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We need to take our country and freedom back...!

At this time in our Nation we have 435 Congressional Representatives and 100 Senators in our Congress...they on average pass 80,000 pages of new laws,rules and bills each year...all of which whittles away our this rate in a few decades it will most likely be illegal to leave our homes for fear of breaking some rediculous law,rule or regulation...I ask you ~why do we allow this to continue? Is it not time to remove all of the problem people from government and elect our peers who really know what is best for the average person.
We must elect representatives who will repeal all the over binding rules,laws and regulations.

I for one am about at the breaking point trying to reason with power hungry self serving hypocrits...we pay them great salaries and excellent benefits for what... to screw us more each and every year they meet?
Either we remove them by election or start a grass roots movement among conservative states to withdraw from the Union... which has become a monster of abusive behavior!

We must return our country to it's once God fearing greatness that caused others to want to immigrate and prosper in a great and fair nation...not those who only come to raid our treasury with free benefits to all,citizen or not...enough is enough folks!

Christians who signed petitions investigated

by Bob Unruh
A prosecutor has decided to pursue and possibly charge members of El Paso area churches who promoted petitions opposing the city administration’s decision to implement benefits for same-sex partners even after voters decided not to allow that.
The result is an emergency appeal to the state Supreme Court by attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund, which has been working on the freedom of speech dispute.
The organization today warned that hundreds of Christians and other El Paso citizens “are facing jail time for exercising their constitutionally protected right to speak out against Mayor John Cook’s policies.”
The issue arose when voters in November 2010 placed on the ballot and passed an ordinance prohibiting unmarried domestic partner benefits in their city.
Several members of the city council refused to follow the will of the vote, and voted to rescind the ordinance approved by voters. The mayor joined in the effort.
Find out what you need to do! Get “Taking America Back: A Radical Plan to Revive Freedom, Morality, and Justice” 
Read entire article: 

“I’m here not to chastise you for your obvious lack of civility and decorum, nor address your permissiveness in allowing certain council members to personalize their attacks on certain speakers at this podium. Mayor, you specifically stated at last week’s city council meeting June the 14th that you would not allow personal attacks yet you let it happen anyway. Mr. O’Rourke, you stated at last week’s public hearings that you want to be remembered for decades for the decisions you made at city council. You will be remembered, sir, for many things. Last week, you wrongfully and disrespectfully attacked Father Michael Rodriguez and the moral failings of the Catholic church. You stated that Fr. Rodriguez was taking the moral high ground in this debate and I quote you as stating. I think there is fair folks, totally out of line…”
“Thank you, your time is over,” said Cook. “If you can’t remove yourself from the podium, I’ll have you removed. Yeah. You can take your freedom of speech outside.”
See it:

BREAKING NEWS: Palestinians Have Instigated War with Israel (Again)

100 rockets hit Israel since Friday

Iron Dome intercepts 27 out of 30 rockets fired at Beersheba, Ashdod, Ashkelon; IAF kills 15 Islamic Jihad operatives in Gaza strikes. Gantz: IDF to respond with determination to any attack

Palestinians from northern Gaza fired rockets at Beersheba, Ashdod and Gan Yavne early Saturday morning as the Color Red alert was sounded across Israel’s southern cities.
The IDF estimates that some 100 rockets have been fired at Israel since Friday. Meanwhile, a new Israeli air strike in Gaza killed two Palestinians riding on a motorcyle, Hamas officials and medics said on Saturday.
The attack followed the firing of rockets at Israel at the weekend, raises the death toll in escalating violence since Friday to 15.
Schools have been ordered closed during military aggressions.
Egypt has condemned Israel for their retaliations, but they fail to mention that it was the Palestinians who initiated the aggression with the firing of over 100 rockets into Israel.
The Iron Dome has successfully intercepted 27 out of 30 rockets fired at Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon. The other two rockets exploded in open fields.
These are the highest success rates for the defense system to date. Gantz praised the IDF officials in charge of operating the system during the situation assessment.
A Home Front Command official said: “The Command’s instructions have proven to save lives and they should be followed. When an alarm is sounded or if there is an explosion – enter a safety area.” Israelis are also instructed to avoid large gatherings of more than 500.
Beersheba Mayor Ruvik Danilovich addressed the ongoing rocket fire on Saturday, saying: “This escalation cannot be ignored.” He added that he fully backs the government’s decision to green light targeted killings against terror cell leaders planning a terror attack in Israel.
“These terrorists must understand they bear the responsibility,” Danilovich emphasized. “Even if it causes tensions now, in the long run it will cause deterrence.”
Ashdod reported that the Iron Dome intercepted two rockets. The rocket fire continued throughout the night as two rockets fired at Beersheba from northern Gaza. One of the projectiles landed within city limits. No injuries or damage were reported.
In the early evening hours, the Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted at least four Grad rockets fired at the southern communities of Ashdod, Gan Yavne and Kiryat Malachi.

The Color Red alert sounded in the Ashdod region immediately after the long-range rockets were fired, prompting residents to rush into bomb shelters and secured rooms. At least one rocket landed in an open area in the city’s vicinity.

IDF kills terror chief

Earlier Saturday, Gaza sources claimed 12 Palestinians have been killed in IDF attacks overnight, including a commander of the terrorist group behind the abduction of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier who was held captive for more than five years and freed in a prisoner swap for more than 1,000 Palestinians.
The Israeli military said it initially targeted Zuhair al-Qaissi, the commander of the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committee, a large terrorist group closely aligned with Gaza’s Hamas rulers. The explosion tore apart al-Qaissi’s blue sedan and killed his son-in-law, Mahmoud Hanini – himself a top PRC field commander.
Four people were injured in Eshkol Regional Council, including one critical injury and another mildly injured.
According to the IDF, shortly after midnight, the IAF targeted two terror cells gearing to fire rockets at Israel, killing two terrorists. Palestinian sources said at least two people were killed in the strike, near the Palestinian parliament in central Gaza City.

IDF: We’re prepared for what’s coming

Iron Dome system Commander says troops making tremendous effort to achieve successful results; ‘We have capability to keep going,’ he says

Lieutenant Colonel Gilad Biran, the commander of the Iron Dome missile defense system told Ynet on Saturday that the troops operating the defense system have been working hard over the weekend to make sure that rockets are intercepted.
“We are making a tremendous effort to achieve results. We are ready for what’s coming,” he said.
The missile defense system has intercepted 27 out of the 30 rockets launched at Israel’s southern cities. “We have the capability to keep going if the situation persists,” Biran added.
However, Air Force officials stressed that the Iron Dome does not provide complete protection, and that citizens are urged to follow the safety instructions issued by the Home Front Command.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IAF Chief Major General Ido Nehushtan visited the troops operating the Iron Dome missile defense system, and told them: “We are acting defensively and offensive, and are making efforts to do it to the best of our abilities.”
Barak said: “We are currently showing a 90% rate of successful interception – 27 out of 30 rockets. The Iron Dome does not only protect civilians, but also gives the political and military echelons more flexibility in responding to threats.
“We won’t let anyone harm our civilians. Those who try to launch a rocket or plan an attack will pay a heavy price, and no one will be granted immunity,” said Barak.
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South under fire; IDF kills 12 terrorists
2 killed in Gaza strike, including terror chief
Hamas forms covert terror faction
Home Front Command issues safety guidelines
Some 100 rockets hit Israel since Friday
IAF kills 3 more militants

Pravda asks: What happened to American media?

Accuses U.S. press of 'deliberately hiding evidence' of Obama's 'fraud'

by Chelsea Schilling 

It’s a twist of irony: The Russian news website Pravda has published an accusation that the American media is “tame,” afraid to publish news and is “deliberately hiding the evidence published on the internet about [President Obama's] defrauding of the American public and the deliberate evisceration of the Constitution of the United States.”
In a March 7 Pravda column, “Arizona sheriff finds Obama presidential qualifications forged,” Dianna Cotter, a senior at American Military University, blasts America’s mainstream media for their virtual silence about Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s six-month investigation into the controversy surrounding Obama’s birth certificate and his constitutional eligibility for office.  

NOTE: In case you missed the news conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse,” you can view it here.
“A singularly remarkable event has taken place in the United States of America,” Cotter wrote. “This event occurred in Arizona on March 1st and was an earth shattering revelation. … Yet, in the five days since [Arpaio's] revelations there has been little in the way of serious reporting on the findings he presented in his presser. With 6 short videos, the Sheriff and his team presented a devastating case, one the tame US press is apparently unable to report.”
Cotter recalls Obama April 27, 2011, press conference in which he “walked into the White House Press room with a Cheshire cat like grin and a ‘Long Form Birth Certificate’ from the State of Hawaii in hand.”
Speaking from the podium, Obama declared, “We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”
“Quite the barb from a man holding a forged document,” Cotter wrote. “That’s right, forged.
She notes that the investigation also uncovered an allegedly forged Selective Service Card for Obama.
“Forged documents are being used to qualify a President of the United States for the office he holds,” she contends. “Or is usurped the more accurate term?
“The silence from the main stream media in the US is deafening. It almost seems as if the press is terrified to even think the question, let alone ask it: Is the President a criminal? The press in Arpaio’s audience were certainly asking him to state precisely that, yet nowhere has the question been asked of the White House by the press. Instead the American Press is aggressively protecting the presumed President of the United States, pushing the fraud upon both America and the world, supporting a man who may well have usurped the office.”
She asks, “What has been the response from the Obama era press?
“Silence so loud it can be felt.”

Cotter lays out detailed evidence of a widespread cover-up and concludes:
The American Press is deliberately hiding the evidence published on the internet about this defrauding of the American public and the deliberate evisceration of the Constitution of the United States. It is hiding Barack Obama’s Fraud as it has been revealed by a Sheriff in Arizona. The silence of the American press would be unbelievable if it weren’t so blatantly obvious.
It is nearly as egregious as the audacity of Obama’s fraud itself.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mitt Romney Wolf In Sheeps Clothing ? - Lost ABC News Video

[Excerpts from the news video] …
Mitt Romney- “I’m a big believer in getting money where the money is, and the money is in Washington.

I’ve learned from my Olympic experience, if you have people who really understand how Washington works and have personal associations there, you can get money to help build economic development opportunities. …
We actually received over 410 million dollars from the Federal Government for the Olympic games. That is a huge increase over anything that I have ever done before. We did that by going after every agency in government.
I believe that the number was over a million dollars of Department of Education funding to buy tickets for kids. This way, we got kids there and we also got additional revenues we didn’t have. That kind of creativity is what I want to bring in everything we do. …
I want to go after every grant, every project, every department…”

On the 2012 campaign trail Mittens goes on the attack,
Republicans spend too much money, borrowed too much, and earmarked too much, and Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have to be held accountable. In this race, I’m the only guy who has not spent time in Washington. “

Dear Friend of Freedom,

Principle. Honor. Integrity.

More than anything else, Washington lacks these three vital traits. That's why I'm running for Congress.

I'm a proud conservative Republican, a decorated combat veteran, and a bestselling author. With your help, I will add United States Congressman to that list. I'm not a career politician and I'm not interested in going to Washington to "go with the flow." But before I tell you why you should support my campaign, let me tell you a little about myself.

I served six years active duty in the United States Army. In November 2004, I led a squad in Fallujah where we fought house-to-house, routing entrenched Hezbollah fighters. We lost a lot of men in Iraq, but those of us who survived learned lessons we'll never forget and returned home with three common traits: principle, honor, and integrity.

America is in trouble and it will take bold, commonsense conservative solutions to return her to greatness. I answered the call to serve my country on the battlefield once before. Now I'm answering that same call, this time to serve in the halls of Congress. So will you stand with me in the battle to save our nation by making a donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to my campaign today?

I don't have to tell you that our economy is in dire trouble. But unfortunately, there's another grave danger emerging today—a nuclear Iran. Speaking as a retired Army sergeant—let me be frank with you. Allowing the world's biggest state-sponsor of terrorism to obtain a nuclear weapon is a terrible idea. But what's even worse is that the Obama administration is actually making it easier for Iran to complete its nuclear program!

The Obama administration insists there's a window of opportunity to resolve the situation with Iran diplomatically. In fact, they're so convinced of this that they've offered Israel high powered weaponry in exchange for not attacking Iran until after the November elections. It's treasonous! American presidents do NOT negotiate with terrorists.

Iran needs a regime change—but so does America. That's why I'm urgently seeking your support as I run for Congress. I risked my life for this country and I will not sit back and watch her fall. Please stand with me today by making an immediate donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to my campaign.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Onward to victory,

David Bellavia
SSG US Army (Ret)

P.S. As Iran stands on the brink of becoming a nuclear power and the Obama administration does nothing to stop it, two things are clear. Both Iran and America need regime changes. Stand with me to provide bold, commonsense conservative solutions for America by sending a principled combat veteran to Congress. Please follow this link to make the most generous contribution you can afford to my campaign today.

Paid for by Friends of David Bellavia

8351 Lewiston Road #7
Batavia, NY 14020

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Newt 2012

Dear Friend,
These troubled times call for more than just another typical politician who played ball when in Washington – we need somebody who will change the game in Washington so we can right the course of this great nation.
As Senator, Rick Santorum was a big labor, big earmark, big government spender. In his six years of Senate leadership from 2001-2007, Santorum failed to deliver a single balanced budget.
That was pretty hard to do since Santorum inherited four years in a row of balanced budgets and billions of dollars in surpluses delivered by Newt Gingrich's leadership as speaker.
Instead, the big spending ways of Santorum and his Republican allies amounted to $1.6 trillion in budget deficits and added trillions more to an exploding federal debt.
In response, voters threw Santorum and his big spending colleagues out of office and yanked the majority away from the Republican Party. In Senator Santorum's case, he lost his 2006 reelection by 18 points, the largest margin of loss for an incumbent Senator in Pennsylvania history.
When called to account today for his big spending, the best Santorum can offer is that he was just playing ball, a good "team player".
Senator Santorum is the poster child for the big spending, compromised Republican Party the American people rejected in 2006 and 2008, a failure of leadership that has saddled the country with President Obama.
Newt v Rick
Newt, on the other hand, changed the game in Washington as speaker. He created the first Republican majority in 40 years and spearheaded the first balanced budget in a generation. All told, the economic policies Newt put forth led to four consecutive balanced budgets, $405 billion in national debt being paid off, the creation of 11 million new jobs, and a 20% reduction in our national debt. Talk about a game changer!
To illustrate the wide gap between Gingrich and Santorum's leadership in Washington, we created this new infographic. Please tweet it, Facebook it, and forward it to your family and friends. And then chip in $5 or more to help send Newt to Washington to change the game by dismantling the old order, shrinking the size of government, and sending power back to the states.
Vince Haley
Deputy Campaign Manager
Newt 2012
P.S. America's challenges are simply too great to send another "team player" to Washington to play ball with the establishment. Please share our new infographic with everybody you know to show why we need Newt's leadership to change the game in Washington.
Donate Today
To Donate By Mail Please Send Checks To:

Newt 2012
Post Office Box 550769

I do believe President Lincoln Started this whole mess which President Obama et al are taking advantage of!

Lincoln claimed in his First Inaugural Address “No state upon its own mere motion can lawfully get out of the Union.” 

Closely examining the Articles of Confederation, Article II states,
Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.”
By the standard definition in any randomly chosen dictionary, delegated means to pass down a chain-of-command to a subordinate agent by a superior authority – in this case, the individual state is passing authority to the Federal government. To reinforce this argument, The Declaration of Independence, in part, states quite clearly,
“That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, Free and Independent States… and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do.”
“Power to levy War?” “Contract Alliances?  These words sound very much like the authority any nation would grant itself.

Remember that the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution very specifically designed the new government on the basis of a union of strong and independent states with a minimal Federal government solely responsible for defense and the judiciary, to avoid the pitfalls of powerful central governments such as England. In fact, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 of the Constitution specifically states
The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.”
Common defence and general Welfare meant that their intention was simply to maintain a Federal army and the development of a nationwide judicial system. That was the main purpose of the Federal government – and not the mutation we have today. According to various legal interpretations, Lincoln had no more claim to bind Georgia or Alabama than it had in binding China or France to the Union. The key here is that somehow Lincoln and his supporters chose to believe that the states had magically surrendered their status as sovereign nations as justification to wage war against the south. Lincoln’s actions clearly violated the tenth amendment to the Constitution that states,
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

Legal experts, ad nauseum, can debate this argument but one seemingly indisputable fact stands out like a Times Square billboard. By almost all legal interpretations, the Constitution is fundamentally a treaty between separate and sovereign nation-states, which those states agreed to support, as opposed to being bound to obey by law. This is a very important point that illustrates the rape of the Constitution commencing with the administration of Lincoln. There are thousands of legal interpretations that are both pro and con on this issue, so consult your library (or the Internet) if you wish to pursue this matter in greater depth.

Lincoln suspended habeas corpus (a writ to release a party from unlawful restraint) and people were seized and confined on the possible suspicion of disloyalty. At least 13,000 civilians were held as political prisoners, often without trial or with minimal hearings before a military tribunal. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ruled that the suspension of habeas corpus was unconstitutional, but was overruled by Lincoln. Does this not ring a bell? The Patriot Act was not the first instance of suspension of the people’s rights under the Constitution.

Once Lincoln and his supporters had made the decision that states had surrendered their sovereignty, the Civil War caused a tremendous expansion of the size and power of the Federal government. A progressive income tax was imposed on the people to pay for the war, the start of the extortion of our paychecks that we live with today.

One of the key provisions of the Constitution is that it is a “living” document. Our Founding Fathers recognized that they could not foresee the needs of the people 100 or 200 years in the future, so they developed the system of amendments to permit continual update of the document. However, a very important point must be emphasized in that two-thirds of the states must ratify any change. Obviously since the south represented about one-half of the states in the Union, Lincoln would not have been able to modify any provision of the Constitution dealing with states rights – he would not have obtained approval on this issue.

 States must exercise their rights given under the is the case by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and several State AG's in this fight to regain our country... as Congress has failed us!

SCOTUS is in Violation of their Oath Of Office...!

According to Title 28, Chapter I, Part 453 of the United States Code, each Supreme Court Justice takes the following oath:
    "I, [NAME], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as [TITLE] under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God." 
The Constitution specifies an oath of office only for the President:
    US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

    "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." 

The Vice President takes the oath of office in the same ceremony as the President. Until 1933, the Vice President took the oath in the Senate. The vice president's oath dates from 1884 and is the same as that taken by Congressmen:
    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God. 
The Constitution is quite clear on one aspect of the oath: "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States." And yet every oath except the Presidential one -- which is explicitly detailed in the Constitution -- now ends with "So help me God."

 I do believe the US Supreme Court has become a nest of outlaw Judges! They continue to refuse to hear complaints about President Obama's eligibility...they are either corrupt,unqualified or just plain political which is a violation of their Oath of Office..!

Some tell tale signs of Judicial Misconduct:

    1.  They intentionally ignore the controlling facts, because they require a different result; 

    2. intentionally and fraudulently misstate the relevant facts;
    3.  intentionally and fraudulently avoid  the controlling law, including U.S. Supreme Court precedents,
        because they lead in the wrong direction; 

    4. intentionally and fraudulently misstate the relevant and controlling law

    5. inject personal opinions into what should be a legal decision based solely on the true facts; and the relevant and controlling law. 

When any of these acts occur in a case,you can be sure it's an Outlaw Judge..!  
The only recourse is to request Congress to hold Impeachment Hearings on the Offending Judges!


A Pledge to Support Israel


Our petition in opposition to a nuclear Iran is off to a great start, however many more signatures are needed if we are to get the attention of President Obama and those in Congress. Obama is now talking a good game, but his policies reflect naive and risky ides on a nuclear-armed Iran.  If you haven't, please sign the petition, forward this email to all your contacts, share our Facebook page with your friends, follow us on twitter and send our petition to your followers.  There is strength in numbers and we all can make a difference and have our voices heard in Washington.

Many stories have been written with liberal pundits chirping in praise of President Obama’s speech to AIPAC on Sunday, delivering a clear message to Israel and its supporters that he “has Israel’s back.” 

But to those in the audience and those following President Obama since his speech to AIPAC four years earlier as candidate Obama, would recognize similar rhetoric and know that his promises were not fulfilled. He talks boldly but carries a small stick!

The US has historically taken the lead in opposing irrational dictators that pose an immediate threat to US, Israeli and world security, but since Obama has taken office, our strategy seems to be one of appeasement and conciliation.  

Israel recognizes this leadership void and is stepping forward to lead the opposition to a nuclear Iran. The US cannot be content to watch from the sidelines.  We cannot let this happen!

Israel is openly discussing military options to contain a nuclear arms race in the Middle East because negotiations and sanctions have failed. They have always failed to rein in these oppressive regimes. How frightening!

Even Secretary of State Clinton admitted as much over two years ago, and nothing has improved since, although no longer do we hear anything from the administration about these failed policies. Just silence.

"I Don't Think Anyone Can Doubt That Our Outreach Has Produced Very Little In Terms Of Any Kind Of Positive Response From The Iranians," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

She is right. The US tried the same policy with Syria and we are currently witnessing the tragic consequence in that torn country when talks with tyrants fail.  Now a power-less people are being killed by their own leader. 

If we continue this policy with Iran, not only will Iran’s people suffer, it will be catastrophic for Israel and the entire free world. The President’s naive and risky strategy must stop now and it must be made clear to our President that the American people Stand With Israel – in opposition to a nuclear Iran!

"That is the change we need in our foreign policy. Change that restores American power and influence. Change accompanied by a pledge that I will make known to allies and adversaries alike: that America maintains an unwavering friendship with Israel, and an unshakeable commitment to its security." He added, "I will ensure that Israel can defend itself from any threat - from Gaza to Tehran.”
(Barack Obama, Remarks To AIPAC, Washington, D.C. 6/4/08)

Since candidate Obama made those remarks 4 years ago, President Obama has been openly hostile to Israel and its leaders. He called for Israel to begin negotiations returning to the 1967 borders, leaving just 6-7 miles between hostile foes and Israel’s main population centers and the Mediterranean Sea, an area half the length of Manhattan. Could the US defend Manhattan from hostile foes living in the boroughs of New York City? 

Even dependable political allies of the President have rebuked him on these issues.  Democratic Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer said:

“Israel’s borders must be defensible and must reflect the reality on the ground,” adding, negotiations should continue “without preconditions.”

Simply, President Obama has NOT shown “an unshakeable commitment to (Israel’s) security.” And there is no reason to think another speech from the President will yield a different result.

Now our President has embarked upon the same naive and risky policy towards Iran. The consequences of inaction by this administration, of negotiating with the Iranians while they buy time to continue their nuclear work unrestrained, are catastrophic NOW and may be deadly in the future.  The Israelis know this.  Help us take this message to American leaders.

Marine's Facebook page tests military rules

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Marine Sgt. Gary Stein first started a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots to encourage service members to exercise their free speech rights. Then he declared that he wouldn't follow orders from the commander in chief, President Barack Obama.
While Stein softened his statement to say he wouldn't follow "unlawful orders," military observers say he may have gone too far.
The Marine Corps is now looking into whether he violated the military's rules prohibiting political statements by those in uniform and broke its guidelines on what troops can and cannot say on social media. Stein said his views are constitutionally protected.
While troops have always expressed their views in private, Stein's case highlights the potential for their opinions to go global as tech-savvy service members post personal details, videos and pictures that can hurt the military's image at home and abroad.
"I think that it's been pretty well established for a long time that freedom of speech is one area in which people do surrender some of their basic rights in entering the armed forces," said former Navy officer David Glazier, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.
"Good order and discipline require the military maintain respect for the chain of command," Glazier said. "That includes prohibiting speech critical of the senior officers in that chain of command — up to and including the commander in chief."
According to Pentagon directives, military personnel in uniform can't sponsor a political club; participate in any TV or radio program or group discussion that advocates for or against a political party, candidate or cause; or speak at any event promoting a political movement.
Commissioned officers also may not use contemptuous words against senior officials, including the defense secretary or the president. 
In January, an Army reservist wearing camouflaged fatigues got into trouble for taking the stage during a rally in Iowa with Republican presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul.
Stein was first cautioned by his superiors at Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego, in 2010 after he launched his Facebook page, criticizing Obama's health care overhaul. Stein volunteered to take down the page while he reviewed the rules at the request of his superiors.
He said he determined he was not in violation and relaunched the page under the shortened account name Armed Forces Tea Party. Last week, he said his superiors told him he couldn't use social media sites on government computers after he posted the message stating he would not follow unlawful orders of the president.
Stein said his statement was part of an online debate about NATO allowing U.S. troops to be tried for the Quran burnings in Afghanistan.
In that context, he said, he was stating that he would not follow orders from the president if those orders included detaining U.S. citizens, disarming them or doing anything else that he believes would violate their constitutional rights.
Another Marine alerted his command about the statement, Stein said.
Stein said he respects the office of the president, but he does not agree with Obama's policies. He said he is within his rights to speak up.
"Just because I'm a Marine doesn't mean I don't have free speech or can't say my personal opinion about the president or other public official just like anybody else," Stein said. "The Constitution trumps everything else."
Stein said it's positive when service members are well-versed on the Constitution and what's going on in government.

"When we know what we're fighting for, we fight harder," he said.
The Marine Corps said Stein is allowed to express his personal opinions as long as they do not give the impression he is speaking in his official capacity as a Marine. Spokesman Maj. Michael Armistead said the Corps is taking a closer look to ensure Stein has not crossed that line.
"At this time, he has not been asked to take down the statement on his page," he said.
Stein appears in a dress shirt and tie on his Facebook page but he also describes himself as "a conservative blogger, speaker, the founder of the Armed Forces Tea Party and active-duty, eight-year Marine Corps veteran."
Marine Sgt. Jerret Wright, who liked Stein's page, said Stein "probably skirted the line a little bit" with his latest message about not following Obama's orders, but his boldness in expressing his views has been refreshing in a community that often feels silenced.
"People assume that we're zombies with an on-and-off switch, and that we listen to orders and do nothing else," Wright said.
Military observers say it's not that simple. They say it is bad form to lash out at the commander in chief. Experts also say his Facebook postings appear to link his professional standing with his political views.
They also point out that the Pentagon policy is necessary in preventing political and religious debates that could divide a unit and disrupt the strong working relationship that is needed to carry out missions, Glazier said.
"There are plenty of examples in the world of militaries heavily involved in influencing political events that have shown that is not conducive to civilian rule of law," he said.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rick Santorum Still Refusing to Provide Copies of Naturalization Papers Proving His Father was a U.S. Citizen When Rick was Born

Hello Houston we have another problemo...Can we please elect a POTUS who qualifies under the US Constitution?

Many, many contacts over several months by many people to Rick Santorum’s campaign offices by telephone, letters, and email … and even to his home address in VA via registered postal mail with questions about how, where, and when his father Aldo Santorum [who was born in Italy to non-U.S. Citizen parents] became a US. Citizen, have gone unanswered. Rick it is a simple question and the public has the right to know. When did your immigrant father who came to the USA naturalize? Provide a copy of the paperwork of same to the American electorate. Rick Santorum has been asked repeatedly to provide copies to the public of his father’s Citizenship papers.
The questions to Rick Santorum have gone repeatedly ignored and unanswered. Why? This evasive behavior on this subject by Rick Santorum reminds me of the same type of behavior by Marco Rubio. See the prior story about Marco Rubio and ultimately what we learned as to why he was evading answering the citizenship status of his parents and when they became U.S. Citizens in relation to Marco’s birth date here.

Thus given Rick Santorum’s similar evasive behavior over a lengthy period of time in his not answering the questions and providing copies of the citizenship papers for his father Aldo Santorum, if they exist, to show when Aldo Santorum naturalized as a U.S. Citizen, have begun to dig in earnest to find the answers. We constitutionalists who firmly believe that the “natural born Citizen” clause in the U.S. Constitution is very important and applies to all, and that all candidates for the office of President and Vice President need to publicly prove that status, i.e., that they were born in the USA to two (born or naturalized) U.S. Citizen parents, in light of what we have discovered about the person now residing in the Oval Office, have begun the paper trail research in the various archives to get the facts that Rick Santorum refuses to provide willingly. Why Rick Santorum is making things so difficult for we in the American electorate and is not being transparent and open and giving the public the information they ask for on this matter is beyond me. Come on Rick, provide the information and supporting paperwork voluntarily. However, in the meantime, I hereby share an initial report of what we found or should I say what we did not find in the NARA naturalization records for PA, which is where his father lived up until Rick was born, to our knowledge:

Here is a copy of an emailed report of what I received in Feb 2012 from the regional office of the national archives (NARA) in Philadelphia PA. 
Rick Santorum says he is the “true conservative” and that he strongly supports the U.S. Constitution. Well, if that is true, he cannot just ignore Article II Section 1, the presidential eligibility clause, i.e., the “natural born Citizen” requirement to be the President and Commander in Chief. I strongly urge Rick Santorum to voluntarily release the records concerning how, where, and when his father Aldo Santorum became a U.S. Citizen, if he did. The same data for his grandfather Pietro Santorum, who was also an immigrant from Italy and was born in Italy to non-U.S. Citizen parents, would also be helpful and I encourage Rick to release those citizenship papers if they exist too.

Does the proven lack of “natural born Citizen” of the United States status by several nationally promoted Republican candidates for President and/or Vice President explain why the Republican National Committee and Party and their conservative allies in the media have not said a word about Obama’s clear cut lack of “natural born Citizen” status and the criminal acts to cover that up by Obama? Are these Republican and so called conservative allies in the media allowing Obama to destroy the Constitution and Republic all for personal political gain of their party? If so, what does that say about their being “true conservatives” as some so publicly claim?

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

Obama loses Dem Primary in 15 Ok Counties....!

Q: why is he even on the ballot he is not eligible under the Constitution and is under Investigation for fraud and forgery!

Obama Loses Dem Primary in 15 Oklahoma Counties

AP File
Obama loses Dem primary in 15 Oklahoma counties
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — President Barack Obama collected the most votes in the Oklahoma Democratic primary, but lost in 15 counties.
With 98 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday, Obama won 57 percent of the vote. Four other candidates combined for 43 percent of the vote, including anti-abortion activist and Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry who received 18 percent of the vote.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Whats going on in America?

Well Kirk Cameron just about sums it up with his hard hitting Documentary...wake the hell up people!

Monumental Trailer 


State Atty's General report tackles Obama's Unprecedented Law Breaking!

by: Mark J. Fitzgibbons 
On March 5, the chief law enforcement officials from nine states issued A Report on Obama Administration Violations of Law.
Nine constitutional conservative attorneys general say the report's purpose is to "outline actions taken by [the Obama] Administration that are violations of law." The report appears to be an unprecedented response to unprecedented lawbreaking.
The Daily Caller quotes one of the nine, Virginia's Ken Cuccinelli, at a press conference unveiling the report: "'This is not about policy. ... 
 [It is about] this administration's disregard for the law,' he said. President Obama and his deputies, he added, are 'the greatest set of lawbreakers that have run the federal government in our lifetimes.'"
Joining Cuccinelli on the report are Attorneys General Tom Horne of Arizona; Pam Bondi of Florida; Sam Olens of Georgia; Bill Schuette of Michigan; Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma; Marty Jackley of South Dakota; Alan Wilson of South Carolina; and Greg Abbott of Texas.
The report discusses the "continued disdain for the Constitution and laws shown by the Obama Administration." But it's about more than violations of the Constitution. "[T]his Administration repeatedly shows disdain for states, federal laws it finds inconvenient, the Constitution and the courts," the report adds.
The report lists 21 violations of law by the Obama Administration that these attorneys general are currently fighting. That number does not include the many Obama Administration illegalities that the attorneys general have not yet begun to tackle.
The report is forward-looking in the remedies the attorneys general will seek, stating:
This group of nine Attorneys General will grow and continue to serve as a de facto "task force," assisting when possible to defend state laws and identifying "best practices" and legal arguments to fight back against the Obama Administration's illegalities in a more cohesive and effective manner;
The next election is critically important and as the states' chief legal officers, the attorneys general will make a concerted effort to educate their states' voters on the impacts that the Obama Administration's legal violations have on their every day lives.
We finally have some lawyers using the law for the right purposes. Let's get them some assistance, and grow their ranks.

Kirk Cameron fires back

'I should be able to express moral views without being slandered, accused of hate speech' 

 by Drew Zahn


Christian actor Kirk Cameron was a guest on “Piers Morgan Tonight” over the weekend to discuss “Monumental,” his new project on the roots of America coming to theaters later this month, when the British host of the program suddenly turned subject and asked Cameron his views on homosexual marriage.
Cameron’s calm answer explaining his view that marriage “was defined by God a long time ago … one man, one woman for life” has drawn a firestorm of criticism from fellow celebrities, homosexual organizations and even rock musician Nikki Sixx, who blasted Cameron as “a–hole of the week” for his answer, and Roseanne Barr, who called Cameron “an accomplice to murder with his hate speech.” 
Now Cameron has released a statement to WND about the controversy:
“In a recent interview about my film, “Monumental,” I was asked to share my views on homosexuality, gay marriage and abortion,” Cameron says. “I spoke as honestly as I could, but some people believe my responses were not loving toward those in the gay community. That is not true. I can assuredly say that it’s my life’s mission to love all people.
“The only way to properly answer these kind of questions is to begin the discussion with another question: Is life and sexuality sacred or are they not?” he continues. “If they are, then God has something to say about these things. If not, then everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the matter.
“I believe that freedom of speech and freedom of religion go hand-in-hand in America,” he continues. “I should be able to express moral views on social issues – especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years – without being slandered, accused of hate speech and told from those who preach ‘tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square.
Read More:
A trailer for “Monumental” can be seen below:

Media in full posterior-cover mode

by Joseph Farah 
Finally, over the weekend, hundreds of stories were published on the Internet, in newspapers and broadcast on television and radio, about Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s shocking findings, announced last Thursday, that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.
Apparently, it took that long for the media to find a way to discredit the first law-enforcement investigation into the matter.
After first attempting to impugn Arpaio’s motives during the press conference, few news outlets bothered to report anything about the six-month probe. The few that did, besides WND, mostly characterized the press conference as conspiracy-mongering or political silliness – until they found what they considered to be the real hook.
Here are a few select headlines from those stories:
Arpaio’s volunteer investigator profits from birther probe – TPMMUCKRAKER
Arizona sheriff’s Obama investigator selling book – ASSOCIATED PRESS
Arizona sheriff’s Obama investigation lacks credibility – TUCSON CITIZEN
You get the picture.
Because Mike Zullo, the lead investigator for Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, has, with the help of WND’s Jerome Corsi, put the findings of the investigation in an inexpensive e-book format for the public, the entire investigation is suspect.

The entire point of the e-book project was to go over the heads of the media, which have almost universally hidden and obfuscated the facts of Obama’s eligibility from the public. And, keep in mind, Zullo participated in the criminal investigation as a volunteer – getting involved reluctantly and skeptically and with no pre-conceived conclusions.
Meanwhile, the press didn’t have much to say about Obama raising campaign cash by selling coffee mugs attacking Arpaio’s probe.
Zullo is not likely to benefit much financially if his facts are not correct. But neither Obama nor the posterior-covering media have been able to find any fault with the evidence revealed in last week’s press conference.
It’s par for the course.
This is the way the media have played the Obama eligibility story from day one – the facts be damned.
But there’s something delicious about the way the Zullo-Corsi e-book project has been devised. For those who purchase “A Law Enforcement Investigation into Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate and His Eligibility to be President,” they will not only get details of the first part of the
The entire point of the e-book project was to go over the heads of the media, which have almost universally hidden and obfuscated the facts of Obama’s eligibility from the public. And, keep in mind, Zullo participated in the criminal investigation as a volunteer – getting involved reluctantly and skeptically and with no pre-conceived conclusions.

Meanwhile, the press didn’t have much to say about Obama raising campaign cash by selling coffee mugs attacking Arpaio’s probe.
Zullo is not likely to benefit much financially if his facts are not correct. But neither Obama nor the posterior-covering media have been able to find any fault with the evidence revealed in last week’s press conference.
It’s par for the course.
This is the way the media have played the Obama eligibility story from day one – the facts be damned.
But there’s something delicious about the way the Zullo-Corsi e-book project has been devised. For those who purchase “A Law Enforcement Investigation into Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate and His Eligibility to be President,” they will not only get details of the first part of the investigation, but they will get electronic updates as it continues in the months ahead. To my knowledge, that makes this e-book a unique experiment in publishing history. By the way, what’s wrong with Zullo getting some remuneration for his six months of previously unpaid public service work?
Don’t police investigators normally get paid to conduct their investigations?
I’m not quite following the line of attack here.
Do those reporters writing their stories get paid? If so, does that impugn their work? Some of them are actually working for news agencies that have issued specific instructions not to take seriously any questions raised about Obama’s eligibility. So who is in a more compromised position to present facts – them or Zullo?
As I’ve said before, I’ve been in the news business for more than 35 years. In that time, I have never seen the press go so totally in the tank on any big story the way they have in the case of Obama’s eligibility.
They are no longer just protecting Obama. They are now protecting their own reputations.
Having not only missed one of the most important stories of our time, but having distorted it, misrepresented it, lied about it and attacked those trying to present the truth, they are as vulnerable as Obama himself.
And that’s why their new favorite whipping boys are Arpaio and Zullo.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Oath Keepers: We Can Legally File Charges Against Obama


The Oath Keepers recently held a convention in Las Vegas, NV, open only to police officers and sheriffs in which former sheriff (and current congressional candidate) Richard Mack  discussed how the 168 attendees could reacquaint themselves with their oath to the Constitution and their own protection when they carry out their duty.  One of those duties include issuing a warrant for the arrest of Barack Hussein Obama.
This has gone way past the issue of Obama being a natural born citizen.  It’s now about the multiple high crimes and misdemeanors committed by the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and how he may be brought to justice.  Peace officers represent the last line in the sand when members of Congress have repeatedly failed to honor the oaths they swore to uphold the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  To add additional fuel to this movement, Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse released their findings.
This journalist spoke to Sheriff Mack before the convention to determine the purpose and planned outcomes.
Putting aside the issue of Obama’s eligibility as a natural born citizen to hold office, there are a significant number of wrong doings he has committed that would allow any peace officer desiring so to issue a warrant for Obama’s arrest.  As a recidivist offender of the United States Constitution, a mere twenty-five are listed here.  
read more:

Breitbart’s Vetting, Part I: Barack’s Love Song To Alinsky

Prior to his passing, Andrew Breitbart said that the mission of the Breitbart empire was to exemplify the free and fearless press that our Constitution protects--but which, increasingly, the mainstream media denies us.

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – “Who guards the guardians?” Andrew saw himself in that role—as a guardian protecting Americans from the left’s “objective” loyal scribes. 

Andrew wanted to do what the mainstream media would not. First and foremost: Andrew pledged to vet President Barack H. Obama.

Andrew did not want to re-litigate the 2008 election. Nor did he want to let Republicans off the hook. Instead, he wanted to show that the media had failed in its most basic duty: to uncover the truth, and hold those in power accountable, regardless of party.

From today through Election Day, November 6, 2012, we will vet this president--and his rivals.

We begin with a column Andrew wrote last week in preparation for today’s Big relaunch--a story that should swing the first hammer against the glass wall the mainstream media has built around Barack Obama.

In The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama claims that he worried after 9/11 that his name, so similar to that of Osama bin Laden, might harm his political career.

But Obama was not always so worried about misspellings and radical resemblances. He may even have cultivated them as he cast himself as Chicago’s radical champion.

In 1998, a small Chicago theater company staged a play titled The Love Song of Saul Alinsky, dedicated to the life and politics of the radical community organizer whose methods Obama had practiced and taught on Chicago’s South Side.

Obama was not only in the audience, but also took the stage after one performance, participating in a panel discussion that was advertised in the poster for the play.

Recently, veteran Chicago journalist Michael Miner mocked emerging conservative curiosity about the play, along with enduring suspicions about the links between Alinsky and Obama. Writing in the Chicago Reader, Miner described the poster: 

Can Arpaio Issue An Arrest Warrant For Obama?


In Phoenix, Arizona on March 1, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “cold case posse” held a news conference to report on its investigation of Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration. The investigation concluded that there is “probable cause” to believe that the birth certificate Obama produced in April 2011 was fraudulently generated on a computer. Let’s get beyond this shall we?
 Can Arpaio Issue An Arrest Warrant For Obama?
Photo: Courtesy CBS 5 News 
His 1980 Selective Service registration card is also a forgery. Felony crimes of fraud and forgery were therefore committed.
Interestingly no mention was made during Sheriff Joe’s investigation of the fraudulent social security card(s) registered in Obama’s name.
The investigation also obtained immigration records from the National Archives in an attempt to confirm whether Obama entered the United States from Kenya in 1961 as an infant. The microfilm records the government provided were, however, incomplete. From the 1961 microfilm, one of the 52 weeks of data was missing. Conveniently for Obama, that week just happened to be the week of his birth.
To believe that the missing week was the week of Obama’s birth requires a strong belief in coincidence, one that few people of sound mind would make.  Think about it, from the basics of statistical probability, the odds on 1/52 happening would require a coin toss 52 times with heads appearing only one time.  Not a likely happening.
As previously reported by the Western Journalism Center, “Oath Keepers: We Can Legally File Charges Against Obama.” It has been determined that members of law enforcement may issue an arrest warrant on a sitting president if they have probable cause.
What would be the statistical probability of Sheriff Joe or another getting by the secret service to do so?  It may be time to take another statistics course to come up with the answer.
Obama can be physically removed from the White House and indicted for the various crimes associated with his illegal activities, such as forgery, conspiracy, fraud, and violations of RICO statutes. (Co-conspirators likely include Nancy Pelosi, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, and Claire McCaskill.) A class action lawsuit can be filed demanding the return of all campaign contributions he collected illegally through fraud.
Care to figure the odds of that happening? Those are the actions that should be taken. At the very least, if Obama cannot be placed behind bars, the American people had better see to it on election day that he is not given another four years to make a mockery of the U.S. Constitution.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it I’m J.C. and I approve this message, with thanks to my friend Don Fredrick for the idea and additional investigation.

Barack Obama and the New Year's Massacre

Political Hit-Job in the Windy City:
Barack Obama and the New Year's Massacre

Dear Fellow Conservative:

Chicago, 1996. State Senator Alice Palmer (D-Ill.) never saw it coming...

The popular activist, running for re-election (she'd won the previous election with a landslide 82% of the vote), was a sure thing keep her seat.

But on the day after New Year's 1996, a small army of lawyers filed into the hearing room of the Chicago Board of Elections. In a blink, Alice Palmer's name had been struck from the ballot.

So, too, were the names of three other candidates on the Democratic primary ballot — all eliminated on the basis of minor "violations," most of them as picayune as not crossing a "t" or failure to dot an "i."

When the dust settled only a single name remained on the ballot: Barack Hussein Obama. He "swept" to victory... unopposed.

Veteran political journalist David Freddoso has done a very brave, but dangerous thing. As the Alice Palmer affair reveals, bad things happen to people who dare stand in the way of Barack Obama and his Chicago cronies. Indeed, since his election as president, Obama has shown no reluctance to unleash the IRS against his adversaries.

Unlike Ms. Palmer, who never saw it coming, David Freddoso knows full well what "misfortunes" might befall him. But that didn't stop him from writing the truth, namely — that Barack Obama has brought Chicago-style corruption and strong-arm tactics to Washington in order to ram though his massive, union-benefiting welfare-state agenda.