Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day...4th of July


We always knew they were coming back. After INDEPENDENCE DAY redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global spectacle on an unimaginable scale. Using recovered alien technology, the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens' advanced and unprecedented force. Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.

Friday, July 3, 2015

‘DAD, HELP ME, HELP ME': Thug Guns Down Woman In Front Of Dad In Broad Daylight

oped: ICE,the Obama administration as well as the San Francisco 'Gay' Police Department,SFSO, The City of San Francisco 'Mayor' and Governor Brown are guilty of Criminal Negligence #Manslaughter #SanctuaryCity..the suspect illegally entered the US over five times Title 8 section 1325 felony...SFPD was supposed to return the perp to ICE custody after their prosecution  for a outstanding warrant...they failed to do so and released the perp to the general population...would it have really mattered? Would ICE under Obama taken proper actions on the perp...who knows y'all be the judge! I can only suggest that the general population get trained,get your CCW..LE only responds to a action after the this why Obama wants to take our 2nd amendment rights we are vulnerable to slaughter?

Here’s why you should have a gun and keep your head on a swivel at all times.
Grief-stricken family members of a woman randomly shot dead Wednesday on a San Francisco pier popular with tourists have spoken out in tribute of their beloved daughter and sister.
Just hours after the horrific slaying at Pier 14, the tight-knit parents and brother of Kathryn ‘Kate’ Steinle, 32 were still coming to grips with the senseless killing, but had no trouble finding words to describe how special Kate was. 

‘She was the most wonderful, loving caring person and if anybody could take anything from this — if you love somebody, just tell them that you love them,’ said brother Brad Steinle.
‘We loved Kate, and I will love her till the day I die,’ Brad told ABC 7 as he fought off tears. ‘I had the best sister.’
Kate’s mother, 69-year-old Liz Sullivan, recounted the first moments of their family’s nightmare to the San Francisco Chronicle. ‘She just kept saying, ‘Dad, help me, help me.”
Read more: Daily Mail

MARIJUANA AND GAY MARRIAGE: A New Biblical Interpretation
For those who haven’t heard, Washington State recently passed two laws. They legalized gay marriage and also legalized marijuana.
The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day makes perfect Biblical sense.
Leviticus 20:13 says: “If a man lies with another man they should be stoned.” Apparently we just hadn’t interpreted it correctly before!

They said they were there to “f**k up tiny liberal punks.”
Anti-police activists were set to burn the American flag at a New York City park Wednesday evening, but their plans seemingly changed when dozens of bikers and veterans came out to counter protest.
Flocking to Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park, individuals opposed to burning the U.S. flag waited for the “Disarm NYPD” group to arrive. While most urged for peace, several bikers threatened violence toward anyone who would burn the American flag.
“We’re here to f*** up tiny liberal punks,” a biker who refused to identify himself told TheBlaze.
Seemingly intimidated by the large group gathered in support of the American flag, the anti-police activists decided to change plans.
Read more: The Blaze
VIDEO: Woman delivers passionate defense of the American flag at scene of planned flag burning in New York City.Full story:
Posted by TheBlaze on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

TENNESSEANS: They Heard Obama Was Coming, How They Greeted Him Is HILARIOUS
They really know how to show some Southern Hospitality.
If there’s one thing we know by now, it’s that some people in the South love their Confederate flags, so a bunch of people in Tennessee decided to greet President Barack Obama’s the only way they know how.
Obama was at the Stratton Elementary School in Madison to deliver a speech on his health care law, and several people lined the street, waving Confederate flags.
Some also were holding the flag along Obama’s motorcade route as he returned to the airport after his speech,according to The Hill.
 Read more: Chicago Sun Times
Greeting Obama's motorcade as he leaves Nashville

THIS IS NO JOKE: Obama Is About To END 4th of July As We Know It

oped: ATTN: Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever your real name is...we know what you did summer of 2008...we know what you are up to ! Listen up you limp wristed perverted cupcake your plan/agenda for the USA is coming to a end.You are pushing the envelope hoping for a revolution to take place opposing your perverted which point you will declare martial law and suspend the 2016 elections.

Go for it smarty pants..the moment you do our Military/LE will swoop in and arrest you and yours for High Treason against the United States of will be akin to General el Sisi taking Morsi into custody and put on trial with his entire Muslim Brotherhood whom you are a member and also support! 
I hate to be the bearer of bad news Barry...but the 300 Spartan officers you put into place to protect  you will be know match for the millions of Military and Law Enforcement officers active and retired who will dismantle you and yours faster than a firefly on a hot summer night! 

You can’t make this stuff up. I smell a revolution coming.
Enjoy Independence Day while you still can. If President Obama gets his way, this could be the last Fourth of July worth celebrating.
New ground-level ozone standards being pushed by Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency would result in widespread bans on fireworks shows, backyard grilling and other Independence Day traditions.
Because the proposed ozone rule is set so low, things as harmless as a few backyard chefs grilling burgers in the same area at the same time, or even festive fireworks being launched during an Independence Day celebration, could cause an area to violate federal ozone standard thresholds. Such a violation of the EPA’s unreasonably low ozone limit would result in fines and other penalties for local governments from federal regulators.
In an attempt to steer clear of punishment, local lawmakers will have to respond to the new EPA rules by enacting municipal grilling bans and canceling fireworks shows from sea to shining sea.
Read more: Daily Caller

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Nevada Gov Brian Sandoval...smacks of HW Bush 'Read my lips'

[Read my Lips...ha no mas se' el pollo loco I be]
Gov. Brian Sandoval won his second term with ... "We saw voters basically say 'no' to the idea that we can simply raise taxes and spend our way to greater ...then turns around and speaks during a memorial service in ... The $1.1 billion package raises taxes on small businesses and cigarettes,The $1.1 billion package raises taxes on businesses and cigarettes, and it makes permanent a $500 million bundle of temporary payroll and sales taxes. ...and not to forget a raise in tax on vehicle registration! I for one pay $33.00 for vehicle registration and a added general tax of $52.00 whats up with that where does that tax money go?

I talked to several friends who own small businesses and they told me their business license fee went up some 66%...they also questioned why cigarettes went up $1.00 tax per pack while no increase on cigars,chew and snuff!

Governor Sandoval just committed political suicide akin to HW Bush 41...he has lost all credibility with the conservative base~ middle class and small business... his only options now are retirement or hoping for a political appointment in the future...he wasn't a great judge before becoming Governor so no SCOTUS appointment in his future after this fiasco! *Lacks credibility/honesty*

Sen. Don Gustavson said legislators "should be ashamed of themselves to force through the largest tax increase in Nevada's history that includes the type of tax that voters did not support."
"And you wonder why our constituents distrust politicians?" he added.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Retired General Demands Obama be Arrested for “Treasonous Activity”

Paul Vallely announces new movement: Women at War for America
oped: Yes indeed Gen Vallely has issued the Battle Cry...*Surfs Up* Grab your musketts boys!


Our friend and colleague Joe Messina has a brilliant Internet radio show where he discusses some of the most important issues facing our nation today. He recently had retired Maj. General Paul E. Valley on his show to discuss our involvement in the fighting in the Middle East. Valley said that the high-ranking military officials should be doing more to mold the President’s military foreign policy because thus far they haven’t been active enough. Messina wondered if Obama wouldn’t just replace any disgruntled military leader with officers who agreed with him, to which Valley replied, “Well then we arrest him for treasonous activities.” 

Valley continued:
“The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, counts at least fourteen different actions the president has taken that could be considered treasonous.
The general listed bringing the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood against President el-Sisi in Egypt, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in Syria among the acts amounting to treason. 

Valley also excoriated the President for throwing the military under the bus when he said that the U.S. had no strategic plan to defeat ISIS yet. Fox News reported that one high ranking military official reacted to his statement by saying “What the f*** was that? We have given him lots of options he just hasn’t acted on them.”
The former General was unfazed by the dustup because as a retired military man he knows that military command is always formulating new plans to deal with the ever changing world. In Valley’s eyes the problem seems to be that President Obama “has no hearth. He is a loser. I think he’s a coward and he does not want to engage.” Further, “Vallely believes it is up to Congress to “shut down” the president on multiple fronts using the power of the purse, among other tools.
“I’m tired of the deceit, the lies, the deception of this administration,” Vallely told Real Side.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

America is on the verge of 2nd Revolution...Battle cry 'Surf's Up'...

Yes indeed the Perverted Obama administration has stirred the Patriots from a deep-deep sleep...a Tsunami is on the way.. Our hetrosexual soldiers/sailors and airmen shall number in the millions vs Obamas 300 Gay Spartans (Tongue in cheek for those who will go nutso over

Addendum:Oooop's I forgot to add:

Our Beach Bunny cheerleaders shall cheer us on: 
We also will have a female special forces/seal team to do the dirty work after midnight...ha

Our Battle flag shall be Tsunami : and our battle cry shall be

ISIS,alQaeda, terrorist oh my...


Food for thought...short and sweet...feel free to add more
Ok folks let's get real here they are nothing more than losers,cowards and suicidal psychopaths..yes they are brave in a gang setting...yes they rape women and children..and behead/shoot,burn and drown those who have their hands tied behind there backs or the unsuspecting just having a nice day on the beach,parades,museum or shopping center or any other event...!

They are not the proverbial end of days horsemen of the APOCALYPSE...they are nothing short of mentally deranged psychopaths who get off on raping,killing and pillaging... nothing to do whatsoever with a religion just a simple/perverted theocracy acting out on one with any real soldier they cowar and run...they make me sick...just think have you seen any Mullah/Imam or radical Muslim cleric go out and do a suicide bombing...take up arms and charge the enemy?...hell no, you haven't they send out psycopaths with a false promise of 72 virgins waiting in the afterlife...while they indulge on the bounty of the so called perverted caliphate ..while the idiots who go out just get a quicky then die!

Bottom Line:

US Supreme Court longer Supreme 'Love Me Love me Not'

Well to be blunt..they have not been Supreme since the first Chief Justice ...they began to morph into just another arm of a political be honest they remind me of elementary school children sitting in a field of poppies on a warm summer day...holding the delicate flower ..and going through the old childrens song 'She loves me she loves me not...let's get real here do y'all see where I am going with this?
I see the Justices gathered in a dark room...drinking the food of the God's... wine, beer,gin,scotch or whatever their preferred choice of the buzz may be. 

They then begin the so called judicial process...the left says she loves me I get this...the right says she loves me I get the art of compromise begins..after all they are appointed for life by their prospective party Presidents..they owe them for the wonderful life and welfare benefits they get...way ~way above those they are supposed to serve..."We the People"They are not there to compromise/legislate they are there to make sure the US Constitution/Bill of Rights is followed nothing more nothing less! They are not authorized to make law(legislate) or judge on personal opinions/beliefs #PERIOD

I do believe it is long overdue for "OUR" elected congressional representatives to do the real work of the people...represent us...not themselves~not special interests..we need a strong bill redefining The SCOTUS.
An amendment to the US Constitution/Bill of rights is not needed...just a bill removing appointment to office and making SCOTUS elected positions not to exceed 8 years in office..make them accountable to 'We the People" not a party or President...also all candidates must have at least 10 years serving as a judge with a track record that can be cases judged with results of appeals etc! They must also disclose any and all party affiliations during their respective careers!

Monday, June 29, 2015

VC 4th of July celebration everyone welcome cept' Radical Islam unless...
Ya want to be on the bbq menu..and the fireworks...hell half the town and visitors are CCW and open carry...Patriots are safe and sane...but no party crashers are tolerated...come on up y'all the music is great and the beer cold...feel free to carry... as long as ya be legal to do so:)


House Bill Would Force the Supreme Court to Enroll in ObamaCare

oped: Just *SMH* hello under the US Constitution/ Bill of Rights 'Congress shall make no law exempting them from the same'...The law is already in effect...doesn't anyone in congress refer to the US Constitution/Bill of Rights before making more laws that already are in effect...just enforce the laws on the need for more BS!...Congress,POTUS ,SCOTUS,all federal employees are bound by the same law as we the people...for crying out loud just read the laws already and enforce them... Not rocket science!  
also see:

via: Vision to America
A House Republican on Thursday proposed forcing the Supreme Court justices and their staff to enroll in ObamaCare.
Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) said that his SCOTUScare Act would make all nine justices and their employees join the national healthcare law’s exchanges.
“As the Supreme Court continues to ignore the letter of the law, it’s important that these six individuals understand the full impact of their decisions on the American people,” he said.
“That’s why I introduced the SCOTUScare Act to require the Supreme Court and all of its employees to sign up for ObamaCare,” Babin said.
Babin’s potential legislation would only let the federal government provide healthcare to the Supreme Court and its staff via ObamaCare exchanges.


The “journey” of a 10 year old transgender child. Somebody call the cops

Caitlyn Jenner has made her first public appearance since her Vanity Fair cover was unveiled last week.
The 65-year-old former Olympian was pictured arriving at the Los Angeles LGBT Youth Center on Wednesday to discuss her recent experiences of making the transition from Bruce to Caitlyn.
oped: This is a prime example of the looney far left progressive community which is led by the LGBT movement. The SCOTUS has opened a can of worms by their illegal legislating making gay Marriage legal ! 
#LoveWins my ass.... #PerversionWins 
These are sick people in need of serious psychological intervention!

by Jazz Shaw 

This is a disturbing, or perhaps better described as heartbreaking story which popped up this weekend and set off all sorts of alarm bells for me. NBC News is featuring the tale of a child named Lia (until recently, Liam) who is being fully encouraged and supported by his parents on a “journey” to become a girl. The child is ten years old and began this “trip” at the age of five.
We moved from Indiana to New Hampshire when Lia was 4. She was still wearing boys’ clothes and playing with trucks through preschool, but she really wanted girl things. We started buying her Barbie dolls and girl’s costumes.
For awhile, Lia was happy wearing pink dress shirts outside and princess costumes at home. Family and friends were curious, but no one made us feel judged. However, It was when she started kindergarten, that we saw the dysphoria start, the depression and anger. It was clear she couldn’t be comfortable anymore.
Lia is the most mild-mannered, peaceful warrior, a deep thinking, soul-searching child. The minute she begins talking, it’s just pure love. But we could see the frustration building in her.
She would say desperately, “Why can’t I just be a girl, Mommy?” At just 5 years old, she would look in the mirror in the bathroom and say, “I am a girl in my head and heart.”

This goes further than a young boy being dressed up in a skirt. The parents have already gone through the legal process and changed his name from Liam to Lia. But even that, while no doubt opening the door to all sorts of confusion, isn’t the most serious aspect of what’s going on here. The introduction to the article (and the soon to air television special) informs us that Lia will soon take hormone blockers to ward off puberty.
Let me repeat that in another way just to ensure that no person reading this misses what’s going on here. The parents of this prepubescent ten year old boy have found a doctor willing to work with them and are about to chemically alter his body to halt the onset of puberty.
Just in case anyone misinterprets where I’m coming down on this story, I would insert one exhortation to the public at this point. Is there nobody in the state of New Hampshire who can call Child Protective Services, find a public defender and/or judge, call the police, or do something… ANYTHING… to get this child out of that home?

When these stories crop up in the media on a regular basis involving adults, I’ll admit that I’m a bit conflicted as to how to react. Part of it is, no doubt, a hesitancy to dig into the complicated matters of what sorts of behavior do or do not qualify as true mental disorders of a medical nature and the difficulty we have in dealing with many of them. There’s also the issue of individual choice and personal responsibility to consider. If you are over the age of 18 and want to dress as you wish, alter your system with chemicals or whatever else, I lean toward saying that it’s your choice as long as you’re willing to deal with the results. Even if you’re a man who wants to go to a doctor and have his privates lopped off or a woman who goes and schedules a procedure to do whatever it is they do to their lady bits, I don’t think it’s my place to say you can’t.
But we’re talking about a ten year old child here. And the process apparently started at the age of five. Something has gone terribly wrong in that house and this child is in serious peril. Are we now at the point where our legal system will take the “decisions” of a five year old into serious consideration on such a permanent, life altering situation? We don’t allow children to get a tattoo, give meaningful consent for sexual intercourse or even take an aspirin (without adult supervision) until a decade or more later than that. Last winter I saw a nephew in the same age group answer the question of what he wanted to be when he grew up. He responded by saying a fire truck. Not a fire fighter. A fire truck. It was a hilarious moment around the Christmas tree, but it also reminds me now that I wouldn’t be leaving it up to him as to whether or not he should start on hormone therapy next week.

But our media has clearly enabled all sorts of insanity to now be taken as normal and it’s spreading in dangerous ways. I can only hope that this television special will draw some attention and get someone on the case here, not to mention seeing if this is going on in other homes as well. Whatever doctor agreed to do this not only needs to have their license taken away… they should be in jail. And Liam needs to be gotten out of that home and into the care of a responsible adult.
I only hope it’s not too late. This isn’t an abstract question of social debate. This is a crime in progress.

SCOTUS Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage Mandates Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity

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oped: Yes indeed Barry Barack Obama and his looney far left LGBT crowd just opened a can of the proverbial *Worms*..With the assistance of the SCOTUS he just lost any talking points about restricting or removing anything in regards to the 2nd Amendment...therefore maybe just maybe the rediculous #LoveWins will work in our collective favor...we can now use their own tactics against them! Hey I love my guns I want to marry them...right SCOTUS you must agree since you stated #LoveWins!

If you’re following any of the various media outlets this morning, you’re probably aware that the U.S. Supreme Court has just extended gay marriage to all 50 states.
The Supreme Court ruled Friday that same-sex couples have a right to marry nationwide, in a historic decision that invalidates gay marriage bans in more than a dozen states.
Gay and lesbian couples already can marry in 36 states and the District of Columbia. The court’s ruling on Friday means the remaining 14 states, in the South and Midwest, will have to stop enforcing their bans on same-sex marriage.
The outcome is the culmination of two decades of Supreme Court litigation over marriage, and gay rights generally.
You can peruse the full ruling here, but the meat of the activist Court’s over-long decision hinges on a single paragraph.

The Court used Section 1 of the Fourteen Amendment to justify their argument, which reads:

Amendment XIV

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
By using the Constitution in such a manner, the Court argues that the Due Process Clause extends “certain personal choices central to individual dignity and autonomy” accepted in a majority of states across the state lines of a handful of states that still banned the practice.

The vast majority of states are “shall issue” on the matter of issuing concealed carry permits, and enjoy reciprocity with a large number of other states.
My North Carolina concealed carry permit, for example, was recognized yesterday as being valid in 36 states, which just so happened to be the number of states in which gay marriage was legal yesterday. But 14 states did not recognize my concealed carry permit yesterday.
Today they must.
Using the same “due process clause” argument as the Supreme Court just applied to gay marriage, my concealed carry permit must now be recognized as valid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
I’ll be driving through the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York in several weeks, places that until yesterday I did not have a legal right to concealed carry. As of today, with this decision, it would seem that these states and the District must honor my concealed carry permit, or violate my constitutional rights under the 14th and Second Amendment.

God Bless America.

Fox News’ Priest Jonathan Morris Spat on Near Gay Pride Parade: ‘I Deserve Worse’

Fox News’ Priest Jonathan Morris Spat on Near Gay Pride Parade: ‘I Deserve Worse’

Father Jonathan Morris wasn’t feeling prideful after being spit on by two men near a Gay Pride Parade in New York City Sunday.
“Walking down Broadway and 22nd St just now, I ran into gay marriage parade.Two men walked by and spat on me. Oh well… I deserve worse,” Morris tweeted.
Morris, who’s a frequent guest on Fox on religious and cultural issues, added that the two men don’t represent all the marchers.
Also Read: Gay Fox News Guest Cautions LGBT People Against Being 'Fascists' Over Indiana Law (Video)
“The two men who spat on me are probably very good men caught up in excitement and past resentment. Most in that parade would not do that,” he added.

oped: Get real Padre...being a Vn era veteran I was spit on by progressive anti-war protestors while ETS'n out of Fort Ord California 1968...these same people and their collective off spring gay & straight alike are now in call them good people...I think not!

The network, like all of cable news, covered the historic same-sex marriage ruling at length over the weekend. The fallout from the Supreme Court’s decision will solicit additional coverage this week.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Walmart Refused to Create Confederate Flag Cake. The Next Day Same Customer Asks Store for Cake With Islamic State Flag. Want to Guess How It Pans Out?

 Given the many national chains that stopped selling confederate flags after the Charleston, South Carolina, church massacre, Chuck Netzhammer couldn’t have been too surprised that Walmart denied his request to create a cake bearing the image of the confederate flag.

Netzhammer holds flag he wanted on top of cake from Walmart. (Image source: YouTube)
[Netzhammer holds flag he wanted recreated on Walmart cake. (Image source: YouTube) ]

But a day later, Netzhammer decided to put the store’s convictions to the test.
He said he submitted another cake request to the Walmart in Slidell, Louisiana, on Friday — this time with the Islamic State flag on top.
Surely a no-no for Walmart, yes?

To Netzhammer’s shock, Walmart put together the cake with the Islamic State flag.

Image source: YouTube

And then he turned to YouTube to vent his frustration.
“Alright, Walmart, you’ve got some explaining to do,” Netzhammer said on camera. He added in his YouTube summary that the Islamic State “is beheading Christians, selling little girls into slavery and is currently a terrorist org at war with the United States — but you can’t buy the General Lee toy car …? It’s a damn shame.”
Netzhammer showed the Islamic State flag cake on camera, as well as the rejection notice he said he received from Walmart for the confederate flag cake.
Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove told the Daily Caller that the “store made a mistake. The cake in the video should not have been made and we apologize.”
“We made the decision to stop selling confederate flag related items promoting the flag’s image. For that reason we did not make the cake,” Hargrove added to the Daily Caller. “[Netzhammer] brought in the other image of ISIS and really, what happened, was our associate didn’t recognize what that image was and what it meant or it wouldn’t have been made.”

Why it Matters that Our Rights Come from God

God's Wrath Watch

In our last two posts on rights (here and here), we discovered two things.  First, we discovered what it means to have rights.  We gave "rights" a definition to help us understand what we are talking about. I wrote:
Rights then are the things that we should be able to do or enjoy simply because we were born.  Nothing that has to be earned but the freedom to earn.  Nothing that has to be learned, but the freedom to learn.  This does not include certain things.

Then we looked at from where these rights have come.  We said that all men and women have these rights as a consequence of being born.  These rights were given to us by God the Creator, before and after the Fall.  God also reiterated these rights through the redemption of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

I wrote:
Our rights have been given us by God, for the purpose of revealing the King, our Lord Jesus Christ.

We will now begin to look at the consequences of this truth; namely, that we are given liberty through Christ, but not licentiousness.  God, having made man in His Image, gave him the freedom to act in accordance with God's nature.  So, when we discuss rights, we are discussing the freedom to live for God's glory.
People live for God's glory by exercising their rights.  What I mean is this:  If we have property, then in accordance with God's nature, we seek its care and beautification.  When those who are in our care and authority are endangered, we defend them.  When we are in need, we work and create.  These things we have a right to do because God has given us the liberty to fulfill these desires.

There is a limit though.  Even though we are created in the image of God, we are not like Him, i.e. absolutely free.  We see this in the giving of restrictions on Adam in the garden (Gen. 2:15-17).  This limitation is also clear in the pre-Mosaic judgments and the Mosaic Law.  In this, we learn that though God is absolutely free and has the right to do all His will, His nature restricts His actions and those of His Creation.
Therefore, if we desire to take actions that are inconsistent with the nature of God and His revelation to us, then we are not dealing with rights, but sin.  When we see that God is not a murderer, we see why we should not murder.  As a consequence of the Fall, we will find times when our desires will be at odds with God's character.  In these times, if we are to live according to the Creation, we must defer to Him who created us.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

And do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He will make your paths straight. - Proverbs 3:5-6
The only conclusion we can come to when looking at the facts given us in Scripture is that we are never given the right to sin.  We must not rest ourselves in what we think is right or good, but rest in the knowledge and understanding of God.  It is God who created us and, therefore, He knows what is best for us.
Tomorrow, we will continue to look at the consequences of these truths.

No Justice Kennedy, There is No Dignity in Sodomy


WARNING: Harsh Truth. Hatred of Sin. 
I thought about a different title for this commentary because many websites will not post it because it has the "S" word in the title, but sodomy is a Biblical word. I am not ashamed to call it what the Bible calls it.
The skin is off of the onion. We now know what it is that the homosexuals were after: they wanted "dignity." Anthony Kennedy used the term "dignity" throughout his entire written decision on sodomy-based "marriage." I went to the dictionary because, until recently, words had meaning.

DIGNITY—"A way of appearing or behaving that suggests seriousness and self-control; the quality of being worthy of honor or respect."

There is no dignity in sodomy! No matter what five degenerates in black robes might say, there is no dignity in sodomy. Dignity cannot be bestowed by a court. No judge can make male-on-male sodomy "worthy of honor and respect." Honor and respect come from within. No man can ever feel dignified as another man violates his anus. It is the ultimate desecration of manhood.
There are several men in my life that I genuinely love and admire. My buddy Norm is my best friend. I love Norm, but I have no desire to engage him in sodomy. I express my love for Norm in many ways, but none of them involve sodomy. Sex is not love and love is not sex. I love my dog…you get the picture?

There is no dignity in male-on-male oral sex. There is no dignity in male-on-male anal sex. There is no dignity in "rimming" or "fisting" another male.
No judge can ever dignify that. You can call it "marriage" if it makes you feel better, but two men doing despicable things to each other's bodies can never be dignified. Calling it "gay" does not make it so. Sodomy is dirty; in fact, God calls it abominable. Calling it "gay" is nothing more than trying to dignify what they know to be deviant. They are looking for society to tell them it is OK. It is not. It is abominable. The Supreme Judge said so.
Often, homosexuals try to nullify the Biblical prohibition against male-on-male sodomy by comparing it to eating shellfish or wearing mixed thread robes (see the book of Leviticus). I personally don't like lobster, but I wouldn't hesitate to put one in my mouth in public. Some things were meant to go into the mouth…some things weren't.

Writing about this makes me sick, and I know reading it makes you sick as well, but can you image actually doing that? How undignified would you feel while and after having done that?
Going to a church that approves of sodomy does not dignify the sin.
"Her priests have violated My law and have profaned Mine holy things. They have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shown difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from My Sabbaths, and I am profaned among them." Ez. 22-26
PROFANE—"To treat (something sacred) with abuse, irreverence, or contempt." Marriage is sacred.
Marriage is sacred, but many of America's pastors have profaned it. They have lied to you. Homosexual behavior is vile, abominable, debaucherous, perverse and deviant.
So, now those who practice sodomy have looked to the perverted judges for dignity. What they fail to understand (or choose to ignore) is the fact that the courts have neither the power nor the authority to dignify such perverse behavior. No court decision can possibly give dignity to men who service other men.
Picture Elton John and his partner "making love." Would that look dignified to you?
Homosexuals hate themselves. It is so sad. They wish they weren't trapped in that sin, but validating the behavior simply will not dignify it. I hate what homosexuality does to the soul of a man. I absolutely hate it. There is no way to dignify it. Only Jesus can help. He will give you your dignity back.

Clarence Thomas, in his dissent, wrote, "Slaves did not lose their dignity because the government allowed them to be enslaved. Those held in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them. And those denied government benefits did not lose their dignity because government denied them those benefits. The government cannot bestow dignity, and it cannot take it away."
Dignity comes from within. Dignity can never come from doing what one knows to be wrong.
I fully understand that I'll be criticized for writing so graphically and many will be offended by my words. That's OK—we should all be offended by what homosexuals do. It is not them I hate…it is their behavior!
Someday, speaking frankly and candidly, as I just did, will get me thrown in jail, and someone in jail may try to sodomize me. That wouldn't be love or marriage; that would be an attempt to steal my dignity. But that won't work. My dignity cannot be stolen.

When that day comes, I will put that orange jumpsuit on with my dignity still intact.

Barack Obama's LGBT...'The Borg'

The Borg: We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. Star Trek.
Uhhh Nope...I will resist...I refuse to assimilate...I am a cheerleader for Adam and Eve ...not Adam and Steve...and when the End of Days arrives I will continue the fight as a Archangle!

Sharia Enforcement in the US Military: U.S. Troops Face Eating, Drinking Restrictions during Ramadan

 Funny Ramadan Picture With Saying: Don''t Forget To Fast During ...
More sharia, more accommodation, more submission. Respect the Ramadan Bomb-a-thon! Why do non-Muslims have to submit to Islamic law? Muslims can adhere to their religious rituals, why must we? Does the US military fast during Yom Kippur? Of course not. Would Jews ever suggest or expect it? Of course not. Jewish law pertains only to Jews, canon law to Catholics. But the sharia asserts its authority over non-Muslims.
If the US is submitting to Islam, then what the heck are they doing over there, anyway?

"U.S. Troops Face Eating, Drinking Restrictions during Ramadan," By Jeryl Bier, Weekly Standard, June 26, 2015 (thanks to Mark):
A top commander in southwest Asia reminded U.S military personnel stationed in Muslim countries in the Middle East of the restrictions placed on them during Ramadan. According to a report by the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Public Affairs, Brig. Gen. John Quintas, 380th Air Expeditionary Wing commander in Southwest Asia, said that the U.S. is "committed to the concepts of tolerance, freedom and diversity." But he added that soldiers should "become more informed and appreciative of the traditions and history of the people in this region of the world… [R]emember we are guests here and that the host nation is our shoulder-to-shoulder, brothers and sisters in arms, risking their lives for our common cause to defeat terrorism."
During the 30-day religious celebration of Ramadan, even non-Muslims are expected to obey local laws regarding eating, drinking, and using tobacco in public. Violators can be fined up to $685 or receive two months in jail. A spokesperson for United States Central Command [CENTCOM] said that "we are not aware of any specific instances of anyone being arrested" for such violations.

For military personnel outside of U.S.-controlled areas, the only exceptions for the rules are for those "performing strenuous labor." Such personnel are "authorized to drink and consume as much food as they need to maintain proper hydration and energy." It is unclear what constitutes "strenuous labor" or whether additional exceptions might be made during a heatwave affecting some areas of the region that has taken hundreds of lives.