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Long Time Criminal Illegal Immigrant Strangles Teacher's Aide to Death in Her Boston Home

by: Tim Brown

An illegal immigrant, who has a history of run-ins with the law is alleged to have strangled a 49-year-old teacher's aide in her Boston, Massachusetts home.
Sandra "Buffy" Hehir's body was discovered in her apartment on February 5, 2017, according to The Boston Globe.  An autopsy was performed and her death was determined to be homicide by strangulation.
According to the Worcester district attorney's office, DNA recovered at the crime scene pointed to Jose Melendez, 54, of Worcester.  According to prosecutors, the DNA collected from a beer can and Hehir's clothing matched DNA from a Worcester rape case in 2000, which was never solved, and Melendez was a suspect in the rape case.

After the DNA results came back, police began to suspect Melendez in the Hehir murder.  Melendez was charged with murder and was arraigned on Monday, March 20.
According to Mass Live:
Melendez was arrested last week on a warrant out of Lynn District Court after he defaulted on probation that he was serving on a 2014 breaking and entering conviction, according to the office of Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr.
Melendez was arraigned in Worcester Central District Court last week on that charge, as well as two Worcester drug cases and a charge of giving police a false name.

Melendez was shielded by a courtroom door during his arraignment on Monday after a judge allowed a motion by his attorney, Michael Hussey, to keep him out of public view. Melendez will return to court on April 13, and the judge approved the motion for future court appearances.

Any why not?  Why does this illegal alien, who is not only in the US illegally, but violated his parole of a conviction of breaking and entering.  Has he not already forfeited any right to privacy in this matter?  This is an outrage! reported on friends and family who remembered Hehir.

"All her life she was a very kind person," Superintendent Maureen F. Binienda said Thursday of Sandra L. "Buffy" Hehir, a middle school instructional assistant. "I really hope that people join together and try to find who did this."
"She was just a wonderful person," said John Bradley, Ms. Hehir's former brother-in-law and close friend. "Very friendly, sociable, very healthy – very into running and taking care of herself."
"All the kids loved her," Mr. Bradley said, describing how she would walk to school every day.  "She was just a wonderful girl," Mr. Bradley said, and tough, too. She recently fought off a person who tried to mug her, he said.
If you ever needed a good laugh, she was the one that would give it to you," said Ms. Gladden. "She really would give you the shirt off her back."

"She loved kids. She wanted to make an impact on all the kids she taught, and she did," Ms. Gladden said.
Luisito Portillo Reyes, who said Ms. Hehir was an aide in his freshman algebra class, called Ms. Hehir a "great friend" in a remembrance posted to Facebook. Another former student, who could not be reached online Friday, wrote on Facebook that Ms. Hehir helped her to graduate.
"My heart breaks," the student wrote. "Everyone loved her so much I can't believe (anyone) would (want to) harm such a good woman."
Indeed, it seems a good citizen to the community has lost her life to a long time criminal and so far, all we can see is that the people don't get to see his face in court.

Dr. Phil Exposes Elite Pedophile Ring On Mainstream TV

oped: I do believe this is the reason the Progressive Obama Administration et al are fighting the Trump Administration so hard ...they know damn well that they will all be in jail before the end of his first term...they are all as dirty as hell and are embedded deep within the government!

by:MIchael DePinto

It’s been decried as ‘fake news’ for far too long at the expense of putting our children at risk. Finally, some in the mainstream are catching on to one of the plagues of Washington today – the DC pedophile rings. Media personality Dr. Phil conducted an interview with a former child sex slave under these pedophile rings, and disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe her story. Read on with caution.
In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the utterly disgusting and horrifying reality that these pedophile rings force upon children. The victim, Kendall, in addition to recounting the countless abuses perpetrated upon her, specifically mentions being passed around groups of rich and prominent men as her earliest memories. Even more shocking, her parents had sold her to the ring at birth, and she definitely isn’t the only one.

When will the public be made aware of this problem so the corrupting and perverted influence of these pedophiles can be wiped out once and for all? 

Your News Wire Reports:
Dr. Phil exposed the crimes of an elite government pedophile ring to millions of viewers across the United States on Tuesday, after interviewing a former child sex slave called ‘Kendall’. 
Kendall, who was repeatedly sexually abused as a young child, detailed her life growing up as a sex slave to an elite pedophile ring to a stunned audience.
As more and more Americans are beginning to wake up to the fact that high-level government officials routinely sexually abuse children, Dr. Phil helped bring the issue to the attention of an even bigger audience. reports:
Kendall explains that she was born to be a sex slave, as her parents intentionally had her for the trafficker she calls her “owner.” Kendall says that her parents sold her at birth to an elite pedophile ring that serviced some of the world’s power elite, describing her first memories as being passed around groups of rich and prominent men and women for them to “take turns” with her for sadistic sexual pleasure. 

Making her first public appearance after escaping from the man she calls her “owner,” Kendall describes being forced to participate in actions that shock the conscience. She explains that she was forced to rape children as young as 5- years-old, and even admits to having been forced to kill a baby by the human trafficker she describes as her “owner.”
Kendall says that she can tell the difference between kids born into sexual slavery and ones that have been kidnapped, as the ones born into it are more docile and less upset as it is the only reality they have ever known.
When Dr. Phil asks how old she thinks she was when she was first raped, Kendall explains that it was “before I could talk – I was used to it by the time I was 2.” 

She says she doesn’t even know her actual age, as she has been a sex slave her entire life, being trafficked around the globe to be molested and raped by the societal elites – including high ranking law enforcement official, major sports franchise owners and even high level U.S. politicians.
She describes having birthed 3 children while in captivity, all of which have been taken from her by her owner/trafficker, and are believed by Kendall to now be child sex slaves themselves.
“I was allowed to get pregnant, because men paid for that,” Kendall said. 

Kendall notes that the pedophiles she came into contact with over the years were extremely wealthy – often “pillars of the community” – with some even owning private islands or large pieces of land.
“They would buy us just to hunt us,” she said.
She recalls one of her most fearful memories was that of the pedophiles hosting a “hunting party” on one of their large private plots of lands, making numerous children run and hide in fear, as they were the “prey” to be hunted. The pedophiles would then hunt the children as they ran and hid in fear – raping and torturing them when they were captured.

The activities described by this woman are so profoundly disturbing they can be almost hard to believe, but Dr. Phil confirms that his team not only investigated Kendall’s case for four months, but also consulted with law enforcement experts who confirmed her story. Dr. Phil said he “100% believes” that she is telling the truth.
In a damning indictment of the power-elite, Kendall described how the pedophile politicians would adorn her in designer clothes, well groomed hair and makeup to give the appearance of class and sophistication. She explains that she and other children were often hung from cages suspended from the ceiling, and that they were often drugged before being transported in the darkness of night.
She claims that she was trafficked to pedophile politicians, and taken to political parties attended by high-level politicians who used her for their personal pleasure. The politicians always took great care to hide what they were doing, according to Kendall, who confirmed that there are many elite U.S. politicians that have been engaged in raping children for many years — a reality that has consistently been covered up and completely hidden from voters.
Perhaps the reason these crimes have been so steadfastly hidden from public view, is that high-level law enforcement officials have also been implicated as being part of the elite pedophile network.
This is just the latest case to emerge in what is now being called #PedoGate. #PedoGate refers to an international pedophile ring composed of politicians and other high profile societal elites. 

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand

Homosexual Attorney Says Disney Goes Too Far in Pushing LGBT Agenda


by Bradlee dean 
“The vision for Walt’s world was clear: Entertain children. Disney characters were about hope, optimism and, above all else, making sure children were able to enjoy their innocence for as long as the outside world would permit. And Disney understood that part of its mission was to provide a buffer for as long as possible.  Somewhere along the line, Disney went off course.  No longer did it see itself as a defender of children’s innocence. Instead, it saw itself as a conduit to social change. Walt Disney became Harvey Milk.” –Self-identified homosexual attorney Joseph R. Murray 

There is no doubt that there is nothing like Orlando, Florida, and for some reason or another, it happens to be one of America’s favorite playgrounds on earth for the recreation that it offers.
Whether it is Sea World, Universal Studios or Disney, the parks are immaculately clean, appealing, and a lot of fun.  They are also very expensive. Yet, there has been a serious problem when it comes to the parks employ.
CNN reported on July 14, 2014 that a Walt Disney World security guard and janitor at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove were among 18 men arrested in a sex sting dubbed “Operation April’s Fools,” Polk County, Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd said Tuesday.
Those arrested responded to online ads from undercover detectives who posed as children or custodians of children.

“Child predators are dangerous and out of control. They prowl the Internet for your children — children as young as 10 years old — to teach them how to have sex,” Judd said. “They arrive with candy and condoms and they leave in handcuffs and a one-way ride to the Polk County Jail.”
The sting, which involved state and central Florida law enforcement agencies, took place from March 29 to April 4.

The investigation found that 35 Disney employees, as well as two SeaWorld and five Universal employees had been arrested since 2006 for sex crimes involving children.
The parks all said at the time they have a zero tolerance policy for such behavior and require all employees to undergo extensive background checks.
The arrests included Jeffrey Erich Binder, 26, of Winter Garden, Florida, who worked as a security guard at Walt Disney World. A Polk County Sheriff’s news release said he “arrived at the undercover location to have sexual intercourse with who he believed was a 14-year-old teenager.”
“While chatting online and texting, Binder told the undercover detective he wanted to do ‘everything’ sexual with the teenager. He purchased and brought condoms to the undercover location,” the news release said. He had his Disney security guard uniform in his car when he was arrested, according to the sheriff’s office.

Binder was charged with attempted lewd battery, traveling to meet a minor, use of a computer to seduce a child and use of a two-way communication device to commit a felony.
Disney World spokesperson Jacquee Wahler said Binder “has been placed on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the charges” and did not address a question about his prior arrest.
Also arrested was 19-year-old Arthur Joseph Nelson, of Orlando, a janitor at SeaWorld Orlando’s Discovery Cove theme park.
Nelson showed up at the undercover location to have sex with who he thought was a 14-year-old teenager, the news release said.

“He sent pictures of his genitals, and he bought condoms on the way to the undercover location,” the release said. “After his arrest, Nelson told detectives he knew the teenager was 14 years old, he stopped at Wal-Mart to buy condoms, he chatted with underage teenagers but this was the first time he has ‘done something like this’ and he was ‘high’ and ‘horny’ and thought it seemed like a good idea,” the release added.
Nelson was charged with use of a two-way communication device to commit a felony, use of a computer to seduce a child, traveling to meet a minor, attempted lewd battery, transmission of harmful materials to a minor and possession of paraphernalia.
Becca Bides, SeaWorld corporate communications director, said, “There is no greater responsibility than protecting the safety of our guests and ambassadors, and we have extensive measures in place including pre-employment criminal background checks and ongoing proactive security measures within our parks. We have zero tolerance for potential safety threats and have taken swift and appropriate action in this case.”

Others arrested in the sting include a hospital technician, computer program director, car dealership manager, airline customer service manager and a former Polk County firefighter.
What is of interest is the fact that these parks are adding insult to injury when it comes to aiding this sort of debauchery. On March 15, 2017, Entertainment headline read “Disney won’t censor Beauty and the Beast gay scenes for Malaysia.”
Even the homosexuals are saying that this is going too far.
A Mississippi attorney who identifies as a homosexual is objecting to the “gay” content in Disney’s live remake of “Beauty and the Beast,” saying children should not be exposed to adult topics that seek to destroy their innocence.
In an Orlando Sentinel column, Joseph R. Murray said the company is straying away from Walt Disney’s original vision to “entertain children” and is now pushing a political agenda. 

“The vision for Walt’s world was clear: Entertain children. Disney characters were about hope, optimism and, above all else, making sure children were able to enjoy their innocence for as long as the outside world would permit. And Disney understood that part of its mission was to provide a buffer for as long as possible,” he wrote.
“Somewhere along the line, Disney went off course,” he continued. “No longer did it see itself as a defender of children’s innocence. Instead, it saw itself as a conduit to social change. Walt Disney became Harvey Milk.”
And to such a statement, I warned the homosexual communities that their leaders are going to take them where they do not want to go, and they are doing so (Proverbs 26:27).
Maybe they should look at their icons to understand what is happening here.

Furthermore, it has not nor has it ever been about redefining marriage to include homosexuals, which has never been in the history of mankind.

The extorted politicians of the day may help you understand why things are moving in the direction they are, as well.
It has always been about the children (Luke 17:2).  I have been a target of a homosexual at a young age when I was made an open prey.  That is when I was part of a fatherless program called “Big Brothers” (Exodus 22:22-24).
This is about protecting our young people regardless of what organization they are a part.

I have been faithfully blowing the trumpet (Ezekiel 33) regardless of the status quo. Why the American people sit down when it comes to the abominable (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Romans 1:24, 2 Peter 2:6 etc…) lifestyles that these companies are promoting, while all along playing to less than 1.7 % of the population and 78% profess to love God yet advocate through apathy what God condemns, I do not know.

How is it that anyone with a conscience can further support these organizations, all the while knowing what it is that they are attempting to advocate as the norm?

High School Says Boy is ‘Intolerant’ for not Wanting to Undress in Front of Girls

by Philip Hodges 
This is nothing surprising. This is the sort of thing that conservatives had said would happen. As soon as people could use the locker room and restroom of their choice, based on their ‘preferred’ gender identity, we knew it would cause problems.
Take for instance this high school boy who was in the locker room in his underwear getting dressed when he noticed a girl there also getting dressed. Mind you, this was the boy’s locker room. So why was there a girl in the boy’s locker room?

Because she ‘identified’ as a boy.
Obviously, this made the boy and others uncomfortable. But see, that’s ‘intolerant’ and evidence of deep-seated bigotry according to school officials, who basically told them to get over it and try to make it as ‘natural’ as they can.
Now, the school is under fire from the boy’s parents who have secured an attorney and filed a lawsuit against them. CBS News reported:
A high school student is suing a Pennsylvania school district after claiming “he was exposed involuntarily” to a transgender student while changing in the school’s locker room. 


The Alliance Defending Freedom, a self-described conservative Christian organization that “advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith,” said in a statement that the student and his parents are suingBoyertown Area School District for sexual harassment and violation of his personal privacy.
The group said the school district didn’t give any notice to students or parents that they would allow students to use restrooms or locker rooms of the gender they identify with.
“My client is standing up not only for himself but for others who feel bullied,” said Attorney Randall Wenger, with the Independence Law Center.
The student claims he was standing in his underwear about to put his gym clothes on when he noticed a transgender student in the locker room who was undressing.
That student was a girl at birth based on external anatomy, but identifies as a boy. 

“It’s an egregious violation for the school to just brush off these students and tell them that their feelings don’t matter and to make it ‘as natural as they possibly can’,” added Wenger.
The group said “Joel Doe” brought a complaint to school officials and was told he needs to “tolerate” the decision.
Breitbart added that according to the lawsuit, “The plaintiff and several other boys reported their feelings to the school’s assistant principal, but were verbally assaulted by the school official for being ‘intolerant.’ Dr. Foley [the assistant principal] told [the plaintiff] to ‘tolerate’ it and to make it as ‘natural’ as he possibly can.”
They act like the boy who felt uncomfortable needs therapy.
And that the girl who thinks that she’s really a boy deep down is perfectly normal. What a backwards world we live in.

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Secret Government Trucks? These “Nuclear Convoys Use Unmarked 18-Wheelers on U.S. Highways”

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on SHTF Plan


They are armed and ready to detonate from countless secure locations across the world.
But they still have to be transported there, and sometimes the U.S. government (and other governments) moves these around on civilian highways.
There’s a chance that you passed one of these unmarked vehicles, and never knew it.
But inside may have been weapons-grade plutonium, uranium, a nuclear bomb or other highly dangerous materials, passing by little detected, but carefully guarded by accompanying convoy vehicles filled with armed federal guards with authorization to use deadly fire.

As Jerry Reynolds of Car Pro noted:
Have you ever noticed an 18-wheeler rolling along with no markings? If you do, give it some space, you might be surprised what that semi is carrying.
The United States Department of Energy has a little-known department called the Office of Secure Transportation (OST), even though the Department of Energy’s website doesn’t list the OST. So, what does this mystery arm of the government do?
The mission of the Office of Secure Transportation is to safely transport nuclear bombs, nuclear bomb components, and other nuclear materials like plutonium and uranium across America in the back of unmarked 18-wheelers. Yes, it’s true, that non-descript big rig you see running down the road could have a nuclear bomb in the back. That will make you think twice before cutting off one these massive trucks.

Disclosed materials and statements from government agencies indicate that there are dozens of these convoys on the roads at any given time, and that they have logged over 3 million miles since 1947. Claiming that the missions are safe, they ominously boasts:
“For more than 40 years — even after driving the equivalent distance of a trip to Mars and back — no cargo has ever been damaged in transit,” it said.
However, many consider the ongoing practice to be the “Achilles Heel” of U.S. defense – a system that remains wide open to terror attack, ambush by an adversary, vulnerability during an evacuation from an urban area, and the larger element of chance and accident – though the unmarked tractor trailers are supposedly reinforced and secure against bomb explosions during all scenarios of traffic accidents and fires.
And accidents do happen, as this short video of a military convoy rear-ending a nuclear 18-wheeler makes clear:
These dangerous movements are expected to increase during current efforts to increase military activity and upgrade capabilities and facilities.

According to the L.A. Times:
“Transportation is the Achilles’ heel of nuclear security and everyone knows that,” said Bruce Blair, a retired Air Force missile officer, Princeton University researcher and founder of Global Zero, a nonprofit group that seeks elimination of nuclear weapons
The result is an unwieldy system that requires some of the most dangerous and vulnerable components of the nation’s defense system to be routinely shipped on long-distance journeys from one end of the country to the other — and the shipments, with the coming modernization effort, are only expected to multiply.
“This has a classic footprint of an antiquated and inefficient supply chain management system that was created at a time of national emergency,” said Nick Vyas, an industrial logistics expert at USC.

Although these trailers are considered vulnerable targets, and there is concern that something could go wrong, or that an attack could be imminent, it is definitely worth pointing out that these are not your typical 18-wheeler trailers carrying groceries.
They are as sophisticated and reinforced as any gadget in a Bond film ever was. In short, any unauthorized individual who attempts to meddle with or compromise these vehicles will likely be killed – just after the deadly surprise of their life:
The high-security trailers that carry the weapons present potential intruders with formidable obstacles, including shock-delivering systems, thick walls that ooze immobilizing foam, and axles designed to explode to prevent a trailer from being towed away, according to independent nuclear weapons experts.
“The trucks will kill you,” a scientist involved in the matter said.
It sounds like something out of Indiana Jones, but instead it’s on the highways.
It is an open secret that even the U.S. government’s little-known Office of Secure Transportation agency, under the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).
Over the years, nuclear weapons have been dropped from planes by accident, gone missing at highly secure, top secret U.S. military bases, and much has been done in secret.
Perhaps it is a wonder that things have gone as smoothly as they have.
Read more:
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Congressman Urges Protection for Power Grid: EMP Attack “Could Bring Our Civilization to a Cold, Dark Halt”
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This post was originally published on this site

[Breaking] Obama wiretap “smoking gun” to be revealed by Mar. 26th

Is former President Barack Obama heading to prison? After intelligence insiders leaked there is “smoking gun” proof that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower that is expected to be released “this week”, experts say there’s a possibility.
If this bombshell report contains proof that the former administration did illegally spy on President Donald Trump, it would mean the beginning of the end for Obama.
According to Fox News, insiders say the report contains a bombshell revelation that “is said to leave no doubt the Obama administration, in its closing days, was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.”
The sources went on to say that the intelligence information contains a paper trail that leaves only one explanation to the wiretapping: The Obama administration was actively using it to sabotage the incoming Trump administration.

The report is expected to be released as soon as this weekend.
California Rep. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, stunned reporters Wednesday with the news that Trump’s famous Mar. 4th tweet was confirmed true.
“I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions, the intelligence community collected information on U.S. individuals involved in the Trump transition,” Nunes said. “Details about U.S. persons involved in the incoming administration, with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value, were widely disseminated in intelligence community reports. This information was legally brought to me by sources who thought we should know it.”
Nunes added that he was “alarmed” that this sensitive information “ended up in reporting channels and was widely disseminated.”
Of course, while the news has some conservatives cheering, experts say they’re not certain Obama will end up behind bars.

While his harshest critics argue there’s more than enough to put him in handcuffs, experts agree there’s still a lot of investigation left — and it could take months.
What is certain, however, is that this report contains something big.
Very, very big.
“What I’ve read seems to be some level of surveillance activity, perhaps legal, but I don’t know that it’s right and I don’t know if the American people would be comfortable with what I’ve read,” Nunes said.
— The Horn editorial team

Former Muslim says Muslims Don’t Respect our “Kindness,” and that Trump’s Travel Order is Right

Ayaan Hirsi Ali London Terror Attack
By Onan Coca 
Feminist activist and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight last night to discuss the morning’s terrorist attack in London, and how the West is responding to Islamic terrorism.
Hirsi Ali explained that for the world Islamic community every appeasement from the West isn’t seen as “kindness,” it’s viewed as weakness. Culturally, the Islamic world responds far differently from our attempts at mercy than they would if they shared our culture and history. While we in the West see mercy, kindness, and compassion as features that signify strength of character and personality… in the Muslim world these things are seen as proof that our culture is too weak to stand against the spread of the Muslim culture.

“It doesn’t matter how nice the liberals are, how accommodating, how obliging they are. Whoever is in their way is their enemy.
We empower them because every time we appease and appease and appease, they see that as God’s hand – their perception of God – they see God’s hand making it easy for them to advance their agenda. They don’t see that here is a decent, civilized society that is trying to understand them and give them time, and try to persuade them to put their weapons down. That is not how they see it.
Hirsi Ali also argued that the West should be doing more to encourage Muslims in the West to assimilate and not apologizing for our values, “That is wrong. That is seen as weak and you are inviting aggression if you do that.” She also explained why she has (and does) support President Trump’s travel ban, “It’s incredibly difficult to vet people coming from [those countries].” 


Gun Owners of America Warns RINOCare Still Contains Gun Control

by: Tim Brown 
Gun Owners of America has come out against the American Health Care Act, aka RINOCare, because it continues to have measures in it that allow doctors, insurance companies and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to use medical records to push a gun control agenda, something our Constitution specifically says cannot be done lawfully.
GOA openly opposed Obamacare because of the threats to the rights of Americans that are protected under the Second Amendment.  This has led to them voicing concern about what it calls the "Son of Obamacare" bill put forward by House Republicans.

ObamaCare has given the federal government the ability to use (and abuse) medical data as a pretext for keeping law-abiding gun owners from possessing firearms -- just as the feds have already done to more than 257,000 military veterans.
 "Unfortunately, Paul Ryan's 'Son of ObamaCare' does not eliminate GOA's concerns," wrote GOA Legislative Counsel Michael Hammond.  "The reasons why conservatives around the country are upset with the "Son of ObamaCare," which is still unnumbered, are not hard to figure out."
Hammond then listed the following:
  • The bill still requires an individual mandate.  If your insurance lapses, the government requires that you pay a 30% legally-mandated penalty to re-enroll.
  • The bill keeps the subsidies.  It's called an "advanceable refundable tax credit."
  • The bill keeps the entitlements.  It continues to pay the 31 greedy states who grabbed for "free" Medicaid money, and it creates a NEW program to reward those who didn't.
"And what that means is that people who pay no taxes get a big check from the government," Hammond added, noting something I pointed out earlier.  "How is that different from subsidies under ObamaCare Prime?" 

GOA does not oppose repealing the Obamacare tax increases, but believes if that it the "big benefit of the bill, then it is a benefit for big business, but the problems continue to exist for everyone else, just like Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has said. 
The problems exist because Republicans are claiming to repeal and replace Obamacare.  There needs to be a simple bill that simply makes null and void every facet of the Affordable Care Act, ending it completely as soon as possible.  Then there need to be Constitutional measures that Congress may legislate that opens up the free market without making demands on insurance companies as to what they have to provide. 

  1. GOA says that three things, with regard to the Second Amendment, need to be altered before they could even consider the bill. The bill needs to be amended to prohibit the ATF from trolling the national health database, or Medicaid, or any new entitlement program for persons with PTSD, Alzheimer's, ADHD, or merely "anxiety."
  2. The bill needs to be amended to prohibit insurance companies from asking about gun ownership, raising rates as a result of gun ownership, or even denying insurance on the basis of gun ownership.
  3. The bill needs to be amended to ensure that doctors are not required -- or even allowed -- to ask about gun ownership and to enter that information into a federal health database.
In speaking of the third alteration, Hammond said, "If this were the case, that database would become an de facto national gun registry."

While GOA claims that Paul Ryan's stand on this bill concerning these particular issues is a "rookie error," I beg to differ.  This is a guy that has demonstrated time and again that he is not a conservative, but a progressive in many ways.  He is for big government.  If his advancement of the Omnibus bill last year was not enough to convince you, then there is no hope in convincing you.

"Unless the House passes HIS bill, Ryan is threatening to 'take his marbles and go home' -- thereby leaving ObamaCare in place," wrote Hammond.  "It would be very difficult, in 2018, for Republicans to lose both the House and Senate -- as a result of the 'electoral math.'  But carrying through with the Ryan threat could well achieve the impossible."
There's not doubt the bill is bad, horribly bad.  Even as I listened to Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday talk about the bill as being good and how he fought against big government as governor of Indiana, he then followed it up as to how he utilized big government Medicaid to a great advantage in the state! 

RINOCare is big government.  It is still unconstitutional in the way it is presented, not just on the issue of guns, but through subsidies and other socialist programs.  Make no mistake, Republicans have the power and opportunity to fully repeal Obamacare and actually write constitutional legislation that would open up the free market in the health insurance world, but they are blowing it big time! 


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Where is the America I grew Up In?

oped: Indeed I miss the days I grew up in...boys were boys~girls were confusion...we made mistakes ...we took our is part of growing pain no gain! However it was a hella lot of fun...IMHO
Where were you in 62' ?
By Joe David

The America I knew growing up is rapidly disappearing. Law and order is being replaced by mob rule. A madness has claimed the country, introduced in recent years by hate groups who are dedicated to using violent protests to cause political instability. In a frenzy of madness, often triggered by just an innuendo, these groups want to crush all opposition to their agenda. 

For astute observers of our culture, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Our great universities, which were once citadels of reason, a safe place for open discourse, have abandoned both – and they have become instead centers for cultivating insurrection, with minimal tolerance for truth and clear thinking.
As a result of the events in the last eight years, I have come to the conclusion that my beloved country – the land of liberty, once ruled by freedom of speech, law and order, and a constitutional government – is being irreparably compromised by rebellion. In just a matter of a few years, many Americans have tossed aside sense and have joyfully embraced mob violence (examples, Berkeley University, inauguration riotsMichael Savage attack, and much, much more). The lessons in history on the fall of great nations have all been ignored – for those lucky enough to have once learned these lessons in school.

Every scheme that man could conceive to break a nation is being used today by agitators (i.e., followers of Saul Alinsky) in their eagerness to wipe away our liberties and independence in their move toward complete political control.
The strong, proud country of yesteryear, which once produced wealthy entrepreneurs and productive workers, is rapidly vanishing. Its citizens are demanding entitlement programs over honest employment, and, to get their way, they are using divisive rhetoric and action. Progressive leaders have spawned a lazy generation of lazy parasites who expect everything to be given to them – from housing and food to university education and medical plans. (Several supporters: Bernie SandersElizabeth Warren, and other left-wingers.)
What few resources that haven’t been squandered on federal aid programs (international and domestic) are insufficient to sustain us for long. America has seriously been weakened by poor management, and today it faces the world, impoverished and vulnerable, a cripple on broken crutches about to collapse (from the load of a nearly 20-trillion-dollar National debt).

Reaching this state didn’t occur overnight nor was it a result of one or two leaders. It was achieved over the years by the focused efforts of universities committed to turning students into social reformers obsessed with deconstructing a great nation To quote David Horowitz in his March 14, 2017, letter to his readers, we have reached this point “through silent planning, crafty messaging using pop culture as their vehicle, and the subtle brainwashing of the most impressionable group of people in our society – students.”
Our great universities aren’t completely to blame for what is happening in our country. If they were, their mistakes and deceits would have been exposed and corrected by a fair-minded media. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Instead, the universities have been protected by a mass media, stripped of objectivity and impartiality and bent on advancing their views with minimal respect for truth. As a result, educators have been free to do whatever they like, while journalists aggressively discredit anyone who challenges them. (Review almost any news spin on major school issues.)

Protecting these two deceivers from their questionable activities is a shadow government, made up of federal, state, and local workers who remain securely positioned, regardless of who is in the White House. This shadow government or deep state, as it is currently being called, has compiled over the years sufficient data on all us (by tapping into our emails, phone and medical records, and more) in order to silence us, when necessary.
Until recently, its existence was never obvious. The country moved along quietly, controlled by this shadow government, its citizens under the illusion that their freedom and independence was secure. From time to time there would be a news-breaking scandal when someone in position would question the decision of the deep state. But before the truth could be examined closely, the whistleblower would be compromised and the matter would come to a swift end.

Then, one man entered the political scene about a year ago who recently stepped into the Oval Office, a flawed but determined man, with one obsession, to turn America around and clean the swamp. Almost immediately, all hell broke loose across the country.
In an effort to discredit the man, everything positive that he was trying to do for the country was overshadowed by vicious innuendo and news stories. A sex tape, tax reports, an alleged Russian connection, and more were used against him to build a major scandal. In the establishment’s effort to bring him down, it exposed itself for what it really was attempting to do. That became obvious recently, when someone in position released highly classified CIA information. This information which was leaked to WikiLeaks by someone like an Edward Snowden, buried in the deep state, revealed the establishment’s true intent: not just to discredit a man, but to break a nation. 

Some believe that it may be too late to stop this cozy triumvirate from achieving their goal, because they are too rooted for one president alone to handle. But one thing is for sure, whether the president wins or loses, the deep state’s cover has been blown. Thanks to the messaging of one brave man the America has wised up to what is happening and what is at stake. Hopefully that means that there will never be any turning back for the country and it will always be looking forward toward achieving a freer and healthier tomorrow. 

Joe David is the author of six books and numerous newspaper and magazine articles. The Fire Within (a story about education) and The Infidels (a story about a holocaust) are both currently available through Amazon.

Article Reposted with Permission from the Author.

WIKILEAKS: CIA Bugging Apple Computers and Phones Fresh From Factory

A new American awakening is occurring right in front of our eyes in recent months, with Julian Assange and Wikileaks leading the way.

by:Andrew West 
Beginning in earnest during the presidential election of 2016, Wikileaks began disseminating leaked information at an alarming rate.  During that time frame, a great deal of the information that was being revealed centered around the ever-corrupt Hillary Clinton and her litany of incorrigible actions during her time as Secretary of State.
Now that the election is over, and the world is being swept up in unprecedented political turmoil, Wikileaks has continued to release information that fundamentally changes what Americans believe that their government is capable of.  The latest revelations from Assange and company are absolutely outrageous and infuriating.

“Today, March 23rd 2017, WikiLeaks releases Vault 7 ‘Dark Matter’, which contains documentation for several CIA projects that infect Apple Mac Computer firmware (meaning the infection persists even if the operating system is re-installed) developed by the CIA’s Embedded Development Branch (EDB). These documents explain the techniques used by CIA to gain ‘persistence’ on Apple Mac devices, including Macs and iPhones and demonstrate their use of EFI/UEFI and firmware malware.
“Among others, these documents reveal the ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ project which, as explained by the CIA, is a ‘mechanism for executing code on peripheral devices while a Mac laptop or desktop is booting’ allowing an attacker to boot its attack software for example from a USB stick ‘even when a firmware password is enabled’. The CIA’s ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ infector is stored on the modified firmware of an Apple Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter.

“‘DarkSeaSkies’ is ‘an implant that persists in the EFI firmware of an Apple MacBook Air computer’ and consists of ‘DarkMatter’, ‘SeaPea’ and ‘NightSkies’, respectively EFI, kernel-space and user-space implants.”

While government spying has become a bit of a blasé subject, due to its rampant acceptance as a matter of fact, these new disclosures by Wikileaks finally point a finger directly at the CIA, who are in the midst of their own massive scandal this week involving President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama.

FBI Investigating Conservative Media Sites for Links to Russia


oped: *eye roll* This is getting to be the "Keystone Cop's" vs "Godzilla" James Comey has to be the most confusing FBI Director ever! It has become a SNL skit...who's on first who's on second? 

IMHO it would behoove the FBI to use it's resources to investigate the real issue at hand the Obama Administration et al for Seditious Conspiracy under 18 USC 2034-2035 

According to a new report from McClatchy, federal investigators are not only looking into any links between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, they are also investigating several right-wing, pro-Trump websites to determine if they worked with the Russians to disseminate “fake news” on social media. Among the websites under suspicion are the conspiracy-minded InfoWars and The FBI is also looking into the Russian-backed news sites RT and Sputnik News.
From McClatchy:
Operatives for Russia appear to have strategically timed computer commands, known as “bots,” to blitz social media with links to the pro-Trump stories at times when the billionaire businessman was on the defensive in his race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, these sources said.
The bots’ end products were largely millions of Twitter and Facebook posts carrying links to stories on conservative internet sites such as Breitbart News and InfoWars, as well as on the Kremlin-backed RT News and Sputnik News, the sources said. Some of the stories were false or mixed fact and fiction, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the bot attacks are part of an FBI-led investigation into a multifaceted Russian operation to influence last year’s elections.
Investigators examining the bot attacks are exploring whether the far-right news operations took any actions to assist Russia’s operatives.

So, in other words, the belief is that Moscow created a bunch of fake social media accounts and they used those accounts to link back to stories from RT, Sputnik, InfoWars, and Breitbart. And now the FBI wants to know if the latter two sites helped facilitate the spread of these stories? What’s the ultimate outcome here? Oh, we see that you didn’t mind when these bots sent all this traffic to your website…what’s up with that? What else would the owners of those sites do?
Oh, and we’re really going to pretend that Clinton’s campaign wasn’t making use of bots and social media trolls to influence the election? McClatchy reports that Donna Brazile – who blatantly cheated during the campaign, providing Clinton with debate questions in advance – said that “neither the party committee nor the Clinton campaign had used bots to widen the reach of their anti-Trump messages.” Well, who can argue with such a reliable, honest source? Okay, maybe they didn’t use “bots,” but there’s no question that David Brock’s Correct the Record PAC paid people to canvas sites like Reddit with pro-Hillary, anti-Trump messages. If there’s a difference there, it’s purely semantic.
The Democrats know damn well that they will not be able to prove that Trump colluded with the Russians, but they are going to do everything they can to make sure that nothing like this can ever happen again. That means going after the news sites that supported Trump, which means curtailing conservative media, the free internet, and the free press. The unrestrained dissemination of information is a danger to the Democratic Party, as the 2016 election proved. If the nation isn’t getting its news solely from the liberal “mainstream” media, they aren’t voting for Democrats.
If Breitbart and InfoWars fall first, who falls next? 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

FBI Investigating Google & Facebook For ‘Rigging Elections’ For Democrats

The FBI is leading an investigation into the Google and Facebook cyber operation that rigged the 2008 and 2012 elections for Obama, and attempted to rig the 2016 election.

The FBI’s Counterintelligence Division is leading an investigation into the Google and Facebook cyber operation that rigged the 2008 and 2012 elections for Barack Obama, and attempted to rig the 2016 election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.  
Investigators are examining whether Google’s left-wing news site manipulation played any role in the 2008 operation that dramatically widened the reach of news stories — some fictional — that favored Obama’s and, later, Clinton’s presidential bid, people familiar with the inquiry say.
Experts also claim that the DNC hyped up a faked perception of a “Russian Hack” in 2016 in order to distract from the fact that the DNC’s Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and an army of off-shore bot-farms actually did rig Obama’s original election, the 2012 election and attempted to rig the 2016 election for Hillary.

AbelDanger report that operatives for Google/Soros appear to have strategically timed the computer commands, known as “bots,” to blitz social media with links to the pro-left stories at times when the multi-billionaire Silicon Valley Cartel of businessmen were on the defensive in the Presidential races.
The bots’ end products were largely tens of millions of Twitter and Facebook posts carrying links to stories on leftist internet sites such as Huffpo News and CNN, as well as on the Soros-backed Move-on and Black Lives Matter News, the sources said.
Some of the stories were false or mixed fact and fiction, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the bot attacks are part of an FBI-led investigation into a multifaceted Google-based operation to influence multiple year’s elections.

Investigators examining the bot attacks are exploring whether the far-left news operations took any actions to assist Soros’s operatives. Their participation, however, wasn’t necessary for the bots to amplify their news through Twitter and Facebook.
The investigation of the bot-engineered traffic, which appears to be in its early stages, is being driven by the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, whose inquiries rarely result in criminal charges and whose main task has been to reconstruct the nature of the Soros’s cyber attack and determine ways to prevent another.
An FBI spokesman declined to comment on the inquiry into the use of bots.
Soros-generated bots are one piece of a cyber puzzle that counterintelligence agents have sought to solve for years to determine the extent of the Deep State government’s electronic broadside.

This may be one of the most highly impactful information operations in the history of intelligence,” said one former U.S. intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.
Some on the House Intelligence Committee, one of multiple congressional panels examining Soros’s intervention, said that there was “circumstantial evidence of collusion.” There also is “direct evidence . . . of deception, and that’s where we begin the investigation.”
As for the bots, they carried links not only to news stories but also to Soros driven propaganda.
The study of bot-generated Twitter traffic during Obama’s campaign debates showed that bot messages favorable to Obama significantly outnumbered those sympathetic to his opposition and they were controlled by Google.

Research showed that Americans who call themselves “patriotic programmers” also activated bots to aid Obama and Clinton. In interviews, they described coding the computer commands in their spare time.
Counterintelligence investigators with more cyber-sleuthing capabilities, have established that Soros and Google were the source of the bot attacks which favored Obama and Clinton and sought to rig their elections.
Soros, David Brock and Elon Musk also used “trolls,” hundreds of computer operatives who pretended to be Lefty or Tesla supporters and posted stories or comments on the internet complimentary to Obama, Musk or Clinton or disparaging to Trump. Sources close to the inquiry said those operatives likely worked from a facility in St. Petersburg, dedicated to that tactic.

Soros bots and Google internet trolls sought to propagate stories underground,” said a former senior Pentagon official during the Obama administration whose job focused on Memes. “Those stories got amplified by fringe elements of our media like CNN.”
They very carefully timed release of information to shift the news cycle away from stories that clearly hurt Mr. Obma, such as his inappropriate conduct over the years,” he said, referring to Obama’s epic scandals in which Obama bragged about grabbing taxpayers cash for his Silicon Valley crony’s. That event corresponded with a surge in bot-related traffic spreading anti-Trump stories.
An additional Soros tool was the news from his prime propaganda machine CNN with its global television and digital media operation and a U.S. arm alongside pro-immigrant Univision.
Boosted by Google, David Brock and Elon Musk controlled bots, the surge in readership for CNN websites amplified Trump’s negatives. Some stories falsely described his health problems as dire.

The full impact of the bots was subterranean and corrosive,” Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, told McClatchy in an interview. “The distribution channels were being flooded with this information. . . . We perhaps underestimated the strategy of pushing fake news out through social media and how it impacted the race.
Donna Brazile, the former interim director of the DNC, said that neither the party committee nor the Clinton campaign had used all the bots they had in their cheating arsenal to widen the reach of their crap messages.
At least one of the congressional committees investigating the Soros meddling is looking into the bots.
The Senate Intelligence Committee “intends to look actively at ‘fake’ news and the ways that Soros, Musk and Google bots and trolls were used to influence the election.
Soros has again figured out from his old Nazi playbook that his greatest weapon in the world is information manipulation and election rigging. His information and disinformation campaigns have skyrocketed.

Nevada Police Union Leader Prioritizes Bloomberg Disarmament Bill over Member Oaths

Join Oath Keepers

Not only did Nevadans in all but one county (and most sheriffs) not support the Bloomberg measure, it was written so poorly the FBI said there was no way they could legally cooperate. So why is a police union representing members who took oaths to support the Constitution demanding enforcement?


“As the leader of the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers – the largest statewide affiliation of law enforcement associations in Nevada, representing more than 1,500 law enforcement professionals – I am calling on Attorney General Laxalt to do his job,” NAPSO executive director Rick McCann tells Reno Gazette-Journal readers.  “As the state’s top cop, he can and should work with both Nevada’s Department of Public Safety and federal officials at the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System (NICS) to find a path forward, ensuring that law enforcement in our state are protected when they risk their lives to protect ours.”
He’s referring to the Michael Bloomberg-led Question One “background check” initiative that passed in Nevada in November, albeit by less than one percent of the vote, failing in all counties but populated Clark (so much for the lie that voters overwhelmingly supported it). And Laxalt really had no choice, as the FBI has no authority to allow unauthorized intermediaries to run background checks, a determination made because state law was written in conflict with federal.

Unacknowledged by McCann is that a majority of Nevada sheriff’s opposed the initiative. And unaddressed is how the measure would protect lives, especially since even the National Institute of Justice admitted in its 2013 “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies” that ““Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration.”
Seeing as how violent prohibited persons are immune from being required to register because the Supreme Court ruled that would violate their Fifth Amendment-guaranteed right against self-incrimination, it would seem the very people McCann uses to justify his concerns will just keep on violating the law regardless.
Besides, note he didn’t say he wanted to ensure citizens are protected, and that plays on the same rationale he used when stumping for Question One’s passage:
“Our job is basically to protect officers around the state,” McCann said at the time.
Some might argue their members’ primary job is to keep the oath they took to the Constitution, that is, to “the supreme Law of the Land.’
Instead, it appears that NAPSO is in it for the self-interest first, and that’s evidenced by two other prominent political endorsements on their NCPSO/CWA-Local 9110 AFL-CIO website. In 2016 they backed Democrats Catherine Cortez Masto for the United States Senate and Dina Titus for the House of Representatives.

Here’s what NRA said about Masto and the Second Amendment:

She’s working to solidify that by backing a “path to citizenship,” which by all credible polls and real world experience adds to Democrat and anti-gun voter rolls.
And here’s what Titus had to say about guns:
“I applaud the President’s common sense reforms to our current laws, including universal background checks and stricter prosecution of gun-related crimes, as well as the pledge to improve the nation’s mental health system. I also support renewing the ban on assault weapons and limiting the size of magazines.”
“It’s time for Attorney General Laxalt to put public safety ahead of his personal politics and implement and enforce Nevada’s Background Check Law,” McCann concludes. “Other states have been able to implement similar laws because they have state officials willing to put the law ahead of powerful special interests and big money campaign donors.”
What, like Bloomberg and his fellow billionaires who dropped $20 million on Question One?
This McCann character seems as oblivious to the irony as he is to the rights of the people who ultimately pay for his position of privilege. 

oped: side note Rick McCann and the NCPSO are currently involved in the recall of our local Sheriff Gerald Antinoro...Storey County who supports the 2nd Amendment and keeps his Oath of Office...this group supported and financed the opposition who ran against him in the last election and lost...most likely this is a case of sour grapes see:
If you believe in the mission of Oath Keepers, to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, please consider making a donation to support our work.  You can donate HERE.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Feinstein Warns: Gorsuch Will Follow the Constitution As Written! (Gasp!)

oped: Alrighty then I am totally convinced that Senator Feinstein, Rep Nancy Pelosie, Rep Maxine Waters are all Bat Shit Crazy...the water in Kawlifornia is definetly polluted...The three witches of Kawlifornia having reached the 8th decade of their pathetic lives have lost all cognitive skills and their collective IQ's barely holding at 90 (dull normal).
Yes indeed they are dumbed down useful idiots of Barack Obama's Pink Swastika Party...I rest my case see:

By Joe Newby
On Monday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., expressed concern that Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s choice to replace former Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, would (gasp) follow the Constitution as it is actually written, not as how she thinks it should read.  To make her point, she cited the Salem Witch Trials, which took place about 100 years before the Constitution was adopted.
“It was not so long after women had been burned at the stake for witchcraft, and the idea of an automobile, let alone the Internet, was unfathomable,” she said.

According to Townhall:
Feinstein began by noting she was “deeply disappointed” that Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland, did not get the luxury of a hearing. Nevertheless, she said it is now the committee’s job to determine whether Gorsuch is a “reasonable mainstream conservative” fit for the highest court in the land.
She did not seem to have much confidence in the nominee. Feinstein is disturbed by Gorsuch’s originalism, she argued, because she believes the concept “ignores the intent of the framers.”
“It’s a framework on which to build,” she said. “I firmly believe the Constitution is a living document that evolves as our country evolves.”
Read More:

Monday, March 20, 2017

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Expected to be Named to High Justice Position

George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s top legal counsel, is expected to be named to the head the Civil Division in the Department of Justice. This is a key position and puts the husband and wife attorneys in high ranking government positions. 

President Trump is expected to name George Conway, husband of White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, to lead the Justice Department’s civil division, Fox News confirmed Sunday.
Conway, a New York lawyer, if appointed would lead efforts to defend Trump’s travel ban and other lawsuits against the Trump administration.
The 53-year-old Conway attended Harvard University and Yale Law School. He is now a partner in the New York City firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, specializing in litigation, including those related to securities and mergers and acquisitions.
Trump’s choice of Conway was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. Two sources confirmed the story to Fox News.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trump Delivers Documented Evidence of Obama Wiretaps To House Panel

by:MIchael DePinto

At this point in time, the public does not yet know the contents of the documents delivered by President Trump’s DOJ to the House Intelligence Committee regarding the wiretapping incident, but presumably since the documents were sent by Trump’s team, it stands to reason that whatever was delivered to the House Intelligence Committee was in favor of Trump's claims, not the other way around.
Throughout his time in office, Barack Obama associated with many political operatives who were real lowlifes, and who often walked a tightrope between the world of what was considered legal behavior (however, unethical), and what was considered criminal behavior. There’s an old saying I'm sure you're familiar with that goes:

'If you hang around the barbershop long enough, you're going to get a haircut…’
Are we about to learn next week that Obama got a haircut, and we’re all going to find out?
In the video below, Right Wing News breaks down the recent report from Young Conservatives, and compares it with an earlier report from Doug Hagmann of the Canada Free Press. Did Obama finally go to far this time? Let's hope so. It's long overdue!

Young Conservatives Writes:
Last week, the House Intelligence Committee asked the Justice Department to submit any evidence it had pertaining to President Donald Trump’s claims of surveillance by the Obama administration. 
The plot thickens, as on Friday, the DOJ made its submission to the committee.
From The Hill:
The Department of Justice (DOJ) sent documents to the House Intelligence Committee on Friday in response to a request for evidence backing up President Trump’s claim that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. 

The committee is currently reviewing the documents, an aide confirmed to The Hill.
It’s unclear what’s in the documents, which CNN reported separately had also been delivered to the Senate Intelligence Committee, though that report could not be immediately confirmed.
White House spokesperson Sean Spicer clarified Trump’s original wording, saying that when he used the term “wiretapping” in quotation marks in his tweet, he was referring to surveillance in a broader sense. 
Trump also didn’t back off the claim of surveillance, even joking about it with Angela Merkel who was spied on by the Obama administration.
The House Intelligence Committee will hold an open meeting on Monday discussing Russian interference and the claims of Obama administration surveillance.  

While some have disputed the claims of surveillance, if there was no surveillance, how then were Trump’s conversations with the Presidents of Mexico and Australia picked up and the transcripts later leaked specifically to undermine him? 
The media appears to have completely suffered amnesia about those reports.
It will be fascinating to see what evidence, if anything, the DOJ submitted…
Recall the following from a post last Friday titled: Obama Wiretapping Bombshell Drops; This is as Serious as it Gets (Video)

In that article, Douglas J. Hagmann reported that President Trump had in his possession evidence of the paper trail leading to a FISA court that substantiates his assertions that Obama, obtained authorization to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign under the pretense of a national security investigation. For anyone not familiar with Douglas J. Hagmann, he has been a licensed investigator in the private sector for the last 30 years, where he's worked on well over 5,000 cases, and he's considered a surveillance specialist within his industry.
Often, his vast expertise has been sought out as either an informational or operational asset on various federal and state law enforcement agencies. In addition to his investigating duties, Hagmann is also an author, runs four websites, and has a successful talk radio show. Bottom line: If law enforcement agencies trust Hagmann's investigative abilities, then I'm certainly going to trust them long before I believe a mainstream media that suffers from amnesia about the very stories THEY reported on previously. 

Canada Free Press Reported:
There is a large storm brewing over Washington, DC right now – a storm that could dwarf anything ever seen in recent times. It is growing stronger by the hour as new information is being disclosed that strongly suggests that it is possible, even likely, that Obama and his Department of Justice maliciously and criminally misused the FISA process to collect intelligence on Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Additionally, Obama personally relaxed the limitations on how such information collected could be disseminated in the weeks before leaving office.
The political ramifications from this, if proved correct, could be unprecedented in scope. Once fully exposed, it would explain the curious actions of Obama as he prepared to vacate the White House. It would also explain, in context, the actions and statements of not only Barack Hussein Obama, but others in key positions of power including Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, John Brennan, and others within the media.

At issue is Obama’s insistence to secure a federal wiretap warrant of Donald J. Trump, the candidate, using the federal court system as the mechanism to do so. The ostensible probable cause was alleged ties between Donald J. Trump and/or his associates with Russia.
The first warrant application was made in June 2016, according to reports published by The New York Times and elsewhere, but was rejected due to the lack of probable cause of criminal activity.

When the request was denied in regular federal court, Obama and his Justice Department attempted an “end around” by citing the existence of a “foreign actor” and made a similar surveillance warrant application through the more specialized Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court in October of 2016. According to published reports, that warrant application was rejected as well, a rare occurrence in the FISA venue, which strengthens claims that no evidence of any foreign involvement ever existed. It has been reported that the initial warrant application to the FISA court specifically named Donald J. Trump.
It is also relevant to note here that this is the type of activity that led to the creation of the infamous “Wall” that was referenced after the 9/11 attacks. Its relevance to this specific instance is explained well by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy an article linked here.
Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand

From a Veteran/Old Fart to Speaker Ryan...
Make my day Punk!

Here is how I see it:
"Personally, I never understood the hype in regards to Ryan. His resume is Congressional Intern, Congressional Staffer, and Congressman. In other words, he is a creature of Washington. He was literally raised on the hill. He views everything through a D.C. prism. Toughness and negotiation skills are a perquisite for any speaker to be successful. Additionally, a little charisma doesn’t hurt. Amazingly, these are all traits we have yet to see exhibited by the man who has choked on the big stage multiple times.

People often refer to Paul Ryan as “one of the smartest people on the Hill”. While I’m sure Ryan appreciates the compliment, I’m not exactly sure it’s something to be proud of. “The Hill” is populated with people whose skillsets are so weak, they couldn’t last five minutes in the private sector.  Congress is filled with liars, whiners, and conventional thinkers. The reason Donald Trump is able to get networks from CNBC to Fox News to bow to his demands is because he understands negotiations. In contrast, Ryan botched the healthcare rollout showing that he didn’t learn from the controversial Ryan plan rollout prior to a very tight election. By unveiling this plan, he not only forced his Republicans colleagues to have to defend this plan, but he also gave the President and his fellow Democrats ammunition even though they did not have a plan themselves. " 

You claim to be some rugged bow hunter and athlete...yet you never took the time out of college to serve your nation with such skills... Special Forces and Seal Team 6 could use...yeppers you are a self serving PUNK! Your whole career has been a joke and a farce....
By the way did you even read the US Constitution/Bill of Rights? It states 'Congress can make no laws that exempt Congress from'...which means what applies to the electorate also must apply to exemptions allowed! You want to punish seniors and veterans with higher Medical Insurance rates yet you get a golden/cadillac plan via your congressional job~ payed for by veterans,working class and seniors...#PUNK  Get back to me when ya give blood/sweat and tears..earned retirement medical benefits!

Yes indeed Paul...this is going to turn into Ryan's Run...playing out now.. ya ain't no spring chicken...  ya are in the over 30 age group wtfu #Punk : 

Addendum: Get back to me after you give blood,sweat and tears..earned benefits!