Monday, April 4, 2011

Time to take the Gloves Off...Adios Islam..!

Time to take the gloves off...Islam is stuck in the 7th Century..Let's not repeat the 'Fall of Rome' waisting our National Treasury...Pull out and leave the attack us will become rebuild ~we will destroy you from above and take your spoils of war as ours....They only understand strength...sad but true...end this abomination now!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Geraldo at Large..In the action in Libya...!

'Geraldo at Large' @foxnews Special 'In Libya in the action'! Set up: Geraldo and Guide/Interpreter in the camera view finder~ Ak47&50 cal fire in the background to their rear..explosions also to their their front open dirt field sparsley populated with rocks &trees.... 
Geraldo walking and talking 'a "sniper" round just went over my head...drops to the ground starts crawling~ Guide falls out of scene...we are receiving small arms fire...turns to camera for the 'close up' we are receiving RPG and Mortar rounds..we have to watch our backs from the rebels as well as the front for the Libyan Army~we have to get out of here...
Gets up and quick time retreats to the rear...smiling at the camera...[Golly gee why did I not see any small arms rounds hitting the ground near bye or any explosions visible or any troops or rebels anywhere to be seen?...Just a dirty lil field] Closing Geraldo smiles at the camera 140 miles from the battle scene tells the wife 'Coming home now'...
Well I guess! he has to head home he expended his @foxnews live coverage allotment on paying the rebels for special effects..rofl...Like the old saying goes..."You can take the attorney out of the office...but not the office out of the attorney..@foxnews and Geraldo should be ashamed for the sham!