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PUSSIFICATION: How Does 1960s High School PE Compare to Today? (Hint: It Doesn’t)

PUSSIFICATION: How Does 1960s High School PE Compare to Today? (Hint: It Doesn’t)

It looks like JFK’s PE was a lot more effective for students being physically fit than Michelle’s nasty school lunches and dance parties.
“In 1962, JFK gave a speech to the nation challenging them to make a “great national effort.” He held the La Sierra High PE up as the model for the nation to follow. 4,000 high schools followed this program. This is the only known digitized copy of his speech. The footage shows one high school PE class. Remember, this is a normal PE class at the high school. This was PE 50 years ago in America!”

OBAMA VISITS SOUTH DAKOTA FINALLY: And The Locals’ Reaction Is Nothing Short Of Epic

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 10.32.34 AM
South Dakotans apparently have good BS detectors. Check out the expressions on their faces.
Scroll down for picture and video.
As President Barack Obama stood in front of graduates of a South Dakota community college on Friday, he spoke passionately, but the faces of the crowd in front of him told a different story.
Residents of the Republican-majority state sat in the Lake Area Technical Institute gymnasium in Watertown, South Dakota, with their arms crossed, appearing bored and looking at their phones. 

The day marked a celebration for Obama, who crossed the last state off his bucket list with his stop in South Dakota, marking visits to all 50 states since he took office in 2009.
But many South Dakotans seemed uninterested as the president claimed he saved the best state to visit for last.

People listen as US President Barack Obama speaks during a commencement ceremony at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota on May 8, 2015. South Dakota is the last of the 50 states Obama has visited as President. AFP PHOTO/BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI 

But Obama reassured the audience that he had saved 'the best for last' with South Dakota being the 50th state he visited during his presidency  
People at the commencement stand in the gymnasium before Obama delivered his speech to the 2015 graduating class 

The Democratic Party has seen a massive fall in popularity in South Dakota since Obama took office

Read more: Daily Mail

A relaxing family vacation interrupted by criminals...

The Second Amendment states:

Here's why Stephen was fully prepared...

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In Stephen's own words...

"Alone, in the woods, they could
have done anything they wanted to us. 

The only thing that saved us was my concealed weapon.

When I revealed the pistol, they backed off and left us alone.

I stood up against them to defend myself and my family.

I did not want to harm them, but I was prepared to do
what I had to do to protect my family."

Well thank God the thugs backed off...

But the unasked question still lingers...
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Anticonstitutional Snakes Obama/Holder:

Breaking News Obama orders Pentagon to rescue sex slaves...!

However he told the Generals not to worry about the teen girls...he will issue orders for their rescue at the end of his term since his daughters were not affected...but demanded the rescue of the sheep immediately!
... rescues isis sex slaves Breaking News: US Army Rescues ISIS Sex Slaves

GOSH, I HOPE THIS DOESN’T OFFEND ISLAM: UN Reveals Disgusting Islamic Sex Markets

Leaked Video of ISIS Auctioning Sex Slaves (NEVER BEFORE SEEN ...
[ISIS Auctioning Sex Slaves ] 

I wonder if Bill O’Reilly thinks we shouldn’t broadcast this as well.
An Islamic State terrorist group forced a sex slave to marry 20 fighters and even made her undergo surgery each time to restore her virginity, a United Nations official said.
The group paraded and traded Syrian and Iraqi girls in ‘slave bazaars’ before the victims were shipped to other provinces, it was claimed.
Zainab Bangura, special envoy on sexual violence in conflict, travelled to five countries and interviewed dozens of women and young girls who had survived brutal sexual abuse. 

She said the girls were routinely stripped naked before being categorized and shipped off. 
Here’s a sex-slave-auction scene (I’m assuming) and it looks a ...

‘Women and girls are at risk and under assault at every point in their lives,’ she said.
‘ISIL have institutionalized sexual violence and the brutalization of women as a central aspect of their ideology and operations, using it as a tactic of terrorism to advance their key strategic objectives.’

Read more: Daily Mail

Leaked: Saudi Arabia Plans To Behead the Ayatollah Next Week

on november 25 2007 a saudi man was beheaded by sword for committing ...

There are only 47 Ayatollahs in the world and 17 of them are assigned to 8 Muslim countries outside Iran. The title Ayatollah is from Arabic: آية
الله‎āyatu allah "Sign of Allah," and is the highest ranking title given to Usuli Twelver Shī'ah clerics after the Grand Ayatollah and are considered experts in Islamic jurisprudence, ethics, and philosophy. Last October, Saudi Arabia's Special Criminal Court sentenced Ayatollah Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, the Ayatollah appointed in Saudi Arabia to represent the Shiites, to death and the Arabic BBC today reported that based on FARS News Agency and other Middle Eastern media, that the execution will be carried out next week on the 14th of May, 2015.

The best way to relate this story to the western mindset is perhaps to compare the feud between the English and the Scottish, where William Wallace had become the hated enemy of King Edward I, who eventually had Wallace beheaded. Nimr, according to the Saudi Kingdom was a cause of much controversy for leading a Shiite uprising within the Sunni kingdom.

As it was in Wallace's mock trial, Nimr's trial was no ordinary criminal trial, since the prosecutor sought to convict al-Nimr of "waging war on Allah" and was ultimately convicted of "disobeying" the king; waging violence against the state; inviting "foreign meddling" in the kingdom; inciting vandalism and sectarian violence; and insulting the Prophet Muhammad's relatives, a thing that all Shiites are accused by Sunnis because of their theological convictions. It is tantamount to Catholics executing Protestants for not believing in icons and vice versa. The prosecutor requested the court to have the Ayatollah to be publicly executed by "beheading crucifixion" (just as they did to William Wallace), a rare method of execution that entails beheading the individual before publicly displaying his decapitated body on a crucifix.

Ayatullah Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, the Ayatullah appointed in Saudi Arabia to represent the Shiites.
Since the October 15 ruling, Iran was up-in-arms and the international human rights organizations have sought to pressure Saudi Arabia into sparing al-Nimr's life while demonstrations erupted in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen and the United Kingdom, even including Bashar Al-Assad of Syria and Hezbollah. Many experts doubt that the Saudi Arabian authorities will actually carry out the execution, but Tehran believes they will next week and Rasd Saudi Arabia published the date. One very popular tweeter, "Jamal Bean," who titles himself as "prince of the Princess Movement For Freedom" and is suspected of being a prince (since he is very well known for leaking significant cases coming out of the Kingdom), tweeted this leak and it was then posted on Alahennews. The tweet stated that "Ben Nayef informed [the King] Salman that he intends to execute Nimr on the same date of the memory of the death of his father Nayef. [King] Salman reserved the date and kept it private fearing revenge."

Bin Nayef is Muhammad Bin Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the crown prince and first deputy prime minister and the minister of interior of Saudi Arabia. He is heir apparent by King Salman. As crown prince, he is first in line to the throne of Saudi Arabia. His father's death was on June 16th, 2012. Keep in mind, Muslims follow the Hijra Calendar which means the execution will be on May 14th, 2015.
This news is being tweeted by many jubilant Saudis with comments like "soon we will see Nimr's head fly." Shiites demanding his release on social media were met with mocking responses like "soon his head will be released."

If the execution commences on the 14th, it will most likely cause an outcry from Bahrain to Syria and even within Saudi Arabia where Shiites constitute 15 percent of the Kingdom's population.
The cyber rattling between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia stems from ancient wounds that will never be resolved, with Saudi Arabia having destroyed Shiite holy places and Iran making countless claims of persecution. Iran has recently forbidden its citizens from traveling to Mecca to practice the Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam. Iran's prohibition on traveling to Islam's holiest sites, Mecca and Medina, confirms that Iran will even eventually abandon Mecca altogether. As it seems, the Sunni-Shiite divide reveals a major schism between two Muslim holy cities, Mecca on the one hand and Karbala (holiest site for Shiites in Iraq) on the other. 


Islamic State Releases Statement: ‘We Will Attack Texas Again, We Will Kill Christians, And The Attack Will Be Far Worse’

Cross Knights Wallpaper 900x680 Cross, Knights, Crusader, Humor ... 
{Texas answers back!}
Jihad Posters (Some Painfully-Truthful, Some Funny, Some In Bad Taste ... 
Barry Barack Obama our CIC weighs in: 


ISIS recently released a statement boasting themselves of the attack in Garland, TX, stating their desire to kill Christians in America, and that the next attack will “be harsher and worse”. In the statement, released on Al Bayan radio, ISIS declared: 

We say to the defenders of the cross, the U.S., that future attacks are going to be harsher and worse… The Islamic State soldiers will inflict harm on you with the grace of Allah. The future is just around the corner.
When ISIS references to the “nation of the Cross,” what they mean is their intent to kill Christians.
As reported, that “the attack in Garland Texas was carried out by ISIS lone wolves” and today the police revealed “Elton Simpson,” reportedly one of the two gunmen responsible for the shooting in Garland, Texas, was indeed a homegrown ISIS lone wolf and a convert to Islam who in 2010 had links to ISIS.

Simpson and his unidentified friend received their orders from an Islamic al-Shabaab terrorist from Minnesota, named, Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan. It is said that in April 23 Hassan called for violence against the anti-Muhammad event in Texas. He was absolutely devoted to the cause of ISIS, and even encouraged the recruitment of Americans into ISIS, and pushed for Muslims in America to slaughter people within the US.
Last year, had warned in the ISIS Manifesto that ISIS had planed revenge attacks in the US and the group Simpson was linked to had called Muslims to destroy all of Texas. Simpson who received his orders from Hassan answers the call.
Simpson, who was identified as an American Muslim, was indicted in January 2010 for making false statements to FBI agents. They claimed Simpson said he did not have plans to travel to Somalia despite an FBI informant recording a conversation indicating otherwise. The indictment also charged that the statement involved international and domestic terrorism, “for the purpose of engaging in violent jihad.

The FBI’s criminal investigation into Simpson began in 2006 in Phoenix, because at the time he was associating with someone the FBI believed was attempting to set up a terrorist cell in Arizona.
An FBI informant, Daba Deng, who is from Kenya and attended the same mosque as Simpson, befriended him in 2006. At the time, Deng told Simpson he was new to Islam and wanted to learn more. He began meeting with Simpson three to four times a week and recorded their conversations.
Simpson was let go. “The possibility that the defendant did in fact intend to go to Somalia to engage in violent jihad exists, as the defendant never presented an alternative reason for going there. However, that is not the defendant’s burden and as stated, the Government has not established beyond a reasonable doubt that the Defendant had such intentions,” the court found.

Minutes before the deadly attack, a Twitter account that may have belonged to Simpson used the hashtag #texasattack to make a preemptive announcement. Simpson tweeted under the title Sharia Is Light prior to the shooting this message:
ss1 copy, yesterday, found it easy to recognize from the lingo “bro” and the Arabic written in English “Amirul Mu’minin” which meant “Prince of the Faithful” which can only be interpreted as the current Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi of ISIS. This would mean, as we reported, that the two are lone wolves and are homegrown American Muslim terrorists, who gave allegiance to ISIS.
After the attack, the “AbuHussainAlBritani” account began tweeting praise of the Texas shooting, and linked the attack to ISIS.
wb1 copy Hassan is wanted by the FBI and is on an FBI photo list alongside other Somali terrorists, as we can see from this snapshot:
hassan copy
Hassan went by the alias, “Mujahid Miski,” and last year he praised the 9/11 attack on Twitter. Commenting on one photo of the Twin Towers being devastated, Hassan wrote:
What a beautiful sight to look at… This is heart cooling for the Believers.
On a photo of a soldier holding a U.S. flag, captioned, “Never Forget Sept. 11, 2001,” Miski callously wrote, “God willing you’ll have more of them to remember soon.”
Hassan is associated with ISIS, in that he was found to be encouraging ISIS recruitment. In December of last year it was reported that while Hassas was believed to be currently fighting for the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, he changed his online location status to Baghdad, Iraq. He also praised American Muslim, Abu Yusef, for leaving Minnesota to fight for ISIS.

Yusef fought for ISIS only to be killed in battle in the area of Kobane in northern Syria. Hassan praised his death.
n copy Last year, reported of how an ISIS propaganda trading group posted these disturbing words on Twitter:
the US-Mexican border is now open large numbers of people crossing
The Texas law department found a message on Twitter from ISIS, saying
Americans in for ruin (sic).
ISIS wants to cross into the United States through the US-Mexican border. The Texas Department of Public Safety has given this warning:
A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack … Social media account holders believed to be ISIS militants and propagandists have called for unspecified border operations, or they have sought to raise awareness that illegal entry through Mexico is a viable option … The identities of persons operating these accounts cannot be independently verified; however the accounts were selected for monitoring based on several indications that they have been used by actual ISIS militants for propaganda purposes and collectively reach tens of thousands of followers… One account was verified as belonging to an individual located in Mosul, Iraq.
Judicial Watch has made this statement:
Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat
According to the Texas law department, some 32 Facebook and Twitter posts by jihadists have been found expressing interest in the US-Mexican border, with even “calls for border infiltration”. ISIS knows that there are a large amount of people crossing into American through Mexico, and plans on using this to their advantage. As the Texas law department reports:
This Twitter account holder, who is the administrator of an ISIS propaganda trading group, stated that the time was right for such an action because “the US-Mexican border is now open large numbers of people crossing”
It appears that now ISIS is already in Texas, and lone agents, who are already born within the US but recruited ideologically, are acting as acolytes for the Islamic State. The Muslim terrorists are now using the rap ghetto culture to their advantage, since the people in America who want to be “thugs” and emulate ghetto trash, already harbor hatred for the police and America, and are ready for the picking to be used for violence.

On Monday morning, FBI agents and investigators could be seen cordoning off and searching the apartment, as well as a white van believed to belong to Simpson. Investigators are also reviewing computer records from materials found at the home. has been SERIOUSLY WARNING since September of last year that a terror attack by ISIS is imminent and as we have seen, what happened in Garland simply ignited the first attempt.

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Didja ever wonder bout' Jack's thought process?

Ha I am sure many have...well here is why...He/I ??? grew up during Happy Days/American Graffiti...dropped out of college to serve during the VietNam era...went on after military service to serve again in LE...but his/I roots come from oldies but goodies music...when boys were boys and girls were girls ~ no confusion...Just a Fact Jack...oh and Animal House had a big Impact

At any rate this is why I am a activist against the so called ruling class eliete's both sides of the proverbial aisle who seem the think they have cornered the market on politics...during my youth I agreed with Eddie Cochran...'Summertime Blues' and I still do:)

With no further adieu...hit it Eddie from the grave ...LOL

Oh and not to forget my mentor 'Wolfman Jack' KRLA 1963-64 as a unpaid summer intern Call screener kinda/sorta lol before Vn caught my a draft notice said screw that..don't want that stigma so I dropped out of college and joined:)

Hit it Wolfman from the grave:

So thats who and what I am...don't like it ? ha I don't really give a s*** with it...I say what I mean and mean what I say...a lost art eh'? No BS/PC allowed

Using Alternative Media to Beat Back Leftist Propaganda

Meanwhile, in an Alternate Universe
[Meanwhile, in an Alternate Universe ]

On Saturday, March 28, 2015, thousands marched in Indianapolis in favor of same-sex marriage rights. On Saturday, April 25, 2015, thousands marched in Washington, D.C. in opposition to same-sex marriage. 

Which story did the media cover? Let’s put it this way -- which rally did you not see covered by the news? The answer is obvious, and it underscores the great need for alternative sources of media.
Norway learned the importance of the alternative media 75 years ago when the Nazis took over that small country for five years. It’s been fascinating to learn from my Norwegian wife’s older relatives how virtually everyone participated in small or big ways to the resistance against the Nazis.

To be clear, my purpose is not to compare anyone here to the Nazis. Rather, my point is about the vital importance of a free and independent-minded media.
In Germany and in all the countries they conquered, the only information that was legally available had to be approved by the state; and, of course, much of it was a lie. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s master propagandist, controlled the media with an iron fist.
I spoke one time with a woman who grew up in Germany. She always remembered her mom, during the Nazi years, sticking her head in the oven to listen softly to the BBC on the shortwave radio she had hidden in there.
In those days, the BBC would broadcast news of what was really happening -- good or bad -- instead of endless propaganda.

Once the Nazis took over Norway, they made it a capital crime to own a shortwave radio. You could listen to the Nazi propaganda; but if you wanted to hear the truth, you had to seek it elsewhere. And that was strictly forbidden.
One day, as a young man, my wife’s Uncle Leif was at a train station; and he had a short-wave radio in a bag. Suddenly, he saw some German officers walking near. Without them noticing, he tossed the bag into the valley below. It was smashed, but he wasn’t caught.
The Norwegian resistance had brave people hiding in the mountains with headphones to listen to the BBC news broadcasts in order to type out notes. Those notes were then duplicated through mimeograph machines and distributed secretly through various channels.

If a family came over for supper, they would leave their boots inside, by the front door. The children of the host family would secretly wad up the mimeograph sheets and hide them inside the soles of the boots for later reading. Thus, everyone was getting in the act so that truth could quietly be known.
This may be an extreme example. But it underscores the importance of the flow of information.

Even under dire conditions, there is always an alternative media. In the days of the American War for Independence, there were Committees of Correspondence, disseminating information to the 13 colonies contrary to royal-controlled sources. About half of the New Testament is composed of letters that were written and circulated when the authors were in prison for the “crime” of spreading the gospel.  
I’m grateful to live at a time where there is readily available an alternative media. I’m sure if some elitists in our culture had their way, they would over-regulate the Internet or talk radio or Christian broadcasting to make them essentially toothless -- as sometimes happens in other countries.
The Internet has helped mollify the monopoly of the mainstream media. The alternative media is an extremely important lifeline to the Christian conservative movement.
Joseph Farah, creator of WorldNetDaily/WND (the first Internet-only alternative news organization credentialed to cover the White House and Capitol Hill), told me once, “We live in a brand new media world today. It’s as if the old media world had been scrapped and we’ve got brand new institutions, facilities, and opportunities that lay before us right now. That’s what the Internet has meant to us.”

But there are some who would like to change that.
Recently, George Will, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, said that one of Hillary Clinton’s goals is “to amend the Bill of Rights to make it less protective. It’s an astonishing event. She said that she wants to change the First Amendment in order to further empower the political class to regulate the quantity, content and timing of political speech about the political class…”
I thank God we don’t live under the type of repression from totalitarian regimes -- an extreme example being the Nazis -- with their control of the media. But we must always be vigilant. From the Internet to Christian broadcasting to talk radio, we need the alternative media.  Without a free press, I don’t see how we can remain a free people.

Inexpensive alternative to anger management. 


Cowards Trip Over Themselves to Blame Geller, Not Terrorists, in Texas

nothin cowardice prove wrong hold breath waiting weak attempt mount


More fallout from Garland, Texas, where a couple of wannabe Muslim "martyrs" tried and failed to shoot up a Mohammed cartoon contest and art showing.
It seems that everyone from Bill O'Reilly and Greta Van Susteren to the Huffing-and-Puffington Post  and whoever they have over there at CNN is criticizing event organizer Pamela Geller for her free-speech event, blaming her and it for making the two gunmen put on their body armor, toss their guns into the car, drive down to the convention center and then get themselves shot by drawing on a police officer.

In fact, to hear some of her critics tell it, you'd think Geller was spotted driving the getaway vehicle and straightening the jihadis' ties before they went into the crime scene.
"By setting up a contest and awarding $10,000 for a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad," O'Reilly said, "the American Freedom Defense Initiative spurred a violent incident. That wasn’t smart, even though the group has its supporters."
The violence, of course, had nothing to do with a couple of jerks who counted at least one ISIS recruiter among their online social circle. It has nothing to do with a culture of violence perpetuated by Islamic teachings and a larger Islamic community that encourages human beings to waste their lives by killing themselves and murdering others in the name of Mohammed, a sixth-century warlord who hated Jews, hated Christians, hated women and who stole property and money from his neighbors.

Laura Ingraham at least took a more moderate art-critic tack to disguise her opposition to Geller's event. While she said she supports the freedom to hold events like the Mohammed contest, she thinks they don't help anything.
"I don’t want the Virgin Mary smeared in dung," she said. "It is number one — rude, it’s unnecessary, it’s not really that artistic — and it’s stupid."
Oh, well, since you put it that way, that it's stupid. ...
Here's the thing. The critics who are saying that Geller shouldn't have put on the event because it was obvious what some jihadis would do are operating purely out of fear. That's the jihadis' whole purpose, to make you afraid, to intimidate you into accepting their draconian laws.
That's the old Muslim sword-point conversion. Accept Islam or die. The victim doesn't want to die, so he tucks his tail between his legs and goes along. The terrorist demanding conversion doesn't care if the new Muslim's intentions are sincere, just that he now has power over the individual.

It doesn't matter if O'Reilly or Ingraham believe that drawing Mohammed is blasphemy, because they're acting like it is.
Megyn Kelly, on the other hand, gets it. She countered O'Reilly's cowardice, saying, "You know what else the jihadis don’t like? They hate Jews. Should we get rid of all Jews? That’s the path we’re going to go down if we start catering to the jihadis."
Even comedian Jon Stewart, while not exactly supporting Geller and her group, at least put the blame where it belongs: "I can’t believe we have to reiterate this," he said. "It is not OK to shoot other people because you are offended by what they draw — even if they drew it to offend you, no shooting of them. Never OK."

Islamic bullying -- because that's what it amounts to -- is like the old joke about the 800-pound gorilla. Where does the gorilla sit? Wherever it wants to.
Geller and her group are all about confronting that pushy primate and driving it back to its own territory.
What the mainstream media like to call "radical" Islam is not radical, it's fundamentalist -- ie, it follows the Quran very strictly, and that Quran is not changing. Therefore, Islam, barring some unforeseen revolution, is not changing.
There may be some "moderate" Muslims out there, but chances are they are scared to death to poke their heads up long enough for the jihadis to cut them off.
In Nazi Germany, it took only a minority of the population to control the whole country by dominating whole German people. Because the Germans had a Christian and Jewish background, however, their real culture lingered under the surface of Nazi repression.

In the case of Islam, there has been no other culture in most Muslim countries for centuries, so I'm not sure there is anything underneath the veneer of jihadist Islam to save.
But there is an entire globe of civilization that the jihadis want to conquer, and it's worth fighting for, even if the O'Reillys of the world are afraid they might break a nail in doing so.
So, to paraphrase the contest's winning artist, that is why we draw Mohammed. 

Funny Quotes Contact Us DMCA Notice

There Are no Gay People, ‘Queers,’ or Transgenders

Funny Transgender Pictures

Definitions are everything in a debate. Controlling the language is crucial. People who engage in sex with people of the same sex are masters at manipulating the language to their advantage. It’s taken them time to chisel “gayness” as a state of being in granite, and they’ve nearly accomplished the task. They have people believing that “being gay” is identical to being male or female. In their world there are males, females, gays, and any number of other manufactured sexual identities. 

And if a person is actually a male (Bruce Jenner) who identifies as a female, and a female (Chastity Bono) who identifies as a male, the public will be forced to accept what is not true, and anybody who claims otherwise will be charged with the ever-evolving “hate speech” accusation, another manufactured social taboo and soon to be a crime.
The editor of Huffington Post’s Gay Voices, Michelangelo Signorile, "is calling for the media to be intolerant 'of all forms' of 'bigotry against LGBT people.' And by bigotry, he means anything less than celebration. . . . His reasoning? Well, from time to time conservative and Christian pundits are given air time on the major networks. That’s right, Signorile protests at the very notion that someone who disagrees with his lifestyle is allowed to speak in public."

In reality, people who self-identify as “gay” are really sexual choosers. They are no different from people who commit adultery, have sex with underage children in schools and on sports teams, and engage in any number of sexual relationships.
For example, “a 23-year-old woman accused in 2012 of having sex with a dog in Arizona was arrested Monday in Volusia County on allegations of having sex with a 15-year-old boy.”
Was she born with a sexual predisposition to have sex with minor children? If she was, and all she has to do is claim that she was, then there is nothing morally wrong with what she did. The same is true if she believes that having sex with a dog will make her happy.
Congressmen Steny Hoyer said as much, and he used God and the Declaration of Independence to support his argument. “Is there a happier time in one’s life than when one pledges themselves [sic] to another?” To another what? To a child? Three men? Four lawyers? The household pet?

In the oral arguments presented before the Supreme Court on the question of whether the U.S. Constitution guarantees two people of the same sex have the right to marry one another:
“Justice Samuel Alito asked whether—if two of the same sex have a right to marry—why not four people of opposite sexes. Would there be any ground for denying them a license? . . . Let's say they're all consenting adults, highly educated. They're all lawyers.” 
Given the absence of any fixed moral standard, who’s to say otherwise? At this point in time, five members of a supposed “Supreme” Court get to say. I doubt that this is what our founders intended or even imagined.
What’s really on trial is who gets to define what we are. On what basis can any court redefine marriage when the courts can’t define marriage within the narrow confines of man-centered law? Marriage doesn’t exist in a matter-only, no-God worldview. The same is true for our humanness, what separates us from the elements of the Periodic Table and the roaches we squash with the heel of our shoes or poison with insecticides.
Read more:Atheism Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry.”

Homosexuality is not a state of being; it’s what people do sexually. Since when does a sex act get legal protection? Where does the Supreme Court get its ultimate authority to make such a decision for more than 300 million Americans? Tradition? The voice of the people? Legal precedent?
The judges have lost the ability to judge with righteous judgment. Joel McDurmon writes:
“Here would have been a perfect opportunity to remind the Justices that the ‘merely religious reason’ was a precedent of the vast majority of Western Civilization precisely because it had been based upon the Word of God, and that it was only by that God that these Justices had any authority to begin with. By dismissing that Word, the Justices dismissed the very authority of the bench upon which they sit. At that point, they become the outlaws and the founders of social chaos.”

NC Wants to Punish People for Talking about Food and Health

Radiation and
oped: Yes indeed and now it begins..the AMA and Big Pharms are once again trying to shut down alternative treatments via shutting down the First Amendment! 

Mark Horne 
The North Carolina legislature is about to prohibit us common people from talking about food and health because only doctors can be trusted.
You would think, with a presidential candidate using a non-FDA-approved diet, that this kind of thing would go away.
Instead, I think we are about to see many attempts to suppress people from taking care of their own health under the color of that euphemism for tyranny—“public health.”
Thomas Jefferson had it right: “Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.” I believe he was speaking in a context where he thought the souls of his time and place were languishing under tyranny. The quotation got paraphrased in the late nineties as: “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Someone in North Carolina wants that outcome and has enough influence to possibly make it happen. And you can’t assume that it will stay in North Carolina. Like Common Core, lobbyists are perfectly capable of going state by state with an anti-First-Amendment template for the legislatures to pass. If North Carolina sets a precedent it makes their job easier.
Robb Wolf writes:
Hey folks, I need to pass this along to you and I really hope you lend some muscle to shooting down the Bill HB 796, “Modernize Dietetics/Nutrition Practice Act.” In essence, HB 796 will prevent anyone from communicating dietary advice to a non-family member who has a medical condition. Friend of yours asks you how you lost weight? Can’t say anything, as obesity is a “medical condition.” Own a gym and want to do a Paleo Challenge? Good luck, the Dietetics Board of NC can, and likely will, sue you. If you check out that link to the Bill, scan down to the bottom, you will see what becomes illegal with the enactment of this Bill. At one point it was the “practice of dietetics” however that has been changed to “medical nutrition therapy.” Since life itself can be labeled a “medical condition” it provides a remarkably invasive reach for the The North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition. 

You may remember that I posted about the evil Dietetics Board of North Carolina when they failed their attempt to stop Steve Cooksey from blogging and coaching people on the paleo diet 

In that case, the Dietetics Board backed down and re-wrote their own guidelines because they knew they couldn’t go up against the First Amendment. But now they are hoping the North Carolina legislator will provide them with cover.
There is a struggle emerging between the old guard of academia/medicine and the emergent, decentralized networks that provide arguably superior information. Academia clearly has it’s place, although I am continually pushed to define or understand exactly what that role is other than protecting hegemony. I put much more faith in markets, self-experimentation and outcome based medicine. That position absolutely FREAKS OUT anyone who is an entrenched academic. Well, tough. Dietetics, as it is currently practiced, is an appalling failure. An auto-mechanic who understands the rudiments of ancestral health is more valuable to our populace than 10,000 RD’s who promulgate the same tired crap. To some degree, this is exactly what is happening. The old guard is getting crushed in a market-based sharing of information and their only response is to make a political/legal power-grab. NOT change their broken, archaic methodology. Instead, they work to create a legal barrier that prevents people from sharing simple solutions to complex problems 

You only have to remind yourself of Michelle Obama’s starve-the-students lunch program to know that our government has dangerous ideas it wants to impose on us. But people are pushing back and educating themselves, even to the point of driving up the price of butter. As I wrote before:
And what about Michelle Obama? She said that moms were confused and bewildered in the grocery store so that they needed better guidance from food labels. But the market doesn’t show us noticeable confusion. It shows us people who disagree with her and who have, despite economic difficulties, expressed their preferences with their pocketbooks. Instead of the low-fat directions from the government, they are looking for sources of food that are high in fat.
But, of course, the bureaucrats want us confused and bewildered so they can “help us”—after they have made all the real help illegal.
If you live in North Carolina, please get involved in the fight for food freedom and free speech!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Cartoon Wars...Garland Texas et al

[ Bosch Fawstin (second from left), the cartoonist who won the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas this week, is presented with his prize by (from left to right) Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller. (Image source: Atlas Shrugs blog) ] 

  • It is most important to keep on challenging these would-be censors, so that people with Kalashnikov rifles do not make our customs and laws.
  • One of the false presumptions of our time is that people on the political left are motivated by good intentions even when they do bad things, while people on the political right are motivated by bad intentions even when they do good things.
  • When people prefer to focus on the motives of the victims rather than on the motives of the attackers, they will ignore the single most important matter: that an art exhibition, or free speech, has been targeted.
  • It does not matter if you are right-wing or left-wing, or American, Danish, Dutch, Belgian or French. These particularities may matter greatly and be endlessly interesting to people in the countries in question. But they matter not a jot to ISIS or their fellow-travellers. What these people are trying to do is to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws across the entire world. That is all that matters.
ISIS appears to have inspired its first terrorist attack in the United States: in Garland, Texas.
This item may have slipped the attention of many people because as is so often the case today, much of the reporting and commentary has got caught up on other, supplementary issues.
The supplementary issues are first, that the attack targeted a competition set up to show images of what people thought Muhammad may have looked like. Then, there is the identity of the people who organized the exhibition and spoke at it.

Before coming to this, let us just return to that main issue. Since January, the idea that ISIS-like groups can inspire people to carry out murderous attacks in Paris and Copenhagen has come to be accepted. But that this can happen in Texas, of all places, could yet have an even worse "chilling effect" on free speech than the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen. No European country has the constitutional commitment to free speech of the United States. And Texas is not stuck in the moral relativism and fearful multiculturalism of most European countries.
There will be a feeling, post-Garland, that if ISIS can strike in Texas, it can strike anyplace. The entire developed world is therefore a potential site for an attack from ISIS. Although no one will put his hands up and surrender, neither will anyone be likely to draw attention to himself by saying or doing anything that might displease such homicidal censors.
The presence of strong security forces clearly helps to prevent attacks, but it is worth remembering that ISIS will use the opportunity of such "failed" attacks to come up with other ways of operating, which they will judge more likely to succeed.
What is most striking, however, is how silent many of the usual defenders of free speech have been.

Undoubtedly this is partly to do with the idea, becoming ingrained, that if you draw Mohammed or publish such images, you have, in some way, got it coming to you. This is an appalling pass to have come to, but it is in just such way that censorship and self-censorship are allowed to embed themselves.
Very few people say that they will not draw a historical figure because they are scared. But attack by attack, the feeling is growing among the majority of the media and others who have declined to publish such images, that they have failed. So to hide that shame, they tell themselves there is something provocative and even irresponsible in challenging people who would challenge the freedom speech.
One might still get the support of those who cherish free speech if one were accidentally to publish a cartoon of Mohammed, but not if you did so deliberately, and in full knowledge of the consequences. But of course, it is precisely after facing the consequences of challenging these would-be censors that it is most important to keep on challenging them, so that people with Kalashnikov rifles do not make our customs and laws.
As people come up with ever more elaborate ways to justify what they probably know in their hearts to be contemptible, it becomes harder and harder for them to change course.

Then there is the other only-occasionally-spoken-about supplementary issue, which may well be at the root of the difference between the assaults in Europe and the response to the attempted Texas assault. The January massacre at the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo undoubtedly woke up a portion of the general public in the West because the victims were cartoonists and editors at a "left-wing" magazine. That is, Charlie Hebdo stood for a type of robust secular, anti-establishment type of French politics, which a portion of the left worldwide could recognize as its own.
This stands in contrast to the comparative lack of solidarity after threats to the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, in the wake of the 2005 Mohammed cartoons affair. To varying degrees, Jyllands-Posten was described as a "conservative" paper. In this context, unsure whether "conservative" meant anything from "establishment" all the way to "racist," there was often suspected to be some dark, ulterior motive for publishing cartoons of the founder of Islam.
There is, however, no escaping such smears. Plenty of people proved willing, in the wake of the Paris attack, to smear the murdered cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo as far-right-wing or racist.

The organizers at the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, are not left-wing journalists but conservative activists; and because the Dutch politician Geert Wilders spoke at the opening of the exhibition, that added a layer of complexity for people who like labeling actions with political valences, rather than just seeing actions as apart from them. It seems clear, however, from the pattern of condemnations on one side and silence on the other, that a cartoonist may be worthy of defense if he is associated with a left-wing organization, but not if he is associated with a right-wing one.
Of course, this idea goes to one of the false presumptions of our time: ­that people on the political left are motivated by good intentions even when they do bad things, while people on the political right are motivated by bad intentions even when they do good things. So a cartoon promoted by Charlie Hebdo may be thought to be provocative in a constructive way, whereas one promoted by AFDI can only be thought if as being provocative in an unconstructive way. Whether people are willing to admit it or not, this is one of the main problems that underlies the reaction to the Texas attack.
Such a distinction is, needless to say, a colossal mistake. When people prefer to focus on the motives of the victims rather than on the motives of the attackers, they will ignore the single most important matter: that an art exhibition, or free speech, has been targeted. The rest is narcissism and slow-learning.

It does not matter if you are right wing or left wing. It does not matter if you are American, Danish, Dutch, Belgian or French, or whether you are from Texas or Copenhagen. These particularities may matter greatly and be endlessly interesting to people in the countries in question. But they matter not a jot to ISIS or their fellow-travellers. What these people are trying to do is to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws across the entire world.
That is all that matters. If we forget this or lose sight of it, not only will we lose free speech, we will lose, period.

Americans have the right to insult Islam

The winning Cartoon:   

bosch fawstin
Islam lacks a sense of humor...however they think it is funny to rape,pillage and behead non believers...go figure! 

We also have a right to destroy the Islamic State.
Check it out:
Terrorists assaulted a “Mohammed cartoon” event in Texas sponsored by activist Pamela Geller, and the response has been, in part, soul-searching over what’s wrong with Pamela Geller. 

Geller is an attention-hungry provocateur who will never be mistaken for Bernard Lewis, the venerable scholar of Islam. Her Texas gathering to award a cash prize for the best cartoon of Mohammed — depictions of whom are considered offensive by many Muslims — was deliberately offensive, but so what?
Two armed Muslim men showed up intending to kill the participants, and were only thwarted when they were shot dead by a police officer who was part of the elaborate security arrangements.
Absent the security, we might have had a Charlie Hebdo–style massacre on these shores, in Garland, Texas, no less, a suburb of Dallas. (The world would be a safer and better place if the forces of civilization everywhere were as well-prepared and well-armed as they are in Texas.) 

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Megyn Kelly Slams Bill O’Reilly for Insisting ‘Prophet Muhammad’ Event ‘Lit the Fuse’ That Triggered Texas Terror Attack

 Megyn Kelly ‘Loves’ Bill O’Reilly, But Proclaims She’d Do ...

People always want to excuse Muslims for their radical acts.

Excellent source for updates on Islam:

Check it out
Fox News host Megyn Kelly blasted her colleague Bill O’Reilly Tuesday night for insisting that Pamela Geller was wrong to hold a free speech event critical of Islam, specifically radical factions within the faith, where people were encouraged to submit depictions of Muhammad, which some Muslims consider to be insulting and blasphemous.  

The winning Cartoon:  

bosch fawstin
Islam lacks a sense of humor...however they think it is funny to rape,pillage and behead non believers...go figure!

The two FNC hosts discussed the terror attack at the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” in Garland, Texas, Sunday that left two suspects dead and one security guard injured. O’Reilly took the stance that the event’s organizers, Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative, provoked the attack.
Kelly, however, retaliated and stated that Geller had the right to organize and hold the event under the protection of the First Amendment.
“But there’s always cause and effect,” O’Reilly countered. “This is what happens when you light the fuse — you get violence.”

Kelly then asserted that O’Reilly sounded like he was “attacking the event itself.” 

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FCC Commissioner Now Predicting Limiting of Internet Free Speech

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) member Ajit Pai has made public his opposition to the federal government takeover of the internet dubbed "Net Neutrality." Pai stated that in the foreseeable future, federal regulators "will seek to regulate websites based on political content, using the powers of the FCC or the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Pai spoke on a panel at this past weekend's annual "Right Online" conference in Washington, DC where he revealed his opposition to these new "regulations" had resulted in personal harassment and threats to his family and himself. 

According to Pai, his home address, wife's name, kid's names, as well as birthdays and his phone number have been "leaked" resulting in numerous threats that have come online.
The new FCC "rules" passed by the agency in February are slated to take effect on June 12 of this year. These new "rules" reclassify the internet provider as a utility and "command them not to block or 'throttle' online traffic." It's only the beginning, according to Pai. He predicted these new rules could "migrate" to directing content, not just the "road over which the traffic flows, but the traffic itself."

Pai stated, "It is conceivable to me to see the government saying, 'We think the Drudge Report is having a disproportionate effect on our political discourse. He doesn't have to file anything with the FEC. The FCC doesn't have the ability to regulate anything he says, and we want to start tamping down on websites like that.'"
Many individuals, who are strong proponents of the First Amendment, saw the "takeover" by the government regarding the internet as a roundabout way to silence political dissonance in the future by restricting access to content on alternative media sites. With all the other freedoms the government has been stepping on and the executive orders giving the "president" control over every conceivable resource in America, the silencing of political speech and airing of the corruption in DC would be the final step in "herding" the citizenry to go along with the government by only allowing citizens to partake of the propaganda through the "government" main stream media. The internet is a marvelous tool for the free exchange of ideas, networking in all areas, and the ability to receive and send information and news quickly. This is a danger to a government that is bent toward despotism and tyranny.

Pai, along with former FEC chairman Lee Goodman, co-authored an editorial that warned of agencies that would seek to regulate online content. Their opinion boiled down to this – "Internet regulation isn't the solution to a problem. Internet regulation is the problem." In their editorial, Pai and Goodman pointed to a case that came before the FEC involving videos post to YouTube.
The group, Checks and Balances for Economic Growth, posted two videos during the 2012 election cycle; one focused on the presidential race and the other the Ohio Senate race. A complaint was filed by the group CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) against Check and Balances for failing to disclose the production costs of the two videos. FEC rules adopted in May of 2006 exempted such communication on the internet from federal oversight. However, the FEC's three Democratic members voted to disregard the commission rules by trying to take action involving the internet in certain cases, particularly this one.

Pai stated at the conference:
Is it unthinkable that some government agency would say the marketplace of ideas is too fraught with dissonance? That everything from the Drudge Report to Fox News … is playing unfairly in the online political speech sandbox? I don't think so.

The First Amendment means not just the cold parchment that's in the Constitution. It's an ongoing cultural commitment and I sense that among a substantial number of Americans and a disturbing number of regulators here in Washington that online speech is [considered] a dangerous brave new world that needs to be regulated.

Many would agree with Pai's sentiments. Some in Washington would love to shut down certain YouTube channels, online political websites, certain Facebook pages, and regulate the content of publications, such as this one, under regulations of "net neutrality" without calling it infringement on freedom of speech. It's a way of controlling the people through manipulation, allowing them only to see what is "acceptable" by government. It is reminiscent of the Soviet propaganda machine.

It is also a way to silence political dissidents through sanctions, fines or imprisonment for violation of regulations. It works; ask anyone who lived in the old Soviet Union. How many political prisoners did they send off to the dreaded Siberia or even killed for their political opposing opinions?
Let's not forget the money either. With the classification of internet providers as "utilities," the FCC can assess a Universal Service Fund "tax" to everyone's internet bill thereby generating more revenue. In fact, Pai stated the USF has grown exponentially over the years and now stands at $12 billion annually. It is so large that the FCC has requested to transfer $25 million of that money to its own budget in order to "administer" the fund. According to Pai, the USF tax "is 67 percent higher than it was in 2009."

Congress has proposed limiting the cap of the USF to $9 billion; however, proposals to expand certain programs funded by the USF could cause that number to be insufficient. USF currently funds the "Obama phone" program called Lifeline and the E-rate program that subsidizes broadband internet access for schools and libraries. Lifeline is a program riddled with massive fraud with individuals selling their phones for other items, like purses. Schools and libraries should be funding their own broadband internet access instead of using government subsidies.
Pai stated that the FCC should do more with less. He stated the FCC is less busy now that it was in 1996, but wants more money. He contended that the FCC could operate with the money they have now, probably less. However, the FCC will need those additional funds to become the "online Gestapo" for the political ruling class.

Have citizens of this nation not been witness to the limiting of speech as certain types of speech supposedly "incite violence?" It's normally called "hate" speech. It was not that long ago the government thugs visited a town in Tennessee to inform the residents there that negative speech against Islam is prohibited. Are we so naive to believe that responsibility for violence rests in speech and not with the person choosing to perpetrate violence?
In this day and age, when lies are held as truth and truth as lies, it isn't a far stretch to imagine the federal government "limiting" truth in favor of lies through its agency that has gained control of the internet. One has to recognize that Ajit Pai is on the right track or he would not be receiving threats and being harassed. The way this administration operates, it would not be surprising to find out that the threats are coming from some individuals in government.

Despite all the outcries against "net neutrality," the government has now obtained authority over the internet. It's done. What comes next is the ever encroaching crack down on content unless this tyrannical, despotic government no longer masquerading as a constitutional republic, can be thwarted and freedoms restored.
Remember that Lay's potato chip commercial – "No one can eat just one"? Well, that's the US federal government when it comes to taking away freedom and liberty as it exists today. Once they were able to encroach on one freedom, they became addicted and now can't stop.

Comedian on Garland Texas Shooting: My Favorite Drawings Were the Two Chalk Lines Out Front

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oped: I am just beyond the pale watching the talking heads on MSM including Fox News  ranting and raving about the Garland Texas cartoons...hello the cartoons did not disparage Mohammad it brought about a point for debate as well as drawing out the two radicals... who had this not become their focus they would have at another point in time attacked a soft target without the security provided by the event ie: possibly a elementary school in Phoenix,Az  and who would media blame for this?..two radicals lost..chalk one up for the good guys! By the way y'all need to research WWII as well as all wars the US has fought and won...cartoons about the enemy was quite common and's called psychological warfare a lost art it appears!! I am dismayed how our once great nation has become so woosified and to be honest a nation of cowards! Just look at the cartoons they are by no means disparaging to the so called good it against Islam to have a sense of humor? Appears to be!  Keep it up y'all and you will get us all killed! 


Just hours after the Islamic terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, left two men dead, a conservative comedian absolutely nailed it with this joke on Twitter:   

But critics were quick to jump on Evan Sayet, calling him insensitive and sparking a huge debate on his Twitter feed.
My favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front.
@EvanSayet Death is never funny. Even when it's necessary.