Saturday, September 2, 2017

JUSTICE WINS: New FBI Director Just Made Every Antifa A Criminal With Just Two Words

Domestic Terrorists!

Special Message from 1LT Clint Lorance

Attn: POTUS Donald J Trump...once again:

Patriot we received another letter from 1LT Clint Lorance that I wanted to share with you right away: Many people have written recently to express their apologies on behalf of our country. Well, don't be sorry. I want you all to remember that I volunteered to join the World's Greatest Army to seek and destroy evil forces in the world—to fix problems that others won't. And being a Soldier is something that is in my blood. You see, it's not a job, it's a way of life. And the rewards of a Soldier's life are few and far between, but they do exist. 

For me it was going into a country that has been at war for most of its people's lifetimes. As an American Soldier walking down the streets, you can't help but look at these people and ask "my God what can we possibly do to help these people?" It all seems so impossible, and a feeling of dread comes over you. You look into the eyes of the children, their mother hunched down beside them, their faces are dirty and their hair is disheveled. You look into their eyes and see a lifetime of agony.

Then the mother points at the American soldiers and whispers into her son's ear, with hope in her voice, as she points, you wonder if it's your cyborg appearance that she's looking at. But then you realize that she's pointing to the only thing that is not camouflaged on your uniform: the American flag. 

Among the shades of drab and brown and sandy desert, the brightly colored Old Glory stands out as a lighthouse would on a dark and stormy night. A tear rolls down the mother's face as she whispers "it's okay son, the Americans are here now." And at that moment, an American Soldier has experienced one of the very few rewards in a Soldier's life. Being a part of something that keeps the lighthouse on for the world is more of a reward than any other kind. It's the most honorable thing a young American can do with their life. 

And so I ask you all to stand firm, do not be discouraged for my being in prison, and keep your eyes on the horizon. This is just one more mission that I must endure as a Soldier, and I will do so with my eyes open and my head high. Knowing that all of you are fighting alongside me gives me great strength, and it's something my family and I will never forget. We will win this fight, for the evils of a broken military justice system must be overcome. 

I encourage you all to treat one another as family. Introduce yourselves to one another on social media, build a brotherly and sisterly bond, united in a common cause. For this is not about Clint Lorance, it is about the generations of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen who deserve the very best system of military justice we can give them. Our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who will grow up to join the World's Greatest Military deserve to know that we have their backs, and we won't give up on them, even if the politically correct brass do.

May God bless you all, and may He keep our Great Republic strong. I know our best days truly do lie ahead. We will make sure of it! 

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Clint A. Lorance

To think this brave young man is locked away in a prison cell while you and I spend Labor Day weekend with our loved ones – enjoying one last cookout and the start of football season – breaks my heart.
 No matter what your plans are, I hope you'll say a special prayer for Clint this weekend.

Semper fi,
Major Bill Donahue
Stand with Clint

Friday, September 1, 2017

Obama Recommends People Help Hurricane Victims By Donating To Scandal-Ridden Charity
"Here's one way you can help now...." 


Thank you to all the first responders and people helping each other out. That's what we do as Americans. Here's one way you can help now. 

Meanwhile, a 2015 investigation by ProPublica revealed that though the Red Cross claimed to have built 130,000 homes in Haiti with the half a billion dollars it raised, the humanitarian organization only built six.
“Confidential memos, emails from worried top officers, and accounts of a dozen frustrated and disappointed insiders show the charity has broken promises, squandered donations, and made dubious claims of success,” ProPublica reported.
The Red Cross also reportedly mishandled its response to the 2015 California wildfires, “showing up unequipped and unprepared, shutting down other volunteer operations, and then failing to provide promised food or shelter on its own,” according to Slate.

Similar mishaps were reported to have occurred after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.
During an appearance Wednesday on NPR’s Morning Edition, Red Cross executive Brad Kieserman only added to the concerns by refusing to specify what percentage of each dollar donated to the organization goes to relief efforts.
“Yeah, I don’t think I know the answer to that any better than the chief fundraiser knows how many, how much it costs to put a volunteer downrange for a week and how many emergency response vehicles I have on the road today,” he told host Ailsa Chang.

When pressed by Chang about reports Red Cross spent only 25 percent of donated funds during the Haiti crisis, Kieserman continued to deflect, claiming he lacks “visibility” vis-à-vis the organization’s finances.

Some have suggested it would be better to donate to churches and local charities.

Dan Gillmor @dangillmor
Before you send money to the Red Cross (my advice: don't) re Texas read ProPublica's advice on disaster charity. 
People looking to donate should “(t)ake the time to read up on” the group and “demand meaningful transparency,” ProPublica said.
“(I)f you’re willing to put in a bit of time, you can be a more informed donor and increase the chances that your money will reach those in need.”
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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has resigned

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke resigned Thursday, TODAY'S TMJ4 has learned.
Milwaukee County Clerk George L. Christenson confirmed the news Thursday afternoon. His letter of resignation was received at 3:16 p.m. You can read his resignation letter here. 
Read more:

Watch: Kim’s Elite Troops Not So Tough After Getting New Soundtrack


If Kim Jong Un weren’t firing off missiles as if rocket-powered projectiles were going out of style, both he and his North Korean military would actually be quite the farcical sight. After all, what could be more funny than a rotund, sybaritic child dictator who apparently uses the same tailor as Benny Hinn, along with his starving, goose-stepping army? If it weren’t for the constant threats, it would actually be quite funny.
We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed the comic aspects of Pyongyang. Even John McCain got in on it, calling Kim a “crazy fat kid” during an appearance on MSNBC. And now, some of the fine people of the internet have gotten in on it.
In a video posted to YouTube in May, the a video showcased some of Kim’s high-stepping elite troops parading through the streets of
North Korea’s low-rent version of PanemPyongyang. The author made one slight change to the footage, however: they soundtracked it with the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.”

And yes, it’s every bit as glorious as you might imagine. Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a brutal dictator in the Juche mold, you’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive:
Now, as we know, North Korean leaders are known for their incredible feats of reality-bending skill. For instance, we’ve all heard that Kim Jong Il shot a 38-under-par round of golf with 11 holes in one. Kim Jong Un is no different, and that extends to the lyrics to “Stayin’ Alive.”
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For instance, we all know that the brothers Gibb are ladies’ men with no time to talk. However, Kim Jong Un is such a ladies’ man that he actually has negative time to talk. His abilities as a womanizer are so amazing that he actually goes back in time. 

However, much like the ginseng-based drug that Kim Jong Un’s regime claims to have developed which cures HIV/AIDS, cancer and ebola, such a time-bending effect is only available in North Korea. More’s the pity.
Also in “Stayin’ Alive,” the Gibbs say that they get low and they get high. Kim, on the other hand, only gets high. That probably has something to do with the two bottles of Cristal champagne he reportedly consumes at his meals.
Don’t worry, though, fair goose-stepping denizens of the DPRK armed forces: if money for the bubbly runs low, he can always cut back on your rations. He’ll never go hungry. As for yourselves, have fun, uh, stayin’ alive.
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‘Swamp’ Tactics Playing Heavily In Alabama Senate Race

"...a desperate attempt to hold on to his political appointment at all costs..." 


Sen. Luther Strange, R-Ala., picked up on a line of attack against Judge Roy Moore on Tuesday that a super PAC affiliated with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., launched earlier this month in a half-million dollar attack ad campaign.
In a Tuesday press release entitled, “Luther Strange Lays Out Alabama’s Clear Choice,” the Strange campaign charged Moore with being a career politician who “has made a career out of profiting off of public service and sticking tax payers with the bill.”
“Roy Moore, who has spent 40 years putting himself and his ambition ahead of Alabamians,” the Strange campaign said. The release also contended that Strange will be a vital ally to President Donald Trump in draining the “swamp.”

Trump has endorsed Strange, but has appeared to take a step back from engaging in the race.
As reported by Western Journalism, the Senate Leadership Fund also accused Moore of being greedy. It claimed that because Moore was unsatisfied with his high-paying job as the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court chief justice, he and his wife “took” a million dollars from a charity Moore had started.
Birmingham NBC affiliate WVTM fact-checked the ad and found it to be false. 

The Moore campaign told Western Journalism that Roy Moore was paid just over $530,000 over an eight-year stint as director of The Foundation for Moral Law, an average of about $67,000 per year.
Additionally, Roy Moore did not receive a salary from the foundation while serving as Alabama’s supreme court chief justice, but only from 2005 to 2012, when he was not on the bench.
After Moore returned to the bench for his second stint as chief justice, his wife, Kayla, began working for the foundation, and received a salary of $65,000 in 2013.

The foundation is not a charity, but rather a non-profit corporation, which engages in litigation in defense of religious liberty and public education in the relationship between God and government.

The Moore campaign countered Strange’s release with one of its own. Moore’s release refused to apologize for his public service, which includes being a West Point graduate, Vietnam War veteran, county prosecutor and judge, as well as chief justice.
The release noted, “When not in public service, Roy Moore has been a small-time rancher and the President of a legal foundation that battled liberal groups like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center — Luther Strange was swimming in the swamp as a Washington lobbyist.”
“Roy Moore is a crusader who sacrificed two political jobs because he would not compromise his principles — Luther Strange betrayed his principles and let his greed get to him,” the campaign added. “He wanted to be a senator so badly he sacrificed his integrity by taking a Senate appointment from disgraced Gov. Robert Bentley, a man he was supposed to be investigating for criminal acts.” 

“Honestly, this (attack by Strange) just reeks of a desperate attempt to hold on to his political appointment at all costs,” the Moore campaign said.
Bentley was forced to resign two months after appointing Strange in February, as he was under threat of impeachment for allegedly using state funds to cover up a sex scandal.
Strange sought the appointment while serving as Alabama’s attorney general, despite his office investigating Bentley for criminal conduct at the time.
Just weeks before seeking the Senate seat late last year, Strange asked the Alabama House Judiciary Committee to suspend its impeachment inquiry of Bentley, saying it would interfere with his investigation.

A Harper Polling survey released this week showed Moore with a narrow lead over Strange: 47 to 45 percent.
But two other polls released earlier this month following the Aug. 15 primary both found Moore with an 18-point lead, carrying about 50 percent support to Strange’s 32 percent. One of the polls, put out by JMC Analytics, nearly predicted the correct spread on primary election day.
Breitbart reported the Senate Leadership Fund has secured $2.3 million in advertising space to run between now and the Sept. 26 runoff, but whether that ad money will play a decisive role is not clear.
“An analysis showed Strange and his allies spent $30.24 per vote on advertising, while Moore spent only $1.77 per vote,” Breitbart reported, referring to the Republican primary, in which Moore garnered 39 percent support, compared to Strange’s 33 percent.

Alabama conservative political commentator Quin Hillyer predicted Strange and his allies will run a “harshly negatively and deceitful campaign.”
“The attacks from the Senate Leadership Fund against Roy Moore are so out of context as to amount to a vile and vicious smear,” he told Western Journalism, referring to the “Wanted More” attack ad run during the primary.
On primary election night, Moore made a similar prediction as Hillyer, saying, “Let me warn you about what is about to happen and the news media had better beware: They are going to present the most negative campaign ads in the history of Alabama.”

The SLF spent $4.2 million during the primary election cycle, at least $2.5 million of which went to attack ads against Congressman Mo Brooks and Moore.
SLF director and former McConnell chief of staff Steven Law has pledged to spend up to $10 million to seek to elect Strange.
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BOOM! Air Force Veteran Tears Into Paul Ryan For Defending Violent Antifa

oped: Indeed Paul Ryan needs to go like last year:


Is the tide turning? An Air Force veteran hopes such is the case, but wants to make sure Speaker Paul Ryan knows that his support of the group will not be soon forgotten.
From The Gateway Pundit 

"Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars reports:
Two days after the violence in Charlottesville, Ryan posted a Facebook update in which he lashed out at Donald Trump for saying that both sides were responsible for violent unrest.
“There are no sides,” wrote Ryan. “There is no other argument. We will not tolerate this hateful ideology in our society.”
Ryan has failed to condemn Antifa despite the group’s many violent attacks on Trump supporters, the vast majority of whom are not neo-nazis or white supremacists.
An anonymous Air Force veteran has responded with a powerful letter which warned Ryan that Trump supporters were perfectly willing to vote him out of office.

“After all the times you’ve seen Antifa attack people who were peacefully demonstrating, how can you call them anything but what they are – domestic terrorists?” asked the vet.
“This weekend in Berkeley is a classic example of the MANY times Antifa has attacked conservatives. Why do you legitimize domestic terrorism by not calling it what it is?” the letter continues.
Someone all too familiar with Antifa’s violent conduct is Joey Gibson, the organizer of the Patriot Prayer Group. The organization describes itself as an activist group that uses the power of love and prayer to fight the corruption both in the government and citizen levels that seek to gain power through division and deception.

On Sunday, a few members of the Patriot Prayer Group went to Berkeley, California where they were greeted by hundreds of Alt-left Antifa protesters.
Joey, who is Japanese-American, was chased, beaten, pushed, punched and beaten by the far left mob.

Black man chased, pepper-sprayed & attacked by masked whites. @MittRomney, @marcorubio & @SpeakerRyan side with the white mob. 
"The Alt-Left Antifa thugs chased, pepper-sprayed and beat Joey Gibson.
Then he was arrested after he ran to the police… for protection!"

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

NASA’s Yellowstone Plans Leaked… Have Nothing to Do With Space


NASA is generally known for adventures that take place far away from the the planet, but one of the agency’s latest endeavors includes a project in Yellowstone National Park.
The project involves the Yellowstone Caldera, a super volcano that could cause an enormous amount of damage to the planet should it erupt.
The Yellowstone Caldera last erupted some 70,000 years ago and NASA wants to eliminate any threat that could come from another explosion, The Science Times reported.

While the Caldera is not expected to occur any time soon, Brian Wilcox from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory told the BBC that an explosion would be a greater threat to life on earth than any asteroid. An ash cloud could cover up to 800 kilometers of the surrounding area of the Yellowstone, according to the Times.
Dust and soot from the explosion could reach as far as Chicago, and the eruption could also emit a large amount of gas, including sulfur dioxide.
All of that might be perfectly natural, but none of that is good news for the human inhabitants of Earth, of course.

Now, NASA scientists are hatching a plan that might prevent an eruption — but it’s raising concerns all by itself. 

Their plans include cooling down the magma that lies beneath the surface of the earth. Since drilling a hole directly into the earth’s surface could set off an the exact kind of explosion that scientists are looking to avoid, drilling into the hot water below and around of the magma chamber seems like a better option.
Scientists could inject cooler water into the hot water and essentially cool it off, preventing the volcano’s magma from reaching a temperature which would cause an eruption.
Well, OK. But considering that nobody expects a Caldera eruption in the next century or so, and considering that the plan has an obscenely expensive price tag of $3.5 billion now (and as a government project, would likely end up costing 10 times that), it might be a good idea to hold off.

After eight years of Barack Obama in the White House, the agency has deviated too far from its original mission, whether it’s hyping the liberal boogeyman of “climate change” or trying to make modern Muslim countries “feel good” about themselves.
Thankfully, President Donald Trump has already started reining in the agency from its global warming goose chase. And he’s made it clear he wants NASA to concentrate on space projects — like it was intended to.
If this volcano really is a problem that needs to be solved, there are plenty of agencies that could take the lead.
H/T The New York Post
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Fake Picture of Obama “Helping” Flood Victims Goes Viral

Ah, fake news. For two weeks after the election, it became a convenient patsy for why Hillary Clinton lost the election. Since then, it’s become a convenient term for all of the media-perpetrated falsehoods that liberals swallow whole.
Not all of those falsehoods come through the mainstream media, though. Some come through social media — like a viral Obama pic that melted the internet in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
One problem: it wasn’t from Harvey.

According to CNN (blowing the whistle on fake news for a change), the pic began making the rounds on Twitter Saturday shortly after the storm made landfall. “Something you’ll never see Trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!” the text of the tweet read.
The pic actually dates back to 2015, when President Obama was doing the typical presidential thing and serving Thanksgiving meals. Given that Trump hasn’t been president on Thanksgiving yet, it wasn’t something he’s even had a chance to do — and it certainly wasn’t from Hurricane Harvey.

The original tweet has now been deleted, according to CNN. Nevertheless, since it received about 8,000 retweets and 15,000 “likes” after it first went out, it was obvious that libs had fallen for the fake news. It was even looked into by Obama’s favorite fact checkers over at Snopes, who noted the photo was “miscaptioned.”

The original poster was called out on the error. “Sorry for people thinking this was in texas (he was there) but this is from 2015,” he responded. As excuses go, that’s right up there with the “beer is my coffee” DUI guy.
It’s worth pointing out that President Trump has done plenty for Houston and the surrounding area in the past few days. On Tuesday, the president plans to visit the city to survey the damage. He also signed a disaster proclamation just before the storm made landfall. His administration also been busy coordinating rescue efforts, including a Sunday morning teleconference between himself, Vice President Mike Pence and cabinet members.
“President Trump continued to stress his expectation that all departments and all agencies stay fully committed to supporting the Governors of Texas and Louisiana and his number one priority of saving lives,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said of the teleconference, according to CNN.

So, no, not only is the tweet fake news, it’s also showing that even this early in the game, liberals are still searching for their “Heckuva job, Brownie” moment.
Nice try, though.
H/T The Daily Caller
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President Trump said on Thursday that other GOP leaders in Congress tied legislation to raise the debt ceiling to a Veterans Affairs bill. He said their failure has led to a political mess surrounding the issues.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Berkeley Mayor Is Member of Antifa Facebook Group that Organized Riots

oped: Indeed one messed up dude:

by Tom Ciccotta 
Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of the anti-fascist Facebook group, By Any Means Necessary, which orchestrated the riots that occurred ahead of a scheduled lecture by Milo Yiannopoulos.
Berkley Mayor Jesse Arreguin was revealed to be a member of the anti-fascist group, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), on Facebook. BAMN orchestrated the violence that shut down a scheduled lecture at UC Berkeley featuring Milo Yiannopoulos in early 2017. Arreguin is allegedly also friends with BAMN leader, Yvette Felarca, on Facebook.

They were also involved in the violent clashes earlier this month.

 Cassandra Fairbanks @CassandraRules
Berkeley Mayor is a Member of Facebook Group for Militant Leftist Organization That Orchestrates Riots 

View image on Twitter

 Felarca defended the violence that occurred ahead of Yiannopoulos’ scheduled event in a local television interview following the riots.

BAMN was investigated for engaging in terrorist activities in 2005 by the FBI. In 2009, the Department of Defense classified the group’s activities as “low-level terrorism.” In June 2016, BAMN led a violent counter-protest outside a white nationalist rally that resulted in ten people being hospitalized with stab wounds.
Often described as a “militant left-wing” activist group, BAMN frequently engages in violent forms of protests. A Berkeley newspaper noted in 2001 that the group was a front for an “an obscure Detroit-based Trotskyist political party called the Revolutionary Workers League.”
Breitbart News has reached out to Mayor Arreguin for comment.

Monday, August 28, 2017

God works in mysterious the lightening strikes and...


The great state of Texas as well as President Donald J Trump are being tested and so far are passing well.
Hurricane Harvey delivered a challenging blow...however things are going smoothly for the state of  Texas as well as President the old song goes "The Devil came down to Georgia"...however in this case Texas...the old Good vs Evil scenario... and good will always prevail as long as good people stick together and refuse to be divided.

Therefore a song dedication to the great state of Texas as well as President Trump...Stay calm,work together and overcome all obstacles thrown your way.

Enjoy...and keep your spirits well as your powder dry:

Keep the above song in your mind as lightening strikes and the thunder rolls:

Why EVERYONE is WRONG in Criticizing Trump’s Pardon of Sheriff Joe
by:D Jolly 

Everyone, including a number of Republicans, are criticizing President Donald Trump for pardoning former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and every one of those critics are dead wrong! The most shocking criticism was that of Arizona’s two senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake. 

McCain responded to the pardon, telling the media:
“Mr. Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt for continuing to illegally profile Latinos living in Arizona based on their perceived immigration status in violation of a judge’s orders. The president has the authority to make this pardon, but doing so at this time undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law as Mr. Arpaio has shown no remorse for his actions.”
McCain, Flake, Democrats and the liberal mainstream media are all saying that Trump’s pardon is racially divisive and sending the wrong message.
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is forgetting the real reason Arpaio was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of racial profiling and the subsequent wrongful contempt of court charge and conviction.

The only thing Arpaio was guilty of was doing the job he was elected to do by the nearly 4 million residents of Maricopa County – enforce the laws of the county, state and nation.
The only reason Arpaio found himself in hot water was because he listened to the people of the county who petitioned him to investigate Barack Obama’s birth certificate. At the beginning, Arpaio believed the investigation was unnecessary, so he said he would not spend any taxpayer money on the investigation and turned it over to his Cold Case Posse, which is a volunteer organization who raise their own money.
After several months of investigation, the Cold Case Posse found overwhelming and compelling evidence that the alleged official Obama birth certificate presented by the White House was a forgery and that the individuals involved in making the forgery and presenting it to the public as genuine were guilty of fraud.

That is when Obama ordered then Attorney General Eric Holder to go after Arpaio and destroy his career and credibility. Holder used the Department of Justice to attack Arpaio. They listened to the complaints of many illegals and decided to accuse Arpaio of racial profiling for targeting Hispanics.
I have close contacts involved in law enforcement in Maricopa County and they all tell me that over 75% of the crime in the county was directly or indirectly due to illegal aliens and illegal drug trafficking, and that the two things were often connected. Since Hispanics were the cause of over 75% of the crime in the county, it only made sense that the Sheriff’s Department focused a lot of their attention on Hispanics.

Secondly, it needs to be known that sheriff’s deputies did not pull over Hispanics just for being Hispanics without probably cause. Whenever they did pull over or arrest an illegal, they did check their citizenship and immigration status which is what any good law enforcement officer should do.
One of my sources put it another way. He asked if it made sense to only focus efforts and money on investigating one group of people when you know that the other group are responsible for most of the crime? He said that any good police officer would be derelict of his or her duty if they did and that’s exactly what Arpaio was doing.

When the racially driven DOJ, under Obama and Holder, pushed to convict Arpaio and his department of racial profiling, they were trying to force them to be derelict of their sworn duty as law enforcement officers. Then they got the court to order a monitor, appointed by the court, to watch everything the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department did, to make sure they were being derelict instead of actually doing their duty.
Arpaio said that the people of the county elected him to uphold the laws and he fully intended to do that job, so he did. Consequently, he was charged with being in contempt of the court order.

The entire case against Arpaio was nothing more than a hatchet job by Obama and Holder for daring to the tell the nation that his alleged birth certificate was a fake, along with Obama’s Social Security Number and Selective Service Card.
Arpaio did nothing wrong and should never have been charged with a crime in the first place. All President Trump was doing was correcting the injustice done by Barack Obama and Eric Holder. The pardon has nothing to do with condoning racial profiling or anything like what critics are claiming, it was correcting a wrong, but no one seems to understand or realize the real story.
Pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the best and most noble thing President Donald Trump has done since taking office in January. He was righting a wrong that should never have happened in the first place.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

ANTIFA unmasked...pants down top up!

Yes indeed...ANTIFA is a combination of CPUSA, ACLU, SPLC, LGBTQ ,Progressives,Taliban, ISIS and the Pink Swastika Party all rolled into one...Barry Barack Obama's wet dream came true!

Students See LGBT Flag, Give Libs Taste of Their Own Medicine

{You can’t have it both ways, liberals.}


A group of students and parents in Alabama is showing liberals exactly how it feels to be on the defensive side of an anti-flag campaign.
Nearly 2,000 supporters on have signed a petition calling for the removal of a rainbow pride flag from a high school classroom.
They’re comparing it to having a Confederate flag on display.

“We believe it is unprofessional and distracting for a teacher to be so openly displaying their political views in an unbiased and socially neutral public setting,” the petition states.
The petition further notes that “subjecting or explicitly exposing students from diverse political backgrounds to political views differing from theirs can make students uncomfortable and distract them.”
Does that sound like a familiar argument?

“(T)he signers of this petition would like for you to consider the uproar and chaos that would ensue were a teacher to hang for example a Confederate, Christian, or Heterosexual Flag in their classroom,” the petition points out.
“There would likely be protests, emails from teachers, and threatening of lawsuits from parents with differing viewpoints. As such, one does not see teachers hanging these flags in classrooms due to the same argument that it is unprofessional and can create a hostile and unideal learning environment.”
Now, there are going to be a lot of liberals who claim that this is a stand based on hate of the LGBT community. It’s not.
This is a stand that shows exactly what happens when liberals face the same exclusive, emotion-driven mindset that they try to thrust on the entirety of the rest of America.

You can’t remove a flag that offends some people while leaving a flag that offends others — it’s not consistent or logical.
You have to be consistent, and if you’re going to be consistent, the path in this situation is quite clear.
You can’t have it both ways, liberals.
Even so, a counter-protest to the original petition has been created — suspiciously without attempting to refute the parallels between flying the LGBT flag and flying a Confederate flag. 

H/T Fox Nation
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Lib Sheriff Declares Antifa Alliance, Tears Down US Flag


The group known as “antifa” has been shown to be anti-police and anarchist… and to say that they don’t represent American values is an understatement.
Shockingly, however, one sheriff in a left-leaning part of the country just sided with that radical group, and did something that can only be considered a slap in the face to America’s law enforcement community.
Sheriff Mike Reese of Multnomah County, Oregon — which includes the liberal enclave of Portland — reportedly ordered a law enforcement memorial flag — an American flag with a thin blue line to represent police officers — to be removed from his deputies’ break room.

According to KGW News,  Reese declared that the flag could be considered offensive and a “sign of disrespect.”
The flag, which is meant to memorialize police officers who are killed or wounded in the line of duty, is usually seen as a sign of solidarity with law enforcement.
In their crusade against law and order, however, militant leftist groups have targeted anything that supports officers… and that includes the “thin blue line” flag.

Sadly, it looks like the Portland area sheriff has bought into that narrative.
“For some (the thin blue line flag) is a symbol honoring fallen law enforcement officers. For others, the flag is seen as a sign of disrespect toward communities of color,” Reese said.
The sheriff used the vague excuse that the flag was an “altered United States flag” to justify its removal. However, that explanation was quickly mocked by citizens, who posted photos of Sheriff Reese himself holding the same flag before it became politically inconvenient.

Photos of Reese smiling and posing with officers wearing both the blue line flag and modified “rainbow” LGBT American flags were also posted.

It seems that the liberal-leaning sheriff has no problem with “altered” flags until cop-hating militants raise their voices. Then he caves.
“The flag is a memorial to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their communities,” the Oregon Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 explained to the sheriff on Facebook.
“Your actions were a slap in the face of slain officer’s families everywhere, and by extension, no officer serving in our nation today should find your behavior acceptable.”
In the opinion of Conservative Tribune, repeatedly giving in to the demands of anti-law enforcement groups typified by “antifa” is the same as surrendering to them — even worse, taking their side in some misbegotten alliance.

People who use violence, hide their faces, and employ intimidation cannot be reasoned with, and there is no compromise for groups who are opposed to the rule of law and the enforcement of a civilized society.
You cannot extend an olive branch to anarchists — especially when doing so insults men and women who risk their lives every day to defend citizens and enforce the law.
People like Sheriff Reese might not like to admit it, but we are in the middle of a clash between two sides: Those who believe in a nation of laws, and those who believe they can do anything without consequence in the name of “social justice.”
The vast majority of Americans are on the side of laws and the officers who enforce them. Unfortunately, it looks like this sheriff has just planted his flag firmly in the other camp.

H/T Fox News
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