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Unbelievable: US military personnel forced to submit to the sharia during Ramadan

oped: Enough is Enough...I will not submit to the Obama Administration...nor Islam nor Sharia Law...nor the LGBT... me a me a old me anything you want...I for one gave blood ,sweat and tears over the years to keep our great country free and normal...only to have this damn poser Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is [from the gates of hell] take our beloved country down the road of perversion and submission...I will not submit to this perversion ! *PERIOD*  
Our Congress has failed us...maybe just maybe it is past due time for our real military to wake the hell up and follow Egypts lead and take back our is quite apparent that our so called elected officials lack the cahunas,morality and patriotism to do the job of Impeaching,arresting and prosecuting the whole damn Obama administration of progressive perverts! 

Here are the facts about Islam,Sharia Law and the Pink Swastika ~research and wake the hell up folks!


When Obama told the world america was a muslim nation, he meant he was going to turn it into a muslim nation, starting with those in jail and military. Air force recruits are now required to attend muslim classes and many young impressionable recruits have turned to islam. is this the change you hoped for america? 

Pamela Geller 6-26-14   Our troops must adhere to the sharia during the Islamic month of Ramadan in Bahrain and other Muslim countries. Subjected to dawah (proselytizing) by an a base Islamic cultural adviser at the Naval Support Activity, soldiers are forced to sit through lessons on Islam. No eating, drinking, alcohol, smoking during the month of Ramadan.

This is what the Obama administration and the US military are obsessed with as armies of jihad tear through the Middle East

Military newspaper Stars and Stripes reports:

“It actually made me want to do a lot more research into the religion,” said Petty Officer 1st Class James Ramirez.

Really? How about equal time for the Jewish faith? The Christian faith? The Hindu faith?

US military  are encouraged “to experience Iftar in a Ramadan tent.”

Why anyone who is not a Muslim must stop eating (except in secret) during Ramadan is another example of how Islamic supremacism. Unlike Jewish law which pertains only to Jews, and Canon law which pertains only to Christians, the Sharia asserts it’s totalitarian authority over non-Muslims.

During the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Jews fast from sun up to sundown. Nowhere and at no time has the idea of no one else eating been considered. Nor should it.

The idea that our service men and women can’t have a coffee on their drive to work is outrageous and indicative of how far the West has gone in the norming of the sharia. Muslims eat a giant meal before sun-up but our boys and girls can’t have a coffee while we defend these countries in many cases? Supremacism and submission.
And it doesn’t stop there. Our soldiers (men and women) must wear long sleeve shirts. No alcohol or smoking  is permitted and if all this wasn’t pathetic enough, soldiers are instructed to say “Ramadan Kareem.” 

US personnel in Bahrain prepare for Ramadan

By Hendrick Simoes
Stars and Stripes
Published: June 26, 2014 (thanks to witness)

Ali Hassan, a base cultural adviser at Naval Support Activity Bahrain, briefs about 150 U.S. personnel about Islam, the Islamic lunar calender, and about customs and traditions during Ramadan, Tuesday.

MANAMA, Bahrain — U.S. personnel accustomed to drinking their coffee on the drive to work will have to put that habit on hold for about a month. It’s one of a few lifestyle changes Americans will have to make during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Officials expect Ramadan to begin at sunrise on Saturday, depending on when the new moon is sighted. The holy month lasts for approximately 30 days — until about July 28. For Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a month of fasting and devotion to God. Most Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, when families gather for Iftar — the meal that breaks the fast.

For the 8,200 U.S. personnel living here, and those serving throughout the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility — including servicemembers, civilian personnel, contractors and family members — the month may require changing some daily routines. 

Businesses and government offices will reduce hours and most restaurants will be closed during daylight hours.

While not required to fast during Ramadan, in Bahrain, Americans can be fined or detained by local authorities for eating, drinking or smoking in public when off-base during daylight hours.

Navy officials are requiring U.S. personnel to dress more conservatively off-base during Ramadan. Although not a requirement by Bahraini authorities, the Navy is demanding that men wear long-sleeved shirts and women wear sleeved blouses that cover their elbows. Also, men must wear long trousers, and women should wear pants or skirts that cover the knees.

Base cultural advisers have spent the last few weeks conducting Ramadan briefs to educate Americans about the holy month. Ali Hassan briefed about 150 personnel Tuesday about Islam, the lunar calendar and customs and traditions during Ramadan.

“It actually made me want to do a lot more research into the religion,” said Petty Officer 1st Class James Ramirez. He said the additional requirements during the month aren’t a big deal to him. “For such a small period of time, it’s a small sacrifice,” he said. 

Other servicemembers echoed that sentiment.

Hassan encouraged personnel to experience Iftar in a Ramadan tent, many of which are set up at various locations around Bahrain during the holy month and welcome non-Muslims.

“Make it a point to visit these tents while you’re here. You don’t know if you’ll ever come back to Bahrain in the future,” Hassan said during the brief.

While the tents offer a more traditional atmosphere, many restaurants put aside their regular menus during the month and serve special Iftar dinners.

Things to Know During Ramadan:

Eating, drinking, chewing and smoking in public are civil offenses in some Islamic countries.

Men should wear long sleeves and pants. Women’s sleeves should extend below the elbow and pants or skirts should cover the knees.

Avoid critical remarks about fasting or any religious practice.

Most restaurants will be closed except those in 4- and 5-star hotels.

Businesses alter and reduce hours during the day; some open at night until early morning hours.

Arabs are good hosts and may offer you food or refreshments during daylight hours. Such offers should be declined.

All consumption of alcohol by U.S. military personnel is prohibited at any off base public venue in the U.S. Navy 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility during Ramadan.

It’s customary to say ‘Ramadan Kareem’ during Ramadan.

Report: Obama Admin Intimidating Soldiers who Know the Truth About Bergdahl


The Obama Administration operates as thugs. The president-to-be that once promised “hope,” “change,” and the most transparent administration in history has conducted his presidency in the utmost secrecy and have threatened and abused those who dared to challenger his administration’s narratives.
We have witnessed the abusive relationship that exists between the media and the Obama Administration. With their relentless assault on Fox News and their continued picking-and-choosing of who is in favor with the administration and who is not, the President and his staff have largely threatened and intimidated the Fourth Estate into submission.

The State Department has hidden and threatened those who are in a position to challenge the official, continually-changing stories surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack.
The Obama Administration does not only threaten reporters or witnesses to the Benghazi massacre. Now, the latest scandal concerning Bowe Bergdahl is a liability for the Obama Administration and reports are emerging that indicate that the Obama Administration has been complicit in intimidating soldiers who know that Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter.

The Obama Administration’s crusade against our soldiers has gotten so bad that even the Huffington Post has been reporting on the outrageous treatment.
Last week, HuffPo columnist Bill Robinson spoke out on Fox and Friends and claimed that he had been receiving information from an inside source that claims that soldiers are being threatened, intimidated and discredited by the Obama Administration who are now threatened by the media narrative surrounding Bergdahl’s desertion.
Robinson claimed, “The White House, in concert with the State Department and Defense Department was orchestrating a campaign of threats and intimidation not only against infantrymen and the military men in Afghanistan at the time in 2009,  but also against military officers and Pentagon officers to keep silent about what really happened, there.”  

“He was more than just a deserter,” Robinson continued. “He was an out and out traitor.”
Robinson also pointed out that after expressing his hatred for America, the soldier left his station in a combat zone, leaving behind his belongings and weapon. After being intercepted by Taliban forces, Robinson pointed out, American casualties jumped 83% in the following month. 
We do not know the entirety of the story surrounding Bowe Bergdahl, but we do know enough to know that this is a scandal of epic proportions. The Obama administration has known for years that this was a deserter and possible traitor and they still traded five high-ranking terrorists to obtain Bergdahl- a man who has professed a hatred for America prior to his desertion. 

Since then, we have heard flippant disregards for the soldiers who were there, who know the truth. At what point will Americans finally have had enough of this treasonous president?

ACT OF WAR? Mexican Military Crosses Border; Fires on U.S.


Earlier this week, TPNN reported on a disturbing trend occurring at the U.S-Mexican border. There have been numerous instances of the Mexican Army crossing the border into the United States and firing on American citizens. Mexican official described these incidents as done by ‘rogue agents,’ but a recent event calls into question the truthfulness of that claim.
KVOA News 4 in Tucson reports that in the early morning hours on Thursday, a Mexican military helicopter crossed the border and fired upon U.S. Border Patrol Agents. This happened in an area where Arizona borders Mexico west of the San Miguel Gate on the Tohono O’Odham Nation. 

Reportedly, after the helicopter fired upon the Border Patrol and returned, officials in Mexico contacted U.S. officials to apologize.
Border Patrol indicated that no one was injured during this direct attack on U.S. Border Patrol Agents by the Mexican Military.

The president of the Border Patrol Union in the Tucson Sector Local 2544, Art del Cueto, previously addressed this growing trend of the Mexican Army crossing into America and going into attack mode against American citizens and federal agents.
“I mean, it’s very nerve-wracking. A lot of these encounters happen in the middle of the night where, you know, the lighting is low and you don’t know who you’re encountering. You’re sitting there and seeing a group of guys coming up to you and they’re all carrying long-arms, you don’t know what you’re encountering.” Cueto continued saying, “When you see our own government putting more emphasis on the rights of individuals who are in this country illegally already instead of trying to help out the agents and seeing these intrusions and taking them seriously, it’s very frustrating.”  
Meanwhile, as U.S. Border Patrol agents are contending with increased attacks by the Mexican Military on American soil, they are increasingly being taken away from their patrol job duties to babysit and tend to the tens of thousands of illegal alien children who are crossing the border into the United States.

Obama’s America: Men in the Military Can Wear Skirts, but Tattoos are Restricted


While gays were never explicitly excluded from serving in the military, the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy prevented someone from living an openly gay lifestyle while in the Service. After Obama banned that policy, we have seen instances of gay celebrations and drag queen parties on our military bases.

Now, there is a push to allow transgenders, ex. men who dress up as women, to be able to serve in the military. In a recent article in the Washington Times, Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, addressed this push by Obama to allow transgenders in the military. She called Obama’s push a political payback to special interests groups.
“Before President Obama imposes another extreme element of LGBT law, he should consider the consequences for the majority of men and women in uniform,” Ms. Donnelly said. “They should not be forced toparticipate in an unprecedented social experiment that does nothing to strengthen our military.”
While the push for gays and transgenders in the military has been widely reported, since it fits with the constant progressive push for political correctness, there is one group that is finding themselves discriminated against in their quest to serve in the military or move up in the ranks.
People with tattoos are being turned away from enlisting in the military and those who are already serving are finding that their tattoos are preventing them from being promoted.

That’s right. In the United States Military under Barack Obama, it may soon be okay for a man to wear a dress and someone can put their homosexuality on full display. But a new Army Tattoo Regulation policy is discriminating against people who simply like ink.
This puzzling topic was discussed on Fox News The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson. In the Army, which Obama is already shrinking to pre-World War Two levels, the following regulations are being applied to tattoos.

  1. Tattoos on the head, face, neck, wrists, hands, or fingers are banned.
  2. Tattoos cannot exceed four visible tattoos below the elbow or knee.
  3. Sleeve tattoos below the elbow or knee are not allowed.
What was once considered a manly thing, often seen as a sign of toughness, is now forbidden to the extreme in the military. 
In Arizona alone, 500 potential recruits were turned away from enlisting in the service simply because they have tattoos that don’t fit in the box of current discriminatory military regulations.
One must ask themselves, how will having a tattoo on your neck or hand prevent you from serving your country to the best of your ability and fighting with all your might, risking life and limb, to keep America safe?

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Adam Shatarsky, co-founder of the Wounded Walk, joined Gretchen Carlson to talk about this discriminatory policy that few people even realize exists. 

Remember Mississippi...The New Alamo

Fellow Conservatives:

Many of you have contacted us to express your disgust with what happened in the Republican primary runoff in Mississippi.

The Senate Republican establishment used Democrats to defeat conservative Chris McDaniel (R-MS) because Thad Cochran (R-MS) couldn't win the election with his party's own voters.

These so-called 'Republicans' recruited Democrats -- not by arguing for conservative principles like Ronald Reagan did -- but by campaigning for liberal policies and by calling McDaniel and his supporters racists.

You are right to be angry and it's important for all conservatives to remember what happened in Mississippi

  • We must remember that the establishment urged Cochran to run against McDaniel even though Cochran wanted to retire.
  • We must remember that the establishment opposed McDaniel even though Cochran had been in Washington for 41 years and had voted for wasteful spending, more debt, and higher taxes.
  • RINOWe must remember that the establishment opposed McDaniel even though, according to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, McDaniel would win the seat for Republicans in November.
  • We must remember that Haley Barbour got the gun-grabbing Michael Bloomberg to donate $250,000 to help defeat McDaniel.
  • We must remember that the establishment funded race-baiting calls to black voters urging them to "say no to the Tea Party and their disrespectful treatment of the first African-American president."
  • We must remember that the establishment funded race-baiting flyers saying that McDaniel wanted to return Mississippi to a “bygone era of intimidating black Mississippians from voting.”
  • We must remember that the establishment funded race-baiting radio ads that claimed McDaniel had connections to the Ku Klux Klan and that McDaniel had a "racist agenda" that could cause black voters to "lose food stamps, housing assistance, student loans, early breakfast and lunch programs, and disaster assistance."
  • We must remember that the establishment funded efforts that led to widespread claims of payoffs and voter fraud that threw the results of the election into serious doubt.
  • We must remember that Mitch McConnell (R-KY) -- who vowed to "crush" conservatives "everywhere" -- raised over $800,000 from Washington, DC lobbyists and other GOP senators to help pay for Cochran's attacks against McDaniel.
  • We must remember that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) continued to oppose McDaniel after he won the most Republican votes in the primary, and then spent $175,000 of party money to defeat McDaniel in the runoff.
 The establishment showed us in Mississippi that they're willing to betray their own voters and tear the GOP apart to hold onto power.

Enough is enough!

Conservatives should stop donating to the NRSC.

Take a stand against the Senate Republican establishment by signing the pledge and committing not to donate to the NRSC.
Remember Mississippi

This will get their attention like nothing else.

The NRSC spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and sent nearly their entire staff to Mississippi to turn out liberal Democrats to beat conservatives.

Then they expect conservatives to forget what happened and continue to send them money after they stabbed us in the back.

They expect us to clap like seals when they say they're working to elect a Republican Majority when we know they won't fight for our principles.

It has to stop. We can't continue to be the party's useful idiots.

Conservatives should not fund a Republican committee that recruits liberal Democrats to defeat constitutional conservatives.

If the only way the establishment can win GOP primaries is by disgraceful race-baiting and courting Democrats, they have lost their way.

Show your opposition to the tactics used to defeat conservatives in Mississippi by pledging to defund the NRSC.

Majority-Leader-Wannabe Mitch McConnell, NRSC Chairman Jerry Moran, and the others who supported Thad Cochran's disgraceful attacks on Chris McDaniel are part of the problem.

These politicians don't believe in the principles of freedom that make America great. Their ideology is power and they will do anything to keep it.

Craig Shirley, a political consultant and the author of two respected biographies of Ronald Reagan, told Yahoo News:

"This is a win for the establishment, but it’s a win with an asterisk, because it’s so tainted that it might be one of those things where they’re going to be sorry they ever won the runoff in Mississippi.” 

Let's make it so.


Ken Cuccinelli II
President, Senate Conservatives Fund
@KenCuccinelli / @SCF

ISIS Terror Regime To Hit Mega-Jackpot


George W. Bush’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Found

History will show that Bush was right and Obama a fool.

Sunni extremists in Iraq have now occupied what was once Saddam Hussein’s premier chemical-weapons facility and found…. wait for it: The dreaded, long lost, never were there in the first-place, Bush lied – people died: Weapons of mass destruction.
ISIS, the group people are saying is worse than Al Qaeda – I guess you have to be competitive in today’s world – has apparently captured a stockpile of chemical weapons which if you listen to the aforementioned Clinton, Clinton, Gore & Kerry since the war, never existed.
State Department officials told the Wall Street Journal:
U.S. officials don’t believe the Sunni militants will be able to create a functional chemical weapon from the material. The weapons stockpiled at the Al Muthanna complex are old, contaminated and hard to move, officials said.
Still though, what would you expect them to say? Barack Obama has been railing on George W. for ten years, saying GWB lied about the reason to go to war. He’s going to all of a sudden say, “hey, look! WMD’s – that President Bush was right all along!!”? Yeah, right..
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Killing O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is the ultimate moderate. He at times is right on, but wants to go off because somehow Hillary might have been disrespected. Did Hillary respect anything other than her lies ever?
Check it out:
Bill O’Reilly has now dedicated two segments on “The Factor” decrying Jason Mattera’s confrontation with Hillary Clinton as “nasty,” “cheap stuff,” “crude,” “over-the-line,” and hurtful to conservatives. He even turned the video into one of his corny poll questions. Upon further review, it turns out that Billy wasn’t referencing Mattera at all. Nope. He was talking about his own boorish behavior.
Seriously now, watch the montage above and then ask yourself if Bill O’Reilly is really the best person to be lecturing anyone on matters of decorum.  

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Is Obama Radical? The Evidence of the Supreme Court

Obama only wants military leaders who 'will fire on U.S. citizens'

If you have friends who think of Obama a centrist or moderate, I applaud you for not being insular in your social relationships. But the problem with such people is that they have obviously bought into so much ideological garbage, including the delusion that only other people are ideological—like “those Tea Party people”—that it is hard to know how to get them to reconsider such a position. 

Perhaps it impossible to reason with people, but I do think there is one piece of evidence that might catch their attention. It is found in the Supreme Court.
I’m no fan of the Supreme Court. I fear, in fact, that they may actually create their rulings in a way designed to convince us that they are sometimes on our side so that they can get away with egregious violations of the Constitution (i.e. Obamacare is constitutional because it is a tax). I am afraid we are being softened up for the Hobby Lobby case. Perhaps I’m just pessimistic and paranoid.

But since most people don’t think of the court that way, they should be open to a different kind of argument. The Supreme Court has some liberals and conservatives on the bench. Everyone knows this. Furthermore, the Daily Caller tells us that, “Historically, at least five Supreme Court justices side with the federal government about 70 percent of the time, according to The Washington Times.”
So with that in mind, how can it be that the Supreme Court has ruled against the Obama Administration, nine to zero, thirteen times since 2012

dictator obama - obamacare, conspiracy, obama, nwo

According to the Daily Caller,
In one case, NLRB v. Noel Canning, the Court unanimously rebuked President Obama for his three unconstitutional attempts to declare the U.S. Senate in recess when, in fact, the Senate was not in recess.
In a second case, McCullen v. Coakley, the justices unanimously threw out a Massachusetts law that outlawed protests within 35 feet of any abortion clinic. The federal government was not directly involved in this case but the U.S. Deputy Solicitor General did file an amicus brief in favor of the free speech ban.
The solicitor general filed another losing amicus brief in another 9-0 case decided this week as well. In Riley v. California, the court unanimously held that the Fourth Amendment requires police to obtain a warrant to search cell phones belonging to private citizens. 

In a similar Fourth Amendment case decided in 2012, U.S. v. Jones, the Obama Justice Department again lost 9-0 when it tried to argue that the federal government does not need a warrant to affix GPS tracking devices to anyone’s car, at any time, for basically any reason.

 So, if Barack Obama is a constitutional lawyer, how is he so bad at taking the Constitutional issue according to every single judge, including his own liberal appointment, sitting on the bench?

The most obvious conclusion is that Barack Obama is a radical.
But there is one other thing that you need to consider as a conservative.
If rulings are coming up to the Supreme Court and being decided 9-0, what does that tell us about the lower courts? Is it possible that they are more debauched than the Supreme Court? It seems likely. In that case, as much as I hate to admit it, it seems like the Executive branch and the lower courts are “evolving” (though I’d prefer a much more negative word) much faster than the membership on the Supreme Court can be stacked. In fact, it seems that even the most liberal member of the Supreme Court is more conservative than the Executive Branch and many of the lower courts.
The Daily Caller also notes,
During the last three presidential terms (so including George W. Bush’s second term), the federal government has actually been losing more than it has been winning. 

So it seems that the Supreme Court is sometimes functioning as a conservative brake on the Executive Branch, and that our Executive Branch is attempting to completely slip the bounds of the Constitution.
Seeing this Supreme Court as a conservative force tells you just how liberal the rest of our government has become!


Child Takes a Walk; Father Arrested for "Child Endangerment"

We only have one side of the story here, but it doesn’t look good. A father says that his children were in the habit of taking a church van every Sunday and Wednesday. The van would stop by their house and the children would board it to go to church. So one day he heard the kids go out and get in the van at the regular time.
What he didn’t know was that his eight-year-old had decided to skip church.

According to WCPO:
"My kids run in the house in the living room here and tell me, 'Hey, Dad, the church van's here. We're leaving. We're going on to church,' " Williamson said.
"I said, 'OK.' "
Williamson said he didn't know Justin didn't get on the bus.
"He just wanted to go play in the neighborhood," he said.
Justin ended up at the Family Dollar store on busy Route 28 about a half mile from home.
Blanchester police were called. They say Justin didn't know where he lived, and it was only after talking to a customer that they learned his address. 

"That's definitely totally, totally untrue," Justin's father said. "He knows his way around this whole neighborhood right here."
Williamson said Blanchester police showed up at his door with Justin.
"I told the cop he goes out in the neighborhood and plays every day with all the other kids," Williamson said. "There's a million kids around here that play. I know the parents. The parents know me."
The officer was still at the Williamson house when the church van dropped off the other Williamson children. 

"The next thing you know, he comes up to me and he says, 'You're under arrest.' My kids start crying their eyes out wondering why I'm getting arrested,"  Williamson said.
Williamson lost his job at McDonald's after the story was on the front page of the paper.
I have a hard time believing that a fast food restaurant would care. But the story of the cops gratuitously arresting a parent seems similar to a report from Hawaii where a father was convicted in court because he made his son walk home from school.
The father says he will fight the charge in court. But if he is working a minimum-wage hourly job, I doubt he can afford a good lawyer. My guess is that the cops could figure out his income level and knew that they could arrest him without needing to fear that they would get in trouble.

We are getting to the point in this country that no parent really knows what he must do to stay out of jail.
(Hat tip:


Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Liberty Fund.

Dear Patriot,

I want you to imagine something terrifying...'re decorated, combat wounded, veteran of two tours in Afghanistan;'re admitted to a Veterans Hospital for treatment;
... and you're being held against your will in a horrible Mexican jail.

This isn't a joke — my son Andrew, 25 years of age, is a current inactive Reservist Marine Corps Meritoriously Promoted Sergeant who served with honor in two tours. After being honorably discharged active duty from the Marine Corps, Andrew went to San Diego in March to receive treatment for PTSD. While driving in Southern California, he unknowingly took a wrong turn and wound up at a Mexican Customs Checkpoint. He was denied the right to turn back and was arrested for carrying firearms into Mexico that are legally registered in the United States. In desperation, he even called 9-11 for help. Now, he is in jail in Mexico (he's been moved to three different jails), has been denied bail, and is being represented by the third attorney ordered.

We have appealed to the State Department... but John Kerry "raised the issue". We have filed a petition with the White House ... but President Obama has ignored our pleas.

  Andrew is not an "issue". He is a grave, serious, URGENT CONCERN.

I have been honored to be a featured guest on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren, and other major cable news networks that have covered Andrew's case. I hope that you're seen or heard something in the news about my son on the news.

Everyone agreesAndrew shouldn't be in jail, yet all of his life savings will be spent on his defense of an unintentional entry. This horrific experience has broken Andrew physically, emotionally and financially. So today, I'm at my last resort. As a mother, I'm asking for your immediate help.

Are you able to make a generous donation of $25 or whatever you can afford to Andrew's liberty fund?

If you want to learn more about our situation, and I truly hope that you do, please click here to watch a short video that includes reporting from Fox News about our situation. When you're finished watching, please consider making a generous contribution to liberate Andrew.

I'm so fortunate to have the assistance of many friends and organizations here in America that have helped me set up the Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Liberty Fund.

You see , the truth is, I'm just a mom from Florida. I'm not a diplomat, or an international lawyer, or a strong Marine like my son. I need help to get Andrew out of jail and to bring him home and for that I'm going to need to hire talented lawyers... lawyers that I can't afford and that our government isn't willing to provide.

So that's why I need your urgent help. Will you make a donation of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to the Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Liberty Fund today?

I really hope you're with me on this...

I know the American people are not ok with a decorated, combat wounded Marine being unfairly held in a Mexican jail. And that's why I am emailing you today.

Click here to watch this short video that includes reporting on our situation from Fox News and other major cable news channels.

Thank you in advance for your support.

I hope that you can make a donation, or at the very least, give us your support so we can urge the Obama Administration to show some interest in freeing my son.


Jill Tahmooressi
Andrew's Mother

Nevada university students call on Clinton to return speaking fee

hillary-clinton (1)

Washington (CNN) – When it rains, it pours for Hillary Clinton.
Students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas are asking the former secretary of state to return the speaking fee she is set to collect when she appears at a university fundraiser in October.
The calls, which are gleefully being pushed by national and state Republicans, come at an inopportune time for Clinton, whose "Hard Choices" book tour has largely been defined by missteps she’s made regarding her wealth and steep speaking fees.  

Sales of Clinton's 'Hard Choices' drop by over 40% in second week
The University of Nevada-Las Vegas announced this week that Clinton, a likely 2016 presidential candidate, would headline their annual fundraising dinner in this fall. The university is paying Clinton $225,000 for the appearance with money from "private donations secured by the UNLV foundation," according to a spokeswoman for the university who went on to say that no money from the school's operating budget will be used on the fee.
Even with that caveat, the news of Clinton's fee did not sit well with the university’s students, especially considering Nevada's higher education board decided to raise tuition by 17% earlier this month.
Elias Benjelloun, the UNLV student body president, and Daniel Waqar, the student government's public relations director, told Nevada political reporter John Ralston that the speaking fee is "a bit outrageous."

"We'd like Secretary Clinton, respectfully, to gracefully return the money to the university or the foundation," Waqar told Ralston on Thursday.
Pushing back against the controversy, a Clinton aide told CNN that the UNLV speaking fee would go to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, not to the former first lady directly.
This is not the first time Clinton has appeared at a university for a fee, but because Clinton recently made two noticeable slip-ups when answering questions about her wealth and speaking fees, Republicans are seizing on any news that continues the storyline.

Hillary Clinton on wealth missteps: 'My record speaks for itself'
In March of 2003, Clinton spoke to the University of Los Angeles-California as part of a donor-sponsored speaker series.
The former secretary of state was paid $300,000 for that appearance, according to a spokesman for the college. At the time of the speech, an event organizer told CNN that Clinton was not being paid.
"No tuition dollars or public money were used for this fee," Jean-Paul Renaud told CNN on Friday. "Actually, the fee was a gift made to us specifically to attract people like Hillary Clinton."
Renaud also noted that the UCLA speaker series is funded by a gift from Meyer Luskin, a Los Angeles business man who requires that the money is used to bring in high profile speakers.
"We are bound to do such things with the gift," Renaud said.

A Clinton aide confirmed that the fee from the UCLA speech, too, went directly to the foundation.
Clinton also addressed the University of Miami in February. Donna Shalala, the university's president and a former Bill Clinton cabinet member, told reporters at the time that Clinton was being paid a "discounted" rate for the appearance.
When asked by the Wall Street Journal on Friday whether Clinton's speaking fee was close to $200,000, Shalala said "No, no, no, no, no, no" and confirmed that a private donor covered Clinton's fee.
A spokesman for Clinton did not comment on where the money from the Miami speech went.
Clinton's Republican critics have aggressively pushed the story as more proof that Clinton is paid too much to be in touch with average Americans. The attack line has turned into a narrative for Republicans who, from day one of Clinton's book tour, seized on the former first lady saying she and her husband were "dead broke" when they left the White House.

First on CNN: National Republicans say Hillary Clinton is next Obama, not husband
"Hillary Clinton’s speaking fee at UNLV is more than 4 times what the average Nevadan makes in a year," Jahan Wilcox, an RNC spokesman, noted in a statement to reporters. Tim Miller, the executive director for America Rising, an anti-Clinton super PAC, called the UNLV Clinton fee absurd.
Since leaving the State Department in 2013, Clinton has been a highly sought after speaker for university, cooperate and conference events.
While many of her speeches are paid, Clinton also regularly appears for free at certain events.
When she addressed the United Methodist Women Assembly in April, for example, Clinton did not charge a fee and organizers noted on stage that she paid her own way to the event.
"When Mrs. Clinton accepted our invitation to speak before us today, she declined our standard honorarium and covered her own expenses," United Methodist Women President Yvette Richards said in introducing Clinton.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Didja' ever have one of these days...?

Well to be honest I have had one everyday since 2008 and the election of the "Poser" Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is..!  His presidency has been so disheartning' makes one want to say F' it and head for a deserted beach to try to hide from all the destruction Barry's presidency has brought upon us all!

The temptation is great, but I will fight it for the greater need of the country and will continue the hard as it is...being that our wonderful elected representatives are the ones who have gotten drunk and are screwing their way through their elected terms in office...and folks we are the ones being screwed...wtfu already!

Song Dedication To Barry Obama:

This will Destroy the Myth About the Religion of Islam

Jihad Posters (Some Painfully-Truthful, Some Funny, Some In Bad Taste ...
 What Islam needs to understand is we have been there before...and if pushed will be there again...*PERIOD *
Holy War or Funny Jihad photo
And what Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is...will not be able to save you...he is a heartbeat away  from Impeachment,arrest and prosecution for Sedition and Treason...

Back off...thats all I have to say!

 Indeed people really need to do the research on the subject instead of accepting the Looney Lefts being PC approach to the subject matter...being PC will only get us all killed...*PERIOD* 


Dear Fellow Conservative,

I brought Robert Spencer into the Freedom Center just over eight years ago. In those years he has become a mainstay of our operation and I don't exaggerate when I say that he is the foremost authority on Islam and Jihad in the world today.

His books and pamphlets are read by millions and when the history is written years from now, he will be remembered as one of the great and incredibly courageous truth tellers in this mighty struggle to save our civilization.

But that is then, this is now. And right now, in the midst of this great struggle, I need to ask for your help. In order to keep the great work of Robert published, read and listened to, we need your help. The Jihad Watch annual budget is about $275,000 a year, some of that we are blessed to have covered by generous grants. But we still need to raise just over $100,000 to meet our budget.

That is why I am writing you today with a very special offer of Robert Spencer's fantastic book, Not Peace but a Sword: The Great Chasm between Christianity and Islam. For a donation of just $35 to help Robert, I will send you a free copy today. For a $50 donation I will send you a signed copy.
This book destroys the myth that Islam is a religion of peace and that they are an easy ally in the fight against global secularization and the culture of death. Robert warns us against the danger of thinking that Islam is an ally and he shines the light of truth on areas where Christians and Muslims don't just quibble over small details but fundamentally disagree. He demonstrates how these differences are not academic but real-world. They are critical and drive Muslim behavior toward Christians and others. If we fail to open our eyes to these differences, we do so at our peril.

Please help us today and help Robert continue his great work. I will send you a free copy of this book today by making a donation. I hope you can be as generous as you can. Robert needs your help and our civilization needs Robert's words and writings more than ever.
Thank you for all you do in this great struggle.


David Horowitz
David Horowitz
President & Founder

David Horowitz Freedom Center

White House: ‘We’re Not Just Going to Sit Around and Wait’ for Congress to Write Laws

President Obama, tired of waiting for Congress to act on immigration reform, is currently exploring ways to address issues with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.
During an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained that the Obama administration was getting impatient with Congress.
“[W]e’re not just going to sit around and wait interminably for Congress,” he explained. “We’ve been waiting a year already. The president has tasked his Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson with reviewing what options are available to the president, what is at his disposal using his executive authority to try to address some of the problems that have been created by our broken immigration system.”
Read More:

ALL of the Net Jobs Gains in the U.S. Since 2000 Have Gone to Immigrants

Since 2000, all of the net jobs added by the U.S. economy have gone to immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to a report being released Friday by the Center for Immigration Studies that challenges prevailing wisdom that the country needs an influx of workers.
Nearly 6 million more people are working in the U.S. now than in 2000, but the number of native-born Americans holding jobs has declined slightly, from 114.8 million to 114.7 million, according to census figures crunched by CIS. Instead, all of that job growth — a total of 5.7 million — has gone to immigrants.
Some of the native-born are unemployed, but a huge number have been chased from the workforce altogether, in part because of competition from immigrants, said Steven A. Camarota, research director for CIS and lead author of the report.
“Some may think that immigrants and natives never compete for jobs. But a majority of workers in virtually every occupation are native-born. Immigrants have made gains across the labor market in lower-, middle- and higher-skilled jobs. Thus the idea that there are jobs Americans don’t do is simply not supported by the data,” Mr. Camarota and co-author Karen Zeigler wrote.
The study is being released as business leaders step up their push for Congress to pass an immigration reform bill this year, saying the country could use the workers.
Read more:

Saudi Arabia’s Armed Forces on High Alert as ISIS Approaches

How soon til all Muslims agree on one Caliphate and unite?

With the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) having taken control of border posts in Iraq on the border with Jordan, putting Saudi Arabia’s security in danger, Saudi King Abdullah has put the army and security forces on the highest alert. According to the Saudi state-run news agency:
“Anticipating (that) the terrorist organizations or others might carry out actions that might disturb the security of the homeland, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has ordered taking all necessary measures to protect the gains of the homeland and its territories in addition to the security and stability of the Saudi people.”
Saudi reconnaissance planes have found ISIS terrorists heading for the Saudi border, aiming to seize control of the Iraqi-Saudi border crossing at Ar Ar. 

Continue Reading on ...

Woman Savagely Beaten In Front Of Her 2yr. Old While Bystanders Film It

People are disgusting.

If this video doesn’t prompt you to get weapons training and a concealed carry, then nothing will. Unbelievable and brutal beating, viewer warning.
Oh, by the way, is this a ‘hate crime’? Because the victim is white, and the attacker (who also appears to be a Muslim from the pic) and onlookers are black and they offered no assistance. Or is it a hate crime only when the roles are reversed?
WARNING: This video contains scenes of violence and explicit language which may be disturbing to some viewers. An amateur video posted on Facebook, but since removed, shows a woman being savagely beaten Tuesday night in Salem City as her young son watches and tries to intervene. 

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McDaniel Has A Legal Path To Victory Over Cochran


Obama Wants to Change the Culture of the US and Israel — But He’s Cool with the Rest of the World

Obama hates freedom.

He’s got a big problem. He’s got a big problem with the traditional culture of this country, from the founding forward. In his view, it is an unjust, immoral culture, dominated by an unjust, immoral majority, which has gotten rich and powerful on the backs of the poor, the misbegotten, the hungry, thirsty, and, you name it. And it’s time now to reverse. It’s time now to transfer power unfairly acquired by these people in the majority and give it to the people was it stolen from.

The Middle East culture, same thing basically is happening here. We’re gonna get rid of the Israelis and their dominance and we’re gonna bring back the… it’s just good. Your question is really well stated and on point. Obama respects every other culture except ours and the Israeli’s. Those two cultures he’s got a problem with. And those two cultures he thinks have to pay a price for some — I don’t know — unfair, unjust behavior that we and they have engaged in over the years.
Look, I’ve said this I don’t know how many times. I’m serious when I say that he’s got a chip on his shoulder about this country and the way it was founded. There’s no question about that. And he’s doing what he can to transform it. It’s what he intended to do, and it’s what he meant when he said that the fundamental transformation of this country has begun with his election. We’re watching it. 

There’s no denying what’s happening. Just that some people don’t want to believe it or see it for what it is. And even those who see it for what it is just don’t want to admit it. It’s too hard. That would be devastating, so it’s gotta be incompetence or an accident or something we don’t understand, but it can’t be what it really is.
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Chuck Huckabee Picks the Toughest and Most Important Fight: Judicial Tyranny


Once and likely future presidential candidate Mike Huckabee may have been the last speaker at the recent “March for Marriage,” but what he had to say made the most lasting impression. For it was the winsome Huckabee, whom his detractors believe is “too nice” to take on the Left, who took on a fight even the boldest conservatives have shied away from for far too long. 

Judicial supremacy is a curse upon this great republic and is the greatest heresy of our time,” Huckabee said.
He went on to say the executive and legislative branches are not required to impose every violation of “natural law,” no matter what “nine people in black robes” decree.
Regardless of whether you like or dislike the idea of Huckabee 2016, every single word he said is true. And until we take his words to heart and act upon them, we cannot undo the damage the cultural Marxists have done to our constitutional republic.

Imagine trying to win a war without dismantling your enemy’s most fearsome and effective weapon. The odds for ultimate victory would be slim, for every gain you make would be eradicated every time your adversary unleashed this weapon. Yet this is exactly what we’ve been trying to do against the Left for at least a generation.
Come now, let us reason together. We’re all friends here. Can we be honest with one another? Can we be the critical thinkers we claim to be? Good. Then I’d like to pose a few questions for us to ponder.
Despite the fact we’ve sold a lot of books and gotten a lot of people elected to office, how come our movement has almost no substantive domestic policy victories to speak of? How come the Reagan era was the zenith of our movement, and not its vanguard? How come we conquered statism in the Soviet Union, but have barely stunted its growth in our own country?

There are several uncomfortable answers to these questions, but undoubtedly one of them is certainly our unwillingness to confront the most potent weapon the Left uses against us over and over again. A weapon they have put in place so they could unravel the intent and foundation of our constitutional republic without risking the scrutiny of the voters. This way they could impose “pretend laws” on a defenseless citizenry that would never see the light of the day if they had to pass lawfully.
I’m referring to judicial supremacy, which is really just a tyrannical oligarchy by another name. The federal judiciary has become America’s Politburo, where elites gather to impose pagan morality and anti-constitutional injustice on what’s supposed to be a free people. The notion that the judicial branch is superior to all the other branches flies in the face of what our Founding Fathers intended, and is one of the statists’ most pernicious lies.

Indeed, the framers explicitly said from the outset this was not the intent of an independent judicial branch.
In “The Federalist No. 78,” Alexander Hamilton writes: “The Executive not only dispenses the honors, but holds the sword of the community. The legislature not only commands the purse, but prescribes the rules by which the duties and rights of every citizen are to be regulated. The judiciary, on the contrary, has no influence over either the sword or the purse; no direction either of the strength or of the wealth of the society; and can take no active resolution whatever. It may truly be said to have neither force nor will, but merely judgment; and must ultimately depend upon the aid of the executive arm even for the efficacy of its judgments. This simple view of the matter suggests several important consequences. It proves incontestably, that the judiciary is beyond comparison the weakest of the three departments of power.”

Thomas Jefferson had much to say about potential tyranny from the judicial branch. He said “the question whether the judges are invested with exclusive authority to decide on the constitutionality of a law” is answered in the Constitution itself. “Certainly there is not a word in the Constitution which has given that power to them more than to the Executive or Legislative branches,” Jefferson said.
Furthermore, Jefferson believed “to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

I could quote multiple Founding Fathers who had similar things to say about tyranny from the judicial branch. But I specifically quoted Hamilton and Jefferson, who were often at odds, to demonstrate how widespread the opposition to judicial supremacy was from the men who pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honors” to give us American Exceptionalism.
To our founders, an independent judiciary did not mean independent of the will of the people, as today’s statists attest. It meant independent of the potential despotism of the other branches. They had just rebelled against a monarchy in England that controlled the judiciary and used it to impose its own twisted view of justice, which is what the Left has been doing to our liberty for decades now.

In fact, there is not a single gain the Left has made in this past generation that wasn’t either aided and abetted by the judiciary, or unilaterally imposed by the judiciary. Here are just a few examples:
⦁ State-sanctioned child-killing (Roe v. Wade)
⦁ Private property rights attacked (Kelo v. New London)
⦁ Obamacare mandate/tax upheld (NFIB v. Sebelius)
⦁ Illegal aliens entitled to taxpayer-funded benefits (Plyler v. Doe)
⦁ Redefining marriage (Lawrence v. Texas)
⦁ Opening the floodgates against religious liberty and free speech (U.S. v. Windsor)
Plus, in two recent opinions (D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago) only a scant 5-4 majority on the U.S. Supreme Court still found the Second Amendment to the Constitution constitutional. Imagine if the vote in those landmark cases had been 5-4 the other way? Does that mean we all just turn in our guns? Are we not even going to stand up to these black-robed bullies when they outright disregard the Constitution?
Our rights come from God, not government. Therefore, what government has not given, it cannot take away regardless of the words of mere mortals. Our Founding Fathers did not fight a revolution so that we would be ruled by laws made by people we did not elect. But that’s exactly the anti-American scheme we have allowed the Left to use against us for a generation. We have “evolved” beyond judicial review to judicial overview, with all laws passed by our elected officials not official until they’ve been given the Betty Crocker seal of approval from unelected judges.
That is tyranny. 

I don’t care how high someone scores on your favorite conservative group’s scorecard on the issues: If they aren’t prepared to echo the words of Huckabee, they are going to have a very hard time advancing liberty. The Left has their pagan judges at the ready to nullify any serious attempt we make at either the federal or state level to roll back their attacks against our freedom. It is impossible to restore our constitutional republic without first restoring the constitutional system of checks and balances, and the separation of powers.
We need an articulate champion to make this case to the American people, and a national election in 2016 is the perfect platform for it. Perhaps Huckabee is that champion? I hope he’s not alone. Many of those who will vote in the 2016 Iowa Caucuses also voted in 2010 to oust three (now former) state Supreme Court justices who thought they were above the will of the people. These voters are looking for bold fighters, and this is a fight that separates the men from the boys.

Learn more about your Constitution with Steve Deace and the Institute on the Constitution and receive your free gift

This Proves that Federal Agencies Are Full of… It


I would say this is unbelievable, but the truth is that nothing is absurd or disgusting enough to surprise me anymore. The EPA, the same group that followed the IRS tradition by claiming that the records required by Congress were eaten by a crashed hard drive, has some interesting problems.
According to Government Executive:
Environmental Protection Agency workers have done some odd things recently.
Contractors built secret man caves in an EPA warehouse, an employee pretended to work for the CIA to get unlimited vacations and one worker even spent most of his time on the clock looking at pornography

It appears, however, that a regional office has reached a new low: Management for Region 8 in Denver, Colo., wrote an email earlier this year to all staff in the area pleading with them to stop inappropriate bathroom behavior, including defecating in the hallway.  
It is hard to know how to write about this story. How many non-rude, non-crud synonyms are there for “defecate”?

Government Executive acquired an email from Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor about “several incidents,” including intentionally clogged toilets and then excrement being left for people to find in the hallways. Reading the report, I’m not sure if one person clogged them and then the other person was reduced to “placing feces in the hallway” because the usual place was now blocked off.

Just thinking about it reminds me how much I would like to flush the EPA.
Of course, we can never allow a chance to stimulate the economy get wasted, even over waste product. So the managers hired an “expert.” reports:
Almost as strange as the hallway-pooping is the fact that the EPA decided to hire a national expert in workplace violence, who concluded that hallway feces was indeed a health and safety risk, and the behavior was "very dangerous," notes Tina Nguyen at Mediaite. "Why such a distinguished mind was consulted by the EPA to reach the conclusion that leaving feces in hallways is bad, we'll never know," she writes. An EPA spokesman says that while the agency can't comment on ongoing personnel matters, its "actions in response to recent workplace issues have been deliberate and have focused on ensuring a safe work environment for our employees."
Isn’t it great that we have an organization staffed with such passionate geniuses who care so much about the environment that they get all the authority they need to run our lives?