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Bangladeshi Girl Lashed To Death After Rape by Cousin..Go 'F' Yourself Bill Killian #Obama et al

Bangladeshi Girl Lashed To Death After Rape by Cousin
A 14-year-old girl named Hena Akhter was killed by a public lashing. Hena was raped by her 40-year-old cousin. That's why she was beaten -- she was a rape victim. Bangladesh is almost 90 percent Muslim and under sharia, or Islamic law, rape cannot be proved without the testimony of four witnesses. 

Needs to be removed from office asap...hello Congress! ~>

Is Trace Adkins’ Music Career Almost Over?

oped: Naw I don't think so...however Trace ya be too old to be Justin Beaver and too young to be Bing stick with country...after all Ladies Love Country Boys:)

Trace Adkins
By Sterling Whitaker 

Trace Adkins seems like he’s on a hot streak, but to hear him tell the tale, he feels like his career could be over at any time. In a candid new interview, the country star and recent ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ winner expresses doubts about getting radio airplay for his new album, ‘Love Will.’
“I mean, I’m a realist. I look at this career that I’ve had, and it’s been fantastic. It’s been more than I ever could have dreamed or hoped for or wished for,” Adkins tells CMT. “And I may be getting to the end of my competitive run at radio. You what I’m sayin’? And this may be it . . . if they play this one, maybe I’ll stick around a little while.”
The singer says his expectations are different than they were when he was a young artist starting out. “My first album came and went platinum, and I was like, ‘This is gonna be easy,’” he admits. “And it took me a long time to hit that lick again — have one come out and go platinum or double platinum. My expectations are just not what they used to be to start with. Much more realistic now.”
Part of that is because Adkins is at the age where country radio playlists naturally start dropping an artist, and part of it is because his new album reflects a very different musical slant from past efforts. And he says that’s only going to continue, since his next release will also be a dramatic departure from his norm.
“I have a Christmas record coming out this year,” Adkins reveals. “This is the first Christmas record I’ve ever made, and I am so proud of this Christmas record, probably more proud of this than anything that I’ve possibly ever done with the exception of some of those really deep, profound military songs that pay tribute to heroes. But other than that, I think, for my money, this record has more depth than anything — and it’s a Christmas record. I love this record.”
And if it should happen that radio won’t embrace his new approach, Adkins is philosophical about whatever comes next. “I’m just saying we all have our day. And when it comes to an end, you have to have the grace and the dignity to recognize, it’s time — it’s time to move on, maybe go do something else,” he reflects. “I think I’m at that record, you know? I’m prepared for it, I’m ready for it. It doesn’t terrify me. It doesn’t scare me. I’ll just start on another chapter.”

U.S. attorney Bill Killian claimed illness in alimony case

oped: What a piece of work this moron is... draft dodger,alimony dodger and closet 'Muslim Brotherhood' Bro...#Impeach #Arrest #Prosecute for sedition and treason! ...and the US Senate approved his nomination!...Shame on them! Like A US Attorney would lie? How shocking! Must be the first time in history that's occurred.  #NOT #Holder et al

Isn’t it great how we had a first amendment for centuries before Muslim immigrants came along to set us straight...then again: you can still dunk a crucifix in a jar of urine and have it ...Bill Killians way! Enough is enough folks with this seditionist/traitorist #Obama administration!

by Joan Garrett McClane
At the time newly appointed U.S. Attorney Bill Killian applied to be one of the state’s top federal prosecutors, he was arguing in court to reduce or end alimony payments to his ex-wife because he said a 2009 diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease had and would hurt his ability to work.
Now Killian, 61, says he’s not sure if the tremor in his right hand is Parkinson’s disease, and he said his condition is improving.
“It only affected my work as a trial attorney, not in any other aspect of practicing law, if I was required to take notes for long periods of time,” Killian said Thursday. “It does not impair me at all doing the U.S. attorney’s job. I am working about 14 hours today, and I assure you, if I had Parkinson’s, I couldn’t do it.”
A recent Tennessee Court of Appeals opinion says what Killian described as a “neurological disorder” was not advanced enough to hamper his earning potential and warrant a decrease in alimony payments, which had been at least $4,000 a month since 2005.
“[Killian] argues that Parkinson’s disease ‘adversely affects his ability to earn a living,’” the opinion states. “It is significant that [Killian] was not diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease until January 2009. ... It is also relevant that, at the time of the hearing, [Killian] had applied for the position of United States Attorney and testified that he thought he could perform that job.”
The appeals court ruling filed Oct. 5 affirmed a Marion County Chancery Court’s ruling denying his petition to reduce or terminate his alimony obligation and awarding his ex-wife attorney fees.
Killian said Thursday that, since his initial diagnosis in 2009, two doctors have said he does not have Parkinson’s disease but showed signs of parkinsonism. The Mayo Clinic describes parkinsonism on its website as “any condition that causes a combination of movement abnormalities.”

“Not everyone who has parkinsonism has Parkinson’s disease,” according to the Mayo Clinic. “No definitive tests exist for parkinsonism or Parkinson’s disease.”
Killian was nominated as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee in May 2010 and confirmed by the U.S. Senate last week.
He did not appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee for questioning before his confirmation, but Killian did submit a questionnaire about his work history and background. The public documents linked to his appointment do not include medical history.
Since Killian’s 2005 divorce from Becky Killian, his wife of 31 years, his private law practice in Jasper has lost money, according to the opinion. But the decrease from his annual adjusted gross income of $147,713 was not significant enough to prompt an alimony reduction, the court stated.
The court also questioned Killian’s claim of facing increasing debt.
In 2008, records show Killian made political contributions of more than $5,000 and gave a $4,000 gift to a fraternity.
“[He] took several expensive vacations, dined at numerous expensive restaurants, [spending] at least $4,800, and bought a new car,” the opinion read.
Becky Killian, who had two children with Killian and lives in South Pittsburg, said she “knows for a fact” that Killian has Parkinson’s.
“I have been through doctors’ medical depositions with him. It is absolutely proof positive,” she said.
Still, she said she doesn’t believe it’s advanced enough to affect him in his new job.
“I think he can do the job perfectly,” Becky Killian said. “He was only trying to use that to get out of paying the alimony. ... I think he was trying to use that saying that he couldn’t work, but the whole while he was seeking this position.”

DOJ: Slam Muslims on Facebook, face feds

by: Bob Unruh 

Bloggers beware. And those who use email, too. And those on Facebook. And Twitter. And anyone else using social media: Diss a Muslim and the Department of Justice will be on your case with the full weight of federal law.
The Obama administration, which is launching a series of Muslim Outreach Summits so that Islamists can tell federal officials how they better can serve that community, says it also is holding educational outreaches to let people know that Internet postings that violate civil rights are subject to federal prosecution.

Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, is scheduled to appear at an event sponsored by the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee next week, and will “provide input on how civil rights can be violated by those who post inflammatory documents targeted at Muslims on social media,” according to a report in the Tullahoma News in Tennessee.
“This is an educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion,” he said. “This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.”
He said everyone needs to understand that Internet postings that violate civil rights are subject to federal jurisdiction.
After all, he said, while some Muslims may blow up buildings, hijack airliners and kill thousands, there are terrorists of other religions, too.
“[Oklahoma City bombers] Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were both Christians as was the guy who shot up the Sikh temple [in Wisconsin],” Killian claimed.
The federal strategy immediately made the “Corruption Chronicles” feature assembled by officials at Judicial Watch, the corruption-fighting activists in Washington. 

“In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights,” the organization said.
Judicial Watch noted that the Obama administration already has reached out to personally reassure Muslims that the DOJ is protecting them. In that unprecedented move, Attorney General Eric Holder assured a San Francisco-based group called Muslim Advocates, which urges members not to cooperate with federal investigations, that he is grateful to have Muslims with which to partner. The Obama administration also has hired a special Homeland Security adviser, Mohamed Elibiary, who openly supports an Islamist theologian who condemns U.S. prosecutions of terrorists, Judicial Watch said.
And the president has ordered the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to focus on Muslim diplomacy and officials with Homeland Security covertly have met with extremist Arab, Muslim and Sikh groups to talk about national security matters.

The State Department lent its weight by sending anti-America imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on a trip to the Middle East for outreach to Muslims.
Explained Judicial Watch, “Over the years, the Obama administration has embarked on a fervent crusade to befriend Muslims by creating a variety of outreach programs at a number of key federal agencies.”
Tullahoma News said Killian wants to let people know about Muslim culture and civil rights laws.
“We want to inform everybody about what the law is, but more importantly, we want to provide what the law means to Muslims, Hindus and every other religion in the country.
“It’s why we came here in the first place,” he continued. “In England, they were using Christianity to further their power in government. That’s why the First Amendment is there.”
WND had reported just a day earlier on the “Muslim Outreach Summits.”
WND initially discovered documents referring to the Muslim summits while examining a U.S. Department of Education procurement of data-gathering and report-writing services.
The services are specific to information being assembled by the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, or WHIAAPI, which Obama created via executive order in 2009.

Upon closer inspection, however, WND learned that the Education Department explicitly will direct the selected contractor to chronicle findings and recommendations gleaned from the Muslim Outreach Summits.
The White House views this year’s venues as an extension of a previous outreach to “new immigrants and refugees – some of the most underserved in the AAPI community,” according to a document titled “WHIAAPI 2013 Faith-Based and Community Engagement.”
Complementing the prior effort will be the three “regional convenings,” tentatively scheduled June 15 in Chicago, June 22 in San Francisco and June 29 in New York City.
“These cities are main AAPI immigrant hubs and entry points for new immigrants/refugees,” according to a related document, “Questions Received from Vendors: Development and Preparation of the AAPI Annual Report to the President.”
“Each convening with [sic] include panel discussions/workshops with federal officials on key issues impacting the community and also an open-dialogue session to hear directly from the community about issues of concern.”
Sometime after the three Muslim Outreach Summits, the chosen contractor will develop and then present its summary report to the president and to newly appointed WHIAAPI commissioners.
The contracting action – the first of its kind since its inception in 2008 – will help lay the foundation for the initiative’s future work, the document says.

Newly released IRS video shows employees dancing

oped: Yeppers it definetly is past time to defund and abolish the IRS...they are out of control and the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars! 

This still image from video provided by the Internal Revenue Service shows a scene from a video the agency provided to Congress on Friday, May 31, 2013, featuring its employees - this one showing them dancing on a stage. The latest recording cost about $1,600 and was produced to be shown at the end of a 2010 training and leadership conference held in Anaheim, Calif., said IRS spokeswoman Michelle Eldridge. (AP Photo/IRS)

WASHINGTON (AP) — In the latest black eye for the Internal Revenue Service, the agency provided Congress on Friday with another video featuring its employees, this one showing about a dozen of them line dancing on a stage.
The video of the IRS workers practicing their dance moves, which lasts just under three minutes, comes weeks after it was revealed that agency workers produced two other videos parodying the "Star Trek" and "Gilligan's Island" TV shows.
The latest recording cost about $1,600 and was produced to be shown at the end of a 2010 training and leadership conference held in Anaheim, Calif., said IRS spokeswoman Michelle Eldridge. At a time when most government agencies are coping with across-the-board spending cuts by furloughing workers and finding other savings, that conference has become the target of a report a Treasury inspector general plans to release next week.
The report, called "Collected and Wasted: The IRS Spending Culture and Conference Abuses," will be the subject of a hearing Thursday by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, that panel said Friday.

The IRS is also under fire by lawmakers and the Obama administration for targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status for tough scrutiny between 2010 and 2012. That screening, revealed May 10, has led President Barack Obama to replace the agency's acting chief, and two other top officials have also stepped aside.
All three videos were provided in response to a request by a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La.
"The outrage toward the IRS is only growing stronger," said Boustany, who chairs the Ways and Means oversight subcommittee. "Clearly this is an agency where abuse and waste is the norm and not the exception."
In a written statement, the IRS said the video was "unacceptable and an inappropriate use of government funds." It said the agency has new policies in place "to ensure that taxpayer funds are being used appropriately."
Eldridge said the dance video was recorded at IRS offices in New Carrollton, Md., outside Washington, D.C.
In the video, various workers comment as colleagues practice their dancing in the background to music that sounds like "Cupid Shuffle," a 2007 hit by the performer Cupid. In the version obtained by The Associated Press, IRS employees' names have been erased.

At one point, one woman says, "And I thought doing the 'Star Trek' video was humiliating."
That "Star Trek" video was produced for the same 2010 conference. The agency called the "Star Trek" video, which lasted six minutes and featured employees dressed as characters from the popular show, a mistake.
The "Star Trek" and "Gilligan's Island" videos cost about $60,000 combined to make, the IRS said in March.
The "Gilligan's Island" parody was used at the beginning of a 12-hour video the IRS used in 2011 to train its workers on various tax issues, Eldridge said. The entire video was used to train 1,900 workers who assist taxpayers over the phone and in offices around the country, she said.
In a separate statement, Danny Werfel, the IRS' new acting commissioner, called the 2010 conference "an unfortunate vestige from a prior era."
He added, "While there were legitimate reasons for holding the meeting, many of the expenses associated with it were inappropriate and should not have occurred."
Werfel said the IRS has since instituted spending restrictions that include scaling back travel and training expenses by more than 80 percent since 2010.

"Taxpayers should take comfort that a conference like this would not take place today," Werfel said.
In a statement, the Treasury Department — of which the IRS is part — said it puts "the highest priority on protecting taxpayer dollars." It said it would work with Werfel as he reviews his agency's operations and tries to "restore public confidence in the IRS."
The 2010 conference was attended by 2,600 IRS workers from 350 offices around the country that handle tax returns for small businesses and self-employed individuals, Eldridge said.

US Attorney Bill Killian: Anti-Muslim Postings on Social Media Might Be Criminal

oped: Well Mr Killian does this only apply to Islam~ not all other religious beliefs? This would be under  Sharia Law not US Law and the Constitution/Bill of Rights! Are you a practicing Muslim Mr.Killian? You seem to favor Sharia Law over US Law...Maybe you should denounce your US Citizenship and move to Saudi Arabia with the rest of your 'Muslim Brotherhood' buddies! By the way you really should research Islam it is a 'Theocracy' not a religion per say, and it is written in the Qu'ran to blasphemy/attack all other religious beliefs so, are you going to go after those who adhere to the teachings of Islam as well as others?
Start your research on Islam and  get back to the rest of us after your education is completed!

Begin your journey:



This could be the straw to break the camel’s back.
Check it out:
The First Amendment served us well for a time, but now it’s outdated.
Remember reading that England had arrested a guy for anti-Muslim Twitter postings in the aftermath of the Woolrich slaughter? And remember thinking, “Well, this is America, that can’t happen here”?
Oh yes it can. Obama’s Attorney for the Eastern district of Tennessee wants you to know that if you say something untoward about Muslims, the Federal government may imprison you. 
Post continues :
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Krauthammer: Obama ” Isn’t Half As Intelligent As He Thinks He Is” #Fraud

oped: Hello...LOL...Golly Gee Mr.Wizard Ya Think?... I don't have a Phd nor a MD but I knew this way back ...prior to 2008..Glad to see y'all agree with us lowly working class stiffs:) I mean after all those who get high in school and date Mary Jane et al....for the most part adhere to to the 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Puff the Magic Dragon'  Ideaology of life...not Rocket Science or Brain Surgery!

Mel Gibson Plays His First (Fictional) Bad Guy in ‘Machete Kills’

Maybe one day we'll all find these movies as amusing as Robert Rodriguez seems to.
For now, the DIY action auteur is back in grind house mode with "Machete Kills," the sequel to the 2010 exploitation flick featuring Rodriguez's muse Danny Trejo as the Mexican you don't want to mess with.
The "Machete" sequel may perhaps prove to be most notable for being something of a semi-comeback vehicle for Mel Gibson. "Machete Kills" is the troubled star's first on-screen acting gig following the little-seen "Get the Gringo" (2012), which never got a U.S. theatrical release, and "The Beaver" (2011), director Jodie Foster's unfairly ignored therapy drama. Gibson stars as Luther Voz, and the film's first trailer gives us a brief tease of his skills with a sword.
Voz has been announced as the main antagonist of "Machete Kills," which means this will be Gibson's first real villain role. Sure, he's played anti-heroes before (the tagline for the underrated "Payback" said, "Get ready to root for the bad guy") but never a full-blown force of evil ... and one that's good with a blade, at that.

True to fashion, Rodriguez is once again casting people that the rest of Hollywood doesn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole. The writer-director-everything-else gave Lindsay Lohan a part in the first "Machete," and the sequel finds Lohan's newly-found soul mate Charlie Sheen (here jokingly billed as the actor's birth name "Carlos Estevez") as, of all things, the President of the United States. You also get Cuba Gooding Jr., who's been inexplicably struggling with finding the right gig ever since he won an Oscar for "Jerry Maguire," as El Camaleon.

Rodriguez's fondness for "stunt casting" is also on display here as anti-pop sensation Lady Gaga plays a role, as does Antonio Banderas, absent from Rodriguez films since 2003's "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" (not counting his uncredited cameo in 2011's dreadful "Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World").
The trailer opens with a (probably unintentional) meta-wink, as William Sadler, who just played the President of the United States in "Iron Man Three," gets a surprise call from the President of the United States, upon which he releases the man he literally had hanging in the room, who's revealed to be Machete. From there, it's a series of quick action clips showcasing Rodriguez's love for almost vaudevillian weaponry and scantily-clad warrior women, here played by returning players Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba, along with new recruits Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard and "Spy Kids" alum Alexa Vega.

It should be a hoot and a holler, if you're into this kind of thing. Though we can't help but wonder if Robert Rodriguez is ever going to stop fooling around with his arsenal of toys and character actors and actually one day attempt something resembling, shucks, a "real movie." For now, he seems content to believe that we still live in a time when Saturday night means a double feature at the drive-in.
"Machete Kills" opens September 13.
Watch Mel Gibson in the "Machete Kills" theatrical trailer...  

Danny Trejo introduces the new trailer starring Sofia Vergara, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga, and Carlos Estevez.

Obama to Muslims: Tell me what you want

oped: C'mon people ya still don't believe Obama is a Muslim? This pretty much says so! #Impeach the Seditionist/Traitor
A series of Muslim Outreach Summits are planned coast-to-coast by the Obama administration to get feedback from Muslims on how the government can better serve them and their specific desires.
The president’s adopted home town of Chicago will be the first stop.
WND initially discovered documents referring to the Muslim summits while examining a U.S. Department of Education procurement of data-gathering and report-writing services.
The services are specific to information being assembled by the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, or WHIAAPI, which Obama created via executive order in 2009. 

Upon closer inspection, however, WND learned that the Education Department explicitly will direct the selected contractor to chronicle findings and recommendations gleaned from the Muslim Outreach Summits.
The White House views this year’s venues as an extension of a previous outreach to “new immigrants and refugees – some of the most underserved in the AAPI community,” according to a document titled “WHIAAPI 2013 Faith-Based and Community Engagement.”
Complementing the prior effort will be the three “regional convenings,” tentatively scheduled June 15 in Chicago, June 22 in San Francisco and June 29 in New York City.
“These cities are main AAPI immigrant hubs and entry points for new immigrants/refugees,” according to a related document, “Questions Received from Vendors: Development and Preparation of the AAPI Annual Report to the President.”
“Each convening with [sic] include panel discussions/workshops with federal officials on key issues impacting the community and also an open-dialogue session to hear directly from the community about issues of concern.”

One vendor submitted a question to the Education Department asking, “Is there separate authorizing legislation for the Muslim Outreach Summits, or is it included in the AAPI EO [Executive Order]?”
The department, in response, acknowledged that separate authorizing legislation does not exist.
Rather, it says that Obama crafted the initiative solely through executive order, which it justified because the endeavor’s goal is to “improve the quality of life of AAPIs through increased participation in federal programs in which AAPIs may be underserved.”
The vendor-question document further states that Obama’s “faith-based outreach summits” will help the government to provide federal resources to “underserved AAPIs” while determining their ongoing needs.

When Obama signed the executive order Oct. 14, 2009, he also launched a separate President’s Advisory Commission on AAPI as well as a Federal Interagency Working Group.
The groups work collaboratively with the White House Office of Public Engagement and federal agencies “to increase Asian American and Pacific Islander participation.”
“The initiative seeks to highlight both the tremendous unmet needs in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities as well as the dynamic community assets that can be leveraged to meet many of those needs.”
It hopes to address the needs of those communities by i

Group fails in bid to recall Ariz. sheriff

FILE - In this Jan. 9, 2013 file photo, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks with the media in Phoenix. Organizers of the effort to recall Arpaio face long odds in turning in the more than 335,000 valid voter signatures required by the 5 p.m., Thursday, May 30, 2013, deadline. They have struggled to raise funds, have had to rely mainly on volunteers to collect signatures and are mounting a campaign against a politician who has a base of devoted supporters. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)

PHOENIX (AP) — A campaign to force a recall election against the polarizing sheriff of metropolitan Phoenix has failed.
Recall organizers said Thursday that they couldn't collect enough voter signatures to bring Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the ballot again.
Organizers of the recall effort needed to turn in more than 335,000 valid voter signatures by 5 p.m. Thursday to force a recall election.
"It is a sad day," recall campaign manager Lilia Alvarez said. "It is a disappointment."
Recall organizers won't reveal the number of signatures they gathered. In their last update, given five weeks ago, organizers said they had gathered 200,000 signatures.
"The count at this point doesn't matter," Alvarez said in deciding not to reveal the number of signatures gathered.

Arpaio issued a statement suggesting that recall organizers aren't revealing the number of signatures they gathered because they are embarrassed by the level of their failure. "This effort failed because the good people of Maricopa County, whom I'm honored to serve, rejected the wrong-headed idea of overturning an election," Arpaio said.
Arpaio supporters say the sheriff won re-election in November fair and square and that recall organizers shouldn't have been allowed to contest the election simply because they didn't like the outcome.
The recall effort began just weeks after the 80-year-old Republican sheriff started his sixth term in January. His November re-election race marked the second closest contest in his 20-year political career. He beat the closest candidate by 6 percentage points.
Joshua Spivak, a recall expert and senior fellow at Wagner College in New York, said the Arpaio recall effort suffered from too little fundraising, having to collect an unusually high number of voter signatures for a county race and not having an alternative candidate lined up to run against Arpaio. "They are running against Joe Arpaio," Spivak said. "But who are they electing?" 

Arpaio critics had argued that the sheriff should be booted because his office has failed to adequately investigate more than 400 sex-crimes cases, has cost the county $25 million in legal settlements over treatment in county jails and his office was found by a federal judge to have systematically racially profiled Latinos in his signature immigration patrols. Critics say the sheriff is more focused on getting publicity for himself than protecting the people.
Recall organizers had hoped that last week's racial profiling ruling would pump new life into their cause. Supporters were camped outside a county building for more than four days in their final push.
"I wish from the bottom of my heart that this ruling would have come out a month earlier. Had this ruling come out a month earlier, who knows how many signatures we would have gotten," Democratic state Rep. Martin Quezada of Avondale, a supporter of the Arpaio recall effort, said.
In the hours before the recall petitions were due, a trickle of people dropped by three tents set up by recall organizers outside the county building to sign petitions. Clipboard-wielding volunteers hit up people walking on the sidewalk for signatures and wore T-shirts that said, "Petition Posse," a play on Arpaio's posses whose volunteer members assist sheriff's deputies in some of their duties.
In the past, the sheriff has apologized for the bungled sex-crimes investigations and said his office has moved to clear up the cases and taken steps to prevent a repeat of the problem. He also has vigorously denied allegations that his deputies racially profiled people in traffic patrols targeting immigrants who aren't authorized to be in the country.

Recall organizers were trying to build on the success of a 2011 recall effort that ousted then-Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, an Arpaio ally who was the driving force behind the state's contentious 2010 immigration law. But the scale of the Arpaio recall was more daunting.
Only 7,700 valid signatures were needed to trigger the Pearce recall election.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Billion Dollar Babies & American Jihad

If you find it difficult to name one current Obama/Democrat policy that is actually generating positive results… you’re not alone. While I am no fan of the republican party…. it would appear that the Democrat Party is intentionally sabotaging America. I think we now know what Obama meant when he said he would ‘fundamentally transform’ the United States of America.
The Boston Bombers were on both the government’s Terror Watch List… AND on Welfare?
A planned parenthood freak testifies before congress… and well, it is as mind boggling—as it is sickening.
And ‘frozen in politically correct paralysis… Janet Napolitano cannot even define the word ‘muslim’—yet she knows that profiling them is “against the law and just doesn’t work.”
I actually started to name this one “Billion Dollar Babies and other Taxpayer-Funded Jihad’—but alas, once again I find myself ‘too wordy’
Our favorite Democrat Congressman & Mental Patient, Hank Johnson returns…. Tunage from The Cars, Rossington-Collins, Aerosmith, Henry Mancini, The Beatles, and Roy Clark demonstrates why he’s one of the best guitar players.

Belgian Muslims: “We Believe Sharia Will Dominate Worldwide”

oped: Congress needs to write a Bill making it illegal to practice Sharia Law within the United States....making it a felony to practice and support Sharia Law! 

The graffiti on a building in Belgium says it all: “Welcome to ‘Belgistan.” In fact, some are now calling it the Muslim capital of Europe. A CBN correspondent interviews a representative from Shariah4Belgium. He argues that Muslims will take over country in a few years — we have many wives and have many children. He states that they fully intend to enforce Shariah law when they have a majority.

Hope & Stolen Elections: 20% of Ohio Voters Were Bogus

oped: And where is the Department of Justice on this issue...they always file complaints when there is a issue of voter registration bills...oh wait USAG Eric Holder only supports issues that are in favor of Obama!
Barack Obama defeated* Mitt Romney by 166,214 votes in Ohio in 2012. That’s out of 5,489,028 votes cast. So Obama’s victory margin was just 3 percent, 50 to 47 over Romney.
But 20% of Ohio’s voters should not be on the rolls at all, according to a story in the Columbus Dispatch.
More than one out of every five registered Ohio voters is probably ineligible to vote.
In two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting-age population: Northwestern Ohio’s Wood County shows 109 registered voters for every 100 eligible, while in Lawrence County along the Ohio River it’s a mere 104 registered per 100 eligible.
Another 31 counties show registrations at more than 90 percent of those eligible, a rate regarded as unrealistic by most voting experts. The national average is a little more than 70 percent.
Ohio’s elections chief, Secretary of State Jon Husted, sought help from Attorney General Eric Holder to clean up the state’s roles. You may have guessed how that went, as Husted is a Republican.
Read more:

Obama’s “Fast and Furious” Gun-running Scandal Grows

Obama’s “Fast and Furious” Gun-running Scandal Grows

As if there were not already enough scandals plaguing the Obama administration, the federal “Fast and Furious” operation that armed Mexican drug cartels is back in the news after the Justice Department Inspector General released a report blasting a government leak intended to smear a key ATF whistleblower. The leaked memorandum was apparently aimed at discrediting Special Agent John Dodson and contradicting his explosive testimony before Congress, which blew the lid off of a federal program that put thousands of high-powered weapons into the hands of deadly criminals in Mexico.

The latest twist in the scandal surrounds disgraced former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, one of the officials at the center of the administration’s lawless gun-trafficking scheme. The ex-prosecutor, who resigned in August of 2011 along with acting ATF boss Kenneth Melson, was furious after learning that brave whistleblowers had gone to Congress and the media, documents show. He was particularly upset because Dodson, one of the crucial figures in exposing Fast and Furious, had written a memo outlining a plot to let guns “walk” across the border into Mexico — and into the hands of known criminals.  

Special Agent Dodson, however, said he had been alarmed about the idea from the start, only putting the plot down on paper in an effort to show superiors how preposterous it really was. When the ATF agent went to Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and CBS News to blow the whistle, Burke wanted desperately to protect his reputation. The then-U.S. attorney, who worked in Arizona, learned that Fox News reporter Mike Levine was working on a story about the issue. Burke then leaked the Dodson memo to Levine.

“We also concluded that Burke’s disclosure of the Dodson memorandum to Levine was likely motivated by a desire to undermine Dodson’s public criticisms of Operation Fast and Furious,” the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) said in its report. “Although Burke denied to congressional investigators that he had any retaliatory motive for his actions, we found substantial evidence to the contrary.”

Official sources, for example, told the OIG that “Burke disclosed the document to help the U.S. Attorney’s Office defend against what were considered hypocritical criticisms being made by Dodson,” the report explains. “That disclosure occurred less than two weeks after Dodson’s public testimony before Congress.” Others interviewed during the investigation also confirmed that Burke was “frustrated” with the whistleblower’s “highly critical” congressional testimony about Fast and Furious. 

Burke refused to be interviewed for the investigation. However, he admitted in his own account of the conversation with Levine that he believed the Fox reporter was working on a story that would expose what Burke considered to be Dodson’s “hypocrisy,” the OIG noted. As such, the former U.S. Attorney claimed that he simply released the memo in question — a violation of Justice Department policy at the very least — in an innocent but misguided effort to provide “context” for the story.

Neither Dodson nor the inspector general bought those excuses. “We believe that this explanation, taken together with the other evidence cited above, demonstrate that Burke’s conduct in disclosing the memorandum to Levine was likely motivated by his desire to undermine Dodson’ public criticisms,” the OIG report said, adding that the ATF whistleblower had raised very serious concerns about Fast and Furious.

Among the most interesting findings in the Inspector General investigation was Burke’s sense that he was being sacrificed by the administration. Quoted in the OIG report, Burke explained that “several U.S. Attorneys […] commented to me that the Department was throwing my office under the bus.” The Inspector General report noted: “Burke’s statements to the Department reflected a belief that he could not rely on the Department to respond to criticism of his office’s handling of the Fast and Furious investigation, and we found that he responded to this belief by deciding to defend the office himself through, in part, the unauthorized disclosure of information to the media.”

The report savages the former U.S. attorney in its conclusions, stating that Burke violated Justice Department policy by leaking the memo and that his excuses “were not credible.” The OIG also “rejected” Burke’s explanations, adding that the former U.S. attorney took “calculated measures” to reduce the chances of being caught: sending the document from a private e-mail account to a friend who passed it on to the Fox reporter.

“First, regardless of whether Burke in fact believed Levine or Congress already had the memorandum, that belief would not excuse his failure to comply with Department policy,” the report said, citing DOJ policies on media relations that were violated. “Second, we found that Burke disclosed the Dodson memorandum despite knowing he was under investigation at the very same time by OPR for virtually the same alleged misconduct.”

The misconduct described in the report is “particularly egregious,” the OIG continued, “because of Burke’s apparent effort to undermine the credibility of Dodson’s significant public disclosures about the failures in Operation Fast and Furious.” In the end, the actions were found to be “inappropriate for a Department employee and wholly unbefitting a U.S. Attorney.” As such, the problem will be reported to state Bar associations where Burke is licensed to practice law.

In an August 2011 memo to his staff at the U.S. Attorney’s office about his resignation, Burke, who previously worked for current Homeland Security boss Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano, claimed that it was time to move on. "My long tenure in public service has been intensely gratifying,” he said. “It has also been intensely demanding. For me, it is the right time to move on to pursue other aspects of my career and my life and allow the office to move ahead.”

The latest OIG report is not the first time Burke has come under fire for his controversial handling of the press after the Fast and Furious scandal emerged. In December of 2011, for example, the administration was forced to release more than 1,300 pages of documents related to the gun-trafficking program. The subpoenaed records revealed frantic e-mail communications between senior officials about how vigorously to defend the operation, as well as concerns about the veracity of some of the proposed defenses.

The documents showed that DOJ officials were worried that if the administration were to cooperate with the congressional investigation, Congress would press for even more information. Others highlight the general fear among those involved that exposure would damage the image of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (still known as ATF).

One of the most explosive e-mails was actually from Burke, who recommended sending a “stern missive” to the Arizona Republic newspaper for exposing the scheme. "Just baffling that they refuse to engage even just to protect the integrity of the agency,” he wrote in a February 1 e-mail to Justice Department Criminal Division boss Lanny Breuer, as if the media’s job were to protect government rather than expose its shady dealings. In another e-mail, Burke complained that congressional investigators were acting as “willing stooges” for defenders of the right to keep and bear arms.

Burke, of course, was also not the only top official who has been caught trying to retaliate against the whistleblowers. After the scandal was publicly exposed, the ATF retaliated against the brave agents who told Congress and the media. The agency got caught, but its new acting chief subsequently released a video threatening other agents not to blow the whistle again. Lawmakers were outraged, yet the lawlessness continues. 

Meanwhile, the establishment press has continued to ignore the most important elements of the scandal, pretending that Fast and Furious was simply a “botched” operation in which low-ranking administration bureaucrats inadvertently “lost” the weapons. In reality, multiple White House officials had been briefed about the scheme, the supposed “targets” of the alleged "investigation" were drug lords already on the FBI’s payroll, and top administration officials have been caught lying repeatedly — resulting in disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder being held in criminal contempt of Congress for the ongoing cover up

Incredibly, the violence from Fast and Furious — U.S. law enforcement officers killed, hundreds of Mexicans massacred, and more — was used to push more gun control in the United States, official documents showed. The e-mails exposing the administration’s scheme to use the bloodshed to assault the Second Amendment backed up assertions made by the numerous analysts and experts including the National Rifle Association. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who led the investigation in the U.S. House, was also proven correct.

Finally, evidence continues to emerge that Fast and Furious was in fact much bigger than the press and the administration have admitted. Mexican drug lords, for example, have said that the U.S. government was shipping weapons to their cartels and allowing them to bring drugs across the border in exchange for information. The CIA’s involvement also continued to be largely concealed. However, with Fast and Furious seemingly taking a back seat to other major scandals — Benghazigate, spying on journalists, IRS abuse, and more — justice for the Fast and Furious victims may never be truly served.  
2011 photo of U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke standing before a cache of seized firearms: AP Images

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Congress must create a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks

From the Desk of:
Mat Staver
Congress must create a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks. Now that there is irrefutable evidence that the Obama administration lied to the American people and sought to cover up the truth about the attack that killed four Americans and injured many more, the truth about the events leading up to, during, and following the attacks must also be exposed
The Obama administration deceit on this debacle seems to know no bounds! 
While the Benghazi stonewall is beginning to crumble, there is a great deal more in the rubble that needs to be uncovered!  Please see my very important message below – Mat.

Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Darrell Issa has requested access to 13 more mid-to-high-level State Department personnel in his committee’s ongoing Benghazi investigation. 
In his letter of request to Secretary of State John Kerry, Chairman Issa wrote… 

“The State Department employees whose testimonies the Committee is seeking are critical fact witnesses who are positioned to shed light on what happened before, during, and after the terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of four Americans in Benghazi.”
Issa and the Oversight Committee are on the forefront of the congressional investigation into Benghazi – a role Liberty Counsel Action respects and applauds. But we are calling on Congress to take this investigation to a higher level!
++We must demand a correct and targeted plan of action from Congress.
Herein lays a major sticking point in the way the House of Representatives is conducting the Benghazi investigations: There are at least four committees investigating the attacks – all operating within the scope of their limited authority. 
That is why Liberty Counsel Action has been calling for Members of Congress to empower a 19-member Select Committee – as proposed by Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) in H. Res 36 – and now endorsed by over 150 Members of the House.   

I believe Benghazi-gate will blow wide open in spite of the Obama/Clinton wish that it would just go away – if Congress investigates it with the full empowerment of a Select Committee.  
I urge you to take a minute now to further participate in this important campaign. Utilizing Liberty Counsel Action’s powerful Fax Barrage, we are telling members of Congress to FULLY investigate Benghazi-gate and to hold those people accountable for their actions – and their inactions! 
Click here to send your immediate faxes to Congress: 
Although Congress is in recess this week, congressional aides and staffers are on hand to receive our faxes and report them to our elected representatives. I would love for hundreds of faxes to greet House Speaker John Boehner when he returns on Monday. 
Unfortunately, Speaker Boehner is one of the obstacles to creating a special House Select Committee. 
++We must seize on the momentum we have already achieved! 
The Wall Street Journal recently wrote, 
“Across this country’s history, the murder of an American ambassador, the nation’s representative, has been taken as not merely a tragedy but an attack on U.S. interests that demands an official accounting to the American people.” 
The American people do demand and deserve “an official accounting.” 

As other left-leaning “mainstream” media outlets finally began to see the light on Benghazi and report on it – more information is rising to the surface from the Libyan quagmire.  
The mainstream media reporters, usually staunch Obama allies, have finally been forced to cover what we’ve known to be true all along – Obama lied and people died.   
White House Spokesman Carney has now been exposed as a brazen liar, willing to hew the line of the Obama cover-up no matter how ridiculous the latest “explanation” may be. 
Even more damning is the now apparent false testimony then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made to the American people following the attacks – and to Members of Congress before two meetings with congressional committees.
It is high time for Members of Congress to establish the 19-member Select Committee Representative Frank Wolfe has proposed to uncover the truth
I urge you to take a minute right now to further participate in this important campaign. Click here to send your immediate faxes to Congress: 
Unless we insist on honesty and accountability, the horrors and lies associated with Benghazi will continue to be swept under the rug until some far-distant date when the Freedom of Information requests will finally be honored.

Oath Keepers CSPOA 2013 Convention: Heartland of America - May 31 through June 1


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Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers, will be speaking at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association Convention in St. Charles, Missouri. The Heartland America Convention runs from May 31- June 1st, 2013 and will be held at the Ameristar Hotel. Mr. Rhodes will be the opening speaker on Friday morning of the Convention.
The Convention begins at 8:00 AM on Friday and concludes at approximately 2:00 PM on Saturday. For more information visit the CSPOA website Convention page.

Below is the information on the Convention: 
CSPOA 2013 Convention: Heartland of America
St. Charles, Missouri - May 31 through June 1

The purpose of the CSPOA Conventions is exactly the same as the mission of the CSPOA: To equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office.

This convention, to be held at the Ameristar Hotel in St. Charles, Missouri, beginning May 31 is FREE to all public officials. That's right; if you are a sheriff, police officer, county commissioner or any other public official, all you have to do is get there and get yourself a place to stay. There is absolutely no registration fee for you or your spouse, and meals are included.

This convention is also open to the general public, with a fee of $150 per person or $200 per couple. Registration covers admittance to the conference, educational materials and meals. Transportation and lodging are not included.

This will be your opportunity to sit spellbound as you hear from heroic sheriffs, police chiefs and constitutional scholars from across the country who are standing firm for our freedoms in the face of an overreaching, out of control federal government. Join with us in giving them support as they face increasing odds in the battle to serve the people and protect their rights.

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Oath Keepers is growing FAST, but like General Patton, we are outpacing our own supply lines. Your donations are "fuel" for our advance! If you would like to support the Oath Keepers vital mission to teach the current serving about their oath and about the Constitution so they will stand firm and do what is right, and our second mission to remind veterans of their oath and obligations.:

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Krauthammer’s Potentially Damaging Theory: Benghazi’s ‘Biggest Scandal of All’ Has Yet to Be Uncovered — See What It Is

Krauthammer Says Obamas Call to Secretary of State Might Have Created Benghazi Cover Story

Columnist Charles Krauthammer on the “O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday night said the “biggest scandal of all” regarding the Benghazi attacks on Sept. 11, 2012, has yet to emerge.
“I think there is a bigger story here, here’s the one that will in time come out,” Krauthammer said.  ”The biggest scandal of all, the biggest question is: What was the president doing in those eight hours?”
“He had a routine meeting at five o’clock. He never after, during the eight hours when our guys have their lives in danger, he never called the Secretary of Defense, he never calls the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he never calls the CIA Director,” Krauthammer continued. “Who does he call? About five hours in he calls the Secretary of State. And after the phone call she releases a statement essentially about the video and how we denounce any intolerance. It looks as if the only phone call was to construct a cover story at a time when the last two Americans who died were still alive and fighting for their lives. There’s the scandal and that has to be uncovered.” 

Krauthammer’s thoughts come as the Obama administration is in the throes of several other scandals, including the IRS targeting conservative groups and two cases of the Department of Justice conducting investigations into leaks that involved obtaining Associated Press reporters’ phone records and the emails of Fox News reporter James Rosen. 

Also on the show, Krauthammer addressed Attorney General Eric Holder who has been under fire for how the Justice Department obtained information regarding members of the media for its investigations.
Krauthammer said he thinks Holder “would have to go because he is a liability to the president.” A couple weeks ago, President Barack Obama said he had “complete confidence in Eric Holder as attorney general.”
Krauthammer acknowledged Obama’s support for Holder but said “now he learns that he clearly did not say the truth, and he can’t pretend that he didn’t remember because he signs a lot of stuff.
“Because the release from the Department of Justice was, he didn’t only sign the search warrant against Rosen that essentially named him as a co-defendant, criminal co-defendant, he actually discussed it. So he can’t say like Hillary did, ‘Oh, I sign a lot of stuff. I can’t remember,’” Krauthammer said.

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Tonight in New York, Senator Ted Cruz will participate in an event.
While he is there, the radical left has organized a protest against him over his support of the second amendment.
One of the things the left will do is from 5:30pm to 7pm ET today, Wednesday, May 29th, they will tweet Senator Cruz's twitter account @SenTedCruz and also post on his Facebook page.  They will use the hashtag on twitter #youcruzyoulose.
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