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Ted Cruz,SarahPalin and Allen West are ... Greased Lightning

The rest of the GOP/DNC...just plain Duds...just a fact Jack..What can I be the judge!

Nancy Pelosi...Beauty School Drop Out...!

Ok this explains why Nancy makes no sense whatsoever on all political issues...rofl

Friday, February 28, 2014

Obama Goes After Sarah Palin’s Family

Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin Totally Predicted the Ukraine Situation
[Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin Totally Predicted the Ukraine Situation] 
Ha Palin/West 2016
oped: Really...well well isn't he the one who said he is fair game but to leave his family alone? Hypocrisy at it's worst!  

via: The USPatriot
This past weekend has brought a few questions to the forefront of American minds everywhere: Are conservative groups and individuals being specifically targeted for their political beliefs and, if so, is anyone going to be held accountable?
Last weekend, Chuck Health Junior, Sarah Palin’s older brother, posted on Facebook complaining that his father, a man who has “worked multiple jobs and faithfully and honestly paid his taxes for fifty years” has been “horribly harassed six times” by the IRS. He claims the government agency has been trying to “dig up something on him” ever since his sister was “tapped to run for Vice President of the United States.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials report, “The Federal Bureau of Investigations doesn’t plan to file criminal charges over the Internal Revenue Service’s heightened scrutiny of conservative groups” and supports that “what emerged during the probe was evidence of a mismanaged bureaucracy enforcing rules about tax-exemption applications it didn’t understand.”
In response to these claims by law-enforcement officials a Tea Party lawyer declared the investigation to be “a big, bureaucratic, former-Soviet-Union-type investigation. She maintains this “means there was no investigation” and that the whole situation “is a deplorable abuse of the public trust”.

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Mass. Agency Breaks Silence in Pelletier Case, But Dad Tells Us He’s Not Fully Buying It

Justina Pelletier with her parents, Linda and Lou.  Justina has been in the custody of the state of Massachusetts since last year. (Image source: Facebook)
oped: IMO The 7 month MD Intern  at Boston Childrens Hospital should be sued for malpractice...Boston Childrens Hospital as well as Ma. DCF Head and agents involved be prosecuted for Unlawful Imprisonment,kidnapping,Civil Rights Violations and Conspiracy! 
Suffolk County Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Johnson should be removed from office for malpractice and conspiracy!

The Massachusetts Department of Children & Families on Friday broke its silence about the high-profile case involving a Connecticut teenager taken away from her parents last year after a disagreement over a diagnosis led to accusations of medical child abuse.
“Our primary goal has always been the health and well-being of Justina,” DCF spokesman Alec Loftus said in an emailed statement about the case surrounding Justina Pelletier, who has been out of her parents’ custody for more than a year now.
“We want the parents to be able to work with the providers and courts to ultimately move Justina back to her home state of Connecticut,” Loftus continued. “That is the objective, and is consistent with our previous efforts to find an appropriate placement near her home. A medical team has been identified at Tufts, the family’s provider of choice, with the clinical expertise to care for Justina.”
The agency is withdrawing its motion, issued last week, to have Lou Pelletier, Justina’s father, held in contempt of court for breaking a gag order, an official said.

But Lou Pelletier said he’s not necessarily getting his hopes up.
“They have thrown more carrots out there over the last 13 months, dangling, teasing us, and that’s the cruelest thing you can do,” he told TheBlaze over the phone as he was driving to Boston to visit his daughter for the once-a-week, hour-long appointment that the family is allowed.
Lou Pelletier said his family has been offered hope of having custody restored several times in the last year and has always come away disappointed.

DCF took emergency custody of Justina, now 15 years old, on Feb. 14, 2013, after a team at Boston Children’s Hospital alleged that the Pelletiers were over-medicalizing their daughter in treating her for mitochondrial disease. The doctors at Boston Children’s said she does not have mitochondrial disease, a condition that was diagnosed by a doctor at Tufts Medical Center years earlier. Boston Children’s doctors believe she has somatoform disorder, which would put the root cause of Justina’s symptoms as psychological.
Since then, the Pelletiers have had several court hearings as they tried to regain custody and medical care of their daughter. Patient and human rights advocates have taken up the cause in recent months to support the Pelletiers, and even more recently some state legislators have spoken out.

Suffolk County Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Johnson on Monday ruled that Justina be moved into a foster care facility from the Framingham, Mass., facility where she had been living after being removed from Boston Children’s Hospital last month. Two days later, the foster care facility refused to take her in.
Lou Pelletier told TheBlaze that he had no idea DCF would be releasing a statement and hadn’t even read the whole of it when called for comment.
“They throw out these carrots and these little teases just to string us along,” he said. “Actions speak louder than words.”
At this point, Lou Pelletier said, he thinks “DCF has destroyed my daughter” and has “crossed the line so many times.” Therefore, he added, “we’re in it to win it.”
Mat Staver, one of the Pelletier’s lawyers with Liberty Counsel, told TheBlaze he sees DCF’s statement as them responding to a push for change.
“When [DCF] got challenged and it came to light, they decided to back off,” Staver said. 

But he added that he thinks the agency needs to be held accountable.
“We will not rest [until] DCF is completely out of this case, and DCF has to be held accountable for [its] neglegent actions,” Staver said.
The next scheduled court hearing on the case is March 17.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Religious-Liberty Scholars Counter “Egregious” Distortions of Arizona Bill

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes anti-gay bill” « GoodOleWoody's ...
[Someone was 'Bitten'..Now a Obama Zombie]
Jan Brewer Releases Copy Of Letter She Handed President Obama
[Ol' feisty has lost her edge caved in after being 'Bitten'
Bawney Fwank seen nodding in approval.
By Ed Whelan
There has been a blizzard of hysterical misinformation about Arizona’s SB 1062. As anyone who takes the trouble to consult the text of the legislation will readily discover, SB 1062 does not mention, much less single out, gays or same-sex ceremonies.
As Douglas Laycock (who supports redefining marriage to include same-sex couples) and other leading religious-liberty scholars explain in a letter to Arizona governor Jan Brewer, SB 1062 “has been egregiously misrepresented by many of its critics.” What the legislation would do is amend Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act “to address two ambiguities that have been the subject of litigation under other RFRAs”:

It would provide that people are covered when state or local government requires them to violate their religion in the conduct of their business, and it would provide that people are covered when sued by a private citizen invoking state or local law to demand that they violate their religion.
But nothing in the amendment would say who wins in either of these cases. The person invoking RFRA would still have to prove that he had a sincere religious belief and that state or local government was imposing a substantial burden on his exercise of that religious belief. And the government, or the person on the other side of the lawsuit, could still show that compliance with the law was necessary to serve a compelling government interest. As a business gets bigger and more impersonal, courts will become more skeptical about claims of substantial burden on the owner’s exercise of religion. And as a business gets bigger, the government’s claim of compelling interest will become stronger.…

So, to be clear: SB1062 does not say that businesses can discriminate for religious reasons. It says that business people can assert a claim or defense under RFRA, in any kind of case (discrimination cases are not even mentioned, although they would be included), that they have the burden of proving a substantial burden on a sincere religious practice, that the government or the person suing them has the burden of proof on compelling government interest, and that the state courts in Arizona make the final decision.

Are 9 Dead Bankers A Sign Of Pending Economic Collapse?

Too Big To Fail: A Red Herring?

 Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Something very big and very bad is happening. Prominent bankers are dying in droves. Have you ever heard of eight bankers committing suicide in a matter of just a few weeks?
A ninth banker was found dead only days ago. What is driving successful bankers with families to kill themselves in droves?
Here’s the tip-off that this is a very big story: The mainstream media are not covering it. There are nine dead bankers (and counting), and the story isn’t even mentioned in the national news. That itself is a major news story.
Bankers are dying so fast, you’d think they were all dentists. You get the joke, right? Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession. Sometimes, you need a little humor to brighten up a very dark story. But keep in mind, at no time in history have nine dentists all died under mysterious circumstances in a matter of a few weeks.
Why are so many bankers dying? Are the media asleep at the switch? Afraid to dig deeper? Ordered not to investigate? By whom? The government? Or are the media perhaps afraid for their own lives if they dig deeper? You think that sounds a bit absurd? Well not really. A Wall Street Journal reporter named David Bird, who covers the commodities market, is missing. As in gone. As in never seen again. He left his home on Jan. 11 and never returned. Was he working on this story?

Something smells rotten in Denmark, because nine dead bankers and a missing reporter should be a huge headline story.
And if anyone has been watching closely, five other major bankers died in either suicides or mysterious circumstances in 2013. That’s 14 dead bankers.
Someone is going to win a major journalist prize for investigating a high-profile story like this. But for some mysterious reason, no one in the mainstream media seems interested. Doesn’t that alone make you nervous?
This story is real. The dead are:
  • William Broeksmit, 58-year-old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG.
  • Karl Slym, 51-year-old Tata Motors managing director.
  • Gabriel Magee, 39-year-old JPMorgan banker.
  • Mike Dueker, 50-year-old chief economist of a U.S. investment bank.
  • Richard Talley, the 57-year-old founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colo.
  • Tim Dickenson, U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG.
  • Ryan Henry Crane, 37-year-old executive at JPMorgan.
  • Li Junjie, 33-year-old Hong Kong banker.
  • James Stewart Jr., former CEO of the National Bank of Commerce.
James Stewart? You know something very bad is going on when a bank CEO named Jimmy Stewart is found dead. I guess it’s not such “a wonderful life” after all.
How they died is strange and mysterious, too. Two of these successful bankers jumped off the roofs of their high-rise office buildings. Just like that, bankers decide to take a stroll off the top of their office buildings? One of the bankers was ruled a “suicide” after being shot eight times from head to toe with a nail gun.

Am I the only one who finds this creepy and worrisome? Do you know anyone brave or insane enough to commit suicide by nail gun?
So what’s going on? I’ll give you two theories.
My first educated guess is we are headed for an epic economic collapse. The mainstream media has fed the public lies about a non-existent “recovery” and dutifully reported the government’s manipulated economic reports (filled with fraud). But these bankers are smart guys who know the truth. What’s coming is very, very bad. As I argued in my national bestseller, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, we are entering the greatest depression of all time.
What caused this economic Armageddon? Spending, entitlements and debt. Who caused it? Government, led by corrupt, ignorant and reckless politicians. If I were the lead detective on this case, I’d be investigating who had the most to gain from a cover-up. My investigation would start and end with government collusion, corruption, bailouts and bribery.
Governments all over the world have taxed, spent and printed us into oblivion. America’s debt crisis will make Greece look like a walk in the park. This is too big to paper over. When America collapses, the entire rest of the world crumbles with us. Even creative and corrupt government bureaucrats making up fraudulent economic statistics can’t cover this one up. There is no way out from the coming crash. I’m guessing that knowledge might cause a banker who sees the writing on the wall to take a walk off the roof of his high-rise.
But that still doesn’t explain shooting yourself with a nail gun eight times from head to toe. No one wants to die that slowly and painfully. That sounds more like torture to me. And torture is what leads to murder. Perhaps some or all of these bankers were murdered. Perhaps they didn’t walk off their high-rise buildings. Perhaps they were pushed.

Perhaps the Colorado bank CEO was being “questioned” when the nail gun went off… eight times. I guess the interrogators didn’t like his answers.
But why would someone murder bankers? My educated guess is these are smart guys who knew too much. Perhaps they knew about government manipulation and fraud. Perhaps they knew their banks were not in the wonderful shape their manipulated balance sheets showed. Perhaps they had information about government collusion and corruption in the banking system. Perhaps they were threatening to expose government’s lies and fraud. Perhaps they knew about the trillions of dollars in derivatives held by banks and Wall Street firms about to implode and take world economy with it.
I’m just making educated guesses. But something is very wrong. Something bad is coming. Nine dead bankers is a very messy start of a very big story the mainstream media don’t want you to know about.
I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless America. And thank God I’m not a banker.

Our All Is At Stake... Concord/Lexington

Lexington and Concord - The Shot Heard 'Round the World
[Lexington and Concord - The Shot Heard 'Round the World]

In the early morning hours of April 19, 1775, English Gen. Thomas Gage’s troops moved toward Concord, Mass., in an effort to capture guns, gunpowder and lead stored there.
When they reached Lexington, Mass., those troops were met by about 60 to 70 Minutemen mustered in response to reports the British troops were advancing. The Minutemen were told to stand fast, not firing but not cowering in the face of what was considered the mightiest army of the day.
After making their point, the Minutemen were dispersing and British Maj. John Pitcairn was telling his soldiers to hold their fire when a shot rang out. When the firing ceased, eight Minutemen were dead and nine more were wounded. The British then moved on toward Concord.
In Concord, British troops were met by some 250 Minutemen mustered in response to the shooting at Lexington. Meanwhile, Lexington’s Minutemen were regrouping and moving in behind the British.
Caught between the two forces, seasoned British troopers broke and ran. They were harassed by sniper fire all the way to Charlestown. At the end of the day, 73 British soldiers were dead and 174 were wounded. American losses totaled 49 dead and 39 wounded.
Dr. Joseph Warren, who became an immediate hero for the way he ignored the firing around him and rushed around the battlefield to treat the wounded despite musket balls flying all around him, made a call for volunteers.

"Our all is at stake. Death and devastation are the instant consequences of delay. Every moment is infinitely precious. An hour lost may deluge your country in blood and entail perpetual slavery upon the few of your posterity who may survive the carnage."

Thousands of men responded.

[Second Amendment Rally in front of the State House in Concord ...]

About 140 or so miles southwest of Concord, Connecticut authorities are now plotting about how to deal with that State’s gun owners who have ignored an unConstitutional State law requiring them to register their black guns and extended magazines under penalty of felony.
On Tuesday, a copy of a letter surfaced that was ostensibly from the State’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. The first batch of 100 of the letters is reportedly being sent to noncompliant gun owners, reminding them they missed the Jan. 1 deadline to register their weapons and magazines and giving them one more chance to comply with the law.
The letter gives them the choice of: 1) Rendering the weapon and magazine permanently inoperable, 2) Sell to a licensed gun dealer, 3) Remove the weapon and magazine from the State, or 4) Make arrangements to surrender the weapon and magazine to the State.
Estimates from multiple sources put the number of noncompliant gun owners at about 350,000. If comments on some pro-gun websites are to be believed, thousands more Americans are supporting Connecticut gun owners in their stance and are prepared to go to the State to support them. In other words, Connecticut gun owners are taking a stand much like the one taken Lexington Minutemen.

Connecticut authorities are apparently using the Federal background check database to identify gun owners who have not responded. Gun owners and gun rights supporters have long claimed that background checks and registration are the first steps to confiscation. Evidence that is so is now seen in Connecticut, as well as in New York and California, where guns are being confiscated.
It appears that at some point in the near future, Connecticut law enforcement officers will be ordered out to confiscate weapons. But those LEOs have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution and they are going to have to make a choice. Will they defend the Constitution and ignore unlawful orders at risk of their jobs? Or will they enforce unConstitutional orders handed down by statist politicians and risk starting a bloody confrontation like the one in first Lexington and then Concord?
And if the confrontation does get bloody, will gun owners from other States respond recognizing that, “Every moment is infinitely precious. An hour lost may deluge your country in blood and entail perpetual slavery upon the few of your posterity who may survive the carnage.” 

funny 2nd amendment quotes

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Montana Democrats Demand To See GOP Senate Candidate's Birth Certificate

[Candidate Steve Daines Polls 53% Kim Gillan 42%.]

by : Samantha Lachman 
The Democratic Party of Montana is calling on GOP Rep. Steve Daines, who is running in the state's high-profile Senate race this year, to release his birth certificate -- echoing the "birther" strategy employed against President Barack Obama.
Daines has alternately asserted that he is third-generation Montanan and fifth-generation Montanan, though he was born in California.
"No matter what generation Congressman Daines claims to be, he's a stranger to both the facts and Montana values -- and Montanans deserve the truth," Bryce Bennett, a Democratic Montana state Representative, said in a statement. "Montanans can't afford a Washington politician who thinks he can get away with fooling the people he's supposed to represent."
The statement continues, reading "Congressman Daines has to get his bio straight."
Daines' campaign dismissed the claims.
"Democrats have always worked to dictate Montanans' health care decisions, how they run their businesses, and what choices they make for their families, but it's really par for the course that they're now trying to dictate someone's personal history," Daines spokeswoman Alee Lockman told Politico. "They may be able to dictate they way Montanans live their lives, but unless Montana Democrats want to move Steve’s great-great-grandmother’s grave, they can't change Steve’s strong heritage as a fifth-generation Montanan."

Daines is running in the Republican primary to challenge interim Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.), who was appointed this month to fill the seat opened when former Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) was confirmed as ambassador to China.

When did this...Become this?

There is no justification for the public servant police to be more heavily armed then the law-abiding public they serve . . . . Unless . . . . the government’s intention is to be more powerful than the people.

In a nutshell...Boehner vs Obama


Major Updates in Justina Pelletier Case: Lawmakers Get Involved

Massachusetts lawmakers are getting involved in the Justina Pelletier case and have begun circulating a resolution asking the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to initiate the process of releasing the teenager to her parents.
State Reps. Marc Lombard and Jim Lyons, both Republicans, announced on Wednesday that 12 representatives have already signed on to support the resolution.

“The self-stated goal of the Department of Children and Families is to strengthen the link between families. Removing a child from her family is reserved for only the most egregious circumstances where evidence of malicious intent, negligence or the blatant inability to care for the child is present. No such findings are present in this case,” Lombardo said in a press release.
Lyons argued the Pelletier case is a “dispute between conflicting medical opinions” and treatment decisions should be left to parents not DCF.
“The Department’s heavy-handed, unjustified interference with the rights of these parents is an example of what is wrong with this agency,” he added.
The resolution will be brought up at the next meeting of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, reports.

Anti-Communist Revolutions Are Spreading

Ukraine Revolution live stream - Page 32 -
There is currently a revolt in Ukraine. And glorious live video of it.

Left-wing “progressives” and the “libertarian” website of Alex Jones are having a nervous breakdown over events in Ukraine. The anti-communist revolution has the potential to reveal who is really committed to the notion of a “Free World” and seek to protect it against a resurgent Russia. There are lessons here for freedom-loving people around the world.
Ukrainian-Americans are elated. “The Ukrainian revolution has won today and it’s very emotional for me,” writes Oleg Atbashian, a writer and graphic artist from the former USSR who was born and raised in Ukraine. Oleg is the founder of the People’s Cube website, which exposes with ridicule the schemes of the communists and their fellow travelers, the progressives.
One of his latest entries is about the growing number of Lenin statues being toppled in Ukraine: “Despite severe weather conditions, the plan to topple Lenin statues in Ukraine has been successfully completed this month, ahead of schedule. The government of the former Soviet republic is happy to report that the quota of toppling monuments to Vladimir Lenin and other communist leaders has been met and in some places exceeded, with toppling of a number of unrelated statues in the process.”
In reality, this humorous entry isn’t far from the truth. A “Good Bye Lenin” website shows the number of Lenin statues being toppled so far. A video shows some being toppled, while this photo list has pictures of the statues that have been targeted.

On the left, however, journalist Robert Parry is disappointed with the anti-communist revolution in Ukraine and the overthrow of the “pro-Russian government.” He calls it a “coup” and setback for President Obama’s foreign policy.
“As President,” Parry writes, “Obama has sought a more cooperative relationship with Russia’s Putin and, generally, a less belligerent approach toward adversarial countries. Obama has been supported by an inner circle at the White House with analytical assistance from some elements of the U.S. intelligence community.”
This used to be called “appeasement.” It still seems to be the left’s foreign policy.
Using the kind of language we see coming out of Moscow, whose puppet in Ukraine has been overthrown, Parry refers to the revolutionaries in Ukraine as “neo-fascist storm troopers,” “neo-Nazi militias,” and “right-wing armed patrols.”

It appears that Parry is auditioning for a show on RT (Russia Today), the Moscow-funded propaganda network that is available on many U.S. cable and satellite systems, such as Comcast. His colleague, Thom Hartmann, described as the #1 progressive radio talk-show host in the U.S., is already on RT, doing a program called “The Big Picture.” He takes Russian money without apology, but recoils when questioned about it.
The “Big Picture” is that events in Ukraine have exposed the pro-Russian sensibilities of the “progressive” left in the United States. They do not want to see anti-communism succeed under any circumstances. If anti-communism can win in Ukraine, perhaps it can make a comeback in other countries, like Venezuela or even the U.S.!
A press release with the headline “Ukraine: Coup with Far Right Calling Shots” comes from the Institute for Public Accuracy, a group supported by Barbra Streisand. It offered up a commentator who has expressed alarm that the new Ukrainian government is threatening to outlaw the Communist Party of Ukraine.
Such widely-watched leftist programs as “Democracy Now!,” hosted by Amy Goodman, have insisted that the country’s “democratically elected president” has been overthrown and question the nature of the revolution in Ukraine. While Viktor Yanukovych did win an election in 2010, by 49 percent to 46 percent, he consolidated his power in an illegal and unconstitutional way, raising serious questions about whether the next presidential election in March 2015 would be free and fair. Then his police opened fire on peaceful protesters.

Part of his plan, which we are seeing unfold in the U.S. under Obama’s FCC, was to stifle dissident voices.
Freedom House pointed out, “The media [in Ukraine] do not provide the population with unbiased information, as business magnates with varying political interests own and influence many outlets, and the state exercises politicized control over a nationwide television network and television stations at the regional level. Some 69 percent of Ukrainians get their news from television, and the medium now features fewer alternative points of view, open discussions, and expert opinions than in previous years.” It added that “Pressure on independent media increased dramatically during 2013.”
The anti-freedom forces on the left have been joined by Alex Jones on the right in denouncing the uprising in Ukraine. One can find any number of stories on the Jones website echoing what the left is saying. In the past, Jones has defended the Russian invasion of Georgia, a former Soviet republic like Ukraine. Lyndon LaRouche, a convicted felon who began his career as a Marxist, was recently on the Alex Jones radio show warning about the “destabilization of Ukraine” by the West, and a “potential thermonuclear war with Russia.”
One is tempted to ignore or dismiss these absurd claims, except for the fact that Jones is taken seriously by many libertarians who have come to believe the U.S. is far more of a danger to the world than Putin’s Russia. Jones is closely associated with former Congressman Ron Paul and his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). In fact, Jones raised money for their political campaigns.
While Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) has been outspoken against Russia’s designs on Ukraine and other former Soviet republics, Senator Rand Paul has been strangely silent. “The Free World Stands with the People of Ukraine” was the headline over the press release from Cruz’s office. “The world cannot afford to be distracted by the Olympic festivities in Sochi as just next door liberty-seeking Ukrainians are brutalized by their own government.”

Meanwhile, Senator Paul was winning applause from the left by testifying in favor of voting rights for convicted felons and continuing his campaign against the NSA.
One charge we usually hear from the crowd associated with Alex Jones, designed to appeal to conservatives, is that George Soros and his Open Society Institute are somehow implicated in the revolution in Ukraine and controlling events behind the scenes. Freedom fighters in Ukraine are described by Alex Jones writer Kurt Nimmo as “Soros activists,” a smear term, and linked somehow to the CIA.
Like much of what we hear from Jones and his ilk, this is disinformation designed to confuse people and benefit Russia. Inevitably, these accounts trace back to a website, Global Research, which warns that the revolution in Ukraine could “threaten Russia.” The Nimmo story is directly sourced to an article by Peter Schwarz, a regular contributor to Global Research who is secretary of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), which considers itself as the leader of the world socialist movement. Schwarz is also a member of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist website.
The fact that a “libertarian” site would link to such a source speaks volumes about the nature of the media today and the special interests manipulating international news coverage.

While it’s true that the Soros-affiliated International Renaissance Foundation is active in Ukraine, it has played a minor role. Nevertheless, it appears that Soros has come down on the right side of this conflict, for his own reasons, and that if the past is any guide, he will want to take the country in a “progressive” direction.
But just because Soros has a hand in Ukraine (and dozens of other countries) does not mean that his vision for the country will emerge as predominant. That is up to the people to determine. In Ukraine, the anti-communist nature of the revolution should help make the Soros vision impossible to implement. These people have shown they are smart enough to understand and recognize the bankruptcy of Marxism.
Ukraine may serve as an example of what can be done when Marxists think they can consolidate their power and oppress the people. Perhaps Venezuela and Russia will provide more examples. Can America be far behind?

Katy Perry Woosies out caves to Islam demands...!

katy perry!!!!! - Katy Perry Wallpaper (9507115) - Fanpop fanclubs
Katy Perry just joined the ranks of lap dancers...she became a lap dog for Islams IMAMS!
Didn't take but a threat from Islam to have Katy cowering and censoring her song 'Dark Horse'
How sad is that she was a contender, now reduced to the status of a lap dog! 


 Some of the screenshots were changed to appease Islam....Katy wraps herself in the American flag then fails to defend it...she should go with a Burka because thats what she just did!

Impeachment Talks At House Hearing...!
(The Gateway Pundit) The House Judiciary Panel is holding a special hearing today to see if the president went over the line of the US Constitution to advance his agenda.
Depending on the findings of the panel the Obama Administration may be forced to follow the US Constitution or other extreme measures may be taken including impeachment proceedings…
Keep Reading

GOP Falling like dominos...#CJINO Gov Jan Brewer fell to the #PSP

have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse ...
[I  have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse ...]

I for one am growing appears now that 80% of all Republicans are RINOS. I believe the same applies to Democrats only 20% are blue dogs,80% progressives...They ignore our cry to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights...they thumb their collective noses at us, all the while smiling and saying we understand...just send us more money for the good fight...we are saving the fight for next time,however when next time comes they go right ahead and side with Harry Reid and the progressive party of Barack Obama!
So what can we do after all most of the federal courts have been infiltrated by Homosexual activist judges?

All I can suggest at this point is to withold all political contributions to the GOP and DNC Pacs,only vote for and donate to individual candidates with a proven track record of upholding the Constitution,Bill of Rights and the philosophy of the Torah and the New Testament!

And from this day forward label all politicians who go against the Biblical principals as #CJINO's [Christian Jewish In Name Only] and for all those who adhere to the title 'Progressive' #PSP [Pink Swastika Party]

Let My People Go:

The Pink Swastika Party: SEE:


New NSA Docs Confirm Long-Held Blogger Fears: There Are Government Trolls Among Us

trolls who try to steal from my subjects are turned into little trolls ...
The Internet has provided a forum for average people throughout the world to disseminate, share and debate information unattenuated by gatekeepers in the mainstream media and their politically connected friends. New media outlets like Personal Liberty Digest have, for years, been warning readers that the well-connected and ruling elite, displeased by this newfound proletariat freedom, have been prolific in attempts to undermine and marginalize information provided by any media outlet unwilling to obey the same unspoken rules that govern the content choices of major media outlets.
Now, thanks to the efforts of National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald, readers no longer have to take the word of “paranoid” bloggers who relate tales of paid government trolls lurking in comment sections and other concentrated top-down efforts to muddy the information provided by alternative media.
On his The Intercept blog this week, Greenwald provides documents from Snowden’s NSA cache which provide a look at some of the tactics employed by the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a spy agency that has been shown to have a close working relationship with the American spy agency.
The documents deal largely with the goals of GCHQ’s previously secret Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG), an apparatus whose mission Greenwald describes thusly: “Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.”

The journalist relays, “To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: ‘false flag operations’ (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting ‘negative information’ on various forums.”

graphic from The Intercept

Another slide encourages intelligence agents to employ tactics such as luring targeted individuals into a compromising sexual controversy via a “honey trap” or falsely pretending to be a victim of some misdeed committed by the target: 

graphic from The Intercept 

Similarly, the agency provides Internet tactics for launching disinformation attacks against businesses and organizations that run afoul of power systems: 

graphic from The Intercept 

The end result of employing these tactics, according JTRIG documents, is to use “online techniques to make something happen in the real or cyber world.”  That “something,” sparked by “online covert action,” should serve to deny, disrupt, degrade or deceive Internet users involved in activities not approved by government officials.
The most disturbing confirmation provided in the newly publicized intelligence documents is that spy agencies in Western nations with free speech guarantees have been given carte blanche authority from political leadership to target private individuals and organizations deemed uncooperative with the will of the state with ruthless online reputation-destruction efforts.
Greenwald provides that the tactics mentioned in the leaked documents “extend far beyond the customary roster of normal spycraft: hostile nations and their leaders, military agencies, and intelligence services.”
“In fact, the discussion of many of these techniques occurs in the context of using them in lieu of ‘traditional law enforcement’ against people suspected (but not charged or convicted) of ordinary crimes or, more broadly still, ‘hacktivism’, meaning those who use online protest activity for political ends.” Greenwald writes.
It is implied that the aforementioned tactics are reserved for “hacktivists” and other online actors involved in malicious attacks on government systems; but these documents reveal that Western spy agencies with the purported mission of recognizing and preventing terror activity possess the ability and absolute willingness to implement utterly Orwellian controls on free speech. In other words, it takes no stretch of the imagination — even for those who have resisted considering the possibility of malevolent intent on government’s part — to assume that the mission of organizations like the NSA and GCHQ is ultimately more about quelling citizen dissent than stopping citizen bloodshed at the hands of terrorists.

Another set of documents provided by Greenwald reveals the extent to which the spy agencies are willing to go in order to place inhibit the ability of dissenters to have informed, intelligent discussion related to public grievances with government leadership.
“Then there is the use of psychology and other social sciences to not only understand, but shape and control, how online activism and discourse unfolds,” the journalist writes. “Today’s newly published document touts the work of GCHQ’s ‘Human Science Operations Cell,’ devoted to ‘online human intelligence’ and ‘strategic influence and disruption.’”
That’s right; Western governments have thoroughly researched how their citizens interact online and devised plans accordingly to disrupt intelligent public discourse.

A bank of slides from the Snowden leak documents methods of best identifying different personalities during online interactions: 

graphic from The Intercept 

graphic from The Intercept 

graphic from The Intercept 

graphic from The Intercept 

The slides also instruct agents in methods of “gaming,” or influencing, the outcomes of online interactions between citizens: 

graphic from The Intercept 

graphic from The Intercept 

graphic from The Intercept 

Asked by Greenwald whether GCHQ and its partners target individuals for reputation destruction, troll political discourse or set up “false flag” reports online, the agency responded, “It is a longstanding policy that we do not comment on intelligence matters. Furthermore, all of GCHQ’s work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework which ensures that our activities are authorised, necessary and proportionate, and that there is rigorous oversight, including from the Secretary of State, the Interception and Intelligence Services Commissioners and the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee. All our operational processes rigorously support this position.”
Americans can bet that the NSA’s position on responding to the accusations is identical.
Those who hold a “dangerous servant, fearful master” view of government don’t really need a meaningful answer from either agency. The mere existence of documents like those published this week provides that the nefarious and long-suspected Internet activities of Western propagandists are not just plausible — they have very likely occurred in the comment sections and social media posts of articles like the one you are reading now.
That means any activity a person does online could provide the opportunity to be squarely across the proverbial table from a government propaganda troll.
And if, even with reasonably sound evidence, it still seems unbelievable that the U.S. or British governments would go to such lengths control the flow of information and opinion among citizens, consider that it’s only natural. Not even ivory tower academics deny that the governments of both nations have long influenced information and opinions permitted on each of the largest mass media markets via a complex combination of incentive and influence.
Wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that governments in free speech countries would need to restructure their approach to propagandizing the masses and extinguishing brushfires of dissent in an era when the Internet has provided a vehicle for any person, anywhere, at any time to reach a broad audience?
Even if it doesn’t, it wouldn’t hurt to err on the side of caution — unless you’d like to see your children and grandchildren inherit an Internet with the same free speech value of today’s network news environment.

The World’s Leader In Disinformation

oped: Get a grip y'all Ted is a entertainer  and a Shock Jock...he may use the wrong choice of words making a point....however his point is well taken if'n ya get past the shock jock effect! The world has gone so far PC they forget the humor of the comment!

“Behind Winston’s back the voice from the telescreen was still babbling away about pig-iron and the overfulfillment of the Ninth Three-Year Plan.” — 1984, George Orwell
Ted Nugent did something unforgivable last week. Far worse than calling President Barack Obama a “mongrel” while campaigning for Republican candidate for Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the aging rock star said that CNN spins out propaganda the way Nazi Germany did.
When endlessly attacked over that statement by CNN, Nugent tweeted:
Nugent’s comments were huge news on CNN, regardless of the fact that the U.S. economy is in shambles, some indicators show that the stock market is headed for a major correction and some of the key ingredients exist that could set off a global war in central Europe, where the previous two originated.
Nugent couldn’t be more wrong regarding CNN. Today, Ted Turner’s once-solid news organization puts Goebbels to shame when it comes to spreading disinformation and spewing outrageous lies.
During World War II, many Germans were very cynical of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry, especially after the Allied bombing campaigns began. Yet most Americans today accept what CNN tells them as gospel.

If CNN’s reporting were unique, it could be recognized for what it is. But most of the TV networks and major print media outlets produce lockstep information that the public not only swallows but can parrot upon demand. For what masters they work I do not know, but to believe there is much serious reporting of actual news or any balance in their reporting of events would stretch the mind toward retardation.
All one has to do is watch BBC news broadcasts to know that there really are important events happening and they are not predicated on a politically biased American liberal agenda.

Aeschylus: ‘In War, Truth Is The First Casualty’

If Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite landed in hell, I wager they would have to watch CNN 24 hours a day. They would have to suffer the truth that the serious issues that affect the world and Americans are rarely reported on and that if they are, they have a slant directed for some larger ambition of mind control and mindless distraction.
Whatever you call what is happening daily around the globe on TV is nothing like what I was taught at journalism school. The five Ws — who, what, when, where and why — were replaced by Goebbels’ propaganda brainchild. He said: “Our starting point is not the individual … we do not subscribe to the view that one should feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty or clothe the naked…”
Neither should North Americans feel disillusioned or disenchanted, even though millions of them are. Instead, if we use the past week as an example, Canadians have been thrilled to excessive celebration that their spoiled, drug-aided, multi-millionaire players on the men’s hockey team beat America’s spoiled, drug-aided, multi-millionaire studded team at the Sochi Olympics. Of course, Americans feel shame over the loss but have rebounded because of other gold medals.
Naysayers will point to the coverage of the violence in Ukraine as proof that CNN and other TV networks are, in fact, reporting the news. But their coverage has been twisted so far that it looks as if the Barack Obama Administration wrote it. According to anchors like Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper, freedom-loving (code words for American-allied) protest groups are demanding “reforms” in the country, which has an evil and corrupt government that is a Moscow puppet. Part of CNN’s job is to constantly remind us that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “ex-KGB.” It always sounds sinister. But ask yourself: How many times have news outlets like CNN ever mentioned that George H.W. Bush was the former director of the CIA? Next to never is the answer. And if it were ever accidently reported, it could be explained away that, like the American government itself, the CIA was and is an agent for righteousness against evil. Such acceptance of this is something that only a willfully ignorant person would embrace.

Even as far back as 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt foresaw that America needed spheres of influence, regions that must be sheltered and others that should be planted and grown.
According to Antony Beevor in his bestseller, The Second World War, it was FDR’s conclusion (made to Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the drawing up of the Atlantic Charter four months before America’s entrance into World War II) that in a postwar period, nations should have the right to their own self-determination — except in cases where that would conflict with the strategic ambitions of Great Britain and the United States. Upon conclusion of the war, FDR’s successor, Harry Truman, was more specific. In March 1947, Truman warned a joint session of Congress that catastrophe would happen if the United States did not battle communism around the globe. His focus at that time was Greece, where, in fact, many Greeks wanted communism. Truman said without U.S. aid (armed intervention), “disorder might spread throughout the Middle East” and into Western Europe.
Sounding no different than a speech by George W. Bush or Barack Obama, Truman told Congress: “I believe that it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.”
According to Roosevelt, Truman and every President since, peoples of the world should be free to choose their own destiny as long as it coincides with Washington’s view of that destiny.
What is happening in Ukraine today is no different than what happened in Greece six decades ago with one critical exception: Greece was clearly within America’s right to influence because of its geographic location to Western Europe. Ukraine borders Russia and for centuries has been under Russian auspices. It would be as if Mexico were setting up a new government friendly to Moscow and believing that Washington would accept such a destiny for Mexico.

Of course, there is no balance in this reporting or the fact that at least half of all Ukrainians want closer relations with Russia and not the European Union (i.e., American) influence. That doesn’t get a mention from Blitzer, Cooper and the morning anchors who last week mostly focused on the racial injustice of the Michael Dunn verdict, a white man convicted of three of four counts for killing a young black man and who will most certainly die in prison. And, of course, they discussed America’s important victories in the Olympics by athletes whom we probably have never heard of before in a sport some of us have never seen. And they talked about the movie “12 Years a Slave,” which is predicted by CNN entertainment pundits to sweep this year’s Academy Awards. The reason, we are told, is because America is finally waking up to centuries of injustice against African-Americans. My truth is that I wake up to it every morning when I turn on CNN to get a cursory check of stock index prices and an important story that even CNN would have to report on.

Breaking Stories Soon To Be On CNN

I can already predict the stories that will follow in the weeks, months and years ahead. Support for whatever domestic or foreign policies Obama declares; derision against the Republican Party, especially those that are legitimate threats to the progressive liberal agenda, such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; a steady stream of past and current injustices — real or imagined — that black people face; plus hours of mindless blather on subjects like sports, weather and entertainment that help distract us from the ugly truth that our liberties are being ripped out from beneath us.
Whatever the truth is you won’t be hearing about it on CNN or the rest of the TV media. That is because the real enemy is not in Kiev, Ukraine; Damascus, Syria; or Moscow. The real enemy gives us disinformation via the telescreen. George Orwell knew it 65 years ago. Too bad we don’t read more and watch less TV.

Survey Says

2nd Amendment
Of all the left-wing hate groups that orbit inside the Democrats’ sphere of influence, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is neither the ugliest nor the most dangerous.  While it exists solely to abrogate the Bill of Rights, its motives stem neither from the unhinged racism of groups like Common Cause nor the bloodlust of the Service Employees International Union. However, while the Brady-ites might not have the stomach to march to the bigoted and violent beats of those aforementioned liberal gangs, they do display the same tendency to ignore pesky obstacles like facts — not to mention that bane of liberals everywhere: the U.S. Constitution.
Last month, the Brady bunch sent out a “survey” that it laughably claimed was designed to “… assess and improve (the Brady Campaign’s) efforts to create a nation that is free from gun violence.” Of course, with howlers like that right there in the introduction, only the nuttiest of left-wing nut jobs could remain ignorant to the goal of the “survey.” As most Personal Liberty Digest™ readers already know, the Brady Campaign and its fellow opponents of the Bill of Rights have no interest in protecting anyone or anything other than their political stature and, of course, their sizable bank accounts. The former motive is revealed by the repeated use of hackneyed phrases like “gun violence.” The latter is exposed by the fact that the Brady Campaign stumps for donations in the bloody survey itself:

"14. Drawing on the history of other public health and safety campaigns in the United States, we believe that real progress on preventing gun violence in America depends on a strong collective voice. The only way we can dramatically reduce the number of gun deaths and injuries in this country is by standing together. Will you join us?
- YES! I will support the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence with a generous contribution of: < various amounts $25-$1,000 and *other >
- I want to become a Brady Champion with my monthly cred card gift of: < various amounts $5/month-$250/month and *other >
- I cannot send a gift right now, but please accept my contribution of $12 to help cover tabulation costs for this national survey."
Being the fun guy I am, I not only managed to get my mitts on one of these thinly disguised push polls, but I managed to make some adjustments thereto. Am I undertaking a fool’s errand in trying to jam sense into a group that actually considers turns-of-phrase like “gun sense” anything other than an absolute rape of the language? Probably. But it runs counter to my nature to abandon otherwise innocent Americans to the ghastly fate of those trapped in cities that have been burned to the ground by people like the Brady bunch. To put it another way: If the Brady-ites had their druthers, America would be one gigantic Detroit, with the exception of the showpiece mansions of the super rich who own the Democratic Party. Let’s be honest, kids. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi couldn’t live in Detroit. She doesn’t speak “middle class” well; she’d be lost in a land without lattes and Botox. Feel free to play along as your buddy Ben attempts to fix something that’s probably broken beyond repair.

1. When it comes to politics, how would you describe your affiliation?
  1. Republican.
  2. Democrat.
  3. I vote for whoever offers the most free stuff.
  4. I vote for whoever threatens my freedom the least.
2. If you had to describe where you fit on the political spectrum, what would you say?
  1. Conservative.
  2. Silly.
  3. Sillier.
  4. I still subscribe to The New Yorker.
3. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is dedicated to repealing the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution through blatant fearmongering and nonsensical attempts to vilify firearms rather than the people who misuse them. Which of the following areas of its “work” are personally repellent to you?

  1. Adding the prefix “gun” to as many unfortunate and/or tragic circumstances as possible in an effort to convince people that being shot is somehow worse than being stabbed to death, beaten to death or thrown off a cliff by an Obamacare death panelist.
  2. Fighting for draconian anti-Bill of Rights laws that make for good talking points at liberal hate group rallies, but do nothing to stem the tide of actual violence in so-called “gun-free” zones.
  3. Falsely blaming firearms for the actions of people who are criminals and, therefore, are likely to be Democratic voters.
  4. Working hand in claw with President Barack Obama and his accomplices to slander law-abiding gun owners while refusing to even acknowledge the fact that Obama is a liar who has armed both Mexican narcoterrorists and al-Qaida and who, as such, is directly responsible for more bloodshed than virtually the entirety of the legal gun-owning community.
4. What is your opinion of the NRA?
  1. I’ve got the sticker on my truck.
  2. Sometimes, I worry they’re more interested in influence-peddling than actually protecting the 2nd Amendment from hate groups like the Brady Campaign.
  3. Disgraced phone-hacker and soon-to-be-ex CNN bloviator Piers Morgan says I should hate them, and I’m a good liberal.
  4. At least they don’t tell me how to live my life. 

5. In light of the fact that anti-Bill of Rights laws did nothing to prevent the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012, do you think lawmakers in Washington, D.C., have done enough to strengthen our Nation’s gun laws?
  1. Um, is that a serious question?
  2. I’m sorry; I keep my EarPro on at the range. Did you say something?
6. In your opinion, what are the biggest obstacles to passing laws that could dramatically infringe on the Constitutionally assured right to keep and bear arms? (Check all that apply.)
  1. The Bill of Rights.
  2. The average Americans’ ability to recognize liberal BS by the stink of it.
  3. Some public officials’ ability to stand up to bullying by leftist hate groups like the Brady Campaign.
  4. The fact that conservatives tend to rely more on facts and experience than the hysteria, hate and ignorance peddled by liberals.
7. Of the following “work” the Brady Campaign does, which do you feel is most dangerous right now? (Choose one.)
  1. Working with Congress and Obama to pass legislation at the national level that will eliminate the Bill of Rights.
  2. Helping lawmakers enact more senseless laws to blame firearms for the actions of people.
  3. Shrieking at the top of our lungs in an effort to convince the public that Congress and Obama are more qualified than the American people to determine what’s best for them.
  4. Providing a way for fewer Americans to be heard above the din of leftist fearmongering and anti-Bill of Rights ignorance. 
8. Each day, in America, 32 men, women and children are murdered with guns. Another 51 people use guns to commit suicide every day. Knowing this, which of the following statements best describes how you feel about guns and gun violence?
  1. It seems unlikely that 32 men, women, and children were carrying at the time they were murdered, and not one of them got off a shot.
  2. I doubt the 51 suicides would have been less dead if they’d jumped off cliffs, swallowed a bunch of pills or subjected themselves to a Piers Morgan marathon.
  3. The Brady Campaign’s grammar is as abysmally poor as its leadership.
  4. I find the use of nonsense phrases like “gun violence” as offensive as I find Piers Morgan.
9. In your opinion, how long will it take Congress to pass laws to abridge, amend or completely abrogate the Bill of Rights?
  1. Good luck with that.
  2. If they want to keep their jobs, it better be longer than my lifespan.
  3. Medical science hasn’t advanced far enough to keep anyone — much less Congressmen — alive long enough to undo the Bill of Rights.
  4. Almost as long as Al Gore has been pushing his Grand Unified Theory of ManBearPig. 
10. Please describe what factors you consider when deciding to support an organization like the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence? (Check all that apply.)
  1. Whether they support Democrats or patriots.
  2. Whether I’m being held at gunpoint by the ATF.
  3. Whether I’ve received my welfare check for the month.
  4. How did I get on this mailing list?
Since the Brady Campaign’s version of the survey was really just a Byzantine fundraising scheme, I’ll be a pal and include its mailing address: 840 First St. NE, Suite 400;
Washington, D.C. 20002. Feel free to send this edition to them upon completion. You’re welcome to throw in a couple of bucks, but I’d recommend something more appropriate. Tuck a spent shell casing in the envelope.

Sen John McCain Meets With Soros in Davos, Gets Censured by AZ GOP


WTH is this guy doing with Soros? Soros is engaged with so many hardcore leftist organizations is there any doubt now McCain is liberal scum? Even the AZ GOP has come to the conclusion and has censured him AGAIN because he leans left on far too many issues.
I’m sorry I know many will be angry but his service and price he paid 40 years ago does not exempt him today. As I wrote in October 2013 I seriously wonder exactly what was done to him while he was imprisoned during the Vietnam War. Yes I am suggesting now as I did in Oct he may MAY have been brainwashed! There is no other logical reason for this guy to turn so far left AFTER this radical whom we don’t even know what his legal name is gets elected to the presidency twice!
McCain attacked Ted Cruz and other GOP “rebels” blaming them for the shutdown, defends obamacare, backed Syrian rebels (aka terrorists), he is pro-amnesty and the list goes on and on! Thank God the people in AZ are waking up to this career fraud masquerading as a conservative republican!

Arizona GOP censures McCain for ‘liberal’ record
AP/ WaPo
The Arizona Republican Party formally censured Sen. John McCain on Saturday, citing a voting record they say is insufficiently conservative.
The resolution to censure McCain was approved by a voice-vote during a meeting of state committee members in Tempe, state party spokesman Tim Sifert said. It needed signatures from at least 20 percent of state committee members to reach the floor for debate.
Sifert said no further action was expected.
McCain spokesman Brian Rogers declined to comment on the censure. But former three-term Sen. Jon Kyl told The Arizona Republic ( ) that the move was “wacky.”
“I’ve gone to dozens of these meetings and every now and then some wacky resolution gets passed,” Kyl told the newspaper on Saturday. “But most people realize it does not represent the majority of the vast numbers of Republicans."

Note: Soros is probably dressing down McCain for not putting on a conservative enough act. The RINOs are supposed to loudly bluster about the leftist agenda without actually vetting it while quietly ensuring that it gets voted through- with designated votes to be thrown in support of the opposition- clearing the way for others to vote against it in order to bolster their illusion as conservatives at election time.

More on McCain/Soros:

What is McCain doing meeting with 'Spooky Dude' Soros? 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DOJ Holder’s to State Attorney Generals: Okay to be Lawless

oped: What I don't understand is why those honest attorneys in DOJ don't relieve Eric Holder of Command take him into custody with assistance from those honest FBI agents!...I mean even in the Navy a Captain can be relieved by a Junior Officer if he is unfit or giving illegal orders! 

Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. announced today that state attorneys general do not have to defend laws they believe are discriminatory. “Engaging in that process and making that determination is something that’s appropriate for an attorney general to do,” Holder said. While Holder stopped short of encouraging the state Attorney Generals in doing so, the meta-message of making your own decisions that usurp their states constitution or legislative branch is appropriate.

Hi I'm a Liberal,and I'm sooo tolerant!!! Az Jan you must veto or else ! !

Paula Priesse by: Paula Priesse
February 25th – NBC reports that AZ Governor Jan Brewer is likely to veto a bill that provides legal protection for businesses that deny services based upon religious convictions. The NFL is threatening to pull the 2015 Super Bowl if Brewer does not. This is a matter for Arizonans (of course we naively thought this about immigration as well) but can we at least knock off the “return to Jim Crow” hyperbole? Many black leaders & ministers are rightfully miffed with such a ludicrous comparison. HotAir’s Ed Morrissey: “The Jim Crow laws required businesses to segregate, rather than allow them to do so.” And to those calling bill backers “bigots” please consider this: A gay caterer refusing to serve the Westboro Baptist Church is not anti-Christian. A black photographer refusing to shoot a Klan rally is not anti-white. And believers in the sanctity of traditional marriage (be they Christian, Jewish or Muslim) refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding are not anti-gay. No harm no foul, there will always be other bakeries. Just more faux “victims” demanding that “tolerance” be a one-way street. P

Federal Judges Unelected and Unaccountable...

judge rules against a State’s constitution
Ever wonder why so many decisions go against states rights lately? Well let me tell you why...The Progressive Party also known as the Pink Swastika Party....under the supervision and financing by none other than George Soros [Senator John McCain met privately with George in the EU this year...hello]... has been working for decades stacking the courts with Homosexual activist Judges as did Hitlers National  Socialist Democratic Party.[NAZI]..with a combination of Barry Obama as POTUS,Eric Holder as AG they pretty much control how the outcome will be...however this all could be remedied if Congress acted and Impeached the whole damn Obama administration for Sedition and Treason.

This is unlikely as it appears they are either bought and payed for or have IQ's of 90 (dull normal) So this leaves our fate with our States rights and elected Sheriffs to sort out what action needs to be taken...and yes the Soros machine is also attempting the take over of all States Govs and Reps...we the people must act now or we will lose all...and history will repeat once again!


Lawyers: Gay marriage a detriment to children

Suit over Missouri execution drug draws scrutiny
[Judge Terence Kern:Homosexual activist Judge]
Obama enabler:
oped: All I have to say about this: 

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Lawyers who are appealing a federal judge's ruling that overturned Oklahoma's ban on same-sex marriage said in a court filing Monday that legalizing gay marriage would harm children, undermine society and make traditional marriages unstable.
The Alliance Defending Freedom cited courts and anthropologists, saying children are better off in a home with a mother and a father. It said traditional couples would be less likely to marry, or stay together, if marriage became a genderless institution not focused on procreation.
U.S. District Judge Terence Kern ruled last month against Tulsa County Court Clerk Sally Howe Smith, whose office refused to grant a marriage license to two women who wanted to marry. Monday's appeal is the first step in the process ahead of an April 17 hearing before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. 

In its court filing Monday, Alliance said marriages should be about children, not adults.
"Marriage encourages mothers and fathers to remain together and care for the children born of their union," the group's 93-page filing said. Severing the link, it said, "would powerfully convey that marriage exists to advance adult desires rather than serving children's needs."
Citing a court opinion from 1888 — 19 years before Oklahoma's statehood — Alliance said marriage "is the foundation of the family and of society, without which there would be neither civilization nor progress," and cited a 1978 ruling that said traditional marriage was "fundamental to the very existence and survival of the (human) race."
Sharon Baldwin and Mary Bishop, who had applied for the marriage license, issued a statement Monday night saying Alliance's brief relies "on outdated and debunked science as far as saying that children need both a mother and a father."
"(W)e believe they're wrong that marriage is only about children. While many couples who wish to marry, both heterosexual and homosexual, want children, many others are infertile, are elderly or simply do not want children," they said. 

In his ruling, Kern said Oklahoma, by enforcing the ban, violates the U.S. Constitution's Equal Protection Clause because it precludes same-sex couples from receiving an Oklahoma marriage license.
"Exclusion of just one class of citizens from receiving a marriage license based upon the perceived 'threat' they pose to the marital institution is, at bottom, an arbitrary exclusion based upon the majority's disapproval of the defined class," he wrote. "It is also insulting to same-sex couples, who are human beings capable of forming loving, committed, enduring relationships."
Oklahoma's Republican governor, attorney general and other elected officials blasted the ruling. Kern immediately stayed the effects of his ruling, anticipating an appeal.
Alliance's brief Monday said that, over time, marriage would lose its distinction as the place where heterosexual couples traditionally have children and instead be regarded as merely an option.
"Without the stability that marriage provides, more man-woman couples would end their relationships before their children are grown ... and more children would be raised outside a stable family unit led by their married mother and father," the group wrote, predicting an increase in the divorce rate. 

Byron Babione, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, said 76 percent of Oklahoma voters expressed what they thought was best for children and society, referring to the amendment vote.
"Marriage expresses the reality that men and women bring distinct, irreplaceable gifts to family life, especially for children who deserve both a mom and a dad," Babione said in a statement Monday night.
Kern's ruling was one of several in the past few months to strike down or void part of such a ban.
A similar appeal out of Utah is being heard by the 10th Circuit. Utah state attorneys filed their opening arguments earlier this month, saying the optimal environment for raising a child is with a mother and father. A federal judge there had ruled in December that the voter-approved ban was unconstitutional. More than 1,000 gay couples got married in Utah before the U.S. Supreme Court granted a stay in the case, halting the marriages during the appeals process. Oral arguments in the Utah case are scheduled for April 10.
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