Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Virginia City,Nevada RV Park & Market...under new owners
55 North F St
PO Box 1070
Virginia City, NV 89440

ph: 1-775-847-0999
fax: 1-866-924-3755

oped: VCRV Park is under new ownership and management...the owners are delightful people with people skills...they are continually upgrading the facility with is quite the improvement from the last owners who were very unfriendly to guests as well as the locals...and let the park get run down. 
Virginia City RV Park
3 cabins that can be rented nightly plus 50 hookup sites makes this park one of the best in the state. Within walking distance to downtown Virginia City and other historic attractions including the cemeteries and trail rides. There are accommodations for big rigs and small tent area, restrooms and shower house, on site laundry facility, convenience store, dumping station and propane sales. Full service deli which is open to the public with to go menu and breakfast buffet. 


We have a friendly atmosphere with super clean facilities.  There is a full Market for "almost" all your needs. We are Pet friendly & YES we are part of the town so we are with-in walking distance to Down Town, as well as VERY NEAR to the Gas Station and Cemetery

Our RV Park Offers...

  • 50 Full Hook Up sites
    • 1 pull through
    • 49 back in 
  • 3 Rental Cabins
  • 1 Rental Loft (sm. apt.).
  • Tent area
  • The Shower House
Not to mention a...
  • Full Market
  • Laundromat 
  • Propane Tank Exchange
  • Great views of the Town  & the Cemetery! 
  • The Cemetery Restaurant/Deli {Just opened}
We are with-in walking distance to...
  • "Historic" Town
  • Public Park & Pool
  • The Gas Station


Racist Oprah Just Admitted What She Would Force On All White People If She Becomes President! (VIDEO)


They were searching for years. It finally happened. They eventually found their “one” true gem after last year’s failure. Now after years of searching, liberals finally feel like they’ve seen a woman who can win the Presidency. Ironically, the notion to find a TV star candidate was stolen from the fact that President Trump had a bit of a TV career to go along with the rest of his business ventures. It’s also not lost on anyone that there are no two names more synonymous with wealth in America than Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey. It’s quite funny that people on the left kept spouting off that you can’t have a television billionaire run for President – but now they have their television billionaire they want to run for President. Funny how that works, right? The left has literally copied exactly what the right does because they’re unable to craft their own winning strategy. 

Oprah has given numerous honest and very liberal opinions over the years, and that is now coming back to haunt her. To make matters worse, the bumbling mainstream media is jumping up to defend her, and it’s not going well. 

It’s scary to think of Oprah Winfrey in the Oval Office as anything more than a guest taking a tour. Her unashamed opinion on race issues and disdain for white people could be a problem. The longtime TV host has become increasingly anti-white over the years, to the point that she’s handing down a proverbial death sentence to those who don’t agree with her. Her idea is that racism is a problem of the past, so to fix the problem, those who lived in that time just need to die. That’s right folks. It was a horrible thing she said, and this video would be the bane of her existence if she ever ran for President. Oprah said as much in an interview in 2013: 


‘Real Indian’ Running Against Warren, Using Her Own Claims Against Her
By Chris Agee

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s dubious claims of Native American heritage decades ago are once again plaguing her political career, this time in the form of a long-shot rival seeking to exploit the issue in a controversial new campaign ad.
The Massachusetts Democrat cited the heritage, which she has later claimed to be a part of her family tradition, at multiple points in her early career.
In addition to questioning the legitimacy of her claims, critics have also accused Warren of identifying as a minority with the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage in the workplace.

A man of Indian heritage running as an independent against her hopes to invoke the controversy to his advantage.
Shiva Ayyadurai has positioned himself as the answer to Warren, whom he deemed a “fake Indian” in a message draped across a bus parked at his property a short distance from the senator’s home, according to the Washington Times.
Though the prominent message has raised Ayyadurai’s profile, it has also prompted backlash from the City of Cambridge.
Local officials have warned Ayyadurai that the sign is a violation of a city ordinance and that its continued display could result in fines of $300 per day and additional fees.
The bus has been parked and draped with the campaign message since March 17, though, and the candidate is prepared to fight in his effort to keep it where it is.

“We will not remove the slogan from our bus,” Ayyadurai said. “We will defend the First Amendment, and we will fight this egregious attack on the First Amendment, at any cost.”

 While Ayyadurai makes the case against Warren, though, critics cite questionable claims from his own past. The most notable example is his assertion that he invented email, a claim prominently included in his Twitter username as of this writing.
As Fox News reports, Ayyadurai recently filed a federal lawsuit claiming the city’s order to remove the sign is a violation of his First Amendment rights.
His argument hinges, in part, on the theory that an ordinance pertaining to signs affixed to structures should not apply to a stationary bus draped with his campaign message.

As for Warren, she continues to cite generations of relatives in supporting her previous statements, while thus far declining to submit to a DNA test that might settle the debate.
“It’s a part of who I am, and no one’s ever going to take that away,” she said last month.
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