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Attn: Ted Cruz /Donald Trump #GOP #Unite or lose

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Y'all are not Native Americans..ya just don't get it old native saying 'Sola washnee na washetta'..'I don't understand the Whiteman'/Blackman' (or sumpin' like that) y'all fight each other for personal gain and forget the "Big Picture"...fairness for all..

Enjoy and learn if possible: A few moments of reflection and peace with Walela.
This is the same video that has been on Youtube for 3+ years Some people just don't play well together I guess, so enjoy it again, or for the first time.

This is your last warning...Listen up lest Billy Jack be kickin' yo collective a***S from the grave: Enough is enough of the Good old boy syndrome...the GOP keeps losing because they have become  one and the same with the progressive DNC..y'all better learn quick or all tin soldiers will ride away into the sunset...and y'all will be on your own when the proverbial s*** hits the fan! #WORD
Yes indeed...The Obama administration has totally screwed up the good old USA...Vladimir Putin is working on totally screwing up Russia...Islam via ISIS is totally screwing up the Middle East..The European Union is totally screwing up Europe...Ya know what... soldiers,sailors,marines and airmen are getting really tired of trying to put the world back together after the ego maniac politicians et al destroy it!

BOOM: Awesome King Abdullah of Jordan Hits Muslim Brotherhood With Brutal News

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Image result for King Abdullah of Jordan.
When it comes to squashing radical Islamic nonsense, it doesn’t get more awesome or effective than King Abdullah of Jordan.
Abdullah has been known for standing up to radical Muslims who seek to terrorize his people. For example, he completely obliterated members of the Islamic State group for burning one of his pilots alive in a cage in early 2015.
More recently, the king’s administration shut down the country’s Muslim Brotherhood headquarters for failing to comply with new government requirements. 

The government claimed that the group had not been “playing by the rules” in accordance with laws regarding political groups, following similar initiatives taken in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, according to The New York Times.
Turmoil has racked the group in recent years as rifts developed, internally, between moderate members and those inclined to be more militant in their challenges against the government.
The former deputy party leader of the country’s Muslim Brotherhood, Nimer Assaf, argued that the closing of the headquarters was “a dangerous step, because this group was against terrorism.” 

However, the group has been widely recognized as a sponsor of terrorist groups, and it has actively worked to undermine authority in favor of a more Islamic-centered political system.
One of the Brotherhood’s strongest clashes with the Jordanian government came when the country singed a peace agreement with Israel — something the group adamantly opposed and held frequent protests against.
With instability in that region of the world on the rise due to radical Islam, it’s not hard to see why the Jordanian government would be skeptical of the group’s activities. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have our own leader stand up against Islamic extremism?
Instead, our president essentially paved the way for the Muslim Brotherhood to assume control in Egypt, which led to extreme persecution of Christians and other non-Muslims in that part of the world.
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The “Babylon Brigade” Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Are In COMPLETE Unison… ISIS is TERRIFIED

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When the Islamic State group began their blitzkrieg-like invasion of Iraq, the American-trained and equipped Iraqi Army dropped its weapons, abandoned its equipment, and fled in the face of the terror army.
Fortunately, through the determined perseverance of the Kurds and a variety of militia groups that have sprung up throughout Iraq numbering over 100,000 fighters strong, the advance of the Islamic State group was more or less halted.
One of those many militias opposing the Islamist militants is one composed wholly of Iraqi Christians. It’s known as the Babylon Brigade and led by a man named Rayan al-Kildani, according to the BBC.

Kildani said that the Islamic State group jihadists are “the devil” for the atrocities they have committed against Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria.
You'll be hearing a lot more about these guys: #BabylonBrigade is Christian militia group defending the persecuted
— Faithkeepers (@faithkeepersmov) April 13, 2016

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He went on to call his group of fighters the “first Christian power in Iraqi history,” and proudly pointed out that “We fight side by side with the Muslim militias,” most of which are composed of Shi’ite and non-extremist Sunnis opposed to the tyrannically devout Islamic State group.

Kildani justified his group’s taking up of arms by stating: “I know the Bible says that if you get hit on one cheek you should offer the other. But we have really good defense forces now. No one is going to do anything bad to the Christians.”

“Some Christians had their homes taken over,” he continued. “I have personally been to those houses to tell the new people living there to get out. Christian suffering is over.”
When pressed about the Biblical commandant that “Thou shalt not kill,” Kildani merely replied, “We have to fight. We have to defend ourselves.”
He proceeded to reference a passage from Luke 22, saying, “Jesus himself told us that if you don’t have a sword you should go out and buy one.”
Though there may be a theological debate over whether Jesus telling his disciples to sell their cloak to buy a sword was simply a methaphor, Kildani and his men have taken the Scripture quite literally, as their very existence seemingly depends upon them doing so.

In truth, this Christian militia seems to be more in line with the Old Testament passage from Leviticus which called for “an eye for an eye” as punishment for those who have done wrong, a sentiment recently endorsed by billionaire businessman and GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.
If Trump ultimately wins the election and becomes President Trump, it is a fairly safe bet that this Christian militia, along with the others scattered about the country, will receive the full backing and support of the U.S. government and military in their efforts to defeat the radical jihadists threatening their country, if not the entire globe.
H/T Christian Daily

Stewart Rhodes on the Alex Jones Show — Jihadists Planning Western Tet Offensive

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So often, the Oath Keepers and our leadership is demonized by mainstream media. We have, in recent times, seen a rise in alternative media, as people dismiss the lies and propaganda put out by the SPLC and main stream news outlets. The 500-pound gorilla in the room when it comes to alternative media is Alex Jones’ This week Alex Jones welcomed to his daily show Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers. Both Infowars and the Oath Keepers have been here for many years now and both have been proven correct on so many issues that we have been trying to warning the world about.

In this in depth interview Stewart speaks on the Trump Campaign, our new college Oath Keepers initiative, and some of the issues surrounding the leftist campus culture. They broach how our returning vets are reacting to this culture after having returned from putting their lives on the line to find flag burnings, and “safe spaces.”

The conversation then turns to our open borders and the “Western Tet Offensive” that is being perpetrated on the people of the United States by bringing radicalized jihadists under the guise of refuges. If you want to understand some of the underpinnings of this offensive it is suggested that we all read Matt Bracken’s “Tet Take Two”.

Alex then talks about how the powers that be have sped up their plans, and how the answer to this is getting connected into your local community by joining your first responder communities, and to also use the vast and invaluable resource in the skill sets of your local veterans. We need to empower our local vets to help facilitate training our own communities.

Stewart then talks about the very real possibility of terror attacks on our local schools. There has a book put out recently titled “Day of Wrath.” In this novella, by New York Times bestselling author William R. Forstchen, imagines a horrifying scenario where, in the course of one day, the terrorist group ISIS carries out massacres in schools and on highways across the United States. With a surprisingly small but well-organized and ruthless force, the nightmarish devastation brings America to a state of near-paralysis. (from Amazon) 

Please take the time to watch this interview and share it out to your like-minded friends and family. 

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Former IRS Agent Admits: “Personal Income Tax is Actually Illegal”

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by:Mac Slavo
It is tax day again.
Chances are, you’re done with the dirty business this year, or laying low in hopes that you aren’t audited or flat out persecuted. If not, the clock is quickly ticking.
But it is worth pointing out once again the many ways in which the federal tax scheme in the United States is illegal.
Moreover, the spending by the Federal government and the role of the Federal Reserve in issuing money create overlapping levels of evil that have driven the American people into mere serfs – albeit with cool toys and great TV reception.

Former IRS Special Agent Joe Bannister explains to CNBC what he found out about the reality of the tax code:

Essentially, its many pages are a work of legal fiction, operating under ‘color of law’ and used to oppress the people, and separate established wealth from everyone else.
Bannister argues that by the books, the incomes of most Americans are not subject to the tax code, but the use of intimidation and nebulous code language has prevented the vast majority from discovering the truth.
In this vintage clip, then-Congressman Ron Paul argues that the 16th Amendment wasn’t properly ratified, leaving the 1913 “law” dubious at best.
Nonetheless, the use of intimidation and the custom of “death and taxes” has left millions and millions of people guilty until proven innocent, often labeled as “tax cheats” who are targeted without due process and with police state vengeance… now, they are attaining the power to revoke your passport if you don’t pay what they say you owe!

Will the American people ever be free from the burden of illegal taxation?
The late Aaron Russo, who produced several classic Hollywood films, put it all out in his documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism.”
If you haven’t seen it, Russo digs into the questions behind the questions and exposes the naked fraud that is holding America hostage.
This is a must see documentary… and one to share with friends and family while they still have the nation’s ridiculous and obscene tax burden on their minds.

Make no mistake – simply knowing about this information will not protect you. As Russo has noted, the system is very much like a mob. If you don’t pay, they might hurt you, fine you, penalize you or even jail you. But none of that makes it right, fair or legal.
April 15th should be a reminder of how little freedom is left in the nation that so-often prides itself on being the leader of the free world – but the last thing Washington would ever do is let people be.
Article reposted with permission from SHTFPlan.

Ex-CIA Deception Experts Analyze Paul Ryan’s “Campaign” Speeches

by: Philip Hodges 

Two deception experts have weighed in on Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s recent campaignesque speeches and analyzed whether Ryan might be lying in saying that he’s definitely not running for president.

It started with the establishment not warming up to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. It seemed that the candidates that the GOP wanted just weren’t picking up steam. The only ones who seemed to do well were those seen as outsiders.

The best that the establishment could do was to convince the remaining candidates to stay in the race – something that “lower-tiered” candidates usually get badgered for by the media – with the hopes that Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz would end up with a majority of delegates. In that scenario, neither candidate would receive the nomination on the first ballot at the national convention. The convention would then be considered contested.
With this possible scenario in mind, pundits started planting names in viewers’ minds as alternative suggestions for nominee. (Perhaps at the behest of the GOP?) One such oft-repeated name that was floated was Paul Ryan.

His recent videos sound an awful lot like he’s running for president, in spite of the fact that he repeatedly makes a point to state that he’s definitely not running for president.
Phil Houston is an ex-CIA deception expert who heads up a company called QVerity, which trains people how to detect deception, among many other things. He and his colleague Don Tennant analyzed Paul Ryan’s speeches, explaining the following:

Despite having made the dramatic, Johnson-esque, “I do not want, nor will I accept” declaration, Ryan appeared to build in just enough wiggle room to suggest he wants his party to know he can be swayed on the matter.
“If no candidate has a majority on the first ballot,” Ryan said, “I believe that you should only choose from a person who has actually participated in the primary.” There was very likely a reason that Ryan couched this statement, and a similar one toward the end of the press conference, in terms of simply being what he believes should be the case, as opposed to what absolutely must be the case.
The two deception experts observed that “Ryan said nothing to convey any sense that there’s no need for a white knight to come to the rescue of the Republican nomination.”
Further, as Houston and Tennant pointed out, Ryan said nothing positive of the three remaining candidates. This is significant, because if Ryan were completely sincere and had absolutely no intent whatsoever in seeking the nomination for president, he would have likely said something positive about one or more of the candidates currently running. He would have explained that while he and they may have their differences, each of them is qualified to be the Party’s nominee and the country’s president.

Instead, as the deception experts noted, “he took the opportunity for a thinly veiled attack.” Paul Ryan said, “Politics today, it tends to drift toward personality contests, not policy contests. Insults get ink more than ideas.”
You can read their full article here.

There’s definitely something to it. It’s always wise to be suspect of politicians, especially when their lips are moving. 
In Paul Ryan’s case, people are speculating that this is just the way he campaigns. After all, this is how he “campaigned” for Speaker of the House – by saying that he didn’t want to be Speaker and had no intention of running for the position. And yet, he’s Speaker. 

[Read Related Article:  5 Times Paul Ryan Said he Wouldn’t Run for House Speaker]
For this reason, the deception experts concluded:
“[E]ven if Ryan’s true intention is to rule himself out as the Republican nominee for President, the precedent has been set. Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the Republican primary, intent may well prove to be even more fleeting this time around.”

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WATCH: Muslims FLIP OUT When Patriot Destroys Quran In FRONT Of Them

This man went straight to a Muslim crowd and did something that has them VERY upset. He ripped out the pages of the Quran right in front of them, in the midst of their chanting. Do you think he was right to do this and within his freedom of speech? Or do you think this was too mean? Watch the video below.
The confrontation at Wright State turned physical.
Karen Dabdoub, executive director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Cincinnati Chapter, said she can understand why it was hurtful. For Muslims, the Quran is the word of God.

While some call what Williams did hateful, he said he and other street preachers don’t plan on stopping.
Williams said they’ve since made stops at the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University.
“We’re Bible believers and we believe what the Bible said that there’s only one way to heaven so if you don’t repent and believe the gospel, hell fire awaits you,” said Williams.

Read more: WLWT
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This Little-Known Non-Profit Has Been A BIG TIME And Constant Thorn In Hillary’s Side…Here’s Why

Image result for funny hillary clinton hoarding stuff attic basement
Image result for funny hillary clinton hoarding stuff attic basement

oped:Yes indeed The Clinton's attic,bathroom as well as basement takes the proverbial Blue Ribbon Award for the most filthy/ hoarded US Attic/Bathroom/Basement 20th -21st Century.
See: The Clinton Files:

by:Colleen Conley
A relatively small player wielding big power...
Borrowing on the familiar name “Jack the Giant Killer” — the fairy tale and films about the courageous lad who toppled giants during the reign of King Arthur — you might think of this feisty little group in much the same way. You could call the relatively small but plucky organization a potential “giant killer” in its own right.
Hillary Clinton told a CNBC interviewer recently that she is the most transparent public official in modern times,” but she has a decades-old history that proves the truth is almost exactly the opposite — from her days in the White House in the 1990s to her email and Benghazi scandals of today. And one non-profit has been front and center in letting Americans know just how laughable Clinton’s claim to openness really is.

Judicial Watch (JW) — a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation — prides itself on promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law. The non-profit “uses the open records or freedom of information laws (FOIA) and other tools to investigate and uncover misconduct by government officials and litigation to hold to account politicians and public officials who engage in corrupt activities.”
According to the Daily Caller, the organization was critical in unearthing Clinton’s exclusive use of a home brew email server for government business during her tenure as secretary of state, which was first disclosed by The New York Times on March 2, 2015. Shortly after The Times report, Judicial Watch cited FOIA in demanding the State Department release records about comments made by the Obama administration regarding the Benghazi terror attack on September 11, 2012.

The group’s dogged investigation continues to this day. On March 29, it won a major legal victory when U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth granted Judicial Watch “limited discovery” in its lawsuit for Clinton’s records, which gives JW the right question witnesses under oath before the matter goes to trial. Lamberth ruled that granting an outside group such a power in a FOIA case is “exceedingly rare,” but it’s necessary in extreme cases.

“Where there is evidence of government wrongdoing and bad faith, as here, limited discovery is appropriate,” he wrote.
Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, stated, “This Benghazi litigation first uncovered the Clinton email scandal, so it is good to have discovery in this lawsuit which may help the American people find out why our efforts to get Benghazi answers were thwarted by Clinton’s email games.”
The ruling was a huge win for transparency advocates and for Judicial  Watch, putting it on the map as providing a central role in possibly uncovering otherwise secret information about the scandals. Limited discovery enables the group to force Clinton, her aides, and other top players in the Obama White House to answer questions under oath about what they know.

The answers could put an end to the former first lady’s presidential bid if significant wrongdoing is discovered.
The small non-profit with an annual budget of $26 million has possibly had the most success utilizing the power of FOIA since it became law in 1966, the Daily Caller wrote.
Harry A. Hammit, longtime editor of the website Access Reports, told the Daily Caller that Judicial Watch “has done a good job in becoming a sophisticated user of government information disclosed through FOIA. I’ve been impressed at the angle it has pursued in some of its requests. It has become the primary public interest litigator, far surpassing anyone on the liberal side.”

Just ask Hillary Clinton.
After three decades in public life, the self-described “most transparent public official” may see her kingdom fall in large part due to the tenacity of a relatively small player in the non-profit world exposing the web of lies and corruption that so many believe exists, but no group has ever been able to pin on the politician who clearly considers herself a “giant” in the realm of progressive politics.