Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In Just One Terrible Night, This Guy’s Views On Gun Control Were Changed Forever

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James Dittrich was immediately thrust into a terrifying situation when a pair of thugs followed him home, robbed him, and forced him into his own apartment at gunpoint. The commotion woke his sleeping fiancé, Meredith Duffy, who was then sexually assaulted by the armed intruders.
“He just grabbed the back of my shirt, pulled me off of the bed, put the gun back on me, said ‘Get your purse,’” she recalled. “Then he told me, ‘Just dump it out.’ My phone fell face down on the couch and I remember thinking, ‘There’s my phone. It’s right there.’”
A quick-thinking Dittrich saw an opening to grab the burglar’s gun.

“I couldn’t wrestle it free,” he said, “but I knew, with both hands on it, I had control of it and that was the opportunity that she needed to call. And I just, I really just hoped I could keep control of it for her to make that call.”
As Duffy called for help, she was forced to witness Dittrich withstand a brutal beating that left his face battered and broken.
“And the one kept yelling, ‘Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him,’” she said.
Though the intruders ultimately fled the scene before killing either of the victims, Dittrich and Duffy are left with the harrowing memories of that tragic day. The two burglars remain at large.

“You’re always looking around,” Dittrich explained. “You see somebody who looks like they remind you of the people and you just immediately get a sense of dread.”
Following the incident, the couple moved from East Orange, N.J., to their hometown in Ohio.
Not only did the vicious attack cause them to rethink their living situation; it also led to an about face regarding gun control.
“I didn’t want a gun,” Dittrich said of his opinion prior to the burglary. “I specifically didn’t want one.”
After realizing how helpless he was without some means of protection, however, he left his anti-gun philosophy behind. 

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Dittrich concluded that he was forced to recognize that the police are not going to be immediately available to protect his family in the face of such a threat.
“They can respond,” he reasoned; “and they can protect you once they get there. But, you’re on your own.”
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The individual mandate is struck down in 36 States, including Texas.

Dear Patriot,
The "second highest court in the land" — the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia — just struck a BIG blow to Obamacare.
The court ruled that the Obama Administration ignored the text of the law, and improperly extended Obamacare subsidies and the individual mandate to States that have not created state exchanges.
The effect of this ruling, if enforced, is that the individual mandate is struck down in 36 States, including Texas.
This is a huge victory for the American people, but we cannot rest.
President Obama will surely appeal. And Americans will continue to lose jobs, pay higher premiums, and receive fewer healthcare choices because of this disastrous law. Simply put, we cannot rely on the courts alone to stop Obamacare.
The ultimate solution must be political — we need your help, right now, to fight for a full repeal!
As long as Harry Reid is Senate Majority Leader, Senate Democrats will continue to stonewall any attempts to provide meaningful relief to the American people from the effects of Obamacare.
Walt, to deliver a full repeal of Obamacare once and for all, we must retire Harry Reid as Majority Leader. Will you help us do that with a contribution of $250, $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can?
For liberty,

Ted Cruz
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