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Attorney General Loretta Lynch's Muslim Terrorist Connections

Loretta Lynch

Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently said that the Department of (IN)Justice would stand with Muslims in the wake of the San Bernardino jihad attacks and stated unequivocally, "When we talk about the First Amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted." But beyond the fact that she has engaged in unconstitutional criminal activity, Lynch was also a part of a Jew-hating, Pro- Muslim Terrorist Harvard Group.

Discover the Networks informs us that Loretta Lynch was born in Greensboro, North Carolina (So Lynch is not African-American, she's American, at least by birth. Having dark skin does not make you African. My friend Andre De Villiers, who makes custom knives, is from Africa and is as white as can be!), Lynch "earned an A.B. from Harvard College, where she was an original member of Delta Sigma Theta, a newly formed African-American sorority chapter; another noteworthy original member was Sharon Malone, who subsequently went on to marry Eric Holder." 

However, Discover the Networks goes on to report, "After completing her undergraduate studies, Lynch in 1984 earned a J.D. from Harvard Law School, where she was a member of the Black Law Student Association."
Well now, just what is the Black Law Student Association? Charles Johnson reports on the group during the years between 1981-1984 when Lynch was a member.
During those years the radical black group brought representatives from the Palestinian Liberation Operation (PLO).

The group's leader, Mohammed Kenyatta, called for the "liberation of Palestine" and expressed support for the terrorist organization.

The BLSA defended bringing the terrorists in a letter to the editor of the Harvard student newspaper, The Harvard Crimson.

Jewish student organizations protested the speeches, especially in 1984. Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz joined the anti-PLO protests. 

For documentation of the event, click here, here, here and here.
Lynch-600-LIWhile the BLSA responded to the controversy in a letter to the editors of the Harvard Crimson, in an attempt to do damage control, the Crimson blasted the BLSA's letter.
THE BLACK LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (BALSA) committed an unjustifiable and discriminatory violation of student liberties last week when it denied Jewish students an opportunity to participate in a campus forum featuring a representative of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). 

More than 30 Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) members attended the panel discussion, outnumbering members of BALSA and the Third World Coalition, the event's sponsors. But after opening the forum to questions from the floor, BALSA moderator Muhammad I. Kenyatta refused to recognize any of the white hands raised in the audience. BALSA and TWC members were to be given priority, he announced, proceeding to call on a Black student who hadn't raised his hand.
We defend the PLO's right to appear in an open forum at Harvard. All groups have a right to present their views; had Kenyatta permitted all students to challenge the speaker with critical questions, the ensuing discussion might have provided a constructive exchange of ideas and opinions.

By stifling debate, however, Kenyatta reduced the event to little more than a propaganda platform for a terrorist organization that has pledged to destroy the State of Israel. His refusal to open the floor to all students views showed a glaring disregard for the principles of free discussion that are vital to an enlightened academic community. 

Moreover, Kenyatta's actions are particularly disturbing in light of the apparently widening rift between Black and Jewish organizations at Harvard and nationwide. Longtime political allies, particularly on civil rights issues, these groups recently have traded bitter words on a variety of issues; it is regrettable that Kenyatta acted in a way that helps further drive this wedge between Blacks and Jews. 

None of this should surprise us, as Lynch has not only tied herself to organizations that promote terrorism, but she has served alongside other criminals. Under President Bill Clinton, Lynch served as US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. During that time, from October 1994 to January 1998, Lynch was a partner with the Connecticut-based Ujamaa Investment Group. "Ujamaa" is a Swahili term signifying a commitment to the practice of "shared wealth" and a repudiation of economic inequality.

Lynch is as much a racist as Eric Holder and Barack Obama are. She believes that an enforcement of critical race theory is what is needed. By the way, keep in mind that she graduated from Harvard just like Hussein Obama, the same Harvard where Professor Derrick Bell, the racist man who produced critical race theory, taught.
Ms. Lynch has called Voter ID laws racist and has stolen over $900 million in asset forfeitures in 2013 alone, against the protections of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.
All of this is not only immoral, but anti-American.
To further make the point of associations in this administration, consider the Eric Holder even participated in an armed takeover of a former Columbia University ROTC office! And don't forget the Michelle Obama, as well as creator's Executive were also part of a racist college group that hosted a pro-terrorist speaker. Show me who your friends are and I'll tell you what you are!
Lynch is a criminal just like Obama, Holder and the Clintons. She is a woman who cannot be trusted and yet, US Senators had all of this information, but many of them chose to confirm her, just like they did her predecessor Eric Holder, whom Congress held in contempt for his obvious obstruction of justice concerning Fast and Furious.

Marxists and Islamic sympathizers have it in for America, and there is no doubt that Loretta Lynch is among them. Now the question is, who in Congress will call for her impeachment and subsequent indictment? I'll be the first among the people!

from Freedom Outpost

Hollywood Mega-Star Stuns Everyone With Epic Answer To Anti-Gun Reporter- ‘Absolutely Insane…’

Hollywood Mega-Star Stuns Everyone With Epic Answer To Anti-Gun Reporter- ‘Absolutely Insane…’ [Read Full Story Here] 
Russell was on a junket to flog his new movie, director Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight,' when things got contentious. 

by:Warner Todd Huston 
During a recent interview to push his latest movie, longtime Hollywood star Kurt Russell was confronted with what he felt were the “insane” claims of an anti-gun reporter; and how Russell responded to the reporter’s gun-ban ideas will probably have supporters of the Second Amendment standing up and cheering.
Russell was on a junket to flog his new movie, director Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, when things got contentious. As reporter Jeffery Wells reported on his own blog, the actor was not at all shy about slamming any of the reporter’s ideas of gun bans.

During the press junket, Wells jumped into an impromptu discussion of America’s “gun culture”; and the way the reporter framed the debate pushed Russell to a series of exasperated replies.
Reporter Wells claimed that an interest in guns was “a metaphor that disenfranchised white guys need.” Russell apparently had about enough at that point.
“If you think gun control is going to change the terrorists’ point of view, I think you’re, like, out of your mind,” Russell said dismissively. “I think anybody [who says that] is. I think it’s absolutely insane.”

Without mincing words, Russell, a self-professed libertarian, continued.
“Dude, you’re about to find out what I’m gonna do, and that’s gonna worry you a lot more,” he said. “And that‘s what we need. That will change the concept of gun culture, as you call it, to something [like] reality. Which is, if I’m a hockey team and I’ve got some guy bearing down on me as a goal tender, I’m not concerned about what he’s gonna do — I’m gonna make him concerned about what I’m gonna do to stop him. That’s when things change.”
Wells tried to counter that, saying that the national no-fly list showed that people were dangerous “for a reason,” and then insisted that it was too easy for those same people to get a gun.

The actor snapped back, saying, “They can also make a bomb pretty easily. So what? They can also get knives and stab you. [What are you] gonna do about that? They can also get cars and run you over. [What are you] gonna do about that?”
Trying to steer the discussion back to his supposed pet peeve, Wells noted that the San Bernardino terrorists didn’t use cars to murder people–seemingly forgetting that they used cars to take them to the place where they murdered people.
Still, Russell didn’t find the reporter’s point very cogent. “But they’ve killed others that way, haven’t they?” he asked. “Yeah, yeah. Whaddaya gonna do? Outlaw everything? That isn’t the answer,” he said.

In a last ditch effort to extricate himself from the contentious discussion, Wells then tried to soften his stance a bit by saying that he just favored “some controls” on guns.
“Put some controls?” Russell said. “What, so the people, so the people who want to defend themselves can’t?”
“No, not so you can’t,” Wells insisted, “just so the idiots can’t get hold of them [so easily], that’s all.”
Russell, though, seemed to have had enough of what he felt were the “insane” ramblings of the reporter and finished the discussion by saying, “You really believe they’re not going to? Are you serious about that? What good will that…? Oh my God. You and I just disagree.”
h/t: TheBlaze

ACLU Board Member Urges People to Kill Supporters of Donald Trump

oped: First and foremost let's address who the ACLU and SPLC  really are: In 1920 the ACLU was founded by the CPUSA they gained momentum during the 1930's-1950's McCarthy era representing Hollywood's elite communists...and yes McCarthy was correct about the infiltration of communism within the United States entertainment industry as well as government! At the present time some 80+ members of congress are closet CPUSA members...they had the clause 'Have you now or ever have been a member of the Communist Party' removed from federal employment applications. 
This was the start of the end for the United States of America's Republic form of government founded under Judeo/Christian values. 

I could cite many links..however I leave it to the reader to do the proper research on the history of the CPUSA the ACLU [Anti-Christian-Legions-Unleashed] and SPLC {offshoot of the ACLU} stop being so damn lazy this is what got us into this mess in the first place ! Research all candidates demand they be fully vetted before being placed on the ballot

The 'Comrades' changed their name to 'Liberal' to be more appealing to the electorate as they systematically took over the DNC...then became known as progressives which is the new term for 'Comrade' ...the end goal being to destroy all Christian/Judeo influence within the Republic form of government.They are using Islam/Muslims to divide our republic and destroy Christianity/Judiasm...once completed they will then turn on Islam ! 

Bottom line Congress,FBI and the DOJ have failed us... the ACLU is a seditious organization committing treason against the USA  #Period  

Liberals apparently don't know the meaning of the word liberal. "Classical liberalism is a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government." Liberal used to mean "liberty."
Today, liberalism means "if you don't do what we say as liberals, then we will persecute you, force you out of universities, fire you from leadership roles in high-profile companies, and label you as Nazis."
Now add to that new definition the threat of real violence in the name of "justice":

"A board member for the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado has resigned after urging people to kill supporters of presidential candidate Donald Trump.
"Loring Wirbel’s Facebook post was captured by The Daily Caller – a right-leaning online newspaper. 
"The post states, 'The thing is, we have to really reach out to those who might consider voting for Trump and say, "This is [Joseph] Goebbels. This is the final solution. If you are voting for him I will have to shoot you before Election Day." They’re not going to listen to reason, so when justice is gone, there’s always force, [as Laurie1 would say] …'” (H/T: CBS Denver

Loring Goebbels 
So while comparing Trump to Goebbels, the ACLU's Wirbel adopts the political remedy Goebbels had used -- death to the political opposition!
Notice his faux solidarity with the victims of the Paris massacre in the upper left-hand corner of his post -- Eiffel Tower overlaid with the French flag -- and yet he is an advocate of the same type of misguided and evil "justice" as the shooters.
  1. From a line in Laurie Anderson's 1981 song "O Superman (For Massenet)" []
Onto the article: 

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False PhishTank Submission #3579148 by: cleanmax ...Myth debunked!

This is too funny...this moron cleanmax obviously disagreed with my posting on instead of debating on Twitter this person chose to try to be sneaky and report a false Phish complaint in a attempt to have SharlasLabyrinth blocked from the internet...hmmm is cleanmax Mr. Bill Gates or an employee of MicroSoft trying to make points for a promotion? Y'all be the Judge!

And just for the record the only fishing I do is off the 

Submission #3579148 is currently ONLINE

Submitted Nov 5th 2015 8:32 AM by cleanmx   (Current time: Dec 11th 2015 8:56 PM UTC)

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This submission needs more votes to be confirmed or denied.

Captured ISIS Fighters Seconds From Execution… Captors Unleash Stunning Surprise

Dramatic: Syrian rebel group, the Levant Front, marched nine ISIS fighters to a desert location in what appeared to be copy of the terror group's propaganda videos
[ Dramatic: Syrian rebel group, the Levant Front, marched nine ISIS fighters to a desert location in what appeared to be copy of the terror group's propaganda videos ]

Members of a fighting coalition battling in Syria put captured ISIS soldiers through the same process the terrorism group had done to others many times. However, the rebel fighters had a plan other than execution in mind when it marched ISIS soldiers through the desert in orange jumpsuits.
Those who fight in the coalition of Syrian rebel groups, called Levant Front, wanted to show that Muslims are not evil. The incident was videotaped and sent out on social media.

ISIS fighters were forced to kneel on camera while the camouflaged fighters aimed guns at their heads. When the time came to pull the trigger, the soldiers holstered their weapons and took off their masks.
A cleric, dressed in a white Islamic robe, then addressed the prisoners and urged them to repent.
“This is not our policy. We are not evil,” he states.

The ISIS fighters were sent back to prison.
Levant Front, created last December, has suffered many losses sandwiched in battles between ISIS in the north of the war torn area and the Syrian government in Aleppo. It is now surging after receiving weapons from Turkey, resulting in the recapturing of two villages, Delha and Harjaleh, from ISIS near the Turkish border in November.
They posted pictures of four men, reported to be ISIS soldiers they captured, to social media. The group also said it dismantled hundreds of mines around the two captured villages.
The group suffered a loss of seven fighters on Dec. 7 when an ISIS car bomb exploded near an outpost in Tal Rifaat, Aleppo.  

Final moment: The rebels, who have been battling ISIS since their group was created last December, aimed their handguns at the back of their captives' heads
[ Final moment: The rebels, who have been battling ISIS since their group was created last December, aimed their handguns at the back of their captives' heads ]

Tolerance: But, where ISIS would pull the trigger, the Levant Front rebels holstered their weapons and whipped of their masks
[ Tolerance: But, where ISIS would pull the trigger, the Levant Front rebels holstered their weapons and whipped of their masks ]

Forgiveness: As the ISIS fighters knelt on the dusty ground, the rebel group's cleric, dressed in a white Islamic robe, told them to repent
[ Forgiveness: As the ISIS fighters knelt on the dusty ground, the rebel group's cleric, dressed in a white Islamic robe, told them to repent ]

Criminals: The ISIS fanatics are said to have been returned to prison after the mock execution video filmed somewhere in Aleppo 
[Criminals: The ISIS fanatics are said to have been returned to prison after the mock execution video filmed somewhere in Aleppo ]

Copycat: The rebels mimicked ISIS's execution videos, in which hundreds have been mercilessly killed, until the very last moment where they spared the lives of their prisoners 
[ Copycat: The rebels mimicked ISIS's execution videos, in which hundreds have been mercilessly killed, until the very last moment where they spared the lives of their prisoners ]

Read More:

Sarah Palin Breaks Her Silence…Says This Is Why She Was Fired By Fox News

Sarah Palin Underwear Photos Images | TheCelebrityPix

by:Duane Lester
"Some things...that I haven't talked about publicly..."
Her sudden exit surprised quite a few people, yet there was never an explanation why she was let go from her role as a contributor to Fox News. Now the former governor of Alaska says she has an idea why her job was eliminated.
Speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Palin said she was fired because she “called someone out.”

She was on CBN to discuss her new book, “Sweet Freedom: A Devotional” when the discussion turned to her abrupt dismissal from the leading cable news outlet in June of this year.
“Some things happened that I haven’t talked about publicly, mentioned a little bit about them in the book, things like getting canned from a job I really liked, kinda sort of out of the blue, because I called somebody out,” she said.
Quite a few are assuming that “someone” is none other than Megyn Kelly, who Palin took to task for her interview with the Duggar girls.

“These girls are being re-victimized, for shame on the media for, under the guise of ‘Hey, gotta let them have their say anyway. Let’s interview them and put them there, back into the fire, and let them explain,’” Palin said on Fox News’ “Hannity.” “They’re innocent! And these girls, yeah so humiliated.”
As Talking Points Memo pointed out, the only “media” that interviewed the girls was Fox News. Talking down Kelly’s work could have been enough to give Palin the boot. She told CBN it took her by surprise.
“It was a shock, but more power to Fox News. As a private enterprise they can fire somebody for wearing the wrong color tie that day,” she explained. “I have a great relationship with them. It was just kind of a little bit of a shocker of knowing that the haters are going to love this one.”

When Palin was kicked to the curb by Fox News executives a few months ago, People magazine dug into the dismissal and reported: “Fox has yet to provide a reason for her termination, but a source not at Fox who had worked closely with Palin in the past tells PEOPLE that ‘she [can be] a nightmare’ to work with and that she was often ‘paranoid that everyone had an agenda against her, even the people who were there expressly to make her look good.'”
The source adds that Palin “was rude and a diva, and thought that everyone else paled in comparison to her intelligence and savvy.”

[oped: The same can be said of Diva Megyn Kelly and Bill O'reilly]

BizPac Review reports that Fox News declined to comment, but a spokesman did direct them to an article which said Palin’s contract was just not renewed. A story at Politico reported that “executives consider her less relevant now, and her appearances were sometimes hampered by the vast time difference with Alaska.”

While that’s the official line, many people then, and still today, believe Palin’s correct when she claims she was fired for challenging the work of Fox News star Megyn Kelly.

Alert: ‘Foreign-Speaking’ Men Walked Into US Walmart At 3 AM; What They Bought Had Cops Instantly Called

Image credit: Ky3
by: Kevin Whitson 
“Somebody went in and..."
Walmart, one of the nation’s largest retailers, offers just about anything anyone could ever want, including the latest cell phones. While cell phone purchases are an everyday occurrence, what happened after 3 a.m. on Saturday at a Lebanon, Mo., Walmart had employees contacting local law enforcement authorities.
KYTV reported that Walmart employees called local police after two men purchased 60 cell phones in the early morning hour. Officers responded and questioned the men but had no reason to detain the them; however, authorities did notify the FBI.

Laclede County Sherriff Wayne Merritt (pictured above) said, “Somebody went in and bought 60 cell phones from Walmart, that’s not normal for this area.  I’m not going to say just because they’re a different religion or because they’re a Muslim, but these people were foreign speaking, then you need to take notice, you need to let us know about it because it doesn’t hurt to check on it.  I mean you’re not being a racist or anything like that, you’re just protecting yourself.”
After the San Bernardino, Calif., shootings, neighbors of the terrorists said that they had noticed suspicious activities at the home of reported terrorist Syed Farook, but didn’t want to say anything for fear that they were engaging in racial profiling.
Terrorists use cell phones, experts say, especially the disposable pre-paid type, to communicate with each other. The cell phones can also be converted for use as detonators for explosive devices.

The Department of Homeland Security‘s “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign encourages all Americans to call 911 if they witness something suspicious.

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LOL..oh oh even the Mexican Drug Cartel has had it with ISIS!

Mexican Kingpin, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Has Been Charged in Mexico ...

oped: Tongue in cheek...but hey ya gotta love this one...even King Pin Drug bosses have bigger Cajones' than Barry Barack Obama

El Chapo Just Found Out What ISIS Was Doing, Takes Matters Into His Own Hands–‘Your God Cannot Save You…’

In a contest where it is hard to find a side to root for, news reports now say that notorious drug cartel kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is sick and tired of the ISIS terror group interfering with his drug business and is now declaring war on the terror outfit.
Inside sources say that El Chapo, whose full name is Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, is now setting his not-inconsiderable resources against ISIS because the terror group has been interdicting his shipments of drugs going into and out of the Middle East.
According to CartelBlog, a site that tracks drug cartel news, El Chapo has sent a warning to ISIS that he is about to go to war against them for their constant interference with his drug empire.

As drugs are not a part of the organizations ideology for a Muslim State, ISIS fighters have been destroying shipments of drugs from the cartels.

The cartels have made it clear that ISIS just made a huge mistake by destroying their shipments. It’s clear from the leaked emails that they are not only extremely mad, but are definitely willing to step up and take the organization out if they continue to mess with their business.
According to sources, El Chapo has sent ISIS the following strong message: 

It is without a doubt that El Chapo’s forces are at least as vicious and heartless in war as ISIS; so if this fight develops, it would certainly be a hard-fought contest.
El Chapo, of course, has become famous as the man that Mexican authorities cannot hold. The drug kingpin has been arrested many times but has escaped confinement every single time. The last time El Chapo escaped from a Mexican prison, it was from one of the country’s toughest maximum security prisons.
The drug lord actually had a mile-long tunnel dug underneath the prison that ended at a prison shower room, where the killer went in for a shower and just walked right out of the prison. The tunnel was no slap-dash affair, either. After his escape, authorities discovered it was both lighted and ventilated.
h/t: Mad World News

“You [ISIS] are not soldiers. You are nothing but lowly p*ssies. Your god cannot save you from the true terror that my men will levy at you if you continue to impact my operation.”
“My men will destroy you. The world is not yours to dictate. I pity the next son of a whore that tries to interfere with the business of the Sinaloa Cartel. I will have their heart and tongue torn from them.”

Dear Obama: You are a Historic Disgrace

funny obama photoshop pics

Onan Coca 
The multimedia geniuses at Breitbart News have put together a spectacular new video that condemns President Obama to the ash heap of history with an accurate and scathing review that may one day be considered the worst administration in American history.

In the days following the Muslim terrorist attack on a California workplace Christmas party, President Obama dithered, ducked and avoided any mention of Islamic terrorism. It is simply the latest in a long line of opportunities to show strength, but instead the President has chosen cowardly inaction and haughty politicization over protecting American lives and defending our Constitution.

Which leads us to Breitbart’s contention that President Obama has now proven to be a “historic disgrace.”
In this dark moment in history, our nation has reached an inflection point–a moment when, together, Americans render their collective condemnation of a commander-in-chief who works aggressively against American interests and national security. 

obama funny pictures (7)
Dear Obama:
No President in US History has ever approached the safety of Americans with the level of SMUG INDIFFERENCE that you do.
You are SOFT on Muslim terrorists and DEGRADING to Christians and Jews.
You golf through American BEHEADINGS and Yawn Away the Death of Americans at Islamic Hands.
You have ZERO Moral Authority and we look forward to reminding you of that…
Until the SECOND you leave office.

Outrage on Trump Misplaced - Already Illegal for Muslim Fascists, Communists and other Totalitarians to Immigrate to the USA

Muslim Islam America

As Barack Obama and his useful idiots in his administration, Congress and the media attempt to immigrate hundreds of thousands of Islamists into the united States, the law needs to be brought to bear and the law is not on their side. Islamists, like all totalitarians, are prohibited by law (yes, American law) from immigrating to the united States. 

In 1952, Islam, along with Communism was effectively banned by law.
The Immigration and Nationality Act, which was passed June 27, 1952 revised the United States' laws regarding immigration, naturalization and nationality. This Act, under Section 313 states the following:

(a) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 405(b) , no person shall hereafter be naturalized as a citizen of the United States-

(1) who advocates or teaches, or who is a member of or affiliated with any organization that advocates or teaches, opposition to all organized government; or

(2) who is a member of or affiliated with (A) the Communist Party of the United States; (B) any other totalitarian party of the United States; (C) the Communist Political Association; (D) the Communist or other totalitarian party of any State of the United States, of any foreign state, or of any political or geographical subdivision of any foreign state; (E) any section, subsidiary, branch, affiliate, or subdivision of any such association or party; or (F) the direct predecessors or successors of any such association or party, regardless of what name such group or organization may have used, may now bear, or may hereafter adopt, unless such alien establishes that he did not have knowledge or reason to believe at the time he became a member of or affiliated with such an organization (and did not thereafter and prior to the date upon which such organization was so registered or so required to be registered have such knowledge or reason to believe) that such organization was a Communist-front organization; or 

(3) who, although not within any of the other provisions of this section, advocates the economic, international, and governmental doctrines of world communism or the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship, or who is a member of or affiliated with any organization that advocates the economic, international, and governmental doctrines of world communism or the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship, either through its own utterances or through any written or printed publications issued or published by or with the permission or consent of or under authority of such organizations or paid for by the funds of such organization; or

(4) who advocates or teaches or who is a member of or affiliated with any organization that advocates or teaches (A) the overthrow by force or violence or other unconstitutional means of the Government of the United States or of all forms of law; or (B) the duty, necessity, or propriety of the unlawful assaulting or killing of any officer or officers (either of specific individuals or of officers generally) of the Government of the United States or of any other organized government because of his or their official character; or (C) the unlawful damage, injury, or destruction of property; or (D) sabotage; or 

(5) who writes or publishes or causes to be written or published, or who knowingly circulates, distributes, prints, or displays, or knowingly causes to be circulated, distributed, printed, published, or displayed or who knowingly has in his possession for the purpose of circulation, publication, distribution, or display, any written or printed matter, advocating or teaching opposition to all organized government, or advocating (A) the overthrow by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means of the Government of the United States or of all forms of law; or (B) the duty, necessity, or propriety of the unlawful assaulting or killing of any officer or officers (either of specific individuals or of officers generally) of the Government of the United States or of any other organized government, because of his or their official character; or (C) the unlawful damage, injury, or destruction of property; or (D) sabotage; or (E) the economic, international, and governmental doctrines of world communism or the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship; or 

(6) who is a member of or affiliated with any organization, that writes, circulates, distributes, prints, publishes, or displays, or causes to be written, circulated, distributed, printed, published, or displayed, or that has in its possession for the purpose of circulation, distribution, publication, issue, or display, any written or printed matter of the character described in subparagraph (5).

(b) The provisions of this section or of any other section of this Act shall not be construed as declaring that any of the organizations referred to in this section or in any other section of this Act do not advocate the overthrow of the Government of the United States by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.

(c) The provisions of this section shall be applicable to any applicant for naturalization who at any time within a period of ten years immediately preceding the filing of the application for naturalization or after such filing and before taking the final oath of citizenship is, or has been found to be within any of the classes enumerated within this section, notwithstanding that at the time the application is filed he may not be included within such classes. 

(d) Any person who is within any of the classes described in subsection (a) solely because of past membership in, or past affiliation with, a party or organization may be naturalized without regard to the provisions of subsection (c) if such person establishes that such membership or affiliation is or was involuntary, or occurred and terminated prior to the attainment by such alien of the age of sixteen years, or that such membership or affiliation is or was by operation of law, or was for purposes of obtaining employment, food rations, or other essentials of living and where necessary for such purposes. 

Chapter 2, Section 212 presents a prohibition of entry to the US if the person belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the US government by "force, violence, or other unconstitutional means." The Koran and the Hadiths present Sharia and demand submission to Islam, which is antithetical to Biblical law and the US Constitution, as well as to our Republic.
Whether one pushes Islam as a religion is irrelevant. It's ideology is opposed to America and her laws, including her Constitution.
First, consider that Hussein Obama has ignored immigration law, both with regards to those coming across our southern border and those from the Middle East.
Now, consider that this is about immigration and naturalization and its aim was primarily at Communism. However, it also mentions totalitarianism being promoted. That is all that Islam does. They are no different than Communism in their ideology. They just claim to do it in the name of Allah rather than advance the idea of a Creator.

Consider that the Muslims Brotherhood, as well as the Communists, have documented their goals for the destruction of America. Consider the Islamic organizations in the united States like designated terror and Muslim Brother hood front group Hamas-CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), The Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Student Association, and plenty of others, including individual Muslims who seek to advance Sharia (which is anti-Christian and anti-American). Sharia falls under the very definition of the ideology of those Barack Hussein Obama wants to flood America with. If the law applies to those wishing to immigrate to the united States, should those same laws against sedition and treason not apply to those already here?
Our Constitution provides certain protections of those who have been born or naturalized in the united States in Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment:
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. 

Clearly, those immigrating are not privileged to those protections, but confined to remain outside the united States. Those inside our borders have certain rights to a trial, but if they are promoting sedition and a totalitarian ideology to overthrow government, then they must be held accountable. Not only does Communism do this, but so does Islam.
And, don't give me that "freedom of religion" bit, for Islam is nothing more than totalitarianism under a thin veil of religion, but make no mistake, Islamists mean to rule the world apart from the Creator's law and justice.
Before someone comes at me for pushing the Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, and His law as something akin to Sharia, you really need to read how I rip down that straw man here. You need to read how our forefathers upheld our rights as attributed to the Creator in the year of our Lord (that's Jesus Christ, see Bryan Fisher's excellent article on that). You need to understand the real foundations of America.

However, when we really get down to the issue, we would then have to be rooting out possibly hundreds of Americans serving in Congress and the Obama administration. Lt. Col. Allen West was one that pointed out that there were at least 80 Communists in the House of Representatives in 2012. Why have they not been recalled, indicted, tried, convicted and then summarily brought to justice by the people they represent? Why are Islamic totalitarians like Keith Ellison and Andre Carson still in Congress, pushing America closer to totalitarianism? Why is Barack (Barry) Hussein Obama Soebarkah still in the Oval Office, Valerie Jarrett by his side? It's simply because the American people have tolerated the very lawlessness that the law speaks against and have failed to bring justice to these criminals against the people of the United States 

 America, it's time to wake up and bring justice to these people! 
from Freedom Outpost

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Every Gun Regulation that President Obama has Advocated for -- California has Already and it Didn’t Stop This."

funny gun law stuff more quotes 2nd amendment guns control funny stuff ...

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is running for President, and while he isn’t leading in the polls, he does find ways to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack on several key issues. One of those issues where Senator Paul consistently outranks the competition is on the issue of Constitutional rights. This was in full display this past Sunday when Senator Paul appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. Todd asked the Senator about last week’s terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California and connected it to President Obama’s desire for more robust gun control, which is when Senator Paul dropped a “truth bomb” on NBC, President Obama and the American people. 

Paul’s fellow Kentuckian (and constitutional conservative) Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) praised Senator Paul for his efforts on NBC and his consistent support of our constitutional rights.
From Facebook:
President Obama stated last night that he thinks Congress should pass more gun control. Contrast that with Senator Rand Paul's astute observation that "Every gun regulation that President Obama has advocated for -- California has already and it didn’t stop this." 

2nd amendment
[Nevada and Arizona's response to Kawlifornia  Gov Jerry Brown and Lt Gov Gavin Newsom]
Frankly, I believe Obama wants more oppressive gun control laws than even California has. Rand's point remains true regardless. Gun control laws in California and elsewhere have failed to prevent terrorism, while depriving innocent citizens of the means to stop the attacks. I will not be voting for any of Obama's federal gun control agenda. 

Here is Senator Paul's full statement:
Chuck Todd: "These folks accumulated quite the arsenal. Is there any federal regulation you would support that would figure out how to regulate how much of an arsenal somebody could have in their garage?"
Rand Paul: "Interestingly, they accumulated this arsenal in California that has ten-day waiting period, has no private sale of guns. Every gun regulation that President Obama has advocated for California has already and it didn’t stop this. I think ultimately that the rules that you make for gun control, people who are intent on killing themselves aren’t too concerned with the rules. Law-abiding citizens are. The other thing to realize is that almost all these shootings, including this shooting, happened in a government building where people are not allowed to defend themselves. While it’s not the ultimate answer, the ultimate answer would be no violence, part of the is saying we need to allow people to defend themselves."
Chuck Todd: "So you’d like to get rid of no-carry rules?"
Rand Paul: "Yeah."  

Second Amendment funny picture

Why Owning a Firearm is Not just a Constitutional Right but a God-Given One


Over the last few weeks, there has been a firestorm of controversy about guns in the USA.  Now let’s just forget about the Second Amendment for now.  Let’s just forget about the Constitution as a whole, for a second.

I know what many of you are saying the whole reason we have guns is because of the Constitution, but I am here to tell you that is not true.  In fact, the very notion that it is written in the Constitution that we can have guns is exactly what puts that protected right in danger.
Of course, I do not advocate changing or getting rid of that amendment because it needs to stay and it needs to stay as it is written. However, travel down the road of logic with me for a moment.  You and I are children of God, right?  Oh, you do not believe in God?  OK, then you are a child of Mother Earth. Frankly it does not matter what God you believe in because you are a child of that deity.

With that, you and I are born with certain inalienable rights.  In other words, you and I are born with the right to live. Now in order to live, you must have the same inalienable right to protect and preserve your life.  Of course, that right does not need to come at the expense of someone else’s identical rights unless that person is actively trying to extinguish your right to live.
When someone else is trying to violate your right to live, then you have a right to protect that deity given life by any means necessary.  That means you have the deity given right to have a weapon of your choice in order to protect your deity given right to life.  That weapon could be the human invention called a firearm.
We know for certain with data and facts that guns are not the major cause of death in this country or any other nation.  If you want to talk about governments killing their own people with guns, well that is another topic. But when it comes to crime, guns are not the biggest threat to that life right. Today more people are killed using knives or from medical malpractice/mistakes, abortion, and automobile accidents.

Yet I do not see or hear anyone calling for tighter control over knives.  I don’t see or hear the left bringing stricter rules and laws governing abortions.  I don’t hear or see anyone trying to ban automobiles, and I don’t hear or see anyone on the left limiting medical treatment in order to prevent malpractice or mistakes.  In fact, when it comes to that last one, the left want even more medical malpractice/mistakes because they are requiring everyone to have some kind of medical coverage or insurance.

You see, you have a deity given right to protect your own life.  And you have a right to use any weapon available to you in order to achieve that right when someone tries to violate that right by ending your life prematurely.
This has nothing to do with the Constitution.  However, the Founders knew this and figured if they did not put this inalienable right down on paper that the government would try to eliminate your inalienable right to life.
Make no mistake about it, I am a full advocate of gun ownership by individuals, not only in this country, but in every country all over the world.  And the very fact that you have Liberals and Leftists who want to take away your deity given right to protect your own life, should give us all pause.
Keep in mind that not a single new proposed law or existing law would have prevented the latest mass shootings anywhere in the country. So you have to ask if existing laws and newly proposed laws would not have prevented the horrific crimes, what exactly is the plan?

Make no mistake about it, when these new laws are enacted and don’t work to prevent these same crimes, the left will push to change, eliminate the second Amendment, and then move to ban all guns for individuals because that is their end game.
Don’t doubt me.

Suspected burglar hides from cops in lake, found by huge gator instead

Authorities say a Florida man who was suspected of burglary may have been hiding from police in a nearby lake when he was found by something far worse — a huge alligator.
Brevard County Sheriff’s Maj. Tod Goodyear says 22-year-old Matthew Riggins told his girlfriend he would be in Barefoot Bay to commit burglaries with another suspect. Authorities received calls Nov. 13 about two suspicious men in black walking behind homes and investigated. Riggins was reported missing the next day.
According to reports, while possibly hiding from officers that were called to investigate the reports of these two suspicious men in the Florida community targeted by a string of burglaries, Riggins was killed by an 11-foot alligator.
Goodyear said sheriff’s divers recovered Riggins’ body 10 days later in a nearby lake and the injuries were consistent with an alligator attack. Authorities said Riggins had drowned and the alligator, which behaved aggressively toward divers, was trapped and euthanized.
Florida Today reports a second person has been taken into custody.
The Associated Press contributed to this article

Benghazi shocker! Did Hillary stop rescue?

Hillary Clinton
A newly released email proves that the United States military was ready to launch a rescue operation that could have saved American lives at the Benghazi diplomatic compound in 2012.
But the operation apparently needed the go-ahead from the Hillary Clinton-run State Department and the troops were not deployed on time.
The email, obtained by Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information Act request, is likely to reignite heavy criticism of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s inaction in the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that claimed the lives of four Americans.
And it raises questions about whether Clinton and other Obama Administration officials were telling the truth when they claimed they did everything in their power to protect American diplomats.
The email arrived at the State Department at 7:19 pm EST on September 11, 2012, just hours after the attacks began and before the compound was overrun. The sender, a State Department employee named Jeremy Bash, complained that during the crisis he was unable to get any of the agency’s top brass on the phone.

The message was sent to Clinton’s close team including Clinton’s Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman, Deputy Chief of Staff Jacob Sullivan, and Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides. It notifies the Clinton team of our troops’ ability to respond quickly, saying that U.S. forces were “spinning up” and ready to deploy in support of the Benghazi compound.
The email also asked Clinton’s State Department to clear any necessary approvals with the host nation of Libya before the rescue operation could begin.
And then nothing happened.
U.S. rescue teams were not deployed until several hours after the email was sent, after Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith were already dead. The other two Americans were killed in a follow-up mortar attack that night at a nearby CIA compound.
The go-ahead response times for U.S. rescue teams has been heavily criticized in the past, and this email may show that blame of the delay rests on Clinton and her State Department team.

Previously, an independent review convened after the attacks deeply faulted State Department officials in Washington for their poor communication and cooperation as diplomats in Libya warned that Benghazi was growing more and more dangerous.
The Accountability Review Board cited a “lack of transparency, responsiveness, and leadership at senior bureau levels” and “shortfalls in Washington coordination” contributing to a “woefully insufficient” security force at the compound.
The fewer than half-dozen armed diplomatic security personnel at the compound “were not well served by their leadership in Washington,” the board said.
The email can be ready in it’s entirety here.
The Associated Press contributed to this article

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hey .@GOP Graham,Bush,Kasich,Fiorina,Ryan.... #DonaldTrump

Y'all don't represent me as a matter of fact I left the GOP way back 1994 as well as California...I became a Independent Conservative...ya ask why Donald Trump/Ted Cruz is ahead...well because they relate to Middle more PC allowed...say what ya mean and mean what ya say ...the American Way...something y'all lost along time ago! IMHO y'all are losers....sorry we have a Republic not a Monarchy system...time to clean house! 

On to the article: 

WATCH What The Crowd Did When Trump Read His New Muslim Statement For The 1st Time

As Donald Trump is once again the target of liberal talking heads, the reaction of everyday Americans to his proposal for a temporary ban on allowing Muslims into the U.S. shows the depth and breadth of the chord Trump struck when he issued his statement on Monday.
Trump read his statement publicly for the first time Monday night at a Pearl Harbor Day rally in Mount Pleasant, S.C. Grim-faced, he prefaced the part of the statement he read with a reference to President Obama’s Sunday night speech on ISIS and terrorism, a speech Trump has roundly condemned.
“It’s impossible to watch such gross incompetence,” Trump said.

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”, he said.
Trump, interrupted by cheering as he read his statement, is then all but drowned out by cheers before he finishes reading part of his stemming. “We have no choice,” a stern-faced Trump tells the crowd as they explode with support. “We have no choice.”
Trump’s statement, reported Monday by Western Journalism, was condemned by White House spokesman Josh Earnest, who accused Trump of tapping into “a darker side, a darker element” of American society. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called the proposal “reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive.”
On Monday Trump’s discussed his comments on CNN with Chris Cuomo. 

“We’re at war. Get it through your head, Chris,” Trump said.
S. Hall on The Gateway Pundit wrote, “The American people’s frustration is at an all time high because we are told a load of cobblers when we know the truth. When Christian’s heads are being chopped off for the Crime of being Christian our leaders preach nonsense about gun control and how Muslims are a peaceful people. In other words, are you going to believe us or your lying eyes. Well Donald Trump speaks common sense and its a genuine relief to listen to him. God Bless Trump.”
Many of those in attendance at the rally supported Trump’s statements.
“It’s not going to be forever. I think everybody needs to be checked,” said Shelley Choquette.
“I think that we should definitely disallow any Muslims from coming in. Any of them. The reason is simple: we can’t identify what their attitude is,” said 75-year-old Charlie Marzka of Myrtle Beach, S.C. He said Islam “allows for the killing of people” and that Muslim culture “is absolutely contrary to our culture.”
“Islam is not a religion. “It’s a violent blood cult. OK? That’s what Islam is…all they know is violence, that’s all they know. It’s not a peace-loving religion, said Hoyt Wood, a 68-year-old veteran.

Trump said he knew his comment would create a political firestorm but was unmoved telling his supporters: “I. Don’t. Care.”
He admitted to not being “politically correct” but was proud to lead the “noisy majority”.
He added: “We used to call it the quiet majority, but people are fed up – they are fed up with incompetence, they are fed up with stupid leaders, they are fed up with stupid people.”
“They think they are going to change our religion,” he said. “I don’t think so. I don’t think so – not going to happen.”
h/t: The Gateway Pundit

Failing To Learn From History: When Government Becomes God



Looking back at history and comparing early America to today, few would deny the fact the transformation has been drastic–and the moral decay great. Were there warning signs–and if so, why were they not heeded? Consequences of Christians backing out of culture include open promotion of sin, a nation in which God has practically been blotted out, bigger government and less freedom, a virtually ineffective church, and the fact we have nearly lost the battle for righteousness.
Prior to the acceleration of our decline, however, Christians in the 1800s were gaining converts, momentum, and influence. Some consider that century the greatest missionary century in history. Our culture, institutions, laws, and businesses were influenced by Christians who, for the most part, were not ashamed to live their faith publicly and discuss spiritual things.
As the 1900s rolled around, things began changing as America experienced economic success and cultural advances. Several factors including busier lives, increased population, and worldly temptations led many believers to back out of public involvement in political and social issues.

By 1918, all states required school attendance for children; and the public education movement in America rapidly expanded in the decades to follow, soon to be infiltrated by progressives. By more or less withdrawing from culture, Christian leaders gave humanists and secularists control of major institutions, including higher education, government, the judiciary, media, and the entertainment industry.
The results have been devastating. This spiritual war had been going on from the beginning, but suddenly it seemed as if the primary battleground and prize possession was the United States. Major conflicts were brewing within America. As you read this, you may be saying to yourself, “but where were the religious leaders, and why weren’t more Christians taking a stand?” Can we not ask the same questions today?
We must realize evil is at work all around us, and there is nothing new under the sun. When depravity and immorality appear more prevalent in society, one of the main causes can be traced to silent or inactive Christians. This environment sets the stage for emboldened agendas against God, His Word, and His people…

Discrimination toward Christians in America is increasing, and we tolerate a faulty understanding of the First Amendment. As society becomes more corrupt and godless, those who hate God no longer feel the need to be subtle about it. Where they used to simply disagree with us, today they want to remove the “conservative opposition” by silencing us.
Opponents of the biblical Christian worldview are not satisfied with just denying God exists as they fight to stop our moral influence on culture. Our choice to trust in Jesus Christ rubs them the wrong way, and they now feel emboldened to go so far as to take away that option for anyone else. We are at this pivotal point in our history because Christians not only allowed the secularization of America–some have welcomed it.
The early 1900s saw an increase of industry, entertainment, liberalism, and modernism. Some churches became more accepting of secular ideas and those who promoted them. These battles would parallel the truth war – one which continues today even in the church…

If we consider how much ground Christians surrendered, it is quite shocking for some today who thought America’s problems were much more recent.
Most of our Founding Fathers would have testified to the fact that this country was based on the morals and values in the Holy Bible. Standing for truth demanded a firm foundation without abandonment of principles and standards. It is so much easier to compromise than to reverse the devastating consequences of compromise.
Citizens of Germany know all about compromise…
Dietrich Bonhoeffer was one who refused to compromise, and these words should keep true believers inspired and motivated: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil;”
During the time of Hitler’s rise to power, conservative pastor Martin Niemoller was one of hundreds of church leaders arrested for speaking out against the policies of Nazism. Just like many religious people in Germany, it appears Niemoller originally supported Hitler for the first few years. He thought the national enthusiasm of new leadership would lead Germany to a spiritual revival. Like President Obama in his countless speeches, declarations, and press conferences, Hitler said all the right things to convince enough people to follow him; and through his charismatic delivery, many did not see the deceit.

As Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Hitler promised that “The rights of the churches will not be curtailed.” He flat out lied.
Looking back in regret for not opposing Hitler years earlier, Niemoller admitted he was betrayed. Laws were passed preventing churches from interfering in politics, and the Nazis systematically limited church influence in society…
In Germany, the churches were kept quiet by force; in America, the churches have been silent due to self-inflicted apathy (for now). Nationalized health care was already underway in Germany before Hitler came to power, while the American government is now enforcing ObamaCare on people who were never given a say.
How long will true Christians and freedom-loving Americans allow a power-hungry, corrupt government to bully and intimidate us? How about when activist judges overrule the people – should we be silent? Governing authorities in Germany had the same agenda in 1935 as radicals and the left in America have today: Eliminate all Christian influence over public life…
This is a portion of an extensive book excerpt from chapter 2 in The Cost of Our Silence by author David Fiorazo; click here to read much more.

Hey Exe/VP Bill Shine .@FoxNews You're a Pussy...!

And to be quite frank Obama's shoe shine boy enabler...bfd ...Stacey Dash said Obama doesn't give a *shit* and Lt Col Ralph Peters called him a *pussy* Hey for the record IMO along with many Miltiary Generals as well as Intel Officers have stated Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is ...has committed Treason against the United States of America...not a peep from y'all. 
Also fyi he is a Muslim and you and your top talking heads  are in denial to a degree that is dangerous ! 
Do your homework instead of attacking your guest contributors who used a lil attention getting vernacular...not exactly what most people would call profanity! 

On to the article: