Saturday, November 5, 2011

Articles by Laurie Roth *AIP* POTUS Candidate

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Laurie Roth *AIP* jumps into race for president

Just when you thought the field of candidates for president in 2012 was full, a national radio talk-show host is now in the race, claiming Barack Obama is not even eligible for office because he has presented a forged birth certificate to the nation.
Laurie Roth from Washington state is running not as a Republican, but as a self-described patriot and conservative on the American Independent Party ticket. She says she's already on the ballot in California, and will take steps to make sure her name is listed in the other 49 states.
She joins Republican Michele Bachmann as one of at least two women seeking the Oval Office in 2012. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has indicated she will not be tossing her hat in the ring during this election cycle.


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