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The teachings that are shaking up the prophecy world

This is a good read...highly recommended !
Joel Richardson's new insights on the 12th Imam
and the Mark of the Beast. 

Joel Richardson shook up the world of Bible prophecy with his best-selling book, "The Islamic Antichrist."

Now he is offering keen new insights into what's happening in the Middle East, the rise of the 12th Imam and the real nature of the Mark of the Beast in a video series offered exclusively in the WND Superstore.

"The Return Is Near: Strategic Insights into the Most Important Moment in History" is a four-DVD package dealing with four themes:
• Understanding and reaching Muslims for Jesus: In this powerful session, Richardson identifies the key spiritual factors affecting Muslims today and how the believer is to respond. You will discover why Islam rejects God as a Father, why Islam rejects Jesus as the divine son of God and why Islam rejects the Jewish people as inheritors of God's promises. You will also discover how to reach Muslims and win them for Jesus. Also discussed is a heretical movement quickly infecting the church called Chrislam and what we can do to stop its creeping influence.
 • Understanding what's next in the Middle East and how it will affect you: As revolutions, protests and riots continue to radically reshape the face of the entire Middle East, Richardson explains what will come next and how it will affect all of us. Through examining the prophecies of Daniel 8 and 11, Richardson shows how the unfolding events in the Middle East today are all talking place according to God's divine plan. This session will thoroughly equip you to understand the region.

• Birth pangs in the news and the coming global earthquake: As massive earthquakes continue to shake the nations, few believers are aware that the Bible predicts a massive cataclysmic coming earthquake that will level every nation of the earth. When will this happen and what is the major event that will bring this about? By reviewing data from the United States Geological Survey, Richardson also shows how massive earthquakes are rapidly increasing in frequency, pointing to the soon coming of Jesus the Messiah.
 • What you need to know about the 12th Imam and the Mark of the Beast: What do the leaders of Iran really believe about the end of the world and the destruction of the Jewish people? In this highly educational session, Richardson discusses the frightening Shi'a Muslim belief in a mysterious messiah figure known as the 12th Imam. Could the 12th Imam of Islam be the Antichrist described in the Bible? Or will the Antichrist emerge instead from the Sunni Muslim world? How does Islamic end time belief correspond to biblical belief? Also discussed in this session is the Mark of the Beast and Islam as well as the Mark of God and described by the prophet Ezekiel.
Click here to learn more about "The Return Is Near: Strategic Insights into the Most Important Moment in History".

Do You Trust Barack Obama?

by David L. Goetsch

Those who are entrusted with leadership positions in our society should never forget the following rule of thumb: people will not follow a leader they do not trust. Consequently, gaining the trust of the American people is essential to any individual who serves as President of the United States.  One of the reasons President Reagan remains so popular with such a broad cross-section of Americans is that people trusted him.  Those on the left rarely agreed with him—but even ardent liberals had to begrudgingly admit that they thought he was honest and had the best interests of America at heart.
Can the same be said for President Obama?  Asked another way, do you trust Barack Obama?  Understandably, conservatives do not trust him but what is more interesting from the perspective of leadership is that many of Obama’s staunchest supporters no longer trust him.  Consider the words of one of his earliest and most vocal supporters, liberal commentator Chris Matthews: “What are we trying to do in this administration? Why does he want a second term? Would he tell us? What’s he going to do with a second term, more of this?” 
The reason that most conservatives and a growing number of liberals distrust President Obama is that he habitually makes promises with no intention of keeping them.  What really rankles is that he does so with such arrogance.  It’s as if he thinks the American people are stupid.  For example, candidate Obama promised his fellow leftists that he would close down Guantanamo as soon as he was elected.  Michael Moore and crowd practically purred with satisfaction at the prospect.  Thankfully, more than three years later Guantanamo is still in business and Michael Moore, Chris Matthews, and a growing list of former worshippers are becoming disenchanted with Barack Obama.
Americans of all stripes are growing ever more distrustful of the president, and with good reason.  He has openly and blatantly lied to the American people about issues of importance to them.  Consider just a few examples of Barack Obama’s broken promises:
  • While campaigning in New York in 2008 he promised to “…go through the federal budget line by line eliminating programs that no longer work…” This has not happened.
  • While debating Senator McCain in October 2008 he promised to reduce insurance premiums while ensuring choice in selecting physicians.  Is your health insurance premium lower?
  • In a campaign speech in 2008 he promised to make government more open and transparent.  Maybe he meant everyone else in government but himself and his administration.
  • In a campaign speech in 2008 he promised that as vice-president Joe Biden would play a major role in eliminating the divisive partisanship in Congress.  The Obama administration, with the help of Vice-President Biden, is one of the most partisan, divisive administrations in America’s history. 
  • If they do not trust you, they will not follow you.  Let’s hope this leadership maxim proves true in November.  Further, when you listen to Barack Obama, listen carefully.  It’s your future he is lying about

Breitbarts Footage Shows Obama Palling Around With Terrorists

Obama’s Weather Underground friends wanted Communist dictatorship set up in America

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, March 2, 2012
The footage that Andrew Breitbart planned to release just hours after his untimely death would have proven hugely damaging to President Obama’s re-election hopes, because it shows Obama fraternizing with Weather Underground terrorists whose goal it was to set up a Communist dictatorship inside the United States.
According to former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl, who was assigned to infiltrate the Weather Underground’s Central Committee, the organization run by Bill Ayers carried out bombings targeting the Pentagon, the State Department, as well as police stations and federal buildings, in an attempt to cause the United States government to collapse and open the door for Cuban, North Vietnamese, Chinese and Russian troops to occupy the country.
Grathwohl stated that Ayers and his group planned to deal with Americans who would try to resist this takeover by “establishing re-education centers in the south-west”. Asked what he would do with those who still refused to convert to communism, Ayers said that they would have to be “eliminated,” as in 25 million Americans would be killed in concentration camps.
Grathwohl points out that most of the people advocating this brutality had “graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers,” and relates the shock it was to listen to these people “figure out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people – and they were dead serious”.
Although Obama’s links with Bill Ayers and other radicals from the era has been well documented for years, after all it was Ayers who helped launch Obama’s political career, for him to be seen on video ‘palling’ around with terrorists who wanted to set up a brutal Communist dictatorship inside the United States would have represented a public relations nightmare going into the election.
In the aftermath of Breitbart’s death, it remains to be seen whether the footage will still be released, or if it is released whether it will carry anything like the same impact it would have generated if Breitbart had still been around to push it.
As we reported earlier, Breitbart himself made a chilling and prophetic statement when referring to the footage during an event in Washington DC three weeks ago when he told Lawrence Sinclair, “Wait til they see what happens March 1st.”

Breitbart had been teasing the release of the footage during speeches throughout last month, notably at CPAC where he told the audience, “I’ve got videos – this election we’re going to vet him,” adding that the video shows Obama meeting “a bunch of silver pony tails,” including Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.
In another bizarre twist of irony, Breitbart himself actually had dinner with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn just last month. Breitbart’s friend Tucker Carlson “mischievously” won a bid on an auction to dine with the two radicals and invited Breitbart along. Breitbart called Ayers “a sociopath,” but also remarked that he was a great chef.
Given the fact that his death occurred just hours before the planned release of the Obama footage, the claim that Breitbart could have been the victim of a political assassination has dominated political discussion forums over the past 24 hours. 

Investigators now in hunt for forger

by: Bob Unruh
Members of the Cold Case Posse in Maricopa County, Ariz., whose report to Sheriff Joe Arpaio yesterday confirmed there is probable cause to believe Barack Obama’s much-ballyhooed birth certificate document is a forgery, have begun briefing members of the county law enforcement team who may be involved in hunting for those responsible.
At a news conference yesterday, Arpaio and the chief investigator for the specially appointed Cold Case Posse, Mike Zullo, confirmed that they had found evidence of forgery in the creation of the birth certificate image and fraud in the presentation of that piece of work as a real government document
They also said they found Obama’s Selective Service registration likely forged, and they said it appeared as though officials in Hawaii were covering up information about Obama. They also said it was not outside the realm of possibility that Obama might have been born overseas.
All of this relates to the Constitution’s demand that a president be only a “natural born citizen,” which is not defined in the Constitution. But many analysts believe at the time the document was written that would have meant the offspring of two citizens of the country.
The posse said it already has identified at least one person of interest in the alleged forgery.
The Cold Case Posse had advised Arpaio that they believe forgers committed two crimes and sources say they now are sharing that information with Arpaio’s investigative team.
They say it appears the White House fraudulently created a forgery that it characterized as an officially produced governmental birth record. And they said White House fraudulently presented to the residents of Maricopa County and to the American public at large a forgery represented as “proof positive” of President Obama’s authentic 1961 Hawaii long-form birth certificate.
read more:
Videos connected to the investigation: 

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We need a Billy Jack in Congress not whimps!

I don't know about y'all but I am so tired of whimps and apologizers in our Government..wth our soldiers give their all to defend our constitution why the hell can't they have a reading comprehension problem? Or are they all in the game together..saying the hell with the electorate... they are below us?
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Geologists Confirm Stunning
4.67 Billion Barrel "Gusher"
America's Last Onshore Oil Frontier...
Geologist report:
You're sitting on
"...the largest
oil accumulation
in the western
United States!"
This is a massive oil discovery, the second
of its kind in Nevada
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To the Opportunity Seeking Investor:
Every once in a while you stumble on something so big you have to look twice to make sure it's real. Believe me, I looked at this twice, then twice again.
An oil formation so big, it could propel OREO shares past ten-fold gains in under a year...
400 miles northwest of Las Vegas in one of the most remote regions of Nevada sits an isolated valley with a unique feature. It's an anticline oil trap that geologists report as being among the largest oil accumulations in the western United States.
Recoverable reserves estimated as high as 4.67 billion barrels of oil...
A few years ago when the geologists discovered this formation, they knew they'd found a monster.
Over a few million years, oil slowly migrated throughout the region to this one high point in the Nevada desert. Today, it's estimated to have trapped as much as 4.67 billion barrels of recoverable crude oil.
Let me put that in perspective.
4.67 billion barrels of oil is 22 times more oil than flowed through the Alaska pipeline all last year.
That's an astonishing amount of oil! For American Liberty Petroleum (OREO), which sits on almost 10,000 acres of this oil, the production potential is enormous.
Ten to twenty times more oil per acre than other top producing plays...
From the surface, the formation covers only a few dozen square miles, which is why these unique Nevada formations are so hard to find.
Underground, the oil occupies a pay zone estimated to be 2,000 feet thick...yielding ten to twenty times more oil per acre than many of the top producing plays in Texas, Oklahoma, or North Dakota.
For shareholders in American Liberty Petroleum (OREO), the reserves from this one site could propel OREO shares to quadruple-digit (1,000% or better) gains!
This isn't the first time Nevada has set records in oil production...
For years now, oil investors have been quietly scouring the Nevada landscape for a discovery of this caliber. No wonder. An earlier discovery in an adjacent Nevada county yielded astonishing production!
For four straight years, this neighboring oilfield hosted the most productive onshore well in the continental United States. In a single year, Grant #3 averaged 4,105 barrels per day, and it's still producing today!
If you're wishing you could have gotten in early on a discovery of this magnitude, here's your chance. OREO has unearthed a geologically similar formation just west of Grant Canyon!
This is a growth opportunity unlike any I've seen in years. Though OREO is a penny-stock today, the newly discovered prospect of billion-barrel-plus reserves could send its stock soaring.
You do not want to miss this one.
Yours for Opportunity,
James Rapholz
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Riches in the Desert: The American Liberty
Petroleum Oil Discovery!

Filmmaker Steve Bannon: Breitbart‘s Tapes of Obama’s College Years to Be Released in 7 to 10 Days

“I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him,” new media mogul Andrew Breitbart proclaimed at this year’s CPAC event.
Breitbart was, of course, referring to clips that allegedly show President Barack Obama during his college days — videos that the media leader claimed would show “why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”
These tapes, which have inspired conspiracy theories surrounding what led to Breitbart’s death on Thursday of natural causes at the age of 43, are now purportedly going to be released (Glenn Beck has strongly cautioned viewers against jumping to conclusions connecting the tapes to Breitbart’s death).
On Thursday evening, Steve Bannon, a writer and documentary filmmaker (“The Undefeated”), told FOX News‘ Sean Hannity that Breitbart’s company will release the mysterious Obama Harvard tapes within seven to 10 days.
After Hannity brought up the tapes that Breitbart said “would change this election,” Bannon gave more information regarding when the public can expect to see them.
“There‘s a set of tapes and we’re going through it,” Bannon announced. “The staff…the guys are going through a series of tapes of President Obama at Harvard and…we’ll come back to you in a week or two and show them here on the Hannity show.”
“In one week, we’ll have these tapes?,” Hannity asked.
Bannon confirmed that they should be ready for release in a week to 10 days.
 Posted on March 2, 2012 at 7:30am by Billy Hallowell

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The GOP Presidential Nomination Fight Ain't Over. Here’s Why…

Dear Fellow Conservative,
In 2008, many conservatives secretly thought to themselves that while electing Barack Obama would be the worst thing that could happen to the country (and it was), electing John McCain would be the worst thing that could happen to the conservative movement (and it would have been).
Well, as Yogi Berra said, it’s déjà vu all over again.
Clearly, re-electing Barack Obama would be disastrous for our nation. It’d be the end of our country as we know it…and I say that without an ounce of hyperbole.
And electing Mitt Romney would inevitably force Republicans and conservatives to defend the same kinds of government-expanding programs John McCain would have pushed - such as his anti-free speech McCain-Feingold law.
Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. However…
It’s not too late this time.
Indeed, conservatives still have an opportunity to have our cake and eat it, too. We can both defeat Barack Obama next November…AND…do it with a Reagan conservative, not a Massachusetts moderate.

We can nominate Newt Gingrich.
While the elite media is desperately pushing the idea that "Newt can’t win," it's simply not so.
  • I'll remind you that that’s the same thing the media said about Newt leading Republicans to a majority in Congress in 1994.
  • And I'll remind you that the elite media declared Newt’s campaign "dead" last summer.
  • And I'll remind you that the elite media declared Newt’s campaign "dead" after Iowa.
  • And I'll remind you that the elite media declared Newt's campaign "dead" after Florida.
But like Rocky Balboa, no matter what they've thrown at Newt; no matter how hard or how low they've hit him…he’s still standing…and he's still fighting.
And again, quoting the immortal Yogi Berra, it ain’t over 'til it's over.
Now here's why it's not over…
While the Romney campaign - aided and abetted by the mainstream media – continue to talk about winning "states" in this year's GOP nomination process, the rules this time around have been radically changed.
In the "old days," if you won a state you won ALL of the states delegates. However, under new rules for this year’s contests, very few states which go to the polls before the end of March – including on Super Tuesday next week - are "winner take all."
Which means candidates coming in second, third and even fourth can rack up delegates.
For example: In the February 4 Nevada caucus – which Mitt Romney "won" – he was awarded 14 delegates. However, Newt picked up 6 delegates, Ron Paul got 5 delegates and Rick Santorum got 3. 

Which makes it increasingly less likely that any candidate left in this race is going to wrap up the nomination anytime soon!
So like "Rocky Balboa," we don’t need to knock Mitt Romney out in the fifth round on Super Tuesday. We only need to still be standing.
We just need to slowly and methodically continue to rack up enough delegates to get us to the 12th round at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August.
And if we do…all bets are off.
And those in the elite media - who are today saying "it can't be done" - will watch Newt Gingrich do the "impossible" once again.
And two months later…we’ll pull the plug on the Obama presidency!
  • We’ll repeal ObamaCare.
  • We’ll fire all the czars.
  • We’ll stop apologizing to terrorists and dictators.
  • We’ll stop spending our grandchildren into bankruptcy.
  • We’ll cut the cost of gasoline by drilling here, drilling now.
  • We’ll stop suing states for trying to enforce our immigration laws.
  • We’ll put America back to work.
  • We’ll put small businesses back in business.  
With Newt Gingrich in the White House – along with Republican control of the House and Senate – we will finally realize the promise of 1994’s Contract with America, including a dramatically smaller and dramatically restructured government.
But none of those bold changes for America will happen if Republicans nominate a "pale pastel" Massachusetts moderate to go head-to-head with Obama's "Chicago Machine" in November – the same machine that rolled over, chewed up and spit out John McCain in 2008.
Indeed, before we get a shot at Obama, we need to win the GOP nomination.
  • Now is not the time to "go wobbly."
  • Now is the time to step up and stop the Republican establishment from forcing another Gerald Ford on us.
  • Now is the time to step up and stop the Republican establishment from forcing another Bob Dole on us.
  • Now is the time to step up and stop the Republican establishment from forcing another John McCain on us.
  • Now is the time to step up and stop the Republican establishment from forcing Mitt Romney on us.
Will you step up?
Can I count on you to help us help Newt stay in the fight all the way to Tampa?
I urgently need your help today. Super Tuesday is less than a week away. Please follow this link right now to make a donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to help us help Newt…and give conservatives a true conservative nominee who can win! 
Sincerely yours,
Becky Burkett
Winning Our Future Super PAC
P.S. In 1976, they gave us Gerald Ford. We got Jimmy Carter. In 1996, they gave us Bob Dole. We got Bill Clinton. In 2008, they gave us John McCain. We got Barak Obama. Now they're trying sell us Mitt Romney. Don't let them. Not this time. Click this link right now to make a donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more…before we all wake up with a bad case of "buyer’s remorse" once again.
Paid for by Winning Our Future. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Report...Obama eligibilty Investigation!

"President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate released by the White House on April 27, 2011, is suspected to be a computer-generated forgery, not a scan of an original 1961 paper document as represented by the White House when the long-form birth certificate was made public," Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said at a press conference today in Phoenix.

This is the major preliminary finding of a six-month ongoing Sheriff's Cold Case Posse law enforcement investigation into the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate and his eligibility to be president.

Having developed probable cause to believe the long-form birth certificate was most likely a computer-generated forgery, investigators began examining other evidence of President Obama's life history.

Investigators additionally have developed credible evidence suggesting:

• President Obama's Selective Service card was most likely a forgery, revealed by an examination of the postal date stamp on the document;
 • Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by airplane passengers arriving on international flights originating outside the United States in the month of August 1961, examined at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., are missing records for the week of President Obama's birth, including the dates Aug. 1, 1961 through Aug. 7, 1961.

Beginning in October 2011, the Sheriff's Cold Case Posse, consisting of former law enforcement officers and lawyers with law enforcement experience, examined dozens of witnesses and hundreds of documents, as well as taking numerous sworn statements from witnesses around the world.

In August 2011, 250 members of the Surprise, Arizona, Tea Party, residents of Maricopa County, presented a signed petition asking Sheriff Arpaio to undertake the investigation.

The Tea Party members petitioned under the premise that if a forged birth certificate was utilized to obtain a position for Barack Obama on the 2012 Arizona presidential ballot, their rights as Maricopa County voters could be compromised.

The Cold Case investigators further determined that the Hawaii Department of Health has engaged in what Sheriff's investigators believe is a systematic effort to hide from public inspection whatever original 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health may have in their possession.

"Officers of the Hawaii Department of Health and various elected Hawaiian public officials may have intentionally obscured 1961 birth records and procedures, to avoid having to release to public inspection and to the examination of court-authorized forensic examiners any original Obama 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health may or may not have," said Mike Zullo, the lead investigator in Sheriff Arpaio's Cold Case Posse.

The Cold Case investigators have not yet determined who, when, or precisely how the long-form computer-generated birth certificate released on April 27 may have been forged, but investigators say the evidence contained in the computer-generated PDF file released by the White House as well as important deficiencies in the Hawaii process of certifying the long-form birth certificate establish probable cause that a forgery has been committed.

The Cold Case Posse investigators advised Sheriff Arpaio that the forgers most likely committed two crimes: first, in fraudulently creating a forgery that the White House characterized, knowingly or unknowingly, as an officially produced governmental birth record; and second, in fraudulently presenting to the residents of Maricopa County and to the American public at large a forgery the White House represented as "proof positive" of President Obama's authentic 1961 Hawaii long-form birth certificate.

"A continuing investigation is needed to identify the identity of the person or persons involved in creating the alleged birth certificate forgery, and to determine who, if anyone, in the White House or the state of Hawaii may have authorized the forgery," Arpaio said.
 Among the evidence released at the press conference were five videos the Cold Case Posse produced to demonstrate why the Obama long-form birth certificate is suspected to be a computer-generated forgery.

The videos consisted of step-by-step computer demonstrations using a control document.

The videos were designed to display the testing used by the investigators to examine various claims made by supporters of the April 27 document.

The videos illustrate point-by-point the investigators' conclusion that the features and anomalies observed on the Obama long-form birth certificate were inconsistent with features produced when a paper document is scanned, even if the scan of the paper document had been enhanced by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and optimized.

Additionally, the videos demonstrated that the Hawaii Department of Health Registrar's name stamp and the Registrar's date stamp were computer-generated images imported into an electronic document, as opposed to actual rubber stamp imprints inked by hand or machine onto a paper document.

"That we were able to cast reasonable suspicions on the authenticity of the Registrar stamps was especially disturbing, since these stamp imprints are designed to provide government authentication to the document itself," Zullo said, stressing that if the Registrar stamps are forgeries, the document itself is likely a forgery.

The investigators also chronicled a series of inconsistent and misleading representations that various Hawaii government officials have made over the past five years regarding what, if any, original birth records are held by the Hawaii Department of Health.

"As I said at the beginning of the investigation," Arpaio said, "the president can put all this to rest quite easily. All he has to do is demand the Hawaii Department of Health release to the American public and to a panel of certified court-authorized forensic examiners all original 1961 paper, microfilm, and computer birth records the Hawaii Department of Health has in its possession."

Arpaio further stressed the Hawaii Department of Health needs to provide, as part of the full disclosure, evidence regarding the chain of custody of all Obama birth records, including paper, microfilm, and electronic records, in order to eliminate the possibility that a forger or forgers may have tampered with the birth records.

Arpaio went on to say the President should also authorize Kapiolani Hospital, the birth hospital listed on the Obama long-form birth certificate, to release any and all hospital patient records for Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, his mother, and for the newly born Barack Obama, in order to provide additional corroboration for the original 1961 birth records held in the Hawaii Department of Health vault.
 "Absent the authentic Hawaii Department of Health 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, there is no other credible proof supporting the idea or belief that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, as he and the White House have consistently asserted," Zullo said.

"In fact, absent the authentication of Hawaii Department of Health 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, there is no other proof he was born anywhere within the United States."

Arpaio concluded the press conference by suggesting a congressional investigation might be warranted and asked that any other law enforcement agency with information referencing this investigation be forwarded to his office.

In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

Such a sad passing at such a young age...reminds me of when John Denver passed away...both were well liked and gentle souls... Song dedication to Andrew and his family 'Country Roads' ...John Denver!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Media finally paying attention to eligibility?

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Poll after poll in recent months has indicated that Americans have a high level of concern over Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, with one poll showing fully half of the nation wants Congress to investigate the question.
But reporters for the traditional media – networks, major newspapers, major news corporations and conglomerates – mostly have giggled when talk turns to the serious question of just what the U.S. Constitution requires of presidents.
Nevertheless, media organizations from all political persuasions are seeking admittance to a news conference to be held by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz.
The event is tomorrow at 1 p.m. Mountain Standard Time in Phoenix, 3 p.m. Eastern, and will be live-streamed by WND.
The topic of discussion will be an investigation by Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse into concerns about Obama’s eligibility. It’s the first time an official law enforcement report has addressed many of the allegations about the presumptive 2012 Democratic nominee for president.
The issues include Obama’s eligibility under the U.S. Constitution’s requirements, questions about his use of a Connecticut Social Security number and the image of his purported birth certificate from Hawaii.
In addition to the live-streaming, WND will make available to the public, the same day by email, the official report distributed to media by Arpaio’s investigators. Those interested in receiving the report can sign up for the free service.
Top national media organizations have indicated their plans to attend, and bookings for radio and television reports are in the works. Expected are reporters from the Associated Press, Reuters, Univision, the Washington Times and NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates, as well statewide radio networks, among many others.

Because of the circumstances, a decision was made to hold the press conference at the sheriff’s training center on the outskirts of Phoenix, rather than at the downtown office.
The event is expected to draw protesters who object to the sheriff’s office review of allegations that Obama may attempt to use a fraudulent document to have his name placed on the 2012 presidential election ballot in Arizona.
Without releasing any details, Arpaio has said the findings “could be a shock.”
Read More:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Defense minister warns about Iran's 'secret weapons'

by: Reza Kahlili 
In an interview with the Fars News Agency today, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi claimed that Iran is in possession of secret weapons along with top secret capabilities that could be used to confront the United States.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has many hidden capabilities, which are kept for rainy days,” Vahidi said in the interview. “We have not yet revealed all our capabilities.”
Referring to the U.S. assets positioned in the Persian Gulf, Vahidi stated: “These days Americans badly fear that an incident happens in the region and they can’t stand against the Islamic Republic’s firm positions vis-à-vis that given event.”
Vahidi then, in an ominous warning to America, said, “Undoubtedly, since our defense is an independent and defensive one based on our own defensive policies, special defense doctrines and internal capabilities, the U.S. will face a completely new environment when [it] gets involved with the new issues that Iran is pursuing and it will be obliged to think of this new environment.”
The Iranian defense minister went on to say that the American armed forces’ passivity in a possible confrontation with the Islamic regime’s forces will be due to the fact that Iran has not shown all weapons in its arsenal. Read more:

Summary of article:
The secret weapon Vahidi cites could be that Iran already has a nuclear bomb.
As revealed in October, the Iranians actively approached the former Soviet republics after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and managed to get the bomb. Sources within the U.S. State Department have confirmed the acquisition, though it is unknown if the Iranians got the code.
One thing is clear, the radical leaders of the Islamic regime in Iran have crossed every red line in their pursuit of the nuclear bomb and currently have enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs.

Obama's giveaway: Oil-rich islands to Russia

By Joe Miller 
The Obama administration, despite the nation’s economic woes, effectively killed the job-producing Keystone Pipeline last month. The Arab Spring is turning the oil production of Libya and other Arab nations over to the Muslim Brotherhood. Iraq is distancing itself from the U.S. And everyone recognizes that Iran, whose crude supplies are critical to the European economy, will do anything it can to frustrate America’s strategic interests. In the face of all of this, Obama insists on cutting back U.S. oil potential with outrageous restrictions.

Part of Obama’s apparent war against U.S. energy independence includes a foreign-aid program that directly threatens my state’s sovereign territory. Obama’s State Department is giving away seven strategic, resource-laden Alaskan islands to the Russians. Yes, to the Putin regime in the Kremlin.
The seven endangered islands in the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea include one the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. The Russians are also to get the tens of thousands of square miles of oil-rich seabeds surrounding the islands. The Department of Interior estimates billions of barrels of oil are at stake.
The State Department has undertaken the giveaway in the guise of a maritime boundary agreement between Alaska and Siberia. Astoundingly, our federal government itself drew the line to put these seven Alaskan islands on the Russian side. But as an executive agreement, it could be reversed with the stroke of a pen by President Obama or Secretary Clinton.
The agreement was negotiated in total secrecy. The state of Alaska was not allowed to participate in the negotiations, nor was the public given any opportunity for comment. This is despite the fact the Alaska Legislature has passed resolutions of opposition – but the State Department doesn’t seem to care.
Read More:

 Barry Barack Hussein Sotero Obama does seem the fit the same pattern as the infamous Benedict Arnold!

Time to support Sheriff Joe Arpaio...!

Barack Obama's constitutional qualifications for the presidency have never been investigated by any law-enforcement agency.

Until now.

But that investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse" could easily be derailed for lack of financial support coupled with attacks being launched against his office by Obama's Justice Department.

That's why it is imperative for every American who questions the very legality of Obama's reign and his efforts at re-election to support Arpaio's probe in a tangible way – no matter how small.

Let me tell you why I think it's important and why I am personally making a donation to this cause.

On the very face of it, Obama is not eligible to be president. Every action he has taken under the color of authority as president should be repealed, negated and voided. If we take him at his word and accept at face value the evidence he has provided about his birth, he is simply not a "natural born citizen," as documented in Jerome Corsi's authoritative and best-selling book, "Where's the Birth Certificate?" The man he claims as his father was a Kenyan national visiting student who would have conferred foreign citizenship upon his son. The very purpose and intent of the "natural born citizen" clause of the Constitution's requirements for the presidency was to avoid any such perceptions of divided loyalty.

Worse yet, there are very grave doubts about whether his biological father was who he claims. All of Obama's biographical tales about this relationship have been called into question by the actual evidence.

Then we have the problem of Obama's apparent adoption by his mother's second husband, Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian foreign national. Obama's name was changed to Soetoro and he moved to Indonesia with his stepfather, registering for school as an Indonesian citizen. Such an adoption would have required the destruction of the original birth certificate and the issuance of a new one showing Soetoro as Obama's actual birth father. That's the way adoption law works in Hawaii and most other states. So why didn't that take place? Why was his adoption not recorded? And if it was simply never reported to Hawaiian authorities, does it in anyway change the facts?

Click here to learn more about how you can help.

Then we have the problem of the birth document itself. It was only released last April in response to the impending release of Corsi's devastating book, which had hit the No. 1 best-seller position. But is it genuine? To date, there is nearly 100 percent agreement among qualified forensics investigators and document experts that it is not.

What I am saying might be very shocking. It might even sound a tad bizarre given the fact that the national media treats it as such. But what I have stated here is completely factual and well documented.

In other words, the man occupying the White House today and seeking re-election next year is a political enigma, an unknown quantity, completely unvetted and certainly not eligible to serve under the Constitution's simple, straightforward requirements for office.

It is into this amazing and dangerous scenario that Sheriff Joe Arpaio fearlessly steps, backed only by his own "Cold Case Posse" of volunteer investigators.

They represent what is probably America's last chance to salvage the integrity of the Constitution for all time.

Trust me, both political parties consider the Constitution a dead letter on the matter of presidential eligibility right now and both are actively shopping candidates for president and vice president who are not qualified.

No court has looked at this matter. No government agency has. No law enforcement agency has.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse" is likely our last chance to get to the truth about Obama and to restore constitutional integrity to our political system.

That's why I urge you to make a donation to this active investigation right now – no matter the amount. If everyone who reads this appeal gave the minimum amount of $5, it would raise millions, far more than the necessary resources to get the job done and the truth about Obama out.

Can you make your contribution right now?

Time is truly running out.

Joseph Farah
Editor and Chief Executive Officer

Ted Nugent Goes Off: Obama Is an ‘Anti-American Monster',Suggests GOP Candidates Lack Testosterone

For those unfamiliar, Ted Nugent doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinions on a myriad controversial political topics — from gun-rights to homosexuality, from religion to the military.
The vertan rocker recently said at a Republican event that, ”The whole world sucks, but America still sucks less.” He followed up the assertion by clarifying, “But with this administration, we are catching up,”
The Detroit native caught up with Mike Broomhead’s team at 550KFYI for yet another bombshell of an interview. We warn, the following clip contains graphic language. Still, many will find Nugent’s trademark no holds barred attitude on politics a refreshing change of pace.
View clip & continue reading:

Stop Feeding the Islamic Crocodile

 by : The Godfather
“To sit back hoping that someday, some way, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last — but eat you he will.”
Ronald Reagan was the consummate collector of great quotations. The one about the crocodile was borrowed and adapted from Winston Churchill. “Winston Churchill took a dim view of neutrals. For him there were only two options in the face of Hitler: fight or surrender. Each neutral, Churchill said on 20 January 1940, ‘hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. But I fear — I fear greatly — the storm will not pass.’
What was true of Hitler and Nazism is equally true of radical Islam. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought the crocodile story up to date when he spoke before the 66th session of the General Assembly at the United Nations on September 23, 2011, following Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech:
And these critics continue to press Israel to make far-reaching concessions without first assuring Israel’s security. They praise those who unwittingly feed the insatiable crocodile of militant Islam as bold statesmen. They cast as enemies of peace those of us who insist that we must first erect a sturdy barrier to keep the crocodile out, or at the very least jam an iron bar between its gaping jaws.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Iran prepares for kamikaze attacks

by Reza Kahlili
Even as it continued to talk with the U.N. nuclear watchdog, Iran continued to prepare for war over its nuclear weapons program, training for kamikaze attacks in the Persian Gulf with both planes and speedboats, sources within the Iranian armed forces report.
Tuesday the International Atomic Energy Agency called its recent talks with Iran a failure. And just days before, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered the Revolutionary Guards, along with the army, on high alert, ready with conventional and unconventional means to respond to any aggression by the U.S. or Israel over its nuclear weapons program, the sources say.
The Guards’ missile commanders, in their preparation for a fierce counterattack, have mapped out all U.S. bases in the region to strike with their missiles in order to disrupt America’s air sorties, believing they will be the main thrust of any attack by America.
The Guards’ publication Mashregh, in a warning to America, revealed a detailed plan to attack U.S. bases in the region, including, in Kuwait, two air bases, Ali Al Salem and Ahmed Al Jaber, and the U.S. military camps of Buehring, Spearhead, Patriot and Arifjan. Also targeted are U.S. air bases in Afghanistan, the super U.S. base Al Adid in Qatar, its other super base at Al Dhafra in the United Arab Emirates and Thumrait Air Base in Oman.
Guards’ plans include the launch of ballistic missiles at the narrow Strait of Hormuz from deep within Iran to disrupt the flow of oil and destabilize the world economy.
Iran has the largest and most diverse ballistic missiles arsenal in the region, some with a range of over 2,000 miles, capable of either carrying a one-ton conventional payload or a nuclear warhead. The Islamic regime is currently working with China and North Korea on intercontinental ballistic missiles with a range of over 6,000 miles, capable of reaching America.
The Guards have also armed hundreds of speed boats with high explosives for suicide attacks against U.S. Navy assets and the shipping traffic in the Gulf. Sources within the Guards also reveal that the Guards have been training pilots for suicide attacks against U.S. assets in the Gulf by using smaller planes loaded with explosives.
read more:

I suspect all the attacks in Afghanistan against our troops was planned and operated under the auspices of  the Iranian Guard!

The Millennium 500...!

Dedicated to all those who fight Terrorism..our Military and of course NASCAR...:) (c) Pub 2001 all rights reserved.
by Walt Battleborne@Twitter

The Lord is in high gear~the Devil in low~along comes the new Millennium with just a quarter mile to go~
Our Lords pit crew stands ready to go~
The Devil shifts into high gear to bring us his wrath~his pit crew stands ready fired up with high octane gas
Our Lord smiles down on us and with a wink of his eye~
He crosses the finish line ahead of his class~
When all is said and done the moral becomes~
Faith is much faster than high octane gas.

Hope y'all enjoyed this poem as it appears we are in the End of Times!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Iranian Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has received his death sentence order...!

In essence Iran has declared war on all Christians...therefore all Christian nations should declare war on Iran! If the death sentence is carried out an immediate military  response should be forthcoming from all Christian Nations as well as the Jewish Nation of Israel...!

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s Story 

By Jay Sekulow, Jordan Sekulow, Anna Sekulow, Tiffany Barrans, Nathanael Bennett, and Matthew Clark Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been illegally imprisoned in Iran for more than 865 days - separated from his wife and two young boys. Here is a timeline of the events from his arrest, conviction, and sentencing for apostasy (becoming a Christian) to the recent news that our sources believe that his execution has been ordered. Please use the Twitter buttons below and the Facebook button o   Continue Reading...

63 illegals arrested after county sets them free

by Michael Volpe
Prisons in Santa Clara County, Calif., are saying no to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and it’s leading to some embarrassing high profile incidents, including the arrests by federal agents of 63 illegal immigrants shortly after the county set them free.
As part of an ordinance passed last November, ICE agents are barred from all Santa Clara County prison facilities.
WND previously was told by a Santa Clara County official that there have been no high-profile embarrassing incidents as a result of the ordinance.
But federal officials are reporting ICE agents arrested 63 people – all with ICE detainers that had been ignored by Santa Clara County – in just one recent raid.
The San Jose Mercury News recently described the federal agency’s snub of county plans, saying, “In an apparent end-around Santa Clara County’s new immigration policy, federal agents [swept] into the South Bay last week, arrested 63 undocumented residents recently released from jail and now are seeking to deport them.”
The report said, “The action comes two months after the county enacted a sweeping policy to reduce its role in aiding the federal deportation effort, and provoked outrage among community activists.”
Among those detained in the raids, ICE released the descriptions of four especially bad players, including:

“A Mexican national convicted earlier this year of felony possession of heroin for sale who was sentenced to six months in prison.”
“A 49-year-old male Mexican national convicted in 2011 of child molestation.”
“A 29-year-old male Mexican national with prior convictions for kidnapping and cocaine possession.”
“A 48-year-old woman from Mexico with 13 aliases who has prior felony convictions for forgery and misuse of an entry document. Having been removed from the United States five times, she now faces federal prosecution for felony re-entry after deportation.”
It was in November of 2011 when the Santa Clara County Board passed a plan that largely mirrored legislation passed in Cook County, Ill. Ostensibly, the legislation ended each county’s cooperation with the process of ICE detainers.

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Planning for Islamic caliphate to begin

 By Bob Unruh

A senior fellow for a Madrid-based think tank is alerting freedom-loving people about a caliphate-planning conference being held by Muslims soon, a move he said was given a boost of support by the Obama administration recently when it allowed a three-day “Istanbul Process” conference in Washington.
That event, writes Soeren Kern, Senior Fellow for European Politics at Madrid’s Grupo de Estudio, “gave the [Organization of Islamic Cooperation] the political legitimacy it has been seeking to globalize its initiative to ban criticism of Islam.” 
The coming event, Caliphate Conference 2012, is being organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir, which Kern describes as a “pan-Islamic extremist group that seeks to establish a global Islamic state, or caliphate, ruled by Islamic Shariah law.”
The 57-member OIC has been proposing a special international law that would make it criminal to speak ill of Muhammad or his followers for years, but it never was successful under its earlier plans that were portrayed as a ban on the “defamation of religions.” Actually, support for the idea had started waning.
But then it proposed Resolution 16/18, a plan for countries to “combat” things like “intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of … religion and belief.” The idea was adopted in the U.N. General Assembly just a few weeks ago and Kern’s analysis notes that it would be largely ineffectual as long as the West doesn’t jump behind it.
That is why it was a “diplomatic coup,” according to Kern, when Obama held the three-day conference in Washington, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed to the key principal Muslims have been seeking for years: holding people responsible when “free speech” … “results in sectarian clashes.” 
Read more:

Hitler,God and the Bible...!

America duped by Hitler-style propaganda
Ray Comfort's new book presents striking evidence of WWII parallels

Hitler24 It's easy to look with hindsight on Germany in the 1930s and wonder how such a bright, well-educated, church-going population could be deceived by Adolf Hitler's propaganda machine.

But a new book released this month by WND Books and best-selling author Ray Comfort, "Hitler, God, and the Bible", shows American society under an equally deadly cloud of delusion created by activists and lawmakers who contend life in the womb is not human, just as Hitler and his minister of propaganda, Josef Goebbels, declared Jews not human.

Comfort, co-host with actor Kirk Cameron of the popular TV series "The Way of the Master", explained to WND that America should use hard facts – not the spin of activists and lawmakers – to determine whether or not abortion should be allowed.

"The abortion issue comes back to whether or not we agree with science that a fetus is a baby at conception – that it is a personality," Comfort said. "Science now tells us that it is."

Click here to read more about "Hitler, God, and the Bible."