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Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi released from Mexican Prison..!

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi told Greta Van Susteren he had been beaten and ...
... Thurs. After 300-Mile Trek For Release Of Marine In Mexican Prison
oped...And zero credit goes to the Obama administration and MSM ... kudos to 'We the People' and Fox News who took it upon themselves to fight the good fight.. Enjoy your Freedom and have a cold beer & bbq Andrew:)  

By Sandra Dibble 

— A Mexican federal district judge in Tijuana on Friday ordered the immediate release of a U.S. Marine veteran behind bars in Baja California on federal weapons charges.
Andrew Tahmooressi was on trial for crossing the border with ammunition and three loaded weapon on March 31. The Mexican Attorney General’s Office agreed to cease its prosecution of Tahmooressi and allow him to return to the United States.
The agreement brings to a close a high-profile case that has resounded far beyond the border. In the United States, it has prompted calls for his release from politicians, veterans groups, conservative talk show hosts. But for months there had been an impasse, as Mexican federal prosecutors insisted that the case be resolved through the courts -- not through diplomatic or political pressure.  

Tahmooressi, 26, claims that he drove into Tijuana by mistake on a Monday night after taking a wrong turn near the Mexican border in San Ysidro. He recently had moved from Florida to San Diego, and says that he was driving out of a parking lot, intending to head north. But instead he drove into the El Chaparral Port of Entry, where Mexican customs inspectors examined his pickup truck and found more 400 rounds of ammunition and three loaded firearms: a .45-caliber pistol, a 12-gauge shotgun and a 5.56mm assault rifle.
His release from El Hongo State Penitentiary outside Tecate was ordered by Judge Victor Octavio Luna Escobedo of the Sixth Federal District Court in Tijuana. Had Tahmooressi been convicted, he would have faced from seven to 21 years behind bars.
The judge declined to comment, saying any statements would come from Mexico’s Federal Judicial Council. A statement from the council said that the judge ordered dismissal of the charges on petition of federal prosecutors and ordered his “immediate and absolute liberty.”
According to one Mexican official familiar with the case, the grounds for the dismissal were that he is unfit to stand trial because he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.  

U.S. Rep. Ed Royce, R-Fullerton, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which held a hearing last month on the case, called Tahmooressi's release great, but overdue, news.
"I am pleased that both Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam and the judge on the case recognize that Sgt. Tahmooressi did not intend to violate Mexican law, and that his combat-related PTSD should be treated by specialists in the United States," he said in a statement.
Even though the U.S. State Department reports that dozens of U.S. citizens are arrested each month for violating Mexico’s gun laws, few if any cases have gotten such wide attention.
Tahmooressi’s situation initially elicited little public sympathy in Mexico, where there is no constitutional right to bear arms. A headline last May in the Tijuana newsweekly, Zeta read: "He did not enter Mexico in error." But his detention did strike a nerve with some sectors in the United States intent on seeing him released. 

Portraying Tahmooressi as a U.S. war hero unjustly detained in a foreign country, they invoked his military service — two tours of duty in Afghanistan with the U.S. Marines, with an honorable discharge in 2012, and stressed that Tahmooressi needed to return to the United States for treatment. Shortly before his arrest he had been diagnosed with PTSD and started treatment at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in La Jolla. 



Richard Mack
This article comes from
By: Tim Starks
The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) has called for the resignation of Greene County, Illinois Sheriff Rob McMillen after he personally initiated an unsubstantiated felony charge against Luke Lamb, who is his opponent in the upcoming election. Lamb is campaigning as a “constitutional sheriff’s candidate” and is a member of CSPOA. The case, which involved alleged jury tampering, was resolved in court on October 24th, with a unanimous jury verdict of acquittal.
The charge of jury tampering involved Lamb’s Facebook chat with a close friend who had been called to jury duty earlier that morning. This discussion took place before the juror was assigned to a particular case, so he knew nothing about the specific type of trial that would take place later in the day. Lamb referred his friend to the website of the Fully Informed Jury Association (, which educates citizens about the recognized right of a juror to judge both the law and the facts of the case. According to recognized legal authorities, including US Supreme Court justices, the juror has the power to acquit if he or she believes that the law under which the defendant is charged is itself unjust. And any citizen has a First Amendment right to express his views about this topic, which is often called “jury nullification”.

Sheriff McMillen apparently was contacted by one of his deputies and informed of the Facebook conversation, whereupon McMillen personally obtained copies of that conversation from a friend who was a chief of police. McMillen then, without any investigation at all, and without assigning someone else to investigate, personally wrote a departmental report and sent the information to the state’s attorney’s office, under his signature. The state’s attorney then assigned it to a special prosecutor. To date, CSPOA is unable to find any report on an investigation by the special prosecutor.
Eventually the charge, a class 4 felony under Illinois law, was filed. According to Lamb, after the depositions and case preparation for trial, the prosecution offered several plea deals, the last of which amounted to something akin to texting while driving, a misdemeanor of negligible import. Lamb refused them all and took his case to trial.
According to Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret.), Founder and President of CSPOA, “This case has all the markings of a political hit. If it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious.” Said Mack, “Sheriff McMillen, to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, could have, and should have recused himself, referring the information to an outside agency from the very start, if he thought there was any basis for charges. Looking at the Facebook posts, I don’t think any investigator who didn’t have a political motive, would have brought charges against Luke Lamb.”

After reviewing the facts, documents and published reports in this case, including Sheriff McMillen’s testimony and media interviews after the verdict, it’s clear that this is an example of Unconstitutional misconduct by an official who has sworn an oath to protect citizen’s rights, according to Sheriff Mack. “Sheriff McMillen has violated his oath, his constituent’s rights, and tarnished the badge of a peace officer. We therefore call for Sheriff McMillen to resign his position immediately. Further, if he does not, we urge the voters of Greene County to remove him from office at the ballot box in the upcoming election.”

Bill of Rights: Even One Obama Has Not Violated? Pt 1

gun control #5 Obama
by Teri O'Brien 
It’s not exactly a newsflash, and, ironically, that in itself is stunning. Stop and think about it. We have a man occupying the Oval Office who is on the record as being openly hostile to the U.S. Constitution. Twice he put his hand on a Bible, and took the oath to “preserve, protect and defend” our precious founding charter, despite brazenly stating that he considers it something from which we needed to “break free.” (Hear the whole quote in Obama’s own words to a local public radio station in 2001, and watch the video here.)

In 2012, he decided to double down, and use not one, but two, Bibles, one which at one time belonged to Abraham Lincoln, which among other outrages committed by this clown, account for the fact that at this point, Pres. Lincoln’s corpse is spinning so fast that you could cut meat on it.
How exactly does a man lie so brazenly, so openly rub our noses in his contempt for our country, our Constitution, and for every patriotic American? It’s simple. He’s a radical leftist, and I am fond of reminding you, the Left lies. That’s how they roll. That’s not a bug in the left-wing program. It’s a feature. It’s essential to accomplish their objectives. In the immortal words of Saul Alinsky, “The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means.”
That’s how the Left views the struggle to “remake” America, as war. They are adamantly opposed to war when it comes to our enemies, but they are enthusiastic warriors against this country. In the war against the Constitution, Barack Obama is one of the Left’s most exuberant and ardent combatants. 

Liberty-loving Americans cherish the first ten amendments of the Constitution, commonly known collectively as “The Bill of Rights,” which is probably why they have been particular targets of the Obama Regime. Is there even one that they have not blown their crypto-commie noses on? Consider the following:
The First Amendment protects the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and the press, and “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

“[The Obama] administration has been more challenging to the press, more restrictive, more dangerous to the press certainly than any administration in American history, in terms of legal investigations and so on. Access to the White House has just gotten worse and worse.” That’s not me talking. That’s Susan Page, a veteran member of the Jurassic media just this week. So much for that freedom of the press thing.

Of course, the Regime also went after Fox News‘ reporter James Rosen as a “co-conspirator” for simply doing his job as an investigative reporter. And let’s not forget that the Obama Regime has reduced so-called journalists to being shills and water carriers for Mr. Obama. Remember CNN‘s Candy Crowley’s disgusting lie during the October 2012 Presidential debate, in which she declared that Barack Obama had called the Benghazi attack “an act of terror” immediately after it happened?
The Obama administration also attempted to strong arm Hobby Lobby, and the Little Sisters of the Poor, an organization of nuns devoted to caring for the indigent elderly, into complying with its Obamacare abortifacient drug mandate in violation of their sincerely held religious beliefs.
As for right to petition the government, when concerned citizens decided to organize to express their distress over excessive government spending and the destruction of our health care system, the Obama administration unleashed the IRS against them.
So much for the First Amendment.

The Second Amendment protects the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.
The problem with this one is that Barack Obama does not believe that law-abiding citizens should be permitted to keep and bear arms. He tries to cover up that fact, but the evidence leaves no doubt. Like all leftists, he wants to disarm us so that we can be the compliant population of supplicants that are the dream subjects of every dictator.
Listen here to Prof. John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime, describe his interactions with Obama while they were both on the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School. It’s clear that Obama is not only hostile toward the 2nd amendment. He also doesn’t have any time for conversations with anyone who might have the effrontery to disagree with him.
On a 1996 questionnaire, Obama answered “yes” on a questionnaire from the group “Independent Voters of Illinois,” to the question “Do you support state legislation to: ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns?” He later claimed that the word “yes” on that questionnaire wasn’t in his handwriting.

Of course we know that Operation Fast and Furious, the gun walking scheme cooked up by Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder, was designed to gin up emotionally-driven outrage that would fuel calls for new control measures. Recently, when Mr. Holder, who has announced his desire to step down, was asked his greatest regret about his tenure, he replied, “I think the inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the Newtown massacre is something that weighs heavily on my mind.” Note that his greatest regret was the failure to pass more gun control, not the delivery of lethal weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, which resulted in the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry.
Should we be surprised, since this is the same Eric Holder who once advocated “brain washing” the American public against guns?
We’ve just scratched the surface of the crimes against the Constitution by Obama and his merry band of Marxists. What about the rest of the Bill of Rights? Sadly, they have not been spared the destructive force of Obama’s wrath. We’ll discuss the Regime’s attacks on the rest of the Bill of Rights in Part 2 of this series. 

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