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Jihadists seize Syria army base, behead soldiers

oped: Aren't y'all Obama supporters/voters proud you placed this Muslim Brotherhood POTUS /self appointed King of the LGBTQA movement into office for 8 years of pure hell and chaos ? #Morons

Damascus (AFP) - Islamic State fighters have seized a Syrian army base in the northern province of Raqa, killing scores of troops and beheading some of them, a monitoring group said Saturday.
But in the central Homs region, government forces recaptured Al-Shaar gas field, seized by IS a week before, the monitor and Syria's army said.
The jihadist takeover of the base of Division 17 came as the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria said IS fighters accused of atrocities would be added to a list of war crimes indictees. 

In the two-day assault on the base in Raqa province, an IS bastion, the jihadists killed at least 85 soldiers, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
More than 50 troops were summarily executed, 19 others were killed in a double suicide bombing and at least 16 more died in the assault launched early Thursday.
Hundreds of troops "withdrew on Friday to safe places -- either to nearby villages whose residents oppose IS or to nearby Brigade 93 -- but the fate of some 200 remains unknown," Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said.
"Some of the executed troops were beheaded, and their bodies and severed heads put on display in Raqa city," an IS stronghold, he told AFP. 

Video taken by jihadists and distributed on YouTube showed IS fighters apparently inside Division 17 living quarters burning a portrait of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
The jihadists also posted photographs online of the bodies of decapitated soldiers strewn across the ground.
- Headless bodies -
In one, six bloodied heads were lined up together on the ground, and other pictures showed headless bodies, mostly wearing combat fatigues.
Abdel Rahman said IS intended the display as "a message to the people of Raqa, to tell them it is strong, that it isn't going anywhere, and to terrify" opponents. 

But government forces retook the key Shaar gas field in Homs province, nearly a week after it fell to IS, who killed some 270 government troops in the attack, the Observatory said.
"The army has succeeded in ejecting the jihadists, and it now controls the site," Abdel Rahman said.
The Syrian army also said its forces and regime paramilitaries "took total control of Al-Shaar mountain and its gas field".
It "killed many terrorists from the so-called Islamic State," the statement carried by state news agency SANA said.  
In the northeastern province of Hasakeh, the Observatory reported heavy fighting between jihadists and government forces in an area where IS killed at least 50 soldiers on Friday. 

Elsewhere in northern Syria, 30 troops and pro-regime paramilitaries were killed in an overnight ambush in Aleppo province, the Observatory said.
IS, which first emerged in Syria's war in spring 2013, has since imposed near-total control in Raqa province and Deir Ezzor on the Iraq border.
In June, the group proclaimed a "caliphate" straddling Syria and Iraq.
Despite opposition by poorly armed rebels fighting both the army and IS, the jihadists have advanced in several areas of Syria, whose three-year war has killed more than 170,000 people. 

"For IS, fighting the regime is not about bringing down Assad. It is about expanding its control," said Abdel Rahman.
- US suicide bomber -
IS was emboldened by a June offensive in Iraq when swathes of the north and west fell out of Baghdad's control.
Syrian rebels say IS transported heavy weapons captured from fleeing Iraqi troops into Syria.
On Friday, Brazilian Paulo Pinheiro, who heads the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria, told reporters in New York IS "are good candidates for the list" of possible war crime indictees and he was looking into "perpetrators from all sides".
Syria's Al-Qaeda affiliate the Al-Nusra Front meanwhile released a video of a young suicide bomber from Florida who blew himself up at an army post in the northwest on May 25. 

Moner Mohammad Abu Salha, alias Abu Hurayra al-Amriki, was believed to be the first American to carry out such an attack in Syria's war.
The Observatory also said six children and three women were among 15 civilians killed on Friday in rebel mortar fire on army-held areas of Aleppo city.
Once Syria's commercial capital, the northern metropolis has been divided into regime and rebel-held areas since July 2012.

'MythBusters' Star Adam Savage Spent 10 Years Making His 'Alien' Spacesuit for Comic-Con

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MythBusters star Adam Savage is kind of the unofficial king of Comic-Con — he's got the nerd credibility from being a driving force behind renewed interest in sciences, but he also really loves to play dress up. The Con is just his stage, the Con-goers his audience, and we've got an exclusive look at the show he put on this week. 
Savage had not one but two very elaborate spacesuit costumes, both rendering him completely unreconizable to play his favorite annual game on the convention hall floor: Adam Incognito. We've got exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Adam getting ready, walking the floor, and posing with fans in his Alien replica ("That's the coolest," one girl says), along with photos showing the detail on the elaborate costume, which he says took him 10 years to build. 


"I just walked the floor in my Alien spacesuit from Ridley Scott's movie and it was the hottest and most balmy experience of my life — I think I lost three pounds just walking for 30 minutes," Savage told Yahoo TV.
After wearing a "totally accurate Mercury spacesuit from the first Nasa space program" on Thursday, Savage admitted this was a spacesuit-themed year. 
View gallery
John Hurt as Kane in 'Alien' (1979)
John Hurt as Kane in 'Alien' (1979)

But why the Alien homage? "The Alien spacesuit, which was designed by Moebius, is one of my favorite spacesuit designs ever, and I'm a spacesuit fanatic," Savage revealed. "I've got a bunch of replicas of real ones and fake ones. I've been working on this this particular suit over the last 10 years. It's the final culmination of a decade of obsession — it was worth every minute of labor put into it to see the responses from all the cosplayers out on the floor." 

gallery.John Hurt as Kane in Alien (1979)
John Hurt as Kane in Alien (1979)
Savage, who recognizes that 10 years to build a costume might sound extreme ("slow and steady..."), detailed the process of perfecting this particular look. "When I do something like this, where the suit is supposed to be weathered and worn and torn up from years of use, putting it together is only the first part of a very difficult process. I've got to also get all the pieces to look like they've grown old together.

"That involves a level of weathering that is incredibly painstaking. Basically I finished this suit about a month ago, and it's been sitting in my shop; I've been going into my shop every day for 20 to 30 minutes and adding layers or weathering, coffee staining, metal work, blackwashes, rusted copper-finish washes. That's one of the reasons I build everything, so I can do that final paint job and bring it all into cohesion."

Take a look at all the photos here:
"What happens with the cosplayers and the other attendees on the floor is genuine kind of theater, and it's a lovely one — people get to play out this fantasy and play with these personas in a place that's both insanely public and incredibly safe," Savage said, praising the vibe and sense of community at Comic-Con, especially among those attendees who choose to dress up in costumes. 

"Anyone who looks into cosplay as the sport that it is understands that there's factions of people who make their costumes completely from scratch and others that buy them. I often ride the line that encompasses all of that — I commission some parts, I make others, I buy others, and I'm very open and honest about it on our website That's what I really love — not only having the experience and sharing the experience, but also sharing the build and the craft and praising the people I get to help me make the suits." 

Are you guys ready for a new ? Look for tweets from the floor late today & look 4 me!

Hot August Nights..Relive 'American Graffiti' in person Reno Nevada

Come one come all July 29-Aug 3,2014..poodle skirts optional...just bring a smile...oldies cars if'n ya have one...enjoy the ride ~Happy Days rocked:
Information :

CNN Puts False News Of Israel Rejecting ‘Cease-Fire Deal’ Over Faces of Injured Children

oped: "There they go Again"...stolen Ronald Reagan quote...CNN will say and do anything to protect their chosen King of the LGBTQA movement akin to Hitlers National Socialist Nazi Party also known as the 'Pink Swastika Party' WWII 

Here ya go CNN : At least post both sides of the debate..It's called fair and balanced...!



How can you ever trust anything the liberal media says?
Check it out:
As my colleague, senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak pointed out, Friday afternoon, CNN made a huge deal of Israel rejecting a “cease-fire deal” based on CNN’s made-up premise that there was some sort of a deal.
Pollak writes quite correctly that “there was no deal, but a mere proposal” and “there was no indication Hamas would agree to the terms.”
This deal CNN speaks of never existed. CNN is making it up because CNN knows that inaccurately reporting news of Israel walking away from a “deal” will make Israel look unreasonable and villainous. 

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Barack Obama: Coyote-in-Chief

There doesn’t seem to be anything Obama can’t get away with.
Check it out:
I should have seen it. It was right in front of my face and you know why it didn’t occur to me? It’s because it’s so outrageous. President Barack Obama, it is said, is considering the idea of granting refugee status to the children of Honduras. Now, that I predicted. That’s not what I missed. We all knew that was coming. I mean, ever since we began hearing the term “migrant” and “refugees,” as opposed to illegal alien, illegal immigrant. We knew that was coming. 

What I didn’t foresee, Obama is going to send US officials to Honduras and okay them as refugees and then use taxpayer dollars to fly them to America so they don’t have to catch the death train and go through Mexico. We’re gonna cut out the middleman. We’re gonna cut out the coyotes. We’re just gonna bring them here as refugees. We are going to facilitate. We’re actually going to provide the transportation mechanism for what are illegal immigrants to cross the border. It’s going to be done with an executive order. There’s no way any of it can be stopped.
It’s being done under the guise, ladies and gentlemen, of reducing the flow of migrants, but instead it’s going to have — and this is what Obama knows — the exact opposite effect. It’s going to be a magnet. And it’s just a pilot program. It’s just Honduras. If it goes well in Honduras, then they’re gonna go do it in El Salvador. And if it goes well in El Salvador, then they’re gonna go to Guatemala. And it’s not gonna go badly. How could it?

You go to Honduras, you send some Regime officials down there, you basically stamp a purple thing on each kid’s hand and put ‘em on the airplane and send ‘em here. In order to this, they will produce research, eyewitness accounts, whatever it takes, they’ll produce research that, quote, unquote, proves beyond a shadow all of a doubt that every child is escaping poverty, violence, war-torn countryside, abusive fathers, whatever it takes to qualify them as refugees.
The New York Times has the story and they’re all giddy. They can’t contain themselves, they’re so excited. What I didn’t foresee, and I’m embarrassed, these people, they’re always steps ahead. I did not foresee that the Regime would just go down there and assume the role of coyote. Although, I must remind you that I did, last week or the week before, I thought I would catch hell for this, and I didn’t, but I referred to the Border Patrol, or ICE, I forget which, as a bunch of coyotes based on what was happening already. So my instincts were right, folks. I just didn’t take ‘em far enough.
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Obama Tells Companies To Show 'Economic Patriotism' by Paying Highest Corporate Taxes in the World

Oh good God - PLEASE raise my taxes already! Vote Obama 2012


Obama apparently shocked to learn companies don’t like paying high taxes.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Staking out a populist stand ahead of the midterm elections, President Barack Obama on Thursday demanded “economic patriotism” from U.S. corporations that use legal means to avoid U.S. taxes through overseas mergers.
“I don’t care if it’s legal,” Obama declared. “It’s wrong.”
Obama and congressional Democrats are pushing to severely limit such deals, a move resisted by Republicans who argue the entire corporate tax code needs an overhaul. At issue are companies that enter into arrangements with foreign companies, shifting their tax addresses overseas while retaining their U.S. headquarters.

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White House Fears Impeachment?

Not sure Obama is worried maybe his advisors who might loose their jobs.
As is always the case with anything involving former-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, our unbiased, objective, not-at-all-liberal media couldn’t wait to mock her impeachment case against President Obama — but not everyone is laughing. According to reporting from The Hill, The White House fears exactly that should the president take executive action to grant amnesty to thousands of illegals. 

Senior White House advisers are taking very seriously the possibility that Republicans in Congress will try to impeach President Obama, especially if he takes executive action to slow deportations.
Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to Obama, said Friday that the White House is taking the prospect of impeachment in the GOP-controlled House more seriously than many others in Washington, who see it as unlikely.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Michelle Obama was powerless to prevent photos of her daughters from going public

Michelle Obama was powerless to prevent photos of her daughters from going public -- she and the girls were captured in selfies at Beyonce and Jay Z's concert last night.

The First Lady chaperoned Malia and Sasha to packed Soldier Field in Chicago -- and a concertgoer lined up some of the fam in the background of her selfie ... and then pushed it out to the world on Instagram.

As we first told you ... Michelle called a photo agency earlier this month, and got it to take down shots of Malia walking into a restaurant that's a known paparazzi spot.

The Chi town selfie reveals a huge flaw in the White House's desire to keep the girls out of the public spotlight ... unless they're with the President.

Hard to shut down a stadium full of iPhones. 

See your name in this 415-year old Bible.

The 1599 Geneva Bible is back after 415 years in a new Liberty Edition featuring larger easy-to-read print!

You can have your name printed along with other patriots in the dedication section of this special edition if you act by September 30, 2014!

Imagine if the President of the United States outlawed your version of the Bible because he considered it to be a threat to his rule. Imagine that he authorized a new Government "approved" version for you to read instead. That's exactly what happened in the tumultuous year of 1611.

King James despised the revolutionary and "seditious" Geneva Bible. He thought the Geneva Bible's study notes on key political texts threatened his authority, so he outlawed it and ordered a new translation of the Bible - the King James (Authorized Version).

While the King James Version is an excellent translation, it was edited and authorized by the Government. The Geneva Bible was not.

It was truly a Bible by the people and for the people.

The Pilgrims brought the 1599 Geneva Bible with them when they arrived in the New World in 1620. All but forgotten in our day, this version of the Bible was the most widely read and influential English Bible of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. William Bradford cited the Geneva Bible in his famous book Of Plymouth Plantation.

The Geneva Bible was and still is hated by tyrants because it's powerful message can break the chains of tyranny.

As early as 1645, groups of colonial citizens were organized as a militia to be prepared to protect their homeland against any threat. Inside of these citizen ranks, special units of citizens were selected specifically for their enthusiasm, patriotism, and political reliability. Men so selected were designated "Minutemen." Undergoing specialized training, these Minutemen were trained to be ready at a moment's notice to defend the life and liberty of their community. These are men who were very likely taught from the hearth and the pulpit the tenants of liberty found in the Geneva Bible.

Paul Revere's Ride. Concord. Camden. Cowpens. These are only a few of the historical accounts that highlight the Minuteman as hero. During the War for Independence, the Minutemen fought bravely to help secure America's freedom and independence from Britain.

The Minuteman is so unique because these citizens were not part of a standing army. They were not soldiers and military-minded strategists. They were everyday farmers, printers, and merchants. They were average citizens willing to sacrifice life and limb against those who would threaten liberty.

Today, liberal politicians are waging a war on liberty and faith in America. Executive orders rain down from the White House seeking to stamp out religious freedom. Today's battle is either lost or won in the courtrooms and in mainstream media, which often drives public opinion against Conservative values.

Where are the Minutemen today?

Are we advocating violence? No. Rather, the battle is fought and won with the Word of God. "For the Word of God is... sharper than any two-edged sword." (Hebrews 4:12; 1599 Geneva Bible)

Written by Sabine Baring-Gould in 1865, Onward Christian Soldiers was sung at the funeral of Pre­si­dent Dwight Ei­sen­how­er at the Na­tion­al Ca­thed­ral, Wash­ing­ton, DC, March, 1969.
Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
With the cross of Jesus going on before.
Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
Forward into battle see His banners go!
Make history, become a Minuteman and defend Faith and Liberty while we still have a chance.

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The opportunity to become a Minuteman expires on September 30, 2014 as we go to print.

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The Liberty Edition of the 1599 Geneva Bible is the same Scripture, word for word, that the Pilgrims brought to America nearly 400 years ago. This new edition, however, features a prayer by George Washington, which begins...
"O eternal and everlasting God, I presume to present myself this morning before thy divine majesty, beseeching thee to accept of my humble and hearty thanks, that it hath pleased thy great goodness to keep and preserve me the night past from all the dangers poor mortals are subject to, and has given me sweet and pleasant sleep, whereby I find my body refreshed and comforted for performing the duties of this day, in which I beseech thee to defend me from all perils of body and soul..."
This edition also includes the following historical documents, which are based upon Biblical principles:
  • The Magna Carta
  • The Mayflower Compact
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Articles of Confederation
  • The Constitution of the United States
  • Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
  • Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior
  • Word-for-word accuracy with the 1599 Geneva Bible
  • Original cross references
  • Modern spelling
  • Original study notes by Reformers
  • Old English Glossary
  • Larger 11pt font size
  • Size: 6.5 x 9.5
  • Hardback: $39 or Leather (Bonded): $49

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Obama will take executive action on immigration after summer, adviser says


The move could trigger impeachment proceedings against President Obama, said his senior adviser, Dan Pfeiffer. A spokesman for the House speaker called the impeachment comments 'political games.' 

President Obama will go ahead with a “very significant” executive action on immigration after the summer – a move that may well trigger impeachment proceedings against him, senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer told reporters at a Monitor breakfast Friday.
“The president acting on immigration reform will certainly up the likelihood that [Republicans] would contemplate impeachment at some point,” said Mr. Pfeiffer, who has been at the Obama White House since its inception.
A lot of people in Washington laughed off Sarah Palin’s call to impeach the president for executive overreach, Pfeiffer said, but “I would not discount that possibility.” Polling shows strong support for the idea among the GOP base, he said, adding that House Speaker John Boehner (R) of Ohio has opened the door to the possibility with his lawsuit against Obama.

Speaker Boehner has flatly denied an interest in impeachment, saying, “I disagree” with those who support it. Next week, the GOP-controlled House is expected to pass a resolution to sue the president for executive overreach on the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.”
“This is a fundraising exercise for Democrats,” said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel in an e-mail response to Pfeiffer’s impeachment comments. “It is telling, and sad, that a senior White House official is focused on political games, rather than helping these kids and securing the border."

In 2012, Obama signed a memo authorizing deferred action on the deportation of certain children of illegal immigrants – the so-called “DREAMers.” Republicans cite it as an example of executive overreach and say it has encouraged the influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America. Tea party favorite Sen. Ted Cruz (R) of Texas has urged his colleagues to reject emergency funding for the current border crisis unless the Obama administration rolls back the deferred action.

But while some may have thought the child-migrant crisis might discourage the president from further executive action on immigration, it is having the opposite effect. It has raised awareness of immigration as an issue and increased “the urgency” that the public feels in fixing it, Pfeiffer said. That gives the administration “broad permission” to take action, he said.
Given the “broken Congress,” Pfeiffer said, Obama plans to move ahead with another action after he hears advice from the attorney general and the Homeland Security secretary. His criteria will be that any executive action be on “solid legal footing” and have maximum impact.

Immigrant groups want the president to use his “prosecutorial discretion” to extend temporary protection from deportation to the millions of illegal migrants who would have qualified for a “path to citizenship” under the Senate’s bipartisan immigration reform, which has gone nowhere in the House. Politico reports he’s considering subsets of that group, based on criteria such as family ties, how long they have been in the country, and work history.
The White House, Pfeiffer said, is also considering what impact an action could have on the politics of reform going forward.

After the announcement of an action, he said, Republicans will have a choice: “Are they going to go back and try to pass comprehensive immigration reform – [after] which the president will rip up whatever executive action he does the day they pass that? Or are they basically going to set themselves up for the next two and a half years here to be arguing to elect a Republican in order to deport all these people?”
On the child-migrant crisis, Pfeiffer said Obama still supports changing a 2008 child-trafficking law that has become a sticking point in his request to Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency funding. That law has had the unintended effect of creating a huge backlog of immigration cases for unaccompanied minors in the courts. Republicans and some Democrats in Congress support changing the law to expedite the cases and deportations, but many Democrats say changing the law would deprive endangered children of their due process.

The administration is talking with members of Congress about a change. But that issue, Pfeiffer said, should not hold up funding.
On a related issue, he neither denied nor confirmed a New York Times account that the White House is considering a plan to accept refugees from Honduras whose applications are processed in that country.

Lawmakers Blast Federal Agents While Revisiting Bundy Ranch Standoff

Rogue BLM, Rancher’s Son Arrested, Family Targeted by Fed Snipers ...
... 1d7afcba81d41fc5/21WIRE-08-BLM-Bundy-April-12-14-GMN-Copyright.jpg
by: B. Christopher Agee
A group of Republicans in the U.S. House took part in a hearing this week designed to weigh in on the standoff between Bureau of Land Management agents and supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy earlier this year. As the dust settled from that tense situation, subsequent battles erupted between local and federal authorities elsewhere – particularly throughout the southwestern United States. 

The Bundy Ranch situation is now recognized by many as the catalyst for a renewed vigilance among many Americans disillusioned by the increasing power of the federal government. California Rep. Tom McClintock determined that the BLM officers who responded to the Clark County ranch should not have been heavily armed in the first place.
“Whether Bundy was right or wrong,” he said, “was the BLM’s response reasonable? Anyone watching that unfolding fiasco can answer it was completely insane.”
He echoed the sentiment of many protesters, noting that the matter could have been handled more efficiently and civilly at the local level.

“Local law enforcement knew the circumstances,” he asserted, “knew the people involved and would exercise much better judgment nine times out of 10. So I ask once again, why are we arming land managers?”
Authorities from Nevada and Utah – two states heavily involved in disputes with the BLM – were on hand to add their perspective
Garfield County, Utah Sheriff James Perkins agreed with McClintock’s assertion, noting that “we wouldn’t even be talking about it today” if the Bundy Ranch situation had been handled locally.
“There have been so many bridges burned I don’t know if they can be repaired,” he said of the strained relationship between local and federal authorities.
Elko County, Nev. Commissioner Grant Gerber agreed, suggesting that “the BLM is very reluctant to investigate stories of abuse.”
Utah Rep. Chris Stewart lamented that the standoff is emblematic of an increasingly militarized federal government.
“It’s heavy-handed and intimidating to the American people,” he said.
The lone Democrat at the hearing, Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, agreed that BLM officers possibly overreacted; however, he noted that militia members stationed near the ranch were also accused of intimidation.
He concluded that “both sides should be very cautious.”


Mark Levin’s Lawsuit Against The Obama Admin Could Leave The EPA In Shambles

Photo credit: Andrew F. Kazmierski /

While the issue of lost or destroyed email correspondences has been a common theme in the ongoing congressional investigation of anti-conservative biases within the IRS, one conservative talk show host is using the concept as the grounds for a suit against the Environmental Protection Agency.
Reports this week indicate that Mark Levin, acting through the Landmark Legal Foundation, recently sought a judicial sanction against the agency regarding allegations that it destroyed vital records regarding the implementation of new federal regulations.
A Washington Post article published late last year confirms that a number of these EPA mandates were purposely held back until the 2012 presidential election had passed in an ostensible effort to protect the Democrat Party from backlash from disillusioned voters. Compounding that potential scandal, Levin said, is his foundation’s claim that the EPA violated federal law by allowing emails and phone records about the systematic regulatory delays to be destroyed.

In documents presented to Judge Royce Lamberth, Landmark Legal Foundation asserts that the agency “undertook no effort to secure potentially responsive emails from the administrator’s personal email account, even though EPA states in its own litigation hold memorandum that every email on a personal email account should be preserved even if it is forwarded to another account.”
Levin took the opportunity to release his own statement on the matter, in which he called the EPA a “toxic waste dump for lawlessness and disdain for the Constitution.”
Though an agency source indicated the EPA is “committed to transparency” and strives to comply with federal law, the conservative host and constitutional attorney sees it differently.

“When any federal agency receives a [Freedom of Information Act] request, the statute says it must preserve every significant repository of records, both paper and electronic, that may contain materials that could be responsive of that request,” he asserted.
Levin concluded that EPA employees on every level “think they’re above the law, that no one has the right to question what or how they do their jobs.”
Through this suit, Levin apparently wants to send a clear message to the EPA and the Obama administration.
“The laws apply to everyone,” he concluded, “even federal bureaucrats.”
Photo credit: Andrew F. Kazmierski /
This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Here’s How The Constitution Is Under Assualt From The Man Who Is Sworn To Protect It


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the free press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” –First Amendment to the US Constitution, written by James Madison
In our entire American Constitution, there are no more important amendments than the first ten, the Bill of Rights. This was intentional. Madison, Jefferson, and the other writers of this world-renowned document recognized the importance of a free, libertarian United States of America with a very tightly-controlled federal government while protecting especially against a runaway president who might try become “king.” In order for all the rest of it to work, these first ten amendments had to structure everything else, they reasoned beautifully.
And of all the first ten amendments, there is none, not one even close, to the level of importance of the First Amendment because of the free speech, freedom of religion, free press, and freedom of assembly/protest assurances. If our framers would’ve been asked which amendment they could save and if all the rest would have to go away, they would’ve undoubtedly saved the First Amendment and that one alone.

Meme Credit:
Other American political animals on the Left are not so sure. They want to chip away at our Constitution, just as their feckless leader is and has been doing with impunity. Obama has been a premier anti-Constitutionalist, talking out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously to different audiences or targets, while acting like an automated, human wood-chipper and eliminating as many of our First Amendment rights as possible.

There’s nothing more shocking to me and other Conservatives than to have a supposed “Constitutional law professor” (he wasn’t, his title was “lecturer”) taking great big bites out of this exemplary document with cruddy, piranha teeth. Just how phony, how much of a liar, and how anti-American is this president? How stupid does he take us to be?

Let’s look at these basic, beautiful American rights and what Obama’s done to threaten and eradicate our protections by the First Amendment.

Free Speech
“If the First Amendment means anything, it means that a state has no business telling a man, sitting alone in his house, what books he may read or what films he may watch.” –Thurgood Marshall
Very true. But Justice Marshall did not go quite far enough. It also means that a state has no business telling anybody—not just a man and not just one sitting at home—anything at all about what they can read, watch, or most importantly say.
Anybody who’s ever been to London’s Hyde Park Corner, “Speaker’s Corner” on a Sunday morning, knows about Free Speech. You can expect to see all manner of sensible, erudite, uneducated, and lunatic speakers, all trying to out-do each other, yell louder, and attract a bigger crowd to listen than any other speaker. This is the American First Amendment in action.
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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Those Who Oppose Homosexuality Should be 'Ruthlessly' Stamped Out

24 Hilarious Obama Photoshops
[Barry Barack self appointed King of the LGBTQA movement]

It’s shocking how 1.6 percent of the population – I’m speaking of LGBTers – are controlling our culture. Years ago they told us over and over again that a person’s choice in sex partners shouldn’t matter.
Now it seems that’s all that matters. Michael Sam feels compelled to tell the world that he has sex with other men, and he and his fellow-LGBTers demand that we accept his choice in sex partners or else. While Sam said that “everyone is entitled to their own opinions,” that’s not the way it’s working out.

It’s gotten so bad that a person can’t express an opinion on the subject without being assaulted through numerous media channels.
Voting your conscience on same-sex marriage, as the CEO of Mozilla did when Proposition 8 was up for a vote in California and passed with a majority of votes, got him canned from the company he founded.
Keep in mind that where a man sticks his penis is not the same as being born with black skin. There are all types of sexual behaviors that are considered abnormal and criminal. Some people have positive opinions about them and most have negative opinions. Once immoral and irrational sexual behavior like same-sex sexuality has been “defined down,” other sexual taboos have fallen with it.

It’s already happening with pedophilia, polyandry, incest, and polygamy.
How many times have you heard LGBTers argue that love should not be forbidden? I don’t know anybody who wants to forbid or outlaw love. I love a lot of people. But the LBGT issue isn’t about love; it’s about legitimizing certain types of sexual behaviors, relationships, and transitions (transgenders).
Any contrary opinion can lead to dire legal complications. Laws are being used against people that Michael Sam says should be entitled to their opinions.
We’ve seen it with the baker who is being forced to acknowledge the legitimacy of same-sex marriages in a state where its Constitution does not recognize same-sex weddings. How is that right? Some made-up governing body in the state of Colorado is requiring him and his staff to undergo (im)moral and irrational retraining.

Then there’s Bob Eschliman, a veteran news editor, who was fired for criticizing a pro-homosexual bible titled the “Queen James Bible.”
The following is from George Orwell’s 1984. It describes those who have adopted the position that same-sex sexuality is rational and anybody who refuses to say so will be reprogrammed:
“You are a slow learner, Winston."
"How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four." 

"Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”
This brings me to the latest from the world of liberal toleration and freedom of thought. It’s something right out of 1984.
Josh Barro, writing in the New York Times, demonstrates that Orwell’s warming not only wasn’t heeded, but there are people who have adopted the tactics of Big Brother and view them as morally normative if the cause is their own. For them, 1984 is an instruction manual.

Barro tweeted the following as reported by Owen Strachan:
“Anti-LGBT attitudes are terrible for people in all sorts of communities. They linger and oppress, and we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly.”
Remind you of anything?
“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.” 

boot stamping on face forever 

That’s also from 1984.
Erick Erickson of Red State “wrote a brief response to Barro’s tweet, to which Barro replied that he thinks that ‘we should make anti-LGBT views shameful like segregation. Not saying we should off people.’”
Orwell didn’t mean by the stomping boot analogy that people should be killed if they did not comply, although some might be for the good of the cause. The point being made was that every means possible (not just permissible) will be taken to ensure compliance. That’s what the LGBTers are trying to do.
It’s time that people like Tony Dungy stop apologizing for their opinions. 
oped: Bottom line we have been down this road before: deja vu Hitler did it too:  


Impeachment On Table In Closed Door Immigration Meeting

Electing conservatives is the only answer.

In a free-wheeling discussion that touched on dozens of proposals for how to address the tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children streaming across the southern U.S. borders, one thread connected the calls to add to or change a border crisis proposal from GOP leadership: President Barack Obama.
The proposals included trying to prevent a future executive amnesty by Obama, telling the president what he should do to enforce the law in a non-binding resolution, and even putting impeachment on the table.
Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) told colleagues that the House should pass legislation with new steps to secure the border, and tell Obama if he didn’t implement it, they would impeach him. Congress has no other recourse, he said, given Obama’s actions.

“People were hissing at that because they don’t want to go there,” said a GOP member who was in the room.
At the other end of the spectrum, Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA), a top proponent of comprehensive immigration reform, expressed befuddled frustration with conservative colleagues resistant to passing the package put together by a working group of members appointed by Speaker John Boehner.
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Sick: ABC FAMILY Show Shows Lesbian Couple Getting Late-Term Abortion


This week, Americans were treated to a particularly nauseating piece of politically-charged television when a supposedly family-friendly show offered an episode with a plotline that centered on a lesbian couple having a late-term abortion.
It makes one miss the days of Ozzie and Harriet. 
The plot occurred on the ABC Family show, “The Fosters.” In this episode, entitled “Mother,” a character named Lena is 20-weeks pregnant and is married to her lesbian partner, Stef. The show takes a dark turn when Lena goes to the hospital with pre-eclampsia and the doctor informs the couple that Lena could die if she gives birth.

The couple is offered the choice of whether to induce birth and the baby will die or to have a late-term abortion and they choose the latter option.
Now- this will not be a discussion surrounding the pros and cons of abortion to save the life of a mother. That is a complex issue reserved for another day, another time. 

What my disgust revolves around, however, is the blatant attempt to normalize abortions. There is a time and place to discuss pro-life or pro-abortion stances; family get-together time is not one of them.
The plot is an obvious attempt to advance a leftists agenda and normalize and inoculate viewers so as to normalize abortions. 

Let’s remember- this is a show focused towards teenagers and families. Why must the decidedly pro-abortion message be displayed so prominently on an ABC Family sitcom? 
I’m not a prude; I understand that there exists some obscene issues to discuss and abortion, I’m sorry to say, is a reality in this world. I’m happy to have a debate on this subject, but what of the children watching television that are now exposed to this subject matter? What are they to make of it? That infanticide is normal and no big deal? 

God help us. 

Gang of Eight Surrender

Alot has changed since the beginning of their quest.
In a statement that underscores the remarkable distance the immigration debate has traveled since their bill passed the Senate with 68 votes last year, the four Republican authors say they do not support bringing up such a bill this year. 

“Last year, we helped lead the effort to pass immigration reform legislation that received 68 votes in the United States Senate,” Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said in a joint statement. They went on:

While we continue to support the goals of comprehensive immigration reform, none of us would support including that bill in legislation needed this year to address the current humanitarian crisis on our southern border. Any legislation considered this year must be focused exclusively on addressing the current crisis, halting the flow of unaccompanied children crossing the border, and preventing future waves from making the dangerous journey north.
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Boehner Caves to Obama on Immigration


When it comes to describing Speaker of the House John Boehner, “leader” seems to be an inappropriate term as the top lawmaker in the House has capitulated to the president in his crusade to rule via executive edict on the issue of illegal immigration.
Appearing to favor a policy of appeasement over advocating for the rule of law, Speaker Boehner announced on Thursday that House Republicans would not be taking up measures to defund the president’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA).

The move to try and defund DACA has been meant as a leveraging tool to try and dissuade the president from granting executive orders providing amnesty. Obama has repeatedly threatened to act unilaterally in violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers in order to secure immigration reform if Congress cannot pass legislation.
On Thursday, Boehner revealed that he would be pursuing a plan for immigration reform that centered on a working group’s proposals that did not cite the president’s amnesty-oriented policies as a contributing factor towards the rise of illegal immigration in America.

“I’m focused on the recommendations of our border control working group, and we’re operating within those guidelines,” Boehner announced. The group’s proposal take no hard lines and instead, advocate speeding up deportations and other moderate, easily-manipulated border security measures.
On Wednesday, Tea Party Senator Jeff Sessions blasted the working group’s soft-touch proposal, stating,
Any attempt at improving the border situation would be rendered utterly void if the President follows through on his dramatic nullification acts. How can Congress ignore this brewing constitutional crisis? In fact, granting the President new funds without tackling these orders would be an institutional surrender to the planned illegality.” 
In the Senate, Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz called for a defunding of Obama’s deferred action program. The bill released last week would prohibit the federal government from using funds to process applications for illegal immigrants looking to stay in the U.S., despite having come to the country illegally. 

The only way to stop the border crisis is to stop President Obama’s amnesty,” Cruz said in a statement. “If we do not put an end to its expansion — to the promise of amnesty that is the reason so many are coming — then more little boys and girls will be trafficked, abused, and even killed.” 

Sen. Cruz is one of many conservatives to point to Obama’s advocacy of lawlessness as a large factor in the surge of illegal immigrants that continue to overwhelm authorities. With the threat of deportation off the table and the high likelihood of Obama working extralegally to grant amnesty, the illegal immigration problem has exploded as tens of thousands of illegals continue to cross the border, hoping to step foot on U.S. soil and thus be allowed to stay.
Rep. Marsha Blackburn introduced similar legislation in the House to try and defund Obama’s DACA program. 

Central American children have fled to the United States based on a false hope that they will be allowed to remain permanently. This false hope created by the Obama Administration is putting children’s lives in danger as they are escorted by individuals who have been known to abuse these children during their journey and even leave some for dead,” Blackburn said in a statement. “It is now clear that the Obama Administration saw this problem coming and that children were used as pawns in the President’s political game. President Obama’s failure to act has forced Congress, once again, to lead the effort to address the crisis on our border.”   

Boehner’s latest announcement now removes the threat of legislative action should the president issue yet another executive edict to strengthen the flow of illegal immigrants surging into this country.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You...

 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You
[These are pictures of Arab-Palestinian Muslim kids that the media SHOWS.]


This is where our government sends millions of dollars and plans to send an additional $47 million more in short order. 

To see more of the truth, go to Palestinian Media Watch ( and MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute at
Palestinian Media Watch is an "Israeli research institute that studies Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives by monitoring and analyzing the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks. PMW's major focus is on the messages that the Palestinian leaders, from the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Hamas, send to the population through the broad range of institutions and infrastructures they control."

MEMRI is an international organization based in Washington, D.C., with offices in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, that provides translations of the Arabic, Farsi, Urdu-Pashto and Dari media.  A few years prior to 9/11, its founders noticed a profound disparity between what was reported to the Muslim world VERSUS what was reported to the West and began offering media translations to bridge the information .

NOTE to non-Jews:  This is NOT a Jewish problem.  It is a threat to Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Baha'is, Animists, etc. - all non-Muslims.  Do your own research and see for yourself. Christians are being persecuted, attacked and killed throughout the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asia.  Hindus on the Indian sub-continent have suffered the ravages of jihad for centuries. Your support (or lack thereof) of Israel's fight (It is the WORLD'S fight) will directly impact your future.

These are images of the Arab-Palestinian Muslim kids that the media does NOT show. 

 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You   

 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  
 The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You  The Palestinian Children the Media Isn’t Showing You