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Why the Democrats are Totally Screwed

The Democratic party is in trouble. But why? In this Fox Panel, Mercedes Schlapp and Matthew Continetti explain why. As Continetti explains:
Fox News anchor Bret Baier played a clip from President Obama’s “60 Minutes” interview in which he discussed losing multiple public relations battles during his administration and how his team came up short in mobilizing public opinion behind their initiatives. Following the clip, Baier asked Continetti to respond to what Obama said.

Continetti agreed with Obama and said the president was “kind of right” about losing several PR battles despite his personal popularity. Continetti then discussed the 2016 election and how Obama’s popularity did not translate to a victory for Hillary Clinton, who largely campaigned as a third term for Obama.

“The Democrats are hobbled by multiculturalism and political correctness,” Continetti said. “That’s what Donald Trump exploited in kind of getting the frustration with the status quo and the frustration with not being able to speak your mind in this country. He exploited that and that helped him win.”
 Source: AAN

Attn: Speaker Ryan~ Mitch McConnell let me help you on the ObamaCare issue

A U.S. Forest Service hotshot uses a drip torch to light a backfire. A drip torch dribbles and ignites fuel (usually either diesel or stove oil) at the pull of a trigger.       

First and foremost...a little analogy is in order...when fighting a forest fire one does not attack it with a squirt gun...a firefighter sets a back fire to control...using all the tools one has at his/her's this case "common sense" yes I realize common *sense* is a oxymoron and is lacking in congress along with a definite lack of cajones' to get the job done...let me help you out...reach down and grab your crotch then briskly give a quick jerk upward to realign and reset your God given manhood.

The ACA aka ObamaCare bill was a disaster from day one 2600 pages of regulations and taxes that has done zip zero to help people with affordable health care...all it did was pad the personal financial portfolios of those who wrote and supported it.

Now those same people are on a rampage demanding y'all show your replacement plan to this disaster before you repeal it...ah ha here let me help you out...just repeal the damn thing already and say to them quoting Nancy Pelosi...: "we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it "  thats how to fight a forest fire by starting a back fire...squirt guns will never work you get my drift?  Need I really say more?

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More Stars Announce Performances at Inauguration

More Stars Announce Performances at Inauguration
oped: Hope Toby dedicates this song to Obama and CNN with a lil change in the lyrics...ha: 
♫ Justice will be served and the battle will rage.
♫ This big dog will fight when you rattle his cage.
♫ And you’ll be sorry that you messed with ♫
the Trump DOJ. ♫
'Cause they’ll put a boot in your ass, ♫
it’s the American way! ♫  

Donald Trump’s inauguration committee has added several musical performers to the lineup.
According to the inaugural committee, Toby Keith, Jennifer Holliday and the band 3 Doors Down will all perform at a pre-inauguration concert in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 19, the day before Trump is sworn in as president. 

“President-elect Trump has made it clear that this inaugural is of, by, and for the American people,” chairman Tom Barrack said in a statement Friday.

“The 58th Inaugural will celebrate American history and heritage, while setting the course to a brighter and bolder future for all Americans. Above all, it will serve as tribute to one of our greatest attributes, the peaceful transition of partisan power.”

 Source: The Smoke Room

DEAR CNN: Fox News Got Beat Up By BHO For 8yrs – It’s YOUR Turn NOW!

Obama was ‘unprecedented’ in his war on Fox News and the rest of the Media (D) didn’t say a word about it. And now, it’s CNN’s turn. You know what they say about Karma? 


Watch Jim Acosta complain about his treatment by the President-Elect and Sean Spicer:

Now for a little juxtaposition courtesy of the New York Times:

Attacking the news media is a time-honored White House tactic but to an unusual degree, the Obama administration has narrowed its sights to one specific organization, the Fox News Channel, calling it, in essence, part of the political opposition.
We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent,” said Anita Dunn, the White House communications director, in a telephone interview on Sunday. “As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House, we don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave.
Her comments are only the latest in the volatile exchange between the administration and the top-rated network, which is owned by the News Corporation, controlled by Rupert Murdoch. Last month, Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News, and David Axelrod, a senior adviser to President Obama, met for coffee in New York, in what Politico, which last week broke that news, labeled a “Fox summit.”…
…“Instead of governing, the White House continues to be in campaign mode, and Fox News is the target of their attack mentality,” Michael Clemente, the channel’s senior vice president for news, said in a statement on Sunday. “Perhaps the energy would be better spent on the critical issues that voters are worried about.”…

…“I’ve got one television station that is entirely devoted to attacking my administration,” he said in June, though he did not mention Fox by name. He added, “You’d be hard pressed if you watched the entire day to find a positive story about me on that front.”
The White House has limited administration members’ appearances on the network in recent weeks. In mid-September, when the White House booked Mr. Obama on a round robin of Sunday morning talk shows, it skipped Fox and called it an “ideological outlet,” leading the “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace to appear on Bill O’Reilly’s prime-time show and call the administration “the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.”
Ms. Dunn called that remark juvenile and stressed that administration officials would still talk to Fox, and that Mr. Obama was likely to be interviewed on the network in the future. But, she added, “we’re not going to legitimize them as a news organization.
(Emphasis added) 

So… the Obama Administration, in essence, called Fox News ‘Fake News’.
It was the official White House policy.
And why was Fox News considered not a ‘legitimate’ news organization?
Because they didn’t bow and kiss the ring.
They dared to critique the Obama Administration on policy.
They gave a voice to the Tea Party.
They dared to hire conservatives… and then let them speak.
This is worlds apart from what CNN did — they reported something that was unverified and salacious. True, they didn’t report on the salacious bits, but BuzzFeed did.
And now, the entire world sees the President-Elect differently.
Thank you, ass-hats.
Sean Hannity has a handy list on his website of all the times that Obama has blamed Fox News for his impotent Presidency.

Here’s a sample:
Obama says Fox News is ‘Attacking’ his Administration (CNBC’s Closing Bell, June 16, 2009)
PRESIDENT OBAMA: It’s very hard for me to swallow that one. First of all, I’ve got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration. I mean, you know, that’s a pretty…
HARWOOD: I assume you’re talking about Fox.
PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, that’s a pretty big megaphone. And you’d be hard-pressed, if you watched the entire day, to find a positive story about me on that front.
Obama calls Fox News ‘Destructive’ (Rolling Stone, Oct. 14, 2010)
“Look, as president, I swore to uphold the Constitution, and part of that Constitution is a free press. We’ve got a tradition in this country of a press that oftentimes is opinionated. The golden age of an objective press was a pretty narrow span of time in our history. Before that, you had folks like Hearst who used their newspapers very intentionally to promote their viewpoints. I think Fox is part of that tradition — it is part of the tradition that has a very clear, undeniable point of view. It’s a point of view that I disagree with. It’s a point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world.”

Obama blames Fox News for Benghazi and IRS Scandals (Interview with Bill O’Reilly, February 2, 2014)
“Your detractors believe that you did not tell the world it was a terror attack because your campaign didn’t want that out,” O’Reilly said. “That’s what they believe.”
“And they believe it because folks like you tell them that,” Obama said, adding on the IRS scandal: “These kinds of things keep on surfacing, because folks like you will promote them.”
Obama says Fox News is hard on Obamacare
Obama blames Fox News for the ‘Balkanization of the Media’ (Real Time with Bill Maher, November 3, 2016)
“The problem is we’ve got all these filters. Look, if I watched Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me either because you’ve got this screen—this funhouse mirror—through which people are receiving information. How to break through that is a big challenge.”

Obama blames Fox News for his third term Hillary’s Election loss
“In this election, [they] turned out in huge numbers for Trump. And I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively. Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country, but part of it is also Democrats not working at a grassroots level, being in there, showing up, making arguments.”
Obama’s had has hate on for Fox News since he began his run for President, and he used his position as President to delegitimize the news organization because he didn’t like what they had to say.
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The Media (D) has taken to Twitter to express their ‘shock’ over the treatment of CNN:
Chris Cillizz of WaPo:
NBC’s John Harwood:
CNN keeps repeating ‘First Amendment’:
Fake News peddlers Mother Jones:
But one Twitter user summed things up nicely:
H/T: PJ Media

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#NeverTrumper John McCain leaked Fake News Document on “Golden Showers” to FBI

Pic: McRINO Hangs With Beelzebub… | Weasel Zippers

oped: No surprise here...John McCain is bought and paid for by George Soros as is Hillary and Bill Clinton they owe there soul to the company store! 

by:Pamela Geller 
This looks much like the fake military documents that Dan Rather and 60 Minutes ran to destroy George W. Bush just days before the election. CNN and Buzzfeed ran this “fake news” story last night about Trump hiring Russian prostitutes to urinate on each other on a bed that Obama allegedly slept in in Russia. Yes, they bought that insanity, as did the CIA and FBI.
The Daily Mail reported:
Sworn Donald Trump enemy John McCain admitted Wednesday that he passed the dossier of claims of a Russian blackmail plot against the president-elect.
The Arizona senator issued a public statement amid mounting questions of his exact role in the affair – and how a document riddled with errors and unverifiable claims came to be published.
‘Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public,’ he said.
‘Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the Director of the FBI.

That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.’
Jim write:
Trump partook in “golden showers” in Russia with prostitutes on a bed Obama once slept on… Russia then blackmailed Trump, not by asking for money or influence in his business deals, but by forcing him to run for president against all odds and win?
Here is the story that the CIA and idiots in the FAKE NEWS Media are pushing on America–
Here’s what they want us to believe — Let’s recount:

** Obama has a meeting in Russia.
** Trump flies to Russia, finds out the hotel room Obama stayed in, and books it.
** Trump finds at least two hookers and invites them to Obama’s former hotel suite.
** Trump instructs the hookers to PISS ON THE BED because he hates Obama so much.
** Little did Trump know Putin had the entire room outfitted with video cameras.
** The Russian government now has video proof of Trump watching hookers PISS on a bed.
** Russian government tells Trump they will release the video if he does not run for president.
** Trump runs for president and against all odds and WINS the White House.

And no one questioned this report?
It was ALL A HOAX!


And now this…
John McCain: I gave Russia blackmail dossier on Trump to FBI
Sen. John McCain admitted Wednesday that he gave the FBI a dossier detailing claims of a Russian blackmail plot against President-elect Donald Trump.
The Arizona lawmaker, a longtime Trump critic, made the public statement as questions piled up about his alleged role in spreading an unverified and error-riddled document that Trump has denounced as “a complete and total fabrication.”
“Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public,” McCain said.

“Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the Director of the FBI. That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.”
Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, who contributed to a story about the dossier reported by CNN on Tuesday, said McCain was given the document by a former British ambassador to Moscow.
“It came from a former British MI6 agent who was hired from a political opposition research firm in Washington who was doing work about Donald Trump for both republican and democratic candidates opposed to Trump,” Bernstein told CNN.

“They were looking at Trump’s business ties. They saw some questionable things about Russians, about his businesses in Russia. They in turn hired this MI6 former investigator. He then came up with additional information from his Russian sources. He was very concerned by the implications of it. He then took it to an FBI colleague that he had known in his undercover work for years. He took it to this FBI man in Rome who turned it over to the bureau in Washington in August,” Bernstein said.
“And then, a former British ambassador to Russia independently was made aware of these findings and he took the information to John McCain – Senator John McCain of Arizona – in the period just after the election, and showed it to McCain – additional findings,” he added.

McCain is no fan of Trump as he disavowed the president-elect weeks before the election.
During the campaign Trump said McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured during the Vietnam War.
Article reposted with permission from

Obama Hastily Pushes Clemency & Pardons Ahead of Leaving Office

by:Tim Brown 
All presidents have done it, so it's nothing new. However, at this late stage, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, a criminal occupying the Oval Office, is rushing to grant clemency to convicted criminals and issue pardons before Donald Trump takes office on January 20.
The Washington Examiner reports
President Obama has upped his use of executive power to grant clemency and pardons to thousands of federal prisoners, rushing to get them done before President-elect Trump takes office and possibly grinds things to a halt.

Through his clemency initiative, which he launched in 2014, Obama has commuted the sentences of 1,176 individuals. He has also granted an additional 148 pardons. 

In November, I reported on this push by Obama for pardons.
On November 8, 2016, Obama granted clemency to 102 prison inmates with a stroke of a pen, most of whom were allegedly engaged in non-violent violations involving drugs. Frankly, I'm against imprisoning people over drugs. The War on Drugs has been nothing but a racket and a means of violating the rights of citizens and taking their property.
However, what most people don't understand is that many of the executive orders that are issued do not fall under the authority granted by the Constitution. In fact, many of them are blatantly unconstitutional. As Obama would have you think he has not abused his power and written that many executive orders, the record bears out that he has written more than any other president prior to him.

Granting pardons and reprieves is certainly an authority given to the executive (Art. II, Sec. 2, cl.1 of the US Constitution). The problem I have is that I believe Obama is illegally occupying the office of the president as a usurper, since he has given no verifiable evidence that he is a natural born citizen. In fact, all of the evidence to date that we have with regard to Obama are actually fraudulent documents, including his birth certificate, Social Security number and selective service documents. The man cannot even pass E-Verify to obtain a job!

In September, Sheriff Joe Arpaio expressed that he was not necessarily concerned with where Obama was born as much as he was concerned that he was "looking at a forged document, period."
Arpaio has said that Obama's birth certificate presents a "national security issue," and has warned that "Our country is under attack and Barack Obama is the aggressor."
However, Arpaio is not the only one who has made such claims. Israeli scientist have also determined Obama birth certificate to be a forgeryLord Christopher Monckton has done the same and referred to Obama as an "illegal president," and apparently, so did Obama's own attorney.
Additionally, Barack, Michelle and even the Kenyan ambassador made slips when they refer to the country of Obama's birth.
The biggest evidences that Barack Obama is not a US citizen is tied to what I call the smoking gun on this issue: Stanley Ann Dunham's passport.

If any of this was not convincing enough for there to warrant a federal investigation, one really should read the Kenyan Parliament's own minutes on November 5, 2008, where they openly stated,
"Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil of this country (Kenya). Every other country in this continent is celebrating the Obama win. It is only proper and fitting that the country which he originates should show the same excitement, pomp and colour."
This statement was followed by the Deputy Speaker warning the member who just made the statement,
"You had better be very careful where you transgress between watching your own sovereignty and what can be interpreted in some quarters as some form of treason."

You can go here and retrieve the November 5, 2008 document at the Kenyan Parliament website (or get the highlighted version on our site indicating important points provided by Lorri Anderson), along with the one from March 25, 2010 (or get the highlighted version on our website indicating important sections provided by Lorri Anderson).
However, even Congress doesn't care because they are too busy looking out for their political futures.
I'm sure there are many who are willing to disregard all the evidence concerning the foreign agent who has acted as the president for the past eight years just to get him out of the White House. However, failing to bring justice upon this usurper will only encourage more of the same crimes in the future.

Nicole Kidman: 'It's Time' to Get Behind Trump

Nicole Kidman: 'It's Time' to Get Behind Trump
Nicole Kidman said it’s time for the country to get behind Donald Trump.

The 49-year-old actress — who is Australian but has a dual citizenship in America — wants people to accept the fact that he beat Hillary Clinton.

“[Trump is] now elected and we, as a country, need to support whoever is the president,” Kidman said during an interview with BBC this week. “That is what the country is based on. And however that happened, it happened, and let’s go.”

“I’m always reticent to start commenting politically, I’ve never done it in terms of America or Australia. I’m issue based. I’m very, very committed to women’s issues.”

 Source: The Smoke Room

Thousands of Muslims reportedly turning to Christ in Middle East

Spirited Debate: David Curry, President & CEO, Open Doors USA discusses the most dangerous places for Christians, and what is happening to them
oped: Indeed knowledge is power...please pass on the power:

Thousands of Muslims are turning to Jesus Christ and what they view as the "religion of freedom" amid ongoing bloodshed in the Middle East, reports indicate. Some churches hope that millions of people will accept Christ amid a "spiritual hunger" that is forming in the wake of persecution.
Voice Of the Martyrs Canada, which supports Christian radio broadcasts in the region, told BosNewsLife that despite the mass exodus of Christians from Iraq and Syria due to terrorism, persecution, and war, scores of Muslims are making the decision to embrace Christianity.
"There are thousands upon thousands coming to Christ," VOMC revealed. "We are in regular contact with our FM stations in Iraq and have talked with many people who have family in the Middle East."
"Some of our Middle Eastern broadcasters have shared testimonies [about many turning to Christ] with us, which they hear directly from listeners when visiting there ..."

In Iran, Christian house churches are regularly targeted and shut down by the nation's Islamic government. Despite this persecution, mission group Elam Ministries revealed that Christians have been growing in terms of numbers, and today estimates suggest there are 360,000 believers in Iran – up from only 500 in 1979.

"Church leaders believe that millions can be added to the church in the next few years -- such is the spiritual hunger that exists and the disillusionment with the Islamic regime," Elam Ministries stated.
"If we remain faithful to our calling, our conviction is that it is possible to see the nation transformed within our lifetime. Because Iran is a strategic gateway nation, the growing church in Iran will impact Muslim nations across the Islamic world."

Congress Announces ‘Unobstructed’ Criminal Probe Into Hillary Clinton
by: MIchael DePinto

With all the reports coming out claiming that well funded far-left activist groups intend to incite the largest riots in U.S. history in the days leading up to and during Donald Trump’s inauguration, there is good reason for well-informed Americans to be feeling a bit on edge, or a bit anxious these days. We are living in uncertain times to say the least, and the country is heading into uncharted waters to be sure. 

Until recently, there has been a lot of speculation about whether the investigations into Hillary Clinton would continue or not, but as you’re about to learn, House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, just announced that Congress is throttling forward with their investigation of Hillary & Co. 

You may recall, shortly after his surprise victory, Donald Trump walked back his comments with regard to making an effort to “lock up Hillary,” but that is hardly the end of it. Anyone who watched the confirmation hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General today knows that: 1) Barring some bombshell revelation, Senator Jeff Sessions will be the next Attorney General, because Senate Democrats do not have the votes to block him; and 2) Sessions has every intention of following the law (aka passed legislation), whether he agrees with it personally or not. With that said, here is a list of the crimes Hillary Clinton and her team could be charged with right now: 

  • Money laundering
  • Child exploitation
  • Sex crimes with minors (children)
  • Perjury
  • Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
  • Obstruction of justice
There’s absolutely no reason for Hillary Clinton to not be charged. One of the many mandates We the People elected Donald Trump on was the idea that he would hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her actions. Whether that happens or not, depends almost entirely on if President Obama decides to pardon Hillary Clinton. One thing is for sure, with only 10 days and counting, odds are that Hillary's fingernails probably desperately need a manicure…
In the following video I discuss the recent announcement by Chaffetz, and then review some of the reasons why Obama might be inclined to pardon Hillary, and some of the reasons why he might not be. I also review whether Donald Trump has any means of legal recourse if Obama does decide to pardon Hillary.  

See video: 


Republican investigators are vowing to pursue the criminal probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and mishandling of classified information, with Jason Chaffetz warning that her election loss won’t grant her a get out of jail free card.
This was never a political targeting in the beginning and just because there was a political election doesn’t mean it goes away, House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told reporters Monday. “There were a lot of other characters that were involved in this that we have to look at.” 

Their review will encompass an array of figures, ranging from Clinton’s ousted team, including Huma Abedin, to incumbent leaders of the FBI.
“This was potentially one of the largest breaches of security in the history of the State Department,” he said. “It cannot and should never be repeated again. How is it that so much information was able to migrate out into the world? These are still open questions that we need to finish up so that they don’t happen again.“

Appetite for justice 
Washington Examiner reports that Chaffetz wants to review the security clearances of Clinton aides who helped manage the “extremely careless” email process described by FBI Director James Comey. Chaffetz said he is inclined to hold Bryan Pagliano, a key Clinton IT aide, in contempt of Congress for flouting subpoenas last year. You can’t just get a subpoena from Congress to testify and not show up,” he said.
The Utah Republican wants to target more senior officials, such as State Department Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy, in light of FBI suggestions that he tried to set up a “quid pro quo” with the FBIto suppress revelations that Clinton’s email server held classified information.
FBI leadership could also be a live target of the review, as Republicans are troubled that Va. Gov Terry McAuliffe, a longtime ally of the Clintons, made campaign donations to the wife of Andrew McCabe, the agency’s second-in-command.I’m very concerned about the straight-up conflict of interest that Mr. McCabe had,” Chaffetz said. “That’s something we’ll continue to spend resources on.” 

“Lock her up”
Trump regularly led “lock her up” chants on the campaign trail, but Chaffetz hinted that the collaboration might not be as automatic as the party registration of Trump and the lawmakers might suggest. “It depends how cooperative the administration is going to be. We’re going to work with [White House General Counsel Don] McGahn and [incoming] Attorney General Sessions and others to see what sort of documents and what sort of access we’re going to be allowed.“
Even if the White House does sign off, Chaffetz suggested that lower level State Department officials might hamper the probe.We’re still dealing with the massive bureaucracy; changing the secretary of state doesn’t necessarily change the whole bureaucracy,” Chaffetz said. “I don’t want this to linger, but the reason we’re still talking about it now is because stuff that we’ve been asking for since 2010 still hasn’t arrived.”
Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand

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NavyJack – Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day

Join Oath Keepers

NavyJack – Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day

In previous articles I have reviewed the planned activities of the ANSWER Coalition, #DisruptJ20 and the ANTIFA during the week leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. In this article we will review a new and even more dangerous organization, Refuse Fascism, which has stated their intent to stop the inauguration and prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.


On the surface this stated goal may seem unclear, but when you review their action plan you find the following:
“It is true that the current widespread opposition to this fascist regime could end up becoming deeply disoriented, demoralized, and decimated through repression. But it is also true that the current angst and outrage could be transformed, in a very short, telescoped period of time, into resistance which reaches such massive proportions, and is characterized by such a depth of determination, that it actually creates a ‘crisis of rule,’ and prevents the Trump/Pence fascist regime from consolidating its hold on the governance of society.”

“And this must be done before this regime officially takes power, isolates and crushes opposition, and moves forcefully to implement its fascist program.  The aim must be nothing less than to create such a profound political crisis before the intended inauguration (January 20, 2017) that the fascist regime is actually not able to take the reins of government.”
This organization is clearly promoting treason against the people and the Constitution of United States of America. Our Operation HYPO team has penetrated this organization, attended their meetings and communicated with their leadership. Their intent is to create a crisis in Washington, D.C. before January 20, 2017. The crisis will manifest thru sustained protests starting on January 14, reaching a crescendo not later than January 19 with supporting “direct” actions including blocking roads, vandalism, and stopping Metro subway service starting on January 17. The following is an example of the scenario they envision:

“As 2011 dawned, President Hosni Mubarak had ruled Egypt for decades and seemed to be immovably implanted in power.  But Mubarak was forced to leave office and actually arrested after being confronted by massive demonstrations that braved very severe repression, focused in the main square in Cairo, along with opposition from all sectors of society manifesting in different ways.  From the time of the first demonstrations to the removal of Mubarak took less than a month.”

Refuse Fascism is promoting riots as a method to achieve their stated goals, suggesting the need for much larger events than the massively destructive and deadly riots that occurred in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD.

“These protests could be something with the character of the protests against police murder over the past few years… but larger by several orders of magnitude and even more determined.  Such protests would have to have the effect of figuratively ‘stopping society in its tracks’…”
Clearly this organization has crossed the line and its leadership should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit treason, conspiracy to incite violence and other charges as appropriate. If the Obama Justice Department and the FBI does not immediately move to halt their schemes, we will know that they are complicit. One of the demands of this organization will be to stop the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States and hold new elections.  We also know that in the past week, the DHS has made the unprecedented move to inject Federal oversight of the election systems. While these items could be a coincidence, it is certainly suspicious timing with President Obama having less than 10 days remaining in office. 

The key element of the Refuse Fascism argument for new elections is the CIA sponsored propaganda related to Russian interference in the U.S. Presidential Election. This “fake news” appears to be integrally connected with their overthrow plot and could indicate some level of cooperation. The level of deception contained in the most recent two reports alleging Russian interference in the election is quite remarkable. I suggest the following article from ZeroHedge is a responsible overview of the issues.
The Refuse Fascism leadership is the “who’s who” of Communist and Islamic Revolutionaries, including:
They have also received significant support and endorsement from members of the media and entertainment industry, including:

  • Marc Lamont Hill, CNN
  • Ed Asner, actor
  • Rosie O’Donnell, comedian, actor
  • Margaret Cho, comedian, actor
The organization is “a project of Alliance for Global Justice”. The Alliance for Global Justice was founded in February 1979 when solidarity activists formed the Nicaragua Network.
“The Nicaragua Network was the leading Nicaragua solidarity organization in the 1980s after the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution over the US-backed Somoza dictatorship. Tens of thousands of current and former activists throughout the progressive movement cut their activist teeth on coffee or cotton picking brigades to Nicaragua or by building schools, health clinics and houses in Nicaragua and witnessing directly the consequences of US imperialism, but also the courage of ordinary people who were fighting back.”

“Sandinistas always told the Nicaragua Network, “What you can do to most help us is to change your own government.”  We took that instruction to heart in 1990 when the Sandinistas lost an election due to overwhelming US interference and funding as well as the Nicaraguan peoples’ exhaustion from nine years of the US-sponsored Contra terrorist war.”

The Alliance for Global Justice receives funding from a number of left-wing philanthropies, including George Soros‘s Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation.
All information that our Operation Hypo team has collected, including video, audio, planning documents and personnel rosters will be delivered to the DC Metropolitan Police Department and other authorities as appropriate.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sorry Progressives the Bill of Rights applies to all not just y'all


The time has come to set the record straight...The GOP ,Conservatives and yes even the Libertarians are fighting the fight against the looney left progressives all wrong [Fight Fire with Fire using the law against them] soon as they call you racist y'all curl up in a ball and raise the proverbial white flag of defeat! All you have to do to set the record straight is fight back using history and facts and shove it down their proverbial throats like they have been doing to you for decades using mis-information and facts deleted!  

The First 10 amendments as these always seem to be attacked the most:

This latest fiasco going on in congress with the Black Caucus ...hanging a picture in the halls of congress [a Government Building] depicting police officers as pigs shooting po' Black Folks (BLM) ?...and claiming the 1st Amendment right to do so..using the same against them "It offends me" hello fair is fair yes? Better yet just apply the laws fairly to all not just a select group of loud mouths without facts to back up their claims and rights!

Alrighty then...does this not also apply to Alabama and their freedom of speech rights re: the Confederate Flag, the 10 Commandments, the celebration of Christmas with Nativity Scenes in government as well as public places also? Indeed it does and the ACLU (Anti_Christ_Legions_Unleashed ) can stuff it and suck on the law as it applies to all! 

I was going to go on and on about this however sometimes it is better to keep it short and sweet to the point...easy to digest without boring the reader to death... "life is short keep it short" is my motto ha:

As for Social Media especially FaceBook and Twitter knock the crap off everyone is covered under the 1st Amendment! 

Trump Moving Forward With US Embassy Move in Israel Despite Warnings

Image: Trump Moving Forward With US Embassy Move in Israel Despite Warnings
by: Joe Crowe  

President-elect Donald Trump's team is moving ahead with plans to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel out of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, although diplomats and officials are ramping up warnings against the move.
CNN reported speculation in Israel is the U.S. will announce the move May 24, a national holiday in that country. Earlier this month, President Barack Obama renewed a waiver that blocks the move for six months.
Allies have said moving the embassy could ramp up violence.
"It's very dangerous," one European diplomat told CNN. "Chances for the peace process are going very quickly — it's now or never. Violence is always a concern and, at this point, it's probably easy for Palestinians to demonstrate their frustration."
He added the move could also damage the U.S. standing in the peace process.
"If the U.S. changes its policy so dramatically, then it's very easy for others to dismiss their role and leadership in the peace process by saying, 'Well, now the Americans are so closely aligned with Israel, it's hard for us to take them as brokers.'"

The diplomat wants to wait on moving the embassy until a peace deal is in place.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wrote to Trump saying he opposed the move, and has also written letters to the leaders of Russia, China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Arab League.
Al-Jazeera reported, in the letter, Abbas told Trump the move would have a "disastrous impact on the peace process, on the two-state solution and on the stability and security of the entire region."
CNN reported, in a recent speech, Abbas said, "Any statement or position that disrupts or changes the status of Jerusalem is a red line which we will not accept."
Secretary of State John Kerry also opposed the move, saying, "You'd have an explosion — an absolute explosion in the region, not just in the West Bank and perhaps even in Israel itself, but throughout the region."
Another European diplomat told CNN the location of the move is an issue.
"If it's moved into East Jerusalem, the Palestinians would certainly view it as a provocative move," the diplomat said.
Diplomats are hoping the Trump administration backs away from the relocation once the new president sees the realities of the situation when he takes office, CNN reported.

Last week, three prominent Republican senators introduced a bill that would force the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio called Jerusalem "the eternal capital" of Israel and said "it is finally time to cut through the double-speak and broken promises and do what Congress said we should do in 1995, formally move our embassy to the capital of our great ally Israel."

© 2017 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Palestinians Threaten President-Elect Trump with Holy War If Embassy Moved To Jerusalem


Presidential Candidates since Bill Clinton have promised to move the United States embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, but not one has followed kept the promise once they took office.  All indications are that when he moves into the White House, Donald Trump will keep his promise and move the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem. But the “moderate peace partners” of the Palestinian Authority are threatening Trump that they will react with violence if the U.S. Embassy is moved to Israel’s capital. The question is will their threats stop Trump from making the move?
The Palestinian Authority’s supreme Sharia judge and President Abbas’ advisor on religious affairs, Mahmoud Al-Habbash declared on during Friday prayers that a move of the embassy would be considered “a declaration of war” on all Muslims.  His sermon was broadcast live on Palestinian TV with PA President Abbas in the audience.

According to the translation published by Palestinian Media Watch, Al-Habbash said moving the embassy to Jerusalem “harms” Muslim faith, and then threatened: ”
“The new American administration intends to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem. In a simple, calm, and rational manner, in clear words that need no explanation and which are unambiguous: Such a step, for every Muslim, is a declaration of war on all Muslims. It’s a declaration of war on all Muslims. We are no one’s enemies, and we do not want to be. We are not enemies of the US and we do not want to be. However, when something harms our faith and our existence, we cannot stand by and do nothing. We will not agree to this under any circumstances. This will not pass in silence… The entire Muslim world will not accept it, and the entire Christian world will not accept it. Occupied Jerusalem is our eternal capital, the capital of our existence and the capital of our state. In politics there can be compromises here and there… In politics there can be negotiation. However, in matters of religion, faith, values, ethics, and history, there can be no compromises. Therefore, it isn’t possible to compromise on or negotiate over Jerusalem. This of course does not mean that we will prevent anyone from considering Jerusalem their direction of prayer. Our Jerusalem will remain open to all believers as it has been. Open to all of the monotheists.”
From the sound of it Al-Habbash isn’t a big believer in the Qur’an which refers to the existence of both temples in verse 17:7. In this passage, the Qur’an deals with God’s punishment of the Children of Israel for their transgressions:
(We permitted your enemies)
To disfigure your faces,
And to enter your Temple
As they had entered it before,
And to visit with destruction
All that fell into their power.

The word translated as “Temple” by Abdullah Yusuf Ali (and by the influential translator Marmaduke Pickthall before him) is masjid. This word, which is usually translated as mosque, has the meaning of a sanctuary wherever it appears in a pre-Islamic context. The usual Muslim exegesis of this verse (including that of Abdullah Yusuf Ali) holds that it refers to the destruction of the First and Second Temples.
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Speculation of Civil War over Brexit Leaves Open the Question of ‘How?’

Join Oath Keepers


“Will there be civil war if Brexit isn’t delivered?” the UK’s SKY News asks in a Monday Sky Views piece. Senior News Correspondent Michelle Clifford decided to do a human interest story on sentiments in at a fish and chips restaurant in Burnley, a “Lancashire town, where 67% of residents voted to leave the EU.”
“Oh, there’ll be mass riots. There’ll be hysteria,” proprietor Liz Pugh told Clifford. “There could even be a civil war.”
Of course this is pretty much hyperbole, speculation put together by Sky News because stoking emotions draws in readers.

No doubt feelings are intense, and no doubt the UK’s overwhelmingly Eurocentric leadership — and a substantial percentage of the citizenry (subjectry?) — have upped the odds of kingdom-wide uprisings. But chances are acts of insurrection won’t originate from hard-working people being squeezed out of their ancestral homeland. It will more likely initiate from within the foreign replacement population being brought in and embedded by globalists intent on erasing national borders.
When it does, the questions for people like Ms. Pugh would be “How will you resist?” and “With what?”
Because aside from some tightly-controlled “sporting arms,” your average Brit is essentially defenseless.
Per, a project of the Sydney School of Public Health (that partners with globalist gun-grabbers, but nonetheless has a good database of disarmament laws from around the world), “The regulation of guns in the United Kingdom is categorised as restrictive.”
That’s an understatement. Here’s the gist of it:

So bottom line, the people are dependent on the same government selling them out to protect them from threats to sovereignty and freedom, and if that government instead partners with enemies foreign and domestic against them, they don’t have the means to force an alternative outcome.
Every few years I ask readers a question based on an old WWII ad that asked readers to “Send a gun to defend a British home.” Overwhelmingly, the answer is not only “No,” but an emphatic “Hell no!” followed by the correct observation that they’ve squandered the freedom Americans died to secure for them and brought their sorry state upon themselves.
This time around let me add a follow-on question to those not feeling enough sympathy to help out:
Would UK patriots fighting to ensure sovereignty against Eurocrats and globalists change your mind?

Amazon is Put on the ‘Dirty Dozen List’ for Selling Pornographic Material

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation released a press release exposing the mega-retailing company Amazon, which was listed on its Dirty Dozen list of mainstream companies that facilitate sexual exploitation. The press release NCOSE references an incident in which a little boy asks Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant Alexa to play a song, and instead Alexa starts spouting pornographic phrases.
“This Alexa scandal reveals what the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has already documented—Amazon is reckless about exposing the public to pornography and sexually exploitive materials,” said Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “While I’m grateful that Amazon quickly resolved this particular problem and apologized to the affected family, it is not enough. Amazon must adopt a proactive approach to pornography and sexual exploitative materials across its business platforms.” 

Hawkins continued by explaining that Amazon’s sexual exploitation runs much deeper, stating, “ features thousands of pornography-related items and has so far refused to remove sex dolls (many with childlike features), eroticized child nudity photography books, and other pornified items including T-shirts, baby clothes, and pillowcases, as well as hardcore pornographic films from its website,” Hawkins continued. “Further, Amazon Prime is producing original television programming with highly sexualized content, and does not provide a means for blocking unwanted recommendations of sexually explicit programs.”
The statement from NCOSE finishes by calling Amazon to adopt protective “It is clear that the pervading business culture at Amazon continues to cater to pornographic interests that are harmful to not only minors but adults as well. It is time for Amazon to accept its corporate responsibility to adopt and rigorously enforce standards that seek to foster a world free sexual exploitation.”

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn Were Not Feeling Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trump Hate Speech

Meryl Streep Photos Photos - Flowers Are Delivered To Carrie Fisher's ...

As seen first by Mediate: Yep. Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson, who worked together on the war film Hacksaw Ridge, didn’t look thrilled with what Streep was saying.
We already noted the reaction on Twitter to legendary actress Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech in which she defended Hollywood, the press, foreigners all while taking aim at President-elect Donald Trump. And, as we noticed, conservatives were none too pleased with Meryl’s words.

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn Weren’t Feeling Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trump Golden Globes Speech | Mediaite

Why Did DNC Force FBI To Use A Report They Paid For In Hacking Investigation?

by Jeff Dunetz 
On Wednesday, the DNC tried to throw the FBI under the bus by saying that neither the FBI nor any other intelligence agency ever did an independent assessment of the organization’s breached servers. Instead, they alleged, the FBI relied exclusively on information from private digital forensics company Crowdstrike. While essentially true, the Democratic Party left out one very important piece of information…the DNC wouldn’t allow the FBI to look a their servers for the hacking investigation, instead forced them to use the Crowdstrike report paid for by the Party.
Eric Walker, the DNC’s deputy communications director told Buzzfeed:

“The DNC had several meetings with representatives of the FBI’s Cyber Division and its Washington (DC) Field Office, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, and U.S. Attorney’s Offices, and it responded to a variety of requests for cooperation, but the FBI never requested access to the DNC’s computer servers.”
But  a senior FBI law enforcement official told Wired,

“The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated.”
The FBI agreed that it relied on data from Crow…
Read the rest of the story at Jeff Dunetz’s blog The Lid

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Did you forget? Obama’s 5 biggest scandals    obama

President Barack Obama’s longtime adviser Valerie Jarrett made an embarrassing and flat-out false statement to CNN Sunday when she claimed, “The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal.”
Do people actually believe this garbage?
Since the Obama administration seems to have forgotten the last eight years of a scandal, The Horn News is here to help.
Here are five of Obama’s biggest, most infamous scandals from his presidency.

#1 – Fast and Furious
One of Obama’s first scandals was a failed attempt to track Mexican drug cartels. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (AFT) participated in a “gunrunning” operation in which they allowed guns to be sold to Mexican drug cartels with the goal of recovering them at crime scenes.
The Obama administration failed miserably when they lost track of an estimated 2,000 weapons after they crossed the border.
In other words, Obama armed the Mexican drug cartels with no benefit to America whatsoever.

#2 – IRS targeting conservative groups
In 2013, the Internal Revenue Service revealed that conservative political groups applying for tax-exempt status were subject to intense scrutiny solely based on their political affiliation. It became apparent that groups were targeted if their names included words like, “tea party”, “patriot”, “constitution”, and “liberty”.
While the IRS blamed it on low-level employees, they deferred releasing a list of the specific targeted organizations until 2016 when they were accused of avoiding the release.
Upon release, a judge ruled the allegations were substantial, and the IRS would take four-times longer to process tea-party applications.
A pretty big scandal Jarrett seems to be ignoring.

#3 – Benghazi
Benghazi is one of the biggest scandals of Obama’s presidency that contributed to the Democratic Party’s loss in the 2016 election. On September 11th, 2012, four Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya, and what followed was a slew of lies. The Obama administration claimed that an anti-Muslim YouTube video caused protests resulting in the attack, when in reality there was no protest that night.
The administration repeated these claims again and again, continuously lying to the American people.
When then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was questioned about the event, she claimed she never saw a message from the late Ambassador warning that they could not defend themselves against a “coordinated attack.” Had Clinton done her job properly, the lives of those American heroes could’ve been spared.

#4 – “Keep your doctor” Obamacare
Obama touts the Affordable Care Act as one of his greatest accomplishments, but it has been an utter failure since its inception. He famously promised, “You can keep your doctor” — which has been proven to be a lie.
Premiums have been consistently spiking year after year, make the Affordable Care Act not so affordable. All of the wonderful aspects that Obama promised turned out to be lies, making Obamacare one of his biggest scandals.

#5 – VA death list
One of the worst mistakes of the Obama administration resulted in the death of thousands of our nation’s heroes. After veterans risked their lives to protect American freedom, they faced insane wait times to receive care promised to them by the Veterans Administration.
A VA inspector general’s report revealed that 800,000 records were left sitting in the agency’s system for enrollment, 307,000 of which belonged to veterans who died while waiting to be processed.
One veteran who passed away waited to be processed for an astounding 14 years! Obama’s lack of care for veterans will go down in history as one of the biggest, most costly scandal of Obama’s administration.

What was Obama’s biggest scandal?

Share YOUR opinion, comment below!

You will punch a wall when you see how much land Obama snatched from Americans


oped: This is clearly in violation of the US Constitution, which states that in order for the central government to own land outside its 10 square miles in DC, it must obtain the land from state legislatures and that land must be used "for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings" (Article I, Section 8, Clause 17). None of that is taking place concerning this issue.
Some of the patriots who stood in both Nevada and Oregon are already looking to make a similar stand again regarding this latest land grab. 
See more:

Using a 1906 law intended to keep looters away from Indian graves, Barack Obama has seized over 553,0000,000 acres of United States territory and declared it federal property.The area of the United States quietly seized by Obama under the Antiquities Act is equal to that of 27 of the 50 states.
Under the Antiquities Act, the President can declare land a “national monument” if he deems it culturally significant. The law was passed 111 years ago as a way of protecting Indian graves from looters.
But it didn’t take long for presidents to begin using the law to seize millions of acres of land that has nothing to do with Indian burials.
Because of its loose wording, it gave the President the power to snatch up as much land as he wants, for whatever reason he wants.
And under presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, millions of acres of the United States have been declared “national monuments” only to stop Americans from creating jobs through mining, energy exploration and timber harvesting.

The Antiquities Act has become a blank check to shut down businesses and fire workers.
But that blank check may be about to be ripped up.
Buoyed by the election of President Donald Trump, congressional Republicans may introduce legislation to repeal the Act.
“You know I understand why Teddy Roosevelt had this in place and it seems to me that recently presidents have gone way beyond the original intent,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) tells Talking Points Memo. “At some point you you say ‘enough’ and I’m at that point right now.”
It is unknown whether Trump would support repeal. Despite a general skepticism of government, Trump has voiced opposition to reducing the federal government’s control over public lands.
Patriots plan to bombard the White House with phone calls and letters urging Trump to repeal the Antiquities Act.