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Anyone as sick as I am of the hey~hey ho~ho Soros cheerleaders?

I am old school...and a old fart..I went to school when kids were proud of their school and cheers were positive recognition of ! and yes I was a jock... football & track...always got excited when the cute cheerleaders cheered us on...and for the record most jocks went on to serve in the military and law enforcement...still waiting for the cheerleaders to cheer us on and over power the George Soros nutty canned Hey~Hey Ho~Ho crap!

Time to let everyone know our school... when we grow up is... The good old USA and our text book is the US Constitution /Bill of Rights can I get a cheer?

Hell yeah... hit it boys: 

Seniors to be Hit with Age Tax on Healthcare

by:Lynn Jolly 
When it comes to employment or housing, no one is legally permitted to discriminate based upon skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation or religion. At least that’s what the laws say. 

However, try going out and finding a decent paying job when you’re over 55-years of age and you’ll quickly discover that age is a discriminating factor. They get around it by citing other criteria, but it’s obvious that it’s often difficult to just get a consideration or foot in the door if you’re an older person.
Trust, me, I know. It’s also possible to be discriminated against for one’s religious beliefs in the job market, yet once again, employers find another way of explaining why you were suddenly rejected.
Some years ago, I applied for an online teaching position as a college biology instructor. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife/Fisheries Management and Master’s Degree in Biology, with my field of study being population genetics. Everything was looking good for the online instructor’s position until the college realized I am a young-earth creationist, and then suddenly I was rejected and told the position was already filled.

Back to age discrimination. Although it’s illegal to discriminate based on age, it’s a common practice in many areas of life. Senior citizens often get discounts at restaurants and other places that younger people do not get. Children also get discounts based upon their age.
So, when exactly is age discrimination legal and when is it illegal?

That’s a question we need to be asking our people in Congress, based on a report from Fox Business:
“As GOP lawmakers work toward creating a just-right “repeal and replace” plan for Obamacare, some legislation being introduced has touched a nerve for AARP and older Americans.”
“In a letter to the Chairman and Ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, AARP Senior Vice President Joyce Rogers lashed out against the recently introduced State Age Rating Flexibility Act of 2017, legislation that would allow insurers to charge older Americans significantly more for health insurance.”
“‘This legislation has a simple explanation — it would be an age tax — charging older Americans not yet eligible for Medicare a penalty of five times what others must pay for health insurance. The term ‘age rating’ is Washington-speak for overcharging older Americans by thousands of dollars for their health care,’” AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond told FOX Business.” 

“Under the ACA, insurers can charge its oldest enrollees up to three times as much as the youngest adult enrollees. The new proposal would change the age rating ratio to 5:1 or even higher. According to a new study from AARP’s Public Policy Institute conducted by the independent actuarial firm Milliman, under this proposal, on average, adults age 60 and older would see their insurance bills go up by $3,200 — making their average annual premium a whopping $17,900.” 

Notice that this bill is not being sponsored or introduced by Democrats, but by Republicans, which claim to be friends and protectors of senior citizens.
Many senior citizens live on fixed incomes and can ill afford such a drastic increase in any part of their budget, let alone healthcare. You can be certain that their pensions, retirement funds and Social Security won’t be increased enough to compensate for the higher cost of healthcare. If passed, it will surely lead to a number of senior citizens faced with the difficult decision of paying for the ‘age tax’ increase or eating or paying for a roof over their heads. The end result will mean more seniors dying sooner, or becoming destitute and a burden on others.

Please, Please Please, contact your Senator and Representative in Washington DC and insist that they vote against the age tax bill!

Trump to Bureaucrats – Sorry Folks, You’re Not “Good Enough for Government Work”

There should be no permanent jobs in U.S. government of any kind. A large portion of the problem incoming administrations have is the entrenched, perpetual bureaucracy.
Whether they be elected, appointed or hired as any other employee would, there should be no permanenjob security. Even at its best, permanent job security leads inevitably to sloth. With tenure there is also little incentive to excel and innovate. This is of course where the old saying, “good enough for government work,” comes from.

Yet this has been the life’s work for the democrat party for decades. Over the years, rules have been crafted pertaining to the hiring and release of federal government bureaucrats. It’s far too easy to hire them and very difficult to fire them. Leftist bureaucrats are specifically bred in colleges and universities to populate government. They are trained for nothing else.
Therefore, as we would expect, Republican administrations have a much tougher go of it when they obtain authority over these departments, by way of winning elections.
Some say it’s impossible for an incoming administration to clean house, so many take this as gospel and don’t even try. Others, like the George W. Bush administration, tried the compassionate conservative approach, thinking his people could work with the entrenched bureaucracy. He found out otherwise. He discovered that regardless of who wins elections, the bureaucrats believe they run Washington and the government. And as long as incoming administrations buy into this premise, it will just continue. This is what is meant by “shadow government.”

But then along comes Trump, who immediately struck out against the norm of appointing those with mostly government experience, and has instead appointed business executives to his cabinet and inner circle.
Refreshingly these gentleman and ladies have little experience in the ways of government. Business is their forte, which translates into actually wanting to accomplish something, rather than merely perpetuating and further growing an already far too bloated bureaucracy.
And these new appointees are already beginning to shake things up. Take new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson for example.
Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported  that, “Diplomatic experts in the State Department were laid off on Thursday as part of the transition into the new administration.” They added that, “Former Assistant Secretary for Non-Proliferation Tom Countryman, who was let go last month, criticized the redundancies and said he feared the White House is planning to not rely on State Department experts when conducting foreign policy.”

GOOD! And experts at what – giving away the store? The State Department is completely worthless and has done nothing but weaken our standing and influence throughout the globe. They are masters of useless diplomacy. Ours is a world governed by the strategic use of force. Nothing is or has ever been solved by way of diplomacy, particularly not through the State Department. NOTHING!
Patrick Kennedy, who served for nine years as the undersecretary for management, Assistant Secretaries for Administration and Consular Affairs Michele Bond and Joyce Anne Barr, and Ambassador Gentry Smith, director of the Office for Foreign Missions, were sent letters by the White House that their service was no longer required.”
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Judge Rules CNN ‘Acted Recklessly With Regard to the Accuracy’ of its Reporting

By:  Rusty Weiss
An impartial federal judge has issued a ruling in a lawsuit that essentially accuses CNN of peddling ‘fake news’ in their reporting.
The case involves a hospital CEO that sued the network for inflating infant mortality rates at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach.
The former CEO of that facility, Davide Carbone, accused CNN of manipulating statistics and ignoring data that painted a different picture of the true rates at the hospital.

Manipulating statistics and ignoring facts to portray a skewed version of reality? CNN? Nah, couldn’t be.
The attorney for Carbone said that “the case against CNN certainly fits the description of media-created ‘Fake News.’”
In an 18-page order allowing the case to move forward, the judge agreed, saying, “The Court finds these allegations sufficient to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice.”
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Just the Facts: Why Donald Trump’s Presidency is Exactly what America Needs


oped: This article was written last month just prior to the Trump Inauguration...since January 20 the progressive left has been hit with a tsunami of corrections on the perverse Obama Administration EO's , policies, procedures and regulations by the Trump Administration , making good on all of the campaign promises ...they are in a panic mode  waiting for the final shoe to fall when all their crimes will be prosecuted as they should be.This is why they are attacking so ferociously without thinking through what caused this tsunami by and for the people!  


Contrary to what the mainstream media is telling the American people, the country as a whole is excitedly awaiting the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. While it is true that some radical leftists and establishment politicians in America are doing everything within their power to oppose the inauguration of Trump, most of America’s working-class is looking forward to January 20th, 2017, seemingly more-so than they look forward to Christmas morning or the 4th of July every year. There is a lot to be excited about too, and I would like to dive into the positive side of a Trump Presidency in opposition of the mainstream media, and to give the Trump administration its deserved breakdown and assessment. Americans should be proud of electing Donald Trump, not ashamed as the mainstream media makes us feel.

One action that the lying mainstream media seemingly will not do is to look into what Trump’s plans are, and discussing the positives of such proposed policies. In fact, most mainstream outlets are on more a political witch-hunt than they are information gathering and providing that information to the public. They rarely discuss the proposed policies with the public, and therefore most Americans haven’t got the slightest clue what this man and his administration are planning for America over the next 4 years. They think he is a Nazi, or a sexist, or a homophobe. Well, let me break down some of these proposed policies and inform you how these policies will affect your life as an American directly. Trust me, Trump is no Nazi.
Infrastructure: We all know simply from driving to work each morning that our infrastructure in this country is failing. This is typically handled locally, with states and cities collecting taxes from the local populations and then improving the infrastructure with those funds. Trump’s administration has plans to inject “G” (federal government spending) into the economy in regards to infrastructure. This will not only upgrade our roads, bridges and hospitals, but it will also create many jobs to build all of it.

Trump’s campaign website had the following verbiage in regards to infrastructure:
  • Transform America’s crumbling infrastructure into a golden opportunity for accelerated economic growth and more rapid productivity gains with a deficit-neutral plan targeting substantial new infrastructure investments. (Donald J. Trump, 2016)
Cybersecurity: This is a topic near and dear to my heart, as I am a full-time IT Technician, I own a small business in the IT field, and I recently earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Assurance, which is another term for Cyber Security. One of the biggest threats we face as Americans are threats online. Most residential users do not experience “hacks,” however many companies do, and many times data theft can cost people dearly in their personal lives. Beyond this, hackers have become so good that they can literally cut the power to an entire city while sitting in their basement and eating a slice of pizza.

Trump’s campaign website had the following verbiage in regards to cyber security:
  • Order an immediate review of all U.S. cyber defenses and vulnerabilities, including critical infrastructure, by a Cyber Review Team of individuals from the military, law enforcement, and the private sector.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • The Cyber Review Team will provide specific recommendations for safeguarding different entities with the best defense technologies tailored to the likely threats, and will be followed up regularly at various Federal agencies and departments.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • The Cyber Review Team will establish detailed protocols and mandatory cyber awareness training for all government employees while remaining current on evolving methods of cyber-attack.(Donald J. Trump, 2016) 
Veterans Affairs Reform: Again, this is another topic which is near and dear to my heart, as I am a Veteran of the U.S. Army. I spent nearly a decade of my life entirely dedicated to service to this great nation, and in doing so; I myself incurred an injury which will affect me for the remainder of my life. I myself have experienced long wait times for doctor appointments, and I fully believe there needs to be reformed. Our veterans are some of the best people we have in this country, and they deserve to be taken care of once their service has concluded. I was in a combat support role, and I still had brutal wear-and-tear on my body. I can’t even begin to imagine how badly our Infantryman and combat arms service-members are messing up their bodies in service to this great nation. It is imperative that we take of our veterans.
Trump’s campaign website had the following verbiage in regards to the Veterans Administration (VA).

  • Ensure our veterans get the care they need wherever and whenever they need it. No more long drives. No more waiting backlogs. No more excessive red tape. Just the care and support they earned with their service to our country. (Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Support the whole veteran, not just their physical health care, but also by addressing their invisible wounds, investing in our service members’ post-active duty success, transforming the VA to meet the needs of 21st century service members, and better meeting the needs of our female veterans.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Make the VA great again by firing the corrupt and incompetent VA executives who let our veterans down, by modernizing the VA, and by empowering the doctors and nurses to ensure our veterans receive the best care available in a timely manner.(Donald J. Trump, 2016) 
Tax Plans: Now this one should be near and dear to all of our hearts. Since America’s inception, we have opposed a tyranny who robs the people blind via taxes. Somewhere along the way, we have seemingly lost this spirit and we began taxing the people and companies within our population to such an extent that it is literally choking off the economy. Corporate tax rates, which are a mandatory tax for all businesses, are at the highest levels they have ever been in history at 34%. This means that the company you own, or work for, is paying nearly 40% of their profits in taxes. If a company makes $1,000,000, they then have to turn around and give the U.S. Government $340,000 of that money. This is not even to mention ObamaCare, and other federally mandated regulations and taxes. Trump wants to lower the corporate tax rate to 15% and this would immediately increase profits significantly to even the smallest of companies.
The new income taxes are beneficial as well. We will likely all be bringing home more money on our paychecks both from the corporate and the income taxes being lowered. Trump’s income tax reduction will have more people paying taxes, and it will put more money in the individual worker’s pocket.

Trump’s campaign website had the following verbiage in regards to taxes:
  • The Trump Plan will collapse the current seven tax brackets to three brackets. The rates and breakpoints are as shown below. Low-income Americans will have an effective income tax rate of 0. The tax brackets are similar to those in the House GOP tax blueprint.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Brackets & Rates for Married-Joint filers:
    • Less than $75,000: 12%
    • More than $75,000 but less than $225,000: 25%
    • More than $225,000: 33%
      • *Brackets for single filers are ½ of these amounts

Trade: Most Americans are relatively clueless about how trade-deals made by the government affect their lives, however this is “yuuuge” in terms of the economy and jobs in the United States. Trade-deals like NAFTA and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership work to move jobs out of the United States and into foreign control. Decades ago, America was becoming an economic power beyond what any other nation on the face of the planet was capable of, and therefore NAFTA was drafted to try to level the playing field in terms of Gross Domestic Production (GDP). The problem with such trade-deals is, while it does spread some wealth to other nations, it takes wealth and jobs away from the United States.
Trump’s campaign website kept it short and sweet in regards to trade and had the following verbiage:
  • Negotiate fair trade deals that create American jobs, increase American wages, and reduce America’s trade deficit. (Donald J. Trump, 2016) 
Immigration: This topic is a sore one for many Americans and personally, I understand both sides of this argument. America truly is a nation of immigrants. I know that my grandparents on both sides of my family were immigrants to this country, and many of us have similar situations. I can appreciate an immigrant who comes here legally to provide themselves and their families with a better life. Every human on the face of the planet deserves a shot at opportunity; however we must remain vigilant at the same time. ISIS has publicly stated that they are using the unsecure southern border of the United States as well as the migrant wave as a cover to infiltrate the west. Beyond this, illegal immigration costs the taxpayers of this country billions of dollars every year. If I want to move to Australia, or New Zealand, or any other developed country in the world, there is a process which must happen in order for me to do that. Many countries require immigrants to have a job, a house and a plan for how they are going to support themselves before they allow that immigrant to move to their country. There needs to be a vetting process to make sure the immigrants have good intentions and will be a benefit to that society. I do not see why it should be any different in the United States. I have nothing against LEGAL immigration; the main issue here lies in ILLEGAL immigration into this country. We need to take care of our country and the people therein, hence the plan for a wall and a crack-down on ILLEGAL immigration.

Trump’s campaign website had the following verbiage in regard to immigration.
  • Prioritize the jobs, wages and security of the American people.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Establish new immigration controls to boost wages and to ensure that open jobs are offered to American workers first.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Protect the economic well-being of the lawful immigrants already living here by curbing uncontrolled foreign worker admissions(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Select immigrants based on their likelihood of success in the U.S. and their ability to be financially self-sufficient.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Vet applicants to ensure they support America’s values, institutions and people, and temporarily suspend immigration from regions that export terrorism and where safe vetting cannot presently be ensured.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Enforce the immigration laws of the United States and restore the Constitutional rule of law upon which America’s prosperity and security depend.(Donald J. Trump, 2016) 
Health Care: Folks, let’s face it, ObamaCare is a disaster (to quote Trump himself) and Americans should never be federally mandated to pay for such a thing. The fines for not having ObamaCare are increasing dramatically with each passing year, and those Americans who did sign up for it had the promises of the Obama administration broken in most cases. “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” turned out to be one of the biggest lies the government has told the people of this country. They knew all-along that this legislation was only good for insurance companies, who could now monopolize the healthcare system. This is why Trump has repeatedly called for repealing ObamaCare and having a free-market and competition will naturally drive the prices of health-care down.

Trump’s campaign website had the following verbiage in regard to health-care.
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Work with Congress to create a patient-centered health care system that promotes choice, quality, and affordability.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Work with states to establish high-risk pools to ensure access to coverage for individuals who have not maintained continuous coverage. (Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Allow people to purchase insurance across state lines, in all 50 states, creating a dynamic market.(Donald J. Trump, 2016)
  • Maximize flexibility for states via block grants so that local leaders can design innovative Medicaid programs that will better serve their low-income citizens.(Donald J. Trump, 2016) 
I can keep going on the proposed policies of the Trump administration; however I do not think that is necessary at this point. I have shown how Trump plans to put “America First” in his policies, and really that is the overarching theme of his administration. Trump simply wants to provide Americans with a free, secure and prosperous future. As a father of a young child, I can appreciate his vision for the future and what he will do to remedy the current political situation in the United States.
If you want the government to begin making legislation which STOPS stealing your money through taxation, STOP sending your jobs overseas, STOP lying to you at every turn, STOP the corrupt-crony deals in Washington D.C., STOP letting illegal immigrants pour over our border and STOP having innocent people murdered in the name of Islam and ISIS, then Donald Trump is the President you have been waiting for. If you do NOT want these things, then maybe you are NOT in the right country. North Korea has openings last I heard…

One thing I know for sure, is that somewhere along the line in American history establishment politicians began selling this country out and in-turn have sold-out the American working-class. In my humble opinion The American working-class is the life-blood of this country. That is not to say that no other group in America matters, but realistically, it is the American working class that keeps this country going. It is the working class who are paying the taxes, and it is them doing the all of the work. If we are abandoned by our leaders and our jobs ravaged by their policies, we should ALL be standing with leaders like Trump to try to fix this for the future. Do any of you really want your children to be paying so much in taxes that they cannot afford to raise children of their own? Something has to be done about our government, and if draining the swamp is the answer, then by all means Mr. Trump…DRAIN THAT SWAMP!

The false narratives, the lies, and everything the establishment is doing in an effort to stop Trump, is in essence trying to stop the American people from having their country back. The anchors at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, FoxNews, CBS are seemingly detached from the population and attached to politicians. Each of these “news” outlets clearly have an agenda, and that agenda does NOT involve Donald J. Trump, nor does it involve YOU, the American people. They are not telling you about all of the good which will come from a Trump Presidency, because they work directly for the people who have been purposefully making it bad for all of us. The mainstream media does not have your best interest at heart, however Donald Trump does. January 20th, 2017, is a day which will live in infamy. It will be remembered as the day that Americans took their country back!


Donald J. Trump. (2016, October 8). Retrieved January 16, 2017, from Policies:

Conservative Actor Challenges Hollywood: Invite Illegals & Refugees Into Your Homes

oped: Yes indeed the Hollywood elite...Meryl Streep, Chelsea Handler, Richard Gere, Robert DeNiro, Christoph Waltz ... have morphed into #AssBlasters :

by:Onan Coca 
The brilliant conservative actor/singer Robert Davi (who played one of the greatest movie villains of all-time in The Goonies) just penned a scathing open-letter to his Hollywood colleagues. The letter appeared first at Breitbart but has since been shared across dozens of websites, blogs, and emails. In it, Davi wonders why it is that the liberal elite who populate Hollywood and spend their time condescending to the rest of America on life and morality, don’t seem to be practicing what they preach. 

Davi begins by explaining that he is concerned with the violent response to almost anything President Trump says or does. He then explains that he’s particularly troubled by the response to the President’s recent travel “pause” on migrants from 7 majority Muslim nations. Davi explains that supports immigration and that he himself is the son of immigrants who came “legally” to the United States to give their children the opportunity to have better lives than they did.
However, he believes that illegal immigration is wrong and should be prosecuted as the crime it is. He reminds his fellow Hollywood stars that there are thousands of illegal immigrants currently living in the USA whose nations won’t allow them to be repatriated because they are criminals. He also mentions that many of his liberal colleagues have spoken out in support of the millions of illegal immigrants currently living in our nation illicitly, and he urges them to act on their rhetoric and do the right thing… invite them into their homes, their parties, and their awards shows.

It is now in this spirit that I make an appeal to all in Hollywood and the media for us to use the Oscars to take a stand for the entire world to see and hear. It is time for Hollywood to lead the way.
I propose that Meryl Streep, Chelsea Handler, Richard Gere, Robert DeNiro, Christoph Waltz and others lead an Oscar first: let’s do away with the rules, barriers, and tickets to the Oscars and after-parties, such as the swanky Vanity Fair party or the Weinsteins’ star-studded affair. I ask all migrants, all illegal immigrant criminals and all un-vetted refugees to converge on Hollywood to come to the Oscars and all the after-parties, even those held at the mansions or the Chateau Marmont or anywhere else. After all, we in the Hollywood community want to show all Islamic extremists that we have love in our hearts — and what better way to do that than by inviting them along on our most important night? 

It’s time the walls and electronic security gates come down. There are roughly 3,600 seats to the Oscars; we should have at least 2,500 seats reserved for illegal aliens, refugees and migrants, or maybe even more. For those celebrities skipping the ceremony, each should invite at least 100 illegal aliens, refugees or migrants to come to their home to watch the Oscars with them. The Academy and the Vanity Fair people should also get the 150 criminals who have recently been deported from Los Angeles and bring them to the show as honored guests. 

Davi then turns his rhetorical attack on these liberal hypocrites by wondering why they were SILENT when President Obama did the same thing that President Trump is currently doing. He wondered if Hollywood was racist, and why they wouldn’t protest when Christians were being slaughtered but they would protest when a Muslim wasn’t allowed to travel into our nation. It would seem that the murder of Christians should be a greater outrage than a simple travel “pause.”

The entire letter is fabulous and Mr. Davi should be applauded for speaking out in such a brave fashion. We need more Robert Davis in Hollywood and fewer Meryl Streeps.

Article posted with permission from

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Top Intel Official Reveals Obama Officials Behind War on Trump

oped: Indeed see:

Wow. Here's Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer going absolutely nuclear with Deirdre Bolton. As Townhall notes:
Former CIA analyst and U.S. Army Reserve Lt. Col Tony Schaffer was pretty straightforward in his Fox Business appearance today, where he said that Obama officials were definitely behind the leaks—and even named a few of them (via Free Beacon):

"Risk and Reward" host Deirdre Bolton asked Shaffer whether he thought leaks from the Obama administration were "the problem."

"Absolutely," Shaffer answered, saying the Obama administration was "directly involved" with the leak.

Shaffer said the blame lay "squarely at the feet of" the former CIA director John Brennan, former director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper, and former deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes.

Schaffer added that Flynn was a smart guy and probably didn’t discuss the area about Russian sanctions in the manner that’s been portrayed by the Left because he knew those calls would be analyzed and reviewed somewhere down the road. He agreed that what Flynn said was probably no different than when President Obama said told then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev would have more flexibility once the 2012 election was over, which was an example cited by Bolton.

Whether or not Schaffer is right, it's clear that there are rogue elements of the national security state that are attempting to undermine our democracy. They must be dealt with. 
 Source: AAN

Intel Expert Reveals Intelligence Agency Plot Against Trump

Who is John Schindler? He's an alleged degenerate pervert with a long career as an intelligence analyst and a penchant for running his mouth on social media. In Schindler's world, anyone who disagrees with him is clearly a Russian agent. Anyone who challenges the wisdom of his policy prescriptions just isn't privy to the same level of intel he has. He is in short, a boob, and a constant reminder that the people staffing America's intelligence agencies are just as irresponsible and flawed as the rest of us.

It's hard to take him seriously. But national security experts and war hawks do, so we should assume he hears credible things. Yesterday, he tweeted about something that should earn him a visit from the Secret Service. As the Daily Caller notes: 

John Schindler, a former National Security Agency analyst and current columnist for the New York Observer, said Wednesday that the intelligence community will go “nuclear” against President Donald Trump.

The national security columnist also quoted a senior intelligence official telling him that Trump “will die in jail.” “Now we go nuclear. [Intelligence community] war going to new levels. Just got an [email from] from senior [intelligence community] friend, it began: ‘He will die in jail,'” Schindler tweeted.

The Observer columnist has for months taken a strong stance against Trump. He recently wrote an article called “The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins.” 

This sounds to us like Schindler is aware of some sort of coup against the president of the United States. Neocon shills like Bill Kristol and Evan McMullin have echoed similar sentiments. This is very not ok. It suggests that an unelected apparatus of professional bureaucrats is using its authority to force the hand of the elected president of the United States. Writing on the embarrassing, irrelevant McMuffin over at the Resurgent, Mark Giller explains why this is so problematic:
As a guy who has worked in the intelligence community, it should scare the hell out of him that rogue elements within that community–very likely working with former officials from the Obama administration–have been breaking the law to leak information that has the sole purpose of doing political damage to a duly elected president.  Does McMullin really think that it’s in the best interests of the United States to have an unelected Deep State pulling the strings and controlling everything, essentially nullifying the concept of representative government?  How is that in any way principled?  And how is that in any way conservative?

Down this way lays a very dark path.  It means that the White House will have to operate from the assumption that its own intelligence agencies cannot be trusted.  What happens when a critical piece of information comes in, but the president doesn’t know if it’s genuine or just another political trap set by his enemies at the CIA, or the NSA, or the FBI?  Will he act on it in time?  Can he?  The potential for catastrophe in this kind of scenario cannot be overstated. We already live in a dangerous world.  This kind of nonsense will only make it even more dangerous.
These are the same people that said that criticism of President Bush's policies amounted to treason. Now they're openly spouting about things that sound like actual treason.

We hear there are some openings in Guantanamo Bay. Schindler should tread lightly.  

Source: AAN

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Major Criminal Investigation About To Rock Trump Administration

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The media has been breathlessly reporting about one scandal swirling around the Trump administration.
And now there could be a series of criminal inquiries made into the conduct of members in the government.
But the targets may shock you.
A series of leaks concerning intercepted communications between National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador led to his resignation.
Flynn maintained he only discussed sanctions with Russia in general terms and never proposed lifting the sanctions, nor had let on that Trump planned adopt a softer position toward Russia.
Much of the reporting on the topic confirmed Flynn’s claims.

The Wall Street Journal reported:
“U.S. intelligence services routinely intercept and monitor conversations with Russian diplomats, officials have said. The transcripts of the conversations don’t show Mr. Flynn made any sort of promise to lift the sanctions once Mr. Trump took office, the officials said. Rather, they show Mr. Flynn making more general comments about relations between the two countries improving under Mr. Trump, people familiar with them said.”
The Washington Free Beacon reported that the source of these illegal leaks came from Obama loyalists in and out of government:

“The abrupt resignation Monday evening of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is the culmination of a secret, months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to handicap President Donald Trump’s national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal with Iran, according to multiple sources in and out of the White House who described to the Washington Free Beacon a behind-the-scenes effort by these officials to plant a series of damaging stories about Flynn in the national media.
The effort, said to include former Obama administration adviser Ben Rhodes—the architect of a separate White House effort to create what he described as a pro-Iran echo chamber—included a small task force of Obama loyalists who deluged media outlets with stories aimed at eroding Flynn’s credibility, multiple sources revealed.” 

So far, the Obama officials have escaped scrutiny.
But a criminal probe may finally hold them accountable.
House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes said the leakers “belong in jail.”
Breitbart reports:
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) said Tuesday that those who leaked the contents of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s phone calls “belong in jail.”
“That’s nine leakers that all belong in jail,” Nunes said. “Those nine people broke the law, clearly, by leaking classified information to anybody.”
Nunes also went on to say that the manner in which the information was obtained may have been illegal.
Breitbart also reports:
“Nunes said he also wanted to know how U.S. intelligence agencies were wiretapping Flynn’s calls, which he said may also have been illegal.
The chairman said there are only two ways that intelligence agencies can listen in on an American’s phone call — after obtaining a warrant, or inadvertently, such as in the case of Flynn speaking with a foreign official being spied on, which the report suggests was the case.
Nunes said “it’s pretty clear” that there was no warrant. 

“It’s pretty clear that’s not the case,” he said. “I’m pretty sure the FBI didn’t have a warrant on Michael Flynn … To listen to an American’s phone call you would have to go to a court, there’d be all that paperwork there. So I’m guessing that doesn’t exist.”
Congressman Peter King also suggested that a criminal investigation into these leaks would be appropriate.

Fox News reports:
“That is a criminal action to have a wiretap of a foreign national and an American … leaked to a newspaper,” he said, adding that standard precautions should have been taken to conceal Flynn’s identity in the first place.
The bugged conversation could have been a legal wiretap of a Russian national, but the leak violated the law, he said.
“This [case] should be pursued right to the end.”
Do you believe there should be a criminal investigation into these illegal leaks which have further undermined the Trump Presidency?


Black Racist Trump Haters Calling for White Genocide

Imagine what would happen if a conservative organization went public with a cry for black genocide? What if they warned white people that dating or associating with black Americans was wrong and would not be tolerated?

What if those declarations were made at a public event in front of hundreds of people?
Every black activist would be screaming racism and hate crime. Every liberal Democrat would be calling for legal action based on racial discrimination, hate language and inciting public violence. The liberal mainstream media would be all over it like flies on a pile of dead fish. Everyone would be in a huge uproar.
Yet when a black American says the same things about white people, it’s not considered wrong. It’s not racist. It’s not a hate crime. The liberal mainstream media would be in full support.

Welcome to today’s America. It’s ironic that the same liberals who would promote the rights of black Americans to call for the genocide of all whites are the same ones who preach ‘social justice’, when in fact they only want preferential treatment and privileges for the far left over normal conservative Americans.
In today’s America, it’s perfectly acceptable to blaspheme against God, Jesus, the Bible and Christianity, but dare say anything against Islam and you’re instantly labeled to be a hater, a racist, a bigot and an

Islamophobe. You can say anything you want against traditional marriage and abstinence, but dare anything against homosexuality, including how God says it’s a sin in the Bible, and you’re once again labeled a hater, a racist and a homophobe.
Teachers can stand up in front of a classroom of kids and trash talk God, Jesus, Christianity, America, patriotism, traditional moral values, parental rights, white history and anything else that helped shape America and made it great and nothing happens to them. Let one teacher even suggest evolution is questionable and they are reassigned or fired. Let a teacher say anything against Islam, black history or gay rights and wow, the proverbial manure hits the fan.

An entire classroom can complain about a teacher speaking out against many of the good things in America and nothing happens to the teacher, but let one student complain about a teacher promoting the good things about America and American history and again, everything hits the fan.
So, what should be done when black activist leaders stand up and threaten other blacks if they date a white person? What should happen if black activist leaders call for the complete genocide of white people?
In a report from the Toronto Sun:
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Evidence Suggests Obama, Clinton Conspiring with Islamists to Engineer Coup

Liberals in the media make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to Republicans, but hide the elephant in the room when it comes to Democrats.

Pitch forks and torches are in the streets, corrupt activists in the courts, foreigners invading America demanding handouts, Islamic terrorists running rampant, and the Inquisition witch hunts in Congress.  Welcome to the next four years of radical leftwing terrorism to stifle the Trump presidency.  This is Obama’s Black Flag Army of agitators and bureaucrats assaulting the American people to defy their will and install a socialist dictatorship.
Democrats are engulfed in their hysteria of Trump Derangement Syndrome and have become enraged at the people who voted them out of power.  Obama’s weakening of America and empowering of the Jihad has made the world and the nation so unstable that he believes he can engineer a coup to overthrow the Republicans.  The problem for the nation is that half the GOP is willing to ally with him to oust Trump and the TEA Party.
Caesar, beware the Ides of March!  GOP Establishment turns on Trump

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Obama Is Being Forced To Answer For This Failure

Barack Obama was a failed President.
But there was one political failure that stood out above all others.
And a surprising group is now forcing him to answer for it.
One of Obama’s enduring legacies of failure was the fact that during his eight years in office, Democrats lost over 1,000 seats at every level of government.
When Obama entered the White House in 2009, Democrats held a majority in the House of Representatives, the majority of Governorships, and a 59-seat Senate majority – which soon swelled to a 60 seat, filibuster-proof majority when Arlen Specter switched parties.

By the time Obama left office, the Democrats were at their lowest ebb in nearly 100 years.
Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress.
The GOP held the overwhelming majority of Governorships and State legislatures.
The Democrats were confined to the coasts with no real power to enact their agenda.
Now Democrats are asking hard questions about Obama’s time in office and how it destroyed their party – especially since he and his political organization have decided to throw their weight behind efforts to rebuild from the rubble he left behind.

Politico reports:
“For years, the former president’s popularity among Democrats stifled any public critiques of his stewardship of the party — a period in which the party suffered tremendous losses at the state and local levels.
But now that Obama and the political operation that succeeded his campaign, Organizing For Action, have expressed interest in playing a role in the task of rebuilding, it’s sparking pitched debates over how much blame he deserves for the gradual hollowing out of a party that now has less control of state elected positions than at any other time in nearly a century.
That degree of mistrust — rooted in the idea that OFA was always primarily interested in advancing the president’s political interests, often at the expense of the party — is already showing signs of hampering Obama’s former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as he pursues the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. And the wariness — expressed by nearly three dozen Democrats in interviews — also threatens to create a divide between Obama’s loyalists and the rest of the party.”
Some Democrats blame Organizing For Action because it left party committees without the resources necessary to compete, since its donors were more likely to support an organization backed by the President.
Others claim OFA was only interested in promoting the President’s agenda at the expense of Congressional and State level Democrats.
Still, others think the Democrats suffered because they just had the wrong people in charge of the party apparatus.
But these complaints all miss the key point – the American people judged Obama’s policies to be complete failures.

When the GOP presented a clear contrast to the Democrats in 2010, 2014 and 2016, Republicans wiped out Democrats up and down the ballot.
In 2014 and 2016, Obama claimed his policies and legacies were on the ballot.
The end result was one of the largest midterm victories in American history and the election of Donald Trump.
The Democrats will continue to lose elections until they come to grips with the fact that the American people have rejected Obama’s big government agenda, period


BOOM!!!! Remember When Obama’s 2008 Campaign Reps Talked with Iran, Hamas?

There is no corporate memory of an explosion of indignity when Obama aides were in communication with Iran and Hamas before Obama took office. However, Robert Malley stepped down as an informal foreign policy adviser to Obama when that was revealed. Do you remember any of this? Due to lack of media outrage, probably not. 

As Written by Aaron Klein for Breitbart: 
Amid the controversy surrounding White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s alleged conversations with Russia, it may be instrumental to recall that representatives for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign were accused of meeting with Hamas and Iran.
Depending on what took place, the alleged contacts with Iran may have violated the Logan Act, which bars citizens from negotiating with foreign governments in dispute with the United States. It may be questionable whether Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, legally qualifies as a foreign government.
In 2008, Robert Malley stepped down as an informal foreign policy adviser to Obama’s campaign when it was revealed that he met with Hamas members.

Malley admitted to the meetings, but he claimed he met with the terrorists as part of his private job.
“I have never hidden the fact that I had meetings with Hamas,” Malley wrote in an open letter published in the New York Times. “I do this as part of my job as Middle East program director at the International Crisis Group.”

He said he distanced himself from Obama’s ……
FLASHBACK – Reports: Obama’s 2008 Campaign Reps Talked with Iran, Hamas

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Attn: POTUS Secretary of Labor is a "Dirty Job"...

Mike Rowe Picture
Being that your pick Andrew Puzder did not make the cut and had to drop out...may I suggest Mike Rowe...Mike is smart,educated,witty,funny thinks out of the box and relates to Middle America...the fly over zone/ working class stiffs.


REPORT: The Real Reason General Michael Flynn Resigned Should Absolutely Terrify You

When General Michael Flynn resigned his position as Donald Trump's national security advisor, the reason given was that he had mislead the administration in regards to certain conversations with the Russian government. But the real reason for his ouster might be something far more nefarious.

In an explosive report, Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon lays out what really happened: Flynn was forced out by Obama loyalists in the intelligence community who were doing everything in their power to salvage the horrific Iran deal. Per Kredo:

...multiple sources closely involved in the situation pointed to a larger, more secretive campaign aimed at discrediting Flynn and undermining the Trump White House.

"It's undeniable that the campaign to discredit Flynn was well underway before Inauguration Day, with a very troublesome and politicized series of leaks designed to undermine him," said one veteran national security adviser with close ties to the White House team. "This pattern reminds me of the lead up to the Iran deal, and probably features the same cast of characters."

The Free Beacon first reported in January that, until its final days in office, the Obama administration hosted several pro-Iran voices who were critical in helping to mislead the American public about the terms of the nuclear agreement. This included a former Iranian government official and the head of the National Iranian American Council, or NIAC, which has been accused of serving as Iran's mouthpiece in Washington, D.C.

Since then, top members of the Obama administration's national security team have launched a communications infrastructure after they left the White House, and have told reporters they are using that infrastructure to undermine Trump's foreign policy.

"It's actually Ben Rhodes, NIAC, and the Iranian mullahs who are celebrating today," said one veteran foreign policy insider who is close to Flynn and the White House. "They know that the number one target is Iran … [and] they all knew their little sacred agreement with Iran was going to go off the books. So they got rid of Flynn before any of the [secret] agreements even surfaced."

This is deeply disturbing and confirms what many principled conservatives like Ron Paul and Jack Hunter have discussed. That is, the notion that there is an unaccountable deep state at work with its own agenda that will sabotage the Madisonian institutions of government if it must. Flynn was not just an Iran hawk, he was an advocate for sweeping reform in America's intelligence infrastructure. This likely made him a target, and because Trump is so unpopular with the political establishment, their bold personnel coup will not receive the attention it should. As Damon Linker notes: 

Unelected intelligence analysts work for the president, not the other way around. Far too many Trump critics appear not to care that these intelligence agents leaked highly sensitive information to the press — mostly because Trump critics are pleased with the result. "Finally," they say, "someone took a stand to expose collusion between the Russians and a senior aide to the president!" It is indeed important that someone took such a stand. But it matters greatly who that someone is and how they take their stand. Members of the unelected, unaccountable intelligence community are not the right someone, especially when they target a senior aide to the president by leaking anonymously to newspapers the content of classified phone intercepts, where the unverified, unsubstantiated information can inflict politically fatal damage almost instantaneously. 

If Kredo's reports are true, and we have no reason to believe they aren't, then Trump needs to act swiftly to drain the swamp and bring the national security state to heal. The American people voted for a very specific agenda when they elected Trump, and if members of the intel community don't like that, they can resign. An agenda that empowers Iran is something the American people fiercely reject. 
 Source: AAN

Here Comes The Democratic Party Civil War

One point the mainstream media hasn’t recognized (or refuses to report about) is the major split happening in the Democratic Party. After years of suggesting there was civil war in the GOP, the MSM is ignoring the civil war happening in the Democratic Party. The most obvious example of this was the primary battle between Hillary Clinton representing the party establishment and Bernie Sanders representing the liberal extreme of the already very extremely liberal Democratic Party.
Since the Hillary Clinton defeat, the Bernie wing of the party has gained even more power with the emergence of two senators from the extremely liberal wing of the party, Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, and Al Franken(stein)  as the faces of the Democratic Party.

The battle is also being played out in the race for party leadership with the extremely liberal wing is represented by the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, pro-Muslim Brotherhood Keith Ellison. The support that Ellison has received from the traditional wing of the party, such as Chuck Schumer is an attempt to bridge the liberal and extremely liberal wings of the party.
But the real battle as of now is in the Senate where in 2018, 23 Democrats will be running for reelection (vs 9 Republicans). Seven of those Democrats are running for reelection in states that went for President Trump in the 2016 election ;Joe Donnelly (IN), Claire McCaskill (MO), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Manchin (WV), Bill Nelson (FL), Jon Tester (MT), and Tammy Baldwin (WI).
To the Bernie Sanders wing ideology is most important and that is what’s setting up the civil war
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Dear Anonymous Sources Leaking in the Trump Administration …..

Never in the history of our Republic has there been such an attempt to target a President like Donald Trump is experiencing. It is time to call out these snipers and have them stand tall for their actions. So far they have accomplished a total distorting of the present administration through selective and misleading leaks. I think we have had enough. Time for accountability. 

As Written by DAVID FRENCH for National Review:
Dear anonymous sources, I must confess, you’re helping the mainstream media create some gripping and troubling content.
I’m not sure which of your stories stands out the most. Is it the portrait you painted almost two weeks ago, of a president in his bathrobe compulsively watching the news?
Yesterday’s story of a National Security Council in “turmoil,” filled with staffers who “struggle to make policy” to fit President Trump’s tweets? The report in Politico that Trump’s personnel concerns extend “beyond his embattled national security adviser” and that Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus may be on the chopping block, with “Trump campaign aides” drafting “lists of possible Priebus replacements”? The CNN report that “multiple current and former US law enforcement and intelligence officials” have “corroborated some of the communications detailed in a 35-page dossier compiled by a former British intelligence agent”?

The list goes on and on. You’ve been leaking relentlessly since the very first days of Trump’s presidency, making the president look like a “clueless child,” as the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza put it. Political Twitter amplifies your voice, with countless concerned citizens retweeting the stories you helped create, appending dire worries that “we’re all going to……

Trump Administration Anonymous Leakers: Identify Yourselves | National Review 

DJT needs to take this moron down big time!

Did the CIA Just Bag Mike Flynn?
No Bible for Brennan swearing In!

oped: Yes indeed and President Trump need look no further than John Brennan former National Security Director and CIA Director under the Obama Administration! 

More: The Brennan Files:

There are a lot of folks that right now think that the CIA is behind the leaks that bagged Mike Flynn. As President Trump’s National Security Advisor, he would have been in a powerful position in the nation’s intelligence network. Senator Chuck Schumer has warned Donald Trump to not mess with the CIA. Is this a revenge hit?  

As Written By Thomas Lifson for American Thinker:
Make no mistake: we have just witnessed an operation by members of the CIA to take out a high official of our own government.  An agency widely believed to have brought down democratically elected governments overseas is now practicing the same dark arts in domestic American politics.  Almost certainly, its new head, Mike Pompeo, was not consulted.
Senator Chuck Schumer, of all people, laid out on January 2 what was going to happen to the Trump administration if it dared take on the deep state – the permanent bureaucracy that has contempt for the will of the voters and feels entitled to run the government for its own benefit:

New Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump is “being really dumb” by taking on the intelligence community and its assessments on Russia’s cyber activities.
“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.
“So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this.” 
Or, as the old rueful saying has it, “you’ve got to go along to get along.”  This means that we the people had better acknowledge that the bureaucrats have turned into our masters, and the old expression “public servant” is as ironic as anything Orwell came up with.  Schumer knows this and likes it, because the deep state wants a bigger, more powerful government, just as he does.

Note that the law was broken by whoever leaked the transcripts to the media.  Not only is the crime underlying the “scandal” being ignored, but the criminals are being hailed.  On Morning Joe‘s first hour today, the host, a former congressman (i.e., a lawmaker) himself, called the leakers “heroes.”
This interference in domestic politics by the CIA should be regarded as a major threat to our democracy, but of course our Trump-hating domestic media are reveling in a major point scored against the new president.
David P. Goldman (aka Spengler), writing on PJ Media, explains the level of hatred the CIA has for Flynn for daring to take on its spectacular…..
Blog: CIA broke the law to take out its critic General Flynn

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Globalist Magazine: Russia Fears "Trump May Be Ousted Or Even Killed" by Washington Establishment

by:Tim Brown
According to globalist magazine Foreign Policy, one of the fears the Russia has is that President Donald Trump may be "ousted or even killed" by the Washington establishment.
According to the Foreign Policy article, Russia is both confused and concerned with how they will respond to Donald Trump being a “revolutionary insurgent with a mission to dismantle America’s 'old regime,'” according to “conversations with Russian policymakers and experts."
“What the Kremlin fears most today is that Trump may be ousted or even killed. His ouster, Kremlin insiders argue, is bound to unleash a virulent and bipartisan anti-Russian campaign in Washington,” the article reads.
“The Kremlin is perfectly aware that Democrats want to use Russia to discredit and possibly impeach Trump while Republican elites want to use Russia to deflate and discipline Trump," the article continues.  "The Russian government fears not only Trump’s downfall, of course, but also the possibility that he could opportunistically switch to a tough anti-Moscow line in order to make peace with hawkish Republican leaders in Congress.” 

So, what is the piece telling us?  Paul Joseph Watson comments, "Foreign Policy is in a position to know the machinations of Washington insiders given that it is owned by The Washington Post Company (now Graham Holdings Company) and headed up by CEO David Rothkopf, a top globalist who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former managing director of Kissinger Associates."
There have been many who have claimed the Donald Trump would upset the globalist apple cart.  They have even made references to the fact that he may face the same fast as President John F. Kennedy unless he plays ball with them.

Most of these people have no more idea of why they would want Trump assassinated than Maxine Waters knows why he should be impeached.
Still, the Kremlin seems concerned that someone will attempt to assassinate Donald Trump.  Even their own media warned about it back in September 2016. 

“They may just kill him,” said Russian TV host Dmitry Kisiliov.  “The U.S. special (security) services do not need such a president. Those services promote hatred toward Russia in order to justify their existence.”
“The American oligarchs also do not need such a president," he added.  "For these oligarchs, the existing world order ensures solid and stable business. For them, a Trump who is ready to settle issues with Russia means that the finances will flow in a different direction."
I don't believe Donald Trump to be a stupid man.  He must be aware of the hornet's nest he is up against and I'm sure his security is very tight.  However, in the midst of all of the elites he has brought into his administration, I would think he would look very closely at who are his friends are who are there simply to gain political power for their own agenda.

Hillary Clinton Made A Prediction About Future Of The New World Order

Hillary Clinton has emerged from seclusion to make a prediction about the new world order.
She believes it will have a face – and a gender.
And her remarks have sent the political world on edge.
Hillary recently recorded a video for MAKERS – a digital content women’s rights platform – in which she declared that because of the “energy” generated from the anti-Trump Women’s March, the future world-power structure will now become “female”.

Breitbart reports on her remarks:
“Hillary Clinton recorded a message for the women’s rights campaign group MAKERS in which she praised the “amazing energy” of January’s anti-Trump women’s march while declaring that the “future is female.”
“Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that, yes, the future is female. Just look at the amazing energy we saw as women organized a march that galvanized millions of people all over our country and across the world,” she said.
The women’s march, which took place the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, saw thousands of activists take to the streets to protest Trump’s presidency, including celebrities such as singer Madonna, filmmaker Michael Moore, and actress Scarlett Johnansson.
“So please, set an example for every woman and girl out there who is worried about what the future holds, and wonders whether out rights, opportunities and values will endure. And remember, you are the heroes, the history makers, the glass ceiling breakers of the future,” she continued.”
Clinton clearly still believes the future of America is wedded to identity politics.
But this divisive rhetoric – designed to pit Americans against one another based on the color of their skin, gender, and religion – created a backlash and swept Donald Trump into office.
Clintons embrace of identity politics was rejected by the voters because they saw through the Stalinist-style tactics social justice warriors were employing to bully and silence their opponents.
And yet, despite her loss, Hillary is still promoting identity politics as the future world order.
Specifically, she means the future world order is “female.”
But some argue this rhetoric creates a “war on boys.”
Writing in The Atlantic, Christina Hoff Sommers says that in academics, the playing field has been tilted in favor of girls:

“The research commonly cited to support claims of male privilege and male sinfulness is riddled with errors. Almost none of it has been published in peer-reviewed professional journals. Some of the data turn out to be mysteriously missing. A review of the facts shows boys, not girls, on the weak side of an education gender gap. The typical boy is a year and a half behind the typical girl in reading and writing; he is less committed to school and less likely to go to college. In 1997 college full-time enrollments were 45 percent male and 55 percent female. The Department of Education predicts that the proportion of boys in college classes will continue to shrink. 

Data from the U.S. Department of Education and from several recent university studies show that far from being shy and demoralized, today’s girls outshine boys. They get better grades. They have higher educational aspirations. They follow more-rigorous academic programs and participate in advanced-placement classes at higher rates. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, slightly more girls than boys enroll in high-level math and science courses. Girls, allegedly timorous and lacking in confidence, now outnumber boys in student government, in honor societies, on school newspapers, and in debating clubs. Only in sports are boys ahead, and women’s groups are targeting the sports gap with a vengeance. Girls read more books. They outperform boys on tests for artistic and musical ability. More girls than boys study abroad. More join the Peace Corps. At the same time, more boys than girls are suspended from school. More are held back and more drop out. 

Boys are three times as likely to receive a diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. More boys than girls are involved in crime, alcohol, and drugs. Girls attempt suicide more often than boys, but it is boys who more often succeed. In 1997, a typical year, 4,483 young people aged five to twenty-four committed suicide: 701 females and 3,782 males.” 

Hillary Clinton’s prediction that the “future is female” is a continuation of the social justice warrior agenda which has also become anti-man.
But shoving these identity politics down the throats of the American people is what led to the election of Donald Trump.
Based on Hillary Clinton’s remarks though, the left hasn’t given up on their social justice fueled identity politics.
Will it lead to their ultimate demise?

Source: American Patriot Daily 

Caribbean Tired of Liberals' Surf on Their Turf

Under the Obama administration, things weren't exactly sunny for a string of island nations in the Caribbean. Like dozens of other countries on the receiving end of the president's extreme social agenda, they were under enormous pressure from the bullies at the State Department to abandon ship on their traditional Christian beliefs. Sometimes that harassment came in the form of financial blackmail -- threatening foreign aid if the leaders didn't comply. Other times, it came in the form of public shaming. But no matter how it arrived, the result was always the same: outrage that the United States -- of all countries -- should be browbeating the world into submission on issues that are still fiercely controversial in most of the world.

For Obama's State Department, which seemed oblivious to any problem not preceded by the letters L-G-B-T, this only added to the president's embarrassing diplomatic legacy. But now that the nightmare of the last eight years is behind us, Americans aren't the only ones looking for change. In the Caribbean, hundreds of pastors and church leaders are urging Donald Trump to chart a new course for U.S. relations -- one that doesn't include an obvious disrespect for other nations' values. It's time, the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean writes, for the White House to stop using the State Department to impose their LGBT agenda on other countries.

"We write to you as concerned Christian ministers and churches from the Caribbean region (including the Bahamas) who hope and pray that the United States, under your leadership, will once again cast light from 'The City upon a Hill'... Sadly, during recent years, that City has too often cast shadows instead of light. We refer specifically to the policies of the U.S. State Department and other government agencies involved in foreign policy that have undertaken to coerce our countries into accepting a mistaken version of marriage.
[But] the promotion of 'gay' rights must come at the expense of human rights because the two are immiscible. One is founded on the 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God' and the other on moral relativism, which eviscerates the very idea of natural rights. If you have one, you cannot have the other. As it turns out, the Obama administration, among others, has shown this to be so, as so-called 'gay rights' are pre-empting human rights, such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of conscience.
We implore you urgently to review this matter, to revoke relevant executive orders and policies, and to thus to restore to 'The City upon a Hill' the bright beam that once shone from it."
For people like Pastor Paul Mursalin, who joined me on "Washington Watch" yesterday, this is the time to turn the page on Obama's global "tolerance" offensive. "We were coerced into accepting [the administration's LGBT] agenda, threatening fund withdrawal and a number of other things. And our governments are under severe pressure to relent. We now see a ray of hope under President Trump and Vice President Pence, where some of this can be reversed and give us a chance to maintain our traditional conservative Christian values on the issue."

Of course, one of the best examples of the Obama administration's disdain for other country's beliefs was the addition of a full-time, taxpayer-funded, diplomat who openly identified as gay to the payroll whose sole purpose was forcing the president's radical social agenda on reluctant countries. And as usual, the 44th president bypassed Congress to appoint one. Like most conservatives, we encouraged the new administration to do away with the position and focus on the real human rights crises -- like Christian persecution and genocide.

An official at the State Department cast doubt on that possibility yesterday, telling one media outlet that the Trump team had decided to keep LGBT Envoy Randy Berry in his post. The rumor even caught LGBT activists off guard. "This is really surprising to me," said an official at GLAAD. "But Berry has really been effective in that job." If the report is true, it will be a disappointing development for people at home and abroad -- not to mention a major setback in getting the State Department back on track with its statutorily defined mission of promoting human rights and religious freedom. The Department's pre-occupation with Obama's libertinism left a tremendous void internationally that resulted in thousands of religious Christians and other minorities losing their homes, the livelihood and even their very lives. Keeping Berry only signals to the world that the extreme agenda of the Obama years is still deeply entrenched in the State Department.

Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.