Tuesday, June 19, 2018

False Outrage...Separation of illegal aliens from their children

First and foremost...these parents are to blame not the citizens of the USA. They broke the law entering the United States of America illegally without permission, putting their children at risk from abuse by coyotes.

I am so tired of the looney left progressive congress as well as the RINO GOP, MSM et al wringing of hands , false tears and outright actors in a ridiculous soap opera not even worthy of a Tony award. 

Here is a simple solution which would save millions/billions and is fair and just :
The illegal entries can be adjudicated right on the border upon capture within 72 hrs ( by relocating immigration judges to the border crossing areas)...these are not complicated court cases...they crossed the border illegally were caught (Slam Dunk). Instead of separation of parent and child and  putting them in internment which is quite expensive... food,shelter,medical care,and supervision. 

It would be extremely cheaper to have use of Air National Guard as well as US Military transport aircraft at the ready to transport the parents and children back to their country of origin if they are not from Mexico...those who are can be walked back to the port of entry to Mexico. We could also bill the Mexican government for the cost of military transport being that they allowed non Mexican citizens to proceed north through Mexico in order to illegally enter the USA. 

Let's keep this short and simple and fair to all involved...congress needs to stop campaigning 24/7 365 days per year and take care of the peoples business...not special interests, their job security and auditionoing for a 2nd career as a B actor on future soap operas or MSM talking head contributors!