Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let's address Social Security/Medicare

First and foremost for all those wringing their hands and calling it a Ponzi sceme...well if thats the case then all insurance programs from auto,life,medical ,401k,house,on and on are Ponzi scemes also. After all one pays a monthly premium that guarantees a return in the event retirement or disaster arrives at a given point stipulated on the premium.
Since Social Security/Medicare's inception it should have been put into a locked account that could only be paid out to those insured ....not being placed into the General Fund of which both sides of the political aisle raided for pet projects not related to the care it was intended for.

Money is taken from both accounts and placed into Medicaid,welfare general as well as aid to foreign countries and any other pet project greedy ass politicians see fit to help in reelection campaigns.
And these greedy politicians get special federal retirement and medical insurance programs far superior to Social Security and medicare benefits..They could give a damn less about the general population and their pultrey retirement/ medical benefits! And now they claim Social Security/ Medicare has gone broke...Ya think...well ya when we have foxes raiding the chicken coup and getting fat on the bounty.

Both accounts would have been solvent for centuries to come had they not been raided...I mean c'mon billions are paid into the account monthly...just take simple math if 100m workers just paid in $1.00 per month that would be 100m per month going in...and how many are on Social Security today? Think, our country is a little over 300m really now are there 100m on Social security/medicare? NOPE!
It isn't going broke because of senior citizens claiming their benefits it is going broke from theft by politicians!

Donald Trump said he would keep social security/medicare, make it solvent once again and keep it in a locked box...seniors really need to pay attention...the democrats as well  as the establishment republicans will continue the same old ways of robbing from the seniors...blaming them and then justify higher taxes to keep it solvent...right.... until they find another need to rob the proverbial chicken coup again...on and on it goes!

I kept this simple so even the dumbed down college students can understand the concept!



FoxNews #MSM #GOP #DNC et al Speak for yourselves!

"I'll tell you what" Middle America could care less that Donald Trump said he will keep you in suspense about not committing to support of Hillary Clinton if she were to win! Plain and simple it is not a issue with us...I have not heard anyone say it is a issue on the street.
Y'all live in your little bubbles on the East and West among yourselves and try to put words in Middle Americas mouths! Yes we live in the fly over zone and will be the final arbitor of who will become the next POTUS via a vote Nov8... not y'all Talking Heads,Pundits and News Anchors...get over yourselves already the only people you impress are your peers!

If y'all want to say "IMO" fine...but don't say through innuendo Middle America agrees with y'all...just the opposite y'all have become part of the corruption problemo!

Have a nice day and try to be Fair and Balanced as y'all claim to be!

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RACIST Hillary refers to Black Man as a Ni**er!

By Jerry Johnson 

Would you be surprised to find out Hillary, and Bill, often refer to African-Americans with the derogatory moniker known as the “N” word?
That is what Tracey Martin, a Chef who worked in the Clinton White House and served as the traveling cook for the degenerate duo, claims he heard come out of Hillary’s mouth during an event at the Elizabeth Medical Center in Washington.

According to Martin, during the event “…a gentlemen of color came in with something and it did not please her the way it was and when he walked out she says “that ni**er!”
Martin stated in an interview with Tom Bauerle on WBEN 930am that this was a commonly employed word by Hillary and Bill when they were upset with a Black servant in what they deemed stupid behavior.
“As has been stated by numerous people, once the Clintons felt ‘comfortable’ around you, they let their guard down and nothing was off limits.” —
The accusation is quite shocking when one considers that 90% of Blacks let the Democrat Party do their thinking for them and are supporting Hillary for President

Even in light of the fact that Hillary called young black men “super predators” with “no conscience or empathy” and referred to the Late Robert C. Byrd, a founding member and leader of his local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan as “her mentor.”
Coupled with the fact that Bill Clinton argued with the late Ted Kennedy, who had given his endorsement to Barak Obama during the 2008 Democrat primary saying Obama “would be getting us coffee (or carrying our bags) a few years ago” and belittling the soon to be President because he was black. —

Now some of you may be saying, “well, there isn’t any evidence of Hillary using that word, just an accusation.”
Let me remind you, there isn’t any evidence that Donald Trump sexually assaulted anyone either, but that hasn’t stopped the leftist media from giving a platform to the accusers and covering the unprovable story 24/7.

Imagine, if you will, that a former employee of Donald Trump’s came out and said Trump had used the “N” word.  The story would be covered by the leftist media day and night for a whole week straight!
But there is more to this story.  Two days after doing the interview on WBEN, Tracey Martin’s cell phone was hacked, and someone broke into his apartment. Reports state that since Marin did the interview, “his life has been turned upside-down.”
And radio talk show host, Tom Bauerle, stated that a loved one received a very strange 2 am phone call.  The latest Wikileaks email dump of top DNC staffers proves the number was a number with direct links to the Democrat party.

And what is a Clinton story without death?  Bauerle claims that the man who hired Tracey Martin as a chef for the Clinton’s died while hiking.
Okay, now it’s time for a question.  How many of you are hearing about this for the first time?  The reason I asked, this story was first reported back in August 2016!