Saturday, November 25, 2017

ONE-THIRD of all Navy brass caught in huge foreign bribery scandal


Hundreds of military officials – including some of the highest-ranking brass in the Navy – are accused of helping a shadowy Asian merchant fleece Uncle Sam for tens of millions of dollars… and you probably haven’t heard a peep about it.
It’s called the “Fat Leonard” scandal, and the investigation into bribes and corruption one of the biggest in U.S. military history. The Navy has investigated 440 people, including 60 admirals, for possibly taking bribes in exchange for phony government contracts and sweetheart deals.

That means the Navy suspects that up to one-third of all its admirals were on-the-take from a foreign agent.
“Fat Leonard” is Leonard Glenn Francis – a 6’3”, 360-pound Malaysian businessman who makes his money servicing naval vessels in the Pacific.
He bribed the Navy’s elite with the finer things in life that only a crooked businessman could provide: Money, the finest liquor, luxurious trips for their families.
And, of course, prostitutes. Lots of prostitutes.

Even tickets to see a Lady Gaga concert or the Broadway version of “The Lion King.”
In exchange, Navy leaders would steer huge government contracts to his firm, Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA).
They’d even reroute ships in the Seventh Fleet away from their original destinations to ports run by GDMA.
It was a mystery why Leonard kept getting lucrative government contracts when his company provided such shoddy service.

Investigators say Leonard covered all his bases. He also bribed people inside the Navy’s investigative unit. They’d run interference for him and let him know when honest inspectors were closing in.
Leonard was so well dug-in that he continued to get huge “no-bid” contracts – even while he was under investigation!
Under former President Barack Obama, Leonard’s ripped off U.S. taxpayers for more than $200 million in Defense contracts since 2009. He admitted at least $35 million of that was total fraud paid for services he never even provided.
The problem goes a lot deeper than money. The lives of 40,000 enlisted men – and the safety of the entire free world – depend on military commanders having honesty, integrity, and putting country first.

Imagine if war had broken out with North Korea or China, and our ships were in the wrong port because a Malaysian multimillionaire bribed the right commander with champagne and hookers?
Naval officers say Leonard’s theft and bribery operation was one of the most deep, vast, and penetrating they’ve seen since the days of Communist espionage.
Even a three-star admiral was taking pay-offs, they say.
Leonard and 17 others have already plead guilty – and under President Donald Trump, the investigation is only beginning

Friday, November 24, 2017

Trump gets angry warning: Investigate Hillary… or else!

by:Frank Holmes 

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump looked Hillary Clinton in the eye and told her point-blank that, if he ran the Justice Department, “you’d be in jail.”
But almost a year into his presidency, Crooked Hillary is still running around scot-free.
Now a key Trump ally is issuing a chilling warning for the president: It’s now or never. He’s got to lock her up or risk losing his presidency – and America, forever.

Roger Stone, a former Nixon administration official with long and close ties to Trump, is outraged that the Justice Department hasn’t investigated the Clinton Foundation’s money laundering, influence peddling, or dozens of other Clinton family crimes.
“This reeks of a cover-up, folks,” Stone said on his show “War Room” this month. “I publicly urge the president to order Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special counsel, a special prosecutor, to look at Uranium One.”
That scandal alone could put the whole Clinton family behind bars for a long, long time.
As Secretary of State, Hillary signed off on a Russian-owned firm buying 20% of the uranium America had at the time.

Coincidentally, it came right after its investors donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation, and Bill Clinton earned a cool half-a-million dollars for a speech in Moscow.
“Where I come from, they call that a bribe,” Stone said.
Chelsea Clinton oversaw the foundation at that time, too, and could join her parents in the big house.
Stone said Trump should flip the investigation around and shine a spotlight on the whole corrupt D.C. establishment. “While he’s at it, he can also look at the use of taxpayer funds to pay for the smear document created by…the undercover research operation GPS Fusion,” he said. “It is time for the Trump Justice Department to stop fighting in court against the release of Hilary’s e-mails and adhere to the rule of law.”

Stone told his friend Trump that he’s in a death match with the Deep State, and he needs to kill or be killed.
“It is the president’s very best tactic for survival,” Stone said.
The Deep State has tried to destroy Trump through phony leaks, fake news, and a never-ending probe into alleged “Russian collusion.”
Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor into the Clinton machine in 2016.

But after he was elected, establishment Republicans told him to back off – that investigating your political opponent made him look petty and “unpresidential.”
Besides, they don’t want Democrats putting them in jail for the crimes they’re concealing. In Washington, corruption is a bipartisan policy.
Trump decided to listen and said the Clintons had “suffered” enough.
Big mistake.

The D.C. Swamp hasn’t cut him any slack, and Hillary’s louder, bolder, and more shameless than ever.
Last weekend, she even called for him to be investigated over decades-old claims of sexual harassment.
Trump’s heart was never in the truce – and it looks like he’s about ready to stop listening to the RINOs and haul the Clinton family downtown.

Trump took to Twitter to demand the Justice Department and FBI investigate how Hillary stole the Democratic presidential primary from Sen. Bernie Sanders:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Everybody is asking why the Justice Department (and FBI) isn't looking into all of the dishonesty going on with Crooked Hillary & the Dems..
  Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
....People are angry. At some point the Justice Department, and the FBI, must do what is right and proper. The American public deserves it!
Trump has even said he could dig up the dirt about the last 25 years of Democrat presidential crimes: 
With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special counsel appointed!
See Donald J. Trump's other Tweets

You can be sure of one thing: there’s plenty to investigate. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

ISIS Releases Detailed Plan for Barron Trump’s Assassination
 oped: May I suggest a Thanksgiving surprise...send them a couple of Turkey dinners to digest... #MOAB & #GONAB


They have become desperate in their advances considering they are collapsing at a rapid rate. Now the terrorist group is strategically planning to assassinate Barron Trump, the 11-year-old son of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) claims that the terrorist organization has been planning the attack on Baron for weeks. They know where Barron goes to school and demand to “handle” his assassination.
Free Beacon reports:

The initial message, sent on Nov. 21 by an ISIS supporter on Telegram, “called for the assassination of Barron Trump, and shared the name of the school that Barron attends along with a Google map pinpointing its location,” according to MEMRI, which shares images of this messages with reporters.
“Using the hashtag ‘handle the son of the mule of America,’ the supporter, who uses the name “Dak Al-Munafiqeen,’ Arabic for ‘striking the hypocrites,’ wrote: ‘Barron Trump goes to this school in Washington,’” according to MEMRI.

“The post was followed by a photo of Barron Trump,” according to MEMRI’s research. “To widely disseminate the call for assassination, several pro-ISIS Telegram channels have shared and forwarded the post.”

ISIS has suffered losses on nearly every front. Secretary of Defense James “Maddog” Mattis says that the United States has “accelerated” our tactics against Islamic State. He claims the policy has gone from “attrition” to “annihilation”.

We will keep Barron in our prayers, along with President Trump and the rest of our leaders. We will pray for their protection and for them to use wisdom at all times.

Earth 2 Hillary Clinton the Holiday guest that just won't go home

 Hillary Clinton Funny Pictures – WeNeedFun

Yes indeed Hillary singing the blues...a never ending story

And in my humble opinion forget Earth 2...more like "A bad moon Rising"

Shocker: Judge Roy Moore Opens Up 15 Point Lead After Accusers's Stories Fall Apart!

Roy Moore Blasts Congress: Failed to 'Stand Up and Impeach' Janet Napolitano over DACA - Breitbart

by: Tim Brown

It looks like the establishment's dirty tactics backfired on them as US Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore has jumped 15 points in a PredictIt poll over his liberal Democrat challenger Doug Jones.
As accuser's stories are falling apart, and as well they should after they remained silent for nearly four decades, Gateway Pundit reported:

Via PredictIt:
Before the Washington Post story broke, Roy Moore was almost a lock to win at 89 percent in PredictIt’s Alabama Senate race prediction market. After the allegations surfaced, Moore’s odds dropped to 59 percent that day. He remained a slight favorite over Doug Jones, who also saw a significant bump on the news, until Monday when a fifth woman came forward with allegations against Moore.
On Monday afternoon, for the first time in the race, PredictIt traders had Doug Jones in the lead at 47 percent to Moore’s 38 percent.
Moore has since regained a huge lead in the PredictIt market.

As of Saturday afternoon Conservative Republican Roy Moore was back up on top of Doug Jones in the Alabama race.

** This comes after several of the accusations against Roy Moore have fallen apart.
Later, on Monday afternoon, the numbers changed even more drastically to show Moore had a 15 point lead over Jones.
Consider that Moore has denied the allegations and even bowed to Sean Hannity's ultimatum with reference to another allegation of a woman who claimed to know Moore.

I even have a man writing all sorts of people, including your's truly, about how Moore is guilty and that he should drop out of the race and cut a deal with the Alabama GOP and blah, blah, blah, comparing Moore to Ted Haggard, Jim Bakker, Bill Clinton and others, only there is absolutely no comparison when one looks for any sort of evidence of Moore's guilt, at least so far.
Anyone paying attention to what is actually coming out knows Moore's history in public service and they know he has paid a severe price on several occasions for standing on his principles to uphold the law, the Alabama state Constitution, and the US Constitution.
Keep your eyes open people of Alabama.  The mainstream media and the establishment government Democrats and Republicans are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.  Don't let them!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Classmate of Leigh Corfman says they had safe spaces in the mall where they could hide from “well known” creep Roy Moore;

Classmate of Leigh Corfman says they had safe spaces in the mall where they could hide from “well known” creep Roy Moore; she’d duck into her aunt’s shop:

Happy Thanksgiving....

Just three more days and we all can do the Turkey Trot whilst we be a cookin'...ya got's to get into the make a great Butter Ball turkey taste it's best ha