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Breaking News on Obamas forged Long Form Birth Certificate!

BREAKING: "Two different typewriters... were utilized, in the creation of [Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate]." ... "This is a cut-and-paste job from two different, or three different, birth certificates." -Mike Zullo. Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator, March 31, 2012

     You already know that Barack Obama's so-called long-form birth certificate is a "computer-generated forgery," but the Cold Case Posse's shocking new evidence that the information on this "computer-generated forgery" came from MULTIPLE TYPEWRITERS, is a SLAM DUNK!

     This is MAJOR folks! The ability to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the entries on Mr. Obama's so-called "birth certificate" were manufactured from totally separate documents created on MULTIPLE-TYPEWRITERS is shocking new EVIDENCE THAT CAN'T BE IGNORED. It is conclusive evidence that demands a verdict!

     It's groundbreaking! Barack Obama's so-called "birth certificate" is NOT just a digitally manipulate document... the Cold Case Posse can now show that it came from multiple documents.

     What may be the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on the American people is steadily coming apart at the seams and, as this fraud unravels, we must continue to force our case upon our elected officials. They may not want to LISTEN, but they HEAR you loud and clear. They may be hoping that this issue will go away, but we're not going to let it go away.

     Our elected officials can try to run from this issue BUT THEY CAN'T HIDE. And with your help we're going to flush them out of their hiding places.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.

NEWT 2012 By pass the Media..!

Newt 2012

This has been one of the most unpredictable presidential campaign cycles I can remember. And through it all you've been a key supporter of our campaign, and for that we thank you.
The good news is that Newt's campaign of bold solutions continues to attract support from all over the country.
Yesterday, during a rally in Millsboro, Delaware, Newt was endorsed by one of the top Republicans in the state - Delaware Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson.
Minority Leader Simpson made the endorsement because he believes that Newt is the only candidate who can defeat Barack Obama in the fall and provide solutions to some of the country's biggest problems.
This is great news for our campaign as we pick up momentum ahead of Delaware's April 24th primary and continue to travel the country outlining what a bold conservative agenda looks like.
We're confident that ideas still matter and as Newt meets with voters they will recognize that he is the only candidate proposing solutions big enough to meet America's challenges.
If it were up to the elite media and the political establishment, this campaign would have been over a long time ago. But thanks to your support and that of our 178,000 donors, you didn't let that happen.
With your contribution today, we will continue to fight for our shared conservative values so we can nominate a conservative who can defeat Barack Obama this November.
Thank you,
Vince Haley
Campaign Manager
Newt 2012
P.S. We're honored to have Delaware Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson's support. To build on that momentum, please make a donation today to help us build our campaign organization in Delaware ahead of the state's April 24 primary.

Newt 2012

Conservative Action Alerts
Conservative American,

Barack Obama and his minions have already kicked off the biggest election in our lifetime.

No matter what, Mr. Obama is poised to do absolutely anything to get re-elected!

Leftist radicals are using a multi-pronged strategy to make sure that Barack Obama gets four more years in the White House! And all these questionable ways of raising money and support will be totally backed by Eric Holder and the Department of Justice.

By hook or crook, here is how Barack Obama plans to get re-elected:

  • Overnights at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • AFL-CIO members going door-to-door campaigns
  • Casting out voter I.D. laws already passed by state voters
  • Spreading of misinformation (what's new with this?)
  • IRS checking out Tea Party donors
  • Lack of enforcing states to clean up their voter registration rolls (as legally specified in Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act)
  • Bully tactics by union members
  • Via various PACs funded by George Soros with no real accountability
  • Use again of ACORN-related offshoots that were deemed "illegal" by Congress earlier
  • The list goes on and on how Barack Hussein Obama will do anything possible to be re-elected!
It has been revealed that the supposedly now-defunct ACORN is working with the Eric Holder Department of Justice. Documents prove that the Obama Department of Justice has coordinated various voter projects with the ACORN-connected entity. Rep. Darrell Issa is calling for an investigation!

Attorney Sandy Newman founded PROJECT VOTE, a 501(c)3 organization, to register voters in welfare offices and unemployment lines. Newman hired Barack Obama in 1992 to lead Project Vote. Obama trained ACORN members in Chicago.

PROJECT VOTE/Voting for America is ACORN's voter registration branch and Barack Obama's former employer, abbreviated its name to Project Vote, Inc. on July 19, 2010. The same incorporator was also the incorporator of ACORN Community Land Association. A.C.O.R.N. stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Inc. They are currently under investigation in nearly 20 states for voter irregularities. Now they are using different names, with the same old format - voter fraud!

No matter what name ACORN uses, they stand ready to re-elect Barack Obama as the President, no matter how many illegitimate voters they need to use---dead or alive! Defunded and deemed "illegal," ACORN derivatives have been resurrected in various names and organizations. The bottom line: massive voter fraud and voter registration fraud! According to a July 2009 report by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, over 430,000 voter registrations submitted by Project Vote or ACORN in the 2008 election, was INVALID! Fraudulent!!

They are ramping up to continue their scam once again. That's why Rep. Darrell Issa is calling for a Congressional investigation. Your faxes will greatly help our U.S. Congress to get to the bottom of this criminal activity! Please fax today!

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of the United States Congress to require an investigation of any government agency that does business with ACORN or its front organizations. Join Rep. Issa in his call for an investigation!

New sheriff calls for roundup of Obama records

by: Chelsea Schilling
A presentation by WND’s Jerome Corsi to a standing-room-only crowd has convinced a New Jersey lawmaker and a local sheriff that the issue of President Obama’s eligibility for office “will have to be addressed.”
“The easiest way to put this to rest is to have the records unsealed,” Morris County Sheriff Ed Rochford told the Huffington Post in an email following the April 4 event in Morristown. “Mr. Corsi made a very convincing argument that President Obama may not be a natural born citizen of the United States.”
Help Sheriff Joe blow the lid off Obama’s fraud. Join the Cold Case Posse right now!
Likewise, New Jersey Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, R-Boonton, said Corsi’s speech leaves doubts about Obama’s citizenship status. He told the website it is not his place to determine whether Obama is a citizen, and he believes “a higher authority” must resolve the issue.
“I am not in a position to say what he put up on screen is demonstrative of evidence; that is for the court of law,” Bucco said. “This issue has not resolved itself. It won’t until some higher authority is involved.”
The evening was organized by several, including Billy Baer and Dan Haggerty, who cohost the radio program “Patriot’s Watch” in Philadelphia. Corsi told a crowd of 250 people: “The mainstream media has not given this fair treatment. But this is not going away. We really don’t know who our president is.”
Presenting research from “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” and utilizing a MacBook to show documents on a screen, Corsi used Abode Illustrator software to separate the layers of the document released by the White House and zoomed in on irregularities that show the document is a “bad forgery.” In his presentation, he provided evidence of inconsistencies between Hawaii health officials’ statements that there was no long-form birth certificate and Obama’s release of the purported certificate, and discrepancies concerning the name of the hospital where Obama was said to have been born. Corsi reported that Obama may be using a fraudulent Social Security number. He explained the evidence suggestion Selective Service documentation is not genuine, and he also discussed the topic of Obama’s school transcripts – which have yet to be released.
“There were many other talking points that I can say raised ‘a red flag,’” Sheriff Rochford said after the event.
According to the report, Bucco said he wouldn’t oppose a requirement that presidential candidates provide evidence of citizenship before getting on the New Jersey ballot.
“I think everyone should be able to provide something that shows citizenship,” Bucco added.
Meanwhile, Bucco warned that the eligibility issue will not simply disappear.
“He’s sitting in the Oval Office and he’s running again,” he said. “Based on the information that this gentleman put out, it’s not going away. This will have to be answered at some time. It will have to be addressed.”
The following is a video of Corsi’s presentation:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sheriffs take stand against U.S. Forest Service

Not only is the Obama administration not creating jobs they are even denying citizens the right to pan for gold to make a buck..this has to stop...and the only way is for our elected local Sheriffs taking a stand...not only is Sheriff Joe Arpaio taking a stand...but many others as well...Kudos!

Mining groups applaud questioning of federal agency’s authority

For the GPAA
Some Southern Oregon and Northern California sheriffs have banded together to challenge the United States Forest Service on land rights issues. The sheriffs claim the federal agency is continually overstepping its bounds of authority and harassing citizens who are doing nothing more than exercising their rights to access public lands. They claim the U.S. Forest Service has been harassing civilians, mainly those involved in mining or prospecting.  Public Lands for the People is just one of the mining and land rights groups which have applauded the Sheriffs’ efforts for standing up to  the U.S. Forest Service.
“They [U.S. Forest Service officers] get creative with the law … They will write you a ticket for having equipment too close to the river or having equipment in a public place — and threaten ridiculous laws like abandoning equipment if it’s left for more than an hour,” said PLP President Jerry Hobbs.
“Prospectors are the smallest  group and we’re the ugly kid on the block. And, you know what happens to the ugliest kid on the block? They get picked on,” Hobbs said.
“They’re kicking our butts!” 
Ron Gibson, vice president of Southwest Oregon Mining Association, has reported cases of U.S. Forest Service officials drawing their weapons.
“They have grabbed their pistols to intimidate and they have pulled their pistols at times,” said Ron Gibson, Vice President Southwest Oregon Mining Association.
Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County, Ore. has also accused the U.S. Forest Service of bullying prospectors.
“It’s excessive use of force; it’s uncalled for and it’s unacceptable,” Palmer said.
During a recent radio talk show interview between KMED’s Bill Meyer and Sheriff Gil Gilbertson of Josephine County, Gilbertson spoke about the U.S, Forest Service.
“They told us the other day they want us to write a lot more tickets.”
Gilbertson’s response to the request? “We don’t operate that way out there.”
Speaking at a Defend Rural America event in October, Sheriff Greg Hagwood of Plumas County, Calif. said he has refused to bother people who are not breaking the law.
“I’ll be damned if we’re going to criminalize law abiding citizens who are doing nothing more than accessing public lands,” Hagwood said.
During the same KMED interview, Gilbertson said the large number of complaints against the U.S. Forest Service is a big headache for other law enforcement agencies.
“U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement is out there, causing me a lot of grief.  I’m constantly having people come in and complain,” he said.
Finally, Gilbertson approached the USFS and questioned them.
“Everything has just been peachy-keen and fine until I started asking questions and then I’m told they’re not to talk to me and that I have to file a Freedom of Information Act [request],” he said.
Gilbertson is a Vietnam Veteran and has served in several campaigns including Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq. In Gilbertson’s 13-page report, titled Unraveling Federal Jurisdiction within a State, he stated: “I believe with every fiber of my being in this great country and everything it stands for.”
In the report, Gilbertson admits that two years ago if someone would have told him that he would be involved in this battle with the federal government, namely the United States Forest Service, he would probably have walked away shaking his head in disbelief.
In response to the U.S. Forest Service officials’ unwillingness to talk, Gilbertson published an article in the local media.
He was later invited to speak with the U.S. Forest Service officials.
Gilbertson said that most of his questions were answered, except for one: “Where does the U.S. Forest Service’s  authority come from?”
“During my subsequent investigation, everyone I encountered provided me with different answers,” he said.
Tom Kitchar, president of the Waldo Mining District, said the U.S. Forest Service officials’ response to Gilbertson’s questions was less than acceptable.
“Each response was just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. It was meaningless,”  Kitchar said in a recent interview.  
The inability of the Forest Service to answer the simple question “Where does your authority come from?” prompted Gilbertson to write his report, which questions the extent of the federal government’s authority with respect to law enforcement functions on public lands.
Gilbertson has suggested that over the years, the U.S. Forest Service has gradually seized more power and has made its own rules.
“Nobody has been concerned, nobody cared and during that time period, they just wrote their own rules, regs and policies. And, that’s what they’re enforcing without the authority to do so,” Gilbertson said on the show.
Repeated attempts by the Pick & Shovel Gazette to reach senior U.S. Forest Service officials at the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Wild Rivers Ranger District near Grants Pass, Oregon were unsuccessful. District Ranger Roy Bergstrom and Public Relations Officer Virginia Givens were both unavailable for comment.
However, Acting Public Relations Officer Paul Galloway, Partnership Coordinator for the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, was contacted by phone and later issued a response by email.
“The law is clear. Under the Property Clause and the Supremacy Clause, the Federal Government possesses the unfettered authority to manage public lands,” Galloway wrote in the email. 
According to Kitchar, the U.S. Forest Service has closed roads without notifying local law enforcement officials.
On one occassion, deputies from Josephine County were forced to walk 12 miles to rescue a civilian because U.S. Forest Service agents reportedly would not open the gate, claiming “they were too busy,” Kitchar said.
What are the citizens who live and play in this community supposed to think in regard to all the actions the U.S. Forest Service has taken in the form of road closures, dam removal, acquiring large chunks of land under National Monuments, Wilderness Areas and other designations that seize mineral rights and water rights?
“Well, I think what they want to do is they just want to kick all of the human beings out of the forest areas,” Gilbertson said in his interview with KMED.
At the Defend Rural America Event, Palmer urged the public to stand up for property, water and mineral rights.
Don’t let them take them from you! Stand up and defend for what you believe in!” he said.
Hobbs had a different analogy:  “I equate it to this … It’s against the law for me to rob a bank. I can go out and rob one bank or a hundred banks and the only remedy the public has is to catch me, find me guilty and put me in jail. Well, if your rights are a bank then the Forest Service or the BLM can rob your bank and rob your bank and rob your bank a hundred times. And, until you take them to court and find them guilty, they can get away with it.”
Speaking at the same Defend Rural America event, Sherriff Jon Lopkey of Siskiyou County, Calif. said, “I’ve told these federal and state agencies ‘You know a lot of the stuff you do is not constitutional. It’s not lawful. How do you get away with this?’ ”
“Well they’re not getting away with it!  Because great sheriffs like this are holding them accountable!” he said, pointing at the panel of sheriffs seated in front of about 1,000 concerned citizens.
When asked about Gilbertson and the other sheriffs’ stand against the federal government, Kitchar said: “Personally, I think its great.”
Gibson echoed those sentiments.
“Our sheriff is trying to do the right thing. Gil is on the right track,” he said.

Obama’s Confidence Hints at Hidden Powers Shaping Election

by: Tad Cronn
President Obama’s on a roll this week.
First, he tells the Supreme Court it doesn’t have authority to overturn his healthcare plan, then he tells a group of clergy at a White House Easter breakfast how great it was to celebrate “a son of God” (probably thinking he’s one, too), then he tops it off by telling the media how to report on him and his activities.
“As all of you are doing your reporting,” Obama told reporters, “I think it’s important to remember that the positions that I am taking now on the budget and a host of other issues, if we had been having this discussion 20 years ago or even 15 years ago would have been considered squarely centrist positions.”
Ba DA bum.
He’ll be here all week, folks. Unfortunately.Obama’s narcissistic personality has been in full view of late, even more than usual.
Taken with the recent open-mic incident in which he promised the Russians he’d be more flexible after his re-election, Obama’s confidence in his continued authority leads to a strong suspicion that the fix is in. Again.
It’s been obvious from the first time a nobody named Barack Obama took the stage at the 2004 Democratic convention that there were powerful forces behind him that were bent on putting him in the White House, and that there were people in the media who knew about it.
Maureen Dowd may be one of those people. You couldn’t prove it beyond a doubt, but her hissy fit about the Supreme Court this week coupled with Obama’s threats are a hint that she and he may have some shared information that the “secret” initial vote in the court went against Obama.
Dowd also features in the early Obama presidential lore. She was one of the prominent supporters of his candidacy in 2006, and she made a crack in a column about his big ears. He later approached her at a press conference to complain, and Coach Maureen told him, “We’re just trying to toughen you up.”
William Dean Singleton, Associated Press chairman and owner of close to 200 newspapers, including more than 50 dailies, is another big Obama supporter. Singleton practically gave an Obama stump speech this week when introducing the president at an AP luncheon.

Recently, World Net Daily ran a story about the former mail carrier of the Ayers family — as in home-grown terrorist Bill Ayers — who recalled meeting a young man he believes was Barack Obama. That young man, years before Obama would have entered politics, confidently told the mail carrier that he was going to be president.
Along similar lines, there’s the story reported before Obama’s election (but buried and ignored by most media) about how Khalid al-Mansour, Saudi royal family agent and mentor to Black Panther founder Huey Newton, pressed former Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton to pull strings to get Obama into Harvard Law School.
Then you have the story from businessman Tom Fife, who was traveling in Russia in 1992 and was told by a Communist acquaintance that America would “very soon” have a black president who was communist.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg that is Obama. Of course, the lamestream media couldn’t find that iceberg if they were piloting the Titanic.
Then throw in the whole birth certificate fraud for a complete picture of why our president is so confident.

At some point, you have to accept the obvious conclusion, that Obama could have been born halfway between here and the moon, and he still would have had a “Hawaiian” certificate and landed in the Oval Office.
It’s not so much “Manchurian Candidate” as it is “Revenge of the Sith.”

URGENT! Sgt. Stein needs letters from Vets for his Hearing Tomorrow morning!

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URGENT! Sgt. Stein needs letters from Vets for his Hearing Tomorrow morning!

This is a urgent message from the SoCal Patriots regarding Sgt. Stein. This just came to us, and we apologize for the short notice.

Sorry for the short notice, we were hoping for and expecting an injunction today in Federal court, but it didn't happen.  He just needs a simple, brief letter in Word Doc format.  Be sure to include your highest rank and the years you served in the letter.  He and his lawyers will present them to the discharge board tomorrow morning at Edson Range, 8 am.

Just need your thoughts on paper about this political administrative rush discharge process on Sgt. Stein and the 'good order and discipline' aspect of this case and the accusations from his C.O. Col. Dowling.

Send your letters tonight to


 Jeff Schwilk

Founder, SoCal Patriots


Support Operation Sleeping Giant, Join Oath Keepers and get involved.

Operation Sleeping Giant

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Terror cells on high alert to attack U.S.

by: Reza Kahlili
Terror cells have been placed on high alert to attack targets in the United States and Europe should Iran’s nuclear facilities be attacked, a source in the Revolutionary Guards says.
The terror cells in the U.S. are being coordinated by Quds Force personnel operating out of the Iranian Interests Section in Washington, the source says. Because Iran and the U.S. have no diplomatic relations, Iran’s Interests Section operates under the umbrella of the Pakistani embassy.

“These cells work out of safe houses where ammunition and explosives are stored, each with an operational commander who reports back to Iran,” the source says.
Analysts in Iran believe Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, has provided two choices to the West: either accept a nuclear Iran or face all-out retaliation if its nuclear facilities are attacked.
According to the source, who has served in the Guards’ intelligence apparatus, Iranian leaders have long prepared for an all-out confrontation with the West. The Guards’ commander, Hussein Babai, has openly stated that after the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon, Quds Force and Hezbollah terror cells began expanding in cities across Europe and America.
 The source says these cells are divided into two groups: one is operational and awaits the order to attack; the other gathers information, monitoring such sensitive sites as power plants, water and food distribution, refineries, railroads and others along with information on officials of the host countries and their activities. This information, transferred to Iran, is being used by the Quds Force command in Tehran “to select targets for maximum effect.”

In testimony before a U.S. House panel in March, the director of the New York Police Department’s intelligence analysis unit, Mitchell Silber, revealed that the Iranian diplomats had carried out “hostile reconnaissance” of sites in New York as many as six times, alarming police officials that the city might be targeted for terrorist attack.
The operatives enter the Western countries through several means, but some use fake identities and claim to be part of religious minorities under persecution in Iran. According to the source, several hundred have entered the U.S. as members of the Baha’i faith whose lives supposedly are threatened by the Islamic regime.
Others enter from Mexico where the cells are supported with cash from an illegal drug operation. Businesses run by Hezbollah, mosques and Islamic foundations provide another source of financing for these cells in America. Other assets, the source indicates, are of Mexican and Latin American origin, which the Guards’ intelligence apparatus has longed worked to train and recruit.
Hassan Abassi, a former Guard commander and current strategist, has stated that the Guards have identified more than 800 sensitive sites in the U.S. to be attacked, and “if America dares to destabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran, it should have no doubt that we will destabilize America.”

Last week the Guards warned that any retaliation to any threat by Israel or the West will be much more devastating than the recent terror attacks on Israeli interests worldwide.
The cells within the U.S. and Europe are now on high alert, according to the source. Targets have been chosen and are prioritized: First, attack energy resources (power, gas and oil facilities); second, create fear by attacking high-population areas; last, assassinate officials of the host country who have supported war with Iran.
If Iran is attacked by America or if America supports Israel in an attack, then these assets are to retaliate. However, the source says, their actions will be sequential unless the attack goes beyond the nuclear sites with the aim of overthrowing the Islamic regime, in which case there is to be an all-out response.
read more:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Conservative Action Alerts..!

One more for the road..:)
Conservatives And the Courts
Who says bipartisanship is dead? Left and Right have finally found something that they agree on. They are both unalterably opposed to judicial activism — except, of course, when they aren’t. The latest meme from the Obama administration, congressional Democrats, and much of the media is that if the Supreme Court were to strike down all or part of Obamacare, it would place the Court’s legitimacy itself at risk. After all, since only 28 state attorneys general, at least two District Court Judges and five Circuit Court Judges (including a Clinton appointee), numerous law professors, the 52 organizations and hundreds of state legislators who filed briefs in support of the plaintiffs, and 72 percent of the American public believe that Obamacare’s attempt to force every American to buy a specific commercial product is unconstitutional, it would obviously be an unprecedented act of judicial activism for the Court to agree.
Read More

Conservative Action Alerts

APRIL 4, 2012
Stop Police State Tyranny In America
On July 2, 2008 in Colorado Springs Colorado, candidate Barack Obama said: “we can no longer continue to rely on the military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as our military.” And now quietly, without comments from the mainstream media, without opposition from anyone in Congress, America is becoming Obama’s police state. Concerned Americans, we must pay attention! The writing is on the wall. We must wake up!
Read More
Obama’s Executive Order & (Inter)National Defense
Just over two weeks ago, President Obama signed an executive order that provides him and future presidents the power to control the US economy in times of peace and crisis. The Order, National Defense Resources Preparedness (NDRP), amends the Defense Production Act of 1950 and is an alleged “update” of a 1994 Executive Order signed by President Bill Clinton. Generally, conservatives seem more skeptical of this Order than liberals — and this is not surprising considering the man whose home is the White House. However, both sides have raised alarm over the Order at least to certain degrees. Some see it as another dangerous expansion of executive power, while others see it as a necessary restatement of laws that already were. Nonetheless, whatever opinions may be, the president has given himself extraordinary powers.
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Tea Party Marine sues Pentagon to stop discharge
A Camp Pendleton Marine is taking Defense Department brass to federal court, saying he is being hounded out of the service for exercising his First Amendment rights. Attorneys representing Sgt. Gary Stein filed a lawsuit against theU.S. Department of Defense, Sec. of the Navy Ray Mabus, and Brigadier Gen. Daniel D. Yoo. “I can confirm that my lawyers on behalf of me are filing a lawsuit in federal court,” Stein said told Fox 5 Tuesday afternoon.
Read More

PALIN: Pick Allen West

Sarah Palin says there’s one name at the top of her list if the Republican Party wants to “go rogue” in its pick for the vice presidential nominee: Rep. Allen West.
The former vice presidential candidate told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Tuesday that the Florida Republican would be a great choice for the 2012 ticket. She argued that the eventual presidential nominee shouldn’t “think they have to go with somebody necessarily safe.”
“Top of my list is Allen West,” she said. “I love that he has that military experience. He is a public servant willing to serve for the right reasons. He understands the Constitution. He understands our national foreign policy issues that must be addressed. He has served. I really like him. There are so many, Sean, that are out there. And when I talk about going rogue, what I want to do is encourage the GOP nominee to not think that they have to go with somebody necessarily safe that conventional wisdom perhaps would lead somebody to believe that, if it’s somebody, quote-unquote, safe, that they’re not going to get beat up by the media, because no matter who it is.”

Barack Obama Warns Americans about His Second Term as President of the United States

by: da Tagliare
If you think Barack Obama has been bad for the country during his first term as president, just wait till he is re-elected.
During the first three years in office, he has openly ignored and violated dozens of federal laws as well as numerous provisions in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  There has never been a president in the history of our nation guilty of more crimes against the American people than Barack Obama.
He publicly stated that he didn’t care what the Constitution said.  He’s also publicly told us that he does not intend to uphold all of the immigration laws.  Then he turned around and ordered the Department of Justice to stop enforcing the Marriage Defense Act.  A sitting president does not have the legal power to disregard an act of Congress, but he doesn’t care about the law.
Obamacare has at least 4 central provisions that are unconstitutional, but that doesn’t stop him from enacting it anyway.  Besides being unconstitutional, Obamacare will raise taxes of every American by a substantial amount, even though Obama promises to not raise taxes on middle and poverty class citizens.

Barack Obama has also declared war on Christianity.  His directives have been aimed at destroying Christian liberties while at the same time giving many of those liberties to his Muslim brothers.
The list of his atrocities against the American people is too long to list here.  But it will be nothing compared to what he has planned for his second term and he’s told us so, indirectly.
When he met with out-going Russian President Dimitri Medvedev last week, Obama told him to wait for his second term as he will be more flexible to do more.  He’s also said it several more times, which is a clear indication that the worse is yet to come.
I’ve read a number of commentaries on this exchange and most of them seem to center upon a possible secret deal with the Russians, but Obama’s statement goes much further than that, it’s a warning to Americans as to what will be next.
Believe it or not, Obama has held back many of his desired policies for a second term.  His main goal at this point is get re-elected.  He doesn’t want to do anything too drastic that would hurt his chances of re-election.
However, once elected to a second term, he doesn’t have to worry about another election.  He will be much freer to ‘be more flexible’ with his agenda to take completely transform America into a socialist state.
If the past three years are any indication, feeling he has more flexibility in a second term should be terrifying to all of us.  Couple this new flexibility with his blatant disregard for the Constitution, Congress and federal law, there will be no stopping him from carrying out his sordid plans.
Both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum should pick up on this and hammer it into the minds of every American from now until the election.  They need to use this as one of their main campaign issues.  Perhaps this will resonate with more Americans.

Obama prepares to sue Sheriff Joe

WASHINGTON – On the heels of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s challenge of Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the presidency, the Obama administration announced today it’s preparing to sue the Arizona elected official for alleged civil-rights violations against Latinos in a crackdown on illegal immigrants.
The administration’s Justice Department and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have been in settlement talks for months over Obama administration allegations that officers made unlawful stops and arrests of Latinos, used excessive force against them and failed to adequately protect the Hispanic community.
Those negotiations broke down about the time Arpaio held a news conference in Phoenix announcing that preliminary findings of a six-month law-enforcement probe found the birth certificate Obama posted on the White House website was fraudulent.
“We believe that you are wasting time and not negotiating in good faith,” Roy Austin, deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s civil rights division, said in a letter to the lawyer for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.
Austin said in the letter that Arpaio’s team demanded that a meeting slated for tomorrow include for the first time negotiations over the monitor and previously had demanded that the Justice Department provide more details about its findings.
“MCSO’s refusal to engage in good faith negotiations requires us to prepare for civil (court) action,” Austin said. He added that the Justice Department has recently discovered more information about the “failure to reasonably investigate sex crimes” by Arpaio’s office.
The Justice Department in a December report outlined numerous alleged civil rights violations, including that Latino drivers were four to nine times more likely to be stopped than non-Latinos by Arpaio’s force.

The sheriff has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing and lashed out at the Obama administration for targeting his department and failing to deal with the problem of illegal immigration with some 11.5 million believed to be in the United States.
In a strongly worded statement on Tuesday, Arpaio said the appointment of a monitor would force him to abdicate responsibility for his police force, including decisions about policies, operations, jail programs and enforcement.
“To the Obama administration, who is attempting to strong arm me into submission only for its political gain, I say: This will not happen, not on my watch!” Arpaio said in the statement.
Arpaio announced today his investigation of Obama was expanding into election irregularities in 2008, based on claims by supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, then Obama’s challenger for the Democratic nomination.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

'Tell Me' yes directed at all MSM 'Talking Heads' & Career Politicos..get your hands dirty first...then I might listen!

Don't know about y'all but I am speaking for most... who served in the Military and LE...who put it all on the line...gave blood sweat and tears to keep us all free...not those who made a career of telling us all what we should think and who we should vote for...hello... I for one want a Sarah Palin for POTUS with Allen West as this I could live with...any questions or rebuttal? Listen to the song first...before ya make your rant!

'Tell Me' all about it:

Is Sarah Palin Floating A Trial Balloon For Gingrich Endorsement?

8636 283x300 Is Sarah Palin Floating a Trial Balloon for Gingrich Endorsement?
Todd Palin isn’t particularly vocal about his politics, so his endorsement of Newt Gingrich today has already prompted speculation that his wife may follow:
Todd Palin notes that he hasn’t spoken with the Gingrich campaign at all, and his wife still hasn’t decided whom to support. The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis thus seizes on the one glimmer of importance in all this: “Obvious question: Will Sarah Palin follow Todd?” he asks. Sarah Palin, after all, does maintain something of a constituency these days so her endorsement (which might finally, finally end the “will she run rumors”) might give Gingrich’s sad campaign some oomph.
Could Sarah Palin be putting out a trial balloon for her own Gingrich endorsement? It wouldn’t be the first time the Palins tested the waters like this. In 2010, Todd endorsed Alaska senate candidate Joe Miller a full 10 days before his wife did. 
Palin really only has three choices for an endorsement at this point, at least if she’s interested in backing someone who has any shot at the nomination. And she’s likely going to choose either Gingrich or Rick Santorum, considering her recent swipes at Mitt Romney. During the weekend, she hinted that Romney is getting a free pass from the media because reporters think he’d be the weakest candidate against President Obama: 
Palin said the mainstream media would take a hands-off approach to Romney “in order to bolster Romney’s chances” to “finally face Obama.”
Read More at Commentary Magazine By Alana Goodman, Commentary

Monday, April 2, 2012

Former White House Speechwriter Suggests Military Coup Could Oust Obama

by: Editor/Conspiracy,Top Stories

Former White House speechwriter John L. Perry has  courted controversy by suggesting that the U.S. Military, upholding  their oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies, could stage a bloodless coup to oust President Obama.
In an article originally posted on the Newsmax website, Perry wrote, “There is a  remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene  as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as  unrealistic.”
Despite the fact that Perry was not explicitly advocating such a coup, Newsmax later removed the article to ensure it “was not misinterpreted”.
The article outlines how military officers, outraged at  Obama’s “trampling” on the Constitution, nationalization of American  institutions, rising deficits, unemployment and taxes, could peaceably  seize power from the “radical-left commissars” of the Obama  administration.
“Military intervention is what Obama’s exponentially  accelerating agenda for “fundamental change” toward a Marxist state is  inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama’s  radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible,” writes Perry.
It is important to stress that Perry is not a Neo-Con,  he worked under the Democratic administrations of Lyndon Johnson and  Jimmy Carter.
Perry warns that America could be unrecognizable by  2012, prompting a coup to “restore and defend the Constitution,” a  prospect that is “weighing heavily on the intellect and conscience of  America’s military leadership,” he writes.
Perry says that such a move could be accelerated if  Israel were to bomb Iran, causing the Middle East to explode and a  massive destabilization of the free world.
Of course, the unlikely staging of a military coup  could be just another ruse to implement martial law in the aftermath of  what would undoubtedly ensue – mass civil unrest and a potential  breakdown of society. 
More and more credible analysts are predicting that the United States could collapse in a Soviet-style breakdown within the next few years. In such a  scenario, the vacuum of power created would leave the door open for the  imposition of an even greater tyranny than we are witnessing today with  Obama’s big government Socialist agenda.
It is far more likely that a military coup, even if it  began as a genuine effort to “restore the Constitution,” or “solve the  Obama problem,” would be hijacked and transformed into an effort to  subjugate the entire country under a militarized police state to an  even greater extent than it is now.
The more probable scenario is the one that was outlined by Tommy Franks in a 2003 interview with the men’s lifestyle magazine Cigar Aficionado,  where a military form of government would be implemented in the  aftermath of a huge terror attack that kills millions.
Franks predicted that another mass casualty terror  attack would occur that would cause the “population to question our own  Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a  repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event. Which in fact, then  begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution.”
Paul Joseph Watson Prison

A Chilling Proposal by Barack Obama

On July 2, 2008 in a speech in Colorado Springs, Barack Obama calls for a police state. Hello people..are you still confused about where Obama is coming from? He is pretty clear if you remove the wax from your ears!

14 United States Governors : Prepare State Militia Defenses, To Be Ready Against Obama’s Rogue Federal Forces!

by: Editor/News,Top Stories
Obama fearing a revolution against him by the states,has moved swiftly by nationalizing nearly all National Guard Forces in multiple states; Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, South Carolina – to name a few. The Governors of the Great States of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia still have under their Command-and-Control the State Defense Forces to go against U.S. Federal forces should the need arise. Also important to note: There are NO U.S. laws prohibiting National Guard troops from also joining their State’s Defense Forces. This dilemma occurred during the Civil War with many “citizen soldiers” choosing to serve their states instead of the Federal Government. 
Obama is angered by the several State Governors who have reestablished “State Defense Forces.” These forces are described as: “State Defense Forces (also known as State Guards, State Military Reserves, State Militias) in the United States are military units that operate under the sole authority of a state government; they are not regulated by the National Guard Bureau nor are they part of the Army National Guard of the United States. State Defense Forces are authorized by state and federal law and are under the command of the governor of each state. State Defense Forces are distinct from their state’s National Guard in that they cannot become federal entities.”
Mr. Obama is fearful of these State Defense Forces, in that he does not have control of said forces, and with the U.S. Military stretched to near breaking from multiple deployments and theatre actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, these State military forces would be under the direct command and authority of the Governors in which states have said forces. In essence, the Governors would have “de facto control” of the United States.
read more:

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Says Barack Obama Birth Certificate Would Not Stand Up In Court

Albama Supreme Court building SC 300x199 Alabama Supreme Court Justice Says Barack Obama Birth Certificate Would Not Stand Up in Court
Finally someone in America is paying attention to the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse investigation report indicating that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud.
Hugh McInnish of Alabama filed a lawsuit against the Alabama Secretary of State challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to have his name on the November 2012 ballot for President of the United States. One of the stipulations in the case was a request to obtain an original copy of Obama’s birth certificate. 
In a decision written on March 6, 2012, the Alabama State Supreme Court denied McInnish’s demand of obtaining the birth certificate copy before allowing Obama’s name to be placed on the ballot. The denial was not based on the merit of the evidence of forgery of the birth certificate, rather it was denied because they did not believe that the state supreme court had legal jurisdiction of the matter. To quote Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker:
“The language of the foregoing provision of the Alabama Constitution implies that this Court is without jurisdiction over Mcinnish’s original petition for a writ of mandamus. It is not our appellate jurisdiction that is being invoked, and this matter is not within original jurisdiction of this Court ‘to issue such remedial writs or orders as may be necessary to give it general supervision and control of courts of inferior jurisdiction.’ Ala. Const. 1901, Art. VI, § 140. The office of the Secretary of State of Alabama is not a ‘court of inferior jurisdiction; that this Court may control through the issuance of a writ in response to a petition first filed in this Court…”
However, Justice Parker wrote that the evidence McInnish provided along with the findings of the Cold Case Posse make Obama’s birth certificate to be highly suspect and questions if it would be able to stand up in a court of law. He also said that he is experienced in computer science and indicated he concurs with the conclusion of forgery made by the Cold Case Posse.
Read More at Godfather Politics By da Tagliare, Godfather Politics

Video: Pastor Arrested For Reading The Bible

Reading the Bible is now a crime. Soon it will be a crime to think like a Christian. Obama is perverting the law, liberals are perverting the law, all in the name of promoting unhealthy lifestyles. We have become Sodom. I pray that God’s judgment will not be to harsh, but America deserves punishment for her sins. Let’s fight back before this gets worse.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joe Biden: I wouldn't want 'a real job'

by: Drew Zahn
Vice President Joe Biden, long known for making embarrassing verbal gaffes, echoed the cynical criticism many people levy against career politicians, stating he had stayed in the Senate for 36 years because he didn’t want to get “a real job.”
Biden was speaking to a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago Thursday night, when he turned to praise the work of Richard M. Daley, the city’s former mayor of over 20 years.
“I never had an interest in being a mayor, ’cause that’s a real job. You have to produce,” Biden said, according to a White House pool report. “That’s why I was able to be a senator for 36 years.”
Biden was elected to the Senate in 1972 directly from the county council of New Castle County in Delaware at the age of 29. He turned 30 – the minimum age to become a senator – less than two months before taking office. Biden then served continuously as Delaware’s senator until 2009, when he became Barack Obama’s vice president.
Byron York of the Washington Examiner notes that Biden’s remarks recalled criticism Sarah Palin, a former mayor, posited at the 2008 Republican National Convention against Barack Obama. Both had been charged with inexperience – Palin as a former small-town mayor with only a couple of years under her belt as Alaska’s governor, Obama as a former community organizer with only a couple years under his belt as a U.S. senator.
“I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer,” Palin said, “except that you have actual responsibilities.”
Biden’s comments also included an evaluation of Obama’s chances of reelection against any of the Republican presidential hopefuls currently seeking the GOP nomination.
“I don’t think we’ll be beaten by those candidates,” Biden said. “I think we’ll be beaten, if we are, by something happening in the Eurozone or something happening in the Gulf, which could be difficult for us, or this barrage of super PAC money.”
“But even with that I feel good,” he added.

Presidential Straw Poll-Town Hall/Hot Air results..!

Mitt Romney Wins!

Romney Records First Straw Poll Victory

Last month Rick Santorum won the Townhall and HotAir Republican Straw Poll for the very first time. This month former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has won for the first time in 14 months of being on the ballot. Romney jumped 12.4% to take over 30% of the vote in March.

Newt Gingrich kept his spot in second place. His support did not waver or gain a significant amount of traction but remained steady. Rick Santorum dropped the most, losing 10.7% and falling from first place to third. Ron Paul finished fourth again for the second consecutive month. There still is a decent amount of people that are legitimately undecided or in favor of another candidate not in the race.

The GOP primaries are still in full swing and a nominee is not yet assured. There is still a long way to go before a candidate attains the 1,144 delegates necessary to win the Republican convention.

Thank you for voting in the Townhall and HotAir Straw Poll!