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ISIS Thugs Just Felt The Furry Wrath Of A U.S. Special Ops Attack Dog… And It Was EPIC

The Alsatian attacked two jihadis during a firefight last month

Islamic State group militants in Iraq recently came face to came with the “furry wrath” of an Alsatian German Shepherd attack dog that had been trained by the U.S. Army.
The U.K. Daily Star reported that a team of U.K. Special Air Service Soldiers travelling in a convoy of four vehicles were returning to their base when they were ambushed by over 50 militants.
“One of the SAS cars was destroyed by a homemade bomb and the team were forced to abandon their vehicles and take cover,” the paper explained.

As the fight grew more dire, a U.S. soldier present with them for training purposes noticed his dog getting antsy and decided to go ahead and unleash it on their attackers.
“It could sense the tension and had an overpowering urge to protect it’s handler and the other troops,” an unnamed source claimed.
The Alsatian escaped the battle unharmed

The militants hastily tried firing at the speedy beast, but it dodged all their bullets and instead jumped on one of the militants, nearly biting his neck and face off. It then turned on another militant, tearing at his arms and legs. Both cowards reportedly turned and fled the scene.

“A snarling Alsatian running at you is very frightening and probably not something the jihadis had encountered,” the source added. “The dog did its job and returned to its handler with its tail wagging.”
With the dog’s help, as well as the help of two U.S. jets that eventually swooped in, the team was able to force the rest of the militants to flee as well.
Thankfully, the SAS team made it out alive, as did the brave Alsatian. Methinks he deserves a treat.
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Small Colorado Town Sticks It To Obama And The Feds In An Unusual Way…This Is HUGE

Image result for Castle Rock colorado  Image result for funny pictures unelected HUD bureaucrats
Image result for funny pictures unelected HUD bureaucrats

A warning to local governments about sinister federal intrusion...

by:Colleen Conley  
For more then seven years, the Obama administration has been relentless in its broad overreach of executive branch powers, particularly in its attempts to push progressive “social justice” causes — such as the president’s transgender bathroom-access edict — on the American people.
What hasn’t gotten enough attention, however, is Obama’s increased use of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to implement its own ideas of racial integration by forcing comfortable, suburban communities across the country to accept vast influxes of low-income housing residents. The club being wielded by Obama and his allies in the bureaucracy is the threat to withhold federal funding — or taking legal action against those communities to force compliance once funds are accepted.
One Colorado town is pushing back, however, telling the feds that they can keep their money — and with it their onerous regulations, which would force local governments to cede sovereign rights.

The local government of Castle Rock — a community of 55,000 located in central Colorado not far from Denver — recognized that federal funding in the form of HUD grants were a Trojan Horse that, once accepted, would allow increased federal intrusion into local affairs.
According to the 10th Amendment Center, “at issue for the town of Castle Rock was a new set of federal regulations, 377 pages in all, which gives the unelected HUD bureaucrats broad powers over grant recipient communities, including the power to reverse electoral decisions by local voters, change local zoning laws and force said communities to join regions against the its wishes.”
Castle Rock Mayor Paul Donahue wrote in a letter to HUD applicants in the town:

“If we continue to accept the HUD grants, we will be forced to prepare detailed taxpayer-financed studies of our schools, retail, housing, and other community aspects to HUD who will decide if our neighborhoods are “furthering fair housing.” HUD on a whim could force us to build low-income, government subsidized housing into our neighborhoods if HUD decides we aren’t racially balanced enough.”
Indeed, the scenario described by Donahue is being played out in other communities across the country — and even one entire state.
Westchester County, New York, learned the hard way that HUD grants came with long strings attached — strings that can be tightened into a virtual noose.

While the feds dangle dollars and sell their plan to naive citizens as funding for “walking communities and bike paths,” what it’s really all about is HUD’s demand that low-income housing — particularly, low-income rental housing — must be implemented side-by-side with existing housing in every neighborhood across America. And HUD means it when they say “every” neighborhood, down to every census block.

Since 2009, Westchester — where Bill and Hillary Clinton make their home — has been fighting in federal court after the county accepted federal funds and HUD then demanded that 750 low-income housing units be constructed in established neighborhoods. After losing to the feds, Westchester is no longer accepting HUD’s Community Development Block Grants to avoid further pressure from the government to dismantle local zoning rules.
Some states have knuckled under to the federal government. Rhode Island adopted the federal strategy, called RhodeMapRI, in 2014, as its official “economic development plan” despite opposition from local citizens and The RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity — a conservative think tank.

In December 2014, the center’s CEO, Mike Stenhouse, laid out the case against the plan:
“That not a single penny was spent on economics experts, economic modeling tools, or any other form of economic policy or jobs forecasting is just more evidence of what we’ve been saying all along; that the RI Division of Planning is perpetrating a ruse on Rhode Islanders by attempting to position RhodeMap RI as a credible economic development plan,” commented Mike Stenhouse, CEO for the Center.
Since then, Stenhouse told Rhode Island legislators in March, RhodeMap RI — now called RI Innovates — has shown it “is about advancing a pre-determined, national ‘urban redevelopment’ or sustainable development philosophy that Brookings and other progressive groups have been advancing for years … .”
In late April, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, spoke to a standing room only crowd in Rhode Island about his years-long fight with HUD.

“Once HUD gets into your city or town, they will not go away. They want never-ending settlements and mandates, designed by Washington, D.C. central-planners and ideologues, who will try to dictate who can live where,” commented Astorino, who also warned that localities can be deemed by HUD to be “discriminatory” if certain income and racial housing “quotas” are not met … a method he ridiculed as “guilt by statistics, rather than by intent”.

Castle Rock, Colo. saw the writing on the wall based on these — and many other communities’ — experience with the federal government sticking its proverbial camel’s nose under the tent.
All municipalities that value local sovereignty should take note.

Former Chief Psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Has Bad News for Caitlyn Jenner

Former Chief Psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Has Bad News for Caitlyn Jenner [Read Full Story Here]


Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital, has an opinion about former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner’s recent announcement that is sure to upset the many crusading for the transgender movement.
McHugh not only believes that changing sexes is biologically impossible, he also believes those identifying themselves as transgender actually have a mental disorder.
McHugh, author of six books and over 125 peer-reviewed medical journal articles, wrote in a Wall Street Journal piece that surgery is not a solution for those wishing to live as the opposite sex.

McHugh wrote that these people believing they can choose their sex suffer from a “disorder of assumption.”
In the piece, he also quoted a study claiming that transgendered people undergoing reassignment surgery are 20 times more likely to commit suicide than non-transgendered people. (H/T BizPac Review)
McHugh also said that while Hollywood and the mainstream media promote transgenderism as normal, they are doing no favors to these people by treating their “confusions” as a right rather than treating them as a mental disorder that deserves treatment and prevention.

The doctor considers the transgendered person’s “assumption” that they are “different than the physical reality of their body “a disorder similar to someone suffering anorexia nervosa.
McHugh claims that pro-transgender advocates do not want to accept the fact that studies indicate between 70 and 80 percent of children who express transgender feelings lose such feelings over time.
Changing sexes is impossible, according to the doctor and all transgendered people do is “become feminized men or masculinized women.”
In addition, those who had sexual reassignment surgery and felt satisfied with the results of that surgery fared no better in their psycho-social adjustments than those who didn’t have surgery.

Because of these studies, Hopkins stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery, the doctor said.
While certain people will disagree with Dr. McHugh’s statements, more will probably agree. But the liberal media will likely try to smother those who find such transitions troubling and embrace actions that add to the moral decay of our country.
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Flight Logs Reveal SERIOUS Implications on former President Bill Clinton
By Malia Zimmerman

Not a very wise move... 

It is well known that Bill Clinton had 11 flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727. Jerry has been under investigation for molestation of young girls and running a Lolita Island hideaway for his friends. It has now been revealed that there are 26 flight log entries for former President Bill Clinton. Mr Clinton has a dandy reputation as it is, so what do you think he was paling around with Jerry for? He also dumped his Secret Service detail on one trip. That was not a very wise move. It was to cover up what activity? 

Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender’s jet much more than previously known
Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by
Clinton’s presence aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 on 11 occasions has been reported, but flight logs show the number is more than double that, and trips between 2001 and 2003 included extended junkets around the world with Epstein and fellow passengers identified on manifests by their initials or first names, including “Tatiana.” The tricked-out jet earned its Nabakov-inspired nickname because it was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.

“Bill Clinton … associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile,” said Conchita Sarnoff, of the Washington, D.C. based non-profit Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, and author of a book on the Epstein case called “TrafficKing.” “Why would a former president associate with a man like that?”
Epstein, who counts among his pals royal figures, heads of state, celebrities and fellow billionaires, spent 13 months in prison and home detention for solicitation and procurement of minors for prostitution. He allegedly had a team of traffickers who procured girls as young as 12 to service his friends on “Orgy Island,” an estate on Epstein’s 72-acre island, called Little St. James, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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Transgender Bathroom~a oxymoron~self cancelling argument

Image result for funny pictures transgender bathrooms
I for one am sick and tired of this perverted argument from the Obama administration..First and foremost the only true transgender is a having both sexual parts a freak of nature...however these persons have the argument to decide which sex they one else does...if one is born with female parts only they are in fact a female no matter how they try to argue the case... the same applies to males born with male parts. Period end of story!

If the looney left wants to argue in court that those lacking being a hermaphrodite have a right to decide and claim be it, the tables can be turned and those whom claim to be what they were born as have the same right to privacy and bathroom use...males with males, females with females...back to square one. If the courts decide in favor of transgenders only having the right to decide outside of being a hermaphrodite they are violating the rights of those who claim to be normal hetro sexuals. Therefore this whole argument is put forth by degenerate perverts and has nothing to do with fairness and all about allowing perverts access to violate a whole class of peoples rights! Enough is Enough folks...  Bottom line don't tread on me and I won't tread on you! If the Obama administration wants transgender bathrooms they can ask congress to pass a bill funding TG bathrooms short of that they do not by any stretch of the imagination have a case for civil rights/ discrimination!

Here I will settle it...: 3 bathrooms so the LGBTQ crowd will feel special after all thats their whole argument..Right? 

Image result for funny pictures transgender bathrooms 

UNBELIEVABLE: Obama’s State Department Tweeted THIS Anti-Trump Story…Wow

Image result for funny pictures john kerry
and I prefer the ladies room traveling in Europe...Barry told me to say this...but I do cross dress ha  

Image result for funny pictures john kerry
and I actually prefer the boys room...thats where the boys are 
Image result for funny pictures john kerry

Foggy Bottom's foggy thinkers outdid themselves ...

by:Joe Saunders
Leave it to the Obama State Department to turn its own country’s outreach efforts into an Islamic State recruitment poster.
Foggy Bottom’s foggy thinkers outdid themselves this week by using a Twitter account that’s supposed to be aimed at convincing Muslims not to join terrorist outfits to, instead, publicize a Time magazine story about the newly elected mayor of London.
And in the process, take a sideways poke at the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

The story was supposed to be about how Mayor-elect Sadiq Khan rejects religious extremism, but a summary headline that included the potential for Donald Trump to win the general election in November put the piece firmly in the land of ISIS propaganda.
“If Donald Trump becomes the President, I’ll be stopped from going there by virtue of my faith,” Khan told the magazine.
Now, leave aside the fact, for the moment, that what Khan claimed wasn’t true. Trump has said from the get-go that his proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigration to the United States would not cover foreign leaders, visiting athletes and the like.

Leave aside the fact that the new mayor of London in all likelihood knew what he said wasn’t true, which means he was lying. He’s got a political image to protect — truth takes second place to that.
And even leave aside that Time magazine writers or editors knew or should have known Khan was lying, and thus shouldn’t have made the quote such a prominent part of the magazine’s coverage.
They’ve got magazines to sell.
Now, consider the decision by the Obama State Department to publicize a link to an article that was not only untrue, but was virtually guaranteed to incite anti-American feelings among the very audience the agency was ostensibly aiming to pacify. The logic of that move is baffling…except in the context of hardball politics.

The link was posted on State’s “Global Engagement” Twitter account.
A cynic might say the Obama minions at State – conditioned as political animals by four years under Hillary Clinton, then four more under Secretary of State John Kerry – are simply poisoning the well for any potential Trump administration.
That would be unfair enough. But did nobody there stop to think that infuriating potential Muslim terrorists is probably a dumb thing to do for someone whose career might well include a stop in some sandy hellhole? When the barbarians are chanting for blood and “allahu Akbar,” they don’t particularly care if an American diplomat is a registered Democrat back home in Chevy Chase.

Granted the State Department hasn’t covered itself with glory during the Obama/Clinton/Kerry years, but self-preservation alone would dictate doing something different from what it did here.
Fortunately for future American diplomats, the target audience of hate-filled Muslim terrorists-in-waiting must not be big followers of the State Department on Twitter. The link had only one response, and it wasn’t referring to Trump at all.
Even without an audience, they still manage to rub people the wrong way.
h/t: The Weekly Standard

‘Anonymous Congressman’ Set To Blow The Whistle With ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Confessions

Image result for funny pictures captain obvious
Confessions of Captain Obvious or something that will rile up the electorate?

by:Colleen Conley 
Many Americans who pay attention to politics have believed for some time that Washington, D.C., insiders take care of their own interests first, before carrying out the will of the people they purportedly represent.
That sentiment has grown to epic proportions in this year of the anti-establishment presidential candidates on the right and the left. And now, one anonymous author claiming to be a sitting member of Congress is apparently confirming what cynics have suspected all along.
Titled “The Confessions of Congressman X,” the short book that soon goes on sale is said to provide “a devastating look at the dark side of Congress as written by one of its own,” according to its jacket. It’s due for release May 24 by a company that provides self-publishing services, Mill City Press.

The book cover gives a taste of what’s inside and is likely to rile many voters who head to the polls in November:
“Most of my colleagues are dishonest career politicians who revel in the power and special-interest money that’s lavished upon them.”
“My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It takes precedence over everything.”
“Voters are incredibly ignorant and know little about our form of government and how it works.”
“It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification.”
“Fundraising is so time consuming I seldom read any bills I vote on. Like many of my colleagues, I don’t know how the legislation will be implemented, or what it’ll cost.”
“We spend money we don’t have and blithely mortgage the future with a wink and a nod. Screw the next generation. It’s about getting credit now, lookin’ good for the upcoming election.”

According to a website set up to promote the book, the 84-page work was penned by an unnamed Democrat congressman. Comments on the liberal news blog Political Wire about the supposed”tell-all” largely reflect a shrugging sarcasm about the contents made public so far.
“I’m reading the highlights and don’t see revelations that I haven’t already heard, read or seen in the media for the last 20-40 years.”
“84 whole pages? Wow. This will be so…riveting.”
“Didn’t have time to write more..had a fundraiser to attend…”
Image result for funny pictures captain obvious
“Confessions of Captain Obvious”
“From the excerpts, it sounds like a list of things everyone already knows.”
“I can’t put any stock into an 84 page book by “anonymous” which is full of claims and assertions which may or may not be true.
If they are true, why doesn’t the guy quit and reveal himself, or is he still collecting the benefits?”
We’ll find out at the end of the month whether there is anything juicier between the book’s covers that may blow the lid off of the Beltway crowd.
h/t: TheBlaze

BREAKING: Obamacare Was Just Dealt A HUGE Blow After This Judge’s Gutsy Ruling

by:Joe Saunders
"Congress is the only source ..."
The Obamacare house of cards is shaking again.
A federal judge on Thursday handed a major victory to House Republicans who filed a lawsuit against the administration claiming the White House was paying for a key part of Obamacare funding without the consent of Congress.
And that could mean big trouble down the road for the disastrous Obama presidency whose boss believes the attempt to take over the U.S. healthcare system is his biggest legislative achievement.

At issue in the court was how to pay for the insurance subsidies needed to make Obamacare work. Those subsidies of untold millions of dollars have come in the form of federal assistance to help lower-income Americans pay for the health insurance the law requires all Americans to have, according to news reports.
After Congress refused to authorize payments for the subsidies, known as cost sharing, the administration opted to use refundable tax credits to pay for them, according to Politico. House Republicans under former Speaker John Boehner sued, challenging the White House’s ability to spend federal money without the permission of Congress.
In a ruling that has Republicans cheering, U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer delivered the blow to the pride of the progressives.

“Congress is the only source for such an appropriation, and no public money can be spent without one,” she wrote. A succinct shutdown of the Obama funding scheme.
Without the unconstitutional funding, the cost sharing subsidies dry up. And the federally mandated “affordable care” won’t be so affordable after all, making the whole flimsy edifice of Obamacare unreliable — just as opponents have been saying for six years now.
The GOP was pleased with the decision, calling the payments part of a pattern of Obama’s constitutional defiance since he took office.
“Today’s ruling that President Obama has once again overstepped his constitutional authority should come as no surprise, as this has been the administration’s pattern over the past 7 and a half years,” the Republican National Committee said in a statement, according to Fox News.

But in a legal move that might seem absurd to the average American, Judge Collyer stayed her own ruling, which gives the administration a chance to file its inevitable appeal. And considering how the Supreme Court managed to twist itself into knots to uphold two previous Obamacare challenges, anything is possible of course.
But conservatives on social media cheered the courtroom victory.

He’ll be out soon enough. It’s the Supreme Court that matters here. And with Antonin Scalia no longer around, it’s going to matter a lot in November’s election of a new president who will almost certainly have more than one high court vacancy to fill.