Saturday, June 18, 2016

Barack Hussein Obama..Imam of the Western ISIS State

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 Bill O'Reilly /Fox News pushes Speaker Ryan to have congress declare war on ISIS and all radical Islamist Bill thats exactly what Obama wants...he has been setting this up since day one in office..then he could take Lincoln's lead and suspend the US Constitution as well as elections under the war powers act!
He is doing his best to create conditions for a revolt so he can become el Presidente' (Imam of the Western ISIS State) for life. This has always been his goal!

Donald Trump says: "Obama doesn't know what the hell he is doing"...wrong Donald he knows exactly what he is doing...MSM as well as FoxNews needs to take their proverbial head out of their collective asses..being PC and or Naive will get us all killed!

This has been Obama's goal since day one as POTUS...he has destroyed the economy with 17 Trillion in debt and Obamacare...he has tied the hands of our military and destroyed morale by firing Generals,Admirals and senior officers who opposed his policies!
He has divided the nation by first forcing gay marriage as well as transgender bathroom issues down the throats of a once moral nation.
He is on constant attack of the 2ndAmendment which protects all the others..he has appointed progressive activist judges to SCOTUS as well as Federal appeals courts to get the rulings he needs!
He backs this up with his appointments to the U.S Attorney Generals office,DHS so he can obstruct justice when the heat is on!

The only former US President he praises is Lincoln...and the reason is not what you think...Lincoln  suspended the US Constitution and elections at the outbreak of the Civil War. 

Do the homework/research don't pay attention to what Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is says, pay attention to his actions..they are quite telling! 

My suggestion is for the electorate to hold their ground on the US Constitution/Bill of not overreact to the many events coming down the has already begun with increased radical ISIS attacks on the home front...and will only increase as more and more infiltrated Islam refugees enter our country and form more and more Caliphate soldiers to martyr themselves...By all means protect youselves and others via the 2nd Amendment...but do not I repeat do not overreact and go into a revolt mode (Revolution) this is exactly what Obama wants so he can declare a emergency under the war powers act and suspend the US Constitution as well as the 2016 election!

Be warned and keep your powder well as elect Donald Trump...he can go after Obama as well as Hillary Clinton for High crimes,misdemeanors as well as corruption,sedition and treason once he has appointed his USAG as well as Fed Appeal Courts and SCOTUS justices...The statue of limitations starts when Obama leaves office!

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