Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where were you in 62' ? I know where I was..and grew up conservative:)

 American Graffiti Trailer
Ok many of y'all weren't even born yet...for those who were and those who care to listen to me diatribe...listen up...the rest just head on down the road and listen to the Obama Administration the 'Devil in the Blue Dress'...sorta speak... Fake lives and portfolios...rofl

At any rate I was so blessed I grew up during 'Happy Days'  when men were men and women were women...we knew each others role in life and embraced it with vigor...and it worked out quite well for all..albeit I didn't get the head cheerleader [she was hot!]...but that was ok with me...after all I was just in the middle of the pack like most of us were:) I had so much fun in HS and then college....ya I was a lil guy with big desires Like 5'6" 145 lbs...but as me parents taught me as well as teachers and coaches [Old school]...Know your limits/place and work on that!

Yeppers that worked out for me:) After graduating from HS I knew my parents weren't in a position to put me through college [Middle income folks] and I didn't have the B's & C's and was not first pick for a Football scholarship or second or third ..being the lil dude I ...Ok for HS but not built for the college ranks..

Anywhoo after graduation 1962  I got me a job with Ma bell  Pacific telephonee company as a motorized messenger[First real job]...saved me pennies and bought a cool car 1958 Chev with a 348 ..traded in me 55 Ford convertible...Ha
Then in 1963 I quit me job and enrolled in college...did the walk on thingee for the football team..Ha I made first team corner back kept saying aren't ya a lil small for offense I said heck ya...thats why I kept telling him to let me do defense...I can throw me lil bod at the big bad dudes on offense.& take em out..way betta' than trying to get away from them big  bad ass

Oh well...first game the coach told me...don't throw yourself at them on the sideline and knock em out of bounds..tackle them to stop the clock...I said hey coach what did I tell ya about size...screw the clock...he said I am yo boss do as I say!
I said ok..but this may hurt...well damn it did...I took out a 6'2 225 lb RB with a full head of steam..head on... we both blacked out on impact...yeah I stopped the touchdown run..but at the cost of killing my college football career...I was finished for the season...tore legiments in both ankles..crap, he walked off field I stumbled out  in pain..

While in college I did a stunt as a unpaid intern call screener for KRLA radio...Wolfman Jack was hella fun but no pay...anywhoo after my first semester of college I received a draft notice greetings... 'Uncle Sam wants you'...I said hell no I will enlist so I can get what I want and not be stigmatized as a draftee ...I said if ya need me I volunteer no need to draft me...Well my interest in radio and football ended as I grew up fast serving my country as the greater good...yes war is hell...many do not make it home..thats life many came before me and many after..we all fought for freedom..I have no regrets.

After serving 4 years 2 months 29 days active Army Cav (1964-1968)...I received my discharge from active service and served 1 year active reserve and 1 year inactive reserve then received my Honorable Discharge...I became interested in continuing service to my country so I served local as well as Federal Law Enforcement while finishing college...Yes it was hard but well worth the effort ~ working for what ya want...seems to be a lost art today...which is where this lil story comes back to..I grew up during 'Happy Days' when we were taught to work hard for what you want hard and respect others for who and what they are!

Anywoo...enjoy Happy Days...American Graffiti..ya really don't know what y'all missed:)

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