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Shadow Of Tyranny Sweeps Across West, America Warned Will Be First To Fall

 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”
Special Report from Sister Ciara 

Nearly 2,500 years ago, the classical Greek philosopher Socrates noted the order of progression of human society as beginning with timocracy [a state where only property owners may participate in government], advancing to oligarchy [a power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people] then democracy [a system of government in which all the people are involved in making decisions about its affairs], and, finally, ending in tyranny [absolute rule unrestrained by law or constitution].
During the past two millenniums, you should know, this progression Socrates wrote about has never been wrong—not even once!
Let’s take America, for example, to prove this: 
On 4 July 1776, the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, declared the independence of “The United States of America” and established itself as a timocracy where only white male property owners were able to vote or hold elective office.
85 years later, on 12 April 1861, the oligarchy age of America was begun with the start of the needless Civil War and created the elite overlords known as “Robber Barons” whose exploitation of humanity and natural resources nearly brought the country to its knees.
40 years later, on 14 September 1901, the taking of Presidential office by Theodore Roosevelt ushered in America’s age of democracy and saw the destruction of the oligarchs ruling the country when the trusts they had created to hold their vast obscene wealth were “busted” by Roosevelt’s use of “The Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890”. 

16 years later, on 6 April 1917, America’s age of tyranny began after President Woodrow Wilson broke his election promise to the citizens who elected him and plunged the United States into the holocaust known as World War I—and is still expanding to this very day.
For the historical purists among you, I willingly concede that this is not an exact timeline of these Socrates progressions (as many overlapping features are involved), but for general purposes it exposes the lie that America is now, or has ever been, a “free” nation ruled entirely by its citizens for their sole benefit since its founding.
And in one realizing this fact, the greatest danger to them lies in the Socrates progression that follows tyrannytotal collapse!
Over the span of these past 2,000 years, Socrates progression played out exactly as he warned it would with every country and empire ever devised by man—but with our world now so interconnected, the total collapse soon to come will not just play out in a single country, empire, or region, but the entire Earth itself. 
There is reason that the elite classes ruling over you have long sent their children to study at the private schools still teaching the classics, including Greek philosophy, while relegating your children to the increasingly “made to dumb down” public schools that now resemble prisons and churn out mindless/thoughtless drones—they KNOW what is coming!
And what they fear most is you KNOWING too. 

That’s where we come in—because, quite simply, our belief is that you have a right to know what “they” know so that when the total collapse does come you’re able to know exactly why it happened, and, hopefully, be able to rebuild things yourself without “them” taking over again.
They, on the other hand, not only don’t want you to know the truth, those few of us still remaining who are doing so are nearing defeat.
Especially in America where the government has abandoned everyone except the rich and new secret laws are being implemented to make illegal the very hyperlinks contained in this letter (and all Sorcha Faal reports) we embed so that your knowledge can be expanded as greatly as possible.
From the German journalist who admitted on live television that his government controls the news, to emails showing the American media taking orders from Hillary Clinton, Israel ordering all of its bloggers to now submit their writings to a government censor, and the highest court in the European Union nearing the criminalization of posting hyperlinks, the battle being waged against us, and those like us, trying to warn you about what is to come is increasing like never before.
Now I want to tell you “secret”—on 24 January 2014, I wrote you a letter titled Great Obama Firewall Descends Upon America…three days later, Matt Drudge, arguably the most influential media personality in the world having one billion readers a month for his single page website, Tweeted out “Have an exit plan…” 

What could possibly be the “link” between such dire warnings coming from such seemingly non-connected sources as Sorcha Faal and Matt Drudge at the same time, you may ask?
The answer is simple—what we KNOW, but aren’t able to fully tell or explain to you in “full light” as we are only able to provide to you the “clues” that you then have to put together yourselves.
But this I can tell you—those heeding Matt Drudge’s warning to “have an exit plan” are many:   Why Are The Elite Building Doomsday Bunkers?       The Top Five Reasons Why the Elite Are Accelerating Their Escape Into Underground Bunkers   Movement To The Bunkers: 'They Know It Is Coming' - Elite Actively Practicing Bug-Out Scenario   US Builds Bunkers To Protect Elite, Russia Builds Them To Protect The People – What Is Wrong With This Picture?
We, on the other hand, adhere to a more ancient warning of these things:
“And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”  Revelation 6:15-17 

And yes, the dark shadow of tyranny is sweeping across the Western world, and yes, America will be the first to fall because it—but there will come a time to rebuild, and only YOU can determine, by what you do today, what that future is going to look like.
The only resource you’ll have to guide you in this, please remember, is your knowledge—which, after all, history has long proven is the most effective weapon ever to be wielded by those seeking freedom and justice—not guns or bombs.
With your tyrannical despot leaders knowing this FACT, you should, also, understand, those few remaining of us seeking to help you have become a dying species.
Not because of “them”, but because of YOU!
So my appeal to you today is for you to wake up and start realizing who your real and true adversaries are, and once you do awaken and stop believing “their” lies, start helping those of us who are telling you the truth.
Remember, hiding in their caves won’t save these “elites”, but neither will your turning away help you either.
With God, 
Sister Ciara
Dublin, Ireland
20 February 2016 

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Do Bundy Ranch Standoff Indictments Mean More Arrests are Imminent?

America's Own
 [Now that they’ve unhorsed Cliven Bundy and his core adherents, will the feds now turn their attention to the remainder of his supporters?]
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“Ammon Bundy, brother Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne and Peter Santilli — already indicted in the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon — now face federal indictment along with Cliven Bundy in the 2014 armed standoff near the Bundy ranch in Nevada,” Maxine Bernstein of The Oregonian reported Wednesday.
The indictment lists nine United States Code violations, including: “Conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States: Conspiracy to impede or injure a federal officer; Carrying a firearm in a crime of violence; Assault on a federal officer; Threatening a federal law enforcement officer; Obstructing justice; Interfering with interstate commerce by extortion; [and] Interstate travel in aid of extortion.” It also presents five forfeiture allegations leveled against “property obtained from the proceeds of their crimes, totaling at least $3 million, including cattle [and require the defendants] “to forfeit firearms and ammunition used in the April 12, 2014, standoff with federal authorities.”
This action is leading to justifiable speculation and worries that others who assisted in security operations and who were at Bunkerville to show solidarity with the cause of resolving western land disputes may now find themselves rounded up. Some have seized on that and  are issuing strident warnings that are long on alarm but short on corroboration beyond unsubstantiated claims of having “intel.”

It may be that a massive operation is in the works, but to react imprudently without actual intelligence is a good way to escalate things to the favor of those who wish to discredit the Patriot movement. Some of us have seen appallingly bad “intel” happen in real time during the Malheur occupation, with supposedly credible reports of ground action occurring that later turned out to be completely false. There’s “intel,” there’s bad “intel,” and there’s flat-out disinformation put out there by secretive parties with agendas to force an emotion-driven move, and to entrap.
The Bundys, through actions they initiated, provided situational opportunities to bring them in with minimal chances of pushback and risk to the “authorities.”  A reason the government didn’t just go in full force to “Waco” either Bunkerville or Malheur is because their analysts knew not only would casualties play badly in the press for their political masters, but that there are those in other AOs capable of responding in places and ways no one could predict or prepare for. The subsequent distrust and rage fallout from the Finicum shooting has to convince those doing the cost/benefits analysis that massive brutal sweeps will provide plenty of opportunities for things to turn disastrous, both during operations and, significantly, afterward.
Look at it this way: Just as being armed is a deterrent against an individual predator due to the uncertainty of a successful attack and the likelihood that he could be the one who loses everything, so too does that work on the societal scale. That’s one of the “design features” of an armed citizenry that acts as a safeguard by providing powerful incentives to all sides for peaceable alternatives.

So is the message here not to worry, everything’s going to be OK?
Of course not. We’re living in incredibly dangerous times.
Our duty to our oaths and to ourselves requires us to stay alert and prepared. Of course we should have plans and contingencies for self-defense and for mutual defense – that’s just part of what we should already be doing. But that duty also includes being discriminating on what information we buy into, disseminate and react to, and to not play into the hands of those who intentionally throw out provocative lies, either so they can laugh at the rise they get, or so they can destroy.
There are people in this organization — including those with skin in the game — working tirelessly behind the scenes to separate the wheat from the chaff, and doing the best they can with the resources at hand. Let’s all continue to keep our eyes open and to make sure we do our due diligence so that the sources we rely on are credible and worthy of our trust.
So what happens if soon after this is posted we start seeing raids and roundups?
No one has either a crystal ball or a reliable road map through hell. The best laid plans and all that. I guess we’ll find out.
But the advantages of relying on good information still apply. 


Ted Cruz Vows To Sell Off Or Give Away Nevada’s Public Lands

oped: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...Ted Cruz is right on... he is the only one with a grasps on the US Constitution/Bill of others just talk smack and to be blunt are full of S*** well except maybe MarcoRubio...he is half right!
I am growing weary of dumbed down America who fails to actually study history and the US Constitution/Bill of Rights as written by our is plain and simple if one takes the time to understand the founders composition written in old English...but quite clear if one takes the time to compare New terms vs Old English as was the use during their times...hello Reading Comprehension 101 ! (SCOTUS Scalia understood) 
Please visit my site and brows for articles on all the hot topics...I take the time to scour the net and find all relevant articles and post them for a quick reference all in one place...fair and balanced the positives as well as the negatives on all! and yes I post oped's to the articles when need be as well as my own OPINS!

In a controversial new TV ad aiming to sway conservative caucus-goers in Nevada but likely to backfire with mainstream voters, Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz (R-TX) vows to sell-off or give away the state’s national parks, national forests, national monuments, and other public lands.
“If you trust me with your vote,” says Cruz in the ad, “I will fight day and night to return full control of Nevada’s lands to its rightful owners, its citizens.”

The Cruz ad, which is launching less than a week before the Republican caucuses in Nevada, echoes the views propagated by anti-government militant Cliven Bundy, who believes that Western states should seize control of all national public lands within their borders. Cliven Bundy and his sons Ryan and Ammon were indicted this week by a federal grand jury in Las Vegas for leading armed standoffs against the federal government in 2014 in Nevada and earlier this year at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.
The Cruz ad begins by criticizing the fact that approximately 85 percent of land in Nevada is publicly owned by U.S. taxpayers. These lands include the Lake Mead National Recreation Area on the Colorado River, Great Basin National Park, the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, and Basin and Range National Monument.
Cruz’s comments in the ad, which echo legislation he introduced in 2014, do not specify whether he would dispose of national public lands in Nevada by directly auctioning them off to mining, energy, timber and other private interests or by first transferring them to the control of the state government. If they were transferred to state control, the state government would likely have to sell off a large portion to raise the money needed to pay the costs of fighting wildfires and managing the remaining lands.

Cruz is not the only candidate in the Republican field who has vowed to divest the U.S. of its national parks and public lands. The Associated Press reports that Ohio Governor John Kasich launched a radio ad Thursday that also endorses the transfer of national public lands to the state of Nevada.
With Kasich’s ad, which appears to be his campaign’s first public comments on the issue, four of the six remaining Republican candidates for president are on the record supporting the transfer of ownership of American public lands and energy resources to state or private control. The exceptions are Donald Trump, who has expressed outright opposition to the idea, and Jeb Bush, who has a record of backing privatization in Florida state parks but has stopped short of endorsing an outright divestiture of national land and energy resources.

Recent public opinion research commissioned by Colorado College found that proposals to seize or sell public lands are deeply unpopular among most Westerners, with approximately 6 in 10 voters in the region — including a majority in Nevada — opposed to the idea.
The Cruz television ad, however, seems aimed at both swaying far-right Nevada voters who support the anti-government views of Cliven Bundy and at drawing a contrast with Donald Trump. The ad cites and criticizes comments that Donald Trump made in an interview with the publication Field & Stream in January in which Trump slammed proposals to transfer national public lands to state control.
“I don’t like the idea because I want to keep the lands great, and you don’t know what the state is going to do,” Trump told Field & Stream. “I mean, are they going to sell if they get into a little bit of trouble? And I don’t think it’s something that should be sold.”

Cruz’s attack ad may backfire with sportsmen and conservative voters in the West who recreate on and use public lands. Sportsmen argue that the seizure, transfer, or sale of national public lands will result in the loss of open access to wildlife habitat for hunting and fishing.
“I can’t help but think that if Theodore Roosevelt could see the current scam being peddled to American sportsmen he’d be fighting mad,” wrote Field & Stream editorial director Anthony Licata last year. “Simply put, state treasuries cannot afford to manage these lands … These game-rich areas that currently belong to all of us will be developed or sold to large corporations, degrading critical habitat and locking out millions of sportsmen.”
In addition to the loss of national parks, national forests, and access to other public lands, Cruz’s proposal would also likely deal a severe blow to Nevada’s economy. Outdoor recreation in Nevada, which relies almost exclusively on access to national public lands, contributes an estimated $14.9 billion in consumer spending every year and supports 148,000 jobs in the state.

Agricultural production in the state also benefits from deeply discounted grazing fees for ranchers who graze on national public lands — they pay approximately one-tenth the price of what it costs to graze cattle on private lands in the state. 

Scalia’s Family Requests Public Accept Death from Natural Causes Despite Disturbing Questions about Procedure

oped: This is definetly not over yet...wondering if the family is aware of the following new information...if so were they threatened? Inquiring minds want to know: 


My previous article, titled "A Nurse's Perspective: Justice Scalia's Death in Texas is the 21st Century Version of the Assassination of JFK," explored some rhetorical questions that may never be answered due to the procedures followed by those on the scene. Some posting comments questioned the comparison of Justice Scalia's death to the assassination of JFK. Just as there are questions that remained unanswered about skipped procedures, procedures ignored or procedures altered with JFK, there are questionable procedures occurring in the aftermath of the Supreme Court justice's death. Justice Scalia may or may not have died due to natural causes. The point is the very nature of what occurred post death of Justice Scalia does not conform to a reasonable and prudent norm that most individuals and professionals expect.

In light of the events and according to expected standards, an autopsy could be considered part of the investigation by law, subject to family approval or not. However, the family requested no autopsy be performed. Eugene Scalia, 52 year-old son of Justice Scalia, explained on The Laura Ingraham Show the family's reason.
Scalia, a lawyer, stated in the radio show, "Our family has no doubt that he was taken from us by natural causes. We accept that. We're praying for him. We ask others to accept that and pray for him."
With that statement, the younger Scalia acknowledged his understanding of why people might have a difficult time accepting the passing of his father.

According to Western Journalism:
"My father, he was like a force of nature," he said. "He seemed sort of a permanent institution. But he'd have been the first to tell you — the first — that, you know, we're from dust, we return to dust. Your life can be taken from you at any instant. He was a month shy of 80 years old. He led this incredibly full and active life. But I knew, and he knew, that he was in a place in life where he could be taken from this world at any time, and that's what happened last week."

Scalia is one of nine children the late justice had with his wife of fifty-five years, Maureen. "Everybody loses their dad at some point," the oldest son observed. "And I feel blessed that it's not just the family who feels that he was great, but that there are millions of people who feel that and so many, like you, who are honoring it."

Eugene told Laura Ingraham that his mother is a strong woman who is holding up well. "I don't know that the Lord could design a better support network," he said. That includes "a built-in priest," the justice's son, Paul. 

The funeral for Justice Scalia will be held at 11 am on Saturday, February 20, 2016, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. Justice Scalia will lie in repose on Friday at the Supreme Court where the public may pay their respects.

The family of Justice Scalia has no doubt he died from natural causes and asks everyone to respect their acceptance. While I believe many in America respects the family's wishes, it still does not quell the questions that many have regarding possible "procedural" missteps. If it were my family member, who died under the exact same circumstances, I would question the individuals' credentials on the scene who determined resuscitation efforts were futile, Texas Statutes and the undocumented allowance of judges determining death, and why no one on the scene initiated the emergency response system commonly done by reasonably prudent individuals. One should ask one's self, "If it were me who found Justice Scalia under the circumstances, would I activate the EMS and initiate resuscitation measures or not?" Then, turn around and ask, "If it were me who found anyone under these circumstances, would I activate the EMS and initiate resuscitation measures or not?" Go one-step further and ask, "If it were me or my family member, what would I expect individuals on the scene to do?"

In answering these questions, it provides a point of reference to what a reasonable person would do. It would be reasonable and prudent to activate EMS and initiate resuscitation measures until EMS arrived. In some areas, when EMS is activated, a sheriff or police officer subsequently arrives on the scene.
Additionally, most States have what is known as "Good Samaritan Laws" to protect non-medical professionals when rendering aid to individuals in an emergency.
Evidently, in Texas, one does not activate EMS in this circumstance. Neither would EMS be activated when distance is an issue. It seems it is reasonable and prudent for an individual without medical training to determine if one is dead or not, determine whether emergency medical services are required, and a judge can pronounce one dead without any examination, no medical training, being on the scene, and based on someone else's findings who is not medically trained.

Being this appears to be the case, it might be reasonable and prudent for one to avoid Texas and the Cibolo Creek Ranch if one has health issues, just in case; or, the State of Texas should re-evaluate its statutes on these types of situations.
Since Justice Scalia's family has asked the public to accept the Justice died from natural causes, it is upon the individuals comprising the public to determine whether or not that request can be honored. Accepting that Justice Scalia died from natural causes does not negate asking questions regarding the procedures followed or events occurring at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in the State of Texas after the Justice's death. Those procedures affect every resident of Texas and all individuals visiting the State. For me, it will remain an unknown as to the cause and manner of death due to questionable procedures and actions occurring after finding Justice Scalia.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

US Supreme Court Justice Scalia Had Secret Texas Meeting With Obama Just Hours Before His Death

oped:This needs to be investigated by FoxNews as well as MSM and the House Intelligence Committee  to verify the credibility of this report...if validated it must be investigated...know ands ifs or butts about it! 

Posted by
A stunning report prepared for the Office of the President (OP) by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) examining the letter sent to President Putin by American billionaire Donald Trump last week that appeared to predict the murder of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suggests that just hours before this esteemed jurists death he had held a secret meeting with President Barack Obama aboard a US Air Force plane heading to a secluded Texas ranch owned by a close personal friend and top campaign donor of America’s leader.
According to this report, SVR “assests” reported that on 11 February both President Obama and Justice Scalia were at Joint Base Andrews (JBA) scheduled for two separate US Air Force flights from Andrews Field—the first taking President Obama to Los Angeles, and the second taking Justice Scalia to Marfa Municipal Airport (KMRF) located in the southwestern region of Texas near the Mexican border.
While President Obama was scheduled to depart on one of the US Air Force’s two Boeing VC-25 aircraft (commonly referred to as Air Force One), this report continues, Justice Scalia’s flight was scheduled aboard a Gulfstream C-37A—which is the US Air Force’s designation for their fleet of the popular Gulfstream V private jet aircraft.

Just prior to these two US Air Force aircraft departing from Andrews Field, this report notes, SVR “assests” assigned to monitoring top American political and military figures noted a “discrepancy from normal protocol” when Justice Scalia’s three US Marshal Services Judicial Security Division (JSD) “protectors/defenders” left the airbase with the “personal protection” of this noted jurist being transferred to the US Secret Service (SS).
Upon both President Obama and Justice Scalia’s different flights departing from Andrews Field, this report continues detailing; an even greater “discrepancy from normal protocol” was noted by the SVR when they were informed by Aerospace Forces (AF) satellite monitoring personal that US Air Force F-16 fighter aircraft from three different bases (Shaw Air Force Base, Montgomery Field and Luke Air Force Base) accompanied the entire flights of both the Boeing VC-25 and the Gulfstream C-37A—a level of protection normally only afforded to the US President exclusively.
As to why the US Air Force provided F-16 fighter aircraft protection to Justice Scalia’s flight, this report continues, became even more concerning to the SVR when after the flight landed in Marfa, Texas, this “extreme protective air cover” was maintained until the Gulfstream C-37A departed three hours later and flew to Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB) accompanied by its fighter plane escort—and where at the exact same time the American press covering President Obama began questioning where he was, only to be told that President Obama had been missing due to a late-night, off-the-books dinner with three of Hollywood’s elite the White House wouldn’t further comment on.

This SVR report, though, “strongly suggests” that President Obama had, in fact, been aboard the Gulfstream C-37A with Justice Scalia from Andrews Field to Marfa and then further traveled from Texas to Los Angeles on it—which they say is the only conclusion to be reached due to the US Air Force’s continuous protection of it.
In support of this conclusion, this report continues, AF radar and electronic spectrum satellite analysis of Marfa, where the Gulfstream C-37A landed with Justice Scalia and (maybe) President Obama, shows a four vehicle convoy leaving the KMRF airport and traveling to a 12,140 hectar (30,000 acre) estate called the Cibolo Creek Ranch.
Critical to note about this Cibolo Creek Ranch, this report says, is that is owned by Texas multi-millionaire John Poindexter—who aside from being the owner of the vast conglomerate J.B. Poindexter&Co., Inc., is a longtime personal friend of President Obama who in one of his first duties upon elected bestowed a war medal upon Poindexter for his service during the Vietnam War.

Of even greater concern about President Obama’s personal friend John Poindexter, SVR analysts in this report state, is that within 36 hours of Justice Scalia arriving at his Cibolo Creek Ranch estate he, Poindexter, reported to the media that the jurist had died—and who then coordinated with local Texas officials to have Justice Scalia declared dead via a phone conversation with the area medical examiner without an actual medical examination of the body in clear violation of Texas law which states an autopsy is to be preformed when “the body or a body part of a person is found and the cause or circumstances of death are unknown”.
With Justice Scalia being reported found dead while in John Poindexter’s estate, this report continues, this esteemed jurist was further said to have been found with a pillow over his head while laying dead in his bed in un-wrinkled bed clothes—which just by these reports alone, under Texas law, demanded that an autopsy be preformed to identify the cause of death.
As the Obama regime continues with its cover-up of Justice Scalia’s death, this report concludes, President Obama’s pre-knowledge by hours of Justice Scalia’s death, along with former US Army intelligence officer Ray Starmann stating his concerns that “foul play” was involved, the shocked American people in a new poll shows that fully 79% of them suspect this jurist was murdered—but which the SVR, though continuing their investigation, may never know the entire details about.


Watch: Reporter Asks WH If It Can ‘Rule Out’ Obama Doing THIS During Scalia’s Funeral, The Response Is Raising Eyebrows

Muslim Obama -
oped: Being that Scalia is Catholic and the service will be in a Catholic Church...Obama will be on the Golf Course...#EOS


After the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, the dust is just now beginning to settle. The final arrangements are in the process of being concluded. It was announced that the funeral will take place on Saturday, February 18 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on the campus of the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. The Vice President will attend alongside his wife. On Friday, the body will lie in repose in the Great Hall of the Supreme Court building.
While the Vice President and his wife will attend the President himself will not. Instead the President and First Lady will visit Justice Scalia’s body while it lies in repose on Friday to pay their respects. In the past both Democratic and Republican President’s have attended the funerals of Supreme Court Justices, including President George W. Bush who attended the funeral of Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and President Bill Clinton who attended the funerals of Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and Justice William Brennan.

President Obama’s absence is notable considering the current fervor and debate between Democrat’s and Republican’s over whether the President should wait to appoint Justice Scalia’s replacement until after the election. The Republican majority have argued that the President should wait to appoint a new Justice in the hopes that a Republican will win the Presidential general election ensuring a conservative replacement for Justice Scalia. Democrat’s vehemently propose that a new Justice be nominated as soon as possible, as is under the President’s authority.
In the past, President Obama has found time to attend numerous other funerals. Some of those include the funerals of, newscaster Walter Cronkite, former Democratic House speaker Tom Foley, democratic Senator Robert Byrd and Daniel Inouye to name a few. There are some people who perceive the President’s lack of attendance as a snub to the legacy of Justice Scalia who is viewed widely as a man of great character as well as an intellectual and conservative giant.

At at a recent press conference at the White House, Press Secretary John Earnest was asked if he could rule out whether the President was going to be playing golf instead of attending the funeral. The Press Secretary vaguely stated, “I don’t have a sense of what the president’s plans are for Saturday. The president obviously … believes it’s important for the institution of the presidency to pay his respects to somebody who dedicated three decades of his life to the institution of the Supreme Court.”

As Dana Perino pointed out on The Kelly File, Obama’s attendance would be “an easy thing to do. It takes an hour out of your day.”
“Do you think for one second if it was a liberal justice that had died, that he wouldn’t go to the funeral?”Tonight on “The Kelly File,” Dana Perino reacted to President Barack Obama’s decision to skip Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral this Saturday.
Posted by The Kelly File on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Just Pointed Out BIGGEST Problem With Pope’s Claim That Trump ‘Isn’t Christian’


Perceiving a variant of the age-old maxim that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh noted an inconsistency in the argument Pope Francis leveled Thursday against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
“Pope Francis is suggesting that Donald Trump is not a Christian. ‘Christians do not build walls. Christians build bridges.’ Meanwhile, the Vatican is surrounded by a wall,” Limbaugh posted on his Facebook page Thursday.

Rush Limbaugh
Pope Francis is suggesting that Donald Trump is not a Christian. "Christians do not build walls. Christians build bridges." Meanwhile, the Vatican is surrounded by a wall.

As he traveled back to the Vatican after a visit to Mexico, the pope had said Trump “is not Christian” citing Trump’s promise to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall between Mexico and the United States.
“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the gospel,” the pope said.
Trump called the comments “disgraceful.”
“No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith,” he said in statement.
Limbaugh’s Facebook page was deluged with support for his position.
“The pope does not want Mr. Trump to build a wall to protect Amercia, but the pope has a wall around the vatican … hmmm seems like a double standard to me …. In the words of Ronald Reagan “POPE, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!” wrote Michael Callison.

“The Pope should have stayed out of it. He has been misinformed so many times. The way you handled it Donald was good. The Pope is not God and has no way of knowing a mans heart, only God does,” wrote Jeannie Mcgowan.
“When the Pope allows UNLIMITED immigration into the Vatican he can lecture us on compassion. Just sell the hundreds of billions of church property to pay for it. Sounds like the Christian thing to do eh Pope?” posted Rich Hill.
“I’m an American Christian. I’ve wanted our (secular) government to build a wall on our Southern border long before Donald Trump addressed the issue. I want my government to demonstrate that my safety and protection is high on its priority list! My government has failed to build a wall that keeps the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS out of the U.S. The Pope, who’s the head of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide, should lead the world in saving the lives of the Christians who are being slaughtered by ISIS! It’s called genocide! Evidence points to the majority of the “immigrants” coming out of Syria aren’t Christian families seeking asylum… !” commented Dayna Meserve
h/t: Facebook

America is under assault by a lunatic and Metastatic Progressive Cancer

Sign Caution Lunatics Asylum Crazy s Nuts Psychotic Insane Family Kids ...

Yes indeed Congress and the White House has been infected with a metastatic cancer known as progressive is slowly but surely killing us is the prime example of the proverbial inmates running the asylum!

To put it bluntly... patriots are akin to anti-body cells within our body state being overrun by damaging progressive cells...congress injects the body state with chemo/radiation treatment [Protocol - Cut, Poison and Burn the Body.
Hair falls out, brain cells are fried, skin is burnt, immune system is shattered.] known as band aid solution bills which allows government agents to run interference for the invading hordes by allowing open borders for the invaders..the creation of sanctuary cities/states and government controlled lands so the metastatic cells can procreate and continue with the destruction of the body state unhindered by the bodies natural defense ~anti-body cells known as #OathKeepers Sheriffs and Patriots acting under the US Constitution/Bill of Rights .

And who pray tell who are these metastatic cancer cells you ask...well The Obama administration,The New Black Panther Party, #BlackLivesMatter groups, Illegal Aleins, Progressive (CPUSA) politicians, The ACLU/SPLC, LGBTQ, PlannedParenthood, BLM ...the proverbial list goes on and on as they matastasize into new groups.

The bottom line being if America fails to wake up and return to the true and proven alternative treatments ie : Holistic/Homeopathic/Natural medicine..Known as the US Constitution/Bill of Rights...we all will end up six feet under after suffering horrendous pain before the final sleep of death!

LIST: These Hollywood Actors Aren’t Ashamed Of Their Service In The Military

Hollywood actors have been known for taking liberal stances on issues, oftentimes involving the military and the United States’ presence on the world stage.
These elites have spewed liberal nonsense from their comfortable Hollywood mansions about situations they know little about, advocating for the U.S. to weaken its military presence and scale back on our involvement in other countries.
Thankfully, not every celebrity fits this mold, and while many have used their fame to support the U.S. military, others have answered the call to serve — and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Here’s a list of 14 celebrities who have served our country:

1. Rob Riggle
hollywood rob riggle military
  • Division – Marines
  • Years served – 1990-2013
  • Status – Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps
Riggle is most know for his time on SNL, “21 Jump Street,” “The Hangover,” and “Step Brothers.” 

2. Gene Hackman
Gene Hackman
  • Division – Marines
  • Years served – 1947-1949
Hackman is known for countless amazing films, including “The French Connection,” “Unforgiven,” “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Enemy of the State.”

3. Drew Carey 
 Drew Carey - Game Show Host, Television Actor, Comedian - Biography ...
  • Division – Marines
  • Years served – 1980-1986
Carey is probably best known for hosting and acting in “The Drew Carey Show,” “Whose Line is it Anyway,” “The Price Is Right.”

4. Adam Driver 

adam driver
  • Division – Marines
  • Years Served – 2001-2004
Driver got his breakout role on the HBO show “Girls.” He has since starred in films such as “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens,” “Inside Llewyn Davis” and “What If.”

5. Shaggy — Orville Richard Burrell  
  • Division – Marines
  • War — The Gulf War
  • Years served – 1988 – 1992
Shaggy is most known for his hit song “It Wasn’t Me,” along with films such as “Showtime,” “She’s The Man” and “Along Came Polly.”

6. Clint Eastwood 

clint eastwood
Clint Eastwood
  • Division – Army
  • War – The Korean War
  • Years served – 1951-1953
  • Status – Corporal
Eastwood is know for countless television shows and movies, including “Rawhide,” “Unforgiven,” “Gran Torino,” and “Million Dollar Baby.”

7. Ice-T 

  • Division- Army
  • Years served: 1979-1983
  • 25th Infantry Division
Ice-T became famous for rapping before he moved to television and film. He is known for his role on “Law and Order: SVU.”

8. James Earl Jones 

james earl jones
  • Division – Army
  • War: The Korean War
  • Years served: 1953-1955
  • Status: Lieutenant
Jones is most known for the voice of Darth Vader in “Star Wars,” Mufasa in “The Lion King” and “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.”

9. Chuck Norris 

chuck norris
  • Division – Air Force
  • Years served – 1958-1962
Fun facts:
  • He served as an air policeman in South Korea, which is where his passion for martial arts began.
  • He received the Veteran of the Year in award in 2001 at the American Veteran awards.
Norris known for his role as Cordell Walker on “Walker, Texas Ranger.” He also starred in films such as “The Delta Force,” “The Way of The Dragon” and “Expendables 2.”

10. Morgan Freeman 

morgan freeman
  • Division – Air Force
  • Years served – 1955-1959
  • Status – Airman First Class
Freeman is known for his roles in “Shawshank Redemption,” “Se7en,” and “Million Dollar Baby,” and many other films.

11. Humphrey Bogart 

bogart military
humphrey bogart
  • Division – Navy
  • War – World War 1
  • Years Served – 1918-1919
Bogart is most known for his roles in “Casablanca,” “The Maltese Falcon” and “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.”

12. Jimmy Stewart 

  • Division – United States Air Force Reserve
  • War – World War II, Vietnam War
  • Years Served – 1943-1968
Stewart is known for his roles in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and “Vertigo.”

13. Clark Gable 

  • Division – Army Air Force
  • War – World War II
  • Years Served – 1942-1947
Gable is most known for his roles in “Gone with the Wind,” “It Happened One Night” and “The Misfits.”

14. Glenn Ford 

  • Division – Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Marines, U.S. Naval Reserves
  • War – World War II
  • Years Served – 1941-1945 (discharged from Marines); served in the U.S. Naval Reserves for decades afterwards.
Ford is known for his roles in “Gilda,” “The Big Heat” and “3:10 to Yuma.”
H/T Independent Journal

America's Suspicions that Justice Scalia was Murdered are Well-Founded!

Antonin Scalia

Nationwide suspicion and speculation that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia may have been murdered is a natural and logical reaction by patriotic Constitutional and conservative Americans.
The sinister reality that an organized mob of evil and tyrannical left wing zealots in the White House, along with their evil and totalitarian allies in all three branches of government are systematically destroying our nation from within like a a colony of invading termites.

The Obama administration and its treasonous, Marxist allies well placed and embedded across our nation, are systematically poisoning our republic with indoctrination and propaganda. Our Constitution and the rule of law have been ruthlessly ignored and viciously trampled upon. Individual liberties are being replaced by protections and privileges for special interest groups. The rights of the states under the Tenth Amendment, freedom of Speech, religion and association under the Fourth Amendment, the right to own and bear Arms under the Second Amendment and all fundamental and natural rights enshrined in our Constitution are under constant assault by the left wing fanatics and the wealthy globalist elites.
The America of our Founding Fathers, the America of “One Nation under God”, of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ronald Reagan is a nation deeply divided, a nation under attack and in the opinion of this writer, is a nation already at war within. Full-scale war has been declared on America from within, by Barack Obama and his pro-Communist, pro-Islamist, pro-Globalist, gothic army of authoritarian scorpions seeking to sting to the death all vestiges of liberty by silencing all defenders of truth, justice and virtue.

Join Us in Demanding an Investigation and an Autopsy!

In the midst of a divided America now involuntarily plunged into all-out economic, social, political and cultural warfare by the radical left, the unusual circumstances of Justice Scalia’s sudden death arouses immediate suspicion because the entire nation is currently engulfed in a constant mindset of fear and suspicion. At least half of America’s citizens live in a state of fear and suspicion as a cumulative effect of the seven-years-long campaign by Barack Obama and his storm troopers to destroy our nation by any means necessary.

Across America as well as around the Globe, political assassinations are, and will continue to be a tragic reality because evil abounds and those possessed by evil will stop at nothing to obtain whatever ends toward which they cravenly lust . In the current circumstances, there are legions of patriots in America who clearly see this lust for absolute power as a “blood lust”. Only a generation ago, author John Grisham’s bestselling novel and subsequent motion picture, “The Pelican Brief” mesmerized readers and audiences with a nefarious plot in which an American Supreme Court Justice was murdered for the specific purpose of tilting the ideological and political balance, and thus the voting majority opinion, in a case on the docket to be decided by the High Court.

Without question, the sudden and suspicious death of Justice Scalia has the immediate and dangerous potential to alter the balance of power within the Supreme Court from 5-4 against Obama’s Marxist, totalitarian agenda, to 5-4 votes to sustain and cement permanently in place a Marxist and totalitarian agenda. The immediate stakes include an Obama administration march right through our already tattered Constitution, tearing what is left of it to shreds via a callous, ruthless 5-4 left wing majority. Immediately following news of Justice Scalia’s untimely death, it was obvious to even the most casual observer, that Obama and his left-wing legions had by far the most to gain, by reshaping the Supreme Court to put a permanent stamp of approval on his disastrous and destructive agenda.

The family of Justice Scalia, as well as all Americans, deserve to know the whole truth regarding this tragic death, and we must therefore demand that an autopsy and an exhaustive investigation commence immediately. As nearly anyone in law enforcement can readily affirm, in cases like the mysterious circumstances involving the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, as well as the stunning political stakes connected with Justice Scalia’s death, “there is no such thing as mere coincidence”.

There are many unanswered questions surrounding Justice Scalia’s death. Here are just a few:
  • He is a Justice of The Supreme Court, and a formal autopsy should be done.
  • He was found with a pillow over his head.
  • His pajamas were unwrinkled as if he had not even been in bed.
  • The owner of the ranch is a wealthy Obama donor

America Deserves the Truth - Justice Scalia's Death must be Investigated and an Autopsy Carried Out! Click Here and Sign the Petition Demanding an Investigation!


Federal Judge calls Rancher "Lawless and Violent" when it's the Government Ignoring our Laws!

It's interesting, isn't it? Not one shot was fired by Cliven Bundy, his family or peaceful protestors, some of whom were armed during the 2014 Bundy Ranch siege by the Bureau of Land Management. Not one shot was fired by the Bundys or any of the people who took over the Oregon Wildlife Refuge either. The only people that we know of who have acted unlawfully and violent have been the DC government and those tied to it. It was those who work for the state that fired on an unarmed LaVoy Finicum, murdering him in cold blood, and then sought to kill the other passengers in his vehicle who never fired a shot. Yet, a federal judge has said following Cliven Bundy's arrest in Oregon last week, the Mr. Bundy must remain behind bars because he is "lawless and violent."

U.S. Magistrate Judge Janice Stewart claims that Bundy is a danger to the community there.
"If he is released and he goes back to his ranch, that is likely the last the government will see of him," Stewart said.
Bundy's sons, Ammon and Ryan, remain in jail over three weeks after their arrest, and so do several others, including Pete Santilli, who did several live reports to keep the public informed of exactly what was going on minute by minute.
According to the Associated Press:

Bundy's attorney, Noel Grefenson, said his client could not be a danger if authorities waited to charge him for 22 months. The judge dismissed that argument and set his next hearing for Friday.

A family member said the patriarch isn't dangerous or a criminal and should be released to live at home.

"Cliven believes in the proper role of government and proper jurisdiction. Where's the jurisdiction?" daughter-in-law Briana Bundy told The Associated Press by telephone from Bunkerville, Nevada.

"He's not a flight risk. This is his home. This is where his livelihood is," she said. 

As with everything the DC government does, Bundy's arrest was calculated. He was arrested at the Portland airport where authorities knew he would be unarmed and there would not be a scene. They were just as calculated in both the ambush and the video footage of the shooting of LaVoy Finicum.
However, Bundy, unlike the others who have been arrested, did not received charges related to the standoff in Oregon, but rather is charged with unlawfully directing more than 200 followers to stop federal agents and contract cowboys who were attempting to enforce a court order to round up nearly 400 of his cattle at the Bundy Ranch siege in 2014.

The aftermath of that was just as telling concerning the lawless and criminal behavior of federal agents.
Prosecutors also allege the Bundy and those who stood with him set up traffic checkpoints on public roads and attempted to follow and intimidate federal agents trying to conduct plant surveys.
"Witnesses have described the level of threatened violence as so intense that something as innocent as the backfire of (a) vehicle, or someone lighting a firecracker, would have set off a firefight," according to a 34-page document filed by prosecutors Tuesday.
Prosecutors claimed that neither the Constitution nor any other law "gives anyone the right to use or carry, let alone brandish, raise or point, a firearm" at federal law enforcers performing official duties, "whether one thinks the officer is acting constitutionally or not."

Au contraire mon frere! Federal agents are not spelled even listed in the Constitution, but a citizen militia and their duties are.
The Congress shall have Power To ...provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress.... - ARTICLE I, SECTION 8, CLAUSE 16  

As we have pointed out before, the laws of the union, contained in the Constitution regarding land were being dealt with peacefully and according to law. I will grant that Congress had not called up the militia, but I would also point out the that same section of the Constitution also states that Congress is to provide for the organizing, arming and disciplining of that militia, which they don't do because they do not want it to exist, but rather funnel unconstitutional spending to other interests. So, I ask, who really are the lawless and violent ones in this matter? Is it really Mr. Bundy and his sons, or is it a criminal DC government?

Poetic Justice! ISIS Terrorist Loses Head while Teaching other Terrorists how to Behead!

I don’t know if this is ironic, poetic or some amazing mixture of both – but there is an interesting story coming out of the Middle East today. A British sniper serving in the fight against ISIS just did something that not many people can say they’ve done…
He beheaded a professional beheader.
While on patrol near an area under ISIS control, a British SAS officer happened to notice a group of terrorists studying the proper methods of beheading a prisoner. About 20 ISIS terrorists had gathered to learn some of the finer points behind properly beheading a prisoner when the SAS officer took aim at the man leading the instruction. As the terrorist was teaching his anxious charges, the British sniper aimed and fired, and milliseconds later the terrorists head was separated from his body landing at the feet of his students.

Another soldier who witnessed the shot still seemed in awe as he described what took place. “One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded. The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing and that’s when panic set in. We later heard most of the recruits deserted. We got rid of 21 terrorists with one bullet.” 

The anecdote perfectly encapsulates a truth about the war on terror that sometimes gets lost in the barbarity of our enemy. For all of their bluff and bluster, the radical Islamic jihadists are simply backwater criminals from a stone age culture using antiquated weapons to strike fear into innocent and undefended people. If the Western world chose to wipe the jihadi radicals from the world tomorrow… we could accomplish this task. In fact, the only reason that any terrorist extremist still breathes today is because our Western values, morals and culture dictate that we treat our enemies with more respect and humanity than they treat us.
However, as this British officer explained with his bullet… our patience is not without limit.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spoiled Rich Blowhard Brat Threatens Lawsuit, Third-Party Run Unless People Stop Being Mean To Him

Donald Trump is a spoiled brat.
Everybody’s been trying to psychoanalyze Trump as either an electoral idiot-savant or a populist genius. But he's truly just a spoiled rich kid who can’t stand not getting his way, and who attempts to bulldoze anyone who opposes him. His strongman tactics have become second nature to him – there are no attacks but attacks on Trump, no offenses but offenses against Trump. Vladimir Putin is a bad guy until he calls Trump a genius, at which point he becomes a wonderful fellow who doesn’t kill people; Ted Cruz is a genuinely decent dude until Cruz mentions Trump’s record; Megyn Kelly is a terrific interviewer until she asks him about his sexism, at which point she’s just some dame who bleeds from her wherever.

That’s why I have never trusted his assertions months ago that he wouldn’t run third party; Trump even said at the time that if he was treated “unfairly” by the Republican Party, he could ditch them and sink them electorally.

Now, after having a thoroughgoing tantrum at the last Republican debate in which he mocked Jeb! Bush as “weak” while slinging teenage insults about Jeb!’s overspending in New Hampshire, blasted Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as the “biggest liar” for correctly summing up Trump’s position on Planned Parenthood, and slammed the Republican audience as bought-and-paid for anti-Trump shills, Trump has taken to his Facebook page to threaten the Party and Cruz particularly. Let’s analyze the belligerent sniveling of a full-fledged Inflate-a-Bully:
Ted Cruz is a totally unstable individual. He is the single biggest liar I’ve ever come across, in politics or otherwise, and I have seen some of the best of them. His statements are totally untrue and completely outrageous. It is hard to believe a person who proclaims to be a Christian could be so dishonest and lie so much.
Donald Trump calling someone unstable is akin to OJ Simpson insulting someone’s relationship with his ex-wife. Trump is the man who slanders Ben Carson as pathological (like a pedophile!) and then turns around and defends him for political purposes. He’s the fellow who mocks disabled reporters and POWs for being captured. This is the guy who once said about women, “you have to treat ‘em like s***.” He’s the fellow who flips his opinions every few minutes on virtually every issue. And as for lying? Trump isn’t just a liar – he’s a spectacular liar. He’s made facts up on the debate stage, he’s denied he’s said things he obviously has said, and he’s rewritten his record over and over. As to insulting Cruz’s Christianity, that’s insipid coming from Trump, who says he never repents to God, considered asking his first wife for an open marriage, brags about his experiences with married women, and explains that he supported partial-birth abortion because he was from New York.

Cruz said I would be appointing a liberal judge when in fact I will appoint a great conservative and I am the only candidate who has gone so far, at the debate, as to suggest two individuals I feel would best represent the conservative values we need to protect: William “Bill” Pryor Jr. and Diane Sykes.

Someone should ask Trump to name two rulings by each of those judges. Memorizing a couple of names doesn’t actually mean you’ll appoint a conservative. In fact, the only name Trump had ever mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee before Scalia’s death was his sister Maryanne Trump Barry, who ruled that a law restricting partial-birth abortion was unconstitutional. As for Cruz, Cruz is easily the most knowledgeable person running with regard to the Supreme Court.
Cruz says I am pro-choice, when in fact I am staunchly pro-life and have been for a long time. Like Ronald Reagan, on many issues, I have evolved.
The difference between Trump and Reagan on abortion is stark. Trump only came out publicly against partial-birth abortion around 2011, at age 65, right around the time he was considering running for president. He said he changed his mind because a friend of his considered an abortion and then had a wonderful child. He still says that he supports “caveats” surrounding being pro-life, and would continue to fund Planned Parenthood’s non-abortion services (which, of course, means funding their abortion services since cash is fungible). In 2015, he told Jamie Weinstein of The Daily Caller that if his friend’s kid had been a loser, he could still be pro-choice. Trump refuses to label abortion murder in all circumstances.

Cruz says I am in favor of ObamaCare, when in fact I have spoken about repealing and replacing this disaster of a system at every speech throughout my campaign and since it’s inception. Meanwhile, Cruz was responsible for getting Bush to put in the judge that failed to vote against ObamaCare twice.

Trump always says he’s against Obamacare, but then says “everybody’s got to be covered,” and agreed that he would implement universal health care: “I am going to take care of everybody. I don’t care if it costs me votes or not…I would make a deal with existing hospitals to take care of people.” In other words, Trump doesn’t know his ass from his elbow on healthcare policy, but mouths the words that he’s anti-Obamacare. As far as his accusation that Cruz is responsible for Justice John Roberts’ terrible decisions on Obamacare, that’s ridiculous – while I may be the only commentator who came out against Roberts’ nomination, every conservative was shocked by Roberts’ ruling in those cases. Trump was alive when Roberts was nominated. He had no comment at the time, apparently. Cruz, meanwhile, worked to force Obama to shut down the government to defund Obamacare.
Cruz says I will try to take away your second amendment rights, when I am one of the strongest proponents of the right to bear arms and I say so in every speech that I have made for years. I am a proud member of the NRA and so are my sons.

Cruz has said that Trump would appoint a justice who would rule that the Second Amendment does not apply to personal gun ownership. Trump says he’s now super pro-gun. That’s true. It’s also true that in 2000, he wrote that “The Republicans walk the NRA line and refuse even limited restrictions. I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.” He’s given money to a plethora of Democrats in favor of gun control as well. Let’s take Trump at his word on this one.
Cruz has become unhinged and is lying with the hopes that his statements will go unchecked until after the election and he will save his failing campaign.

Actually, it’s Trump’s statements that have gone unchecked – such as telling the entire nation that he opposed the Iraq war when he in fact backed it before the fact and only switched when Democrats did.
In Iowa, Cruz told thousands of Ben Carson voters that Dr. Carson had left the race and to instead vote for Ted Cruz. He apologized when the race was over. Likewise, his fraudulent voter violation form sent to Iowa voters. If Ted is going to continue to lie with such desperation, I have no choice but to fight back.
We’ve debunked this ridiculous myth over and over. Here’s the link, if you care. Trump certainly doesn’t.
One of the ways I can fight back is to bring a lawsuit against him relative to the fact that he was born in Canada and therefore cannot be President. If he doesn’t take down his false ads and retract his lies, I will do so immediately.
Spoiled Rich Kid says he’ll sue if he doesn’t get his way. Which is highly principled. If Trump backed Cruz, we can assume that he’d let a Canadian enter the White House, then?
Additionally, the RNC should intervene and if they don’t they are in default of their pledge to me.

This is Trump’s threat to run third party. How exactly should the RNC intervene? By telling Cruz to stop being a meanie, then calling Cruz’s daddy to take him home? What ridiculous, childish bullshit.
I am the strongest on the borders and I will build a wall, and it will be a real wall. I am strongest on illegal immigration, strongest on ISIS, strongest on the military and I will take care of our Vets. I will end common core and preserve the second amendment. I will renegotiate our trade deals and bring our jobs back to our country. I am the only person who will Make America Great Again.
And finally we end with Trump’s strongman appeal. Nothing here about limitations on big government – it’s all about Trump. It always is. 
If Republicans mistake bloviating, self-centered, largely unearned arrogance for strength, that’s their loss. So far, it’s working for Trump. Don’t Spoiled Rich Kids always get their way?