Thursday, December 13, 2018

California.... #Taxifornia Home of FaceBook,Twitter,Google,MSM

Ever wonder why the big boys of communication / Hollywood Movie Moguls call #Taxifornia their Home Sweet Home ?
Well I have come to the conclusion the reason must be they get sweet ( #YUGE ) tax breaks from the looney progressive government.Therefore they give 1000% support for the Progressive Party USA...They donate #Yuge political donations as well as becoming the Public Relations outfit for the return they receive tax breaks as well as protection from rules,regulations,laws that stifle their conservative competition.

I challenge all the true Investigative Reporters out there with a Big Mic and audience to look into how much these companies pay in taxes compared to their compitition as well as protection from rules,regulations,laws !

And don't forget to use the Hashtag #Taxifornia