Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bill O'Reilly..Karl Rove... 'Marginalists Truthers'

On Fox news tonight the wonderful 'O'Reilly Factor' in cahoots with Karl Rove went on another tirade trying their best to label all who question Obamas eligibilty as being 'Birthers' akin to 911 'Truthers' Not only that but they went into a conspiracy theory that Obama is holding back on his personal records so he can divide the conservative party...namely the GOP!
Well Bill and Karl you are the two dividing the GOP with your sophmoric diatribes..right Obama is holding back so y'all in the GOP won't address issues such as tax relief~budget etc...that is all any of you RINOS care about...being that you are Limo Liberals in RINO clothing!
Please explain to all of us serfs why we should not be allowed to question Obamas that just reserved for the elite? And what is so 'loonie' about asking to see documents which would prove or disprove Obamas eligibilty..remember Ronald Reagan said...'Trust..but Verify' and ya all in the RINO corps love to quote Ronnie!

So in closing I now label Bill O'Reilly,Karl Rove and Sean Hannity 'Marginalist Truthers' wear your badge well!