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Liberals Are TICKED After Seeing How Texans Celebrated Open Carry Today (PICTURES)

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Liberals are raging over Texas’ new open carry law that began today…and they’re even MORE upset about how Texans celebrated that today. Check it out…
AUSTIN, Texas – Nearly two hundred open carry advocates gathered on the south steps of the Texas State Capitol to celebrate “uncovering day” for gun owners who are licensed to carry.
The rally, sponsored by Open Carry Texas and Texas Carry, brought together advocates from across the Lone Star State who wanted to celebrate Texas move towards re-establishing the 2nd Amendment as the governing authority for gun laws. While Texas has not move that far, today’s rally recognized a significant step in the direction of what many refer to as Constitutional Carry.

While today, many were openly carrying their handguns, the people at the rally expressed that most of the time, they would rather carry concealed in order to protect the element of surprise should a self-defense situation arise.
Open Carry Texas founder, C.J. Grisham told Breitbart Texas in an interview he is pleased with the progress, “We didn’t get everything we wanted, but we made progress. We will take what we can get and come back for more.”  Read More:  (Breitbart)
Here are more pictures…
[ Open Carry Texas Founder C.J. Grisham displays his handgun open carry style. (Breitbart Texas Photo by Bob Price) ]
Texas family exercising their ability to openly carry handguns. (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price)
[ Texas family exercising their ability to openly carry handguns. (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price) ]
[ Attendees of the “Uncovering” Open Carry Rally gather outside Subway for lunch. (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price) ]

USA: Texas becomes 45th US state to pass open carry gun law

Small groups of pro-gun activists took to the streets of Austin, Friday, to celebrate as Texas became the 45th US state to pass an open carry gun law
See Video:  

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Muslim ‘Refugees’ Walk Up To Christmas Tree…Seconds Later The UNTHINKABLE Happens

Here’s the Christmas present that some Muslim ‘refugees’ gave to Belgium via one of their Christmas trees that was being displayed publicly. Remember that these are the same people that Obama wants to import into America.
Belgian daily Le Soir reported:
A makeshift ‘petrol bomb’ was used, which engulfed the tree within minutes. 

Witnesses reported that the young men who fled were refugees from Iraq and Syria. 2 other Christmas trees in the area were also targeted, but no video has been uploaded. Police have not made any arrests.
Watch the video below:


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Former Congressman On Obama’s Gun Action: ‘It’s War. Defy’ Him

oped:Indeed all I have to say:

Former Congressman Joe Walsh tweeted on Thursday, “On Monday, Obama, on his own, to go after guns. It’s war. Defy his executive actions. Time for Civil disobedience.”
Walsh, who is now a radio host on AM 560 The Answer in Chicago linked to a CNN article that announced that President Obama is expected to take new executive action on guns in order to expand background checks on firearm sales.
The Obama administration’s “imminent” announcement comes ahead of the January 12th State of the Union address. Obama’s executive actions would further his unilateral steps of gun control.
Read more:

Obama: I'll Meet With Lynch Monday on Gun Control Order

Image: Obama: I'll Meet With Lynch Monday on Gun Control Order
oped: Be careful for that which you ask for  Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever your real name is...Fact you could not pass a full field background check for a Secret Clearance much less a CCW permit..all your records are sealed,employment,original long form birth certificate,adoption records,pass port records,Social Security,Draft registration, Attorney bar exams,Student loan/Grant applications on and on...  

I think it is past time that Congress submit a bill making it mandatory to pass a full field background check on all candidates for the office of President of the United States of America before they are certified and placed on the ballot! As it now stands the only requirement to run for President is... over the age of 35 and a Natural Born Citizen (This is crazy..POTUS/ CIC does not have to meet the same standards as those he commands)...if a background check was required you would be in jail not President...need I say more? 

President Barack Obama will meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss executive actions he could take to make it harder for "a dangerous few" to get their hands on guns.
Obama said on his weekly radio address that he gets so many letters from parents, teachers and children about the "epidemic of gun violence" that he can't "sit around and do nothing."
"The gun lobby is loud and well organized in its defense of effortlessly available guns for anyone," Obama said. "The rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well organized in our defense of our kids."
Obama recently directed staff at the White House to look into potential executive actions, such as expanding background checks.

Currently, federally licensed firearms dealers are required to seek background checks on potential firearm purchasers. But advocacy groups say some of the people who sell firearms at gun shows are not federally licensed, increasing the chance of sales to customers prohibited by law from purchasing guns.

Obama slammed Congress for inaction, reminding viewers of the mass shooting three years ago in Newtown, Connecticut, and the Tucson, Arizona, attack that wounded Rep. Gabby Giffords five years ago.

"All across America, survivors of gun violence and those who lost a child or a parent or a spouse to gun violence are forced to mark such awful anniversaries every single day," Obama said. "And yet Congress still hasn’t done anything to prevent what happened to them from happening to other families."

A source familiar with the administration's efforts said Obama is expected to take executive action next week that would set a "reasonable threshold" for when sellers have to seek a background check. That person didn't know whether it would be based on the number of guns sold or revenue generated through gun sales.
The source, a member of a gun control advocacy group, was not authorized to discuss details before the announcement and spoke on condition of anonymity. White House officials won't confirm the timing.

Obama is in Hawaii for his annual holiday vacation with his family.
In his efforts to work around a Congress that has often been politically gridlocked, Obama has made aggressive use of executive power, particularly on immigration. It has been an increasingly effective and politically accepted presidential tool. And while legal scholars are divided on whether Obama has accelerated or merely continued a drift of power toward the executive branch, there's little debate that he's paved a path for his successor.

Depending on who succeeds him, many Obama backers could rue the day they cheered his "pen-and-phone" campaign to get past Republican opposition in Congress. The unilateral steps he took to raise environmental standards and ease the threat of deportation for millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally may serve as precedent for moves they won't cheer.
The National Rifle Association opposes expanded background check systems. The organization's Institute for Legislative Action says studies have shown that people sent to state prison because of gun crimes typically get guns through theft, the black market or family and friends.
Also, many purchases by criminals are made from straw purchasers who pass background checks. "No amount of background checks can stop these criminals," says the group's website.

Obama has consistently expressed frustration after mass shootings, saying it shouldn't be so easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun.
Going into his final year in office, Obama said his New Year's resolution is to move forward on unfinished business.
"That's especially true for one piece of unfinished business, that's our epidemic of gun violence," Obama said in his weekly address.
He said a bipartisan bill from three years ago requiring background checks for virtually everyone had huge support, including among a majority of NRA households. But the Senate blocked it.
He said tens of thousands of Americans have since died as a result of gun violence.
"Each time, we're told that commonsense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre, or the one before that, so we shouldn't do anything," he said. "We know that we can't stop every act of violence. But what if we tried to stop even one?"


WICKED MEME Tells Gun Control Freaks EXACTLY Where They Can Go

I think every single gun grabbing liberal should be forced to do this. What do you think? 


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BOOM: American Business Drops The Hammer On Muslim Protesters After They Made THIS Demand



Nearly 200 Muslim employees at a meat packing plant in eastern Colorado walked off the job before Christmas, claiming the company refused to accommodate workplace prayer times.
On Tuesday, Cargill Meat Solutions of Fort Morgan fired the workers who did not show up for work over the dispute, the Denver Post reported. 
The employees involved have retained the Council on American-Islamic Relations to represent them in the matter.
According to Jaylani Hussein, executive director of CAIR, Cargill for several years had a policy of accommodating workers being able to pray throughout the day in five- to 10-minute blocks of time, incorporating that into their paid 15-minute breaks and unpaid 30-minute lunches.

The plant also established a reflection area for people of all faiths to use. Management would permit one to two workers to leave the production line at a time, as to not impede the overall operations. About 2,000 people are employed at the facility.
Hussein claimed that on Friday, Dec. 18, workers were not allowed to take prayer times. “The workers were told: ‘If you want to pray, go home,’ ” he said.

“On Friday, there were some people asking to go to prayer, and we accommodated them as best we could,” Cargill Director of Communications Mike Martin told the Fort Morgan Times last week. Nearly 200 workers (mostly of Somali descent) banded together and did not show up to work on Dec. 21. On Tuesday they were informed they were all fired.
“They feel missing their prayer is worse than losing their job,” Hussein told the Greeley Tribune. “It’s like losing a blessing from God.”
The company has a six-month no-rehire policy for those who are fired, but Hussein is hopeful that requirement will be waived and the employees allowed to return to work.
Martin told Denver’s ABC 7 that the company’s prayer accommodation policy has not changed. In a statement, he said, “While reasonable efforts are made to accommodate employees, accommodation is not guaranteed and is dependent on a number of factors that can, and do, change from day to day.”
“The law requires an employer to reasonably accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs or practices, unless doing so would cause more than a minimal burden on the operations of the business,” according to the news outlet.

New Detail Just Emerged About Who Bill Cosby Gave Money To That Is Raising Eyebrows

Funny Brothels are off
[The Clinton Foundation...Managed by  Harry Reid... Parhump Nevada]


After months of stories of sexual assaults actor and comedian Bill Cosby is being accused of, legal action has finally come his way. But with that scrutiny, other things Cosby has done are also coming to light; and one instance may affect the upcoming presidential election.
Even as Cosby is coming under attack by dozens of women who claim he assaulted them–and has now been indicted–his associations with various companies and organizations are being looked at as well. With that scrutiny, many groups and organizations are disassociating themselves from Coz and removing his name from their registers.
But news has emerged that Cosby has been a big donor to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, and many watchers of politics are wondering if the Clintons are going to return the thousands Coz donated. Others wonder how the connection could affect Hillary’s run for president.
As The Daily Caller reported, the Cosby Show creator and star “gave between $1,001 and $5,000” to the Clintons. But after dozens of women have come forward to charge Cosby with abuse and rape, some want to know if the Clinton foundation will emulate the actions of so many other organizations and return the actor’s money and remove him from its list of supporters.

Hillary’s camp has even been asked this question. In an interview in July, Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri was asked about Cosby’s donations, and she did her best to evade the question.
“It’s, you know, wealthy people giving money to help poor people. Uh, we think that’s, uh, that’s a positive thing,” Palmieri said.
Thus far, the foundation has refused to comment on the Cosby donations.
For many, the question becomes: how could the Clinton Foundation square Hillary’s claim to be an advocate for women but still take on Cosby’s donations? Further, isn’t associating with an accused rapist too reminiscent of the sexual assaults her husband, Bill, is accused of?

Breitbart News, for one, noted the dichotomy between the way the two men are being treated, as Cosby is attacked in the media while Bill Clinton is celebrated.
Of course, not every organization is distancing itself from Cosby. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has announced that it will not remove Cosby’s star on the Walk Of Fame.

Final Note: GW Bush 

I'm sorry  can do...we live in a Republic not a Monarchy..we have already had 2 Bushes time for a change, new faces new ideas...and by the way no more Clintons and definetly No More Obamas.(Dictatorship)!
'We The People' 'MIDDLE AMERICA" need representation on our needs not the needs/wants of the establishment elites. Y'all just don't get it ...Enough is Enough already! Have a nice Holiday Season and enjoy your retirement! Take Dad, Jeb and Dick fishing enjoy bonding and talkin' smack about the Good ol' Days.

From: President George W. Bush

George W. Bush

Dear Walt -

A year from today, we will have a new President-elect. The path you choose will impact our nation for years to come.

Jeb is the best candidate in this race. He is the only candidate who has presented a clear plan to defeat terrorism and who has proposed innovative solutions to restore economic opportunity for all Americans.

That's why I'm asking you to get behind Jeb. He has a proven record and conservative vision to lead this country. Will you stand with him and make a donation of $100, $50, $25 or even $5?

Voting starts in just a few weeks. We need to move quickly to make sure that Jeb has the resources necessary to win.

Show your support before the end of the year with a gift of $100, $50 or even $25:

Walt, we are choosing the next leader of the free world during a crucial time. We need a smart, serious, capable President who is ready to lead on Inauguration Day. Jeb is prepared to rise to the challenge.

Laura and I appreciate your support. We send our best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016.

George W. Bush
George W. Bush

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Yep, That Houston Mosque Burning was a Fake Hate Crime – Devout Muslim Jihadi Arrested

Gary Nathaniel Moore, also known as Jamal Moore, is blamed for igniting the fire at the savoy masjid mosque Friday. (Source: Houston Police Department/CNN)

Earlier this week, we reported on a Texas mosque that caught fire, which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms found to be suspicious. We questioned whether this was another Muslim engaging in the same kinds of fake hate crimes that sodomites do. And now, we've been vindicated… again. Gary Nathaniel Moore, aka Jamal Moore was arrested and charged with arson. reports:
A Houston man has been arrested in connection with a suspected arson at a mosque on Christmas Day.

A spokeswoman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed that the man was arrested early Wednesday, sometime after midnight, and appeared in court 7 a.m. Wednesday.

The suspect, Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, of Houston, appeared in court at 7 a.m., spokeswoman Nicole Strong said.
Nowhere in the entire story is Islam mentioned nor is the Moore referred to as a Muslim. Additionally, they failed to provide his Muslim name.
However, we do know that Moore told investigators that he was inside the mosque on December 25 praying, but left around 2pm.
Islamic Society of Greater Houston president M. J. Khan said he was unfamiliar with Moore even though Moore claimed to be a regular attender of the mosque. Yet, according to court filings, Moore attended the mosque five time per day, seven days per week. Can you say taqiyya?

"We are really very surprised and saddened by this whole thing," said Khan.
According to records, surveillance video from several businesses near the mosque was used to identify Moore. As a result, a search warrant was obtained to search his home. A backpack and clothing that matched what was seen on the surveillance video, as well as half of a two-pack charcoal lighter fluid bottles, which seem to match one of the lighter fluid bottles that was found in the mosque.

Moore's bond has been set at $10,000.
Consider that several other faked crimes by Muslims against themselves have taken place the past year. In California, a mosque was vandalized on Christmas Day of 2014 and the Muslim was so stupid that he was caught on camera, just like Mr. Moore. In February, a homeless man accidentally set fire to the Texas Islamic Centre warehouse as he tried to keep warm and the fire he started got out of control, but from the Muslims, you would have thought it was a purposeful action.
Jamal Moore can be filed in the same place as every other cry of "Wolf!" by more and more American Muslims.

2 GOP Strategists Call for Trump's Assassination - DOJ Silent

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I wrote a story this past fall in which I expressed fear for the safety of Presidential candidate Donald Trump. In the article, and in detail, I pointed out that Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and Robert F. Kennedy were all assassinated by lone nut gunmen, all of whom possessed diaries that implicated them in the crime. The same cover story was used for all three assassinations. This is why I entitled the article "Will Trump Be Assassinated by a Man With a Diary?"   

The implication of the previous article was made crystal clear. If the establishment murdered three prominent political opponents using the same MO, why wouldn't they do it for a fourth time? Well, recently, it has come to my attention that leading consultants and strategists for the GOP are openly advocating for the assassination of Donald Trump. The fact that the authors of the two threats are still walking in public as free men tells me that these threats being made against a viable Presidential candidate are going unopposed by this current administration and makes me wonder if the following threats are not only being tolerated by this nation's leadership, but also encouraged by their inaction. Please note that I have performed my due diligence and I have filed a complaint with the Secret Service about the following events.   

The safety of Donald Trump is no longer a theoretical concern; Trump's safety has just become a very serious concern.
Provable Threats against a Legitimate Presidential Candidate

Three days ago, Info Wars reporter Joe Biggs broke the story of an assassination threat made against Donald Trump by Pat Brady, a GOP campaign manager, as expressed in the following video.

I agree wholeheartedly with Joe Biggs when ha asks the rhetorical question of what would happen to one of us if we advocated the same fate for any candidate other than Trump? Well, the Secret Service would break out door down, throw us to the ground, and, as they applied the latest in asphyxiation choke holds, slap on the handcuffs too tight. Then why doesn't this happen to Trump's advocates for assassination? The answer is simple: when a nation has Obama for a President and Lynch as the Attorney General, the rule of law is substituted for the autocratic rule of whim and fancy. These two despots will prosecute whomever they damn well please while they protect the Eric Holders and the Hillary Clintons.   

Et Tu, Rick Wilson?

From Rick Wilson's twitter account: "Rick Wilson is a national Republican political strategist and media consultant based in Florida who has produced television for governors, U.S. Senate candidates, super PACS, and corporations. He's on Twitter at @therickwilson." recently reported that Republican consultant Rick Wilson said the GOP establishment donor class must find a way to "put a bullet" in GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.
In an interview on the Communist rag, MSNBC, Wilson reluctantly admitted that "Trump is still a very powerful force right now" because he appeals to part of the conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his "nativist" message. Wilson insisted that the elite leadership of the GOP "can't just sit back on the sidelines and say, 'oh well, don't worry, this will all work itself out.'" Wilson went on to say what should have landed this foul-mouthed piece of garbage in prison with the following statement:
"They're still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump, and that's a fact!"
My foul-mouthed accusation is based on Wilson's highly inappropriate remark sent to Ann Coulter's twitter account, accusing her of charging Trump for illicit and highly disgusting sex acts, for daring to support Trump. The Common Sense Show encourages and supports any defamation and harassment legal action that Coulter would see fit to take against Wilson. The Communists are running the Democratic Party, and the perverts and neocons are in charge on the GOP side.
Send a message to Wilson's twitter account and let him know what a fine job he is doing by setting such an outstanding example for our children on how to aspire to be a good, decent, and moral human being, while pursuing one's own agenda. Thank you, Rick Wilson, for allowing my son to see why his dad must continue to expose your kind of filthy politics to the nation.

After you let Wilson know how you feel about his character as a high-ranking consultant in the GOP, send a good faith message to the Secret Service and report Rick Wilson and ask if they are going to do their job, which is to protect Presidential candidates. 
From the Secret Service: Time-sensitive or critical information should NOT be sent via email. Please contact your nearest field office by telephone if you need immediate assistance. (Note-on the home page of the Secret Service, you will be able to find your local field office)
U.S. Secret Service
Office of Government and Public Affairs
245 Murray Ln,
Washington, DC 20223
Then send Attorney General Loretta Lynch a request to prosecute both Rick Wilson and MSNBC for violating Federal laws, which prevent both the intent to assassinate and threats to do so—laws which were passed after Bobby Kennedy met his fate for challenging the administration on Vietnam and other related issues. If MSNBC did not report this statement by Wilson, they should be in a lot of trouble. Make sure to ask Lynch's office if they are going to do their job or continue to only persecute members of the Independent Media for doing daring to tell the truth.
There can be no doubt that the failure of the Obama administration to prosecute these two thugs for their advocating of deadly violence against a legitimate Presidential candidate makes this administration an accomplice to any action that is taken against Donald Trump. In fact, one could legally argue that, if and when Donald Trump is assassinated, this administration, in the form of Lynch and Obama, is an accomplice before the fact because of their apparent depraved indifference to the safety of Donald Trump. Let's give this administration the opportunity to do the right thing.

Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000

I have no illusions about the people being able to control the outcome of any presidential race. Each side will have to come up with a billion dollars just to get through the primaries. The people's trivial $5, 10, 15, 100 dollar donations mean nothing compared to the millions put out by the oil companies, the pharmaceuticals, and the military industrial complex. We have little say in who the candidates for both parties will be. Third party candidates are outspent, and their message is only heard by a scant few. TV media time picks the candidates for us, with strong guidance from the puppeteers behind the scenes.

However, in this instance, Donald Trump has filled the Ron Paul void. He has the money to be a serious contender, irrespective of what the corporatocracy machine would dictate. At one time, I doubted the staying power and the sincerity of Trump's campaign. I have not resolved all my doubts, yet, I largely believe in the old saying that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." When two prominent GOP figures break the law and are calling for the assassination of one of their own party members, we can see how strongly our political machines are controlled.
Subsequently, The Common Sense Show officially endorses the candidacy of Donald Trump. No, we do not agree with all of his views. But, for the most part, he is saying what has needed to be said for a long time. Perhaps his candidacy can bring a much needed end to political correctness. Political correctness is the main method by which the globalists attempt to control the debate. If you are against Hillary Clinton, you are obviously against women's rights. If you are against Obama's communist policies, you must be a racist or a traitor to your own kind. If you are against the nonsense of climate change and CO2 management needs, you are a climate denier and an eco-terrorist. A Donald Trump campaign could help the people gain some measure of control over the dialogue.

Soon, the Main Stream Media will have a choice. Will they continue down the path of public irrelevancy and plummeting ratings, or will they begin to tell the public the truth in order to save their ratings and their collective jobs? Remember, TPTB wants Clinton vs. Cruz. This is clearly not in the best interest of the country.
Meanwhile, I am calling on all Americans to do their civic duty. When you hear or see a threat against Trump, report it to the proper authorities. Will any of this make any difference? No question, the odds are long. However, we have a choice on how we win or lose. We can acquiesce and go down without a whimper, or we can rise up and invoke the power of Christ and take on these demons who hold so many of the centers of power. Choose now, because time is short.

Obama Won’t Do It, So Texas Does – Texas Governor Strips Funding from Sanctuary Cities!
oped: All I have to say about this... see:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has only been on the job for about a year, but he has already made his mark on the nation around him. Abbott has stood against Planned Parenthood, he has fought back against the gun grabbing attempts of the fascist liberal left, and now he has acting to end the scourge of Sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State.
While President Obama chooses to dither and obfuscate the issue, and our legislature continues to fully fund Sanctuary cities around the country, we need more courageous Governors to stand up and follow Abbott’s lead.

Sanctuary Cities across the country flaunt federal law and give shelter and aid to criminal illegal aliens in open defiance of our federal government… and yet the federal authorities do nothing. In fact, the Democrat Party continues to encourage the lawlessness these cities are breeding. Because of this utter disdain for the rule of law, it is incumbent upon our Governors to protect us from the criminal negligence of the federal government and their liberal Sanctuary Cities.
Abbott has taken the first step in this direction by stripping state funding from sheriffs in Sanctuary Cities. This order comes in the wake of Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez’s decision to allow criminal illegal aliens in her jails to be released back into Texas instead of being turned over to ICE.
Back in October Abbott warned Valdez that he was considering what action to take in response to her sad decision not to enforce our laws.
“’Sanctuary City’ policies like those promoted by your recent decision to implement your own case-by-case immigrant detention plan will no longer be tolerated in Texas,” Abbott began in his letter attached below. “Your decision to not fully honor U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) requests to detain criminal immigrants poses a serious danger to Texans. These detainers provide ICE with the critical notice and time it needs to take incarcerated immigrants into federal custody.” 

“Your refusal to fully participate in a federal law enforcement program intended to keep dangerous criminals off the streets leaves the State no choice but to take whatever actions are necessary to protect our fellow Texans,” Abbott continued. “Now more than ever, it is essential that state, federal, and local law enforcement work collaboratively to protect our fellow Texans and to ensure that our laws are upheld, not disregarded.”
The governor laid out actions he and the state of Texas could take in response to the renegade actions of this sheriff. Those include the following:
  • Passing laws that prohibit any policy or action that promotes sanctuary to people in this state illegally.
  • Enacting laws that make it illegal for a Sheriff’s Department to not honor a federal immigration detainer request.
  • Evaluating the extent to which local taxpayers should foot the bill for local decisions that increase costs for Texas’ health and education systems.
  • Amending the Tort Claims Act to ensure counties are fully financially responsible for the actions of any illegal immigrants who are released because the county’s Sheriff failed to honor an ICE detainer request.
Now we know what the Governor is planning, and Sanctuary cities across Texas must be shaking in their boots. If the Governor goes through with his plans to defund localities that allow sanctuary city policies, the citizens in those places will no doubt rise up to elect new leadership. Which is probably just what Governor Abbott is hoping for.

From Breitbart:
“I am establishing new standards for Sheriff’s Departments that seek grants from the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division (CJD),” Governor Abbott wrote in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “Beginning now, all CJD grant awards will require that Sheriff’s Departments fully honor ICE’s detention requests for criminal immigrants. Any applicant that cannot certify that their office will honor all ICE detainers for criminal immigrants will be ineligible for CJD funding. Further, any applicant that certifies full compliance with ICE detainer requests—but subsequently fails to honor an ICE detainer—will be subject to claw-back provisions and must refund the full amount of their CJD grant award.” 

Now the question is, when will other conservative governors begin showing the same kind of fortitude that Governor Abbott has? When will conservatives across the nations stand up to the bullying of the lawless left and demand that our laws be upheld? I’d say now is as good a time as any.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#ObamaTough: Round Them Up and Send Them Home!

Funny image of barack obama . funny barack obama picture . funny obama ...

The Obama administration actually wants us to believe that the “Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has begun preparing for a series of raids that would target for deportation hundreds of families who have flocked to the United States since the start of last year, according to people familiar with the operation.”
Really – a series of raids? May I take you back to November of 1999? A five year old Cuban boy was found a drift on an inner tube off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He and 12 others had escaped the communist oppression of Cuba, to come to America to live with relatives. Everyone but the young lad was killed on the journey, including his mother. His father was left behind.

His name, as some may recall, was (is) Elian Gonzalez. To make a long story short – the commie father wanted his son back. Florida ruled that the relatives should be able to keep him in Miami, but the U.N. and the Clinton administration didn’t agree. The feds asserted their jack-booted authority over the State and on April 22, 2000, in a pre-dawn raid, U.S. federal agents, under the authority of Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno, stormed the uncle’s house, Lazaro Gonzalez, in Miami – guns a-blazing and forcibly seized Elian Gonzalez from the home.
Witnesses say it was utterly terrifying, as agents pointed their weapons at everyone, including the five year old. It was a media frenzy and the lead story literally everywhere. And this was just one incident, over one kid the Clinton administration did not want to be here. But we are expecting to believe that Obama will dare utilize similar tactics to round up hundreds of families, including little children – which he invited? Fat chance of that!

“Experts say that the violence that was a key factor in driving people to flee Central America last year has surged again, with the homicide rate in El Salvador reaching its highest level in a generation.” So we are also expected to believe that Obama is okay with sending these families back to meet their violent end? I mean – it’s not like these people are conservatives!
If it really is as these “experts” claim, why travel all the way to the United States? Why not go to Belize, where there is no fighting? Why not just get to Mexico, or travel to South America? After all, it is closer and has a similar climate. These are rhetorical questions, of course. The answer is that Obama has put out the welcome mat for them. Recall that his administration informed Central American authorities years ago of his plan to bring in all comers.
And like the so called “refugees” streaming into Europe, the Central American and Mexican illegal aliens are not just traveling to a country who will welcome them, but also to the promise of easy money – the nation with the greatest welfare benefits. That’s why the Syrian “refugees” are all trying to get to Germany – for the greatest government giveaways.

Still, some appear to be stupid enough to think this will happen for real – that it won’t all be for show. That, or they’ve been told by the Obamites to feign outrage. One such moron (or actor) is Gregory Chen, director of advocacy for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He said: “It would be an outrage if the administration subjected Central American families to even more aggressive enforcement tactics.” Even more? Did we miss something?  

via: MinutemenNews

Jailed Muslims Sue Pamela Geller for… Wearing a Bikini?

oped: Well hell what can one say ...hmmm let me think for a moment..okay here are my thoughts on Islam the Theocracy under Sharia Law : It is quite obvious now that those who adhere to this Theocracy under  7th Century Sharia Law are definetly mental cases...Serial Homosexuals/Pedophiles,Serial masturbators,Wife beaters,Serial killers,rapist and generally misfits on the world stage...may I suggest they seek professional help for their psychiatric problemos? After all it is not normal to blame others for ones lack of control! May I suggest they seek help on twitter from .@Krauthammer Md/Psychiatrist /political pundit on .@FoxNews maybe he can help them, probs not they are stuck in the 7th Century and so embedded nothing but termination can help...Call Army Cav ha!

Pamela Geller has been sued by at least one, and perhaps two, Muslim prisoners in Michigan. And while Geller is no stranger to lawsuits (frequently challenging her First Amendment rights), this one’s a real doozie. Here’s the gist, as reported at Breitbart:
Muslim prisoners in Michigan filed a lawsuit against Pamela Geller for “wearing a Poke a Dot Bikini In Front of our eyes. We are offended.” They demanded their freedom claiming their civil rights were violated…

David Yerushalmi told me [Geller] that I had been sued by one or possibly two Muslims apparently who appear to be guests of the Michigan Correctional Hotel and Spa. “They sued you because, inter alia, you wear a bikini to distract them…the court dismissed the complaint on its own because plaintiff(s) failed to file the requisite filing fee or file the correct form to have the fee waived.”

Hurray. It was thrown out. Not based on its merits (or lack thereof), but because of a bureaucratic detail. Yeah, that’s the problem with this lawsuit. The filing fee deadline.
But in all seriousness, these people are serious. And as foolish as this lawsuit is, no one should underestimate the drive behind it: Islamic supremacy.

Last Call For the GOP! The Constitutional Conservative Train is Leaving the Station!

For most of American history, stability of government has been accompanied by turbulent partisan politics, characterized by two opposing dominant parties.  Our Founding Fathers for the most part did not foresee this.  However, a two-party system developed in the early 1790s, during George Washington's first presidential term.  The Federalist Party, led by Alexander Hamilton, favored banking and financiers, development of industry, infrastructure improvements, and most significantly, a strong role for the Executive Branch and the Presidency.

The opposing Democratic-Republican Party led by Thomas Jefferson, favored agrarian interests and an agrarian-dominant society, opposed big business and financial interests, and most fundamentally, advocated a Congress-dominated government and states rights, with a weaker role for the President and the Executive Branch.
During the two-term presidency of James Monroe (1817-1825) national political consensus grew so strong the nation entered a short-lived " Era of Good Feelings " and the Federalist Party essentially withered  and ceased to exist.

Thus as this temporary era of strong national consensus ended in the late 1820s, the first major political party realignment began.
As that alignment solidified into the Whigs and the Democrats, the Democrat party elected Andrew Jackson as President in 1828.
During the " Era of Jacksonian Democracy, it was the Democrats, during the Antebellum generation from 1828-1854 who championed the " common folk ", agrarian frontier interests and opposed banks, rich industrialists and financiers of infrastructure.  The Whig Party essentially favored and promoted these same interests Democrats opposed.  Ironically however, the Whigs favored Congressional dominance and strict construction/interpretation of the Constitution while Jacksonian Democrats favored a strong Presidency and Executive Branch.

By 1854, America was moving darkly toward civil war.  The issues of states' rights and slavery were dividing and fragmenting Democrats and Whigs alike.  The Democrat Party survived and was dominant in the South for the next century.  The Whigs, whose remaining strength was in the North but fractured over slavery and westward expansion, was abandoned by its leaders and the rank-and-file alike for the new Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln.
Although the current two-party alignment of Republicans and Democrats has existed for 160 years, this writer strongly contends that another major party realignment appears imminent; it definitely appears urgently necessary.  Party platforms, policies and visions have at times shifted dramatically.  A recent example being the South, having shifted from solidly Democrat as late as 1964, to solidly Republican since the late 20th Century.

Given the leftist drift of the Democrats and a rightward conservative shift of the Republican electorate over the past 25 years, America has again become " a nation divided against itself ".  The most recent seven years of the arrogant, lawless and treasonous Obama administration has been disastrously aided and abetted by the establishment, dominant wing of the Republican Party in Congress.  For three successive elections; 2010, 2012 and 2014, GOP candidates for House and Senate were elected on promises to stop the lawless, treasonous "President " Obama.   Each time post-election, most notably after capturing solid GOP majorities in both houses of Congress in 2014, tough but hollow talk of stopping Obama continued. To the utter dismay and disgust of tens of millions of conservative voters who sent them to Washington " with conservative portfolio ",  nothing of substance has ever been acted upon or enacted to stop Obama's socialist, Muslim-friendly "wrecking ball" agenda.  Americans, especially conservatives, are exasperated and increasing numbers are ready to quit the GOP and join a new and Constitutional Conservative party.
Evangelist Franklin Graham publicly quit the GOP this week. Millions of Conservatives are desperate to save America.   Conservatives watched as Obama's administration tore America asunder day by day.  Conservatives also watched-and became increasingly enraged, as the GOP-led, GOP majority in Congress sat on their " Jack-and-Jenny Asses " and figuratively " sucked their thumbs ", granting Obama a clear path to freely continue his wanton, deviant and evil destruction of America.

The worsening conservative-liberal political divide has now been exacerbated by a rapidly deepening divide between the Republican and Conservative electorate and the Establishment Republicans in Congress who have utterly betrayed them.   Without an electorate to support it, a political party cannot survive.   The establishment GOP dominating Congress is allowing Obama to run over these Congressional wimps like a rogue elephant.
The second ominous and dangerous development further exacerbating the deep political divide in America, is the alarming and arrogant drift toward fascism/fascist-style collaboration, within both Democrats and Establishment Republicans.   Eerily similar to the sinister deals made with promise of obscene profits, corporations and financial institutions in exchange for political power by Hitler in 1930s prewar Nazi Germany, are the sinister corporate and financial alliances being made in America today.  In the sinister style of Fascism, both Democrats and Establishment Republicans are controlled by Corporate giants including high-tech industries, by Wall Street banks and finance industry giants.   This sinister alliance of the wealthy elites with the dominant leadership of both parties is such an evil alliance it is driving incredibly destructive policies.  Deliberately importing Muslim immigrants, among whom are terrorists; uncontrolled illegal immigration; out of control deficit spending; ruthless gutting of our military; a tax system and a corrupt IRS so unfairly squeezing our middle class that it is immoral are but selected examples.  This evil, fascist-style collaboration has also used "Obamacare" and " No Child Left Behind " to destroy our health care and public education systems.

Our government in Washington now become a "defacto one-party rule ", and " defacto one-party fascism.
As 2016 approaches, the deep political divide among American citizens and voters is clearly exacerbated by the deep schism between the Republican electorate and our elected " Establishment" Republicans.  The Congressional GOP members who arrogantly refuse to listen or to act according to either public will or public interest, and who now openly and shamelessly collaborate with Democrats and the Obama administration, have " thumbed their elitist noses " at Conservative America.
In a loud and clear testament to the rising fury over this Congressional betrayal, Americans sent a powerful message of warning. That warning came through the meteoric and unprecedented rise to the top of the GOP candidate field three presidential aspirants who never have held any political office.

Earlier this month before Christmas Recess, 313 members of the House and Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, combined forces to overwhelmingly pass into law a $2 trillion spending bill that gifted the Obama administration virtually everything on his evil agenda on the proverbial " silver platter ".  Funding for corrupt Planned Parenthood; for mass immigration of "refugees" and others from Muslim countries; funding for illegal immigration processing centers for the massive flow over our southern border; more deficit spending to bankrupt America's economy; it includes everything destructive imaginable.  Only 122 votes - 95 in the House and 27 in the Senate- were cast against it.   Every angry American conservative and American patriot should pore over the names of the yea and nay voters and memorize them!  Meanwhile, terror attacks and violent crimes committed by illegal aliens run rampant aside a do-nothing GOP Congress, which sits idly by a gun-grabbing, illegitimate " President " Obama.

American conservatives and patriots, full of outrage and seeking to trailblaze a new path, must form a new political party, electing citizen statesmen and stateswomen who will fulfill their promises and honor those who elected them.   As millions of those American Patriots and conservatives board the "Constitution Train" bound for a new party and a renewed America, Republican Party members of Congress should heed " last call". Election year 2016 is the last chance for the GOP, and for its "Establishment Wing ", it may already be too late.   After 160 years major political party realignment is coming.   The " Constitution Train ", with perhaps 100 + million conservatives and patriots, spoiling for a fight, are boarding, and that train is about to leave the station!
If our traitors and cowards in the fascist "Establishment Wing " of the GOP Congress are left behind, the Republican Party will be righteously replaced and unceremoniously dumped onto the ash heap of history.   American Patriots and conservatives will unite for a new political party and unite for a renewed America.  As Presidents Lincoln and  Kennedy declared and we paraphrase from 1863 and 1961; " America will experience a new birth of freedom ", and, " here on earth, God's work must truly be our own ".

Monday, December 28, 2015

Virginia Republicans To Consider Stripping Gov. McAuliffe Of Protective Detail
oped: This should apply to all elected officials be it local,state or federal who are protected with tax payer security details if they legislate or vote against the 2nd amendment rights of 'We the People' and yes this also includes Barry Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden, congress et al appointed cabinet members ,Judges,AG's  etc! 

by:Kerry Picket
Virginia GOP’ers returned fire over the state Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring’s move to halt recognition of concealed carry permits from 25 different states.
“Our General Assembly has already identified who can and cannot conceal handguns in Virginia, and we cannot have that decision undermined by recognizing permits from other states with more permissive standards,” Herring said when he made the announcement last week.

Republican state legislators could strip Virginia Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe of his protective detail. Virginia Sen. Bill Carrico told The Herald Courier last Tuesday he plans to propose a budget amendment during the State Senate’s January Session that would defund the governor’s protective detail. (RELATED: NRA: 6.3 Million Concealed Carry Permit Holders Affected By Virginia Gun Control Move)
“A lot of the governor’s power is deferred to the General Assembly at that point and I’ll be getting with my colleagues to circumvent everything this governor has done on this point,” Carrico said. “I have a budget amendment that I’m looking at to take away his executive protection unit. If he’s so afraid of guns, then I’m not going to surround him with armed state policemen.”

Pro-gun activists in Virginia claim they secured a promise from a state lawmaker that legislators will propose to defund Herring’s new gun control policy.
Michael Hammond, Gun Owners of America Legislative Counsel, says GOA “obtained commitment from a state legislator that he will move to defund this lawless act when the state legislature considers the budget over the next three months. In addition, we will push to ensure that Herring’s unilateral decree is denied the funds to pursue other political vendettas.”

Virginia will stop recognizing the 25 out-of-state concealed carry permits on February 1.  Some states that border the commonwealth will affect specific cities, like Bristol, which Virginia shares with Tennessee, a state whose permit will no longer be honored in the Old Dominion, The Herald Courier notes.
Residents of Bristol say it is unfair that they become criminals as a result of crossing a street in town, because their permit is no good in Virginia anymore.
“I think it’s a crock,” Virginia resident Ted Culberson said. “I think this is a political play that will have a greater impact on Bristol, Tennessee residents than Virginia residents. If a Tennessee resident has a conceal-carry permit and has their firearm they won’t even be able to cross the street.”

McAuliffe vetoed a number of pro-gun bills from the legislature this year and issued an executive order prohibiting concealed carry permit holders with their firearms in executive offices buildings all over the state.
Second Amendment activists are expected to lobby Virginia state legislators from both chambers in Richmond on January 18 during lobby day at the capitol.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

SMARMY ELITES & THE ‘MEDIA’ Truly Hate Donald Trump’s Supporters

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.22.03 AM
The ‘media’ and elites hate Trump because he actually appeals to the American people. 

To hear the patronizing wise men of the Republican Party tell it, anyone who would vote for Donald Trump for president must be deranged. “Trumpkins,” they call them, mental midgets and xenophobic troglodytes who’ve crawled out from their survivalist caves in order to destroy the Beltway Establishment.
How their resentful attitude galls the crack cadres of campaign consultants who brought conservatives halfhearted standard-bearers like John McCain and Mitt Romney to do sham battle against Barack Obama in 2008 and ’12, then return to the safety of the US Senate and a beachfront mansion in La Jolla

The peasants are revolting!

Their panic was best articulated last week in The Daily Beast by GOP consultant Rick Wilson, who wrote that Trump supporters “put the entire conservative movement at risk of being hijacked and destroyed by a bellowing billionaire with poor impulse control and a profoundly superficial understanding of the world . . . walking, talking comments sections of the fever swamp sites.”
Some might take that as a backhanded compliment. Can the GOP really be so out of touch with the legions of out-of-work Americans — many of whom don’t show up in the “official” unemployment rate because they’ve given up looking for work in the Obama economy?
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CHAOS IN CALAIS: Watch 100s of ‘Poor Refugees’ Steal, Threaten Drivers And STORM The Eurotunnel Christmas Day

 Families: The crowds of people strolling in the streets included parents and their children, with many in the video seen pushing prams

This is what Obama wants to bring to America, remember that.
Astonishing footage from Calais has captured the moment hundreds of migrants stormed the streets in an attempt to break into the Eurotunnel on Christmas Day.
Car drivers were forced to squeeze through the crowds of people – many of whom were pushing prams – as they strolled down the middle of the road.
Local authorities admitted that ‘since the traffic was low’, it was decided to close the A16 highway in both directions until the crowds could be dispersed.
 Crowds: Hundreds of migrants and refugees are seen filling the A16 highway in Calais, in an attempt to break into the Eurotunnel on Christmas Day
‘Around 4pm, hundreds of migrants, in small groups, attempted to break into the site,’ said the Pas-de-Calais prefecture.
The port of Calais has become a key destination for the thousands of migrants and refugees who are trying to enter the UK.
It has led to the evolution of the Calais migrant camp, known as The Jungle, which has become so well established that it is even now home to restaurants, barbershops, churches and mosques.
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THE FRENCH HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF ISLAM: Mosque Ransacked and Korans Burned in Corsica

... to kill them” – Polynesians protest against Islam. | Fahrenheit211

It looks like the French have reached their breaking point when it comes to ‘tolerating’ Islam.
Up to 600 French protesters desecrated a Muslim prayer hall in Corsica in a revenge attack prompted by the wounding of two firefighters and a police officer.
The furious mob smashed the prayer hall’s glass door, ransacked the interior and left around 50 partially-burned Korans littering the street overnight.
Violence: The attack on the prayer hall followed the 'ambush' of two firefighters in the city on Thursday night by 'several hooded youths' 

Chanting ‘Arabs get out!’ and ‘This is our home’, protesters marched through the streets of the French Mediterranean island’s capital, Ajaccio.
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls described the attack on Twitter as ‘an unacceptable desecration’, and branded the violence towards the firefighters as an ‘intolerable attack’.
The violence began on the night of December 24, when two firefighters were ‘ambushed’ by ‘several hooded youths’ in the low-income neighbourhood of Jardins de L’Empereur.
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BERGDAHL: ‘The Taliban Asked Me If Obama Is GAY’ — They Also Asked …

Funny Gay Barack Obama

The Taliban was very interested in knowing if Obama was gay, and they took advantage to ask Bowe Bergdahl that question, along with some other strange ones as well.
Bowe Bergdahl compared his first year in Taliban captivity — starved, stinking and chained to a bed — to being tossed in a closet and forgotten.
“Picture someone taking a bag, throwing it into the closet, shutting the door and just forgetting about it. That was basically how they treated me,” he said.
In the third episode of the popular podcast “Serial,” which is focused on Bergdahl’s alleged desertion from the Army in 2009 and subsequent five-year captivity by the Taliban, he details the misery of his first year held hostage — ending in a dramatic escape attempt that lasted 8½ days.

The interview was conducted by filmmaker Mark Boal (“The Hurt Locker,” “Zero Dark Thirty”) as part of a project on Bergdahl’s life. He lent the recordings to “Serial,” which is hosted by Sarah Koenig.

“The time deprivation, too much light or too much darkness and too much randomness, it just wears away at you and drives your nerves into the ground. The constant worry ‘Am I going to die today?’ or is something worse going to happen,” he said.
Although watching over Bergdahl was a high honor, the guards were often bored and would pass the time by making videos of him, interrogating him with ridiculous questions or shaving his beard into shapes they found amusing, he said.


“They ask you, is Obama gay and sleeps with men?” he recalled. His young guards were also curious about where US military bases got their prostitutes, alcohol and drugs, and were obsessed with American soft drinks, he added.
“They love Mountain Dew. If you want to piss people off in that country, all you do is cut off their sugar supply,” he said….
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