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Palin on Border Crisis: Congress Lacks Guts to Impeach 'Tyrant' Obama over Lawlessness

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said she felt Congress lacked the guts to impeach President Barack Obama for acting like a "tyrant" by refusing to enforce the country's immigration laws and deliberately causing a humanitarian crisis at the border. 
She said the only way to solve the illegal immigration crisis is at the ballot box and sending a message, like voters in Virginia's seventh congressional district did by ousting pro-amnesty House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), by voting against elected officials who have enabled the Obama administration's lawlessness.
In a blistering Friday Facebook post that showed she, like many Americans, is mad as hell and fed up with the illegal immigration crisis and will not take it anymore, Palin said that to "encourage and reward lawlessness by refusing to enforce the will of the people as proven by laws passed by our political representatives is the signature of a tyrant."

"Congress and American voters, how long will you let Team Obama get away with this?" she wrote. "The recent avalanche of devastating crises caused by a president believing he is above the law has set the most dangerous precedent a once-free people can imagine."
Palin said since she thought Congress was too timid to start impeachment proceedings over Obama's lawlessness, the best remedy is to throw all the bums out at the ballot box. 
"I sense not enough guts in D.C. to file impeachment charges against Team Obama for their countless documented illegalities, so the way to stop this is at the ballot box," she concluded. "To fundamentally restore America to her destined exceptionalism you must get involved and then get to that box. Use YOUR phone and pen to support conservative candidates who will fight for what is right: Constitutionally protected freedom, respected military, free markets to create jobs, and secured borders to protect jobs!"
Palin said because it "takes more than a village to fortify the homeland," all Americans must chip in to throw out elected officials from both parties who have aided and abetted the Obama administration's lawlessness. 

"ANYONE associated with support for Obama’s deceptive ploys that would stoop to using and abusing innocent children must be voted out of office," she thunderously wrote. "ANYONE who has shined the boot that Obama’s put on the neck of our economy and security must be held accountable by those with the legal power to do so – Congress." 
Palin said the current illegal immigration crisis burdens the working Americans whose tax dollars are being spent to "solve" it and is a slap in the fact to legal immigrants who stood in an immigration line that used to be "sacred."
"In this case, Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and his blatant suggestion that his chosen illegal activity will be rewarded are proof of his tyrannical tactics," she wrote. "The recent numerous manipulated 'crises' have the media pinging and ponging trying to keep up with what is the scandal of the day, which one overshadows another, and how will they distract next, and who’s on first?!"
Other leaders like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer have blasted the Obama administration's "lawlessness," but Palin said that the mainstream media will not hold Obama and Congress similarly to account. That is why Palin said it was up to "We the People" to "hold Congress accountable." 

"Do not vote for any politician who has gone wobbly on their commitment to respect the will of the people and to fight to defend our Constitution," she said. "This wishy-washy status quo has got to go." 
Palin also credited Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby for publishing photos of illegal immigrant children who were overwhelming the system and being warehoused in Texas and again urged voters to do something about it at the ballot box. 
That is exactly what Virginia's voters did this week when they ousted Cantor, who was accused of helping to attract illegal immigrant children to the country by proclaiming that one of the "founding principles" of the nation was to give illegal immigrant children amensty so they are not punished for the mistakes of thier parents.
In that race, Brat successfully used the amnesty issue to make a broader point about how big-business crony capitalists collude with Congress to stiff American workers. Brat said that amnesty was the biggest issue that divided Wall Street elitists from Main Street Americans. 
Palin, who has also said that amnesty will "decimate" Main Street, has been hammering that theme home throughout her political career. And her signature 2011 speech against crony capitalism and the permanent political class in Indianola, Iowa injected those issues into the political bloodstream like they had never been before.

Because She’s White: 10 Year-Old Girl Attacked In Racial Hate Crime

Where are the black leaders and their marches? They’ll probably be silent as they usually are when it is a black being bad.
Check it out:
Police in Cleveland, Ohio are investigating what they suspect may be a hate crime after a 13 year-old girl attacked a 10 year-old.
The teenage attacker is black; the 10 year-old is white.
A YouTube video shows the camera was rolling before the attack, suggesting that it might have been planned. The attacker is seen looking back at the camera before springing towards the 10 year-old, who was riding by on a scooter.
A narrator behind the camera is then heard calling for an end to the beating, saying “Alright,” and then the name of the attacking girl.
Witnesses to the beating said that the 13 year-old called her younger victim a “cracker,” according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. Other neighbors corroborated that the girl has hurled the slur at her children as well, according to a 19 Action News telecast. 

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Iraq Terrorist Leader: “See You In New York”

Thanks Obama. You really have made us so much safer not only around the world but here at home. How soon til another attack hits us that makes 9-11 look like a minor skirmish.
Check it out:
The Islamist extremist some are now calling the most dangerous man in the world had a few parting words to his captors as he was released from the biggest U.S. detention camp in Iraq in 2009.
“He said, ‘I’ll see you guys in New York,’” recalls Army Col. Kenneth King, then the commanding officer of Camp Bucca.
King didn’t take these words from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a threat. Al-Baghdadi knew that many of his captors were from New York, reservists with the 306 Military Police Battalion, a unit based on Long Island that includes numerous numerous members of the NYPD and the FDNY. The camp itself was named after FDNY Fire Marshal Ronald Bucca, who was killed at the World Trade Center in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
King figured that al-Baghdadi was just saying that he had known all along that it was all essentially a joke, that he had only to wait and he would be freed to go back to what he had been doing.
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Terrorists Fly American Blackhawk Helicopter in Iraq

Really? We left Blackhawks in Iraq? Obama’s incompetence is beyond measure.
Check it out:
After the capture of Mosul by Islamist militants of ISIS rumors spread across social media for days that the Mosul airport contained a fleet of American loaned Blackhawk Helicopters given to security forces by the United States.
Today, the Islamist States of Iraq and Syria (“ISIS”) are confirming with the above image that they have indeed, seized control and have begun to operate at least one of these aircraft.
Iraqi officials are also confirming that at least one Blackhawk is now in the hands of ISIS militants and has already been used to attack military positions of the Maliki government.
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Congressman Says ‘Huge Battle’ Within Congress to Replace Boehner


Congressman Steve Stockman from the great State of Texas has a knack for being hard-hitting and humorous at the same time. It’s a gift that makes him one of the favorite congressmen within the Tea Party movement, as well as the courage to take on the Establishment in both political parties when necessary. 
On Thursday’s “Capitol Hill Show” with the Voice of Reason, TPNN’s Tim Constantine, Congressman Stockman spoke with Tim from the “bunkers of the fighting 36th district (Texas),” discussing Dave Brat’s historic Tea Party victory over the second most powerful Republican in Congress, Majority Leader Eric Cantor. 

Congressman Stockman, a Republican, told Tim that while there is already jockeying to replace Cantor, which has been widely reported, there is also a “huge battle” going on to replace current Speaker of the House, John Boehner:

“What’s kind of amazing is that–people on the outside don’t realize it, but there is a huge battle going on, for really what I would contend, is really the speakership.” 

Stockman asserts that the fervor with which congressmen are seeking to replace Cantor is really an attempt to position themselves to the be next Speaker of the House, as many members, according to Stockman, believe that Boehner will not “re-up his term.” 

“I think many people believe that the current speaker may not re-up his term. And if that’s the case, whoever becomes Majority Leader could potentially become Speaker. The intensity with which everybody is lobbying [for Majority Leader] is really high.” 
Tim and the Texas congressman joked about Democrats’ fake sincerity in attempting to “save” the Republican Party by tricking  them to accept amnesty, under the scheme of “immigration reform.”

The people advising us to do amnesty are people that are hard-core leftists in the Democrat Party. Pelosi said we must do it to save the Republican Party, which I know Nancy Pelosi worries about saving the Republican Party.” “That’s very kind of her,” Constantine responded jokingly.

“You know, if I could think of one person who wants to save the Republican Party, it’s the Washington Post and Nancy Pelosi,” Stockman joked.

Most contend that Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s massively unbelievable defeat at the hands of an underfunded and virtually unknown economics college professor, Dave Brat, was largely because of Cantor’s flirtation and flip-flopping on the issue of amnesty.


CIC Barry Barack has decided on what action he will take in the Iraq attack:


CIC Barry Barack has decided on what action he will take in the Iraq attack: 

Melinda Gates: ‘Gates Foundation Has Decided Not to Fund Abortion’

Melinda Gates: The ‘Gates Foundation Has Decided Not to Fund Abortion’
( – Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, said the international family planning and anti-poverty group founded by them, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, “has decided not to fund abortion.”
In a June 2 statement on the website of the foundation, Melinda Gates explains that she recently sat down for interviews in Toronto, Canada, and while reporters asked about the newborn and child health initiatives of the foundation, “every journalist also focused on Canada’s policy on abortion.”

“Let me tell you why this worries me,” she said.
Gates then explained that spacing “pregnancies in a safe and healthy way” is an approach that works and  “saves lives,” but “the question of abortion should be dealt with separately.”
“[I]n the United States and around the world the emotional and personal debate about abortion is threatening to get in the way of the lifesaving consensus regarding basic family planning,” she said.

Human baby in the womb. (AP)
“I understand why there is so much emotion, but conflating these issues will slow down progress for tens of millions of women.”
She continued, “That is why when I get asked about my views on abortion, I say that, like everyone,  I struggle with the issue, but I’ve decided not to engage on it publicly—and the Gates Foundation has decided not to fund abortion.”
“I understand that the abortion debate will continue, but conflating it with the consensus on so many of the things we need to do to keep women healthy is a mistake,” she said.  “We have made such great progress for women on prenatal care, on providing the contraceptives that they want, and on encouraging proper care and nutrition for newborns, and we need to keep moving forward.  The only way to do that is to be clear, focused, and committed.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation currently has an endowment of $40.2 billion. It supports programs and provides grants in the United States and in more than 100 countries. “In developing countries,” the foundation “focuses on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty,” states the organization on its website.
Melinda Gates was reared a Catholic and graduated from the Ursuline Academy in Dallas, Texas in 1982. She earned her undergraduate degrees at Duke University and an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business in 1987. She went to work for Microsoft where she met Bill Gates and, in 1994, they were married. The Gates have three children.

Harry Reid Being Charged For Abusing Political Power

It appears that Senator Harry Reid is quickly becoming one of the most disliked political figures in America, after he continues to make some outrageous proposals.
He has even asked to alter the Constitution to actually give government some control over freedom of speech, by limiting the way peoples’ voices can be heard through campaign contributions. He has also been known for pushing issues of “racism” where they don’t exist, like pushing the Washington Redskins to change their name.

Now, according to WND, formal ethics complaints are being filed against Reid for abusing his power with the goal of intimidating citizens:
A formal ethics complaint filed with the U.S. Senate charges Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., with abusing his political power to intimidate private citizens.
The accusation stems from Reid’s repeated verbal assaults on Republican donors, particularly David and Charles Koch, according to a statement released Monday by Tea Party Patriots.

Reid’s attacks have not been made through a political campaign but on the floor of the U.S. Senate, where the interests of the republic are supposed to be at the forefront, Tea Party Patriots charged.
“This is nothing more than a continuation of the thuggish intimidation campaign mounted by the Obama administration to target and silence people and organizations Democrats disagree with. It has to stop,” said Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots.
“We have filed this complaint so that the ethics committee can do a proper investigation,” she said.
The solution could be a censure from the Senate floor or a referral to the U.S. Department of Justice, she said.

Why isn't air power lighting these guys up?

Blood-thirsty jihadists are carrying out summary executions on civilians, Iraqi soldiers and police officers - including 17 in one street alone - on their
[Blood-thirsty jihadists are carrying out summary executions on civilians, Iraqi soldiers and police officers - including 17 in one street alone - on their way to Baghdad   Bloodthirsty Iraqi jihadists posted a photo of a Sunni police chief’s decapitated head online — ISIS Cheer World Cup With Decapitated Head as “Football”
Bloodthirsty Iraqi jihadists posted a photo of a Sunni police chief’s decapitated head online — along with a twisted joke about using it as a soccer
ISIS Cheer World Cup With Decapitated Head as “Football” (Warning ...

by: Joseph Farah
No one seems to know what to do as al-Qaida masses an irregular Black Flag army and heads toward Baghdad for a final showdown.
What am I missing here?
When the bad guys come out of the shadows, out of their holes, out of their hiding places, and into the light, you eradicate them with air power.
What’s happening in Iraq right now is not really a crisis. It’s an opportunity!
It’s the best opportunity we’ve had to set back al-Qaida in years.
Of course, Obama is conflicted.

Look at his history.
When millions of Egyptians rallied in the streets to overthrow Muslim Brotherhood warlord Muhammad Morsi as president, Obama suspended aid he had earmarked for the tyrant he helped bring to power.
When a Muslim Brotherhood army that included a strong al-Qaida element set out to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, Obama sought congressional approval for airstrikes to support the insurgents – and he did help arm them.
He can’t wait to turn Afghanistan over to the “Tallybon,” as he likes to call them. He even released five of their top commanders from Guantanamo Bay using the excuse of bringing home an American captive. Of course that “prisoner of war” turned out to be a deserter and a Taliban collaborator.

There’s a pattern here. If you can’t see it, check your lenses. Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. To expect him to come to Iraq’s aid with air power that can blow away much of the al-Qaida terrorist army amassing on the road to Baghdad would be foolhardy. It’s against all his instincts.
There’s another reason Obama has hesitated to take this obvious action. This will be hard to believe for some, but the facts are becoming more apparent everyday: Obama fosters chaos.
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We don’t think about government being empowered by chaos – at home and abroad. But it is. It’s simply the Cloward-Piven strategy on steroids. Choosing the right option, the obvious action, at home or abroad, is never going to be easy for Obama. Because the right option will reduce the chaos. Obama’s ideology embraces chaos because it eventually leads to bigger and more powerful government.

There’s another reason Obama has difficulty ordering the destruction of an al-Qaida army. he had already told Americans al-Qaida was on the run. Now we know the truth. Al-Qaida is on the run to Baghdad. And where it runs after that is anyone’s guess.
You don’t think we’re missing a big opportunity in Iraq every day?
I would like to remind you, visually, of what an opportunity it is.
This was what we did to Saddam Hussein’s army in the first Gulf War. Remember? Saddam had declared he was going to defeat U.S. military forces in the “mother of all battles.” This is what his army looked like after U.S. air power took care of it. Toast!

This is what U.S. military air power can do to that Black Flag al-Qaida army right now – today – before it reaches Baghdad.
We can eradicate them. We don’t have to worry about nation-building. We don’t have to worry about what will happen afterward. One thing we know for sure, al-Qaida will truly be on the run after this kind of setback.
I know Obama is not going to listen to me.
I doubt he will listen to Congress. I doubt he will listen to the American people, who are genuinely and understandably tired of foreign wars without end.
But I marvel at the talking-head pundits who are wringing their hands, wondering what we can possibly do to stave off an al-Qaida takeover of Iraq after we poured so much blood, sweat, tears, not to mention billions of dollars, into “nation-building.”
Forget nation-building. What is needed in Iraq right now is a big fiery wrecking ball that hits the bad guys deliriously waving the Black Flags.

The Case For Obama’s Impeachment

obama and biden in jail
There is clear and convincing evidence that President Barack Obama has on numerous occasions willfully committed treason and high crimes and misdemeanors and should be removed from office.
The “crimes” that led to the impeachment of both Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton and the resignation of Richard Nixon pale in comparison to Obama’s. Johnson’s “crimes” were purely political. He favored a policy of benevolent reconciliation with the Southern States following the Civil War. He issued a series of proclamations that directed the Southern States to hold conventions and elections to reform their governments; he attempted to veto a number of bills establishing military districts to oversee the new State governments; he vetoed an incumbent protection act called the Tenure of Office Act; and he fired Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, who was working against him at every turn. Those moves were all contrary to the wishes of the Republicans who controlled both houses of Congress in the aftermath of the war. The impeachment vote in the Senate failed by one vote on all three counts to receive the two-thirds majority necessary to remove Johnson from office.

Clinton was impeached for perjury to a grand jury and obstruction of justice in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit and the related independent counsel’s investigation in the Monica Lewinsky affair and various other Clinton misdeeds. Forty-five Senators—all of them Republican—voted to remove Clinton from office over the perjury charge. Fifty voted to remove him for obstruction of justice. Though Clinton was clearly guilty, not one Democrat in the Senate voted to impeach. And, in fact, the Senate voted 100-0 to not hear any live witnesses in the trial.

Nixon, of course, resigned a couple of weeks after the House opened its impeachment hearings over his role in the cover-up of the Watergate break-in and other allegations of his misuse of office, the facts of which were just coming to light at the time.
The “I-word” hit the mainstream media after war-loving, chicken hawk and John McCain-lapdog Senator Lindsey Graham warned Obama that Republicans would call for his impeachment if he released more prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without Congressional approval. Before that, anyone mentioning impeachment was shouted down and cast by the media and the establishment as nutty, kooky or… wait for it… a conspiracy theorist. Obama responded to Graham’s threat by having his underlings release news that another Gitmo prisoner may soon be sprung.
I am under no illusion that the impeachment proceedings are in the offing, regardless of what Obama does. Neither is Obama. Graham’s threat was as idle as an inattentive parent’s threat to a misbehaving child. When you hear a parent tell his child “No” over and over, and then hear him say, “You do that once more and you’re in trouble,” you know that child is never disciplined — and the child knows it, too. This is Congress and Obama.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats in Washington, D.C., are interested in anything other paying lip service to the Constitution while solidifying their respective grips on power and transferring America’s wealth to their favored crony partners. That is all that matters in D.C. Neither party will intentionally do anything to upset their cushy apple cart.
And the MSM, which long ago abandoned any pretense at objective journalism, are beholden to the elites and in the tank for the regime, drunk as they are on being next to the power structure. You can’t expect real journalism with a lineup like this:
  • ABC Senior Correspondent Claire Shipman is married to outgoing White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.
  • CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
  • CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of top Obama official Ben Rhodes, who is responsible for rewriting the Benghazi talking points.
  • ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama special adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.
However, six years of this lawless regime is more than any sane person should be expected to endure. Even leftist legal scholar Jonathan Turley called Obama “the president Richard Nixon always wanted to be.”

So here are my articles of impeachment — in no particular order — for the undocumented usurper currently despoiling the People’s House: Barack Hussein Obama.
  • He provided aid and comfort to the enemy by releasing five suspected terrorists and former members of the Taliban who participated in or orchestrated attacks against Americans.
  • He violated a law he signed six months prior requiring him to notify Congress 30 days before releasing GITMO detainees.
  • He has willfully and repeated violated Article I, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution by continuously amending the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.
  • He knowingly and willfully violated Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution by signing the ACA, knowing full well it was a bill for raising revenue that had originated in the Senate.
  • He engaged in fraud by repeatedly lying to the American people about the effects of the ACA by claiming that Americans could keep their current coverage and physicians if they chose.
  • He exercised an abuse of power by instructing, through his proxies, agents of the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative organizations and his critics for extra scrutiny and audits.
  • He participated in an obstruction of justice and a criminal conspiracy by hindering a Congressional investigation into the Internal Revenue Service targeting scandal and using Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice in that obstruction.
  • He provided aid and comfort to the enemy by ordering or allowing the sale of arms and ammunition to al-Qaida-linked terrorists in Syria and by dispatching agents of the government to advise and train in the use of the those weapons and in military tactics.
  • He failed, despite repeated requests by the U.S. Consulate, to provide the security necessary to ensure the safety of U.S. personnel and the Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. 

  • He knowingly and willfully denied military assistance to Americans under attack at the Benghazi Consulate, resulting in the trashing of the U.S. Consulate building, the theft of sensitive documents and the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.
  • He knowingly and willfully lied and ordered his proxies to lie about the circumstances surrounding the attack on the U.S Consulate in Benghazi, thereby perpetrating a fraud on the American people in order to ensure his re-election and to cover up his illegal gun running operation.
  • He violated the War Powers Act by failing to gain Congressional approval for the military attack on Libya that resulted in the overthrow of the Libyan regime.
  • He provided aid and comfort to the enemy by using the American military and intelligence organizations and allowing the sale of arms and ammunition to al-Qaida-linked terrorists in order to assist them in overthrowing a legal regime in Libya that Congress had not declared war upon.
  • He has repeatedly made war on various Middle Eastern countries with the use of drone attacks without the approval of Congress in violation of the War Powers Act and in violation of Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.
  • He has ordered the murders of at least three American citizens without due process in violation of Amendments 5, 6, 8 and 14.
  • He has repeatedly used the Environmental Protection Agency to contravene Congress and pass laws harmful to American businesses and consumers, in violation of Article I, Section 1. 
  • He has repeatedly violated the 4th Amendment by allowing agencies under his direction to continue to spy upon, wiretap and collect personal information of American citizens who are not criminal suspects.
  • He has repeatedly violated Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution by disregarding laws passed by Congress, including, but not limited to, U.S. immigration laws, civil rights laws and the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • He knowingly allowed the illegal sale of weapons to Mexican narco-terrorists that were later used to kill Americans, including border agent Brian Terry.
  • He obstructed justice by participating with Attorney General Holder in a cover-up of the Fast and Furious gun running scheme.
  • He knowingly and willfully violated Article IV, Section 4 by failing to protect the border States against invasion, and in fact encouraged that invasion through his rhetoric and with the use of executive orders that contravened U.S. immigration law.
  • He knowingly and willfully violated Article IV, Section 4 (guaranteeing a republican form of government to each State) by strong-arming, intimidating and threatening to withhold funds from the States of Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Rhode Island and Arizona in order to coerce the people and legislatures of those States and prevent the passage of laws according to the citizen’s wishes.
  • He instructed his Interior Secretary to ignore the orders of Federal courts to lift a moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, which denied oil workers an opportunity to earn a living and damaged the U.S. economy.
  • He broke established precedent and contravened established bankruptcy law, to the detriment of the bond holders and the advantage of his campaign contributors (auto unions) in the General Motors bailout.
  • In the auto bailout, he knowingly and willfully deprived numerous auto dealers of their dealerships for political reasons in violation of Amendments 4 and 14.
  • He repeatedly transferred funds from the U.S. Treasury to his cronies and campaign contributors for use in failing green energy schemes.
  • He violated Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution by appointing officers without first obtaining the “Advice and Consent of the Senate.” 
In his book Faithless Execution, Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, Andrew C. McCarthy notes: “Impeachment is a grave remedy on the order of a nuclear strike.” Obama’s lawless Presidency has been nothing less than a nuclear strike on the U.S. Constitution, which now lies in tatters.
“Impeachment is a political remedy: even if palpably guilty of profound transgressions, a president will not be ousted without a groundswell of public ire,” McCarthy writes.
In his case for impeachment, McCarthy breaks Obama’s high crimes and misdemeanors into seven articles. They are:
  • Article I: The President’s willful refusal to execute the laws faithfully and usurpation of the legislative authority of Congress.
  • Article II: Usurping the Constitutional authority and prerogatives of Congress.
  • Article III: Dereliction of Duty as President and Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Article IV: Fraud on the American People.
  • Article V: Failure to execute the Immigration Laws faithfully.
  • Article VI: Failure to execute the laws faithfully: Department of Justice.
  • Article VII: Willfully undermining the Constitutional rights of the American people that he is sworn to preserve, protect and defend.
Those articles contain many of the charges laid out above. But they also include Obama’s defiance of Congressional law and court orders in obstructing the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project, his defiance of Federal law requiring him to address Medicare insolvency, his undermining of and contempt for Congress’ duty to conduct oversight of Federal agencies, his dereliction of duty by imposing unconscionable rules of engagement that endanger American troops, lying about Iran negotiations and assisting that country with its nuclear program, politicization of the DoJ, politically motivated selective prosecution by the DoJ, DoJ investigations and other intimidation of journalists in violation of Amendment 1, systematic stonewalling of Congress, abridgement of Amendment 1 in appeasing Islamic supremacists by adopting repressive sharia blasphemy standards, suppression of information about Islamic terrorism, including its occurrence at Ft. Hood, abridgement of Amendment 1 by vindictively targeting and prosecuting high-profile critics, and his abridgement of Amendment 2 by joining an international treaty despite Congressional opposition.

McCarthy notes that since impeachment is a political rather than a legal remedy, the burden of proof is different. But he also states that as long as there is no groundswell of opposition to the President’s actions from the public, there will be no impeachment.
I’ll go one step further: As long as there is not a two-thirds majority of Republicans in the Senate, there will be no impeachment. But even in the off chance that Republicans were to somehow come up with 66 Senators willing to remove the President, the Republicans would not have the stomach to attempt it because the sycophantic media would gin impeachment up as a racial issue and stir up street riots that would make Watts riots look like a park stroll.
The ensuing carnage would likely result in the removal of the entire power structure in Washington. And the establishment — whether it sides with the Democrats or Republicans — will agree it can’t have that.
Update: In the wake of the growing chorus of calls for Obama’s impeachment, the GOP establishment has publicly announced it cares more for power than the Constitution.

Iraqis flock to volunteer to fight insurgents

BAGHDAD (AP) — Hundreds of young Iraqi men flocked to volunteer centers across Baghdad Saturday to join the fight against Islamic militants who have

Iraqis flock to volunteer to fight insurgents -
[Barry Barack having another *Doh* moment]

AGHDAD (AP) — Hundreds of young Iraqi men gripped by religious and nationalistic fervor streamed into volunteer centers across Baghdad Saturday, answering a call by the country's top Shiite cleric to join the fight against Sunni militants advancing in the north.
Volunteers from across Baghdad were ferried in buses to a base in the eastern part of the city for training. In Some centers, dozens of them climbed onto the back of army trucks, chanting Shiite slogans and hoisting assault rifles.
"By God's will, we will be victorious." said one volunteer, Ali Saleh Aziz. "We will not be stopped by the ISIL or any other terrorists."

The massive response to the call by the Iranian-born Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, which was issued via his representative on Friday, comes as sectarian tensions are threatening to push the country back toward civil war in the worst crisis since U.S. forces withdrew at the end of 2011.
Fighters from an al-Qaida splinter group, drawing support from former Saddam Hussein-era figures and other disaffected Sunnis, have made dramatic gains in the Sunni heartland north of Baghdad after overrunning Iraq's second-largest city of Mosul on Tuesday. Soldiers and policemen have melted away in the face of the lightning advance, and thousands have fled to the self-rule Kurdish region in northern Iraq.
On Saturday, insurgents seized the small town of Adeim in Diyala province after Iraqi security forces pulled out, said the head of the municipal council, Mohammed Dhifan. Adeim is about 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Baghdad. There was no official confirmation of the loss of the town.

Jawad al-Bolani, a lawmaker and former Cabinet minister close to al-Maliki, meanwhile, said a military offensive was underway Saturday to drive the insurgents from Tikrit, Saddam's hometown north of Baghdad, although fighting in the area could not be confirmed.
The fast-moving rebellion has emerged as the biggest threat to Iraq's stability since even before the Americans left.
Long-simmering Sunni-Shiite tensions boiled over after the U.S.-led invasion ousted Saddam in 2003, leading to vicious fighting between the two Muslim sects. But the bloodshed ebbed in 2008 after a so-called U.S. surge, a revolt by moderate Sunnis against al-Qaida in Iraq and a Shiite militia cease-fire.
The latest bout of fighting, stoked by the civil war in neighboring Syria, has pushed the nation even closer to a precipice that could partition it into Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish zones. 

Shiite cleric and political leader Ammar al-Hakim was shown on television networks donning a camouflaged military fatigue as he spoke to volunteers from his party, although he still wore his clerical black turban that designates him as a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
State-run television also aired a constant flow of nationalist songs, clips of soldiers marching or singing, flying aircraft, brief interviews with troops vowing to crush the militants and archival clips of the nation's top Shiite clerics.
Extensive clips of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's visit on Friday to the city of Samarra, home to a much revered Shiite shrine that was bombed in 2006, also were broadcast.
The footage seemed clearly aimed at rehabilitating his reputation in the eyes of Shiites, with a dour-faced al-Maliki seen praying at the Shiite shrine — an apparent reminder of his commitment to his faith and the protection of its followers. He also declared that Samarra would be the assembly point for the march farther north to drive out the militants, another decision with a religious slant to win over Shiites. 

In an address to military commanders in Samarra, he warned that army deserters could face the death penalty if they don't report back to their units. But he insisted the crisis had a silver lining.
"This is our chance to clean and purge the army from these elements that only want to make gains from being in the army and the police," he said. "They thought that this is the beginning of the end but, in fact, we say that this is the beginning of their end and defeat," he said.
Also Saturday, the Iraqi government's counterterrorism department, said the son of Saddam's vice president, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, was killed in an air raid by the Iraqi air force in Tikrit. It said Ahmed al-Douri was killed with some 50 other Saddam loyalists and ISIL fighters on Friday. The report could not be immediately verified.
They were responding to a call by Iraq's most revered Shiite cleric for Iraqis to defend their country against the Sunni Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which in a lightning advance.
Associated Press writer Qassim Abdul-Zahra contributed to this report from Baghdad.

Sarah Palin Is 'Just About' Ready To Renounce Her Republican Ties

News of poor conditions at a holding center in Arizona for undocumented, unaccompanied minors whipped Sarah Palin into a fury Friday -- so much so that she said she was on the verge of renouncing her ties to the Republican Party.
"Finally, they have won me over. I actually agree with the liberals’ war whoop," the former Republican vice presidential nominee wrote on her Facebook page. "I, too, demand that this issue of young illegal aliens flooding across our border into horrendous conditions be taken care of. Now!"

The Department of Homeland Security began flying some young migrants to Arizona after more than 48,000 unaccompanied children crossing the border into Texas overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol. A warehouse in Nogales, Ariz. was housing 700 of them at the beginning of this week and that number was expected to double to around 1,400.
In her Facebook post, Palin cited heat, illness, unsanitary conditions and potential sexual exploitation at the holding facility as examples of "child abuse." She then railed against the GOP's unwillingness to engage in meaningful reform on issues like border security.

"As a Christian I find it unforgivable to ignore this issue of overrunning border security into these conditions in southern states, and this one issue is just about driving me to renounce my Republican ties because, see, even leaders on the RIGHT side of the aisle haven’t exerted all Constitutional power to stop the madness," she wrote. "A few have tried, but until they’re sent reinforcements, then atrocities like the child abuse and exploitation you’re now getting wind of will only get worse."
She then accused President Barack Obama of orchestrating the "crisis" in Arizona in order to advance his own immigration reform agenda.

"In this case, Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and his blatant suggestion that his chosen illegal activity will be rewarded are proof of his tyrannical tactics," Palin wrote. "The recent numerous manipulated 'crises' have the media pinging and ponging trying to keep up with what is the scandal of the day, which one overshadows another, and how will they distract next, and who’s on first?! Purposeful decisions causing these crises are meant to overload the system, justify abuse of executive power to 'fix' it all, and ultimately tighten control of the people."
But lest anyone thought Palin was siding with Democrats who have called for giving legal status to undocumented children, she added in a post-script to her note that she would prefer to deport the children:
"The primary expenditure we need to supply in this humanitarian crisis is jet fuel to fly these children back home to their parents."

This article originally appeared at TPM. Copyright 2014. Follow TPM on Twitter.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Attn: Obama, Holder,Clinton et al progressives...

We Vets may be older now but can still Kick Ass...get the hell out of dodge...enough is enough with your destroying the USA...Congress may be wimps...but if the proverbial shit hits the is we the vets, who have been there done that, not y'all... is who you will have to face...just remember we will protect our families not yours!
*PERIOD*  get the message? Pack yo' proverbial shit and get...your 15 minutes of fame has expired

Fix Bayonets:

It's Friday the 13th..will Congress please Impeach Jason(Obama)

Enough is Enough Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is needs to be committed to a asylum for crimes against we the people! *PERIOD* 

TEA PARTY, PUSH BACK!!...Impeach Obama NOW!

Most people don’t realize it, but there are actually two types of

Urgent PAN Alert


Grassfire has learned that a number of lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle are planning to unveil a resolution condemning President Obama's decision to release five Taliban generals in return for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

The Washington Post, is reporting that if passed, the resolution would "put the House on the record as condemning and disapproving of the President's failure to comply with the lawful statutory requirement of Congressional notification prior to the release of detainees from the United States detention facility at Guantanamo Bay."

Rep. John Barrow (D-GA), after attending classified briefings on the Bergdahl swap, said of Obama's decision to bypass Congress, "Checks and balances aren't negotiable ... it's critical that the Administration not treat Congress as an adversary or as an afterthought."

The frustration over what some are calling an "imperial presidency" is palpable -- presenting a perfect opportunity for grassroots Americans to  demand articles of impeachment be drafted!

+ + Less Than 1,000 "Impeach" Petitions Needed To Reach Presentation Goal!

Patriot, early next week, Grassfire representatives will be combing out across Capitol Hill hand-delivering more than 100,000 "Impeachment" petitions to leading lawmakers and the House Judiciary Chairman, and we want to make certain your petition is among those presented.

Go here now to help us reach the 100,000 petition threshold, and ensure delivery of your  "Impeach" petition to key House lawmakers.

In our last alert we said this may be the most important petition delivery in Grassfire history.  That's why we are calling on ALL members of our team to take immediate action by going here now and adding their names to the national "Impeach" petition.

There is no question President Obama has been operating in clear violation of the law. With Congress infuriated, it's time for grassroots Americans like you to confront the lawlessness and demand immediate corrective action.

That's precisely what these national "Impeach" petitions will do when they are hand-delivereddirectly to the House Judiciary Committee!

Don't delay. Go here and join with tens of thousands who are saying "Impeach Obama":

Go here to join with thousands who are saying, "Impeach Obama."

Thanks for the stand you are taking.

Your Friends at PAN and Grassfire

Time to rein in the Supreme Court

2013 United States Supreme Court Justices Print

Dear Patriot,

For 40 years, nine unelected men and women on the Supreme Court have played god with innocent human life.

They have invented laws that condemned more than 56 million babies to painful deaths without trial for the crime of being “inconvenient.”

The Supreme Court has permitted paid assassins to stab, burn, dissect, poison and throw these innocent babies away like trash.

That’s why it is so urgent you sign the petition to your two Senators and Congressman.

It is frightening where we’re headed.

The calloused attitude toward life by our highest government officials is dragging our whole society down. I’m sure that by now you have heard of the Gosnell case.

In his filthy, bloodstained “House of Horrors,” abortionist Kermit Gosnell routinely delivered babies, then killed them.

Any sane person can see the horror of killing a newborn.

But the reality is if Gosnell had killed babies in the womb and then delivered them, he would have done what abortionists do every day – protected by the Supreme Court’s absurd “right to privacy.”

That’s why it’s so important you and I do all we can.

In the past, we pro-lifers have limited ourselves to protecting a life here and there -- passing some limited law to slightly control abortion in the more outrageous cases. But pro-life organizations always tiptoed around the Supreme Court, hoping they wouldn’t be offended.

Now the time to grovel before the Supreme Court is over.

That’s why I am hoping you will support the National Pro-Life Alliance, a proven, aggressive pro-life group, in a dramatic offensive to save lives.

With your help, the National Pro-Life Alliance’s ultimate plan is to pass a bill that by itself will save more innocent lives than all the reform legislation passed in the last 40 years . . . COMBINED!

It’s called the Sanctity of Life Act.

This important legislation is a companion bill to the Life at Conception Act, which as you know, would use the Supreme Court’s own language to overturn Roe v. Wade.

But the Sanctity of Life Act would complement the Life at Conception Act by using the power given to Congress in Article III, Sections 1 and 2 of the U.S. Constitution to strip all federal courts of their power to judicially shield abortion.

Congress has always had the authority under the Constitution to limit the courts’ jurisdiction.

However, until recently we haven’t had the votes in either House of Congress.

But in the last two elections pro-lifers played a crucial role in electing new Congressmen who are pledged to defend life.

Now I look forward to the day when a pro-life President and Congress will end abortion-on-demand once and for all.

By turning up the heat through a massive, national, grass-roots campaign in this session of Congress, one of two things will happen.

If you and other pro-life activists pour on enough pressure, pro-lifers can force politicians from both parties who were elected on pro-life platforms to make good on their promises and ultimately win passage of this bill.

But even if the Sanctity of Life Act doesn’t pass immediately, the public attention will send another crew of radical pro-abortionists down to defeat in the next election.

Either way, the unborn win . . . unless you do nothing.

That’s why your immediate action is needed.

With your help, the vote on the Sanctity of Life Act will be a defining vote on who is truly pro-life, and more importantly who is not.

Any politician who claims to be pro-life while voting to allow the Supreme Court to invent a “right” to kill unborn babies is lying.

That’s why I’m hoping you will join the National Pro-Life Alliance’s effort to mobilize a grass-roots army to push for the Sanctity of Life Act.

The National Pro-Life Alliance is counting on you and other pro-lifers to bombard every Member of Congress with petitions, postcards, calls, and letters.

They are the key ingredient in the National Pro-Life Alliance’s plan to pass the Sanctity of Life Act.

At the same time, pro-lifers must let the House and ultimately the Senate know that hearings and a vote on the Sanctity of Life Act are a must.

With your help the National Pro-Life Alliance will also organize:

...  An extensive internet, direct mail, and telephone campaign to generate at least one million petitions to Congress like the ones enclosed with this letter.
...  Extensive personal lobbying of key Members of Congress by rank and file National Pro-Life Alliance members and staff.
...  A series of newspaper columns to be distributed free to religious publications and target daily newspapers across the United States.
...  Hard-hitting TV, radio and newspaper ads to be run in targeted states and districts, detailing the horrors of abortion and mobilizing the American people.
Of course, to do all this will take a lot of money.

But I’m sure you’ll agree we must not sit by watching the slaughter continue.

Without your help the National Pro-Life Alliance will be unable to gather the targeted one million petitions and mount the full scale national campaign needed.

Click here to sign
the Sanctity of Life Act Petition!

The National Pro-Life Alliance can’t match the millions of dollars that abortion providers like Planned Parenthood are spending to lobby for abortion-on-demand.

But with your petitions and contribution of $500, $100, $50 or $35, they can generate enough heat in the right places to ultimately pass the Sanctity of Life Act.

Every day of delay, the rules invented by our Supreme Court result in the deaths of more than 4,100 defenseless babies.

From long experience we know that when pro-lifers are mobilized, the politicians who vote against the unborn get defeated in the next election.

Working together, you and I can end the court-protected slaughter.

That’s why I hope and pray that you will not delay a moment to sign your petition, and afterwards, make a contribution of $1000, $500, $100, $50 or at least $35 if you can.

Your signed petition and contribution will be a first and gigantic step toward stripping the courts of their arrogant power to condemn innocent babies to death.

Congressman Steve Stockman
Steve Stockman,
United States Congressman

P.S.  The Supreme Court is dangerously out of control. The U.S. Constitution contains NO right to an abortion.
Our founding fathers were also concerned that our life-tenured judges might become dictators.

That’s why they gave Congress the power to take away the Courts’ jurisdiction under Article III, Section 2. Please join in this bold, new offensive to save the innocent.

It’s Time To Pray With Your Legs, America

ll See Your Jihad

“God so loved the world that HE DID SOMETHING!!”
That is what it said on the bumper sticker I used to have on my car. The car is gone, and so is the bumper sticker. But I think it makes a very valid point.
Our faith should call Christians to get off of their read-ends. I am sick and tired of spectator-Christianity. The Holy Spirit of God should inspire us to action. Everywhere we look, the enemies of the cross are advancing their agenda. Christians, on the other hand, leave everything up to God.
Pews were never meant to be padded. A session at “church” should make you uncomfortable. Our football players hated practice. Church should be like practice. That’s where the fat gets worked off and the skills get honed. The job of the “pastor” is to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.”

“What…works? Are you kidding me? I thought Jesus delivered us from works,” the average pew-sitter says. “That’s why we pay the pastor…he is the ‘professional Christian’ and has been trained to share the Gospel. I have to earn a living and don’t have time to do it.”
Yeah pal, and that is why you have bed sores…er…pew sores on your butt. Faith is the breath of action.
The Apostle Paul exhorted us to “show” our faith. Today’s pastors have taught us to “share” it. Christianity is a “go ye” faith. We have turned it into a “come ye” faith. No wonder so little work is getting done. While the enemy works, Christians only pray. 

Holy War or Funny Jihad photo

The Bible is full of action verbs. Go, stand, speak, exhort, oppose, occupy, contend…why do so few Christians obey those exhortations?
The idea that “God is control of everything” has paralyzed Christians. My friend Tom told me one time that God is IN control of everything, but He does not CONTROL everything. Instead, He EMPOWERS His people for the work of the ministry.
Empowering us is His way of controlling things. We are His ambassadors, His emissaries, His soldiers. It is His people that He sends to speak for Him.
Why is this so hard to understand?
What are works, and what do they have to do with me? Well, works are the evidence of your faith. That’s why Paul told us to “show” it.
Jesus showed it. He spent a lonely night in the garden praying before He went to His death. None of us know the struggle He had as He “wrestled” with the will of His Father, but we do know that He prayed so hard that blood came out of His pores. But at the end of his “prayer meeting” He got up and walked the rocky road to Golgotha.

Jesus so loved the world that He did something. He obeyed and He went. It was no walk in the park. He was beaten and broken. He put legs to His prayers.
Did He do what He did so we can sit on our hind end and watch His children surrender to evil?
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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

I Can’t Believe What This CNN Anchor Just Admitted About Hillary Clinton!

Today's News NJ: Hillary Clinton gets drunk In Colombia (PHOTO)
[Today's News NJ: Hillary Clinton gets drunk In Colombia (PHOTO)] 

[And as the old proverb states...the fruit does not fall far from the tree]

Chelsea Clinton gets drunk with an African man
[Chelsea Clinton gets drunk ]

During a brief discussion of Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions, CNN’s New Day anchor Chris Cuomo commented that she had better run, after all the media have done for her:
We couldn’t help her any more than we have. She’s got just a free ride so far from the media…we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it better happen.
Cuomo is right. The media have invested a lot of time and effort in promoting Clinton as a potential 2016 presidential candidate—something she has not discouraged. If she decides not to run, for some inexplicable reason, it could be devastating to their hopes of continuing Democratic rule, given the relative weakness of the rest of the likely candidate pool.
This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 
This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Ready For Hillary...2016 Animal House the sequel

Drunk Hillary Don't accept drinking challenges
Is Hillary Clinton a Drunk ? (Video) The 17 Faces of Hillary Clinton
Is Hillary Clinton a Drunk ? (Video)
[Four Years of Hillary Clinton...Secretary of *Animal House*]


Have you seen the “Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers? I’ve seen one already and wondered about the implied insult to the current occupant of the White House. You’re “Ready for Hillary” when the greatest statesman of our age isn’t even halfway through his second term?
Are you ready because Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state was such a rousing success? As of this writing, Islamist forces are marching south from newly conquered Mosul and Tikrit in Iraq. Wasn’t Clinton the chief architect of our foreign policy when we failed to negotiate a status-of-forces agreement with Iraq in 2011? Reviewing that history in September of 2012, The New York Times quoted an administration spokesman: “As we reviewed the 10,000 option, we came to the conclusion that achieving the goal of a security partnership was not dependent on the size of our footprint in-country, and that stability in Iraq did not depend on the presence of U.S. forces.”
That worked out well.

When asked in April what she was most proud of in her term, she squirted a lot of ink about preventing another Great Depression and “stabilization” and “positive growth,” adding: “I think we really restored American leadership in the best sense. That, once again — people began to rely on us as setting the values, setting the standards.”

With which country are relations better now than in 2009? Canada? Israel? Britain? We’ve rebuffed and insulted Canada by failing to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, bullied and alienated Israel, betrayed Poland and the Czech Republic on defensive missiles, and insulted Great Britain by (among other things), sending back Winston Churchill’s bust.
Has the U.S. position improved vis-a-vis adversaries? Is Clinton proud of the Russia “reset”? It began with a gaffe when she, in a stunt that would have been puerile even if it had gone right, presented to the Russian foreign minister a button that was supposed to say “reset” in Russian. Instead, it said “overcharge.” Since then, the President Barack Obama/Clinton policy toward Russia has been marked by Vladimir Putin running rings around the U.S. while the president issues clueless rebukes to critics about the Cold War being over.

The surge in Afghanistan was unsuccessful and is now to be followed by unilateral withdrawal. Iraq’s fragile peace is collapsing, even as a revived al-Qaida stands ready to dominate large swaths of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon. Libya is heading for civil war. Benghazi, Clinton admits, is a regret. China is throwing its weight around in Asia. America’s global popularity declined steeply during her tenure.
Perhaps none of this is actually Clinton’s fault. Obama explained in 2008 that he was: “a better speechwriter than my speechwriters … I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to think I’m a better political director than my political director.” So maybe Clinton’s advice wasn’t heeded. Or maybe she’s an empty suit who saw the post as a way to pad her resume rather than advance our national interests.
Pages: 1 2 

I doubt the lady who sported the “Ready for Hillary” bumper sticker was thinking of Clinton’s record as secretary of state. No, the rationale for the Clinton candidacy is the heart and soul of the progressive project — identity politics. It isn’t what you can do or have done; it’s which box you can check on the approved victim scorecard. The “first woman president” was trumped in 2008 by a superior victim claim; but now, unless a black woman candidate should materialize, Clinton holds the high card.
She may not know how to avoid pitfalls like saying she and Bill Clinton were “broke” when they left the White House, but Hillary knows how to bow the “woman” violin. To extricate herself from the embarrassing stories about her wealth, she wasn’t above knifing her former rival/boss. The Obama campaign, she’s begun telling interviewers, was riddled with sexism. Why, they asked her to criticize Sarah Palin! If you can buy Hillary — who mercilessly trashed every woman who stepped forward to accuse Bill Clinton of harassment — as a stalwart defender of Palin in the name of female solidarity, you’ll buy anything.

Hillary Clinton has nothing to offer the country except her sex. She managed to parlay her status as wronged spouse into a Senate seat, and to leverage her status as failed presidential candidate into the job of secretary of state. She now plans to milk her status as unsuccessful secretary of state into the presidency. She isn’t an example of female accomplishment so much as the Peter Principle — that is, people will be promoted until they reach their “position of incompetence.”
To find out more about Mona Charen, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

MAJORITY OF AMERICANS: Obama is a Liar Who Can’t Be Trusted


It appears that six years of pathological lying by Obama are finally beginning to show up in the minds of Americans as the “hope and change” mantra is becoming as extinct as the Ford Edsel.

Just over half, 51% of Americans, don’t believe twice-elected Democrat President Barack Obama is “honest and trustworthy” according to a new Gallup poll.

Based on a survey taken June 5-8, when asked whether Obama “is honest and trustworthy,” 51% said the characteristics did not apply to him, while 47% said the terms did apply.

While the numbers above are all-time lows for Obama, they aren’t the only numbers that are crashing according to Gallup

Americans’ favorable/unfavorable views of Obama as a person have also tanked, with a majority (52%) having having an unfavorable view of Obama on a personal basis, while 47% still have a favorable view. The -5% differential is an all-time worse for Obama.

Only 39% of the respondents believed that Obama “can manage government effectively,” while just 34% think he “has a clear plan for solving the country’s problems,” according to the survey, indicating that many Democrats have joined Republicans in losing faith in Obama.

Report: Iranian Troops Already Battling Terrorists Inside Iraq

... car bomb attack in the town of Tuz Khurmato | View photo - Yahoo News

by: Brendan Bordelon 

Troops from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are already operating in Iraq, fighting alongside Iraqi forces against a lightning military offensive driven by ultra-violent Sunni Islamists.
The Wall Street Journal reports that two battalions of Quds Forces, Iran’s foreign-deployed special forces who are already battling Islamist rebels across Syria, have been redeployed to the central Iraqi town of Tikrit — the birthplace of Saddam Hussein just 100 miles from the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.
Representatives from the two Shi’ite Muslim governments confirmed that joint Iraqi-Iranian forces recaptured around 85 percent of Tikrit from Sunni fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which had rolled into town just a few hours previously.

The news of collaboration between a nominal American ally and a longtime archenemy comes as the Iraqi state unravels. On Tuesday, the northern city of Mosul — Iraq’s second-largest — fell to ISIS, sparking a massive humanitarian crisis as up to 500,000 people fled the bloodthirsty terror group.
Reports indicate that the Iraqi military abandoned their posts without firing a shot, leaving behind large caches of military equipment paid for with U.S. taxpayer dollars. ISIS has since repurposed this equipment for their ongoing sweep south to Baghdad.
The terror group is already alleged to have carried out mass beheadings of Shi’a “infidels” and has promised to march on the Shi’ite holy cities of Najaf and Karbala — likely prompting Iran to rush to the aid of their co-religionists.
In addition to deploying special forces to buttress a collapsing Iraqi military, Iran has fortified its western border and warned ISIS they will bomb any forces coming within 62 miles of its frontier.

Iraq has also requested U.S. assistance in the face of the implacable ISIS advance, reportedly requesting American airstrikes against armored terrorist columns.
President Obama says he “[doesn't] rule out anything” in terms of assistance to the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. And on Thursday morning Vice President Joe Biden spoke with Maliki, promising to “intensify and accelerate” U.S. support for Iraq’s security forces.
Neither the Iranian or American governments appear to have yet reacted to the fact that they are both supporting the Iraqi government — an odd turn for two nations locked in a cold war for the last 35 years.

EXCLUSIVE - Revealed: Twin sisters lived in fear of Bowe Bergdahl's 'stalker' father
 [Harassed: Lacey (left) and Allie Hillman are twin sisters who filed a complaint with Hailey police after a series of sinister incidents involving Robert (Bob) Bergdahl, father of freed POW Bowe] 

Peeper: While Bob told police he was only 'messing and joking around' with Lacey and Allie, the twins told police that Bergdahl had peeped into their bathroom window when Lacey was taking a shower
[Peeper: While Bob told police he was only 'messing and joking around' with Lacey and Allie, the twins told police that Bergdahl had peeped into their bathroom window when Lacey was taking a shower]

By Ryan Parry In Hailey, Idaho
The father of embattled POW Bowe Bergdahl, who landed on US soil today, waged a sinister campaign of stalking and harassment against pretty twin sisters – even stealing a gnome from their garden and peaking at them in the shower, the sisters claim in shocking police reports.
Bearded Robert 'Bob' Bergdahl drove by the home of Lacey and Allie Hillman ‘several times a day’ over a period of months and left 'creepy' notes for them, the sisters allege in police documents, obtained exclusively by MailOnline.
Once Bergdahl banged on Allie’s door and accused her of 'two-timing' him – despite the fact that the pair never dated or were even friends, Allie told police. 

The bombshell report comes to light as Sgt. Bergdahl returned to the US today after five years in captivity. He is expected to be reunited with his parents in San Antonio, Texas.
The sergeant has still not spoken to his father or any of his family since he was released in a controversial exchange for five Taliban prisoners.
The newly obtained police documents reveal the Hillman sisters' claims that Sgt Bergdahl's father regularly ‘harassed’ the Hillman them for four-and-a-half months until they plucked up the courage to report him to police.
Bob Bergdahl is married to Bowe's mom, Jani. 

Bergdahl, whose bearded appearance and apparent sympathy for his son’s captors have earned him criticism from some quarters, allegedly began stalking the twins in June 2011 – two years after his son Bowe was captured by the Taliban, the police records show.
Blond Allie, who was then aged 28, told police that her sister Lacey saw the 51-year-old in their home town of Hailey, Idaho, when he asked her ‘if something was missing’ from her yard.
She ignored him and walked away – but Allie later noticed that a small gnome was indeed missing from the garden.
Around seven to 10 days later, Bergdahl returned the gnome while ‘laughing at them', the sisters told police. 

The sisters decided to forget the strange incident. But then they say Bergdahl’s behavior took a sinister turn.
Bergdahl, who then worked as a UPS delivery man 'was always near or on' the sisters’ property despite never having any packages to pick up or deliver, according to the report.
Allie contacted police in early October and officers promised to step up patrols in her area.
But soon after speaking to the police Allie related that a note written on UPS-headed note paper appeared on her front door which read, ‘I am sorry for whatever I did.’
The pretty blond threw the note away and told police she found it ‘creepy’.
Just a week after leaving the note, Bergdahl drove his UPS truck to the sisters’ home, waited until Allie’s boyfriend left then confronted the bewildered brunette and accused her of cheating on him, Allie reveals.
‘Allie had opened the door when Robert knocked and he said (while laughing), “What are you two-timing me b*tch?” the Hailey Police Department report said.
‘Allie slammed the door shut as Robert grabbed the door handle.
‘Allie said Robert just stood there as she yelled, “Bye, bye” and left Robert’s view.’
She was shocked as ‘she and Robert have never "really talked" or been in any kind of friendly or dating relationship,’ the report states. 

The sisters reported to police that Bergdahl eventually left panicked Allie alone, but just two days later he visited Divine Wine - Lacey’s place of work - and told a co-worker that the twins were never alone and that Lacey always had her boyfriend around.
The final straw came on October 26, when the sisters claim that Bergdahl lurked in the shadows outside their home for two hours before sneaking up on Lacey as soon as she stepped outside of the shower.
Allie left the house at 4pm and saw Bergdahl driving by the house and ‘staring at it’, the report states.
Then at 6pm her sister Lacey heard her dogs barking as she took a shower and immediately got out.
Wearing only a towel, she walked to the front door shouting, ‘Hello,’ and suddenly saw a 'shadowed person' behind the beveled glass door, she told police.
The shadowy figure suddenly pressed his hands and face against the glass and Lacey recognized him as Bergdahl.
The report said: 'Lacey realizes it’s Robert in his UPS uniform.
'Robert motions for Lacey to come closer to the front door and wants to speak with her.
'Lacey yells for Robert to leave and also motions for him to do so as she is only in a towel and wet from the shower.
‘According to Lacey, a minute passed while Robert shook his head on the other side of the closed door and he eventually left while throwing his hands up in the air.’ 

The shaken sisters decided to call police once more and give detailed statements of their ordeal.
They told officers they had no idea why Bergdahl was targeting them but said they were both ‘very scared’ of him and wanted him to stop.
The pair were described as becoming ‘visibly upset and teary eyed’ as they gave their statements to police and claimed they only knew Bergdahl as a local UPS driver and because his son Bowe was a prisoner of war.
Allie and Lacey told police that they were concerned for Bergdahl’s well-being ‘due to his son still being gone’ but could not cope any longer with his ‘disturbing’ behavior’ which was taking its toll on their ‘personal lives’.
Bergdahl was quizzed by officers soon after the report was lodged and warned to stay away from the sisters. He was never arrested.
Police documents reveal that Bergdahl admitted ‘playing a trick’ on the sisters and stealing their gnome but denied wanting to know them on an ‘intimate basis’ claiming he was only ‘messing and joking’ around with them.
Bergdahl was instructed by police not to visit the sisters’ home or Lacey’s workplace or he would be arrested and face possible trespassing or stalking charges.
The sisters agreed not to press charges as they just wanted to be left alone and the case was closed on November 2, according to the police documents. 

When asked about the incidents by Mail Online, Lacey said that she and sister Allie had moved forward with their lives following their ordeal and did not wish to speak about it.
She said that after they reported Bergdahl to police, he was 'very respectful of everything that was finalized'.
The brunette added that she “really couldn’t say” when asked if she thought the stress of his son’s capture caused Bergdahl to act in such a way.
She said she had spoken to her sister Allie about the stalking episode recently but they both decided to put it behind them.
Lacey, who runs a beauty balm business with her twin, said: “We’ve talked about it but we’ve moved forward... There’s no point back-peddling'.
The two sisters appear happy and relaxed in pictures posted on their personal Facebook pages and a page promoting their joint business Gma Honeys Healing Salve – a herbal healing cream.
Their page reads: ‘In the early 1980's our mother did the research on our 8 herbs and the healing properties of our truly healing salve.
‘We make our salve in small batches, made with lots of LOVE!!!!! ENJOY.’
The sisters sell their product online and in local shops and farmers markets. 

Earlier this month, MailOnline revealed that Bergdahl senior was an aspiring Olympic cyclist who became disillusioned with the US Government when it boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics.
The dad of two began learning Pashto and Arabic, studying Islam and growing his beard long after his son was captured by Taliban forces after allegedly leaving his base in June 2009.
Bergdahl’s anti-government sentiments and his apparent obsession with Afghan culture have drawn criticism.
Just a few days before Bowe was released from captivity on May 31 – in exchange for five Guantanamo detainees - he tweeted to a Taliban spokesman that, 'I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners.'
'God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, amen,' he added.
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is due to arrive back in the United States from Germany on Friday, where he will be taken to San Antonio, Texas to continue his reintegration process.
The 28-year-old’s release has been mired in controversy after many criticized his exchange deal.
Fellow soldiers have also accused him of being a deserter and blamed him for the deaths of six comrades in Paktika province who were killed in apparent rescue attempts.