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‘Progressive’ Homosexual Activists Say ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ Doesn’t Matter, It’s the Guns

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oped: I for one have had enough of the #LGBTQ movement. It is nothing new it dates back to the Roman Empire under Caligula...It had a big resurgence in the 1920's-1945 Germany under Hitler's "Pink Swastika Party" labeled as Democratic Socialists/Nazi Party! See:  

The Taliban/ISIS  of today are the same as they were during WWII fighting alongside Hitlers elite SS troops in the Middle East campaign...they hate women (used only to procreate to fill the ranks) and prefer raping boys...same as Hitlers Brown Shirts! 

As for #POTUS44 Barry Barack Hussein Obama... he is not only the New Anthony Johnson but also the new leader of the Pink Swastika Party! See: 
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As for ISIS/Taliban/CAIR nothing new here same ol' same ol' 7th Century Barbaric Theology See:


“Don’t Take Your Eyes Off the Issue of Our Time – Gun Control,” The Advocate, self-identifying as a “the world’s leading gay news source” urges. Springboarding off the massacre at the “gun-free” Pulse nightclub by a bigoted Islamist (who some reports have identified as a club patron who had hookup sex with men, and whose former wife claimed the FBI tried to bury that information), authors Igor Volsky and Mark Glaze unintentionally do gun owner rights supporters a service. That’s because by taking off the mask, they show the “common sense gun safety laws” they demand resemble nothing so much as the state monopoly of violence needed to rule with an iron fist.

Understanding who the authors are helps in understanding how their article advances their agenda. Both are homosexual activists and “progressive” gun-grabbers. Volsky is “Deputy Director for the Center for American Progress Action Fund and former LGBT Editor for ThinkProgress.” Glaze is former executive director of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown, a senior adviser to GunsDown, and interestingly, the son of a licensed gun dealer.
“LGBTQ people must fight for their safety against the epidemic of gun violence, just as hard as they have fought for equality,” they insist, citing a Southern Poverty Law Center anecdotal “report” on alleged harassment that says nothing about guns, but instead quotes from a handful of unsubstantiated and subjective accounts to smear Donald Trump supporters as intimidating haters.

That’s pretty much SOP for SPLC.
“Already at least seven transgender people have been killed this year — six of whom were killed with a firearm, according to media reports,” Volsky and Glaze continue. “This puts 2017 on a pace to exceed 2016, when at least 27 transgender people were killed. And just like in previous years, the violence has fallen disproportionately on trans women of color.”
Unexamined beyond the listing of names are issues of high-risk associations or that anti-“LGBTQ” hatred has not been proven as a motivating factor.
And instances of killers being “prohibited persons” also means total ban “gun control” edicts were already being violated. That doesn’t matter to Volsky and Glaze.

“Legally obtained or not, whether by ‘good guys’ or ‘bad guys,’ guns are the problem,” they insist. “If we’re serious about saving lives, we need to build a bolder, broader movement that finally tackles the problem at its core. We need to go after guns themselves.”
Actually, if they were serious about saving lives, they’d be out there warning that the greatest threat to health and life among the various sexual practitioners they claim to care about is behavioral and self-inflicted.
“Donald Trump won’t stand in the way. Congress won’t stand in the way,” Volksy and Glaze  promise, casting blame everywhere but on choices and actions. “We can. And together, we must.”
What they plan on doing to the rest of us “standing in the way” is left unsaid, but chances are they’re expecting armed men who took an oath to support the Constitution to carry out their disarmament fantasies for them.

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