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EXCLUSIVE - Revealed: Twin sisters lived in fear of Bowe Bergdahl's 'stalker' father
 [Harassed: Lacey (left) and Allie Hillman are twin sisters who filed a complaint with Hailey police after a series of sinister incidents involving Robert (Bob) Bergdahl, father of freed POW Bowe] 

Peeper: While Bob told police he was only 'messing and joking around' with Lacey and Allie, the twins told police that Bergdahl had peeped into their bathroom window when Lacey was taking a shower
[Peeper: While Bob told police he was only 'messing and joking around' with Lacey and Allie, the twins told police that Bergdahl had peeped into their bathroom window when Lacey was taking a shower]

By Ryan Parry In Hailey, Idaho
The father of embattled POW Bowe Bergdahl, who landed on US soil today, waged a sinister campaign of stalking and harassment against pretty twin sisters – even stealing a gnome from their garden and peaking at them in the shower, the sisters claim in shocking police reports.
Bearded Robert 'Bob' Bergdahl drove by the home of Lacey and Allie Hillman ‘several times a day’ over a period of months and left 'creepy' notes for them, the sisters allege in police documents, obtained exclusively by MailOnline.
Once Bergdahl banged on Allie’s door and accused her of 'two-timing' him – despite the fact that the pair never dated or were even friends, Allie told police. 

The bombshell report comes to light as Sgt. Bergdahl returned to the US today after five years in captivity. He is expected to be reunited with his parents in San Antonio, Texas.
The sergeant has still not spoken to his father or any of his family since he was released in a controversial exchange for five Taliban prisoners.
The newly obtained police documents reveal the Hillman sisters' claims that Sgt Bergdahl's father regularly ‘harassed’ the Hillman them for four-and-a-half months until they plucked up the courage to report him to police.
Bob Bergdahl is married to Bowe's mom, Jani. 

Bergdahl, whose bearded appearance and apparent sympathy for his son’s captors have earned him criticism from some quarters, allegedly began stalking the twins in June 2011 – two years after his son Bowe was captured by the Taliban, the police records show.
Blond Allie, who was then aged 28, told police that her sister Lacey saw the 51-year-old in their home town of Hailey, Idaho, when he asked her ‘if something was missing’ from her yard.
She ignored him and walked away – but Allie later noticed that a small gnome was indeed missing from the garden.
Around seven to 10 days later, Bergdahl returned the gnome while ‘laughing at them', the sisters told police. 

The sisters decided to forget the strange incident. But then they say Bergdahl’s behavior took a sinister turn.
Bergdahl, who then worked as a UPS delivery man 'was always near or on' the sisters’ property despite never having any packages to pick up or deliver, according to the report.
Allie contacted police in early October and officers promised to step up patrols in her area.
But soon after speaking to the police Allie related that a note written on UPS-headed note paper appeared on her front door which read, ‘I am sorry for whatever I did.’
The pretty blond threw the note away and told police she found it ‘creepy’.
Just a week after leaving the note, Bergdahl drove his UPS truck to the sisters’ home, waited until Allie’s boyfriend left then confronted the bewildered brunette and accused her of cheating on him, Allie reveals.
‘Allie had opened the door when Robert knocked and he said (while laughing), “What are you two-timing me b*tch?” the Hailey Police Department report said.
‘Allie slammed the door shut as Robert grabbed the door handle.
‘Allie said Robert just stood there as she yelled, “Bye, bye” and left Robert’s view.’
She was shocked as ‘she and Robert have never "really talked" or been in any kind of friendly or dating relationship,’ the report states. 

The sisters reported to police that Bergdahl eventually left panicked Allie alone, but just two days later he visited Divine Wine - Lacey’s place of work - and told a co-worker that the twins were never alone and that Lacey always had her boyfriend around.
The final straw came on October 26, when the sisters claim that Bergdahl lurked in the shadows outside their home for two hours before sneaking up on Lacey as soon as she stepped outside of the shower.
Allie left the house at 4pm and saw Bergdahl driving by the house and ‘staring at it’, the report states.
Then at 6pm her sister Lacey heard her dogs barking as she took a shower and immediately got out.
Wearing only a towel, she walked to the front door shouting, ‘Hello,’ and suddenly saw a 'shadowed person' behind the beveled glass door, she told police.
The shadowy figure suddenly pressed his hands and face against the glass and Lacey recognized him as Bergdahl.
The report said: 'Lacey realizes it’s Robert in his UPS uniform.
'Robert motions for Lacey to come closer to the front door and wants to speak with her.
'Lacey yells for Robert to leave and also motions for him to do so as she is only in a towel and wet from the shower.
‘According to Lacey, a minute passed while Robert shook his head on the other side of the closed door and he eventually left while throwing his hands up in the air.’ 

The shaken sisters decided to call police once more and give detailed statements of their ordeal.
They told officers they had no idea why Bergdahl was targeting them but said they were both ‘very scared’ of him and wanted him to stop.
The pair were described as becoming ‘visibly upset and teary eyed’ as they gave their statements to police and claimed they only knew Bergdahl as a local UPS driver and because his son Bowe was a prisoner of war.
Allie and Lacey told police that they were concerned for Bergdahl’s well-being ‘due to his son still being gone’ but could not cope any longer with his ‘disturbing’ behavior’ which was taking its toll on their ‘personal lives’.
Bergdahl was quizzed by officers soon after the report was lodged and warned to stay away from the sisters. He was never arrested.
Police documents reveal that Bergdahl admitted ‘playing a trick’ on the sisters and stealing their gnome but denied wanting to know them on an ‘intimate basis’ claiming he was only ‘messing and joking’ around with them.
Bergdahl was instructed by police not to visit the sisters’ home or Lacey’s workplace or he would be arrested and face possible trespassing or stalking charges.
The sisters agreed not to press charges as they just wanted to be left alone and the case was closed on November 2, according to the police documents. 

When asked about the incidents by Mail Online, Lacey said that she and sister Allie had moved forward with their lives following their ordeal and did not wish to speak about it.
She said that after they reported Bergdahl to police, he was 'very respectful of everything that was finalized'.
The brunette added that she “really couldn’t say” when asked if she thought the stress of his son’s capture caused Bergdahl to act in such a way.
She said she had spoken to her sister Allie about the stalking episode recently but they both decided to put it behind them.
Lacey, who runs a beauty balm business with her twin, said: “We’ve talked about it but we’ve moved forward... There’s no point back-peddling'.
The two sisters appear happy and relaxed in pictures posted on their personal Facebook pages and a page promoting their joint business Gma Honeys Healing Salve – a herbal healing cream.
Their page reads: ‘In the early 1980's our mother did the research on our 8 herbs and the healing properties of our truly healing salve.
‘We make our salve in small batches, made with lots of LOVE!!!!! ENJOY.’
The sisters sell their product online and in local shops and farmers markets. 

Earlier this month, MailOnline revealed that Bergdahl senior was an aspiring Olympic cyclist who became disillusioned with the US Government when it boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics.
The dad of two began learning Pashto and Arabic, studying Islam and growing his beard long after his son was captured by Taliban forces after allegedly leaving his base in June 2009.
Bergdahl’s anti-government sentiments and his apparent obsession with Afghan culture have drawn criticism.
Just a few days before Bowe was released from captivity on May 31 – in exchange for five Guantanamo detainees - he tweeted to a Taliban spokesman that, 'I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners.'
'God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, amen,' he added.
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is due to arrive back in the United States from Germany on Friday, where he will be taken to San Antonio, Texas to continue his reintegration process.
The 28-year-old’s release has been mired in controversy after many criticized his exchange deal.
Fellow soldiers have also accused him of being a deserter and blamed him for the deaths of six comrades in Paktika province who were killed in apparent rescue attempts.

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