Thursday, December 18, 2014

Have a very Merry Green Obama Christmas Y'all

Yes indeed we have green peace, green energy, Green food, a Green Grinch POTUS who is giving us Green Healthcare also known as Soylent Green! "In the years 2009- 2022... People are still the same. They'll do anything to get what they need" 

MERRY RED Neck CHRISTMAS  Y'all we are as of today 6 days out of Twelve days to Christmas...enjoy another broke ass Christmas under the Green Grinch Obama administration! I'm pretty sure Obama and company will have a very ritzi Holiday season  courtesy of taxpayer Royal Welfare!

Enjoy...:) Oh well being a Red Neck ain't all that's lotsa family love, beer and spam:)

Both Parties Fear the Tea Party

Once we return power to where it belongs, we won’t have to worry about what the establishment fears.
Check it out:
There’s no question that there is a deep fear of the Tea Party, in both parties. The Democrat Party’s afraid of ‘em; the Republican Party’s afraid of them, maybe for different reasons, party to party. But one thing I don’t think they accurately know, I think they think they do, but I don’t think they’re even close to understanding the anger that they are creating. If they think that they’re succeeding in dispiriting the Tea Party, that’s what they’re wrong about, and they will learn it at some point down the line. 

The money people have always had power. That’s indisputable. But here’s something maybe you can help me with since you’re a party official. I always thought that the Republicans wanted to get away from this idea that they are the party of the rich. I thought that was a negative that they wanted to get rid of. And yet here’s The Politico: “Money Men Cheer Bush News.” I mean, all the news about the Republican nominee is how happy the donor class is. I’m sorry; the donor class is rich Wall Street guys, rich hedge funders, rich this, rich that, and I thought the Republican Party wanted to get rid of that image.
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LEAKED: Kim Jong-Un Death Scene From ‘The Interview’
See it here. This is what is causing all the uproar.
Check it out:
The scene from The Interview in which North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, is killed has leaked online.
The film, which stars Seth Rogan and James Franco, was pulled by Sony after the studio received threats of violence from North Korean hackers.
The hacking group, Guardians of Peace, have been leaking sensitive data, including salaries and industry emails, after stealing 100 terabytes of data from the studio.
In the scene, Kim Jong-un, played by American actor Randall Park, is shown dying in an explosion after a missile hits the helicopter the leader is hanging on to. In the background, a slowed-down version of Katy Perry’s hit song Firework plays. 

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