  • “It seems the middle-aged white men on both sides of this case are totally unaware of what Rachel's life is like — a 19-year-old high school student of Haitian descent who knows nothing more than the few block radius she has grown up in. The cultural differences here are exponential.”
  • “Rachel was consistent. Yes, the defense proved she had lied in the past, but she didn't deny it. On the contrary. She was very honest about it, and even led us to sympathize with her reasoning for it.”
To begin with, an assumption of what the defense or prosecution has in mind is not fact. The defense hope’s the jury is racist? If Samara is insistent that white people can’t comprehend black people, how can anyone believe what she postulates about white people?

Next, Jeantel’s “Haitian descent” is irrelevant. Jeantel is a native of Miami, not Mars. The cultural difference is not “exponential.” It is non-existent.
Finally the defense proved, conclusively, that Jeantel lied; not in “the past” but on the stand. Jeantel gave evidence that she’d written and sent a letter, cataloging what Martin said to her, during their last conversation. When asked to read that letter Jeantel admitted that she did not write or send it. By her own admission, this “intelligent, 19-year old high school student” confessed that she is unable to read or write cursive script. The letter was written in cursive script.
Christina Coleman amplified the Jeantel angle with a piece entitled “Why Black People Understand Rachel Jeantel.To be clear, Coleman includes Latinos among white people. Presumably, to use Samara’s and Coleman’s paradigm, “white people” must be anyone that isn’t “black.” Coleman reckons Jeantel was bullied by the legal system:

  • “[I]nstead of trying to understand her, people are reducing the miscommunication to semantics ... her broken ‘Kings English,’ and her anger. Without even realizing that she comes from a home where Creole is her first language, or that her friend was killed just seconds after he last spoke to her. Wouldn't you be frustrated in front of a court that refuses to understand you?”
  • “[I]f there is anything that black people can understand that those judging her are not, it's the loss of life without justice.”
  •  “[Y]our world and our world are ... excuse the cliché ... worlds apart. And that, my friends, was never Rachel Jeantel’s fault.”
My first language isn’t English, either. Jeantel had enough English to use racial epithets as frequently as punctuation. Coleman’s question presupposes that Jeantel, in the entire history of American jurisprudence, is the only witness that has ever been “upset” on the stand. Moreover, it isn’t the court’s responsibility to “understand” a witness. Jeantel offered the court evidence. Then she lied about it. The court certainly “understands” when a witness lies. Nothing in Jeantel’s background makes that okay.

Lastly, Coleman insists that blacks are a world unto themselves. She asserts that black and white populations are “worlds apart” and that this “was never Jeantel’s fault.” It is the fault of anyone who perpetrates that idea and believes it.
If segments of America choose to create a subculture, slang-uage, and behaviors that intentionally segregate them from other Americans their choice does not forgive them their responsibility as Americans.

Montana Enacts Law Prohibiting NSA Spying

House Bill 603 requires any government to get a probable cause-based warrant before anyone’s electronic devices can be spied on. The law passed the Montana State Senate in April and was signed into law in May. It never really made any headlines, because it was all done before anyone heard the name Edward Snowden. I mean, most of us knew that the government was spying on everybody, but that was all a conspiracy theory until the media admitted it and then tried justifying it on “national security” grounds. So, H.B. 603 has been Montana law for several weeks now. Here’s what the law states:

Section 1. Location information privacy -- civil penalty. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), a government entity may not obtain the location information of an electronic device without a search warrant issued by a duly authorized court.
(1) "Electronic communication service" means a service that provides to users of the service the ability to send or receive wire or electronic communications.
(2) "Electronic device" means a device that enables access to or use of an electronic communication service, remote computing service, or location information service.
 So, basically, cell phones, laptops and tablets are off limits from the government’s nosy ears. Unless, of course, they obtain a warrant. And yes, there are a few other exceptions listed in subsection (2). They can track your location if any of these conditions is met:
(a) the device is reported stolen by the owner;
(b) in order to respond to the user's call for emergency services;
(c) with the informed, affirmative consent of the owner or user of the electronic device; or
(d) there exists a possible life-threatening situation.

(3) Any evidence obtained in violation of this section is not admissible in a civil, criminal, or administrative proceeding and may not be used in an affidavit of probable cause in an effort to obtain a search warrant. (4) A violation of this section will result in a civil fine not to exceed $50.
Will the NSA even care about Montana’s new law? Probably not. They can do whatever they want, and they’ll even claim that they’re within the state law’s limits under subsection (2)(d). They’ll claim that there exists a “possible” life-threatening situation with the possibility of a terrorist attack. I’m sure the Department of Justice will sue Montana on the grounds that it is “obstructing” their investigation of Montanans.
But at least it’s something. What we need are laws like this except with real teeth and state representatives and governors who will stand their ground against the feds.

American Heartache: Why Everyone Loses in the Zimmerman Case

loss 2

As the court proceedings wind down and come to a close I think there are a few things that need to be said before the jury brings back a verdict. Although I am an ardent supporter of George Zimmerman and those who choose to protect themselves from the criminal element, I also am a human being and I understand that anytime there is loss of life it is a tragedy.
This doesn’t make George Zimmerman a murderer, but this is why no matter what everyone loses.
If Zimmerman is convicted, an innocent man will spend the rest of his life in jail for no reason. His parents will have lost their child to the criminal justice system and it will be yet another family irreversibly damaged by this tragic event. If the jury convicts Zimmerman it will not bring Tracy Martin’s son back nor will it assuage the guilt and constant wondering of, “What could I have done?”

If Zimmerman is acquitted, as he should be, the Martin’s will be left without their son and George Zimmerman will never live a day without looking over his shoulder. I think that it will be many years before anyone in the Zimmerman family will be able to feel safe.
As Twitter erupts with violent threats against Zimmerman, his family and White people in general I think we are learning a lot about ourselves as a nation. Part of what we are learning is how America won’t be a winner in this either. Regardless of the outcome, I think we can all plainly see that we haven’t “come so far” with racism in America.
In fact, I would wager that we are almost as divided now as we were in 1964. I mean just look around. You have random Black teenagers and young adults threatening random violence on innocent White people because a Hispanic guy shot a Black guy in self-defense.
The key here is that underneath everything is this insidious thought process that, “Whitie is conspiring against us.” In a recent poll, thirty-seven percent of American Adults said they feel that Blacks are the most racist demographic in the country. Compare that to less than half, fifteen percent, that believe Whites are more racist. Ironically Blacks agree that they are the most racist.
The reason we are going to see rioting after this verdict is because the rioters have been raised in a culture that instills this racism in them from birth. They are told that White America and the government are against them.
In reality, most people didn’t approach this with an open mind. They saw George Zimmerman, who originally was reported to be White, then a White Hispanic and now the media begrudgingly say he identifies himself as a Hispanic and they saw Trayvon Martin, a seventeen-year-old “angel”, who was murdered.

It is in this aspect that the media has lost as well. The media has lost its credibility and, in the humble opinion of this writer, has fanned the flames of the possible racial violence to come. The media deliberately withheld facts and showed a picture that looked like a mug shot of George Zimmerman while showing pictures that were, in some cases, five and six years old of Trayvon Martin.
The media ignored Trayvon’s past while desperately searching for someone to say a bad word about George Zimmerman. When they couldn’t find it they manufactured it. NBC doctored Zimmerman’s 911 call in order to make him sound as though he targeted Martin due to his race. Then of course there was the infamous “F-ing Coons” comment that was also proven to be false.
In short, this whole situation is a tragedy and will be a tragedy no matter what. Could this have been avoided? Of course, Trayvon Martin could have simply continued running away and not circled back or he could have stopped and waited for the police to arrive. The point I am making is this: the one thing we know for sure is that Trayvon Martin physically attacked George Zimmerman and caused his own death.
The Martins have lost a son, the Zimmermans have lost a normal life, the media lost whatever part of its soul was left and the government has lost credibility with it’s DOJ antics in Sanford. The real question remains: what will the rest of us do to correct this culture of faux-racism and race baiting that has become common place? Instead of learning from Trayvon’s untimely death, many in the Black community would rather profit from it and that is where everyone loses the most.

Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutors 'Should Be Disbarred'

Assistant Fla State Atty John Guy                         

Assistant Fla State Atty Bernie de la Rionda

By Bill Hoffmann
Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz says the prosecutors in the George Zimmerman murder trial should be charged with "prosecutorial misconduct" for suggesting the defendant planned the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

"That is something no prosecutor should be allowed to get away with … to make up a story from whole cloth," Dershowitz told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

"These prosecutors should be disbarred. They have acted absolutely irresponsibly in an utterly un-American fashion."

Zimmerman, a 29-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer, is charged with gunning down Martin, 17, as the two fought following a confrontation in the gated Sanford, Fla., community where Zimmerman lives — an act the defendant said was in self-defense.

In the prosecution's final argument on Friday, lawyer John Guy said Zimmerman deliberately followed Martin and "shot him because he wanted to."

Dershowitz called Guy's statement "such speculation. How does he get into the mind of Zimmerman? He hasn't cross-examined him, he hasn't met him.

"To ask the jury to believe that is to ask the jury to convict based on complete and utter speculation and that's not the way the law operates."

A day earlier, prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda said Zimmerman — whom he labeled a "wannabe cop" — "followed" and "tracked" Martin after profiling him as a criminal.

Dershowitz said not only should Zimmerman have not been charged with second-degree murder, but prosecutors should not have pushed to have manslaughter and child abuse added to the list of possible jury verdicts.

"[It's] utterly irresponsible. … The idea that the prosecution can try the case on a murder theory and then, at the last minute, substitute manslaughter, even though it seems to be permitted generally under Florida law — it's a big mistake to allow it in a case like this,” he said.

"And then the very idea of even suggesting child abuse in a case like this is so irresponsible."

Dershowitz praised the closing argument of defense lawyer Mark O'Mara.

"He did the right thing by being methodical and factual because this is a case where the prosecution's case is all emotion and the defense case is all factual," the famed civil-rights lawyer said.

"Emotionally, obviously everybody can identify with a young, unarmed 17-year-old who ends up dead, and emotionally, as President [Barack] Obama said, he's all of our children."

Dershowitz — whose clients have included Claus von Bulow, Mike Tyson, Patricia Hearst, and former televangelist Jim Bakker — said the case has "reasonable doubt" written all over it.

"Nobody knows who started the initial physical encounter, who threw the first blow — and if you don't know that you have to have a reasonable doubt," he said.

"Nobody knows for sure who screamed, 'Help me, help me.' You have to have a reasonable doubt about that. Nobody knows for sure who was on top and who was on bottom, though the overwhelming forensic evidence suggests that Zimmerman was on the bottom having his head banged by a younger, stronger man. You have to have reasonable doubt there."

© 2013 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Janet Napolitano DHS resigned...!

post your funny pics part two-janetnapolitano.jpg

Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano resigned today and will be taking a position with a California University...Maybe DHS and Ice can get their act together now that the Wicked Witch of the West has melted away to the land of Oz ...where all fruits and nuts enjoy the rainbow of colors and fantasy!

Fox Legal Analyst: Judge Yelling At Zimmerman’s Lawyers ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Emblematic’ Of ‘Unfair Case’

Fox News Channel legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. scolded the judge presiding in the case against George Zimmerman for the 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin. He said that the judge was “inappropriate” when she raised her voice at Zimmerman’s lawyers and prodded the defendant repeatedly over his choice not to testify in the case against him.

Doocy said that, given the evidence presented so far, some are asking why Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder in the first place. He also wondered if Zimmerman had received a “fair trial.”
After playing a clip of Judge Debra Nelson speaking curtly to Zimmerman’s attorneys, Doocy turned to Johnson for his reaction to what he characterized as “badgering.”
“Incredible,” Johnson replied. “Yes, badgering. Inappropriate and emblematic of what some people think has been an unfair case from the beginning.”
“If you want proof positive about a process that’s gone haywire a little bit, the attitude of the judge in pushing Mr. Zimmerman,” he added. “It was really out of control and inappropriate.”

CONSERVATIVE WOMEN: Tread Softly and Carry A Big Lipstick

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.26.31 AM
By Brittany Pounders
I accidentally stumbled across the Joy Behar show, “Say Anything” last night- and like many a train wreck, couldn’t take my eyes off the carnage.  I’ve never seen such a panel of whining, barking, griping self proclaimed “feminists” in my life.  I’m so alienated from every thing spewing from their mouths that I’m certain there must be a 3rd gender out there for women like these because I’m too ashamed to have them share mine.
Conservative women around the country have always and WILL always be demonized by liberals– men and women alike.  Conservative women in politics have never felt the need to burn their bras, have full blown mustaches, abort their children, flaunt hairy armpits and makeup-free faces to feel that they can be on equal footing with men- and for this they are hated.

There is nothing worse to a liberal, most especially a liberal woman, than a beautiful, strong AND conservative woman speaking out loudly and boldly about the issues… and doing it with their good-looking husbands by their sides, not as their constant whipping post but as their partners and helpmates.  Conservative women do not feel the need to tear down and crucify the men in their lives in order to feel like they have an equal voice.
It’s this commentary that reminds me of at least one woman on woman smear that happened not that long ago is just a perfect example of how threatened liberals are by conservative women.

NASHVILLE – State Republican Chairman Chris Devaney today denounced as “petty and insulting” a Democratic legislator’s statement about her Republican women colleagues.
“You have to lift their skirts to find out if they are women. You sure can’t find out by how they vote,” said Rep. Janis Baird Sontany, D-Nashville.
The remark at a Saturday Democratic breakfast was initially reported by blogger Dru Smith Fuller. Sontany acknowledged the statement when asked and described it as “a glib, off-the-cuff remark” that “was inappropriate on my part.”
What a classy chic.
It’s apparent that liberals feel that every woman in elected office should feel the same way, think the same way and vote the same way.  And if you don’t, be ready to defend your reproductive system.
Sontany does bring up the unfortunate but true fact that there are literal instances where “lifting the skirts” to determine gender is necessary… take for example, Barney Frank, Helen Thomas and Elena Kagan.

But, to compare femininity with the way a woman votes is ludicrous and ignorant.  Women who declare themselves feminists and warriors for equality have in essence become women’s worst enemy.  These Feminazis turn and eat their own for thinking independently and outside of their drawn boundaries.  They have become obnoxious know-it-alls who snarl and foam at the mouth at any woman who dares to protect the right to life, urge women to take responsibility for their actions, who believe that motherhood is a gift and that their children are precious, and that the government shouldn’t replace the role of a father.

These liberal women say they extol strong and empowered women but as soon as one dares to defy the victim mentality that feminists hug around their shoulders like a shroud, they turn on them in an instant.  This can be seen as perfect examples in point with women like Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, Michelle Bachman, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch and others with even watered-down and lukewarm conservative principles like Elisabeth Hasselbeck- whether you agree with every one of their policies or not.  These conservative women have climbed to the tops of their careers in very, very difficult male-dominated fields.  And these women won, not because of their gender, but because of their efforts and feminists hate that.

As one blogger, Cassy Fiano of Smoking Hot Commentary said:
“The thought of women caring about things like less gun control, a stronger military, closing the border, fiscal responsibility, and smaller government sends them into a self-righteous rage. And so, they’ll engage in… misogyny! They’ll demean conservative women, insult them, refuse to defend them when they’re attacked, smeared, and sexualized, and sometimes even take part in the abuse.”
Yet, Conservative women identify with most women in this country and that is why they are adored by so many. They are role models that exemplify you can be a real woman, with a real uterus, lipstick, highlights and a bra that doesn’t sag around your stomach and still be brilliant. You don’t have to sacrifice family and femininity to be among the top leaders in your fields and you can do it with heels!
Ladies, I’ve heard it said before and it’s worth repeating… “Tread softly but carry a big lipstick!”

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Court bats Obamacare back to Supremes

(Photo: Flickr/Fibonacci Blue)
by: Bob Unruh 

Chief Justice John Roberts and his cohorts on the U.S. Supreme Court will get a second chance to slap down the health care takeover known as Obamacare.
The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the Constitution’s Commerce Clause is enough authority for Congress to demand employers purchase private health insurance for their employees or pay government fines.
The case was launched by Liberty University at the outset of the fight over Obamacare. The university confirmed today as soon as the appellate court decision was announced that it would petition the Supreme Court to hear its challenge to the entire employer mandate.

“If we are successful in striking down the employer mandate, it will benefit both religious and nonreligious employers,” the university said in an announcement. “The petition will also include the claim that the forced funding of abortion violates the free exercise of religion and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act with respect to individuals.”
Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, which is representing Liberty University, said he’s glad the court “reached the merits on the employer mandate, even though the court got it wrong, because this clears the way for the case to now go to the Supreme Court.”
“The Supreme Court concluded that the individual mandate cannot be upheld under the Commerce Clause because Congress cannot force people to buy an unwanted product,” Staver said. “But this court of appeals has now decided that Congress can force employers to buy an unwanted product. As Congress cannot force individuals to buy an unwanted product, neither can it force employers to do so. I look forward to having this matter before the Supreme Court.”
The appeals court agreed with Liberty Counsel on the procedural issues raised, that the school and individual plaintiffs have legal standing to bring the case and that the Anti-Injunction Act does not interfere.

The 4th Circuit judges found a stunning reason for its decision to turn down Liberty’s appeal, however, stating, “Plaintiffs present no plausible claim that the act substantially burdens their free exercise of religion, by forcing them to facilitate or support abortion or otherwise.”
There have been dozens of lawsuits against the government over that very requirement and multiple decisions by federal judges that the government cannot enforce those provisions until the full legal argument is played out.
Liberty Counsel explained: “Unlike the individual mandate, the employer mandate exceeds Congress’ enumerated powers because it would impose a heavy burden upon employers. The penalties, which can be up to $15,000 per day per employee, are so punitive that they will not be upheld under the Taxing and Spending Clause. This refusal will result in millions of dollars in fines annually. These excessive fines constitute an impermissible penalty.”
On the first trip to the Supreme Court, the justices determined Obamacare was a legitimate tax, including its abortion-funding mechanisms.

Added Staver: “Liberty University cannot, as a matter of religious conviction, provide any coverage, direct or indirect, for abortion-inducing drugs or IUDs. This refusal will result in millions of dollars in fines annually. The act coerces Liberty to violate its religious convictions under penalty of enormous fines.”
While the Supreme Court last year ruled on Obamacare, it left several of the questions about the program unanswered. Liberty University said it had a right to have those litigated, and the Supreme Court agreed, resulting in the pending case.
Liberty Counsel said this challenge to Obamacare is the most comprehensive case pending because it challenges the employer mandate that companies must provide abortifacients or pay a penalty, the abortion mandate for religious employers, the abortion mandate for individuals and the entire law because tax bills must originate in the House.
“Obamacare represents a frontal attack to religious freedom. Obamacare is a train about to collide with the fundamental right to free exercise of religion,” Staver said earlier in the battle. “Not only does Obamacare violate the rights of religious employers because of its abortion mandate, it violates the rights of individuals who oppose abortion and the rights of all employers, religious or not.”
Liberty Counsel told the court that because Obamacare was classified as a tax, it violates the Origination Clause of the Constitution, which requires all tax laws to originate in the House.

Obamacare originated as House Resolution 3590, the Service Members Home Ownership Act. But after passing the House, Senate President Harry Reid simply removed its contents and title, replacing it with a new title and more than 2,000 pages.
“H.R. 3590 was not originally a bill for raising revenue,” Staver said. “This is the first time that the gut-and-amend practice has been used by the Senate to impose new taxes. Our Founding Fathers wrote the Origination Clause because they wanted to keep the power to tax as close to the people as possible. Even after the 17th Amendment passed, allowing for the direct election of senators, the Origination Clause was preserved to keep the ‘power of the purse’ closer to the people, through their elected representatives.
“Obamacare cannot originate in the Senate and is therefore invalid.”
Staver earlier explained that the whole argument changed when the Supreme Court ordered the 4th Circuit to consider the case.

Staver said the university will clearly state that all abortions – whether chemically induced by drugs shortly after conception or performed in an abortion clinic – are equally reprehensible to many people of faith.
“God created human life. Its sanctity and dignity are protected by God,” Staver said. “We have no right to take innocent human lives, and certainly we cannot be forced to fund the taking of innocent life – basically forced to fund murder. We can’t do that. That’s a line that we simply cannot cross.”

Reality Bites~Jihad Islamica Cylons~Battlestar Galactica

oped: Islam and Jihad is spreading like the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica...they are producing their numbers right off an assembly line....time for the world to wake up and start producing families once again lest we become extinct !

Jihad Islamica Cylons

The only option we have is to procreate and fight back:

Or throw a Genocide Party~ grab a beer as 20 billion die

The choice is yours!
Now on to the article:
by Steve Deace
My wife and I were huge fans of the Battlestar Galactica television series that ran from 2004-2009. An update of the series that ran briefly back in 1978, this was a grittier and more realistic version of the story of a rag-tag remnant of humans fighting extinction at the hands of the Cylon robots they constructed. The series often included political and cultural sub-text, exploring both sides of our contemporary debates.
One such episode was a perfect example of where we’re headed today.
The president is a woman, and only because as Secretary of Education she was away on a photo op and was the lone government official not killed in brutal Cylon attack. A feminist, she is a staunch defender of “reproductive freedom” (i.e. child killing). Except she finds herself at odds with the leader of her military force, Commander Adama, who doesn’t believe as a soldier he should be airing his political opinions. So his disagreement with his commander-in-chief on the issue of abortion in the episode has nothing to do with any moral or philosophical reasoning, but is rather practical. See, Adama is concerned with human extinction.

So to convince the president to outlaw the killing of unborn children he writes a number on a white board, which is how many thousands of human beings are remaining in their civilization. Then he reminds her that the machine-like enemy they’re up against can reproduce in the thousands every day right off an assembly line. He convinces her that she can have all the philosophical and moral positions she wants, but if human beings are extinct none of it matters. And right now he needs as many live bodies as he can get, because who knows how long they’ll have to be fighting this enemy?
Thus, the president outlaws the killing of unborn children and the government starts encouraging procreation and families.
Right now birth rates in the United States are at an all-time historic low,according to the Center for Disease Control. The only age demographic of women whose birth rate has increased is women 35-44 years-old. That means we are waiting later to have families, and we’re having smaller families, too. Since that is also the age where it becomes increasingly difficult to become pregnant and pregnancy itselfbecomes a more problematic health concern for women.

Also, Pew Research Center says if you’re white, educated, and wealthy you’re likely to have fewer babies. In fact, the U.S. birthrate for foreign-born women is 50% higher than American-born women. In 1990 just 16% of all U.S. births were to foreign-born women. Now one of every four U.S. births is to foreign-born women.
Now consider this.
Currently there are approximately 4 million more Americans on taxpayer-funded food assistance than working full-time in the private sector. The reason that matters is that all government jobs, even the vital ones, are economic loss leaders since the government doesn’t produce wealth/resources—it only confiscates the wealth/resources of others. That’s why you want limited government, because anything government does – even the stuff we need it to do – takes wealth/resources away from those of us producing that wealth/resources. Private sector jobs must create and generate wealth/resources in order to sustain their viability. So even though public sector employees pay taxes, too, the bulk of the burden for funding government falls on private sector employees, since public sector employees are already taking wealth/resources from the private sector to make their job possible in the first place.
Meanwhile, while it is true birth-rates in traditionally Islamic countries like Iran are plummeting, Muslim birth rates globally and especially in the West are rising to the point Muslims will be one-fourth of the world population by 2030. For example, Great Britain is on pace to be a majority Muslim country by as early as 2050. The Muslim population in the United States has already doubled.

Analysis from the Heritage Foundation says the current scamnesty program being debated in Congress, which would grant U.S. citizenship to untold millions of illegal aliens, will cost U.S. taxpayers at least $6.3trillion. That’s primarily because once these aliens are normalized they become eligible for all of our welfare state goodies. And since many of them are less educated and only qualify for jobs that provide for less than a middle class standard of living, which is why they came here in the first place, they’re going to need them.
So here’s what all of this means.
The total world population is expected to reach 8 billion by 2030. If one-fourth of the world population in 2030 is Muslim, that means there would be about 2 billion Muslims in the World at the time our children and grandchildren take our place. If only 1% of those Muslims buy into Jihadist ideology, that’s a world-wide army of 20 million Jihadists the next generation of Americans will face with a substantially smaller number of Westerners standing alongside them.

Historical estimates say Hitler had about 1.5 million military-trained soldiers in 1939 at the start of World War II, and look at how much devastation the Nazis did. Imagine what 20 times the Jihadists, motivated by sincere religious belief and not just loyalty to state, could accomplish.

It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out you can’t sustain a business model that has more people cashing out of a system than paying into it. So with fewer people overall, and more people on government assistance than producing wealth in the private sector the government needs to sustain those programs, whose going to be paying for all this government “compassion?” Especially since it appears our ruling class’ plan to replace the lack of babies born to more educated and wealthy families is to import a whole new class of welfare-dependents from poorer countries to the south of us.
So what’s the solution?
Unless we get many more families who think like the Duggars, there isn’t one.

Video: Obama Tells Federal Workers To Spy On Each Other!

I Spy.. Feds Told To Report Colleagues Odd Behaviors!
Plugging The Leaks - Obama Tells Federal Workers To Spy On Each Other! - Wake Up America!

Pay Attention To Egypt

Egypt SC Pay Attention to Egypt
Overseas, the Arab Spring is turning into the Arab Nightmare that everyone but the Obama administration always saw coming.
At home, the Obama Crew is fighting to socialize all of America’s health care system, strangling the energy industry with new emissions regulations, and being exposed for ordering federal employees to spy on each other.
And what do our mainstream media think is the most important issue of the day?
The minute-by-minute play-by-play of the Zimmerman trial.
Yes sir, America.
Don’t worry your little heads about the coming chaos in the Middle East. Or how the Obama administration’s neutral position in the Egyptian coup is going to make it a virtual certainty Egypt will explode into a long and bloody religious civil war.

Don’t worry about revelations that the federal government has been merrily intercepting our email, scanning the envelopes of our snail mail, and collecting communications data traveling on our undersea cables.
And don’t worry about the weekly slaughter of dozens of young blacks by other young blacks in the streets of Chicago.
What the TV media think is really important to all of us is whether “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman killed a young black kid in self defense, as he says he did, or whether Zimmerman stalked and shot Trayvon Martin because he’s a racist creep and a wanna-be cop.
It doesn’t matter to the TV media what the evidence is. It doesn’t even matter to them whether Zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter or nothing at all.

The TV media found the perfect white-on-black crime to exploit, and it exploited it to the max, stirring up racial passions and getting the ratings they wanted.
Of course, the TV media — which have exaggerated the case far beyond its social or political importance — are saying they sure hope an innocent verdict for Zimmerman doesn’t create riots in the streets.
Yeah, right.
If riots come, you can bet the TV media will be on hand en masse to fan the flames — and spike their ratings — as long as they can.
The Zimmerman trial has been covered to death by TV, but there’s little about the trial that’s important to us in the long run.
It’s a tragic — and rare — case that has been cynically milked and exploited by TV and professional race-baiters such as Al Sharpton.
What’s important is what’s happening in Egypt.
Photo credit: Brian Chiu

Top Terrorism Experts: Mass Surveillance Doesn’t Keep Us Safe

bigbrother Top Terrorism Experts: Mass Surveillance Doesnt Keep Us Safe
The fact that mass spying on Americans isn’t necessary to keep us safe is finally going mainstream.
The top counter-terrorism czar under Presidents Clinton and Bush – Richard Clarke – says

The argument that this sweeping search must be kept secret from the terrorists is laughable. Terrorists already assume this sort of thing is being done. Only law-abiding American citizens were blissfully ignorant of what their government was doing.
If the government wanted a particular set of records, it could tell the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court why — and then be granted permission to access those records directly from specially maintained company servers. The telephone companies would not have to know what data were being accessed. There are no technical disadvantages to doing it that way, although it might be more expensive.
Would we, as a nation, be willing to pay a little more for a program designed this way, to avoid a situation in which the government keeps on its own computers a record of every time anyone picks up a telephone? That is a question that should have been openly asked and answered in Congress.
Read more at Washington’s Blog.

Video: Congressman Interested In Investigating Obama ID Fraud

Congressman Steve Stockman says he is interested in moving Obama’s ID fraud to Congressional investigation…

US sharpens criticism of Egyptian arrests

oped: I dare anyone to claim Barack Obama is not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood...a devout Muslim hell bent on bringing Sharia Law to the shores of the United States of America.  The writing is all over the proverbial wall...people need to wipe the sand out of their eyes!


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration on Thursday sharpened its criticism of the Egyptian military and interim government's arrests of supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, saying the continuing detentions are inconsistent with pledges of inclusivity made by authorities and may affect future U.S. assistance.
While the administration has determined it's not in U.S. national security interests to make any immediate changes to its aid program, officials said the ongoing arrests of members of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood and political party are troubling. The criticism is some of the administration's most severe of Egypt's new leadership since Morsi was toppled last week and came a day after arrest warrants were issued for the Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader and nine other Islamists accused of inciting violence.

The White House and State Department both warned against targeting any particular group in the aftermath of Morsi's overthrow, calling it self-defeating and counter to the idea of restoring a democratically election civilian government.
"The only way this is going to work successfully for the Egyptian people is if all parties are encouraged and allowed to participate and that's why we've made clear that arbitrary arrests are not anything that we can support," White House press secretary Jay Carney said. "We could not support those, because if you're arresting individuals from one group or one party, you're working against yourself if your effort is to be inclusive as you make this transition back to a civilian, democratically elected government."
At the State Department, spokeswoman Jen Psaki echoed those comments and went further, saying that the arrests contradicted assurances given to U.S. officials by the Egyptian military and members of the interim government.
"The arrests we've seen, of course, over the past several days targeting specific groups are not in line with the national reconciliation that the interim government and military say they are pursuing," she said. "If politicized arrests and detentions continue, it is hard to see how Egypt will move beyond this crisis."

Psaki added that U.S policy makers would be looking closely to see if the arrests continue as they review decisions on assistance to Egypt.
"We're looking at what happened last week and how things are certainly handled moving forward," she said. "Those are all factors in our decision-making around our policy as it relates to Egypt."
The administration has thus far declined to term Morsi's ouster a coup, a designation that would require a suspension in the $1.5 billion in U.S. aid to the country, including $1.3 billion in direct military support. While the review continues, officials have said assistance will not be interrupted.
Meanwhile, though, a Republican lawmaker introduced a bill to halt the aid. Several senators have urged the suspension of military and other funds for Egypt because of a U.S. law prohibiting foreign assistance after coups, but Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is the first to propose legislation to cut it off.
"The overthrow of the Egyptian government was a coup d'etat, and the law is clear that when a coup takes place, foreign aid must stop," Paul said in a statement. He criticized President Barack Obama for refusing to label the government takeover a "coup" and for continuing to send Egypt assistance. The president, Paul said, "is forthrightly saying, 'I am ignoring the rule of law.'"
Still, the bill is unlikely to pass. Despite criticism of the military from some American lawmakers, many believe Morsi's government was taking Egypt down an increasingly undemocratic path.

Clinton Covered Up Ambassador’s Pedophilia 


U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman routinely ditched his security detail in Brussels and solicited prostitutes—this according to a suppressed Inspector General report.  Further, Gutman was alleged to have been engaged in pedophilia—sex with children. When agents discovered that Howard Gutman was having sex with children—underage prostitutes—it was allowed to continue for months! Why? It proved to be too damaging to the State Department. It proved to be too damaging to Hillary Clinton, slated by the Democrat party to run for President in 2016. And if anyone knows Hillary Clinton, she will stop at nothing until she is enthroned in the Oval Office.
Clinton’s damage control team have claimed ignorance that Hillary knew nothing of Gutman’s sex with children; yet after higher-ups couldn’t keep the sickening activity secret anymore, none other than Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy summoned Gutman to Washington to keep a tighter lid on his pedophilia. The Under Secretary of State knew, yet Clinton herself didn’t know? Sounds like one of Barack Obama’s excuses with the IRS scandal: Everyone in the Oval Office knew the IRS was targeting conservatives, but Barry Obama found on out “by looking in the newspaper”? Yeah, right.

Gutman should have been thrown in jail and ID’d as a sexual predator, not dispatched back to Brussels to continue his pedophilia behind closed doors.
But this is only the beginning of the coverup. Aurelia Fedenisn, the former State Department Inspector General staffer turned whistleblower who brought Hillary Clinton’s coverup to the public’s attention, was given the classic shakedown: FBI agents camped in front of her house, bullied her children, and demanded that she sign documents—in effect a confession—that she had stolen confidential State Department documents. Fedenisn refused and has paid the price, becoming one of the many hounded and intimidated whistleblowers pursued by the Obama administration. But this was only Part 1 of Clinton’s coverup. Remember Watergate? It all started when a group of Nixon’s thugs broke into the Watergate office complex in order to bug the Democrat Headquarters, in order to photograph confidential documents. Guess what happened to the law firm Schulman & Mathias, the attorneys representing Aurelia Fedenisn? Their office was broken into multiple times in a single day. Even though there was money, even silver bars in the office, the only thing they took were computers. Computers containing the files of the case of Hillary Clinton’s coverup of criminal behavior.
Welcome to the beginnings of a new Nixonian administration headed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, set to begin in January of 2017…