Saturday, April 16, 2016

Attn: Ted Cruz /Donald Trump #GOP #Unite or lose

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Y'all are not Native Americans..ya just don't get it old native saying 'Sola washnee na washetta'..'I don't understand the Whiteman'/Blackman' (or sumpin' like that) y'all fight each other for personal gain and forget the "Big Picture"...fairness for all..

Enjoy and learn if possible: A few moments of reflection and peace with Walela.
This is the same video that has been on Youtube for 3+ years Some people just don't play well together I guess, so enjoy it again, or for the first time.

This is your last warning...Listen up lest Billy Jack be kickin' yo collective a***S from the grave: Enough is enough of the Good old boy syndrome...the GOP keeps losing because they have become  one and the same with the progressive DNC..y'all better learn quick or all tin soldiers will ride away into the sunset...and y'all will be on your own when the proverbial s*** hits the fan! #WORD
Yes indeed...The Obama administration has totally screwed up the good old USA...Vladimir Putin is working on totally screwing up Russia...Islam via ISIS is totally screwing up the Middle East..The European Union is totally screwing up Europe...Ya know what... soldiers,sailors,marines and airmen are getting really tired of trying to put the world back together after the ego maniac politicians et al destroy it!

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