Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reagan’s Leftist Daughter Shamed By Twitter Conservatives

Photo credit: isriya (Creative Commons)
Given the seemingly endless misrepresentations and outright lies surrounding the ObamaCare roll out, even those who once firmly supported the government-mandated healthcare plan have begun speaking out against it.
Former actress Patti Davis, the left-leaning daughter of conservative icon Ronald Reagan, was among those criticizing the law Monday on Twitter.
“Could the president please explain why I and others are losing our health ins. plans?” she wrote on the social media site. “Wasn’t supposed to happen!”

The site’s active conservative population quickly leapt into action, reminding Davis why her own father railed against big government liberalism during his illustrious political career.
“Your father feared this would come,” one user wrote. “Clearly you didn’t listen.”
Another response offered the following food for thought: “Socialism’s less fun when you’re on the sharp end, isn’t it sweetie?”
Bombarded with scathing retorts, Davis ultimately deleted the original comment. Thanks to the permanence of the Internet, though, her words are recorded for anyone to see.
She is among countless leftists whose myopic view of their own ideology prevents them from seeing the truth until it is too late.
This is not Davis’ first criticism of Obama, however. Upset with his impermeable partisanship, she issued an open letter to him earlier this month in which she said she is “trying hard every day to learn from the man whose DNA runs through my veins.”

She then suggested that Obama “could try a little harder to learn from him too.”
Though it is certainly refreshing to see more and more leftists come to their senses in light of this disastrous administration’s attack on the American way of life, it is a shame it has taken so long to happen.
If only more people had listened to and heeded Reagan’s wisdom while he was president, we might not be longing for those prosperous years today.
–Western Journalism staff writer 

Photo credit: isriya (Creative Commons)

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