Monday, February 13, 2017

Republicans Unclear on Concept of ‘Protester’ Threat

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Guess who the fascists, national socialists and other not-so-innocent garbage are referring to when they project their descriptions onto conservatives? Guess who they want to physically pummel into submission or worse?

Republicans, Staff Fear Violence against Them as Opposition to Obamacare Repeal Intensifies,” The Washington Free Beacon reports. “House Republicans and their staff may face violence as the protests against the Affordable Care Act repeal intensify.”
“[Former County Sheriff David] Reichert suggested having an exit strategy at town halls, maintaining a police presence at the town halls, and replacing glass doors with a heavier alternative,” the story explains.  So far so good. He understands there’s a physical threat, not just to property, but to life. The next bit of advice invites challenge:
He also told them to be friendly and nice to protesters because of their First Amendment right to protest what they don’t agree with … During the meeting the Republicans went over strategies of engagement towards Democratic activists to make sure that they feel like their opinions and concerns were being heard by the other party. It was said that interactions should be conducted in a “‘congenial’ manner.”
Read the complete story here.

I posted my reaction to it on The War on Guns blog:

Everyone is clear on who they’re calling “fascist” and on who they want dead?
There’s no reasoning with domestic enemies who rely on violence, there is only avoiding them, repelling them or stopping them. Assuming Republicans are unwilling to halt political activities in the face of threats, that means they must make sure they are conducted under appropriate physical security. It also means individuals must either be protected from attacks or be prepared to protect themselves.
It’s not a matter of interacting with Democrats who believe in using the political process. Every election for the past several years I’ve worked as a Precinct Election Official, and we work in teams consisting of two Republicans and two Democrats.  We’re able to interact just fine, with cooperation and courtesy (and no politics).

It would appear they’ve forgotten the first rule of Fight Club.
The reason you need to replace glass doors at what should be political events is because of Marxists, and so-called (but not really) “Anarchists,” and screaming Social Justice Warriors of various stripes, and masked ANTIFA fascists,  and national socialists calling conservatives Nazis while offering “clinics” to “Bash the Fash.”

Here’s who they really mean to bash:
 “This event is open to everyone and anyone, EXCEPT REPUBLICANS.”
We’re talking about It’s Going Down fanatics, urging:
All this is to say, to strike is to disrupt in whatever ways we can, the smooth functioning of the systems of domination we find ourselves surrounded by. This can be a railroad blockaded, a freeway shut down, a police vehicle overturned, a neighborhood barricaded to prevent ICE or BP from so much as entering, a caregivers’ strike, or a baseball bat to a klansman or rapist’s kneecap. We echo some distant accomplices when we say, BE THE FIST YOU WANT TO SEE IN A FASCIST’S FACE.

And guess who they mean when they say “klansman” and “rapist” and “fascist”?
There can be no peace with such as these. They will not allow it. Ideologues who pave the way for totalitarians never will, and those who believe “It” can’t happen here are whistling past the graveyard of history.
Do you think you can offer any “compromise” to satisfy them? That works in Nature, right, when surrounded by a pack of jackals? Just throw them a scrap of meat and they’ll be sated and on their way?
You want to know what they want us to do? Here we go, art imitating life:

“Interact congenially” with that. Lest you think this is an overreaction, scroll back up and look at that banner again.
Everybody realizes that beatings aren’t like on TV, right? Per the FBI, Significantly more people are killed with blunt objects, fists and feet than with rifles. If attacked by an “unarmed” assailant, you’re more than justified to use whatever force is necessary to stop it, but you can’t do that if you’re not prepared — with the tool, the ability and the mindset.
Obviously the best outcome is to avoid trouble if you can. If you can’t, then pre-plan ways to ensure safety, including traveling in groups, scouting, assessing before proceeding, keeping apprised of police scanner chatter, making sure communications channels are established and working, and exercising your right to keep and bear arms — with the obvious caveat that you’d better know what you’re doing and be prepared not to make things disastrous for yourself or for non-attackers.
Republican activists need to wake up and acknowledge that reality, or the domestic enemies will get their wish.
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