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New DHS Immigration Rules: Drunk Drivers, Sex Abusers, Drug Dealers, Gun Offenders Not Top Deportation Priorities

The Department of Homeland Security has just released new “Policies for the Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Undocumented Immigrants.” Designed to fill in the details after President Obama’s announcement that at least four million currently illegal immigrants will be given work permits, Social Security numbers and protection from deportation, the DHS guidelines are instructions for the nation’s immigration and border security officers as they administer the president’s directive.
The new priorities are striking. On the tough side, the president wants U.S. immigration authorities to go after terrorists, felons, and new illegal border crossers. On the not-so-tough side, the administration views convicted drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, and gun offenders as second-level enforcement priorities. An illegal immigrant could spend up to a year in prison for a violent crime and still not be a top removal priority for the Obama administration.

In the memo, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson says his department must develop “smart enforcement priorities” to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” in order to best use his agency’s limited resources. Johnson establishes three enforcement priority levels to guide DHS officers as they decide whether to stop, hold, or prosecute an illegal immigrant.
Priority One is the “highest priority to which enforcement resources should be directed,” the memo says. The category includes “aliens engaged in or suspected of terrorism or espionage, or who otherwise pose a danger to national security.” It also includes “aliens apprehended at the border or ports of entry while attempting to unlawfully enter the United States.” In addition, any illegal immigrant convicted of an offense involving a criminal street gang, or convicted of a felony — provided that immigration status was not an “essential element” of the charge — is targeted. Finally, any illegal immigrant convicted of an aggravated felony is included in Priority One.
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DOJ Found Obama Lacked Authority to Take Action He Took

The Secretary of Homeland Security and the Counsel to the President directed the Justice Department to investigate whether the president had the authority to take contemplated actions with regard to illegal immigrants via executive order. In a letter dated 19 November, they found he did not. On 20 November, he did it anyway.
Josh Gerson for POLITICO (“White House releases immigration legal opinion“):
The most interesting aspect of the legal advice President Barack Obama got on the immigration executive action he announced Thursday night may be what lawyers told the president he could not or should not do.

A 33-page Justice Department legal opinion made public just hours before Obama spoke concluded that he doesn’t have the legal authority to offer broad deportation relief to parents of so-called Dreamers—people who came to the U.S. illegally as children and won a reprieve from deportation in a program known as DACA that Obama created in 2012.
“As it has been described to us, the proposed deferred action program for parents of DACA recipients would not be a permissible exercise of enforcement discretion,” Justice Department attorney  Karl Thompson wrote in the Office of Legal Counsel opinion.
The opinion also reveals, in a footnote, that Justice Department lawyers informally raised concerns about Obama’s initial 2012 DACA program before it was enacted.

Thompson’s legal memo about the new immigration initiatives warns the president against straying into areas untethered to policies or priorities Congress has set through legislation. “The Executive cannot, under the guides of exercising enforcement discretion, attempt to effectively rewrite the laws to match its policy preferences,” Thompson wrote. “An agency’s enforcement decisions should be consonant with, rather than contrary to, the congressional policy underlying the statutes the agency is charged with administering.”
A senior administration official said Thursday lawyers concluded that actions like protection for parents of dreamers were “not legally available” to the president, largely because it would be building one set of executive actions upon another.
On the one hand, kudos to the administration for promptly releasing the memo. The norm in situations where OLC presents adverse findings is to bury said findings for as long as possible. Releasing the full memo so quickly is the height of transparency and truly laudable.
It’s worth noting, too, that OLC—rightly in my view—found that the president does have the “authority to prioritize the removal of certain categories of aliens over others,” particularly in light of inadequate funding to pursue the removal of all of them. But they specifically found that “the proposed deferred action program for parents of DACA recipients would not be a permissible exercise of enforcement discretion” precisely because it is not tethered to existing law.
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Obama's Immigration Decree opened the flood Gates 300 and counting!

Truck Containing Lethal Radioactive Material Hijacked in Mexico

This story will leave you with unanswered questions and give you chills.  The vital materials needed to make a ‘radioactive dirty bomb’ were stolen and when it happened it was a big story.  Then suddenly all reporting on the incident stop and we are told the dangerous radioactive materials were found and any threat to national security is over.  Knowing the government as we do, the report does not leave me with a sense of security nor do I feel comforted.

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New Black Panther Members Arrested with Bombs Near Ferguson

The racists aren’t going to let this end without lots of chaos.
Check it out:
The FBI arrested two men earlier this week on firearms charges as part of increased law enforcement presence in Ferguson, Missouri, ahead of a grand jury decision in the shooting death of Michael Brown.
Court documents show Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis face charges of making false written statements in connection with a firearms purchase and aiding and abetting. FBI spokeswoman Rebecca Wu told CBS News the suspects were arrested on outstanding warrants.
A law enforcement source said the two men allegedly purchased explosive material during an FBI undercover operation to possibly use during Ferguson protests.

Court documents show Baldwin and Davis were arrested and charged with the illegal purchase of two Hi-Point .45 ACP pistols. 

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ALERT: Border Patrol Calls on the American People to Rise up Against Barack H. Obama [DETAILS]

oped: The Obama administration is just one big lie after another...enough is enough already Reps and Blue Dog Dems need to take this administration down already...and while at it take down Senator Reid, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi his enablers...nothing short of Impeachment will do...'Just a fact Jack'! 

via: Conservative Tribune
This is an urgent matter that needs swift attention. The union representing United States Border Patrol agents is calling on all Americans to help. (H/T BizPacReivew)
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Council is the union that represents members of the government’s immigration service. They have over 12,000 members. Council President Kenneth Palinkas issued a statement decrying President Barack Obama’s planned amnesty by executive action after the Nov. 4th midterm elections.

His frustration was clearly evident, saying, “We are still the world’s rubber-stamp for entry into the United States – regardless of the ramifications of the constant violations to the Immigration and Nationality Act. Whether it’s the failure to uphold the public charge laws, the abuse of our asylum procedures, the admission of Islamist radicals, or visas for health risks, the taxpayers are being fleeced and public safety is being endangered on a daily basis.”
Palinkas appealed to the American public for help to pressure the federal government against unilateral amnesty. He said, “That is why this statement is intended for the public: if you care about your immigration security and your neighborhood security, you must act now to ensure that Congress stops this unilateral amnesty. Let your voice be heard and spread the word to your neighbors. We who serve in our nation’s immigration agencies are pleading for your help – don’t let this happen. Express your concern to your Senators and Congressmen before it is too late.”
Palinkas wrote in the context of last week’s news that the Obama Administration plans “to issue work permits and residency cards to 34 million immigrants in the next five years, including a surge of 9 million in the next two years. That has fed the belief that Obama is planning a post-election executive order that would grant legal status to millions without congressional approval.”

Obama spoke to a national Hispanic group earlier this month and said he would exercise executive action after the election.
Conservative Tribune has kept a vigilant eye on the problem of illegal immigration. 
Please share to encourage people to get involved and stop Obama’s amnesty.

Gay Founder of Human Rights Campaign Found Guilty of Raping a 15-year old Boy

terrence patrick bean


Yet another high profile "gay" activist has been arrested for homosexual assault on a child. This time authorities caught one of the big fish (a rainbow trout?): Terrence Patrick Bean founded the "Human Rights Campaign" (HRC), which is one of the world's largest, wealthiest and most powerful anti-Christian organizations. HRC was developed for the sole purpose of pushing the extremist homosexual political agenda. Bean is also a major player for the DNC and a big Obama supporter.
The Oregonian reports:
Detectives from the Portland police Sex Crimes Unit arrested Portland developer Terrence Patrick Bean on Wednesday on a Lane County indictment stemming from alleged sex abuse involving a teenage boy in 2013. 

Bean, 66, a prominent gay rights activist and major Democratic Party fundraiser, was arrested at his home in Southwest Portland and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center at 10:12 a.m.

The indictment charges Bean with two counts of third-degree sodomy, a felony, and one count of third-degree sex abuse, a misdemeanor, police said.

Bean, who bailed out of jail by late Wednesday afternoon, will be arraigned on the indictment in Lane County. …

The alleged incident involved a sexual encounter in Eugene with a 15-year-old boy. …

Bean has been one of the state's biggest Democratic donors and an influential figure in gay rights circles in the state. He helped found two major national political groups, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, and has been a major contributor for several Democratic presidential candidates, including Barack Obama. He's also a close friend of former Gov. Barbara Roberts. … 

Bean's Flickr account shows him talking with Obama at several events, posing with first lady Michelle Obama and numerous other political figures, including former President Bill Clinton.  A blog post from his sister, Sue Surdam Bean, detailed her brother's work on a July 24, 2012 Obama fundraiser in Portland.  She included three photos of Terry Bean's ride on Air Force One with Obama to a subsequent event in Seattle.

Just two years ago 68 year old Harry Brinkin, another high profile and similarly respected (at least among Democrats) homosexual activist, was arrested in San Francisco for possessing and distributing reams of child pornography.
CNS News Reported at the time:
Police said that Brinkin, a former city employee, apparently had photos of children, as young as 1- or  2-years-old, performing sexual acts and being sodomized by adult men in attachments linked to the email address, reported The Chronicle. The email account was also linked to Yahoo discussion groups involving sexual exploitation of young people.

Concerning Brinkin, Theresa Sparks, director of the Human Rights Commission, told the Huffington Post, "It's almost incredulous, there's no way I could believe such a thing."

"He's always been one of my heroes, and he's the epitome of human rights activist," she said. "This is [the] man who coined phrases we use in our daily language. I support Larry 100 percent; hopefully it will all come out in the investigation." 

Brinkin later plead guilty to the charges.
Yep – These monsters are "heroes" to the HRC and the larger "gay" activist community.
Ever wonder why?
The cases of Bean and Brinkin follow a long-established pattern as old as the ancient Greek bathhouse. Of course, not every "gay" man – self-identified or otherwise – is a pedophile, but studies indicate demonstrably that homosexual assaults against boys occur at an alarmingly disproportionate rate when compared to heterosexual assaults. The very act of a man molesting a boy unquestionably involves both same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior (a "gay" by any other name…).
Consider, for instance, a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, of over 200 convicted pedophiles. It found that "86 percent of offenders against males described themselves as homosexual or bisexual." This demonstrates, as noted by Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, that "homosexual or bisexual men are approximately 10 times more likely to molest children than heterosexual men."

But don't repeat these facts out loud or you might find yourself on the hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC"hate group" smear list.
Let the HRC damage control begin…

UPDATE: Bean's fellow sodomite Kiah Loy Lawson has also been arrested and charged as well. KOIN 6 reports
Law enforcement sources confirm Kiah Loy Lawson, 25, was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center Thursday morning after being taken into custody by detectives with the Portland Police Bureau's Sex Crimes Unit.
A Lane County grand jury issued a secret indictment and warrant for Lawson's arrest.

The indictment lists two counts of third-degree sodomy and one count of third-degree sexual abuse. If Lawson is able to post bail, he will be released and will be given a court date to appear in Lane County to be arraigned. If he is not able to post bail, he will be transported to Lane County by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.
from Freedom Outpost

Obama Must Be Impeached And Removed To Stop His “Amnesty” Of Illegals

In an article on they report: “Even though Obama himself has called such executive action illegal 25 times, as documented by Fox News, the president is now planning to issue a unilateral decree that will declare up to 5 million illegal immigrants eligible for amnesty.”
Already, Republicans on Capitol Hill are reacting strongly to the long-expected executive order. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz assails the presidential action as “the tactics of a monarch.”
GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa says, “The president is throwing this nation into a crisis.”
Indeed he is. His actions are unprecedented, unconstitutional, and will cause a firestorm. Even Obama, in previous days, has condemned the same actions he is now taking (rule by Executive Order to circumvent Congress) as “unconstitutional.”
Read the following from Oath Keepers founder and President, Stewart Rhodes:

Obama’s declaration of intent to rule by decree and grant “amnesty” to millions of illegal aliens is an impeachable offense, and Obama should be impeached and removed from office.  This is a good test to see if the Republicans have the courage of their claimed convictions.  If they don’t impeach him for this, then they will lose all credibility, and throw us into a TRUE constitutional crisis, because they will have failed to do their jobs, leaving the people with the necessity of pursuing “other options” to stop him.
And this is not about race.  I am 1/4 Mexican, and come from a family of migrant farm workers in California, on my mother’s side.  My mother and uncle grew up picking grapes, and even while I was in the Army my Grandparents still worked the fields.  My Great Grandparents came here, legally, to have a better life, and they and their decedents worked hard to attain that better life (working their way out of the fields).
And others are welcome to come here and do the same, but they must do so legally, and Congress has ALREADY established the laws and rules for immigration, and until Congress changes those laws and rules, it is the duty of the President to execute them, not obstruct them, or attempt to rule by decree in direct violation of the law.
This is about the preservation of our Republic, and our republican form of government, which the Constitution mandates that the Federal government must guarantee to each state.  And by violating the law of the land, and violating our right to a republican form of government, and by refusing to protect us from illegal invasion, Obama has violated his oath, grossly, and is unfit for office.

In his speech, Obama said:
And to those members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill. I want to work with both parties to pass a more permanent legislative solution. And the day I sign that bill into law, the actions I take will no longer be necessary.
So, Obama’s message is much like an abusive wife-beater who tells his wife, while beating her, “this is your fault, bitch!  I wouldn’t have to do this if you acted right, and if you want it to stop, YOU’D BETTER DO WHAT I WANT, OR I WILL CONTINUE TO BEAT YOU.”   Obama is telling Congress that Congress is his “bitch” to abuse as he sees fit, and they need to shape up and do what he wants.   Pass the legislation he wants, or he will do what he wants anyway, by executive fiat decree, until Congress does pass the legislation he wants.  So much for separation of powers.   So much for the Constitution.  So much for a Republican victory.   He will rule as if his party had won control of both houses of Congress and had actually passed legislation he likes.  He will rule as if Congress doesn’t even exist.   He will rule as if the Constitution doesn’t even exist, and as if he were an absolute and unrestrained dictator.   He thinks that when he opens his mouth, “law” comes out.  That is what a dictatorship is.   Obama condemned just this kind of action by his predecessor, but now the “legal scholar” has conveniently forgotten what he knew about separation of powers and the clear enumerated powers of Congress, or the duties of a president.

To this impeachable high crime can be added the long list of other abuses and violations of his oath, from “Fast and Furious” where the Obama Administration intentionally armed the cartels in Mexico; to his assault on nearly every provision in the Bill of Rights, including the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments (from “First Amendment Areas” at Bundy Ranch, to considering a military strike on the supporters of the Bundy family, to his targeted assassinations of U.S. citizens abroad and his claim that he can do the same here at home, to his ongoing assault on the right to bear arms, etc.); to Benghazi, where Obama sat back and watched as Americans were slaughtered after being deliberately denied assistance, to cover up for Obama’s gun running to our enemies; to his deliberate criminal endangerment of the lives of our people by refusing to stop travel to the US by persons from Ebola infected nations (and refusal to even mandate a 21 day quarantine before they can enter) – essentially playing “Russian roulette” with each flight carrying someone from an infected nation; to his unconstitutional deployment of active duty and reserves to go to Africa to “fight” Ebola – where was there even Congressional authorization of any sort for him to do that, let alone a “declaration of war” on Ebola?

He leaves us vulnerable at home, with our borders wide open, and our skies wide open – and even goes out of his way to spread illegal immigrants, who have not been medically screened or quarantined, all over the nation, in secret locations (which has already lead to the death of American children from an enterovirus strain that first appeared in Central America and spread here after his actions) – while he sends our troops into harms way for his own political and “world citizen” Marxist ideological agenda.
Instead of sending the troops to Africa to expose them to Ebola, why doesn’t he place them on the border with Mexico and secure us from invasion by the violent cartels (who are taking over ranches and entire towns on the U.S. side, just as they have done on the Mexican side), and secure us from documented infiltration by ISIS terrorists who come across freely?   He has intentionally left us vulnerable to those invasions, and to that violence, and he does all in his power to limit, curtail, and suppress our own ability to defend ourselves, while tracking us and using unprecedented surveillance on us, in a clear indication that he considers We the People the future military enemy of he and his fellow oath-breakers (and in particular, us military veterans, who are targeted for disarmament through trumped up “determinations” by the very Veterans Administration that is supposed to help us, not disarm us).

And now he is intent on ruling by decree, again, to “make it legal” for millions of people who illegally entered this nation to remain here, in direct violation of law.  And one obvious reason is that the Democratic Party is hoping that these new “voters” will be grateful and vote Democrat from now on, which is a further violation of our representative form of government.
If we don’t have rule of law that applies to the government, under the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land, then we have a dictatorship, and We the People are absolved of any obligation or obedience to such usurpers and oath-breakers.
Impeach him, and remove him, and if necessary, do the same for Biden, and on down the chain until we get someone who will defend the Constitution and execute the laws of the Union as they swore to do.  Impeach him now.   If Congress does not do its duty, they will have failed to avoid a coming clash between those of us who will not be subjugated under a “King Obama” and the militarized police state Obama and his cronies fully intend to use against us.
Congress, do your duty, under your oaths.  Defend the Constitution.  Impeach Obama.
Stewart Rhodes,
Founder and President of Oath Keepers

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Answer to Why Obama Wants to Destroy America


When people ask me, “Why would Obama want to destroy America”—at least the America that most Conservatives know and love? It’s simple: Why wait for Hell, when you can create Hell on Earth.
We often hear of Liberals use of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and people discuss Alinsky’s organizing abilities. What they omit is his underlying philosophy. Alinsky built his organizing model on a love of creating hell.
Saul Alinsky interview in Playboy, 1972
ALINSKY: Hell would be heaven for me. All my life I’ve been with the have-nots. Over here, if you’re a have-not, you’re short of dough. If you’re a have-not in hell, you’re short of virtue. Once I get into hell, I’ll start organizing the have-nots over there.

Museum Will Remove World World II-Era Rifles Because Of New State Law

Does the ridiculousness ever end?
Check it out:
A museum in Lynden, Wash. has decided to return 11 World World II-era rifles to their owners because of a state law passed earlier this month that requires background checks on gun transfers.
The Lynden Pioneer Museum will comply with the law, Initiative 594, rather than fight it, The Bellingham Herald reports.
The museum’s exhibit, “Over the Beach: The WWII Pacific Theater,” had the 11 rifles on display along with photographs and journals from the era as well as military vehicles and radios.
It will continue until May 1, but without the guns.

“The museum will be returning these guns to their owners because as of Dec 4th, we would be in violation of the law if we had loaned firearms that had not undergone the background check procedure,” reads the museum’s website. “Nor would we be able to return those firearms unless the owners completed the back ground check procedure.”
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Networks won’t air Obama speech

Three major networks will not air President Obama’s prime-time address Thursday outlining his executive actions on immigration.
Check it out:
Officials with ABC, CBS and Fox confirmed to The Hill that Obama’s 8 p.m. speech from the White House will not be carried on their networks. CNN reported that NBC would not be carrying the address either.

Cable news networks are expected to carry the address, as is the Spanish-language network Univision.
A source at one of the major networks told The Hill that the White House did not officially request prime-time coverage on the networks Thursday, a big night for ratings given popular shows on several networks, including ABC’s “Shondaland” schedule of shows created by producer Shonda Rhimes.
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ISIS HUNTING:How to Lure ISIS Members with a Goat Decoy

Ever wondered how to lure in and kill an ISIS member? Here’s your basic tutorial on how to use a goat decoy to bring all the boys to the yard. Check it out…
Well, the folks over at Tactical Sh*t are at it again, this time with a hilarious sketch on how to not only lure, but kill ISIS members.
The instructional hunting video comes in the form of a skit where the instructor details how exactly to get an ISIS member where you want them – with a decoy goat of course. As described, this isn’t your ordinary goat, but rather an IEG (improvised explosive goat) that detonates upon penetration.
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Jay Leno Takes a Wounded Vet for a Joyride and Then...

leno laberge
oped: Gotta love Jay...he is one hella nice guy and a celeb who actually puts his money where his mouth is...he states he loves and supports our vets and takes it a step beyond...something Hollywood should learn from! 

Jay Leno is well-known for his love of cars: the former Tonight Show host even has a television show entitled Jay Leno’s Garage.
Leno’s other passion? Showing his appreciation for our country’s veterans. And he recently got the opportunity to meet Corporal Ethan Laberge on the Today Show:
Laberge had been on foot patrol in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber drove up and detonated himself, seriously injuring Leberge [sic] and killing two fellow soldiers who had been standing with him.
Laberge was hit with shrapnel in his legs and arms and also suffered a traumatic brain injury, which has caused him memory problems.

Image credit: The Today Show
Leno sat down with the veteran, and the two quickly discovered they had something in common: their penchant for automobiles.
Leno, 64, said that when he meets many soldiers, most are barely out of their teens and he finds they’re often worlds apart.
But Leno said he and Leberge [sic] were quickly able to find common ground in their love of cars, and Leno had just the thing for Leberge [sic]: a ride in a 2015 Dodge SRT Hellcat.

Image credit: Dodge Motor Company
When Laberge was asked if he wanted to take the car out for a ride, he responded, ‘Hell yeah!’
The two took a joyride through some back roads near Laberge’s army post, chowed down on barbeque, and talked about life after Laberge’s injury.
‘Where I’m sitting now, I don’t know exactly how well I’ll recover,’ Leberge [sic] said.
Leno asked if he ever gets discouraged, and while Leberge [sic] said he does find himself down every now and then, family and friends help him make it through.
When the pair returned back to post, Leno had one more surprise for the soldier.

Leberge [sic] gave an instant review of the Hellcat, ‘That was awesome … I wouldn’t mind having one of these.’
‘It’s yours,’ Leno said handing Leberge [sic] the keys. ‘America loves you. Thank you buddy. Have a lot of fun. Don’t get any tickets.’
‘I can’t promise that,’ Leberge [sic] said with a smile.
Though every veteran can’t get a brand new car, they should be thanked each and every day. For our men and women in uniform, that’s more than enough.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Medical Profession/Big Pharms putting profit before the Hypocratic Oath!

Radiation and

Please people if you are sick and tired of the Medical profession and Big Pharms killing friends,family and associates  off the homework and demand change SEE:…

Liberals Lose Their Cool in the Supreme Court Fight Over Obamacare

Liberals Lose Their Cool in the Supreme Court Fight Over Obamacare

On Nov. 7, the Supreme Court said it would entertain the latest legal assault on President Obama’s health-reform program. Leading liberal analysts worry—reasonably—that the justices will cripple Obamacare. Unfortunately, these defenders of the program are making their case by preemptively accusing right-leaning members of the high court of bad faith and rank partisanship.
Paul Krugman of Princeton and the New York Times has has called the argument that a syntactical glitch ought to doom the premium-subsidy provision of the 2010 Affordable Care Act a “cruel absurdity.” Any justice adopting this argument won’t merely be wrong, Krugman continued, he will be “corrupt”—“willing to pervert the law to serve political masters.”
Linda Greenhouse of Yale Law School and the Times branded the high court’s agreement to hear the Obamacare challenge “a naked power grab by conservative justices who two years ago just missed killing [PDF] the Affordable Care Act in its cradle.” Greenhouse (disclosure: She’s an old friend) finds the arrival of the new case on the court’s docket “profoundly depressing” because it confirms that the justices are “just a collection of politicians in robes.”

In fact, the fight over Obamacare involves a real—if highly technical—flaw in the underlying 2010 law. Given our polarized, litigation-happy culture, it seems unsurprising, to say the least, that conservative activists would exploit every statutory weakness to seek to reverse the president’s signal legislative achievement. Rather than hysteria or depression, the better response is calm refutation.
The fight concerns the meaning of five words: “exchange established by the state.” To understand why that phrase is so important, let’s digress for a quick refresher on the Affordable Care Act. The law has three pillars: It bans insurers from denying coverage based on preexisting conditions.; it mandates that everyone buy insurance to assure that healthy people participate; and to make the mandate workable, it subsidizes less-well-off consumers.
Despite conservative warnings of incipient socialist dictatorship, among other dire side effects, the program seems successful. Millions of previously uninsured people now have coverage. Carriers are offering affordable premiums. Following initial software snafus, Americans are enrolling via state- and federal-sponsored exchanges at higher-than-expected levels.

The Supreme Court challenge, however, isn’t about whether Obamacare works. The case addresses who can get those critical tax subsidies, without which the mandate would collapse, probably causing the program to unravel.
Read literally, the law provides subsidies for policies purchased on state-run insurance exchanges, not those run from Washington. The problem with that language is that only 14 states have set up their own exchanges. Republican politicians refused to go along with Obamacare, meaning that residents of 36 states have to seek insurance on federal exchanges.
Charged with interpreting Obamacare, the Internal Revenue Service concluded that Congress couldn’t have intended to gum up the statutory machinery with this state-versus-federal distinction. In the normal course of judicial business, courts defer to agency readings of ambiguous statutory verbiage. If I were justice-for-a-day, I’d uphold health reform on this basis: It’s pretty clear what Congress was trying to do, and the experts at the IRS deserve deference. Next case!

The Obamacare challengers disagree. They contend that the state-exchange language isn’t ambiguous. The justices, they argue, lack authority to rewrite an important piece of legislation. If sloppy lawmakers wish to see their handiwork repaired, according to this view, they have to do it themselves. (With Republicans now in control of both chambers of Congress, of course, the notion that a revised version of Obamacare would find its way back to the president’s desk seems facetious.)
Contrary to Krugman’s slashing analysis, it’s not “corrupt” to read a clunky statutory provision according to its literal meaning, as opposed to inferring a more logical intention on the drafters’ part. It might be wrongheaded and mechanistic, but it doesn’t seem deceitful to oblige Congress to speak clearly when it is establishing a far-reaching economic and social policy.

Greenhouse maintains that it was dishonorable and disillusioning for the high court to take up the Obamacare challenge because there isn’t a lower-court split over the state-exchange language. The trouble with this position is that the justices are often quirky in deciding whether to accept a case. Lower-court confusion is one common basis for granting an appeal. On the other hand, the need to clarify national legal standards on vital issues—whether or not there is a lower-court split—sometimes suffices. Just one example: The absence of lower-court division hasn’t impeded liberals from urging the justices to intervene in defense of gay rights. What I’m alluding to here is the ancient Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence of goose and gander.
To sum up: Obamacare could be in trouble at the high court. The justices upheld the individual mandate by a razor-thin 5-4 vote. Conservative justices appointed by Republicans are less likely to be sympathetic to Obama’s agenda than are liberal justices appointed by Obama or other Democrats. Still, arguments on the merits are more likely than ad hominem invective to affect the outcome.

Police Expert: War On Terror Has Turned Our Cops Into Occupying Armies - And We're The Enemy


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by Travis Gettys for  Raw Story 

The war on terror has essentially turned police into occupying armies in some American communities, said a police and criminology expert.

Thomas Nolan, an associate professor of criminology at Merrimack College and former senior policy analyst with the Department of Homeland Security, said the focus of police work had shifted greatly since he was a Boston police officer in the 1980s and 1990s.

"I remember it being drilled into me as a police officer, as a sergeant and then as a lieutenant: partnership, problem-solving, and prevention - the three Ps," Nolan said Wednesday during a panel sponsored by the American Constitution Society.

He said police were heavily trained to form alliances to help them to better serve and protect communities, and he said those relationships clearly don't exist in Ferguson, Missouri.

While the war on drugs is frequently cited as a major factor in the breakdown of civil liberties and police-community relations, Nolan said a more recent shift was largely to blame.

"In the early 2000s, particularly after 9/11, we saw a paradigm shift from community policing and problem-oriented principles to the war on terror, and we became Homeland Security police," said Nolan, who has worked in the federal agency's Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

He said this shift toward "homeland security" had quickly destroyed the relationships police had worked nearly two decades to build.

"I think what has happened as a direct result of that, is that those relationships that we forged, and worked so hard to attain and to maintain in the late 1980s and early 1990s, began to erode because the police were seen, particularly in communities of color, as an army of occupation," Nolan said.

"If you dress police officers up as soldiers and you put them in military vehicles and you give them military weapons, they adopt a warrior mentality," he continued. "We fight wars against enemies, and the enemies are the people who live in our cities - particularly in communities of color."

(snip) Continue reading at Oath Keepers' national website, where you may leave your comments as well as enjoy the video of this former senior policy analyst for the Department of Homeland Security. This expert is not some disgruntled citizen who is screaming about the militarization of our police -- he is the former senior policy analyst at DHS and an experienced, calm authority who is trying to help solve the problem of police militarization and the American people's rejection of that idiocy. The brief  video will impress all viewers.

Ramping up your news scans over the Ferguson, Missouri "state of emergency" and expected roll-out of over a hundred DHS enforcement vehicles? You'll want this video kept close at hand. 


Elias Alias, editor

Air Force fighter pilot Martha McSally declared victory in Arizona's 2nd district, with a winning margin of just 161 votes.

Thank you for your support in this race as obviously each vote and each donation made the difference.  However Democrats aren't giving up.  A recount will be done by law, yet Democrats are complaining that valid votes weren't counted.  The truth is many provisional ballots were rightly voided, yet Democrats want to count illegal votes.  We must make sure McSally's campaign has the resources to oversee the recount as Democrats are already raising big money trying to challenge the integrity of the vote.  Support our efforts to make sure Democrats can't change the outcome in Arizona! 

Friends,   Democrats are trying to change the outcome in Arizona.  A recount is mandatory with such a close margin, yet Democrats are complaining that all votes weren't originally counted.  They want all votes counted, even the illegal ballots and voters that couldn't prove their registration. 

We must make sure that McSally and her campaign have the resources to uphold the integrity of the election and keep Barber and the Democrats from changing the outcome.


Barber indicated he'd work to add votes to his total during the recount, which officials said wouldn't be held until next month.

The incumbent Democrat's campaign "will work to see that every lawful vote is counted," she said, noting that over 700 ballots were rejected as invalid by the Pima County Recorder before being counted.

Those ballots are being challenged by the Barber campaign, even though officials said it is obvious that the ballots were rightly voided.

"A few days after asking a judge not to count the votes of hundreds of Arizonans, Martha McSally is ahead by 7 hundredths of a percentage point," said Barber campaign spokeswoman Ashley Nash-Hahn. "McSally wants to disenfranchise southern Arizona voters."  

Democrats will do anything to win this race in the recount.  The truth is McSally's campaign is making sure that invalid ballots are not counted.  While Barber's champaign is fighting to have all ballots counted, even illegal ones, because that's their only chance to win.  Worse, Barber is then calling out McSally simply for following election law.  

Democrats are trying to include invalid votes, while telling their supporters it is Republicans that are disenfranchising voters.  Disgusting! We've had enough!

We will do everything we can to ensure McSally is rightfully declared the winner in the recount.  Her campaign needs monitors and legal teams to make sure Democrats don't change the outcome.  Help our effort now!

We are also active in supporting Bill Cassidy in the Louisiana Senate runoff.  The Democrats again prove they will pull any stunt to try to win election.  This time by allowing Mary Landrieu a vote on the Keystone XL pipeline.  

They switched course on Keystone XL after years of blocking a vote on the legislation, just so Landrieu could say she tried. But the truth is Bill Cassidy brought the bill to a vote in the House and he is the real leader who will champion these causes if elected to the Senate. 

Democrats got assurance from President Obama that he would veto the bill even if it passed the Senate this week. 

With your help we will remind voters that this is just a political game by Landrieu to win votes.  We will show voters the truth, that Landrieu votes with Obama and Harry Reid 97% of the time.

Landrieu is already heavily recruiting her base 
to come to the polls on December 6th, but with this stunt she is trying to appeal to moderates and Republicans.  This is how she has won two previous runoffs in her home state. 

Conservatives must turn out for Cassidy to overcome Landrieu's advantage.  We can make a difference just as we did in Iowa, Arkansas, Alaska and Colorado. 

We can't afford to give the Democrats any reason for hope with this election.  The last poll showed Cassidy leading 48-47%, with Landrieu gaining momentum.  

We can give the Republican Senate a 54 seat majority if Cassidy is elected.  We can continue to defeat Obama-backed politicians.  If you vote with Obama 97% of the time, you will be voted out!   

Monday, November 17, 2014

American politics is about to get more right-wing. This poll shows why

Top 10 Liberal Logic De-Motivational Posters Liberal Logic - debate Photo
Arguments Only A Liberal Could Believe (John Hawkins) Liberal Logic: Background Check
The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to GrassrootsConservative For This ... Liberalism…Mental Disease of the Stupid!

Pew Research Center's post-election survey includes one finding that'll be really important for the future of American politics: a large majority of Republican voters say they want the GOP to move to the right, while a small majority of Democratic voters say they want the Democrats to move to the center. 

One should never infer too much from polls that ask the American people about ideology. The evidence is overwhelming that most people don't have highly ideological worldviews, and that people aren't well-informed about the specific issue content of liberalism versus conservatism. But this information does tell us something about how politicians are likely to present themselves to the public. Republicans looking to run in a 2016 primary are very unlikely to argue that the party needs to be chastened by its defeats in 2008 and 2012, while Hillary Clinton faces reasonably strong incentives to present herself as less liberal than Barack Obama.

ATTN: ISIS Radical Islam mark your calendars Jan 2016...A New Sheriff in Town !


Be advised your war crimes against humanity will come to a screeching halt after the US Elections...when we remove your enabler Barry Barack Hussein Obama from office and install another cowboy as POTUS/CIC
We will hunt you down giving no quarter no prisoners taken...swift cowboy justice will prevail...deemed guilty as charged and strung up from the nearest tree akin to what US troops did to the Nazi Werewolfs who continued their carnage at the end of WWII.

Make amends to Allah you will not have the time when the New Sheriff arrives!
adios  MF'ers!

Harry Snowden › Portfolio › Hanging Tree - Virginia City, Nevada virginia city // cemetery
... the Wooden markers for the 5 men Hung in 1864 in Virginia City Nevada
And your graves will not face East toward Mecca...and Pigs blood will be
added to the burial soil for good measure... so no Virgins will await your arrival as your nasty,vile bodies  rot away!

Unusual nature of Kassig video suggests he fought his captors, former roommate says

Kassig's Former Prof.: 'He Had So Much Emp …

A former roommate of Peter Kassig, the former U.S. Army Ranger and American aid worker who was beheaded by Islamic State militants, says the unusual nature of the video released by the group announcing his killing Sunday suggests the 26-year-old fought his execution.
Previous videos released by the Islamic State follow a grisly formula, with masked militants carrying out public beheadings of hostages, including American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning.

In the video released Sunday, a severed head believed to be Kassig’s is shown near the end of a 15-minute montage boasting of the group's killings of Syrian soldiers. But Kassig's body and videotaped killing are not. Also not shown are images of other hostages that the group typically sets up as its next victims.
“Peter, who fought against the Muslims in Iraq while serving as a soldier under the American army, doesn’t have much to say," the masked militant says in the video.
"Clearly something went wrong,” Mitchell Prothero, Iraq correspondent for McClatchy, who shared an apartment with Kassig in Beirut, told the news service. “My belief is that he knew it was up and did something to screw up their video.” 

Kassig, an Indianapolis native, was kidnapped while delivering relief supplies to refugees in Syria in 2013.
Prothero believes the hostage training that Kassig would have received when he was deployed in Iraq helped him resist starring in the terror group's latest production.
“There’s no way they planned for 14 minutes of them killing Syrian guys and then 30 seconds at the end of them killing Pete,” Prothero said.
Kassig converted to Islam during his captivity, changing his name to Abdul-Rahman, his parents said. 

"We are heartbroken to learn that our son, Abdul-Rahman Peter Kassig, has lost his life as a result of his love for the Syrian people and his desire to ease their suffering," Ed and Paula Kassig said in a statement Sunday. "Our heart also goes out to the families of the Syrians who lost their lives, along with our son. We are incredibly proud of our son for living his life according to his humanitarian calling. We will work every day to keep his legacy alive as best we can."
On Sunday, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and others condemned Kassig's killing.
"Abdul-Rahman was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity," Obama said in a statement. "While [the Islamic State] revels in the slaughter of innocents, including Muslims, and is bent only on sowing death and destruction, Abdul-Rahman was a humanitarian who worked to save the lives of Syrians injured and dispossessed by the Syrian conflict." 

“This was a young man who traveled to one of the world's most dangerous places to care for the innocent victims of a bloody conflict, and fearlessly dedicated himself to helping those in need,” Kerry said. “There can be no greater contrast than that between Abdul-Rahman’s generosity of spirit and the pernicious evil of [the Islamic State]."
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ordered flags lowered at state buildings across Indiana on Monday.
"We want to mourn him for a while while celebrating his life," Siobhan McEvoy-Levy, Kassig's former professor at Butler University in Indianapolis, told WRTV. "He had a lot of empathy. So much empathy. He wanted to try to heal the brokenness of the world."