Saturday, October 25, 2014

Don't know about y'all but I for one am sick of the election cycle..!

Politicians Quotes & Sayings
Every year without fail we go through the same ol' same ol' BS... It makes absolutely no difference whether  it is local,state or federal elections...we see the same things repeated without fail! Politicians point the proverbial finger at their opposition blaming them for governments failure to to improve the lives of the electorate! It make no difference whatsoever if the politician is : Democrat,Republican,Independent,Libertarian ,Vegetarian or whatever else they may label themselves.
The end result is always the same...during their 2,4,6 year term in office they spend the entire time scratching each others proverbial backs...amassing fortunes for kickbacks,insider trading deals,and God only knows what else...
The last few months of their term in office is spent asking/begging  for donations from their proverbial electorate... just donate $5,10,15,20...hundreds or thousand more so we can campaign against  our opposition who are to blame for y'alls lowered standard of living,lack of security,crime,perversion etc etc!

Well s*** howdy the only ones who seem to benefit from all the donations are the politicians and the media...print,internet,radio and tv who receive most the money for campaign ads...and  for the most part negative ads against the opposition who are in fact their best buds in office until the election cycle starts once again! I do believe it is past due time to limit the amount of money politicians can receive/spend for campaign ads...Let's say $5000 for local $50,000 for state and $100,000 for federal...the media should be required to host debates ( given a tax deduction for the debate on print or air time) and limited to what the politician voted for in the past,what they plan on voting for while in office,their education,experience, social and fiscal views on life...and then be held accountable for their actions while in office based on what they promised to deliver!
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Politicians should also be required to pass a full field background investigation before being placed on any ballot and must pass with flying colors or be eliminated from running for office! #Period EOS  

And for the record the intent of the US Constitution for federal,state or local elected officials was not for a career was intended to have a rotation of 'We the People' in  order to avoid corruption and a monarchy from taking over the process...and to be able to introduce fresh and new ideas into the process of government! We need term limits on Congress as well as the  SCOTUS and appointments to the Federal Appeals Courts as is the case for POTUS...!
Corrupt Politicians During The Glided Age | Time Waits For No One

Friday, October 24, 2014

Washington school shooter Jaylen Fryberg's personal struggles revealed on social media

Tweet: ‘I hate that I can't live without you’

Washington High School Shooting Photos | Image #2 - ABC News
Social media posts penned by the shooter in Friday’s rampage at a Washington State high school portray a head-over-heels teenager who grew more and more tormented when the relationship fell apart.
y.Alleged Washington school shooter Jaylen Fryberg (Instagram)
Alleged Washington school shooter Jaylen Fryberg (Instagram)
Authorities have identified the gunman as Jaylen Fryberg. Fryberg’s Facebook page shows him living in Tulalip Bay, nine miles from Marysville-Pilchuck High School where police say two students were killed and at least four others injured in the Friday morning shooting.

“I can't believe I just witnessed a shooting,” Austin Joyner, a student at the school, said on Twitter. “Kid came into the cafeteria and walked over to a table and pulled out the gun and shot 4-6 shots at students sitting down.”
The Seattle Times reported that several students told them that Fryberg, a freshman, was responsible. Kobe Baumann, 14, told the paper that he was with Fryberg in English class right before the shooting, and that he appeared kind of nervous.
“He sits right up in the front,” Baumann said. “He got called on but he just kept his head down and didn’t really say anything.”
Fryberg’s social media accounts tell of his interests in sports, music, hunting, Native American activities and family affairs. He posted many pictures of him and the same girl, often commenting about his crust.
“I love you baby girl,” Fryberg wrote when he posted their picture on his Instagram account. “I promise to love you for the rest of my life.” 

He was clearly still smitten at the beginning of the summer, but somewhere along the way his messages took a sour turn.
Jarron Webb, 15, confirmed to the Seattle Times that the shooter was angry at a girl who would not date him.
Some of Fryberg's tweets over the last few months — such as “Your not gonna like what happens next‼” — appear to be threatening, but it is unknown who he might have been targeting. 

 He sent his final tweet on Thursday.

Liberals vs Muslims

I am starting to see a situation in which liberals, who staunchly defend the rights of Islamic terrorists as "freedom fighters" with "legitimate grievances," are going to have some really big problems with the Muslim religion.  It might happen pretty soon.  This religion, which they bend over backwards to accommodate, doesn't line up very well with liberal philosophies.
Liberals consider themselves champions of all women.  Muslims beat, stone, and mutilate women.  How can liberals keep defending this?
Liberals have placed animals above all life, including human, for decades.  Muslims (I just found out yesterday by reading one of our articles) don't like dogs.  How will elite liberals feel when they can't carry Schoompsie-poo in their Gucci bag to democratic fundraisers?

Liberals have been shoving the LGBT agenda down our throats for years now.  Muslims punish homosexuality by death.
Liberals aren't really crazy about religion.  They have pushed to remove all references to God and the Bible from public places for decades, even though our country was founded on the Judeo-Christian ethic.  In Islam, not being a believer is punishable by death.  They do give that choice convert OR die, which is so nice.  But, still.
The only thing keeping Muslims from killing women, homosexuals and beloved pets right now is the armed Christian standing between them.

Shouldn't all Americans, on both sides of the aisle, be against violence toward women?  Shouldn't we all protect our domesticated American pets?  Shouldn't we all be ready to physically defend our gay friends and neighbors?  Shouldn't we all be protecting the religious liberties granted under the first amendment?
I think so.
Don't you?