Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gay Writer Drops TRUTH BOMB About Orlando Terrorist… Liberals Lose Their Minds

Milo vs muslim gay execution
Conservative gay writer Milo Yiannopoulos had a few choice words about the Orlando terrorist and Muslim immigrants everywhere, and those words will have liberal heads everywhere about to explode.
In an article at Breitbart, Yiannopoulos slammed liberals who agree with policies that allow Muslim refugees to enter Europe at an alarming rate. He said the political left’s “willful, suicidal ignorance about Muslim culture is at odds with virtually every one of their cherished social justice prescriptions.”
He accused progressives of turning a blind eye to one of the most dangerous cultures in the world. He criticized them for being offended by Halloween costumes yet ignoring “the regular atrocities of cultures that mass-murder each other over regional, tribal, and sectarian differences.”

Yiannopoulos pointed out the ridiculousness of liberals who call conservatives who disagree with their definition of gay marriage bigots but “welcome into their midst a culture that wants to execute queers like me.” And it’s no secret that that’s exactly what Islamic extremists want.
The outspoken writer went on to point out the problem with liberals is that they refuse to believe that Muslim immigrants, much less jihadi terrorists, will never adapt to Western culture. “They expect us to expand our progressive worldview by accepting Islam’s bronze-age barbarism,” he wrote.
It’s hard to disagree with Yiannopoulos on this. His observations hit the nail on the head when it comes to progressives and the things they choose to be offended by. How can a couple who chooses not to decorate a gay wedding cake be more dangerous to society than Islamic radicals who openly proclaim they want to kill all of us?

The answer is they’re not. But leftist politicians will continue to allow unvetted Muslim immigrants into our countries because it makes them feel good and it gives them another means to hate Christianity. Liberals will embrace just about anything that is anti-Christian, even if it means sacrificing their own rights, and perhaps their own lives, in the process.
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