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Michael Savage Predicted GOP Baseball Shooting and Civil War on Tuesday

by:Andrew West 
The left is still in denial that they’re rapid radicalization is affecting the safety of American conservatives, even after the dastardly actions of James T. Hodgkinson in Virginia on Wednesday morning. 

Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer whose social media profile reads like an exercise in bigotry and hatred drawn on political party lines, opened fire on a practicing squad of baseball-playing GOP congressmen early on Wednesday morning.  The assailant,  who openly called for violence against Donald Trump and the republicans via Facebook, squeezed off dozens upon dozen of rounds from a rifle before brave, pistol-armed Capitol Police were able to incapacitate him.
During the incident, several officials were injured, including Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise, who remains in critical condition on Thursday awaiting more possible surgeries after being struck in the hip by one of Hodgkinson’s rounds.

Many in the conservative media have easily traced this heinous attack back to the radical leftist rhetoric that has been permeating our society in recent weeks, emboldened by the actions of has-been celebrities such as Kathy Griffin and her Trump-beheading publicity stunt.  Unfortunately, the actions of this liberal madman were not completely unpredictable, as evidenced by radio host Michael Savage’s comments merely a day ahead of the tragic incident.

“Less than 24 hours before a supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders fired at Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice, seriously injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four others before U.S. Capitol Police took down the assailant, talk-radio host and author Michael Savage warned of violence by “marginal” people who are set to explode and ‘kill somebody.’
“Savage, the host of the nationally syndicated ‘The Savage Nation,’ was commenting on recent developments that have escalated the anti-Trump ‘resistance,’ such as comedian Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-style photo shoot of the decapitated likeness of Trump and the ‘Julius Caesar’ play in Central Park featuring the assassination of a Trump-like figure.

“’I don’t know how much more of this the country can take,’ Savage said.
“’We are at a boiling point. There’s going to be a civil war,’ he told his listeners Tuesday.”

Savage’s warning, however, fell on mostly deaf ears, as leftists and their cronies continue to plot ways to overthrow the republican government in secret this week.
These attacks on the conservative American way of life are a dangerous reminder of the vitriol that exists on the left side of U.S. politics.  The violence and radical extremism that democrats and their progressive pawns have demonstrated is a cause for concern, not only for the authorities tasked with snuffing out the perpetrators early in their preparations, but also for conservatives themselves who have now found themselves in the crosshairs of the radical left.

Worst yet, social media was nearly void of bipartisan sympathy for the victims of this attempted massacre, or for the critically wounded Scalise.  Where Facebook personalities were tripping over themselves to condemn the terror attacks in England over the course of the last few weeks, and to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump, there are now crickets chirping.  The left’s silent approval of the message of James T. Hodgkinson is viscerally disturbing, and will be remembered when the time comes to remind the left where they went astray.

Hollywood to conservatives: PLEASE come back

After decades of liberal nonsense, more and more conservative viewers are changing the channel and staying home from the movies.
Hollywood is feeling the pinch — and at least one mainstream media network is attempting to win back conservatives.
Sponsored: Liberal snowflakes DEMAND we remove this from the Internet (think we’re scared?)
ABC Entertainment has announced they’re relaunching the television show Roseanne, starring conservative comedian Roseanne Barr — and outspoken defender of President Donald Trump — to win back average Americans.

“What the election revealed was that there’s parts of our country that didn’t feel heard, that they didn’t have a voice,” ABC Entertainment’s president, Channing Dungey, said Monday. “When you look at how the polling data went in the run-up to the election, it was kind of a big surprise to many people that the election turned out as it did.”
The shift has left programming executives at the company nervous. So, they’ve asked the 64-year-old Roseanne to return.

Roseanne frequently praised Trump throughout the campaign, and has also spoken out in defense of his supporters.
Every single attack on @POTUS is really a disguised attack on American voters who rejected Obama-Clinton-Bush's bleeding of R treasury.
Just how conservative is Roseanne? She tweeted the following statement early Thursday —

Mamas don't let ur babies grow up 2b libtards.
While the show isn’t specifically about Trump and his presidency, the rebooted show is seeking to address the concern Trump voters have with Hollywood liberals.
"I don’t know whether Roseanne will speak about Trump by name. But she’s going to speak very honestly,” Dungey said. “We’ll bring back a point of view that has really been missing on the air.”
Of course, Roseanne isn’t alone in Hollywood.
Across the board, actors and comedians have been coming out against their liberal celebrity coworkers in recent months.

Movie star Mark Walhberg said in December, “A lot of celebrities did, do, and shouldn’t [talk politics]. You know, it just goes to show you that people aren’t listening to that anyway. They might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family.”

Stand-up comedian and Hollywood A-list celebrity Kevin Hart refused to bash conservatives in his acts and movies, he said earlier this month.
“When you jump into that political realm, you’re alienating some of your audience,” Hart warned other celebrities.

Comedian Rob Schnieder has also come out as conservative with a message for the mainstream media after former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony —
Thank you Dems & biased/fake news for an ENORMOUS waste of MONEY & TIME! NO COLLUSION!@CNN @nytimes @washingtonpost
Do you agree with Schnieder and Roseanne, or do you want more liberals in Hollywood? 

— The Horn editorial team

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Robert Mueller Is Already Leaking To Damage Trump And Republicans Won't Do Anything

 FBI Director Robert Mueller III testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee during a oversight hearing on Capitol Hill December 14, 2011 in Washington, DC.
by: John Nolte

Neither Donald Trump nor anyone who is part of his administration was ever under any kind of investigation for anything related to Russia and the 2016 election. At worst, former Trump-staffers Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn might have misreported income, or something. A paperwork thing.
But the only reason we know the truth is not because our corrupt media broke this bombshell story (the biggest of the year) but because Trump had the guts to play chicken with his leaking, lying FBI Director James Comey; because Trump had the brass balls required to fire that perjuring piece of sleaze.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Trump and his team are so innocent of these charges that no one was even investigating them, thanks to the collusion between the left-wing Deep State and the left-wing media, for months and months the American people were intentionally lied to, intentionally given the false impression that Trump and company were under investigation.
The media knew the truth.

James Comey and the Deep State knew the truth.
But no one would tell the American people. No one would take their foot off an innocent man's neck. Because the goal here is a coup against the American people who, through a legal, constitutional and democratic process, chose Trump as their chief executive.
And now, thanks to weak-kneed Republicans and Comey's illegal maneuvering through selective leaks to the media (which included, among other things, disputed versions of his conversations with Trump), we have a special prosecutor — an already corrupted and compromised special prosecutor who is besties with Comey, his chief witness in a framed-up obstruction case against Trump (a massive conflict that is a clear violation of ethics rules governing these things)

For his part, Mueller is not even making a secret of the fact that he intends to try and frame the president. Already he has packed his team only with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton loyalists, some of whom maxed out their financial contributions in support of both. One of whom was a lawyer for the slush-fund formerly known as the Clinton Foundation.

Because they are the drivers of this coup, our corrupt media is of course ignoring all of Mueller's glaring personal conflicts and partisan hiring choices. Instead, the media (and some quisling Republicans and #NeverTrumpers) have decided to feign horror over the very idea that Robert Mueller's awesomely-awesome reputation would in any way be questioned or tarnished.
And yet, already The Great Untarnished Mueller is strategically and selectively leaking like a mofo.
Yep, even before Mueller has had a chance to fully staff up with whatever Obama and Hillary loyalists remain, already we are being told through selective leaks to the media that the special prosecutor's office is going to try to frame the American president for obstruction of justice.

You see, it works like this …
There was no collusion between Team Trump and the Russians. The media and federal investigators all knew this, did so for months, did so from the very beginning. But they did not want the public to know. And so, working in tandem, lying leakers and a lying media (who knew their leakers were lying) used lying leaks to frame Trump in in the minds of the public as Putin's puppet, as an illegitimate president who worked with a foreign power to steal the election from President Pantsuit.
But Trump refused to play the game in the way they expected. He zagged when they expected him to zig. His bold move of firing his Uriah Heep-ish FBI director forced Comey, the Deep State and the MSM to show their Russian cards; and when they laid those cards down, the entire world saw that they had exactly nothing.

It was all a bluff. 

So now, although there is objectively no case, the lying media and Robert Mueller's lying leakers are working in tandem to frame Trump in the minds of the public, this time with lies about obstruction of justice. The obvious goal is to keep that boot squarely where they want it: on the neck of an innocent man, an outsider, of someone they perceive as an existential threat to their diseased system.   

Trump will not be impeached.
Everyone knows that.
That was once the goal, but no more.
The hope now is simply to stall his agenda.
But here, as they say, is the rub …
The only way these hideously un-American and evil people succeed is if our gutless Republicans continue to cave, if they continue to prove to be the kind of spineless cowards who can't move, who won't budge even after being gifted with a once-in-a-century opportunity to control all levels of government.

Brad Paisley Sings One For Veterans The Nation Must Never Forget


Country music star Brad Paisley decided America needed to do more for its veterans, so he teamed with music legend John Fogerty for a searing song that demands America’s heroes get the respect and treatment they deserve.
The title track from Paisley’s 11th studio album, Love and War, talks about veterans and their mistreatment.
“They call ’em decorated heroes / And pin some medals on their chest / Give ’em a tiny little pension / Could we do much less?” Paisley and Fogerty sing, adding, “They send you off to die for us / Forget about you when you’re done.”

“I think the message is, really, we can do better,” Paisley said. “We can do a lot better when it comes to taking care of veterans. I don’t think there’s anyone who would disagree with that. There’s a line in the song which is one of my favorite lines, ‘We pin some medals on their chest, give them a little pension, could we do much less?’ It feels like we should be giving these people the moon. They should be getting anything they need from us.”

The video for the song was shot in San Diego on the decommissioned USS Midway, near a 25-foot tall statue that shows a World War II sailor kissing a nurse.
Paisley called the song a “scathing indictment,” but said it was necessary.
“Who could possibly disagree with this? I don’t feel like I’m out on some limb,” he said. “Everybody from John McCain to Jon Stewart, we all feel this. Somebody has dropped the ball. You don’t always know you’re right. I know we’re right on this.”
Paisley said including Fogerty was essential to the song.
“I was sort of crossing my fingers that he would want to go there again,” Paisley said. “It had been a while since he had sung about something like this and it’s a statement I wanted to make. When I told him (the idea), he said, ‘This is so what I want to say.'”

“Once I came up with the idea for that song I had it in mind to do that with John Fogerty, who was the voice of sort of musically the Vietnam era in some ways,” he added. “And you know, we think back to what we got wrong during Vietnam, which was that if you weren’t for the war somehow you weren’t for the troops either, and now we’re getting it right that we understand whether we agree or not with any sort of conflict that we honor these troops. But we’re not doing it in the greater scheme of things when it comes to health care and the V.A. and the things that we need to improve.
“So to me, I thought there’s some sort of song here that’s a bit of a protest song and it’s protesting the mistreatment of these guys that are heroes.”
Fogerty said  the Vietnam era remains a thread throughout his life.

“I wasn’t shipped to Vietnam, but certainly being the same age and the same end zone, possibly, I had my eye on that all the way through,” Fogerty said. “We send people off do this great service for us and possibly die, but when they come home, we don’t treat them very well. That’s what we wanted to express in the song — we need to do something about that.”
“It’s so disheartening to come home,” he added. “Maybe you lost a leg, you certainly had your heart broken, and then wanting to start a new life but it’s hard to get traction. Whatever the war was, Vietnam or Iraq, you need assistance and I think that’s the thing we can really try harder to do.”

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Monday, June 12, 2017

AGING RINO John McCain Claims Leadership Better Under Obama



Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said American leadership was stronger under President Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, according to a Guardian report published Sunday.

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John McCain was full of himself in Australia

John McCain was full of himself in Australia 

Donald Trump’s new administration is mired in scandal, senior republican senator John McCain has conceded, but he urged America’s allies to stand by the nation as it navigates “troubled times”.
In a speech in Sydney, Australia, McCain said the US remained the most important country on Earth, and the global defender of “truth over falsehood”.
McCain also used the speech to launch a swingeing attack on China, accusing the emerging superpower of bullying other countries, stealing intellectual property and making illegal territorial claims in the South China Sea.
McCain, the decorated war veteran, senior senator from Arizona, and former Republican candidate for president, said many of America’s allies were fairly questioning the direction and reliability of Trump’s new administration.

“My friends, I know that many of you will have a lot of questions about where America is headed under President Trump. Frankly, so do many Americans. What I would say is that the new administration is just that – new. It is still finding its feet.”
McCain conceded America’s reputation had suffered in the early months of Trump’s presidency as scandals over ties to Russia, alleged obstruction of an FBI investigation, nepotism, and foundering relations with other world leaders rocked the administration with crippling consistency.
“We are going through a rough period,” McCain said. “We really are, and for me to tell you that we aren’t, politically, is not fair. But we’ve gone through other troubled times. I can remember the Watergate scandal and how it brought down a president. I’m not suggesting that’s going to happen to this president, but we are in a scandal and every few days another shoe drops from this centipede, and we’ve got to get through that.”

McCain said observers of the US must look beyond the president. “Our foreign friends always tend to focus on the person in the White House. But America is far bigger than that. America is our courts of justice. America is our state and local governments. America is our Congress.
“I know that the pushing and shoving and checking and balancing of my country’s institutions may not be pretty, but this vast intricate and beautiful system called American democracy is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.”
In Australia as a guest of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, McCain said while he respected China’s economic and strategic rise, the country must conform to established global rules. “The challenge is that as China as grown wealthier and stronger, it seems to be acting more and more like a bully,” he said.

“It is refusing to open more of its economy so that foreign businesses can compete fairly. It’s stealing other people’s intellectual property. It’s asserting vast territorial claims that have no basis in international law and it’s using its trade and investment as tools to coerce its neighbours. The idea that China is now the steward of the open rules-based global economic order – it may sell at Davos – but people in this country, in this region, know better.”
McCain said China’s claims to territory and exclusive maritime rights within the so-called “ nine-dash line ” in the South China Sea were illegal and must be resisted. He said America, Australia, and other allies should work together in the region, including by exercising freedom of navigation in the area, to push back against Chinese island-building and militarisation in the sea.
McCain concluded his address with a plea to Australia and other US allies to “stick with us”. He said: “We need your help, my friends. Now more than ever.

“I realise that some of President Trump’s actions and statements have unsettled America’s friends. They have unsettled many Americans as well. There is a real debate under way now in my country about what kind of role America should play in the world and, frankly… the future of the world will turn on a large extent on how this debate in America is resolved.”





BREAKING: Trump’s Lawyer Just Served Notice to James Comey – He’s FREAKING OUT

Things just went from bad to worse for former FBI Director James Comey. 

He probably hoped his downfall would end with last week’s congressional testimony, after which Comey could retreat home and fade into political obscurity.

From The Conservative Post
Unfortunately for him, that won’t be the case.
From The Daily Caller:
President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, will file a complaint against former FBI Director James Comey for orchestrating a leak to The New York Times in hopes of spurring the appointment of a special counsel.
Two unnamed sources told CNN that the president’s legal team will file a complaint with the Department of Justice Inspector General and the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, after Comey acknowledged that he orchestrated the leak of a memorandum detailing his private interactions with President Donald Trump during testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Thursday morning.

“Today, Mr. Comey admitted that he unilaterally and surreptitiously made unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the President,” Kasowitz said at a hastily-arranged press conference after Thursday’s hearing. It is not clear that the memos were privileged, though at least one of them was prepared on a classified computer, according to Comey’s testimony.
It is not yet known when Trump’s legal team could file its complaint.

Let this be a lesson. You really DON’T want to mess with President Trump.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

'Holy S***!': Man Films Massive Great White Thrashing In Shallow Water


When Dale Peterson saw a large figure thrashing around in shallow waters near his house in the town of Puertecitos in Baja California, Mexico, last month, he thought it would be a beached whale or struggling hammerhead shark, known to frequent the area. 
He grabbed his camera phone and a friend with plans to save the struggling animal, but as they waded closer to the scene, they realized they were facing a much more powerful creature: A great white shark. 

The shark appeared to be an estimated 14 feet long and was moving around in 3 feet of water, according to Peterson, a dive boat operator who has experience with shark research missions.
“It would come in to the shallows and lay there motionless, then it would move out again [swimming to] six feet of water, circle back in [to the shallows], come into another spot and lay there motionless,” Peterson told HuffPost.
As seen in the full video below, Peterson and his friend reacted like any normal adult would when faced with a great white shark ― with awe and a whole lot of F-bombs.
“That’s a f****** white shark,” Peterson says in the video. “Holy s***!”
After filming their encounter, Peterson uploaded the video to his company’s Facebook page, Peterson Brothers Winery, where it went viral.

Peterson was able to position himself mere yards away from the shark, but he made sure to stay at a water level that would be too shallow for the shark to reach. He also made sure to stay behind the shark, knowing that it is very difficult for large sharks to move or swim backwards.
As seen in the video, the shark had a large open wound just behind its dorsal fin. Peterson explains in the video that the wound was likely caused by a strike from a boat propeller.
After watching the video, officials at the Marine Conservation Science Institute shared it on their Facebook page, explaining that “the injuries from the boat propeller would likely not kill the shark.”
“They are exceptionally tough with incredible healing ability,” the institute wrote this week in a post.  

Dale Pearson waded into the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, near his home on May 27 and spotted a great white shark thrashing around in shallow waters (pictured)

“They are exceptionally tough with incredible healing ability,” the institute wrote this week in a post.
Peterson believes that the shark ventured in to the shallow waters in order to hunt for stingrays. Mark Domeier, marine biologist and president of the institute, agreed. 
“White sharks are generalists (and scavengers) when it comes to diet,” Domeier wrote on Facebook. “In other words they will eat whatever they want at that moment!” 

(Dale Peterson) 
Peterson and his friend weren’t injured by the large shark during their venture, but they say they were attacked by stingrays. As seen in the video, Peterson’s friend limps out of the water after being stung. Peterson shared a clip of their bloody wounds at the very end. 
According to Peterson, the shark wasn’t stuck, and swam in and out of the shallow water several times. The following day, it was nowhere to be found.
Peterson also offered a message to any curious locals in Baja California: “If you’re wondering if there’s great white sharks here in the Sea of Cortez the answer is absolutely.”

Jeb Bush Defends Trump, Then Asks, “Who Cares What I think?”


Speaking Thursday to a crowd of finance industry executives and researchers at Boston College’s 12th annual Carroll School of Management Finance Conference, former Florida governor and failed GOP primary candidate Jeb Bush came off as more dejected than a Democrat on Nov. 9 of last year.
When asked by a member of the audience whether he believes President Donald Trump obstructed justice, Bush simply replied, “No, I don’t … but who cares what I think?
While there has been no definitive proof that Bush still feels saddened over his staggeringly poor performance during the 2016 election season — he eventually dropped out in February — his odd statement at the conference certainly lent credence to the theory.

Plus, this wasn’t the first time that he had acted out in ways that suggested he’s a man in grief. He skipped the president’s inauguration five months ago, and just last month, according to CNN, he criticized Trump for being “a chaos president” who’s allegedly “living in the tyranny of the moment” instead of “executing on a clear agenda.”
Nobody knows for certain what’s going on inside this man’s head, but given his back-and-forth behavior — one minute snubbing the president, the next minute criticizing the president and the next minute praising him — it seems like Bush is confused, at the very least.
“There is a process underway and the testimony today is not as relevant to me, in that regard, as Mr. Mueller’s activity,” he added Thursday, according to the Boston Herald, referring to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Bush was talking about testimony being delivered that day to the Senate Intelligence Committee by former FBI Director James Comey, whose recent hash of statements and actions have led the left to believe the president obstructed justice by allegedly trying to stop him from continuing the bureau’s investigation into unproven Russian collusion by his election campaign.
“It would be great to get back to the business of governing and less about the swirling controversies,” Bush continued. “I just think the president needs to focus on doing his job. There are great opportunities for him to hire people.”
Hire people like you, perhaps? (wink wink wink)
Oh, Jeb, things will be OK one day. You just wait and see!

H/T The Daily Caller
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