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Ok puttin' on me War Paint...gonna fight Custers (#Obama 's ) Last stand Again!

Ok so I ain't Cherokee nor Choctaw...just 1/8th Apache /Comanche...but hey can't be all that hard to defeat a Chicago Bath House Sorta/Kinda Custer minus the Yellow Hair...more Salt & Pepper short hair weirdo with a big ego!


Ha Again: Old short hairs Army of DHS is gettin' skerred'.... arrows in the back be a bummer...rofl:

Someone please explain how Prog Dems are any different then Common Criminals!

Personally I see absolutely none...give it your best shot thou!

I for one have had enough of the LGBT Progressive Movement...what say you?

Wild Elk Chases Motorcyclists On The Highway

by: Heather Leigh 

On Sunday, October 3rd, my boyfriend Glen and I decided to take a ride from Missoula, MT to Ovando, MT. On our way back, we headed south on hwy 200. I was looking around at the gorgeous scenery when Glen started to slow down as he saw a truck stopped in front of us. We stopped behind the truck and saw a bull elk approach the truck. The person in the truck must have had some food because the elk jumped up on his hind legs and peered in to the drivers window. (I have that on video as well) Then the elk jumped down and started to approach us. There were two actually. One was a bit smaller and had different looking antlers. I am not much of a hunter so I don't know why they appeared different than the other. I was surprised that the elk came so close to us and I could feel a great deal of tension between us and the animal. I am willing to bet that if Glen hadn't hit the throttle when he had, that elk would have jumped up on us. The elk chased us for a while and I don't know when he would have stopped hadn't I told Glen to lose it. I didn't want the animal to chase us on the road and put it in any danger so losing it seemed appropriate. I had enough excitement for one day!

Oath Keepers: Florida Sheriff Finch Wins Victory For Constitution


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Sheriff Nick Finch, Liberty County, Florida
*(photo courtesy Ammoland)

Oath Keepers, Sheriff Mack, and the Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association Back Sheriff In
Powerful 2nd Amendment Victory
 This report is a synthesis of several reports from various sources, which I will note at bottom 

 It could have become a Halloween curse, but instead it became a blessing for freedom in America. The trial of Sheriff Nick Finch ended in a victory for Sheriff Finch, CSPOA, Oath Keepers, and the people of Liberty County, Florida on October 31, 2013, when a jury of six peers gave a verdict of "Not Guilty" on behalf of Sheriff Finch. 

First up, let's read the official report from CSPOA's Sheriff Mack, who personally went to Florida to attend the trial: 

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Liberty in Liberty County!

On October 31, 2013, Sheriff Nick Finch won his case at trial in Liberty County, Florida. The charges were complete nonsense to begin with, and the laughter in the courtroom was difficult to suppress as the prosecution presented its flimsy, farcical case.

Sheriff Finch was charged and arrested and booked into his own jail last June. Sheriff Finch had done something nearly unheard of, yet noble and courageous. He nullified the arrest of a law abiding citizen who had the audacity of carrying a gun in his pocket. Sheriff Finch said "not on my watch." So the State moved in, arrested the Sheriff and re-arrested the citizen, Mr. Parish.

The end result was Finch was removed from office and went to trial. Mr. Parish once again had the charges dropped, but he was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service and pay $200.

 Let's be very clear here: Neither man was guilty of anything! There were no victims and no evidence that a crime had ever occurred. Today, a jury consisting of six Liberty County citizens nullified the charges against Sheriff Finch and told the State officials who brought this case to trial that they were having none of their shenanigans. Sheriff Finch was reinstated as Sheriff just 15 minutes later.

The Sheriff nullified the arrest of an innocent man and the jury nullified the arrest of another innocent man. Liberty won this Halloween day in Liberty County and a tremendous example was laid before us all; do what's right, keep your word, and have the courage to stand for the little guy. As Sheriff Finch testified in court before a badgering prosecutor who demeaned and assailed Sheriff Finch's dedication to his oath and the Constitution, Sheriff Finch calmly and firmly told the prosecutor and the court, "The Constitution has to count for something."   

Sheriff Finch and his good wife are to admired for their courage and commitment. I am proud to call them friends and proud that I had the opportunity to witness for myself the humility and strength of these good people as they stared adversity in the face and won! Now perhaps it is for each of us to learn from this and realize that Liberty and the Constitution only "count for something" if we make it so.

We owe a special thanks to all those who contributed financially, called or emailed to voice your support, or prayed in faith that truth would prevail.  It's encouraging to know that sometimes the good guys still win.

In liberty, 
Richard Mack  

P.S. What else can you do to help?  Please spread the word by forwarding this email to everyone you can, and please post links to on your own web sites and social networking pages (facebook, etc.)  We desperately need to increase awareness if our message is to have a widespread effect!

Now let's hear from the Bay County, Florida, chapter leader Joe Metsa, who stood to the forefront in this fight from day one:

(Quoting) We have been in court all week. We have been looking at this all week. The judge is on one side and it is not ours. The whole case is about whiteout on a piece of paper. They have no case, their witnesses for the prosecution committed perjury right on the stand and the judge did nothing about it. There is a very clear case of corruption that is going on in this case on the state level and county level.
They targeted me because of what we stand for and were trying very hard and finally did throw me out of the courtroom for doing nothing, I was sitting there taking notes and people next to me were talking in two instances and they targeted me! They have been watching me the whole time I was up there. I was not feeling good today so I stayed home and I was advised from an inside informant from the courthouse they are using listening devices on us there. I was advised the best thing I could do is stay home, that today they were going to try something to arrest me. I decided I could do better by staying here - I can not fight for this from jail. They are on the final deliberations today. We will have a verdict this afternoon. As soon as I get the verdict I will email it to you. They are going to call me as soon as it comes down from the jurors. We have Oath Keeper members of my chapter there.  I feel that they have no case and this has been nothing but a circus going on. We feel that he will be found not guilty.

As I was writing this the jury has made their decision. He is found not guilty on all charges!
Joe Metsa, Bay County Oath Keepers  

As a follow-up, Joe sent this to Oath Keepers national:

(Quoting) I would like to announce to everybody that Justice has prevailed.
Today Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch was found not guilty of all charges and was immediately reinstated, with back pay, by executive order by Governor Rick Scott.
This is a great day for Liberty and Freedom. This is a perfect example for the rest of the Sheriff's in the state of Florida, and in the United States, that the Constitution still has authority in this country, not the feds, nor any other state agency that thinks they can take our Sheriffs' authority away. We have worked very hard here at Bay County Oath Keepers to pursue the authority that the sheriff has in his County. They can not and will not prosecute any Sheriff here again for standing for the Constitution of the United States of America and the peoples' rights. I can almost guarantee that. The people have shown that they are not going to put up with it. I would like to thank everybody that was involved with us to make sure that Justice prevailed, especially my members that stood by my side and made sure the job got done. Thank you for your dedication.
I would like to thank our state President, Mike Austell, for all his guidance when I needed it. Sir you are the man.
I would like to thank my teacher on this, who made me who I am, our Northwest Florida Regional Director, Coy Surprise. Thank you Sir.
I would like to thank my right hand man, Bobby Lago, brother and comrade. You are the man and I am proud to have you stand at my side. We stand as one, and you also taught me a lot.
I would like to thank Richard Mack of the CSPOA. Sir, thank you for all your help, you are a great man.
I would like to thank Stewart Rhodes and all of the board of directors for all your hard work on this.
This is what we Stand for, this is our job, and I think we all have done an awesome job!
Liberty has been restored in Liberty County and Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch is back in his Office.

 (end quote)

 Photo courtesy CLJ News: FROM LEFT: Sussex County, Delaware Sheriff Jeff Christopher; Nick Finch, former Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona, Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen and Brad Rodgers, of Elkhart County Indiana are shown at Saturday's fundraiser. (This was August 30, 2013, coverage of the CSPOA / Oath Keepers fund-raiser organized by Sheriff Mack. See link below.) 

Bay County (Florida) Oath Keepers  

Sheriff Mack's Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association: 

WTXL video:  

Alex Jones' InfoWars video:
Pro-Gun Sheriff Found Not Guilty
Pro-Gun Sheriff Found Not Guilty
Youtube link for above video: 

Keep Up With Important News at Oath Keepers dot org 

Want To Learn More About The Second Amendment? Order your copy of MOLON LABE here:

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Islam: The Worldwide Wife-Beating Club

Violence against women should never be tolerated, even when it comes in religious wrappings! [Indeed #TheMythOfIslam ...Sorry it is not a Religion per se'... it is a Theocracy masquerading as  religion Cue:

Buckle up: Hillary Clinton drops biggest hint she’s all-in for 2016

OpEd::  Well Hillary it is partly true...You said you 'broke the glass ceiling for women'...well kinda /sorta true if'n ya are referring to LGBT... Kinda/Sorta  yo' Hubby Bill said so well...Hillary has eatin' more pussy than I' ...even Barry Barack has ya beat...he has eatin' more dicks than yuz..Just go are a total failure as a attorney,political candidate,Senator,Sec of State, Parent and wife...Just fade away and spare us all anymore Caligula fantasies

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been coy about a White House run in 2016, but this week she gave her strongest indication yet that a presidential title is on her goal list.
Guests at a recent and private gathering in Scotland posed the question to Mrs. Clinton — and her answer, The New York Post reported, left eyebrows raised.
At first, she said: “I haven’t made up my mind yet.” But guests pressed, calling her answer unsatisfactory. Then she added, The Post reported: “Yes, it is unsatisfactory. I’m minded to do it.”
The conversation quickly moved to a different direction, but the Sunday Herald in Scotland saw the short statement as a significant sign of Mrs. Clinton’s growing public embrace of the White House.
The air of inevitably of another Clinton in the White House has grown in the United States this past week, too. ABC News reported the existence of a secret letter that circulated among all the female senators, urging Mrs. Clinton to run in 2016.

Political watchers said some of those who signed the letter had toyed with the idea of running themselves for the high office, and their support for Mrs. Clinton is yet another boost for a campaign that hasn’t even been created, yet.
© Copyright 2013 The Washington Times, LLC. Click here for reprint permission.

Democrats Are Attacking Patriots

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

Patriots were once revered. Today, love for ideology has replaced patriotism. The Tea Party was founded in the spirit of the original tea party in Boston when “rabble rousers” dumped chests of tea into Boston Harbor. They protested a penny tax on tea when laborers sometimes made a few cents per day. We fought the French and Indian War as British citizens and Parliament spent a considerable amount on the conflict and needed to be repaid. Since most people drank tea, it was logical to raise a small tax on it to pay for the war. Like now, the people didn’t like paying higher taxes. The Revolution let us gain our freedom from England so we could become the greatest nation in the world.
Democrats are vicious attackers of today’s patriots. The Tea Party was founded to oppose Obamacare, higher taxes, and the expansion of the government. We have seen what nationalized health care in other countries has produced. There are long medical waiting times, reduction in care, and other costly problems. Obamacare is proving to be worse than predicted even though pre-existing conditions, something that would bankrupt many insurance companies, are being covered. If 5 million pre-existing medical conditions cost an average of $300,000 a year to cover, that would be a $15 trillion expense by 2023.

Elderly mothers who lost their brothers during WW II and their sons in Vietnam and still love America would agree that they pay too much in taxes. They also receive too little in Social Security payments because the system was not privatized a little to help the economy grow more. They paid into Medicare and expect it to be there when they need it. But since Obama transferred around $710 billion in Medicare funding to Obamacare and doctors are dropping out of the system (since the government isn’t paying them in full), the elderly mother who lost important men in her life is being punished by the government, even though she is a patriot.

When I hear Democrats say that Obamacare is the law, I hear “Dixie” because Democrats used to support slavery when it was the law of the land. The Republican Party was founded to oppose slavery since the Whigs weren’t doing enough to abolish it. Republicans fought the Civil War and gave blacks their civil rights in the Constitution. But Democrats in the South didn’t want to treat former property as equals. That is one reason why they stole civil rights from blacks (and it took decades for them to get their rights back.) Every time the Voting Rights Act is renewed (though according to the Constitution, the states aren’t allowed to abridge the rights of anyone to vote), it’s as if a scab is ripped from a wound that is healing. A bill that was paid over 130 years ago is being repaid every few years. We can thank Democrats in part for the suffering every time. Blacks who escape the Democrat plantation are being attacked by Democrats, even though they are patriots who care more for America than Liberal ideology. I have seen blacks in Tea Party gatherings who aren’t tokens (like what Democrats often treat blacks as.) Democrats are saying “forget about the lynchings our grandparents committed against blacks. Forget that pets were often treated better than blacks were.” The desire Democrats have to make people forget their ugly past convinces me that the donkey symbol for the party should be replaced by a wandering Alzheimer’s patient.

Do you support lower taxes because it would allow Americans to keep more of their money? Democrats would accuse you of being a Tea Party member. Do you think it’s wrong to pay much higher premiums for health care insurance because it is forced to cover too many conditions? Then you must be like Ted Cruz, who also opposes what a generation ago would also be opposed by most Americans. Do you think balancing your household budget makes so much sense that Washington should do the same thing? To Liberals, you are almost evil incarnate.
Patriots love America and want the best for it. They believe in fair play, justice for all, an American lifestyle that allows them to live a comfortable life until the day they die, high standards, and a moral society that doesn’t consider God a swear word. But Democrat leaders declare patriots as enemies of the state. That would include the elderly woman who proudly salutes the flag, sings the National Anthem when it is played, says “God bless you” to veterans who come her way, goes to church every Sunday to be nearer God, and complains when Washington wastes the money she sends to the government. To Democrats, such people should at least change with the times. Germans tried that when Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power. But that change brought the destruction of Germany.
Patriotism is being treated like a mental disorder, and Democrats want to commit a societal lobotomy to remove that portion of our brain. The removal of traditional patriotism from our minds is more than terrible. The soul of Americans will also be removed, which will allow this nation to be added to the list of empires and nations that have disintegrated. If Democrats get their way, patriotism that made America great will be exterminated as if it were a disease instead of a sustaining force for America.

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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Hilarious Obamacare Halloween Horror Parody: ‘The Healthcare Mash’

Trick or Treatment? Remy channels Bobby "Boris " Pickett for this mash-up. Written and performed by Remy. Video by Sean Malone.

He was working on his laptop late one night
when his eyes beheld a ghoulish site
He could not log in despite several tries
then suddenly to no one's surprise

(he did the Mash)
He did the Healthcare Mash
(the Healthcare Mash)
it was a keyboard smash
(he did the Mash)
the website was trash
(he did the Mash)
He did the Healthcare mash

Who could design such a site so flawed and so sloppy?
The code is so ancient, perhaps it was Hammurabi
He'd try to apply but the site would suspend
I've seen a eunuch with a more functional front end

(he did the Mash)
He did the Healthcare Mash
(the Healthcare Mash)
it was a keyboard smash
(he did the Mash)
He tried to clear his cache
(he did the Mash)
He did the Healthcare mash
Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent
for a website that has trouble loading
How could the government's web designers
create a site with such awful coding?

(they did the Mash)
Ahh, they did the Healthcare Mash
(the Healthcare Mash)
it was a keyboard smash
(they did the Mash)
they spent all of our cash
(they did the Mash)
They did the Healthcare Mash

Years end Holidays... Holloween..tis ok but not my fav, ranks 3rd...:)

I mean like when I was twelve and all hyped up on free candy &  dressin' up goofy...yeppers it twas...went out and got me fair share..dats fer sure :) in me Golden Years...I rank  Thanksgiving (Turkey Day) a strong second...luvs me some turkey my # one fer sure is Christmas always has been and always will be...ya get Turkey or Spiral Ham...lotsa hugs &  luvs...and lotsa presents... or a few depending on the But it always will rank # one in me books.. Whats yo fav?

Halloween: Monster Mash : Hella fun and goofy day:

Thanksgiving...Turkey Day...gots to luvs the Turkey Trot..::) Holiday of all...the spirit rings true... broke ass or not:) But ya gotta be careful during the runup as Santa Clause is watching

Gonna be a Red Neck Christmas this season for everyone...being the Obama economy went flat out bust !

Reagan’s Leftist Daughter Shamed By Twitter Conservatives

Photo credit: isriya (Creative Commons)
Given the seemingly endless misrepresentations and outright lies surrounding the ObamaCare roll out, even those who once firmly supported the government-mandated healthcare plan have begun speaking out against it.
Former actress Patti Davis, the left-leaning daughter of conservative icon Ronald Reagan, was among those criticizing the law Monday on Twitter.
“Could the president please explain why I and others are losing our health ins. plans?” she wrote on the social media site. “Wasn’t supposed to happen!”

The site’s active conservative population quickly leapt into action, reminding Davis why her own father railed against big government liberalism during his illustrious political career.
“Your father feared this would come,” one user wrote. “Clearly you didn’t listen.”
Another response offered the following food for thought: “Socialism’s less fun when you’re on the sharp end, isn’t it sweetie?”
Bombarded with scathing retorts, Davis ultimately deleted the original comment. Thanks to the permanence of the Internet, though, her words are recorded for anyone to see.
She is among countless leftists whose myopic view of their own ideology prevents them from seeing the truth until it is too late.
This is not Davis’ first criticism of Obama, however. Upset with his impermeable partisanship, she issued an open letter to him earlier this month in which she said she is “trying hard every day to learn from the man whose DNA runs through my veins.”

She then suggested that Obama “could try a little harder to learn from him too.”
Though it is certainly refreshing to see more and more leftists come to their senses in light of this disastrous administration’s attack on the American way of life, it is a shame it has taken so long to happen.
If only more people had listened to and heeded Reagan’s wisdom while he was president, we might not be longing for those prosperous years today.
–Western Journalism staff writer 

Photo credit: isriya (Creative Commons)

Video: Black Teens Beat Veteran To Death

Lawrence E. 'Shine' Thornton, a beloved World War II veteran and pillar of his local community, was killed in a mugging by four teens just after recognized as king of the second annual Delta Hot Tamale Festival.
Four teens have been charged in the fatal mugging of an 87-year-old World War II veteran who died two days after the attack on his own driveway , according to police in Mississippi.

Benghazi: Military Commanders “Relieved Of Duty”

Some military commanders may have been relieved of duty for insisting on trying to send help for the Americans trapped at the Benghazi compound during the terrorist attack there on Sept. 11, 2012, an attorney for Benghazi whistleblowers says.
Joe diGenova, former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, made the assertion during a Monday morning radio interview on WMAL, the D.C. radio station where he is a regular legal analyst.

“I Hate His White Half, Too”

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

Who deserves the credit for the high division / low morale that hovers over our country like a dark cloud?
A once proud and hopeful nation is now fractured and frustrated. We are a people mired in doubt and uncertainty.
Our divider-in-chief has exhibited a complete lack of leadership, bordering somewhere between disdain and indifference for the citizens to whom he has sworn full allegiance and servitude. Our security, protection, and representation has been unjustly exchanged for a radical new world void of true tolerance or individuality.
The deceit and propaganda of a treasonous and tyrannical executive branch continues to inflame the tension of our polarized society. A governmental provocation fostering the widespread internal strife of our diversified nation seems to be the ultimate end of this radically reckless brand of leadership.

Back in 2009, a majority of white America was fully behind the president. There was much fanfare and enthusiasm as he assumed his place in the Oval Office. The New York Times proclaimed that Obama’s victory had swept “away the last racial barrier in American politics.”
Despite America’s willingness to overcome the racial divide once and for all, the discouraging truth is that this president relies on chaos and instability. How else can he fulfill his ‘Dreams From My Father’ here in America?
Obama was partially raised and mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a writer and poet whose devotion to Communism was matched only by his hatred for whites.
Does our president secretly loathe those people who enthusiastically embraced him? Is the ‘race card’ now the ultimate ‘trump card’ for men like Obama?
Based on a few of the passages from his aforementioned autobiography, it appears that Obama may have a few unresolved issues related to race, equality, social restoration, and our rule of law:

“I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect I was ingratiating myself to whites.”
“The emotions between the races could never be pure; even love was tarnished by the desire to find in the other some element that was missing in ourselves. Whether we sought out our demons or salvation, the other race would always remain just that: menacing, alien, and apart.”
“That’s just how white folks will do you. It wasn’t merely the cruelty involved; I was learning that black people could be mean and then some. It was a particular brand of arrogance, an obtuseness in otherwise sane people that brought forth our bitter laughter. ”
“…anger’s a requirement for the job. The only reason anybody decides to become and organizer. Well adjusted people find more relaxing work.”
“In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific reassurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
“But you see, a rich country like America can perhaps afford to be stupid.”

I’m not reading any true love or regard for America in any of these quotes! But this is his perception of America; and based on what we’ve seen, it’s not surprising.
It is no wonder he’s been leading a movement to level the playing field. How vicious is his intent? To what degree may he ‘race-bait’ and ‘falsely accuse’ to achieve his goals? How many (regardless of race, color, or creed) will actually benefit from his agenda? Does he truly represent any race? Or is he merely doing the bidding of those who harbor a general animosity of America?
When bonehead Alan Grayson recently used the ‘divide and conquer’ propaganda tactic to unfairly categorize the Tea Party, Allen West, who also happens to be African American, rightly exposed the hypocrisy -
I woke up this morning sure I would see a statement from the first African-American President condemning Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson for his use of a burning cross and Klansmen in a fundraising email…..
President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz lead the party who gave us the Ku Klux Klan and the burning cross symbol. Their silence is consent and demonstrates that today’s liberal progressives are just as comfortable using these images as their predecessors.
The party of Lester Maddox, George Wallace, and Huey Long Jr. is alive and well. Sadly enough, Rep. John Lewis and other “faux” black leaders are showing their true colors. Damn glad my parents inspired me to depart the plantation.
As a Christian, I do not hate President Obama. Nobody on this side of the grave is beyond redemption. Pastor John Newton (writer of the classic hymn ‘Amazing Grace’) was a ruthless slave trader prior to his spiritual conversion and subsequent role in the successful abolitionist campaign to end slavery in England. But a true restoration requires a lethal dose of supernatural justice.
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”
* Title of this essay courtesy of the following Bumper Sticker ~

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

‘We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.’ Says who?!

Steve Maley
But you and I both know that with only 2% of the world’s oil reserves, we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices – not when consume 20 percent of the world’s oil.
– Barack Obama, March 10, 2012
Oh, really?
That was the refrain during the election season of 2012, with average gasoline prices crowding $4.00 per gallon and no relief in sight. Democrats painted Republicans as wackos for thinking $2.50/gallon gasoline possible. But eighteen months have passed since the President’s misleading pronouncement: the U.S. is now poised to surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the the world’s #1 producer of oil and natural gas. The boom in domestic production continues, with oil production at levels not seen in a generation. Demand is soft, oil inventories are high and there is refinery capacity to spare.
And guess what? Gasoline prices are dropping. Color me unsurprised.
Source: Energy Information Administration
The scale of that graph masks the fact that the average price of gasoline is down 33¢ per gallon over the last 12 months and 70¢ per gallon since the spring of 2012. The reader should also bear in mind that the retail price of gasoline has embedded state and federal taxes which vary from 35¢ to 70¢ per gallon, depending on jurisdiction.

U.S. expected to be largest producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons in 2013 


The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that the United States will be the world’s top producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons in 2013, surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia. …
Since 2008, U.S. petroleum production has increased 7 quadrillion Btu, with dramatic growth in Texas and North Dakota. Natural gas production has increased by 3 quadrillion Btu over the same period, with much of this growth coming from the eastern United States.
Data Source:
Data Source:
From Bloomberg:

WTI crude falls near four-month low as U.S. inventories increase

West Texas Intermediate crude [WTI, a price benchmark] fell to the lowest level in almost four months as supplies rose more than expected in the U.S., the biggest oil-consuming country. Prices dropped as much as 2.2%. … [Oil] Stockpiles at Cushing, Oklahoma, increased for a second week and domestic production jumped to the most in 24 years.
“Fundamentally, it’s a weak market for WTI,” said Tariq Zahir, a New York-based commodity fund manager at Tyche Capital Advisors. “Everything points to lower prices.”
U.S. crude production grew 6.3% last week to 7.9 million barrels a day, the most since March 1989. …
Refineries operated at 85.9% of capacity, the lowest level in almost six months. Total petroleum demand dropped 3.8% to 18.3 million barrels a day. The four-week average was 18.7 million, a 17-week low. …
The oil patch is one of the bright spots of our economy. Since 2009, the industry has been a true engine for jobs. But declining prices, especially for natural gas, have served as an organic non-governmental stimulus that has benefited the broad economy:
Newly found sources of domestic oil and natural gas are having an even bigger impact on the economy than first projected, adding more than $1,200 last year to the discretionary income of the average U.S. family, a new study says. …
More domestic production is also slashing crude oil imports, which fell 19% in the first half of this year, according to the Census Bureau. That shaved $31.6 billion off the nation’s trade deficit. [Source.]
Speaking of the trade deficit, refined petroleum products including gasoline and jet fuel are now the nation’s #1 export.
The potential benefit of domestic oil and gas development is self-evident. What a shame that our political leadership fights it at every turn.

Several Saudi Arabian Men Abduct and Gang-Rape a 3-Year-old Girl

by, Emirates 24/7
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:  Several men abducted a three-year-old Saudi girl and took turns in raping her before dumping the child near a hospital in a serious condition.

Disclosing the crime on Monday, police said they had arrested three suspects and two women and that more could be arrested in connection with the rape.

Doctors at the hospital in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah said the child was found crying and in serious condition in front of the hospital on Ramadan 13, adding that she is still in the intensive care unit struggling for her life.

“She has been raped violently by some men. She was found crying of excruciating pain as her body was full of bruises and her sensitive parts were ruptured,” hospital manager Mohammed Ali said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz.

“These are human wolves and worse than animals.

They have violated all human and religious values with this heinous crime.

“We hope she will respond to treatment and recover although doctors believe she will suffer from a trauma for the rest of her life.”  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hillary exposed...maybe now she'll kiss 2016 goodbye

By: Diane Sori 

Wasn’t it nice that CBS finally decided to actually do some hard core, serious journalistic reporting for a change as this past Sunday, their flagship news show ’60 Minutes’ helped to expose the Obama regime’s cover-up of the deadly attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi. Running a report by Lara Logan about Ambassador Stevens having told the State Department that al-Qaeda was taking over buildings at the consulate hours BEFORE he was dragged from the compound brutalized, tortured, and then murdered, CBS did the right thing…albeit a year too late to stop the second usurping of the presidency…and took a big step away from the one they helped ‘anoint’ as the savior of us all.

Reporting that the State Department…as in Hillary ‘What difference does it make’ Clinton’s State Department…knew for quite some time that the Benghazi consulate was NOT as secure as it should have been, especially with the anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching, and with the al-Qaeda flag flying over numerous government buildings throughout Libya. The entire Obama administration was aware of all this…hell…Stevens himself told them that…and still they ignored his requests for additional security even having the knowledge that the few Benghazi consulate security officers that were present both on 9/11 and before were unarmed.

Also, the report did reiterate quite a few times that the State Department (but still NOT mentioning Hillary by name) knew the seriousness of the situation in real-time as it was unfolding…that they knew Stevens needed help…and that they did NOTHING nor recommend that anyone do anything to help…and rest assured that if the State Department knew Barack HUSSEIN Obama knew as well.

They all knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the get-go, and yet when the bodies of Ambassador Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and ex-Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty returned home, Hillary and Obama put on their best phony faces of heartache, stood in front of the coffins of those murdered and played to the cameras…and lied to the families of the fallen…lied to ‘We the People’…and lied to the world about a two-bit YouTube video (The Innocence of Muslims) being the cause of it all.

And when Hillary was called to testify before Congress she bold-faced lied to the committee investigating Benghazi…and guess what…lying to Congress is a felony and most felons go to jail…as should she and her then boss Barack HUSSEIN Obama…for murder.

“Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?” croaked Hillary at the Congressional hearings when she knew full well that the 8-hour siege was an al-Qaeda planned, highly sophisticated and coordinated attack on the bare-bones protected Benghazi compound.

The British head of the Libyan guards, whistle blower Security Officer Morgan Jones, the man at the heart of the ’60 Minutes’ report…a man who was on the ground at Benghazi when the attack occurred…even said that the attackers told the few compound guards on duty that night that they were “here to kill Americans, not Libyans.”

And kill Americans they did…four brave men…four brave men who did NOT have to die if Hillary Clinton and Barack HUSSEIN Obama had heeding Ambassador Stevens’ calls for help in the days…in the weeks…leading up to the Benghazi attack.

But they could NOT heed Stevens’ pleas for help for then they risked having the truth about Benghazi being exposed…the truth that Hillary surely knew…the truth about Obama’s illegal guns and weapons smuggling to the Syrian rebels…the truth that Stevens found out and was going to expose…the truth that he had to be silenced for.

So while the ’60 Minutes’ report did NOT directly address the goings on at the White House during and after the attack per se…focusing instead on the actual night of the attack and its lead-up…much was implied about both Hillary and Obama’s cover-up, lies, and the truth that must be kept secret at all costs.

But now ’60 Minutes’ must follow-up on what they started and they must point fingers and name names…in other words hold NOTHING back if they are ever to regain a reputation as anything but another liberal media mouthpiece for Obama.

And this expose…even as limited in its scope as it was and again a year late in airing…must serve as the catalyst for Congress to demand more answers...many more answers...from both the White House and Hillary Clinton, because Benghazi is NOT going away...and that is something Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his minion in lies...Hillary Clinton...can count on as she kisses 2016 good-bye.

Hillary 2016 #Sarcasm

Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a hearing on Benghazi in Washington, DC
[Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chats with Senator John McCain during testimony on the Benghazi slayings. Credit: UPI]
If the next Presidential election grants me no other boon, I sincerely wish that it will grant me the Presidential candidacy of former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. To borrow one of President Barack Obama’s favorite phrases, “let me be clear.” I want Hillary Clinton to run for President as badly as Obama wants to birdie the 9th at Doral. Before you compose an angry email to Mr. Livingston demanding I be consigned to an eternity of serving as Oprah Winfrey’s towel boy, allow me to elaborate.

I don’t want Hillary Clinton to run for President because I think she’d make such a marvelous leader of the free world. Outside some of America’s more fearsome correctional facilities, I can’t imagine too many folks over whom I would choose Clinton for President. I just want to observe as the smartest woman in her world discovers the hard way that her world is a great deal smaller than THE world. Plus, the theatre of the absurd which will be the 2016 race for the Democratic Presidential nomination will make the cast of the next Judd Apatow stoner comedy look like narcoleptic Gregorian monks by comparison. Think of it:

Hillary Clinton should be President because she’s a strong woman.

A silver-spoon-fed rich girl comes of age in the Weather Underground section of the 1960s, falls in love with the fat kid from the band, abandons a promising career as a hatchet-lawyer for the Democratic Party, latches on to Fatty’s big’n’tall coattails, smiles blankly through his endless philandering and finally reaches the big time after he’s through with it. Oh yeah, she’s a veritable Susan B. Anthony. I know every time I think of my niece, I hope she finds an overweight, sex-addicted liar who can spirit her through the pitfalls of work and accomplishment and into authority she didn’t earn and can’t exercise properly. What’s dignity when measured against the ability to perjure oneself and get away with it?

Hillary Clinton should be President because she’s so smart.

She’s well-spoken, I suppose. But well-spoken doesn’t necessarily equate to well-regarded. History is littered with examples of people who used a good command of the lexicon to advance beyond their peers. Some of them used their new station to benefit those whom they had outstripped. Others used their station to invent “vast right wing conspiracies.” Her tenure as First Lady revealed a hyper-ambitious streak which – combined with what appears to be a total lack of compunction – led to her ill-fated attempt to make Obamacare the law 14 years before Obama proved it wouldn’t work. Her tenure as a Senator from New York really didn’t amount to much of a legacy; mostly because she never intended for it to be anything but a springboard. Her tenure as Secretary of State was a complete and utter disaster (See also: Benghazi, “what difference…does it make?”, Syria and the death spiral in which America’s overseas credibility is now trapped). Smart? Why, because she went to Yale? So did President George W. Bush.

Hillary Clinton should be President because it’s high time a woman held the office.

Actually, it’s high time a competent Chief Executive held the office. Liberals consider things like race and gender before they consider things like merit and quality. Actually, liberals pretty much ALWAYS consider the former before the latter. That’s how people who possess neither tend to rise to the top of the Democratic molehill. If the right woman were to run, then she’d have my support. Dr. Condoleeza Rice remains someone for whom I would gladly cast a ballot; though she seems about as interested in the gig as Hillary is in testifying before Congress. It’s worth noting that the Democrats seem to have left their political feminine sides handcuffed to the stove in 2008; and remain decidedly less than feminine any time Sarah Palin walks by.

Hillary Clinton should be President because she’s eminently qualified.

If by “eminently qualified,” her supporters mean “currently breathing,” then I suppose she’s in. If they mean “shrill, angry and self-entitled,” then she’s a definitive front runner. Hillary Clinton has hovered around the highest offices in the land for 20 years. In that time, she has yet to demonstrate any particular political acumen beyond blaming others for her own mistakes. For that matter, she seems to blame others for her occasional successes; especially in such arenas as commodities trading and real estate investment. Of all the people who stumbled across the missing records from an Arkansas law firm while wandering through the White House years later, Hillary is clearly the most qualified to head up the Federal government.

Hillary Clinton should be President because she’s so well-respected.

And why shouldn’t she be? She has endured a “vast right wing conspiracy” which she fabricated out of her own imaginary cloth. She dodged non-existent sniper fire in Serbia – or was it Ireland? She ferretted out that execrable bastard who made the YouTube video responsible for the totally spontaneous attack on the American compound in Benghazi. She even managed to fight off those evil Republicans who dared question her diplomatic acumen in the wake of the Benghazi attack. Indeed, between the states-woman-ship of Clinton and her big buddy Barack, the United States has built an international reputation at least as strong as – say – North Korea’s or Myanmar’s.
Meanwhile, imagine the hijinks in store for the rest of us in the 2016 electoral cycle. Tell me you’re not looking forward to Hillary invoking the imaginary “war on women” to deflect criticism like Van Helsing waving a crucifix in front of Dracula. Tell me you’re not looking forward to Hillary explaining how she’ll bring peace to the parts of the world which turned into even more exciting terrorist havens during her Secretary-ship. Tell me you’re not looking forward to Hillary explaining how she will either continue or discontinue the Obama policy of providing weapons to Al Qaida-linked terrorists in Syria.
Moreover, tell me you’re not looking forward to the Democratic debates; especially if Vice President Joe Biden follows through on his threats to run. Joe Biden vs. Hillary Clinton? Vegas wishes it could book that battle royale every weekend. If someone convinces former Congressman Dennis Kucinich to jump in, then the Democrats could conceivably sell their debates to the WWE.
“TONIGHT ON RAW: Hillary “ThunderLies” Clinton, “Jellybean” Joe Biden and Dennis “The Spaceman” Kucinich in the cage match to end all cage matches!” 
My money would be on Hillary. Kucinich is a mile out of his weight class; and Biden’s moves are all cribbed from Neil Kinnock. Plus, look for her finisher, the “Pantsuit Leglock.”
Mostly, I want to watch former President Bill Clinton adjust to his new role as a prospective First Gentleman. Of course, I’ll probably have to subscribe to Cinemax™ to do so. Hillary 2016: they’ll sell us the seat; but we’ll only need the front edge.

Federalist No.57 is the Remedy #Obamacare

ALERT: Lawmakers support Constitutional amendment to force those in government to live under the law! Take Action and Blast Faxes to Congress!

American Conservative,

In Federalist Number 57, James Madison wrote that Congress "can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as on the great mass of the society."

As wise an idea as this was, Madison and the other Framers failed to expressly incorporate such a limit on government within the Constitution itself.

With lawmakers today passing laws while exempting themselves, their families, and their friends - think: Obamacare - it's clear that we need to codify the principle of Federalist No. 57 into law.

Like Madison, we believe that law applies to all of society -- not just certain parts -- and think it's high time to force those in government to live under the law, not their own "rules"!

It's time to end the double standards and the special privileges -- rally lawmakers now!

Take action and blast faxes to U.S. Representatives and Senators urging them to AMEND THE CONSTITUTION and FORCE GOVERNMENT TO LIVE UNDER ITS OWN RULES! We need a TWENTY-EIGHTH AMENDMENT!

** Sign the petition and message your U.S. Rep/Sens here.

A Twenty-Eighth Amendment

The good news is: several lawmakers in both houses of Congress are getting behind the idea of a twenty-eighth amendment.

Right now, Reps. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Matt Salmon (R-AZ) are sponsoring a constitutional amendment that would prevent lawmakers from exempting themselves from their own legislation.

"Members of Congress are servants of the people, not a ruling class separate and distinct from the people," says Rep. DeSantis. "Congress cannot be allowed to impose burdens on the American people while relieving its own members of those burdens. A twenty-eighth amendment is needed to hold Congress accountable and to restore principles of proper constitutional government."

Rep. Salmon argues, "A government of the people, by the people, for the people should live under the same rules it passes for the people."

Senator Rand Paul agrees. Just last week he introduced S.J. Res. 25 "proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to applying laws equally to the citizens of the United States and the Federal Government."

This said, we need to tell every lawmaker to join in with Desantis, Salmon, and Paul and run with the idea of a Constitutional amendment to subject government to its own laws!

Take action and blast faxes to U.S. Representatives and Senators urging them to AMEND THE CONSTITUTION and FORCE GOVERNMENT TO LIVE UNDER ITS OWN RULES! We need a TWENTY-EIGHTH AMENDMENT!

** Sign the petition and message your U.S. Rep/Sens here.

It's Natural

It's only natural that the government should live under its own laws - such is the American Way.

Our founders based the Constitution upon natural law or "the law of Nature and Nature's God." Natural law says that there is one law to govern all, not one law for the People and a separate law for those in government.

Is this not still true today?

We need to rally our lawmakers to amend the Constitution to declare "Congress shall make no law" applicable to a citizen of the United States that is not equally applicable to those in government!

The Constitution was last amended in 1992 - let's see that it is amended again!

Take action and blast faxes to U.S. Representatives and Senators urging them to AMEND THE CONSTITUTION and FORCE GOVERNMENT TO LIVE UNDER ITS OWN RULES! We need a TWENTY-EIGHTH AMENDMENT!

Fax Now

For America,

Conservative Action Alerts

P.S. The government should be subject to the very laws it passes for the People. Sign the petition and send a no-cost letter to your lawmakers demanding a 28th Amendment to force the government to live under its own rules!

Take action and blast faxes to U.S. Representatives and Senators urging them to AMEND THE CONSTITUTION and FORCE GOVERNMENT TO LIVE UNDER ITS OWN RULES! We need a TWENTY-EIGHTH AMENDMENT!

Conservative Action Alerts (CAA) is a media outlet protected by the first amendment; no financial contribution to support our efforts is tax-deductible. Diener Consultants, Inc., 10940 S Parker Rd Ste# 763, PARKER, CO 80284-7440

The three interlocking gears of the #Obamacare #FAIL.

Moe Lane
Originally, I was going to use the step-stool analogy, only the problem here is that in order for Obamacare to work all three problems need to be resolved. At the moment the administration is more or less working on one full time, and desultorily working on another. The third has yet to be addressed. So… consider a set of gears, with three obstructions. All three obstructions must be cleared before the machine can operate.
If it can operate.
  • Obstruction One: millions of people are losing their health insurance (and those that aren’t are getting massive premium hikes). Up to almost 11 million will, according to NBC; 2 million already have, according to CBS (CNN can’t bear to give hard numbers, and instead settled on general pronouncements of doom). As has been discussed on numerous sites, this is a personal problem-shading-to-disaster for a measurable percentage of the population of the United States; it’s also an indication that the President flat-out lied when he said that if you like your plan, you can keep it. The White House is… not doing anything about that, apparently. Unless you count unleashing Valerie Jarrett upon the world.
  • Obstruction Two: almost half of the previously-uninsured don’t… know enough about the danged law. I and Jim Geraghty are just as shocked as you are, but apparently this is a thing: “Even though the health insurance exchanges opened about a month ago and hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent promoting them, almost half (47 percent) of uninsured Americans still do not know where they can get information on how the Affordable Care Act will affect them…” The White House is supposedly doing something about that. Supposedly. 
Quick note about these two points: taken together, they indicate that there’s a huge pool of people who are now vulnerable to next year’s individual mandate. So, time to access the website…
  • Obstruction Three: the websites don’t work. The federal exchange is a hot mess, and the state exchanges only look good in comparison. Neither half of the exchanges network is particularly prepared to handle a rush of tens of millions of people, which is the major reason why the White House bought itself six more weeks of time by fully extending open enrollment to March 31st, 2014. This, of course, won’t help the people who will be without coverage starting January 1st, 2014 (see Obstruction One) – but one step at a time, hey? Presumably, the entire focus of the White House is now engaged in fixing this problem, and to be fair: it’s the prerequisite for fixing the other ones.
…but the problem is that, once the site is fixed, the administration’s real problems start. Because while various Lefty pundits may be content to argue about how many angels can dance on the premium of a new Obamacare policy the populace is going to focus on Hey, my healthcare costs doubled and my deductible is godawful, instead.

The populace will not be happy about that. And I do not blame them in the slightest: they were lied to, by incompetents. And I’m not going to blame ordinary, decent Democrats for being upset, either: heck, my mother is a Democrat who raised me to be a God-fearing, patriotic American (as did my Democratic father, God rest his soul). They didn’t deserve to be lied to by callous, vicious con artists who wanted a better spot at the trough. And we need to do a better job at saying that, frankly.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where were you in 62' ? I know where I was..and grew up conservative:)

 American Graffiti Trailer
Ok many of y'all weren't even born yet...for those who were and those who care to listen to me diatribe...listen up...the rest just head on down the road and listen to the Obama Administration the 'Devil in the Blue Dress'...sorta speak... Fake lives and portfolios...rofl

At any rate I was so blessed I grew up during 'Happy Days'  when men were men and women were women...we knew each others role in life and embraced it with vigor...and it worked out quite well for all..albeit I didn't get the head cheerleader [she was hot!]...but that was ok with me...after all I was just in the middle of the pack like most of us were:) I had so much fun in HS and then college....ya I was a lil guy with big desires Like 5'6" 145 lbs...but as me parents taught me as well as teachers and coaches [Old school]...Know your limits/place and work on that!

Yeppers that worked out for me:) After graduating from HS I knew my parents weren't in a position to put me through college [Middle income folks] and I didn't have the B's & C's and was not first pick for a Football scholarship or second or third ..being the lil dude I ...Ok for HS but not built for the college ranks..

Anywhoo after graduation 1962  I got me a job with Ma bell  Pacific telephonee company as a motorized messenger[First real job]...saved me pennies and bought a cool car 1958 Chev with a 348 ..traded in me 55 Ford convertible...Ha
Then in 1963 I quit me job and enrolled in college...did the walk on thingee for the football team..Ha I made first team corner back kept saying aren't ya a lil small for offense I said heck ya...thats why I kept telling him to let me do defense...I can throw me lil bod at the big bad dudes on offense.& take em out..way betta' than trying to get away from them big  bad ass

Oh well...first game the coach told me...don't throw yourself at them on the sideline and knock em out of bounds..tackle them to stop the clock...I said hey coach what did I tell ya about size...screw the clock...he said I am yo boss do as I say!
I said ok..but this may hurt...well damn it did...I took out a 6'2 225 lb RB with a full head of steam..head on... we both blacked out on impact...yeah I stopped the touchdown run..but at the cost of killing my college football career...I was finished for the season...tore legiments in both ankles..crap, he walked off field I stumbled out  in pain..

While in college I did a stunt as a unpaid intern call screener for KRLA radio...Wolfman Jack was hella fun but no pay...anywhoo after my first semester of college I received a draft notice greetings... 'Uncle Sam wants you'...I said hell no I will enlist so I can get what I want and not be stigmatized as a draftee ...I said if ya need me I volunteer no need to draft me...Well my interest in radio and football ended as I grew up fast serving my country as the greater good...yes war is hell...many do not make it home..thats life many came before me and many after..we all fought for freedom..I have no regrets.

After serving 4 years 2 months 29 days active Army Cav (1964-1968)...I received my discharge from active service and served 1 year active reserve and 1 year inactive reserve then received my Honorable Discharge...I became interested in continuing service to my country so I served local as well as Federal Law Enforcement while finishing college...Yes it was hard but well worth the effort ~ working for what ya want...seems to be a lost art today...which is where this lil story comes back to..I grew up during 'Happy Days' when we were taught to work hard for what you want hard and respect others for who and what they are!

Anywoo...enjoy Happy Days...American Graffiti..ya really don't know what y'all missed:)

Ok Congress and Senate I can't take anymore of your Progressive HipHop Music..!

If'n ya are hell bent on screwing 'we the people' can we at least dance to oldies music?...I mean after all y'all be old dogs playing with stupid new music and haven't a clue as to what the hell you are doing...Listen to the master Sam the least he called it like it is ...not lying to the people!  Oh and this applies as well to MSM and FoxNews

Hit it Sam:

Lady Gaga Admits to Pact with Satan

oped: Just *SMH* I'm sorry but Lady *gag* Gaga really needs to check herself into a mental hospital...not only does her music suck...her state of mind also sucks!

Lady Gaga made an interesting revelation about Lucifer that many people have missed. Gaga's 15 minutes of fame have all but faded away, only to be replaced by newer Satanic Skanks like Kesha and Rihanna. Royalty Free Music by Tristan Giallani

The Saudis Just Flipped Obama the Bird

President Obama- face-WH-photo SC

If you thought you’d heard the end of Obama’s foreign policy mistakes in Syria, think again. America’s longtime Mideast ally, Saudi Arabia, is now displaying its disgust for Obama’s work.
Saudi Arabia was recently offered a long-coveted seat on the U.N. Security Council. But the Saudis unexpectedly flipped the U.N. the diplomatic bird. How shocking was this move? No nation had ever turned its back on the increased power and prestige that come with a seat on the Council.
The Saudis were blunt in their reasoning, saying that they couldn’t do the job because of others’ failures.

“Double standards existing in the Security Council prevent it from performing its duties and assuming its responsibilities… leading to the continued disruption of peace and security, the expansion of the injustices against peoples, the violation of rights, and the spread of conflicts and wars.”
The Saudis continued, “Allowing the ruling regime in Syria to kill its people and burn them with chemical weapons in front of the entire world and without any deterrent or punishment is clear proof and evidence of the U.N. Security Council’s inability to perform its duties.”
When questioned about the decision, Saudi Arabia indicated that its anger is aimed at Obama. Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan (who spent 22 years as the Saudi ambassador to Washington), made it known that relations between Saudi Arabia and the U.S. are getting worse. The relationship between the two countries was already strained because of America’s missteps in Egypt, Libya, and Iran.
More importantly, bin Sultan told Reuters that Saudi Arabia will cut its cooperation with U.S. intelligence agencies. Unfortunately, I would venture to guess that most Americans don’t understand the significance of this shift.

Cataclysmic Change
To understand the importance of Saudi support in the Mideast, you have to understand the sectarian nature of the fighting taking place. Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and his allies, Iran and Hezbollah, are Shia Muslim. Meanwhile, the Syrian rebels – along with Al Qaeda – are mostly Sunnis. The sectarian lines are similar to those seen during the Iraq war.
While Syria was spinning out of control, Saudi Arabia stepped up to help the non-Al Qaeda Sunni rebel factions. America encouraged this Saudi engagement and convinced the entire leadership of the Mideast that it was serious about removing Assad.
Once it became clear that Obama was anything but serious, the Sunni rebels turned to Al Qaeda, a Sunni Muslim organization.
Now, according to Saudi intelligence estimates, as many as 6,000 Al Qaeda fighters have flooded into Syria. They’ve filled the power vacuum left by a retreating and inconsistent United States. In essence, the Syrian civil war has breathed new life into Al Qaeda. The Saudis believe that by spring, another 6,000 to 8,000 fighters will have arrived as reinforcements.
Losing Saudi Arabia’s intelligence support couldn’t have come at a worse time. Until now, Saudi Arabia has been a vital ally in the fight against Al Qaeda. The Saudis have allowed America to operate drones in Saudi airspace for attacks in Yemen. They’ve also cracked down on Al Qaeda and friends inside their own country, as well as in the strategically important Gulf Oil states.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has been, along with Israel, our best partner while trying to contain Iran’s nuclear program. The Saudis rightly fear a nuclear-armed Iran just across the already-tense Persian Gulf.
And now, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel also fear a radicalized Syria, controlled by either Al Qaeda or Iran. America’s unorganized and hasty retreat from the Mideast leaves our one-time allies high and dry, forcing them to look to China and others to fill the power void Obama has left.
The losers in this whole debacle are the exact people America should’ve been supporting: Western-friendly Muslims who might make peace with Israel and be allied with the Saudis.

This commentary originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.