Friday, December 15, 2017

Woman Beheaded in the Street in the Middle of the Day [EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO]

A Myanmar woman was beheaded in the middle of the street, after her husband accused her of killing their 7 year old daughter.  The woman is heard screaming over and over that she was innocent.  In Saudi Arabia innocence  isn’t sufficient to save you from Sharia Law and besides it’s cheaper than divorce.

The Israel Video Network:
In this graphic video taken in Saudi Arabia near the city of Mecca, a woman is punished for having committed what her husband alleges is the murder of his 7-year-old daughter.
The convicted woman is led out before a crowd in broad daylight and beheaded in the middle of a lot.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Judge Roy Moore campaign statement #Alabama

SHOCKING VIDEO: Proof of Alabama voter fraud!?

A stunning video has emerged from Alabama and has begun circulating social media — and the creator says it’s “smoking gun proof” that there was widespread voter fraud in the Alabama senatorial election on Tuesday.
The video, shared on a forum for President Donald Trump’s supporters by user BreakfastGolum, is taking social media by storm.
If true, the contents are shocking.

Caught up in the excitement of Doug Jones’ victory over Judge Roy Moore, a man at a Jones victory party seems to admit to a local reporter that many Jones supporters came from non-Alabama states to vote illegally.
Speaking to a Fox10 reporter, the man holds up a Jones for Senate sign and cheers loudly.

“We came from different parts of the country, as part of a fellowship, and all of us pitched in to vote and canvass together — and we got our boy elected! Let’s go, Doug Jones!” the man exclaims.
The video adds fuel to the rampant speculation that Alabama’s special election was rigged.
Observers have noted that in some heavily-Democratic districts, voter turnout was 300% higher than historic averages. Leading up the election, liberal leaders had complained that Republican voter ID laws would suppress voter turnout.
The overwhelming turnout led critics to point out that either voter ID laws don’t suppress voter turnout — or there was widespread fraud in the Alabama election. Or, perhaps both.

Despite the speculation that fraud was committed, a Tuesday decision by attorney’s for Alabama’s Secretary of State to allow the physical destruction of paper ballots makes the claims hard to prove.
The zero-hour decision to destroy the ballots was controversial in the state. The Monday ruling overturned a Montgomery Circuit Court Judge order over the weekend that ballots should be preserved, and critics loudly objected that the  overturned order was irreversible and could fuel controversy.
It seems they were right. Immediately following the election claims of voter fraud spread like wildfire on social media. 

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Let us know your thoughts: Was the Alabama special election rigged?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

After Prosecution "Missteps" in Bundy Trial, is it All Over? - Jury Sent Home, Will Be Called Back "If They Are Needed"

by: Tim Brown 
On Monday, reports of prosecutor misconduct emerged in the Bundy Ranch trials, but you probably didn't hear that in the mainstream media nor much of the alternative media.
I had been on vacation and was very limited in what I was able to write on during that time, but having come back, I've seen some of the reports, mainly from Shari Dovale at Redoubt News, who has been keeping the public informed, along with a few others of what is taking place in Nevada at what has been deemed "The Trial of the Century.
First, let me allow Terry Noonkester to update you on the misconduct aspect in the case by the prosecution and we'll move on to whether this may result in the end of the trial.

Prosecutorial misconduct has affected the USA v Cliven Bundy trials in Las Vegas in regards to pretrial detention, convictions, plea agreements, and sentencing. Just within the first few weeks of the Tier I group trial, there is evidence that the prosecution has used false information to keep the defendants incarcerated.  Other evidence proves the Bundy’s and militia leaders did not make false statements to incite the protest, possibly eliminating at least one of the criminal charges.  Due to the serious affect of the mishandling of evidence by the prosecution, the defense attorney’s continued to make motions for a mistrial and dismissal of the case.

The prosecutions misrepresentation’s and withholding of evidence may have started by influencing the grand jury to indict on a total of sixteen charges.  Misrepresentation at the grand jury level could possibly void the basis of even plea agreements accepted by some Bundy Ranch Protest defendants.  If a criminal charge is proven to be based on false government claims, can the government continue to enforce that charge in a plea agreement?  According to contract law, an agreement based on false information is not binding nor enforceable.

There has also been extreme pressure applied to the defendants to accept plea agreements.  Historically, prosecutors across the country gained leverage when bargaining with defendants after the passage of the Bail Reform Acts of 1964 and 1984.  These acts allowed federal judges to deny bail to defendants when they were indicted for noncapital cases.
The USA v Bundy case was defined by the court as a ‘complex case’ giving the prosecution up to five years to complete the trials and still conform with the speedy trial requirements.  Pre-trial detention of such great duration fosters desperation in the defendants, causing many to buckle under the pressure when a plea bargain is offered.

Noonkester then listed those in the Bundy shakedown who have accepted plea bargains, many of which have families and believed they were facing such a corrupt system that their chances of having a fair trial in light of facing most, if not all, of their life in prison seemed reasonable.  Others were convicted, but their convictions should be called into question considering the obvious suppression of evidence by the prosecution that came out in the latest trial.
Noonkester comments, "As the third trial proceeds, more is revealed about government overreach and prosecutorial misconduct.  Greg Burleson’s and Todd Engel’s convictions must be questioned in light of all the evidence withheld in their trial.  Plea deals need to be reevaluated to make sure that these men haven’t pled guilty to a criminal charge that will later found to be fabricated by the government."

"The author and member of Ammon Bundy’s defense team, Roger Roots, describes the condition of the federal criminal justice system aptly in his book “The Conviction Factory, The Collapse of America’s Criminal Courts,” Noonkester added.  "Ammon Bundy’s attorney, Morgan Philpot, and his team are relying on donations at"

So, is this impacting the trial?  Has it merely brought it to a standstill or are we about to see a mistrial declared or possibility a dropping of the charges?
Shari Dovale reported on Monday that Judge Gloria Navarro said, "The jury won’t be called back before [December 20th], if they are needed.”
If needed?  Aren't they a part of the very court that is weighing the evidence here?  Perhaps the government's leniency in the matter of releasing the defendants in the case during trial is only a sign of what's to come in hopes that they can make all this go away quietly because they know they have wasted millions of dollars, violated the rights of the people and lied to the American public about what was all going on.

However, Dovale reported:
Judge Navarro discussed in open court the numerous violations made by the prosecution and the agents of the BLM and FBI in relation to this case.
Multiple Brady violations topped the list, with many exculpatory items not being turned over to the defense teams. Items such as the Threat Assessment reports, names of potential witnesses, reports from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reprimanding the BLM for not enforcing the court orders for years, and many more.
There are at least seven Brady violations the judge referred to in court today. Additionally, there were violations of evidence not being turned over in a timely manner, which are referred to as ‘Giglio’ violations, pointing to the court decisions of Giglio v. United States .

After the jury was sent home, the courtroom was cleared of spectators so the principle players could immediately go into another of the now infamous super-secret sealed hearings.
This court trial has become known for their overuse of the sealed hearing rules. A majority of the evidence has been sealed from the public view, bringing questions as to why the government is hiding so much information from the citizens. Our Constitution guarantees public trials, yet the government does not hold themselves accountable to the US Constitution, as their representative so testified.

So, as it stands now, it would appear the government is in the hot seat, but keep in mind that the government is acting as both plaintiff and prosecutor with a judge rooster guarding the hen house, but how long will they be able to maintain the charade here, or are they actually waking up to the fact that there was no crime actually committed here except on the government's behalf?
Time will tell.  Until December 20...

Monday, December 11, 2017

For the Snowflakes~Politicians...MSM and FoxNews Talking Heads

I have had about enough of all the wringing of hands ranting and raving going off the deep end everytime a accusation or allegation from the dinosaur past arises...when one tries to reason with them using logic, citing facts and evidence/The Rule of Law they just shake their collective heads and begin ranting and raving more.
Therefore I am going to reduce the discussion to their level of understanding...using sound bites and music videos to drive the point home if this does not work I throw in the proverbial towel and admit they are a lost cause not worthy of my time and energy!  

For the boys: 

For the girls: 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Time for POTUS Donald J Trump to....

Take Jeff Sessions,Holder,Lynch,Comey,Mueller et al to the wood shed and...

What say y'all...enough is enough already take the damn gloves off!

Culture Archaeological Discovery Is Nightmare for Devout Muslims

oped:More info:

There has been a lot of talk about Jerusalem in recent days, following President Donald Trump’s recognition of the city as the true capital of Israel. This decision has reignited the debate over which major religious faith lays a true claim to the ancient city — Jews, Christians or Muslims.
Obviously those of the Judaic faith hold the longest claim to the city, followed by Christians and then Muslims. Nonetheless, many modern-day Muslims lay claim to the entirety of the city and deny any Jewish or Christian ties to the important holy sites in the area, or their own Islamic faith for that matter.
Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has argued that the Islamic faith did not arise entirely on its own as a separate entity, but instead began as a sort of amalgamation of the various religions prominent in the Middle East in the 7th and 8th centuries — namely Judaism and Christianity — only assembling their own distinct doctrine later.
A recent archaeological find in Israel may lend some credence to that theory, or at least point to the fact that Muslims and Jews weren’t always the bitter enemies they would seem to be today.
The Jerusalem Post reported on the discovery during an archaeological dig of ancient Islamic coins dated back some 1,300 years, shortly after the dawn of the Islamic faith during the Umayyad dynasty. The coins prominently feature a rather Judaic symbol — the menorah.

“The Jewish symbol which the Muslims were using was the menorah (the gold seven-branch candelabra from the Temple), which appeared on several coins and other early Islamic artifacts,” explained archaeologist Assaf Avraham of Bar-Ilan University, who teamed up with Peretz Reuven of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
“The menorah coins bear the Shahada Arabic inscription on one side: ‘There is no god but Allah,’ while the menorah appears in the center of the coin,” he continued. “The other side bears the inscription: ‘Muhammad (is the) messenger of God.’”

The archaeological duo also discovered early Islamic clay pottery and lead vessels which also bore images of the menorah.
“They are dated to the early days of the Islamic caliphate, and were in use by Muslims,” Avraham stated, and added, “We wish that many Muslims will be exposed to this knowledge, which is part of their own religious and cultural heritage.”
According to The Times of Israel, the pair of archaeologists believe these and other recent discoveries are evidence of a “dialogue” and peaceful co-existence of the Judaic and Islamic faiths in the early days of Islam — one they hope could be resumed today or in the near future.
“At the beginning of the Muslim rule, not only didn’t they object to the Jews, but they saw themselves as the continuation of the Jewish people,” Avraham explained.

As proof of his assertion that Muslims initially viewed themselves as a continuation of the Jewish people, Avraham pointed to an inscription that had been found in a 1,000-year-old mosque in the village of Nuba, which referenced the Temple of Solomon — now known as the Dome of the Rock — and spoke of the need to rebuild it.

To be sure, there are detractors who have dismissed or downplayed the suggestion that Jews and Muslims got along or at least tolerated each other in the early days, but some have admitted that a bit of tolerance was possible in some areas, particularly on the periphery of the growing Islamic caliphate.
That said, ideally these new archaeological discoveries revealing even a brief moment in history when Jews and Muslims co-existed peacefully will give rise to a new era in which peaceful co-existence and “dialogue” can resume — a sentiment President Trump touched on during his historic speech recognizing Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel.

“So today, let us rededicate ourselves to a path of mutual understanding and respect,” he added. “Let us rethink old assumptions and open our hearts and minds to possible and possibilities.”
Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter so everyone can see that there was once a time in the past when Jews and Muslims were able to co-exist in peace in the ancient city of Jerusalem.
What do you think of the discovery of Islamic coins bearing the symbol of the Jewish menorah? Scroll down to comment below!