Saturday, November 3, 2018

There should be a two level pay system for Cable/Satellite TV

I remember about 40 years ago the talk was cable TV was the wave of the future no more annoying commercials...the technology arrived commercials and all...we all expected it to be expensive at first to pay back the cost of development...then get cheaper as time passed as all products do.

Not so it gets more expensive each year as rates go up every 1-2 years...and we must suffer through more added commercials reducing a hourly show to about 40 minutes. With the exception of prime movie /sports events pay to play added costs.

I am not a supporter of excessive regulation however in this case I am...there should be a two level pay system...Level One Basic cable/with commercials minus prime viewing ...say a reasonable cost of $15-25.00 per month.
Level Two Commercial free with prime time movie/sports events...not to exceed a reasonable cost between $75-100 per month....if new technology comes into play and cost more fine...however those who choose to keep the old technology should be grand fathered in as well as new customers whos needs are met by the older technology

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POTUS Donald Trump said "I am a Nationalist"

Yes....yes he did...and immediately the CPUSA aka Progressive Party USA along with their useful idiots... The dumbed down Looney Left Liberals placed the tag "WHITE" ! Nationalist upon him and went into their usual ranting and raving calling him a "RACISTS"
Well folks the only racists here are them.
Scan down the popular post column here and click on : Barack Obama the new Anthony will wake you up to whats really going on hear and now !

Y'all wonder why the the "Sleeping Giant" (USA) has awoken and elected Donald Trump as POTUS...well it's because he is the only one capable and posseses the cajones to take on the proverbial sewer/swamp Globalists known as The Progressive Party USA !

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Attn: Blue Dog Dems....Conservative Reps

Y'all had better get together and take out the DNC Progressive Party (CPUSA)starting with the leaders(We all know who they are) They have hijacked the Democratic Party and are dismanteling it day by day...The goal being transition from Socialist to full blown Communists.

There attacks on the US Constitution/Bill of Rights becomes more aggressive and violent each and every day...The attacks on Brett Kavanaugh are quite telling he is a threat to their agenda being that he is a strict Constitutionalist and will give the SCOTUS a lean to the right.

They have no moral compass and will use any means neccesary to achieve their goal...They lie,cheat,steal, smear,slander and use we all have noticed has increased since their loss to POTUS Donald Trump.

The time is now... failure to act will bring their dream of total control reality