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  This Issue: Local communities watching our new map for federal plans to fill them with latest illegal aliens from the border surge

The map below has quickly become a galvanizing image of the assault the federal government is making on local communities as it moves tens of thousands of illegal aliens into them soon after they cross our borders without permission.
(A U.S. Senate office sent a mass email about the map almost as soon as we posted it. That seems to have triggered the Drudge Report earlier today posting a link to the map. So many people clicked that they temporarily brought our website to its knees. But our tech department got everything fully functioning to handle the traffic in about an hour.)
At the bottom of this email, you can quickly catch up with some of the most important news about community efforts to resist these federal relocations and about various political proposals for alternative handling of the current storming of our southwest border by Central Americans.
Our Melanie Oubre is notifying our members as soon as we get information about federal efforts in their community. We are pleased that so many NumbersUSA members have been involved in the resistance thus far.
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If you have information that our map doesn't have, please email it to
Many of your friends and neighbors -- perhaps even you -- have a tendency to have sympathy for the open-borders advocates' argument that it is a humanitarian obligation to move the minors arriving at our border to shelters around the United States.
In fact, this mass 'humanitarian' transportation of illegal aliens from our borders into our interior threatens to create far more danger, abuse, rape, illness and even death for Central American teens.
Because all of those terrible things are happening to the young Central Americans as they make the arduous journey to our border and because the only reason they are doing it is because they believe they have a chance of remaining in this country.
Every story about a busload of illegal aliens arriving in a U.S. community will spur at least five more busloads of minors to risk their dignity, health and lives to leave Central America.
Keep in mind that very few minors were making this journey until the Obama Administration went around Congress and gave work permits to hundreds of thousands of younger illegal aliens two years ago. The number storming our border has increased rapidly as the news media have trumpeted around the world that if Congress doesn't pass an even-larger amnesty the Administration will grant the amnesty on its own.
THAT is why this mass movement to our border is happening.
Pres. Obama and other Administration officials have repeatedly said in the last two weeks that Central Americans must know that they will not be allowed to stay if they show up at the border. That they will eventually be required to go home.
In other words, the Obama Administration agrees with me that the only way to stop the surge is for Central American communities to see all their neighbors returning from the U.S.
The problem is that the Administration is NOT sending the minors back to Central America. Not many, anyway.
Instead, Central America is seeing the Federal government quietly attempt to relocate the "Surgers" without consulting local residents.
It is important that the news in Central America contain very different images and signals of UNwelcome -- in order to reduce the number of minors enticed into the dangers of a trip north.
Thus, the truly humanitarian actions are coming from those who are showing up at city council meetings to protest relocations and who are physically blocking the arrival of buses.
Several Members of Congress are becoming bolder. This week, 32 U.S. Representatives signed a letter authored by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) calling on President Obama to immediately end the failed policies, specifically DACA, that have encouraged the Surgers to come. If your Member of Congress signed the letter, we have posted faxes for you to thank them for their leadership.
Additionally, Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) introduced H.R. 5014, the Illegal Entry Accountability Act of 2014, which would suspend aid to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador until Congress determines that sufficient action is taken to stop the Surge.
Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) yesterday offered a very sensible proposal:
"[M]ore than 92 percent of these individuals who have been part of the recent influx at our southern border come from must three countries El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, Gosar wrote to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"Therefore, my top three suggestions for shelter locations are as follows: Guatemala City, Guatemala; San Salvador, El Salvador; Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
For the few Surgers who have truly legitimate reasons to fear their neighbors (not the government), they can be sheltered in their own country while alternate settlement can be found -- in THEIR country. These are not countries where nobody is able to live safely. It will be much cheaper to run the shelters in those countries than in U.S. communities.
And moving everybody to shelters in their own country should stop the storming of our border because it will clarify in a way that the Obama Administration has failed to do thus far that you will not be rewarded for coming across our borders uninvited.
As I wish you a celebratory Independence Day, we are reminded that true independence requires continuing vigilance and efforts of all citizens.
Your actions through your customized NumbersUSA Action Board and in response to alerts from Melanie are definitely in keeping with the efforts of our nation's founders who sought to create a national community with a government dedicated to serving the interests of the members of that community. None of that can exist for any people without clearly defined and clearly enforced borders.
Roy Beck
Thu, July 3rd
We've posted new faxes to your Action Board making your three Members of Congress aware of the new CIS study that found that all net job growth since 2000 has gone to new immigrant workers, while native-born Americans have suffered. Please check your Board for these faxes and more.
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Please check out our Candidate Comparisons to see how candidates in your district rate on immigration positions. Also, take a look at our featured races.
TEXAS GOVERNOR:Testifying at a House Homeland Security Committee field hearing in McAllen, Texas, Gov. Rick Perry said the president should deploy the National Guard to secure the Texas border and send unaccompanied alien children and alien families back home.
MURRIETA, CALIF:Buses carrying recent illegal border crossers were rerouted after being blocked by protesters opposed to their being processed at a local Border Patrol facility and released into the community. The 140 nationals from Central American countries were flown from Texas on Tuesday and then bused to Murrieta.
MORE IN MURRIETA: In a followup town hall meeting, an overflow crowd, including the citys mayor Alan Long, strongly objected to the federal gambit.
ARTESIA, N.M: About 400 people attended a town hall to speak out against holding illegal aliens at a local Federal Law Enforcement Training center. Only a few spoke out in favor of helping the illegal aliens. City and federal officials heard from residents who are afraid the illegal aliens might take jobs from locals and resources away from American-born children. Ginger Kelly said the illegal aliens are getting assistance while some locals lack food and health insurance.
DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN: Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), who represents the border sector most impacted by the ongoing border crisis, bucked Pres. Obama and his party's leadership by saying that the United States should deport all illegal border crossers immediately, regardless of what country they're from. Cuellar said that's the policy the U.S. has for illegal border crossers from Mexico, and the country should treat all illegal border crossers the same.
OKLAHOMA: Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) was denied access to the illegal-alien housing facility at Ft. Sill in Oklahoma yesterday. The facility is housing 1,200 illegal aliens who were relocated after being caught and processed by Border Patrol agents in Texas. The facility is currently under the control of Health and Human Services.
MORE AMNESTY: President Obama promises more executive amnesty and an end to most interior enforcement of immigration laws.
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Language Matters
WHEN THEY SAY: immigration reform
WHAT THEY WANT: uncontrolled immigration
Sadly, the term "reform" is used almost universally in the media and by politicians to include work permits and legal status for illegal aliens, and increasing legal immigration from the current million or more a year.
Instead of CONTROLLED IMMIGRATION which we favor, they want very high numbers of foreign workers and their families that are not tied to the real needs of the American people.
While it is possible that a person favoring "controlled immigration" might use the term, be wary of anybody advocating for "immigration reform."
Visit our Language Matters page.
Murrieta, California -- the city where pro-immigration enforcement protesters turned away a bus of recent illegal border crossers headed for processing and release held a town hall meeting last night to hear from federal officials who targeted the city for placement. The overflow crowd, including the citys mayor Alan Long, strongly objected to the federal gambit.
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THu, July 3rd
Thirty-two House Republicans joined Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., in a letter to the president calling on him to end the policies that have caused the surge of illegal border crossings. The letter calls on Obama to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and to forego policies that give the recent illegal border crossers or other illegal aliens special treatment under the law.
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Thu, July 3rd
wed, July 2nc
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Residents of another community have expressed anger over the federal governments placement of recent illegal border crossers in their area. According to an Albuquerque ABC affiliate, about 400 people attended a town hall in Artesia, New Mexico last night to speak out against holding illegal aliens at a local Federal Law Enforcement Training center. Only a few spoke out in favor of helping the illegal aliens.
WED, Jul 2nd
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In testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee, Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said the government needs to do more to clear up the misperception that illegal aliens can get a free pass to stay if they make it across the southern border. Republicans on the committee argued the Administration's policies created that perception.
TUE, July 1st
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A New York Times series on inequality in America inspired large numbers of readers to post comments on the reporters' failure to mention mass immigration as one cause.
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