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Republican Leaders Are Actually Trying To Tell You That Congress Is "Powerless" To Stop Barack Obama

oped: And here the GOP/DNC is attacking the Tea Party as being trouble-makers...I mean after all we are interfering with the five amigo gay cabelleros tea party lunches...breaking bread in style while the rest of us starve to death slowly! Enough is Enough of the Five amigo/seditionist already! Time to Impeach the ands if's or but's about it!   

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Unbelievable! ... Republican Leaders Are Actually Trying To Tell You That Congress Is "Powerless" To Stop Barack Obama's Unlawful And Tyrannical Amnesty Decree Because Doing So Would Require "An Act Of Congress."

       We couldn't make it up if we tried, and as unbelievable as it may sound, a number of Republican leaders in Congress are so anxious to give Barack Obama the funding he so desperately needs to implement his lawless and dictatorial amnesty decree that they're scrambling to make up clumsy lies in an attempt to deceive you into believing that they're "powerless" to stop him.

       But they're NOT powerless to stop Barack Obama and, as a matter of fact, rank-and-file Republicans are already in open rebellion over this latest clumsy lie.

       These rank-and-file Republicans desperately need your help... Representative Michele Bachmann and others are even planning a rally in Washington D.C. and are urging patriotic Americans to "melt the phone lines" in Washington.

       We must heed this clarion call. Our elected officials need to hear the righteous indignation of patriotic Americans and they need to hear it now.

Lies... Lies... And Damned Lies...
       The powerful Republican Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Hal Rogers, actually issued a press release which read, in part: "It would be impossible to defund President Obama's executive actions on immigration" because "the primary agency responsible for implementing Obama's actions is funded entirely by user fees."

       But wait just a minute... who authorizes the collection of those "user fees?"... You guessed it... Congress. But Rogers and the so-called Republican leadership refuse to be daunted by simple reason, so much so that Rogers actually told reporters that stopping the collection of these user fees "would take an act of Congress."

       You read that right. Congress is powerless to stop Barack Obama because doing so would require an act of Congress? If you're seeing red over this pathetic excuse, you're not the only one.

       Rank-and-file Republicans and conservative pundits immediately denounced it: 

Congressman Steve King called the so-called GOP leadership on the carpet: "They're contriving red herring arguments to get to the point that enough members will walk out of this Congress and go home for Thanksgiving saying, 'Well, there's nothing we can do.'"

       Senator Jeff Sessions blasted the leadership as well: "The American people's Congress has the power and every right to deny funding for unworthy activities. It is a routine and constitutional application of congressional power. There is no question that Congress has the power to block this expenditure and no doubt that it can be done."

       Senator Richard Shelby added: "To say you can't do something, maybe we need to explore more options... You can put a rider on a lot of things. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat."

       But Sean Davis with The Federalist said it best: "That is absolute nonsense. The notion that Congress can turn on a money spigot but is banned from turning it off is nonsense. And the worst part is that it's willful nonsense... Republicans can add defunding language to any bill whenever they so choose. The issue is not that they can't use the power of the purse to block Obama’s lawless power grab. The issue is that they don't want to. The real shame is that they can’t even be honest about that."

       Yes, Republican leaders are deceiving the American people, but there is a way to fight the deceit. Patriotic Americans must call them on the lie. Because, if you don't, they'll only assume they've gotten away with their deceitful games and they'll hand the keys to Barack Obama on a silver platter. 

But Wait... It Gets Worse... So-Called GOP Leaders Are Pressuring Rank-And-File Republicans To Fund Obama's Amnesty Decree Behind The Scenes.
       Michelle Bachman spilled the beans. Here's how it was reported by Breitbart TV:

       "Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) revealed on Saturday that Republican leadership, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), has no intention of resisting President Obama's executive amnesty that he ordered on Thursday."

       "'Do you want the truth? Okay, I'll tell all of Breitbart listeners what happened this week. I was floored!'

       "In the weekly meeting called 'Republican Conference' in the House of Representatives, 'we all knew that the big issue for the week was going to be the president announcing his amnesty,' she explained. Bachmann recounted that all of the leadership went to the microphone, including John Boehner.

       "'They acted as though the amnesty issue wasn't even an issue. They said that the President is going to do what he's going to do, and we are not going to get down in the mud with him. We are not going to engage, and what we are going to do is to talk about our positive solutions on jobs, the economy, education, and manufacturing,' Bachmann said.

       "She added that each congressman who spoke reiterated that not engaging Obama and staying positive was a 'brilliant strategy.'

       "'We will not engage,' she reiterated with disgust. ... 'While the country is talking about amnesty, and the president is taking unconstitutional actions, our leadership wants to change the subject and not engage.'"

       It's time to once again remind these so-called Republican leaders that the American people gave them a majority to STOP Barack Obama... NOT to rubber stamp his dictatorial decrees.  

And make no mistake, taking no action places our country in dire peril.

       If Congress relinquishes its Constitutional authority and funds this unconstitutional amnesty decree, what exactly will be left to stop Obama’s lawlessness? The time to hold Congress’ feet to the fire is right now!

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Leader of the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

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Devastating Anti-Obama Video Sends Shockwaves Through Thanksgiving

This ad is spot on. The question is what will be done to stop him?
Check it out:
As Americans join the time-honored tradition of giving thanks, the ad details that they must also today contend with confusing and unsettling developments:
A President who discounts the democratic practice of voting,
A President who divides the country and weakens the rule of law by governing through personal orders, mandates and falsehoods,
A President who goes abroad to sign a treaty that imposes recession-level job losses on his own country while giving every advantage to a competing and even hostile foreign power.”
“Our ad reminds Americans that the headlines they are reading, unfortunately, are true.” Flynn said. “President Obama says he’s listening not to those who voted but those who didn’t vote. According to former allies, Obama is not only refusing talk to Republicans but even Democrats.”

Based on the two-minute format of the Paul Harvey “farmer” commercial that drew much comment at this year’s Superbowl, the political commercial that will be shown on holiday football games features the sort of flashing headlines Americans see on their TV screens
The spot asks “what if ” America had a president who “is listening only to his closest personal advisors and staff – a political party of his own creation that believes in rule through personal order or mandate.”  

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by Dave Daubenmire
If Barack Obama had a son I guess he would live in Ferguson, Missouri.
I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of the race-baiting and the double standard that is currently holding sway in America. It is a sliding scale…grading on the curve is what we used to call it when I taught school.
But for whatever reason the elites ruling in the halls of academia in America decided that grading on the curve was a much fairer way of leveling the playing field. Grading on a curve meant that the standards were lowered so that the low-qualifiers didn’t look so low. It was lying, actually. A false scale by which the low-achievers were able to look more competent.

Affirmative action is grading on a curve on steroids.
Affirmative Action is defined in the legal dictionary as :
Employment programs required by federal statutes and regulations designed to remedy discriminatory practices in hiring minority group members; i.e., positive steps designed to eliminate existing and continuing discrimination, to remedy lingering effects of past discrimination, and to create systems and procedures to prevent future discrimination; commonly based on population percentages of minority groups in a particular area. Factors considered are race, color, sex, creed, and age.
I am a sports nut. I have been all of my life. The thing that makes sports so great is that it is played on a level playing field. From the time I picked up a basketball at the ripe age of three I became acutely aware that there were a set of unchangeable, immutable rules that applied to every player. Athletics has a way of focusing on the unique skills of the individual.

Everyone played by the same rules. It didn’t matter whether you were tall or short, fast or slow, male of female, black or white, everyone played by the same rules. You know them; no double dribbling, no stepping out of bounds; no pushing the opponent, etc. Everyone shot from the same 15 foot foul line towards a 10 foot high basket. No exceptions. No hunching. No affirmative rules. The slow fat guys did not get a head start on the fast break.
That is what makes the games so fun to watch. No matter what the sport, the rules apply to all and victory is achieved by overcoming the skill-set of the opponent. A skill-set the opponent developed by operating within the same parameters (rules) all players are expected to follow.
Affirmative action is altering the rules for some of the players. Even though affirmative action has lowered the standards for some of the players in the education-government-business world it has yet to impact the athletic world where rules and standards are fixed and everyone lives or dies on his/her own accomplishments. The evolutionists, when they are honest, call it the law of the jungle. The jungle has no affirmative action standards. Only the fittest survive.

I don’t know if you have noticed but most of the professional athletic ranks are filled by those who would be classified as minorities. Look no further than sports to understand that blacks are able to survive, thrive actually, where the rules are fixed and no head-starts are given.
But the greatest apostasy of all is that America is being ravaged by Affirmative Morality. Affirmative Morality is the altering of the moral rule book. It is a different set of rules for different players. It is like allowing a short white guy’s basket counting 4 points rather than 2. Inequality destroys the integrity of the game. Even a young child would cry “that’s not fair”…or…”that’s cheating” when they see someone alter the rules to gain an advantage.
Affirmative Morality is destroying America. There are a different set of behaviors that are expected of you if you belong to a particular class of people. Blacks are expected to follow the same rules as whitey in the NBA, but he has an entirely dumbed-down set of rules he is expected to follow in the real world.
What we are witnessing in Ferguson is Affirmative Morality. It is simply an altering of the moral code for those who think the rules are unfair. Rioting, looting, stealing, and burning buildings to the ground are not “fouls” for minorities, especially if they think the referees made a bad call.

Pouting is not permitted in the NBA. A technical foul is called if the player does something unsportsmanlike. Burning buildings and looting is unsportsmanlike. But the rules get changed for minorities who do not like the call the referees made. Burning down a building where people in your community work is not even a personal foul in Ferguson.
If you happen to live in a nation that is south of the border you are not expected to follow the rules of the land you wish to enter. Even more, you will find a judge, or a President, who will change the rules for you to make your law-breaking more acceptable. Poor basketball players still have to follow the rules. Poor human beings do not.
G.W. Bush called it the soft bigotry of low expectations. I call it grading on the moral curve. Affirmative Morality gives minorities the right to foul. If you are black go ahead and break the rules. It is what is expected of you. Your coaches (Jackson and Sharpton) will encourage you to cuss at the refs. The commissioner (Obama) will justify your antics. Ray Rice lost his career in the NFL for bad behavior.

I coached a bevy of black kids over my coaching career. I never permitted them to use their skin color as an excuse for poor behavior. I taught them that life was hard and it wasn’t fair. Sometimes you had to swallow your pride and work harder. There is no Affirmative Action in the competitive world. Shame on Obama. Shame on Holder. Shame on the black pastors across America who are making excuses for immoral behavior. Shame on them for judging by skin color rather than the content of character.
Fifty years ago last July 2, the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of America took place when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law. Before that law was enacted everyone in America played by the same set of rules. Fifty years and 50 trillion dollars later young black males are permitted by our government to live by a different moral code. The thugs in Ferguson act like animals, with the approval of the President, Attorney General, and the pastors.
Yep, Obama has many sons living in Ferguson.
Sunday night from 8:00-11:00 pm I will be discussing this issue with Pastor James David Manning and Mychal Massie on a special Hagmann and Hagmann broadcast. It is time for blackie to stop blaming whitey. It is time for whitey to get over his false white guilt. Affirmative Morality is destroying black Americans.
Please join us Sunday night.

GARTH BROOKS NEEDS TO SHUT THE TRUCK UP: Garth won’t appear on TV because of #Ferguson

oped: Just *SMH* wth is wrong with you Garth? Lately you have slipped into the abiss of the ideaology of the looney left...think hard about where you made your millions on record sales & products...certainly not from the broke ass looney left welfare crowd...but indeed from the working class rednecks who catipulted you to fame and fortune...maybe you should listen more to your own lyrics on 'Friends in Low Places' ! Whats next ya gonna announce you are out of the closet?WTF Dude !

Brooks is too holy to be on TV right now. Who encouraged him to release another album? Go away.
Via Hollywood Reporter:
The country superstar said it didn’t feel right to promote his new album in the aftermath of the grand jury decision.
“We landed in NY last night to the news of the civil unrest that was going on in our nation. To spend the day promoting our stuff like nothing was wrong, seemed distasteful to me,” Brooks wrote in a statement posted on his Facebook page. “I will gladly reschedule any or all appearances the networks will allow. Love one another, g”
Brooks appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, but that appearance was pretaped. The country superstar was scheduled to appear on Tuesday’s Live! With Kelly and Michael, on Thursday’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Friday’s Today.

(h/t Twitchy)

MOSES MOVIE: ‘Racist/Too White’, Ridley Scott Fires Back, ‘I wouldn’t get $ if I hired MOHAMMAD’

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 8.17.15 AM
OMG. Brace for the Muslim crunch, Ridley.
Hollywood’s forthcoming Moses movie – Exodus: Gods and Kings – isn’t in cinemas yet but it has still come in for renewed criticism, this time over the decision to cast white actors to play Egyptians.
Directed by Ridley Scott, the movie stars Christian Bale as Moses, Aaron Paul as Joshua, Sigourney Weaver as Tuya and Joel Edgerton as Rhamses.
On Twitter, the hashtag #boycottexodusmovie has been trending, with posters expressing their anger over the casting decisions.
One person tweeted” ‘#BoycottExodusMovie because it is a blunt disregard of historic facts!’ 

Another added: ‘Blacks only cast as slaves, thieves…Not the Kings and Queens? I hope @ExodusMovie bombs at the box office..’
‘It burns me that the #ExodusMovie look so good, but Hollywood has white-washed the cast! I will not be watching,’ wrote another.
Scott was bullish about the issue recently when he told Variety that casting was a business decision.
‘I can’t mount a film of this budget, where I have to rely on tax rebates in Spain, and say that my lead actor is Mohammad so-and-so from such-and-such’ Scott said.
‘I’m just not going to get it financed. So the question doesn’t even come up.’
Read more: Daily Mail

ONLY ANGRY BLACKS CAN INCITE RIOTS: ‘Arrest Michael Brown’s Stepfather for Inciting a Riot’ Says MO Lt. Governor

But I bet he won’t get arrested, because after all, it was just ‘emotional’.
Laura Ingraham: “When you hear that soundbite from the stepfather of Michael Brown, what’s your reaction?”
Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder: “That he should be arrested and charged with inciting a riot.”
Kinder explained to Ingraham that following the catastrophic 2011 tornado in Joplin, MO, 300 miles down the road from Ferguson, you didn’t see looters, because residents made it clear, by putting homemade signs on their homes and businesses that said “looters will be shot.”
Read more: TPNN

JACKED UP: WH Honors Dead Black Thug But Not Black Soldier Killed In Action

by: Ian Garcia

PICTURE ON THE LEFT is of my bro Chris Grant KIA Oct 20th 2013 while conducting operations in Helmand province Afghanistan.....not a single White House official was at his funeral.....
ON THE RIGHT As most of you know is mike brown.....this guy died after robbing a convenience store for some cigarettes at gun point and disobeyed commands of a police officer to stop....3 WHITE HOUSE OFFICIALS ATTEND HIS FUNERAL!!!! This makes me just dumbfounded how stupid our nations prioriti... 

I guess they just have different priorities.
Via Facebook:
PICTURE ON THE LEFT is of my bro Chris Grant KIA Oct 20th 2013 while conducting operations in Helmand province Afghanistan…..not a single White House official was at his funeral…..
ON THE RIGHT As most of you know is Mike Brown…..this guy died after robbing a convenience store for some cigarettes at gun point and disobeyed commands of a police officer to stop….3 WHITE HOUSE OFFICIALS ATTEND HIS FUNERAL!!!!

#FERGUSON PROTESTORS: Threaten to Rape and Kill Wives and Children of Police

But it’s OK… they’re black and blacks can get away with saying such things because we’re living in Obamaland now.
Protesters in Ferguson have been threatening to rape the wives of front line police and kill their children during the latest clashes, the wife of one officer has claimed.
The unnamed woman said that her husband has been ‘screamed at’ as he faced off with the angry crowds amid heightened tensions in the suburb of St Louis, Missouri.
She told Fox 2 News that they threatened a home invasion in an apparent attempt to provoke the officers. 

The wife claimed the protesters said: ‘We’re going to go to your house. ‘We`re going to rape your wives then we`re going to kill them and we`re going to kill your children’.
The allegations comes after many police officers’ families in Ferguson, Missouri, were reported to be in hiding or running from town amid death and assault threats.
One police wife told KTVI that she’s received threats over the phone and she’s been paranoid for her and her young daughter’s safety ever since.
‘Did they follow me here?’ she told the station. ‘Did I do a good enough job after work today of taking different routes, on my way home?’
Read more: Daily Mail

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Happy Thanksgiving y'all have a great Turkey Day

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday ...I will close out with 'Turkey Trot' Lil Eva...see y'all after the holiday:) Have a great one! 

Was Murdered Ferguson Man A Grand Jury Witness?

The rioters want to praise the liars and kill those who tell the truth.
Check it out:
Questions are swirling over the unexplained murder of DeAndre Joshua, found dead in his car on Tuesday morning, with some speculating that the 20-year-old may have been the victim of a retribution killing for testifying in front of the grand jury in the Michael Brown shooting case.
Joshua was found dead inside a parked car near Ferguson’s Canfield Green Apartments around 9 a.m. Tuesday, just two blocks from where Brown was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson.
According to one resident, four individuals were overheard discussing plans to kill somebody on Monday night.

The New York Daily News reports that Joshua’s family is, “positive his death is tied to the demonstrations over a grand jury’s decision not to indict Michael Brown’s killer.”
Joshua was described as a “good kid” who was not into drugs and had a steady job.
“DeAndre Joshua, 20, fits the social profile of an eye-witness who gave a police/FBI statement and testified before the Grand Jury in the Mike Brown shooting case,” writes the Conservative Treehouse blog. “He was an employed black male, with no history of drug use or illicit behavior. He was also a friend of Dorian Johnson who is currently under protection.”
A Facebook post by Johnson, who was with Michael Brown at the time of the shooting, appears to confirm that the two knew each other.  

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Obama: Americans Have No Right To Favor Americans

Does the idiot not even realize that they came here too?
Check it out:
The only Americans who can legitimately object to immigration are native Indian-Americans, President Barack Obama told his Chicago audience Nov. 24, as he made an impassioned ideological plea for endless immigration, cultural diversity and a big government to manage the resulting multicultural society.
“There have been periods where the folks who were already here suddenly say, ‘Well, I don’t want those folks,’ even though the only people who have the right to say that are some Native Americans,” Obama said, rhetorically dismissing the right of 300 million actual Americans to decide who can live in their homeland.
Americans should not favor other Americans over foreigners, Obama demanded. “Sometimes we get attached to our particular tribe, our particular race, our particular religion, and then we start treating other folks differently… that, sometimes, has been a bottleneck to how we think about immigration,” he said in the face of many polls showing rising opposition to his immigration agenda. 

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MIKE BROWN’S MOM REACTS: ‘You Motherf-ckers Think This is a Joke’

oped: As the old adage says...the fruit does not fall far from the tree...Mrs Brown raised a bully and thief...a wannabee gangster who brought his own death upon himself through his actions on the fatal day! and now she wants to blame everyone else for her failures as a mother...she needs to get a grip and accept the fact that her son not the police officer brought about this tragic ending to a young life!

Monday, November 24, 2014

LEAKED>>> Prosecutor’s Office: NO INDICTMENT in #MikeBrown Case

by Jim Hoft 

From a source inside the Prosecutor’s Office – NO INDICTMENT in the Michael Brown case.

Heard from a SEPARATE NEWS SOURCE same news – No Indictment.

Brooke Shields’ Grandfather Paid To Have Her Murdered, But Her Heroic Mom Saved The Day

Brooke Shields on a Coffee Run In Soho

Brooke Shields revealed in her latest book that her paternal grandfather paid her mother to have an abortion.
The book, There Was a Little Girl, is Shields’ second autobiographical work.
Shields writes that her grandfather “discreetly slid (my mother) an envelope and asked her to take care of the ‘situation.’”
She also writes that, upon discovering the pregnancy, her father “must have felt a sense of panic—and rightfully so. He wasn’t ready to be a father. He was just starting his life in business and was forced to travel a lot. He had less money than one would think, and he was still a baby himself.”
Shields writes that her father did not know how to handle the situation, but must have told his dad, who in turn confronted her mother.
The grandfather did meet with Shield’s mother and tried to convince her to terminate the pregnancy because it might get the father kicked off the Social Register. 

Shields states: “Basically, it just wouldn’t look good for my dad to father a child with somebody from Newark.”
Shields’ mother took the cash from the grandfather but decided not to have an abortion.Instead, she went to a favorite antique store to buy a cherrywood oval coffee table.
She writes that her mother was “defiant as always” and “knew she wanted a baby and that was that.”
Shields writes that “that table would become a favorite standing stool for me as I grew up.I remember teething on it and loving to repeatedly fold the sides up and down. The table saved my life and helped me to stand.”
It’s no wonder that Shields said in an interview in 1991 that “Too many people use abortion as a form of birth control. And that’s very wrong. I could never, ever have an abortion.”

h/t: Breitbart

Obama awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to 18

oped: How long must we suffer from this abomination of a POTUS/CIC...he gives out awards not because they are deserving but as candy/payback to his Liberal Progressive base...for simply political support/gain and those so important political donations !...Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name a embarrassment to our once great nation...just *SMH* in disgust!  

[Who wants one? on sale today a small donation of say $30k sound good to y'all? I will even throw in some bbq & beer]

Associated Press

President Barack Obama speaks before awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said this year's recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom made the world stronger, wiser, more beautiful and more humane.
Obama praised the 18 artists, activists and lawmakers receiving the award at a White House ceremony on Monday. Among the recipients are Ethel Kennedy, actress Meryl Streep and singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder. 

Obama said Streep's talent is so immense that she "has no peers." He praised her work to promote empathy on and off the screen.
He called Wonder a musical prodigy whose warmth and humanity can be heard in every note of his music.
Others receiving the award included NBC journalist Tom Brokaw, author Isabel Allende and Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., the longest-serving member of Congress who is retiring at the end of the year.
The list also included Native American activist Suzan Harjo, actress Marlo Thomas, economist Robert Solow, golfer Charles Sifford, former Rep. Abner Mikva of Illinois and physicist Mildred Dresselhaus.
Posthumous medals went to six individuals, among them civil rights workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, who were slain in 1964 as they participated in a historic voter registration drive in Mississippi. Other posthumous awards were for choreographer Alvin Ailey and Reps. Patsy Mink of Hawaii and Edward Roybal of California, founder of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. 

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is reserved for individuals who have made "meritorious contributions" to U.S. security, world peace or cultural endeavors.
"This is one of my favorite events," Obama said from the East Room. "Once a year, we set aside this event to celebrate people who have made America stronger and wiser and more humane and more beautiful with our higher civilian honor."
Composer Stephen Sondheim was scheduled to receive the award, but Obama said he couldn't make it and will be included in next year's class of honorees.

LIBERAL CHICK SINGS: “Illegals Are Goin’ Off The Rails On A Death Train”

lc guitar 4
by Doug Giles 
My family and I just moved back to the Lone Star state so I didn’t have time this weekend to write a column because of how chaotic things have been with the move right now.  But, I did find some fresh – ripe – goofy lunacy via Liberal Chick that I’d like to share with you.
Yep, Liberal Chick is back and this time she’s singing, yes singing, a song about evil conservatives and Fox News forcing illegal aliens to “ride death trains to the US.”
Check it out for yourself… 

For those of you who couldn’t understand what this nutter was singing, herewith are the lyrics to her ‘song.’ Enjoy.
Crazy, but that’s how it goes
Millions of Mexicans living as foes
Maybe, It’s not too late,
To learn how to love, and forget how to hate

Conservative wounds not healing
The USA’s a bitter shame
They’re goin’ off the rails on a death train
People are coming to America on a death train
I’ve listened to preachers,
I’ve listened to tools
I’ve watched all the conservatives,
Who make their own rules
Conservatives conditioned to rule and control
Fox news sells it, and you live the role
Conservative wounds still screaming
Driving me insane
Illegals goin’ off the rails on a death train
They’re goin’ off the rails on a death train

#FERGUSON PROTESTERS: ‘We Don’t Give a F*ck About Your Laws’

How do they think that this gets their point across? If you live in St. Louis make sure you are stocked on ammo.
The protests in Ferguson, Mo., on Friday night grew larger than previous days’ gatherings of protesters, despite the rain and cold weather. Police officers used a megaphone to ask protesters to leave the street outside the Ferguson Police Department or they would be arrested. In this video, protesters responded by chanting ”F— the police” and shouting “We don’t give a f— about your laws like you don’t give a f— about our lives.” Warning: Video contains foul language.
Read more: National Review

Israel Mulls Strike On Iran

Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons.
Check it out:
Iran will reach an inflection point on Monday, as world powers seek to clinch a comprehensive deal that will, to their satisfaction, end concerns over the nature of its vast, decade-old nuclear program.
But reflecting on the deal under discussion with The Jerusalem Post on the eve of the deadline, Israel has issued a stark, public warning to its allies with a clear argument: Current proposals guarantee the perpetuation of a crisis, backing Israel into a corner from which military force against Iran provides the only logical exit.
The deal on the table
World powers have presented Iran with an accord that would restrict its nuclear program for roughly ten years and cap its ability to produce fissile material for a weapon during that time to a minimum nine-month additional period, from the current three months.

Should Tehran agree, the deal may rely on Russia to convert Iran’s current uranium stockpile into fuel rods for peaceful use. The proposal would also include an inspection regime that would attempt to follow the program’s entire supply chain, from the mining of raw material to the syphoning of that material to various nuclear facilities across Iran.
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Obama Stuffs America With 3,415 New Regulations Just Before Thanksgiving

The sad part is that with this many you know Obama didn’t read them.
Check it out:
While Americans are focused on what delicious foods they’re going to eat for Thanksgiving, the White House is focused on releasing its massive regulatory agenda– marking the fifth time the Obama administration has released its regulatory road map on the eve of a major holiday.
The federal Unified Agenda is the Obama administration’s regulatory road map, and it lays out thousands of regulations being finalized in the coming months. Under President Barack Obama, there has been a tradition of releasing the agenda late on Friday– and right before a major holiday.

“It’s become an unfortunate tradition of this administration and others to drop these regulatory agendas late on a Friday and right before a holiday,” Matt Shudtz, executive director of the Center for Progressive Reform, told The Hill newspaper.
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Dems Warn Backers: Obama Could Go To Prison!

You have to love it when even the liberals know that Obama is wrong.
Check it out:
A mass email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Sunday tried to drum up support by warning President Obama is in danger of impeachment, or even worse, jail time.
The email – with subject line “Impeachment? Prison??? – Sign now, stand with President Obama” – claims Obama “took bold, courageous action this week to fix our nation’s broken immigration system,” but now is “under attack.”
“Republicans think this is their chance to destroy the president,” the email reads. “They’re threatening lawsuits, shutdowns, impeachment? One Republican congressman even suggested President Obama be thrown in jail!”

The DCCC then implores Democrats to show they’re “still standing with President Obama” and “have his back” by signing an online petition.
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pacquiao knocks Algieri down 6 times, dominates

Pacquiao knocks Algieri down 6 times, dominates

oped: Holy cow the little dude whooped his opponent good...I'm thinking his theme song must be 'Whip It'

MACAU (AP) -- Manny Pacquiao couldn't resist having a little fun after getting the signature win he desperately needed for the fight boxing fans desperately want to see.
No reason not to enjoy himself after sending Chris Algieri to the canvas six times Sunday night in a performance that will once again heat up talk of a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.
''He's going to fight me? Yes! Yes!,'' Pacquiao said, jumping up and down in the ring Sunday after tearing apart a reluctant Algieri on his way to a lopsided decision win. ''I am ready to fight him next year.''
Pacquiao was playing off a new commercial where he celebrates after thinking Mayweather has agreed to the match. But he might have boosted his stock enough to entice Mayweather into the ring finally.

''I really want that fight,'' Pacquiao said. ''The fans deserve that fight.''
Pacquiao got the big knockdowns he was looking for, battering Algieri around the ring at will Sunday in a lopsided welterweight title fight.
Pacquiao chased Algieri from the opening bell, knocking him down repeatedly and dominating. About the only thing Pacquiao didn't get was his first knockout in five years, settling instead for a lopsided 12-round unanimous decision against an opponent who seemed unwilling to engage. 

By the time it was over, Algieri had gone down six times. And Pacquiao had dispelled notions he might be on the decline.
''It's not just his hand speed,'' Algieri said. ''He's a great fighter. He does everything well. Manny has perfected his style of boxing.''
Pacquiao prayed in his corner while waiting for the decision. But it was Algieri who never had a prayer.