Saturday, January 14, 2017

Attn: Speaker Ryan~ Mitch McConnell let me help you on the ObamaCare issue

A U.S. Forest Service hotshot uses a drip torch to light a backfire. A drip torch dribbles and ignites fuel (usually either diesel or stove oil) at the pull of a trigger.       

First and foremost...a little analogy is in order...when fighting a forest fire one does not attack it with a squirt gun...a firefighter sets a back fire to control...using all the tools one has at his/her's this case "common sense" yes I realize common *sense* is a oxymoron and is lacking in congress along with a definite lack of cajones' to get the job done...let me help you out...reach down and grab your crotch then briskly give a quick jerk upward to realign and reset your God given manhood.

The ACA aka ObamaCare bill was a disaster from day one 2600 pages of regulations and taxes that has done zip zero to help people with affordable health care...all it did was pad the personal financial portfolios of those who wrote and supported it.

Now those same people are on a rampage demanding y'all show your replacement plan to this disaster before you repeal it...ah ha here let me help you out...just repeal the damn thing already and say to them quoting Nancy Pelosi...: "we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it "  thats how to fight a forest fire by starting a back fire...squirt guns will never work you get my drift?  Need I really say more?

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