Saturday, March 10, 2012

We need to take our country and freedom back...!

At this time in our Nation we have 435 Congressional Representatives and 100 Senators in our Congress...they on average pass 80,000 pages of new laws,rules and bills each year...all of which whittles away our this rate in a few decades it will most likely be illegal to leave our homes for fear of breaking some rediculous law,rule or regulation...I ask you ~why do we allow this to continue? Is it not time to remove all of the problem people from government and elect our peers who really know what is best for the average person.
We must elect representatives who will repeal all the over binding rules,laws and regulations.

I for one am about at the breaking point trying to reason with power hungry self serving hypocrits...we pay them great salaries and excellent benefits for what... to screw us more each and every year they meet?
Either we remove them by election or start a grass roots movement among conservative states to withdraw from the Union... which has become a monster of abusive behavior!

We must return our country to it's once God fearing greatness that caused others to want to immigrate and prosper in a great and fair nation...not those who only come to raid our treasury with free benefits to all,citizen or not...enough is enough folks!

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