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Obamatrade cost GOP congressman his job

See  Paul this is what happens when ya sleep with Obama...the chickens will come home to roost...uuuuh buh bye fishin' and bow huntin' awaits the unemployed ...gotta feeds yo' family the hard way now! 

Betta be a consistent bowman ...lest you and da family will be eatin' Obamatrade bananas~for breakfast,el lunche' and suppertime!

oped: Is Paul Ryan next? Could be ha: 

by: Curtis Ellis 

The populist uprising against phony “free trade” and Republicans who love it has taken its first scalp.
Rep. Randy Forbes, GOP establishment stalwart and longtime Obamatrade supporter from Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, will soon be unemployed. Voters rejected him in favor of his primary opponent Scott Taylor, who stridently opposed Obamatrade. 

Taylor blasted Forbes for voting to give President Obama fast track authority to ram through Congress the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a sweeping 12-nation international regulatory pact that would merge our economy with some of the poorest and most repressive on earth.
This move was especially hypocritical for Forbes, chairman of the House Prayer Caucus. Obamatrade would give special economic privileges to countries that persecute Christians, including Vietnam, Malaysia and the Shariah-law regime of Brunei.
After his disastrous vote for fast track, Forbes tried to tap dance around the Constitution-shredding, religious-liberty-trampling Obamatrade agreement.

In a letter to constituents, Forbes recycled the party establishment’s globalist talking points, saying free trade is “crucial to our economy” and to “our future as a country.”
Then Forbes said he would support Obamatrade if it were amended, glossing over the fact that his vote for fast track surrendered Congress’ power to amend the agreement.
While Forbes played cute, former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor issued a clarion call against the misbegotten pact.
In an interview on the John Fredericks radio show, Taylor stated, “I would vote against it,” saying Obamatrade “puts downward pressure on wages and exacerbates America’s income gap.” He praised Donald Trump for bringing trade issues to the forefront.

Taylor has a clear understanding of what’s at stake with TPP.
He scorched the deal for failing to address currency manipulation, outlawing Buy American programs, letting foreign state-owned enterprises bankrupt American businesses and undermining American rule of law by setting up a separate-but-unequal court system for foreign corporations.
The voters responded to Scott Taylor’s bugle call.
What can we learn from the election results in Virginia?
Voters loathe so-called free trade and will punish those who support it. Polls show conservatives hate it in greater numbers than Democrats. Ted Cruz paid a price for his early support for fast track. To his credit, he reversed course, but one can only guess how much damage was already done.
The most important lesson is for those conflicted Republicans who don’t know what to do about Donald Trump. (Paging Paul Ryan.) 

Nervous Nellies tell us the man at the top of the GOP ticket threatens down-ballot candidates. “Trump will cost us the Senate!” say panicked Republicans, ignoring the fact that long before Trump emerged as a candidate pundits said Republican control of the Senate was at risk.
Paul Ryan won’t tell Republicans to endorse Trump, instead saying they should “follow their conscience.”
Well, if their conscience tells them they want to win, candidates need to man up and instead of running away from him embrace the man who’s racked up more votes in a Republican primary than anyone in history.
The Republican Party has the opportunity to bring millions of new voters into the fold. Blue-collar Americans of all colors and ethnicities, small-business owners, Democrats and people who have never voted before are on the Trump Train.
It is a movement of people who know that both parties have betrayed them by pursuing globalist so-called “free trade” (it’s not free and it’s not trade) that ships their jobs overseas and imports record numbers of low-paid immigrants to compete with them at home.

Trump’s unapologetically nationalist message resonates with the majority of Americans who (still) identify with the United States of America rather than with an ethnic group or as “citizens of the world.”
And it resonates with more blacks and Hispanics than the liberal leftist identitarians want you to believe.
America needs a party that represents working people, and the GOP could be that if it abandons the interests of the donor class.
Republicans who are uncomfortable with Trump’s brash personality – “he’s not our kind of people,” as the country club set would say – can take exception to the way he says it while endorsing the substance of his platform: We will do what’s right for Americans first and oppose the disastrous trade deals that have destroyed our middle class and made America weaker.
You need look no further than the fate of Randy Forbes to see what happens to those who fail to heed this advice.
Media wishing to interview Curtis Ellis, please contact

ATTN: ISIS prepare to meet your maker Allah/Muhamad...Tora~Tora~Tora

Image result for Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto'

As Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto' said: '
Isoroku Yamamoto's sleeping giant quote is a saying attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto regarding the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by forces of Imperial Japan.

The quote is portrayed at the very end of the 1970 film Tora! Tora! Tora! as:

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

Indeed you did and even your chosen Western Imam Barry Barack Hussein Obama can't save your sorry asses now ~Prepare for the final resolve via POTUS Trump the crazy problemo solver! 


ATTN: Congress,POTUS.SCOTUS et al...

Image result for funny 2nd amendment founding fathers duh theory

Since the Obama administration,the Congress of the USA and the looney left progressives feel a need to add more unnecessary gun laws/regulations I suggest "We the People [Known as the electorate] demand the following be attached to current as well as any new additions..POTUS,SCOTUS,Federal Judges,Cabinet members as well as the congress and senate... may only have taxpayer funded security details while engaged in on duty work sites...any and all off duty at home or on vacation security must be provided by any of the above using the current gun laws for purchase as well as CCW or providing their own paid for private security companies.

This will put those regulators as well as Law Makers on equal footing with "We the People' who have to live with their laws and regulations...fair is fair yes? 

As for Secret Service security details paid for by taxpayer funding for POTUS a bill should be passed by congress only allowing for tax payer funded Secret Service details  for 12 months following the POTUS leaving office at the end of his or her term...retro active to all still living former Presidents. [ If they feel a need for protection they can buy their own damn gun and pay for their own CCW training as well as fees associated...or use their grossly overpaid retirement to purchase a private security firm for protection]
This would be akin to the cooling off *waiting period* most states have for the purchase of a firearm!
Not only would this be fair but would put pressure on all Presidents to treat all classes fairly thus reducing any chance of angry persons wanting to do harm to them!

As for watch list and no fly lists..they must be regulated under the 4th,5th and 6th amendments..the first ten are known as the Bill of Rights and must not be infringed upon! :
And by the way current gun laws/regulations on the books are already need for more...this is just posturing on behalf of congress to appear as if they magically have the issue under control! #Period EOS

Do the research..start here: 

Also see:

Image result for funny 2nd amendment founding fathers duh theory         Image result for funny 2nd amendment founding fathers duh theory

NDAA 2017 Includes Draft for Women, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

Join Oath Keepers
[ ]

NDAA 2017 Includes Draft for Women, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

Statist Heydaze: NDAA 2017

Hell, let’s draft the women and arrest anyone we want to get rid of, because we can. We can, because the people refuse to stop us. They are afraid to oppose us because to oppose us places them on “lists”. Lists designate enemies of the government. That designation qualifies one to be detained under the NDAA. That is how it works. That is why it’s in our Congress right now.

So it appears that the government would now own women as equally as it purports to own men, and now it seems that both men and women are subject to indefinite detention without charge or jury trial. That is the final writing on the Wall. The government is declaring, without saying it in specific terms, that the government owns us all. Should that bother us?

Most intelligent beings understand that the definition of slavery includes any scenario in which something or someone external to one’s own mind, body, and soul, owns one. When something or someone owns anyone, that ownership can be, and usually is, manifest in the ability to control one. Slavery is a captive’s subjugation under the authority of an owner, one’s controller, one’s “ruler”. Always remember this — self-ownership is the opposite of slavery. When a government asserts some fictitious authority to force a citizen into service in the government’s military adventures, that government is asserting its ownership over the citizen. Again I repeat — self-ownership is the opposite of slavery.
But why am I going on about self-ownership vs government ownership of its citizens?  It is because our fearless leaders in WDC are once again slipping it to the American people with the latest wax job on the NDAA.  Here is the article from Activist Post, sent in to me by Kirk McKenzie of Defend Rural America. Read it and weep, and ask oneself after reading, this

“Do I,  can I,  shouldn’t I,  own myself?”

After ‘Terror Watchlist’ Disarmament, ‘Haters’ will be Next in Line

Join Oath Keepers
[ ]

ScreenHunter_08 Jun. 17 18.51
Casey, seen here with scowling fellow freedom-hater Chuck Schumer, wants to disarm people SUSPECTED of being guilty of a misdemeanor “hate crime.” (Photo: Bob Casey/Twitter)


“You all are intolerant. I don’t want to coexist with this hate,” a female SJW (“social justice warrior”) at Portland State University tells members of Students for Trump.
“We’re gonna make it against the law for this,” she threatens in response to their peaceful promotion of an ideology she hates. “We are going to expand the definition of ‘hate speech’ to include what you are doing right here.”
That might seem laughable, except we’re already well down that road. The majority of colleges have “hate speech” codes with penalties, meaning the students have been indoctrinated to accept an artificial authority with the power to regulate expression, often backed by case law. And we only need look to our neighbor to the north to see such practices carrying the power of law, meaning edicts are ultimately enforceable via armed coercion.
We’ve also seen a proclivity of some, including on the Supreme Court, to look to foreign law for guidance on U.S. legal thought instead of confining matters to the Constitution. And if one politician has his way, “hate” will be the justification for disarming Americans — and just guess who the government has in mind.

“Strong supporter of the second amendment” Senator Bob Casey, who claimed he “opposes increased regulation on firearm ownership” (that is, before he “voted YES on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets”), has come up with a new and creative way to disarm anyone stupid enough to give him political power:
Make “hate crimes” grounds for prohibiting firearms ownership.
We’re not even talking felonies, we’re talking misdemeanors. Actually, we’re not even talking misdemeanors. Casey’s latest act of un-American treachery would:
“[P]rohibit the sale of firearms to anyone reasonably suspected to be guilty of a misdemeanor hate crime.”
Read that again and let it sink in.

Now understand that Oath Keepers are perpetually spotlighted by the Southern Poverty Law Center under its “Hate Watch” banner, despite a clear restriction on membership codified in the group’s bylaws:
No person who advocates, or has been or is a member, or associated with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, nationality, creed, or color, shall be entitled to be a member or associate member.
Could the position be any clearer? Then again, the totalitarian lobby also calls this group that bases its very existence on the oath to the Constitution as “anti-government.”
Now we see — from just yesterday — SPLC provided testimony against Oath Keepers and others to the House Committees on Natural Resources and Homeland Security Forum on Countering Extremism on America’s Public Lands via a report titled “Antigovernment Movement Represents Serious Threat of Domestic Terror and Direct Threat to Lives of Federal Employees.”

Casey’s bill will probably go nowhere — for now.  Also uncertain is if any action will be taken on competing so-called “terror watchlist” proposals being floated by gun-grabbing “Due process is killing us” Democrats and by NRA-backed Republicans, who have yet to explain what they mean by “due process” (any bets if it involves a jury trial?)
Beyond that, just as many currently in positions of political power were campus radicals in the Sixties, repellent creatures like the Portland SJW will take their places within a generation, and who knows what insanely tyrannical edicts they’ll enact?  That is, assuming either the Republic has not split up or been restored, or that they’re not wearing burqas…
That last crack wasn’t “hate speech,” was it?

Barack Hussein Obama..Imam of the Western ISIS State

Image result for funny pictures obama Imam  Image result for funny pictures obama Imam 

                                      Image result for funny pictures obama Imam

 Bill O'Reilly /Fox News pushes Speaker Ryan to have congress declare war on ISIS and all radical Islamist Bill thats exactly what Obama wants...he has been setting this up since day one in office..then he could take Lincoln's lead and suspend the US Constitution as well as elections under the war powers act!
He is doing his best to create conditions for a revolt so he can become el Presidente' (Imam of the Western ISIS State) for life. This has always been his goal!

Donald Trump says: "Obama doesn't know what the hell he is doing"...wrong Donald he knows exactly what he is doing...MSM as well as FoxNews needs to take their proverbial head out of their collective asses..being PC and or Naive will get us all killed!

This has been Obama's goal since day one as POTUS...he has destroyed the economy with 17 Trillion in debt and Obamacare...he has tied the hands of our military and destroyed morale by firing Generals,Admirals and senior officers who opposed his policies!
He has divided the nation by first forcing gay marriage as well as transgender bathroom issues down the throats of a once moral nation.
He is on constant attack of the 2ndAmendment which protects all the others..he has appointed progressive activist judges to SCOTUS as well as Federal appeals courts to get the rulings he needs!
He backs this up with his appointments to the U.S Attorney Generals office,DHS so he can obstruct justice when the heat is on!

The only former US President he praises is Lincoln...and the reason is not what you think...Lincoln  suspended the US Constitution and elections at the outbreak of the Civil War. 

Do the homework/research don't pay attention to what Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is says, pay attention to his actions..they are quite telling! 

My suggestion is for the electorate to hold their ground on the US Constitution/Bill of not overreact to the many events coming down the has already begun with increased radical ISIS attacks on the home front...and will only increase as more and more infiltrated Islam refugees enter our country and form more and more Caliphate soldiers to martyr themselves...By all means protect youselves and others via the 2nd Amendment...but do not I repeat do not overreact and go into a revolt mode (Revolution) this is exactly what Obama wants so he can declare a emergency under the war powers act and suspend the US Constitution as well as the 2016 election!

Be warned and keep your powder well as elect Donald Trump...he can go after Obama as well as Hillary Clinton for High crimes,misdemeanors as well as corruption,sedition and treason once he has appointed his USAG as well as Fed Appeal Courts and SCOTUS justices...The statue of limitations starts when Obama leaves office!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Wyoming welder beats EPA in $16M battle over stock pond

Stock pond

It’s always good to hear to when American citizens triumph over the nanny-staters in the federal government. This time the citizen is Andy Johnson, a welder living in Fort Bridger, Wyoming, and the nanny-staters are the Environmental Protection Agency, who believe that us little folk are completely incapable of managing our own land.
In 2012, Johnson constructed a 40-by-300 foot stock pond, which is fed by a natural stream, on his nine-acre farm to help water a small herd of livestock. He obtained a state permit before building the pond, but the EPA claimed he needed to ask them for permission. The agency threatened him with civil and criminal charges, including a whopping $37,500-a-day fine.
Thankfully, the EPA has agreed to settle, and Johnson won’t have to pay any fines:

Under the settlement, Johnson’s pond will remain and he won’t pay any fines or concede any federal jurisdiction to regulate the pond. And the government won’t pursue any further enforcement actions based on the pond’s construction.
The only conditions, according to Johnson’s lawyers, are that willow trees be planted around the pond and a partial fence installed to “control livestock.”
“This is a victory for common sense and the environment, and it brings an end to all the uncertainty and fear that the Johnson family faced,” said Jonathan Wood, a staff attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation who represented Andy Johnson in his court challenge to the EPA, and in negotiating the settlement.

“The EPA never identified any environmental problems with the pond,” Wood told “In fact, it’s been a boom for the environment.”
The government claimed that Johnson’s pond was in violation of the infamous Clean Water Act. However, Ray Kagel, a former federal regulator, stood up for Johnson and argued that the pond was a benefit to the environment because it created wetlands, habitat for fish and wildlife, and cleans the water that passes through it.

The Clean Water Act clearly exempts stock ponds from regulation. But Wood stated Tuesday that, “The irony of this case is the government has insisted all along this isn’t a stock pond.” Thankfully, personal liberty prevailed.
Johnson hopes his case will provide hope for others who find themselves in the crosshairs of the EPA. “If, like us, you stand up to the overreaching bureaucrats, they may very well back down,” he said.

How about we put Obama,Holder,Lynch ,Clinton,Jeh Johnson,Kerry on the no fly list!

Image: Loretta Lynch Slaps FBI: No-Fly List Can Be Used to Ban Gun Buyers

Let's get real folks..Obama,Holder,Lynch,Clinton,Jeh Johnson (DHS) and Kerry have committed high crimes & misdemeanors...Sedition and Treason against 'We The People' of the United States of America. They have traveled the world over the last 7.5 years on a apology tour dissing the United States of America ...calling us terrorists and worse..all the while supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Radical Islam on all fronts...while padding their personal financial portfolios with illegal kickback deals from the same! 
The Obama administration is currently committing Obstruction of Justice re:  Fast and Furious,Bengahzi,Clintons e-mails etc...Okie Dokie Barry boy you are somewhat protected as a sitting POTUS...however your enablers are not...they can be arrested and prosecuted for committing crimes while in office...they are not exempted under the US Constitution/Bill of Rights! and for the record Barry Barack the statue of limitations on your crimes starts when you leave office and the next POTUS can instruct the FBI,DOJ et al to investigate and prosecute you and your kiss ass corrupt appointed cabinet members...Just a fact Jack...obviously you failed reading comprehension 101 as well as the US Constitution/ Bill of Rights while attending Harvard,if in fact you did...who knows all your records were sealed..who the F' are you really... Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever your real name is? 

I further suggest Congress enact a bill ....funding for Secret Service protection of former Presidents and family to one year after leaving office..after that they must pay their own security!

This really pisses me off: 

Loretta Lynch Slaps FBI: No-Fly List Can Be Used to Ban Gun Buyers

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has overruled FBI Director James Comey on a key issue involving guns and terrorist watch lists — a move that two unlikely allies, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Rifle Association, oppose.

Lynch says the Obama administration supports banning the sale of firearms to people on terrorist watch lists — a declaration that flies in the face of Comey's belief that denying those sales could hinder investigations of potential terrorists.
The Washington Times reports that in a statement issued Thursday, the Justice Department said it wants Congress to pass the so-called "no-fly, no-buy" plan Democratic lawmakers are pushing.

"The amendment gives the Justice Department an important additional tool to prevent the sale of guns to suspected terrorists by licensed firearms dealers while ensuring protection of the department's operational and investigative sensitivities," Justice Department spokeswoman Dena Iverson said.

But reports that the ACLU and NRA don't agree.
"Restrictions like bans on gun purchases by people on 'watch lists' are ineffective, unconstitutional, or both," the NRA said this week.

And in an ACLU position paper titled, "Until the No Fly List Is Fixed, It Shouldn't Be Used to Restrict People's Freedoms," the group's National Security Project Director wrote:
"[T]he standards for inclusion on the No Fly List are unconstitutionally vague, and innocent people are blacklisted without a fair process to correct government error. Our lawsuit seeks a meaningful opportunity for our clients to challenge their placement on the No Fly List because it is so error-prone and the consequences for their lives have been devastating."
Lynch's recommendation comes just days after an Islamic State sympathizer killed 49 people and injured 53 at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Democrats believe the bloodbath may have avoided with a ban on gun sales to people on government watch lists.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said this week he will meet with the NRA to discuss how to keep guns away from people on those lists — an announcement that took some GOP lawmakers by surprise.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating Obama Admin ‘Support’ for ISIS

16-Al Qaeda in Iraq,
From Breitbart

Hillary Clinton received a classified intelligence report stating that the Obama administration was actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group that became the Islamic State.

The memo made clear that Al Qaeda in Iraq was speaking through Muhammad Al Adnani, who is now the senior spokesman for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Western and Gulf states were supporting the terrorist group to try to overthrow Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad, who was being propped up by the Russians, Iranians, and Chinese.
In August 2012, a “SECRET” classified memo was sent to various top Obama administration officials and agencies, including to the State Department and to Clinton’s office personally.
“The document is an IAR, an intelligence information report,” said Christopher J. Farrell, who serves on the board of directors of Judicial Watch, which obtained the document. “It is produced by somebody within the Defense intelligence agency (DIA). It is reporting from the field by an intelligence agent” who could be a U.S. government agent, a defense attaché, or a source.

“It’s a report from the field back to headquarters with some intelligence that somebody is willing to bet their career on,” Farrell said.
Farrell confirmed that the report was sent to Clinton’s office, based on the recipient marking “RUEHC/SECSTATE WASHINGTON DC.”
The report identifies Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) as being one of the principal elements of the Syrian opposition, which the West was choosing to “support.”

The intelligence report contains an extensive backgrounder on AQI and its methods and capabilities, noting that AQI was speaking through the spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq Muhammad Al Adnani.
Al Adnani is now the chief spokesman for the current version of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.
According to the report:
The intelligence report also predicts the rise of a broad “Islamic State” forming from segments of Al Adnani’s group:

Read Full Story At Breitbart

Gay Writer Drops TRUTH BOMB About Orlando Terrorist… Liberals Lose Their Minds

Milo vs muslim gay execution
Conservative gay writer Milo Yiannopoulos had a few choice words about the Orlando terrorist and Muslim immigrants everywhere, and those words will have liberal heads everywhere about to explode.
In an article at Breitbart, Yiannopoulos slammed liberals who agree with policies that allow Muslim refugees to enter Europe at an alarming rate. He said the political left’s “willful, suicidal ignorance about Muslim culture is at odds with virtually every one of their cherished social justice prescriptions.”
He accused progressives of turning a blind eye to one of the most dangerous cultures in the world. He criticized them for being offended by Halloween costumes yet ignoring “the regular atrocities of cultures that mass-murder each other over regional, tribal, and sectarian differences.”

Yiannopoulos pointed out the ridiculousness of liberals who call conservatives who disagree with their definition of gay marriage bigots but “welcome into their midst a culture that wants to execute queers like me.” And it’s no secret that that’s exactly what Islamic extremists want.
The outspoken writer went on to point out the problem with liberals is that they refuse to believe that Muslim immigrants, much less jihadi terrorists, will never adapt to Western culture. “They expect us to expand our progressive worldview by accepting Islam’s bronze-age barbarism,” he wrote.
It’s hard to disagree with Yiannopoulos on this. His observations hit the nail on the head when it comes to progressives and the things they choose to be offended by. How can a couple who chooses not to decorate a gay wedding cake be more dangerous to society than Islamic radicals who openly proclaim they want to kill all of us?

The answer is they’re not. But leftist politicians will continue to allow unvetted Muslim immigrants into our countries because it makes them feel good and it gives them another means to hate Christianity. Liberals will embrace just about anything that is anti-Christian, even if it means sacrificing their own rights, and perhaps their own lives, in the process.
Share this story if you agree with Yiannopoulos that liberals are turning a blind eye to one of the most dangerous cultures the West ever faced.

BREAKING: Insider Leaks Secret Reaction White House Had To Orlando Shooting… It’s SICK

Insider Leaks Secret Reaction White House Had To Orlando Shooting

Conservative Tribune has obtained exclusive information from a Washington insider that revealed how the White House actually felt about the Orlando shooting, and it may turn a few heads (not to mention a few stomachs).
An individual with connections at the White House who for obvious reasons asked to remain unidentified wondered what would come out of the Orlando shooting with regard to policy changes from the Obama administration. The responses to this question were shocking, to say the least.
One senior White House official [VP Joe Biden?] told the insider that if “shooting up 30 8-year-olds in suburban Connecticut didn’t change any minds,” a massacre of 1,000 homosexuals during Pride Week 
wouldn’t matter.

“(N)obody would give a f***,” the official said. [hmmm Joe Biden's Vernacular ]
In fact, the official went on to say that the White House couldn’t even spin the story because nobody cared about a “bunch of queers,” and that it would simply be “bad politics” to try and do so.
Perhaps more damning, another White House official, also described by our contact as “senior,” added that the administration didn’t want anyone to look into the matter very closely.

When asked why, the official pointed out that Mateen had been hired by G4S, a company that, along with other security firms, had been “leaned on” by the Obama administration to hire Muslims.
Those companies had been encouraged to “look the other way a little bit” when it came to background checks to ensure they weren’t hiring a “bunch of white weekend warriors playing Army.”

If these responses indicate how the Obama administration as a whole reacted to the shooting, it is sick in more ways than one.

First, it demonstrated how very little it cares about the LGBT community — which is shocking considering their rhetoric and how much Democrats have come to depend on their vote.
Second, it showed how the administration has shown blatant favoritism to Muslims — over homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics, women or any other group.
G4S has been one of the biggest contractors for the U.S. government after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, but now has come under scrutiny for hiring an apparent Islamic State group sympathizer.

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  • MUZZLE DEVICE: Pinned and Welded Daniel Defense Flash Suppressor, Extended, 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, Salt Bath Nitride Finished
  • BOLT CARRIER GROUP: M16 Profile, Chrome Lined, Properly Staked Gas Key
  • BUFFER: H Buffer
  • SIGHTS: Sold Separately
  • HANDGUARD: Daniel Defense SLiM Rail™ 12.0, CNC Machined of 6061-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • RECEIVER EXTENSION: 6-Position Mil-Spec 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • BUTTSTOCK: Daniel Defense Buttstock, Glass Filled Polymer with Soft Touch Overmolding
  • PISTOL GRIP: Daniel Defense Pistol Grip, Glass Filled Polymer with Soft Touch Overmolding
  • FINISH: Daniel Defense Tornado Cerakote
  • Made in the USA!
NOTE: We will also throw in four Magpul PMAG 30 rnd. magazines and a set of Magpul MOE backup sights for the winner.
We would like to thank the great patriots at Frontier Guns & Ammo in Kalispell, Montana for their assistance with selecting this rifle and shipping it to the winner once the drawing is held.  All staff at Frontier Guns are military veterans and members or supporters of Oath Keepers.

I'm fed up with Paul Ryan

College Professor Blames Christians for Orlando Attack, says ISIS is a “Distraction”

by eaglerising 

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:
A University at Buffalo (SUNY-Buffalo) professor is claiming any attention given to Islamic State and Islamic radicalism after the Orlando shooting is “deliberate misdirection” distracting people from the much greater threat of Christians and the Republican party.
“This was an American killing Americans because they were queer and that has not been forcefully articulated,” Jonathan Katz said in a news release put out by the school. “What we are trying to do here is camouflage the root of the problem, which is a long history of violent political rhetoric and homophobic policies by Republican officials and their conservative allies.

Katz, an art history professor, also claims to be the first full-time academic to earn tenure in the field of gay and lesbian studies, which he taught at the City College of San Francisco. (RELATED: ACLU Lawyers Blame GOP For Orlando)
The school characterizes Katz’s statements as “research news,” though Katz’s comments appear to simply be his opinion as an art professor. Katz’s opinion is that blame for Omar Mateen, a radical Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS both before and during his massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub, should rest with Christian conservatives, whom he describes as “our enemies.”
“The ISIS thing is a distraction and it allows this tragedy to be reconfigured into a political argument against terror instead of looking at the long legacy of anti-gay violence in this country that has itself been stoked and promoted by the Christian right,” Katz says. “The cause of our current violence is more likely to be found in this country than the Middle East.”

Katz also says American conservatives, whom he describes as “our enemies,” find it distasteful to mourn the mass murder of gays, and so they have pivoted to Islamic extremism as a means of making this mourning more palatable.
“The discussion of ISIS is a deliberate misdirection and an attempt by the Right to make the unpalatable defense of gay people more to their liking by rewriting it in patriotic terms,” he says. “What happened in Orlando is part of the pattern of anti-gay violence in the U.S. We cannot allow this tragedy to be used by our enemies in ways that obscure its cause. We have a homophobia problem in this country and that should be the focus.”
The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to SUNY-Buffalo regarding Katz’s remarks, and why the school publicized them as research, but did not immediately receive a reply.

Obama Hires Muslim who Praised 9/11 Attacks for Homeland Security!

by Onan Coca 

Earlier this week President Obama wondered why conservatives were so keen to hear him discuss the threat of “radical Islam,” and now we have the perfect example of why we’re so frustrated, to share with him. While the President is peeved that Donald Trump and other Republicans keep demanding that he specifically address the fight against radical Islam, his actions continue to demand our objections. In the most recent example of his completely disconnected-from-reality political policies, Obama just hired Laila Alawa to join Homeland Security.

Why does this matter? Because Laila Alawa has spoken glowingly about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and how they changed America and “the world for good.” She’s also scoffed at American exceptionalism while arguing that she considers herself Syrian and will never embrace America. After Pamela Geller marked the murders of innocents at the Boston Marathon, Alawa told her to “go f*** yourself.” Alawa is a vile, anti-American parasite who hates the majority of American citizens while identifying and sympathizing with our enemies in radical Islam.
Warner Todd Huston of BizPac Review has more

In September of 2014 Alawa insisted “9/11 changed the world for good and there’s not other way to say it. I just hope we keep having open conversations about our differences.”
Obama’s new member of Homeland Security also recently said that she will never consider herself an actual American. Even though she came to the U.S. as a 10-year-old child, Alawa says she will always consider herself a Syrian. “But I will always be Syrian. I will always be from Syria. I will always be of Syria,” she wrote in an article in November of 2015. In the same piece she called Syria her “homeland.” 

In a tweet from 2013, Alawa slammed anyone who might say that the U.S. is a great country.
To further prove how little she thinks of America, she also has posted numerous tweets attacking white people.
On September 10, 2015 she attacked the U.S. as a place where being American means “being white.” 

In September of that same year (2015) she attacked those who didn’t want to bring in untold numbers of Syrian “refugees” into the U.S. as shedding “salty white tears” over Obama’s plans to flood the country with unscreened Muslims. 

This kind of thing from the Obama administration shouldn’t surprise us though; after all, this is the same administration that thinks “right-wing” extremists pose the same kind of threat to our nation that we face from radical Islam.

It’s crazy and stupid.

Read the entire enraging story at BizPac Review.

Obama Demands Unconstitutional Firearm Ban, and Unlawful No-Fly, No-Buy Ban!

by Tim Brown 

You knew it was coming from the usurper-in-chief who said that he would give “sustained focus” to gun control this year. Following the Orlando Islamic terror attack on Sunday, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah called for violating the Constitution with another assault weapons ban and an infringement of the rights of people to purchase a gun who are on the very questionable no fly list.
“People with possible ties to terrorism who are not allowed on a plane shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun,” Obama said, referring to “no fly, no buy” legislation, something that is a clear violation of the Fifth Amendment. I’ve covered the unconstitutionality of such legislation here.
“Reinstate the assault weapons plan,” he continued. “Make it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us.”

Here’s the problem. An assault weapons ban is unconstitutional. Congress is not authorized to write such legislation that infringes on the right to keep and bear arms. The Executive Branch has also not been given authority to infringe or restrict weapons to law abiding citizens either by signing illegal legislation or with the use of executive orders.
“Otherwise, despite extraordinary efforts, despite all the sacrifices that folks make, these kinds of events are going to keep on happening,” Obama warned. “And the weapons are only going to get more powerful.”
OK, stop. Did you see what he just said? “These kinds of events are going to keep on happening”… “despite all the sacrifices that folks make.” So, if they are going to keep happening, even when people are sacrificing, why should Americans sacrifice more of their liberty? Won’t the same people who are engaged in Islamic terrorism still have guns? I think so. The man is delusional.

The president added that the U.S. government is “doing everything in our power to stop these kinds of attacks.”
No they are not. They are the ones who created the Islamic State. They are the ones that trained, funded and armed these people. They are not doing anything to stop them. They are doing everything they can do to support them. Look at their actions, don’t listen to their words.
“Our mission is to destroy ISIL,” Obama said. “This continues to be a difficult fight, but we are making sufficient progress.”

Again, if they were making progress, why are these people on our soil? They are only making progress in bankrupting us, killing off our sons and daughters in unconstitutional wars and infringing on our liberties through their crimes.

Reposted with Permission from Freedom Outpost.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rare Footage of an ANGRY Omar Mateen as a Security Guard

Mateen was caught on hidden camera for a documentary working as a security guard in a 2012 documentary, “The Big Fix.” The documentary is based on the notorious 2010 BP oil spill. Mateen is heard bad-mouthing the BP’s cleanup efforts. The security company, G4S, has confirmed that it is in fact Mateen in the documentary.
Rare footage of Orlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen has surfaced, in which the man who slaughtered 49 people runs his mouth while working as a security guard.

What America needs now is a Man or Woman with Slow Hands for #POTUS...

I don't know about y'all but I for one am sick and tired of the same ol' same ol' BS in politics of today...we need to digress and go backwards in time..I could go on and on writing a book about this..hell NO I am a essayist akin to Mark I will post a video instead~short and sweet and to the point!...hope y'all get the drift before ya cast a vote 2016 for #POTUS  Take the time to do the research and Vet potential candidates! Life is short then we die get it! #OldSchool here :)


Who Ya Gonna Call?


by Jenn Jacques
Guns can and do save lives, that’s not something I have to tell regular Bearing Arms readers. So let this story be a lesson to those of you who may not own guns or have access to a firearm in a critical situation.
Number one, I’m sorry you had to find out this way that having a gun for self defense is a good idea and number two, please have the first phone call you make go to the police.  

Sgt. Jason Houck, a spokesman for the King County Washington Sheriff’s Office, said deputies received a call of a disturbance early Tuesday morning around 2:15 a.m.
Houck said after two female residents of a home on Renton Avenue South in Seattle heard someone breaking into their house, they didn’t call 9-1-1, they called a male relative who lives nearby.

The male relative then called a friend and together, the two men went to the house to investigate, Houck said.
However, as the friend was running up the driveway to the residence, he was shot in the stomach and arm by one of the alleged home intruders.

Then they called the police.
Although the three suspects fled, one was later tracked by K-9 units. While deputies were talking to that suspect, a caller reported seeing two other men run away from the car just before the K-9 team arrived. The K-9 team found those suspects running down the street, Houck said.
“Their clothing matched what the suspects had been wearing at the time of the shooting and burglary,” and a witness positively identified the suspects as those that had been at the house when the shooting occurred, Houck said.
The friend of the male relative, a man in his 20s, was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where he was in surgery as of Tuesday morning.
Houck confirmed all three suspects, one juvenile and two adult males, are in custody being interviewed by detectives with the Major Crimes unit.
Again; guns can and do save lives, but this is definitely not the way to do it. Get armed and trained to save yourselves ladies, but call the police if you are unarmed and fearful of your safety.