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Benjamin Franklin: Beer is proof God loves us and...

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Ben Franklin was a very wise man, and played an instrumental part of our country's founding. Being a renaissance man, he had ideas and opinions on just about every topic one could imagine. One of those topics was beer, which Franklin had a very enthusiastic view of. He reportedly said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." We agree with this statement wholeheartedly, which is why we created this shirt with Franklin's insightful thoughts.  

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Democrat Congressman Argues God Says You Can Marry Your Dog If It Makes You Happy

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The slippery slope is gaining speed. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia warned in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision that the Supreme Court had created “a massive disruption of the current social order” by striking down a Texas law barring sodomy. He went on to write: “State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity … every single one of these laws is called into question by today’s decision.” 

The latest disruption was made on the House floor by Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer who argued that that same-sex couples are endowed by “their Creator -- by God” with the right to marry.
Once again, a Democrat has brought God into the debate when for decades Democrats have argued that religion and politics do not mix and there’s a separation between church and state. Apparently these prohibitions only apply to arguments made by conservative Christians.

Stoyer went on to say:
“‘Our Declaration of Independence, as all of us quote so often, says: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men’—of course, if Jefferson were writing today, it would be either all people or all humankind—‘are created equal, that they are endowed by’—not a Congress, not by a Constitution, not by a will of the majority—‘their Creator’—by God—‘with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’”
On this point Steny Hoyer is absolutely right. I and others have been making this same argument for decades.
Now that Rep. Hoyer has brought God into the debate, on what basis does the congressman believe God would approve of same-sex marriage? God certainly didn’t design “humankind” in such a way that would lead anybody to believe that same-sex sexuality is biologically possible.

How does Hoyer know God would approve of same-sex marriage? There’s nothing in the Bible that supports same-sex sexuality. So on what is he basing his happiness morality?
Maybe it's Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson did not support homosexuality. In fact, “Thomas Jefferson advocated ‘dismemberment’ as the penalty for homosexuality in his home state of Virginia, and even authored a bill to that effect (1781, Query 14; cf. 1903, 1:226-227).”
The following image is from the Library of Congress and

Jefferson Homosexuality
Hoyer won't get an help from William Blackstone or George Washington.
Instead of appealing to some moral standard for legalizing and legitimizing same-sex sex and marriage, Hoyer appeals to happiness: “Is there a happier time in one’s life than when one pledges themselves [sic] to another?”
“Happiness” is the new moral standard. Whatever makes you happy is morally and rationally acceptable! Criminals will have a field day with this:
Your Honor, Congressman Hoyer said that I can do whatever makes me happy as long as I love doing it. The Declaration of Independence says so. I love robbing banks.
And when it comes to sexual relationships, Pandora’s Box has been opened wide. If a woman loves her dog and wants to marry it – and get a tax deduction in the process – and such a marriage makes her and her dog “happy,” so be it. And if a man wants to marry his mother, daughter, or son because such marriages would make him happy, then so be it, and God and his law be damned (Ex. 22:19; Lev. 18:22-23; 20:13-15, 16; Deut. 27:21).

Intoxicated Biden vomits during book reading at preschool

CHICAGO, IL - A public relations nightmare ensued today after Vice President Joe Biden visited a prominent preschool in the greater Chicago area that enrolls the children of Chicago's elite citizens, while being heavily intoxicated. Despite the pleas of his security detail, Biden refused to cancel the reading of Of Thee I Sing: A Letter To My Daughters, a children's book written by Barack Obama.

Teachers at the school said they saw Biden stumble and lean against the wall as he made his way to the library where the event was held. They claimed the Vice President was acting combative towards a female Secret Service agent when she stood between him and the library door, begging him not to go in. Witnesses allegedly heard Biden yell, "God dammit, when I say I'm gonna do something I do it," before shoving the female agent out of the way and stumbling into the room.

Once inside the library Biden made an attempt to sit in his chair, falling to the ground as body guards rushed to his aid. Several dozen excited children watched as the Vice President swing his arms at the agents and said, "Get away from me I don't need your f****** help!" There was a slight gasp in the room from adults, while most children were still laughing at the sight of the Vice President falling down.

As the book reading began, even teachers in the back of the room reportedly began to notice the smell of alcohol. Biden was noticeably having difficulty reading the book. The Vice President mispronounced common words, repeated the same lines, and slurred as he followed the text with his finger while swaying in his seat. 

After the first two pages Biden handed the book off to a preschooler, saying, "Here, isn't your job to be read-learning anyway?" He then immediately snatched the book back from the shocked student and continued to read the "blurry words." Having read for a few more minutes, the Vice President stopped in mid-sentence, as his blood-shot eyes seemingly tried to focus on the back of the room.

The library went dead silent, with teachers and members of Biden's security detail exchanging anxious looks. After what some later described as "an eternity of a silent built-up of tension," Biden suddenly began projectile vomiting on the book in his hands and towards the students. In the words of Ruby Valentine, a student attending the book reading, "His eyes got real big, like baseballs, and then he started barfing everywhere."

The silence broke as screaming children ran away from the Vice President and the security rushed to help him up out of his chair. In the process of getting up, the Vice President lost his balance, stumbled, and fell down towards the frightened children, knocking over a few chairs and a bookshelf. That caused even louder cries of terror from the students as stunned teachers tried to calm them down.

Martha Hazard, one of the preschool teachers, later told reporters that "all these kids have a change of clothes on hand and fortunately, only those in the front row needed to be changed. We keep extra clothes in case they get dirty or soiled, but no one ever expected we would have to change them because of the Vice President of the United States. This is surely one of the most disturbing days our academy has ever seen." 

Accompanied by continued screaming, Biden was carried out of the room since he was no longer able to walk on his own. He was heard sobbing and muttering, "Why'd you have to go, Ted," apparently referring to the late Ted Kennedy, a former close friend of Joe Biden.

Having recovered from the momentary confusion, remaining members of the Secret Service collected everyone's cellphones and other recording devices, instructing the perturbed audience that the Vice President was "sick with the flu." They also confiscated all the security footage from that day.

As a result, no record of the incident exists anymore, with the exception of eyewitness accounts from teachers and frightened children. Later that day, however, the cleaning staff discovered a nearly empty metal flask with the initials "J.B." engraved on it, under a pile of children's books from the overturned bookshelf. It is surmised that the flask fell out of the Vice President's pocket when he fell down.

Joe Biden's office has refused to accept any calls and has aggressively declined to comment. 


BLACK MUSLIM POLICE OFFICER: Watch What She Does to Disrespect the U.S. Flag During the Pledge

I guess she is following suit with our Narcissist in Chief.
The head of the city’s police union is accusing the assistant chief of police, Anita Najiy, a Muslim, of lacking respect for the United States, and he’s circulating a video he says should lead to disciplinary action against her.
Miami New Times Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz was in the front row at a promotional event last week at Miami Police College to film Najiy, during the pledge. As other members placed their hands over their hearts, Najiy kept her arms by her sides.
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ISLAMIC PIGS: Muslims Who Attacked this Couple Congratulate Each Other In Court

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.10.14 PM
A gang of Muslims that attacked a couple on Christmas night have no remorse over what they did. In fact, they high five and congratulate each other. This is what Obama calls the religion of peace.
Translated from EB:
There were both laughing and high fives when a group of young men today sat in the court, accused of a serious assault on Nanna Skovmand and Mads Schøllhammer on Christmas night.
A few times during the reading of the indictment, the defendants broke out in laughter – partly when the details of the attack were read. …

According to 23-year-old Nanna Skovmand, the four defendants started the attack by beating her boyfriend as they were walking in Vesterbro at Christmas night.
As she tried to interrupt the attack, the group went berserk at her and struck with both chains and wire locks. She was also knocked down and kicked.
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FREE SPEECH MY @SS: Students Tried to Have Straight Pride ‘Event’ And Then The GAYSTAPO Stepped In


These signs were put around Ohio University promoting ‘Straight Pride’, and then this happened. School officials said it went “beyond free speech”. What does that even mean?
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) – Posters promoting a “straight pride” week at a northeast Ohio university have been removed after student leaders said the message went beyond free speech.
Youngstown State University student government leaders tell WKBN-TV they decided to remove the posters after consulting with university officials.
The posters were hung around campus earlier this week. They included profanity and promoted the event as a time to not highlight sexual orientation or differences among students. They encouraged students to “go about your day without telling everyone about how ‘different’ you are.”
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It’s Time To Stop The Practice Of Funding Government By Misdemeanor

 harry reid applies for loan
As regular readers know, I have, over the last few years, become a critic of our criminal justice system.
It comes under the heading of ‘a conservative is a liberal who has just been mugged, and a liberal is a conservative who has just been charged.’ I did some work for a TV network back during the Abramoff “scandal” and, for the life of me, cannot figure out what Jack Abramoff did wrong except to piss some powerful people off. Yet he served time in a Federal prison at our expense.
Then came the Harvey Whittemore “scandal” in Nevada, where Whittemore was accused of raising the $140,000 Harry Reid asked him to raise, convicted of a felony, and nobody even suggested that Reid did anything wrong–much less criminal. In short, Harvey was convicted of pissing off powerful people and is now serving time in a Federal prison, while Harry is living at the Washington DC Ritz Carlton.
Now, there are powerful people and powerful people. To many people, some Justice of the Peace in rural Nevada is “powerful” in a way that he or she should not be–and it’s now time to change that. 

As Eric Holder’s investigators correctly found in Ferguson, Missouri, the “criminal justice” system was being used to extract money in prodigious amounts from the citizens to fund the cops, the courts, and who knows what else.
That’s not a surprise to those of us who watch the system closely. I know that many see this as a racial issue, but the truth is that the system is busy screwing everybody all the time. It’s just that many times, middle class white folks in the suburbs are harder targets because we have lawyers. And the best justice is the justice you pay for.
A logical solution is to make it illegal to fund the system with fines, fees, and the like. If that makes some tin horn JP in Mineral County a part timer, so be it. And if that reduces the workload of the Las Vegas Justice Court, oh, well… 

As Eric Holder’s investigators correctly found in Ferguson, Missouri, the “criminal justice” system was being used to extract money in prodigious amounts from the citizens to fund the cops, the courts, and who knows what else.
That’s not a surprise to those of us who watch the system closely. I know that many see this as a racial issue, but the truth is that the system is busy screwing everybody all the time. It’s just that many times, middle class white folks in the suburbs are harder targets because we have lawyers. And the best justice is the justice you pay for.
A logical solution is to make it illegal to fund the system with fines, fees, and the like. If that makes some tin horn JP in Mineral County a part timer, so be it. And if that reduces the workload of the Las Vegas Justice Court, oh, well… 

In Nevada, as an example, speeding is a criminal violation, not a civil violation.
That means that when you pay a speeding ticket to make it go away, you have a criminal record. You plead guilty to a misdemeanor. It also means the cops can show up at your house if you fail to pay the ticket and haul you to jail. And cops hauling people to jail over traffic tickets are NOT policing the streets for violent crime.
The whole system is a perversion of justice. Cops have an incentive to write tickets to bring in revenue to make judges happy. Legislators don’t have to worry about actually funding the court system because, assuming the cops write enough tickets, it takes care of itself. Taken to its ridiculous conclusion, you get Ferguson, Missouri, and plenty of other places.
It’s a hot potato that even the most conservative elements of our own state legislature are hesitant to deal with because, for some reason, they are afraid of small town justices of the so-called peace. What brings it to the forefront is an intelligent decision on the part of the Nevada Highway Patrol to focus their traffic enforcement efforts on things that actually cause crashes as opposed to writing a quota of tickets. This has reduced revenue so much that judges are crying aloud about funding. 

That comes under the heading of a load of crap.
There is a way to solve this problem permanently.
Given the very small turn-out in the last general election, there has never been a better time to launch things like this as voter initiative constitutional amendments. Getting the relatively small number of signatures required and placing an initiative on the ballot making it illegal to fund the court system with fines and fees should pass with the kind of numbers that restricting tax increases did.
If the legislature doesn’t like that idea, they should do something themselves before the voters force their hands.
And if the judges don’t like it, they need to remember that they are elected, too.
Right now, we need to get our criminal justice system under control; and you can start by removing most traffic enforcement from its jurisdiction. Then, we’ll start looking at other things that come under the heading of revenue farming.
This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Jeb And Hillary: The Worst Of Evils

The group behind Gov. Perry's Indictment got $500K from George Soros ...

Does anyone in the country want to see another Bush vs. Clinton presidential race? If they do, they have a death wish for America.
It is not uncommon these days to hear people refer to Jeb and Hillary as the “royals.” And, while I’m glad that a lot of people seem to have a natural revulsion to having another Bush or Clinton in the White House, the fact is, the Bushes and Clintons are not two “royals.” They are one CRIME FAMILY.
One of the greatest hoaxes of modern times was the façade that the Bush and Clinton families were political adversaries, when the truth is, they have all been “best buds” for most (if not all) of their political careers. For anyone who wants to research the veracity of what I am saying (with an honest and open mind), it will take almost no time to be convinced. The recent reports about foreign influence and money that have poured into the Clinton coffers are nothing new and are just the tip of the iceberg.

While there is no way that we can know the totality of all that this international Crime Family is guilty of, there is enough evidence and eyewitness testimony out there to convince even the most stubborn skeptic that these people are among the most despicable trolls in the world. If we had a semblance of a free and independent national news media, the Bushes and Clintons would have already been exposed as the miscreants they are and would be serving life sentences in prison–which is where they all belong. (Of course, that could be said for a bunch of those criminals in Washington, D.C.)

We hear much talk about the “lesser of two evils.” Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the worst of evils. Both of these people are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the international elite who are hellbent on destroying capitalism, free enterprise, constitutional government, and yes, the sovereignty and independence of the United States. There is no substantial difference between them. They may have two different last names and claim to represent two different political parties and ideologies; but, again, they are members of the same cabal of international gangsters. And between the two, Jeb is probably more dangerous.

Despite the best attempts by the propaganda press to keep Hillary’s crimes under wraps, the skeletons are starting to fall out of the closet. It will be virtually impossible to keep them from developing into full-fledged scandals in forthcoming months. Hillary is damaged goods. In fact, Hillary is NOT even electable. I repeat: Hillary is NOT electable. The only way that Hillary will even obtain the Democratic nomination is if the power elite want to offer her up as a political sacrifice so Jeb (or another controlled Republican) can be the next President. The fact that New York newspapers are already breaking the foreign-cash scandal against Hillary is illustrative of what I’m saying. But if it looks like they cannot cram Jeb Bush down the throat of the Republican Party, and there is too much popular resistance to Bush, they might decide to let so many skeletons out of the closet that Hillary would not be able to even win the nomination.
As for Jeb Bush, he is the quintessential neocon: he loves Big Business, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and, especially, Big Banks and the Federal Reserve. He loves perpetual war; he loves the military-industrial complex; he loves open borders; he loves the DHS, the Patriot Act, and a domestic Police State. And Jeb Bush knows where the bodies are buried. He knows virtually every skeleton in every closet in Washington, D.C.–and in foreign capitals.

Jeb and his fellow globalist robot, Benjamin Netanyahu, are international gangsters of the highest (or lowest, depending on how one looks at it) order. With the two of them in power at the same time, WATCH OUT! The Warfare State and Police State would grow exponentially. War in the Middle East would become as hot as hot can be. Jeb and Bibi would take the world to the precipice of, or into, World War III.
Skull & Bones, the Rothschilds, Bohemian Grove, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs: Jeb is in the shadow of all of it. Jeb Bush is the Darth Vader of 2016. And with virtually unlimited money and a questionable voting system–not to mention the support of virtually the entire international banking system, military-industrial system, and corrupt foreign leaders in his pocket–he is going to be a most formidable candidate. The media is already skewing poll numbers to make it appear that Jeb Bush is popular with grassroots Republicans. Media manipulation of opinion in favor of Bush has only begun. It will proliferate tremendously in the months to come.
If Jeb Bush is elected President of the United States, he will make Barack Obama’s terms in office look downright benign by comparison.
However, the global elite do not always get their way. Jeb’s nomination is far from locked up. He is almost universally despised among grassroots conservatives. They know he is a Big Government neocon. His support for Obama’s executive amnesty for illegals, his support for Common Core, his support for Loretta Lynch, his infatuation with Lyndon Johnson, etc., have raised major red flags with genuine conservatives. It is yet to be seen if GOP grassroots conservatives can rise up against Bush in sufficient numbers to derail his candidacy–but they might.

Of course, the second scenario is that the power elite might use Bush as a smokescreen to pave the way for someone equally controlled. The field of GOP contenders is littered with neocons: Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Bobby Jindal, Bob Sasse, etc. (Forget about Mike Pence; he killed any presidential aspirations he may have had with his embarrassing flip flop over the religious freedom issue in his home State of Indiana.) If conservatives derail Jeb Bush in the primaries–and if the media keeps Hillary Clinton in the race–you can know that this second scenario is the one the elites are using.
Again, if the elites plan on a Democrat taking the White House next year, they will remove Hillary from the race. Otherwise, they plan to play the same old “throw-the-bums-out” game and replace a controlled establishment Democrat with a controlled establishment Republican in 2016. In like manner, they replaced a controlled establishment Republican with a controlled establishment Democrat in 2008. In that race, John McCain was the sacrificial lamb. If this is the same game plan for 2016, Hillary Clinton will be the sacrificial lamb. This two-party charade has been going on forever. One would think that, sooner or later, the American people would catch on; but they seem to never do.
Thus far, the only two Republican candidates who are outside the blessing of the global elite are Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. So, you can mark this down and take it to the bank: the Republican establishment and propaganda media will do everything in their power (which is substantial) to make sure that neither of these men obtain the nomination.
I have written preliminary reviews of both Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

My review of Ted Cruz is here:
Ted Cruz: Pros And Cons
My review of Rand Paul is here:
Rand Paul: Pros And Cons
Without a doubt, New World Order globalists have been active in many presidential administrations, beginning with the man who started it all: Abraham Lincoln. Of course, some administrations have been worse than others: Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, for example. But in the modern era, George H.W. Bush introduced America to the neocon agenda–complete with perpetual war and a burgeoning Police State. And every single presidential administration since Bush I (Clinton, Bush II, and Obama) has merely continued and escalated this agenda. For all intents and purposes, America has had only one continuous presidential administration since Bush I. And the globalists will do their very best to ensure that this agenda continues unabated into the next presidential administration, be it Republican or Democrat.

But Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton represent the very pinnacle of the ideal globalist-controlled candidate. If you value your liberties at all, you better pray to God that neither of these people is elected President next year. As I said, anyone who would want to see a Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton presidential race in 2016 has a death wish for America.
© Chuck Baldwin
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Michelle Obama Freezes When Asked A Question Every Married Woman Should Be Able To Answer

obama-kal-penn-gay-lover-homosexual-affair-fag-103024949743.jpeg#obama ...
Michelle Obama (who doesn't usually look evil) looking pretty mad ...
Posted By Vicki McClure Davidson on October 30, 2012
[oped: You be the judge..Pictures are always worth 1000 words...ha]


Addressing a group of parents and children at the White House Wednesday, Michelle Obama discussed a number of issues central to her ideology. She talked about the importance of eating vegetables and assured kids in the audience that the government is “taking care” of their parents.
Though her remarks might have otherwise been considered inconsequential, it was during a question-and-answer period that the first lady’s gaffes began.
“How long have you and Barack been married?” one audience member asked.
Giving herself a buffer of more than 10 years, Obama quickly made it clear that she was not prepared for the query.

“Uh, 20-something years,” she began.
She then turned to her staffers for a lifeline.
“Wait, somebody, you guys know the date,” she said. “When was it? It’s been over a decade. It’s been a while.”
It has indeed been more than a decade since the Obamas wed. The couple is set to celebrate their 23rd anniversary later this year.
While this flub was picked up by several news outlets, Obama managed to work in another potentially offensive remark while answering another question.
One child in attendance asked which baseball team her daughters favor. She reacted by declaring Sasha and Malia do not watch the sport because “they’re girls.”
The first lady’s apparent opinion that only males may follow baseball is one surely at odds with the Democrat Party’s position on gender equality. She followed up her answer, though, by declaring her kids fans of basketball – a sport she seemed to believe girls are capable of enjoying.
Are you ready for the Obamas to move out of the White House? Let us know in the comments section below. 

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

'Arrogant' Clintons Actually think they Can Get Away with their Crimes!

More images from this contest gallery:
Onan Coca 

Conservative icon and pundit Charles Krauthammer tore into the Clinton Family for their complete and utter lack of shame. He was particularly upset about the disregard they showed (and continue to show) the American people by so blatantly abusing their positions of power and influence for their own gain.
But what strikes me about all this is the unbelievable arrogance of the Clintons who do this in the full expectation that they’re going to get away with it. They burn the tapes, they eliminate the e-mails. Yes, you might not have had a direct quid pro quo in the e-mails but there might have been hints of things going on that would support other evidence and now it has disappeared, it’s gone.  

bill clinton.jpg (340×450)

It’s hard to know where to start with this. They go unreported and then you hear the principal who donates the money saying that he really was interested in the charitable objectives of the Clinton Foundation. When it is obvious to anybody who is over nine years old that you take the president of the United States, ex-president, on a plane, you go to Kazakhstan, he praises one of the more infamous dictators in the region at a time when he needs that kind of validation. A few days later this small company which is sort of unknown, a shell company, gets a huge concession and then there is a donation and then there’s a speech that he can pocket.
Whereas the donations, you know, what did you report the other day, something like $70 million the foundation has spent on transportation. I mean, what does it take — I mean, that’s really flying pretty high. So in a sense it’s a piggy bank for the Clintons under the guise of a charity. 

But what strikes me about all this is the unbelievable arrogance of the Clintons who do this in the full expectation that they’re going to get away with it. They burn the tapes, they eliminate the e-mails. Yes, you might not have had a direct quid pro quo in the e-mails but there might have been hints of things going on that would support other evidence and now it has disappeared, it’s gone. And you do all this knowing you’re you’re walking the line.
You know, you may not be able to prove an actual quid pro quo, which is what you’d need for a criminal prosecution, but you come really close to that line, but they think in the end they’re going to get away with it. This comes out in April of this year and by next year, do you know what they’re going to say, old news. We have dealt with it.

Harry Reid is an “Absolutely Poisonous Figure” and a “Disaster for the Country”

Onan Coca 
As we get closer to the official date of Harry Reid’s retirement, it seems that more and more people are opening up about just how despicable the man really is. (And folks, he is really despicable.) While many Congressional leaders are lauded with parties, parades and long speeches filled with praise – it is very likely that when Reid finally leaves the hallowed halls in DC it will be dead silent, because no one will have remained behind to say goodbye. 

Fox News personality and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino was on the Hugh Hewitt show when Hewitt brought up the outgoing Senate minority leader. Listen as the usually polite, gentle and unemotional Dana Perino unloads with both barrels on the man she obviously believes to be the worst dude in Washington. 

“He’s an absolutely poisonous figure in Washington, D.C., he’s been a disaster for the country. I think a lot of the dysfunction in Washington can be traced directly to his doorstep. I think it is very good for this country, for the world, and especially for the Democrats that Harry Reid is retiring. I’ve never seen anything so abhorrent in my entire life as Harry Reid. He is an equal opportunity basher, right, he goes after everybody. I think it has been, frankly, disgusting. I am a pretty level headed person, but Harry Reid has been the most destructive entity in Washington when it comes to stability… by far.” 

Amazing. And I agree with every word 

Does the Air of Christian Persecution in America Encourage ISIS to Murder Christians?

 Why Obama Hasn't Served In The...
Michael Ware 

In the midst of tragedy and loss, it is typical for people to begin to assign blame. It is very easy for us to look to the most predominate and powerful to cast as scapegoat. They should have done this or that differently, we tell ourselves. They could have stopped this but did not; they are as guilty as the one doing this or that. But what we usually fail to do is to take responsibility ourselves for our portion. I think this might be the case with Tony Perkins
The Christian Post reports
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, a prominent social conservative commentator, asserted Wednesday that the Obama administration’s limitations on religious freedoms domestically are “emboldening” the Islamic State’s attacks on Christians abroad.
I see Perkins point and to a certain degree I agree with him. We as the historically strongest nation in the world have been a deterrent to violence, the line of thinking goes. But really, have we been a preventive to violence against Christians. It seems that our record has been at best sketchy. Just off the top of my head I can think of the Christians bomb and slaughter by the Sudanese government and the Republican President Bush did not even mention an American response.

also will concede that Obama is not a fan of Christians and that in his administration our world position has weakened. But do we really think that he has made the world a less safe place to be for Christians? Has the activities in our country had the effect of encouraging and emboldening the enemies of the cross? Perkins does.“Ask Christian Wives, mothers and daughters overseas. Their husbands, sons and fathers are being beheaded or shot by radical Islamic jihadists like ISIS. They are being driven from their homes. Children are being martyred,” Perkins explained. “And our administration has done little to help, and for months resisted calling this massacre of Christians by Islamic jihadists what it is.”
But the question is how does Perkins link this to America’s attitude toward Christians?
“The same rampage of ‘political correctness’ that attacked Kelvin Cochran’s freedom to believe is coming to your state, your town, your church,” Perkins wrote. “Christians you know are targets… maybe Christians in your own home. The same rampage of hate that destroyed the career of Kelvin Cochran tells the killers in ISIS, who closely watch America’s domestic affairs,
Is it true that the rise in persecution in America has led to a rise in ISIS violence and that somehow Obama is to blame? Probably not. We must consider that we have allowed ourselves to sink to a level of depravity in this country that has permitted the situation we are currently in as a Christian community. We have naively believed that persecution could never come to our country.  And in our lack of vigilance and our love of the current culture, we have seen persecution come to America.
We also have to understand that we cannot stop all persecution of God’s people. There are going to wicked men with wicked hearts. The wicked people will continue to war against the church, no matter what America does. To think that ISIS looks to see what America’s attitude toward religious freedom in determining when and how they will persecute Christians is a self-important attitude.
We have to understand that nothing will change in this country until we repent. Obama nor any other person we put in the White House can save us, only God can. May he grant us repentance.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Exclusive: Intolerant Homofascists Vandalize Christian Business for Owner's Stand Against Immorality

The intolerant homofacists are at it again, only this time, they are unable to claim the status of victim. Rather, they have demonstrated a willingness to carry their crimes far beyond sodomy to vandalizing a Christian man's business. And why? Because he took a stand for Christian morality in his place of business.  
Dieseltec owner Brian Klawiter took a stand last week and said that immoral behavior would not be tolerated at his place of business. As one example among many, Brian pointed to those who openly practice sodomy would not be welcome in his establishment.
"There's a set of behavior rules in my place of business," said Brian Klawiter, owner of Dieseltec in Michigan. "I operate my life on Christian values and for me not to take that into my business, I think, would be hypocritical."

Brian had also posted on Facebook stating, "I am a Christian. My company will be run in a way that reflects that. Dishonesty, thievery, immoral behavior, etc. will not be welcomed at MY place of business. (I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. Homosexuality is wrong, period. If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.)"
On Monday evening or early Tuesday morning, homofascist vandals trespassed on his property and vandalized trucks, destroyed property and spray painted vehicles and his building.
"As I came into work this morning, all of my customer trucks in the parking lot were spray painted, my building got spray pained up and they smashed windows," Klawiter told Freedom Outpost.

Freedom Outpost obtained exclusive pictures from Brian of the damage done to his business and his customer's vehicles.

image5 image4a
See all Pictures: 

"All of this because I gave my opinion," Klawiter told us.
As you can see, not only was property damaged, but in one photo you can see where food is on the floor. That food was provided from a supporter of the business because of Brian's stand. It was knocked to the floor because of a rock that was thrown through the window (also pictured).

One would think that the Grandville Police Department would want to catch the criminals that vandalized Dieseltec. However, according to Brian, Officer John Davis with the Grandville Police Department showed up, filled out a report and told him to contact his insurance company. Though there were finger prints that could be obtained and a crime scene to be investigated, Officer David didn't seem too interested in doing the job that the city of Grandville pays him to do with their taxes.
Freedom Outpost called Grandville Police Chief Dan Steere for comment as well as Grandville Mayor Steve Maas. We left a voice mail message with Chief Steere and Mayor Maas, but as of the writing of this article, neither of the men have returned our call. Should they call, we will update the article to reflect their comments.
The Church has not come to Brian Klawiter's aid and apparently neither have the police. However, that is not keeping Brian from standing his ground. In fact, it seem to have solidified his stand and, as he told us, it has opened his wife's eyes to the evil in the world.

"She's been such a soldier in all of this," he said. "She's always let me have my theories and thoughts about how sick the world is and she didn't want to believe it, but she told me that it's not until now that I truly see the evil in the world."
Others went online and began creating filthy pictures in which they superimposed him on what he referred to as "gay porn." According to Klawiter, some were of a XXX nature.
This is the true picture of the militant sodomite community America. It is not a pretty face. In fact, it is as ugly as the abominations they engage in. Since America does not have the moral fiber to deal with them in the fashion our forefathers did, we are only encouraging their crimes against others.
If you are in the area and want to provide some support to Brian, feel free to visit him at his website or stop by.

UPDATE: Chief Steere did return our phone call and did confirm the report was taken, but that since the instruments used to cause the destruction were rocks, they were unable to obtain fingerprints. However, he did say that if the spray paint cans were found, those could be used to retrieve fingerprints from. If you have any information about those involved in the vandalism, please call the Grandville Police Department at 616-538-6110.
However, according to Brian, the rocks that were used, had paint on them and a fingerprint was left in the paint on the rock. he has maintained these in his possession. Additionally, as you can see in the pictures, some of the spray painting on the vehicles would have required the vandal to place their hand on the vehicle. No fingerprints were collected.


Bundy Family's Urgent Message: AB408 The Battle Rages


The nation has been watching, waiting, praying, and holding their breath in anticipation to see if AB408 will be passed. If passed it would restore the land of Nevada back to it's rightful owners. The politicians have apparently been busy trying to pull a fast one on the people of Nevada. These politicians are fully aware of the massive support for AB408 from people of Nevada and the people all across the united States of America. They know they can't simply "kill the bill" so they decided to "change" it. Now it's time to demand they change it back!  

Here is a warning as well as a plea for help I received from the Bundy Family in an email received approximately thirty minutes ago.
Our efforts, your efforts, on Nevada AB-408 have been perverted during the political process.
It no longer contains the original intent of the Bill we, you, supported.
Contact John Hambrick (Speaker of the House).
Urge him to allow the bill to be amended back to its original intent on the floor of the State Assembly.
This is generally not done, but Hambrick can allow it. He needs to know that you do not support the bill as it stands and he needs to allow the bill to be amended on the 'Floor of the Assembly'.
You do NOT need to be a Nevada resident to do this. They
need to know the world is watching.
Please call him now, and email as well.

To: The Nevada Assembly and Supporters of AB408,
This bill has been nick-named The Bundy Bill, but the Bundy Family wants to make notice to every Nevada Legislator that this bill, as amended, comes before you WITHOUT INTENT OF THE ORIGINAL BILL.
The original bill was to strengthen Nevada law. It was to declare Nevada land, water, minerals, and all other resources as property of the citizens of the State of Nevada. It would have given the counties of Nevada a spirit of hope and pioneering. It would have guaranteed those preempted rights that have been gained over the struggle of many years. It would have opened the opportunity for the young to have a dream and take part in developing the great resources of Nevada.

It would have guarantee access to the public of each county and insure that the county Sheriff is the only policing power with constitutional jurisdiction and authority to protect our life, liberty and property.
As the bill sits before you, changed, perverted and amended from its original state, it will allow the County Sheriff to share his authority and give his powers away to foreign governments. The federal government has tried to seize these powers from the county sheriff's for many years through legislation. YOU CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN TODAY!
Today on the floor, Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton, will propose amendments to restore AB408 back to its original intent. We charge each of you as representatives of the people to vote YES for Representative Shelton's amendments. If the amendments are not approved, we solemnly charge each of you to kill the bill (AB408) on the floor.
Thank you,
Cliven D. Bundy and
The Bundy Family

It's time for us to unite together once again to help and stop this corruption. By fighting together we can make a difference. Please fire up your emails, and burn up the phones, lets make the phones ring off the hook. Let's stand with our brothers and sisters in Nevada and help them in the fight to regain what is already theirs, and that is their land. I've made my call, will you?   

God Bless you all.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Loud Problem of Transgenders


Transgenders are a small problem but a loud one.  According to studies, only .3 per cent of Americans are transgender.  And I believe that’s a stretch.
What is a transgender?  It’s a person whose gender identity differs from their assigned birth sex.
Now that’s sick.  Don’t get excited--sick is good not defamatory.  It is the identification of a problem.  If you called transgender healthy, you would be popularizing an unfulfilling, depressive way of life.
A man walking around thinking that he is a woman is as mad as a man in the twentieth century thinking that he is Napoleon.  Transgenders are mentally confused.
There is a tendency in modern society to say that everything is OK.  If you are prejudiced against abnormalities you are bigoted against a chimera because nothing in our progressive world is supposed to be abnormal.  Everything is what it is and prejudice against what is is –dare I say it, according to liberals—right wing. 

Liberals accept abnormalities not because they understand them nor because they like them but because it is politically  correct to put their  faces in them and rub.  It is a kind of Jewish guilt, a self-hatred complex.
If you can’t stand up for what’s right you fall into the wrong.  Transgenderism is a sickness.  To make accommodations for it is to ratify it.  Not that condemning it will cure it.  But it will bring us one step closer to the truth.
transgender_bathroom   Why ABC's New Sitcom Work It Hurts the Transgender Community
Obama now approves of same sex marriage and wants to condemn persecution of transgenders. In his SOTU address he says that we will condemn the persecution of transgenders because it makes us “safer.”  How’s that? Does Obama ever tell the truth?   His celebration of transgenders will lead to all of us being less safe and to more people getting beaten up. There will be more fights in the bathrooms when they tread into prohibited territories.
But Obama never calls black black.  He calls terrorism workplace violence. He thinks we are fools that will change our language at his whim.  The Democrats are luxuriating in Obama-speak. 

If I were in a bathroom and a woman dressed  as a man came in I would walk out.  I find public bathrooms disgusting enough.  I don’t need sexual confusion running around the stalls.
When I visited my son at Columbia University the men and women shared bathrooms.  I was sickened.  The idea of a girl in the next stall to me was nauseating; not so much that she was a girl but that I was a guy and I felt that I was naturally more disgusting.
Ideology trumps pragmatism.  The awkward feelings of the 99.7 per cent of the straight population about sharing bathrooms with transgenders should hold sway. 

I wish liberals would stop trying to camouflage reality with their simpleminded faux logic. If I were a girl and a crossdressing man walked in I would be tempted to scream.
If a man is crazy enough to think that he is a woman he has no mental boundaries and is crazy enough to kill me or himself.  Keep him away from me.  I am not looking to mix with psychos from Hitchcock’s Bates Motel.
I am not looking to call the crapper a rest room .  How can you rest when the opposite sex is squatting in the next stall?

Marines Bring an End to Training Women as Infantry Officers

... Marine Corps' Infantry Officer Course, according to planning documents


Congress mandated the Marines to institute a program, training women to be infantry officers. Why Congress thinks itself qualified to determine what the Marines should do about anything is any one's guess. Congress is incapable of doing anything correctly, so why allow them to make determinations about serious things (like combat)? Sounds crazy right out of the gates. But, in their infinite wisdom, Congress engaged in a little social engineering (you, improve mankind's lot) and came up with, by fiat, making girls into infantry combat officers. None of the three branches is immune to serious blunders. (See just about everything Congress has done in the last five decades, Dred Scott, Obamacare, joblessness, Benghazi, Roe v. Wade, ad infinitum.)

But, someone somewhere should have seen this one coming. I'm sure they geniuses in the Pentagon and Congress cabal lowered the physical performance standards substantially. But, it was still a "no go." What I've read is that 200 candidates volunteered and every one of them washed out. Men and women are not fungible.   Ok, granted, when comparing men and women, ...women are smarter, more sensitive, better at remembering stuff (like anniversaries), better smelling (generally), better at soliciting donations from hostile foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation, looking better in neon pastel colored piano-legged pantsuits (sort of) and better at running around Iowa appearing in phony town hall meetings and staying just beyond the reach of a slavish press corps.

Marine Infantry Officer Course: Both women unceremoniously dumped on ... Fourteen women have tried, and failed, the Marines’ Infantry Officer ...
But if I get to chose whether a man or woman gets to pull my aging person from a flaming car or Abrams Tank, a foundering nuclear submarine, the blast radius of a Russian manufactured hand grenade, or an adherent of Mohammed's suicide vest...I'll choose a man every time. Even if I'm blindfolded when I choose my rescuer.

Brilliant Character Actor R. Lee Ermey is Voting for Ted Cruz!


Any man who grew up watching military movies in the 80’s and 90’s has a few favorites. In one of them an unknown Parris Island Drill Sergeant was hired first as a consultant, then moved into the role of one of the most famous military movie villains in film history. He parlayed his role in Full Metal Jacket into a lifelong career as a “typecast” hardboiled southern military man who goes around telling people what to do.
So when R. Lee Ermey speaks – people listen. Which leads me to guess that the famous drill sergeant just earned Ted Cruz a whole lot of votes…

“You know what, I just watched Ted Cruz. I mean what a tough act to follow. I’m not gonna tell you who I’m gonna vote for but I’m gonna let you guess and the first two guesses don’t count. I’m talking 2nd Amendment rights, you’d be surprised at how many people aren’t even aware that there is a 2nd Amendment! We need to bring people up to speed…”

Stunning Video Shows Obama Admitting that Communist Mentored Him and Taught Him about ‘White Racism’!

obama davis

In a stunning video that has somehow been kept quiet until now, a much younger Barack Obama is seen discussing his close ties to the infamous communist Frank Marshall Davis (on whom the FBI still has a very large file). What had long been a dark rumor whispered among conservatives and scoffed at by the left, has finally been proven true… and the truth comes from Obama’s own words. In the run up to his first election as President, much was made of Obama’s connections to the racist preacher Jeremiah Wright and to the violent revolutionaries Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. But the Democrat left and their lapdogs in the media refused to connect the dots, so the most anti-American President ever was soon elected to office.
I’m sure they’ll choose to ignore this video, too. But we won’t. We’ll watch as a man who pretends to love America admits that he was counseled and mentored by a man who openly hated America.

From the Gateway Pundit:
In an extraordinary development, film of Obama explicitly and openly identifying “Frank” as Frank Marshall Davis has suddenly surfaced on the Internet. It is described as having been recorded on September 20,1995, with the program originally airing on Channel 37 Cambridge Municipal Television as an episode of the show “The Author Series.” Obama admits the mysterious “Frank” from his book Dreams from my Father is indeed the communist Frank Marshall Davis. But Obama does NOT say Davis was a communist. America’s Survival, Inc. President Cliff Kincaid discusses the significance of this discovery 

In the interview Obama can be heard admitting that everything he learned about racism he learned from a communist agitator who hated America.
“And the conversation finally ends with me having a conversation with a close friend of my maternal grandfather, a close friend of gramps, a black man from Kansas named Frank. Actually at the time a fairly well known poet named Frank Marshall Davis who had moved to Hawaii and lived there. And so I have a discussion with him about the kinds of frustrations I’m having and he sort of schools me that I should get used to these frustrations.” 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Obama Pentagon Caught in Major Cover-Up of Mass Murder of US Troops

On April 27, 2011, just months prior to Extortion 17 - the worst loss of life in the Afghan War, America suffered the greatest US Air Force loss of life in the War on Terror at the hands of Afghan Air Force Colonel Ahmad Gul. Now, a major bombshell has emerged regarding this incident, which has been labeled the deadliest "green-on-blue" attack in the war in Afghanistan. Investigative reporters have determined that the Pentagon covered up the fact that an Air Force colonel, who murdered several American Air Force personnel and a civilian contractor, was paid to do so 

Patrick Poole of PJ Media reports:
Multiple Air Force and CENTCOM investigations claimed to find no motive for the attack, leaving the families of those killed with no answers.

Now, a senior U.S. official has gone on the record claiming that a United Nations team tracked substantial payments to the killer and his family made days just prior to the incident.

For the past year, I have worked as a consultant with the For The Record documentary investigative team looking into the Kabul airport massacre and the Pentagon's handling of the matter. Last November, I appeared on an episode of the program noting that the Pentagon's multiple explanations for the attack didn't match their own forensics. Here's a trailer for that For The Record episode, "Insider Attack":

Thomas Creal is a top US official who was commissioned by the Pentagon as the lead forensic accountant for Task Force 2010, provided documents to For the Record, which revealed payoffs to Col. Gul.   

Creal told For the Record, "Since the mid-70s, I've been tracing 'black money' all around the world."
He said the purpose of the Task Force was "to gain visibility on the illicit monies over in Afghanistan."
Creal concluded that "money was the driving force behind the shooting" by Col. Gul. "His family received money in the family bank account, his gambling debts were paid off and his loans were paid off."
He then revealed that the total of those pay offs was approximately a quarter of a million dollars.
Creal then said that everyone in the upper levels of military and political life in Afghanistan knew exactly what was going on.
"Mullah Omar would instruct his lieutenants to pay certain people and they explained that to me as being 'that's our investments,'" Creal said. "An investment means a 'marker.' So, I pay you and I own you for a future attack. It was common practice."

When For the Record approached US Central Command for an interview, they were turned down and provided a statement which read, "At the time of CENTCOM investigation, there were no known investigations into Afghan corruption and we are not aware of any such investigations since, but I would refer you to the Afghan government for additional details."
"There was extensive corruption inside the Afghan military and investigations were cut short, hampered by ranking personnel at the State Department and military," Creal said. "The insider killings don't need to continue. We can take steps to mitigate these suicidal hits but we can't do it if evidence is ignored."

Poole adds, "The Pentagon cover-up began almost immediately after the massacre, most likely to avoid embarrassing revelations of rampant corruption by our Afghan 'allies.' The initial report had to be followed up by a second and third report after the lies in the first began to be challenged — including the first report's claim that Gul had committed suicide after the attack, but was later found to have died from gunshot wounds to the chest from two different weapons."
"Despite overwhelming evidence to the effect found in their own reports, the Pentagon claimed to find no conclusive evidence of Taliban involvement — even though the terror group immediately claimed credit for the attack," he concluded. "This resulted in bizarre reporting on the Pentagon's findings, such as an Air Force Times article entitled 'Motive in Kabul shooting deaths remains elusive.'"

Yet, since that time, the Pentagon has maintained that they don't know what the motive was behind the attack by Col. Gul.
Since Creal and investigative reporter Sara Carter have the information, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Sally Stenton says that the Pentagon is either inept, which I'm not buying for a moment, or they are lying. Perhaps the payments to Col. Gul are the very same methods that led to such things as Americans killed aboard Extortion 17 or even the countless and growing trend of green-on-blue attacks that continue to this day in Afghanistan.


Epic Obituary Begs Mourners – “Don’t Vote for Hillary Clinton”!

Onan Coca 
We never had the chance to meet the great Larry Darrell Upright who passed away last week in North Carolina… but we think if we would have met, we probably would have been fast friends. How could we possibly know this? The last line of his obituary explains our confidence.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Shriners Hospital for Children, 2900 Rocky Point Drive, Tampa, FL 33607. Also, the family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. R.I.P. Grandaddy.
Any man whose obituary ends with that petition for mercy for his nation deserves our respect and our admiration.

What may be even better than Mr. Upright’s appeal is the response he’s gotten in his online guestbook from friends, family and complete strangers, many pledges of support and respect for this fine man’s final desperate plea.
“Our deepest sympathy to the entire family. We promise not to vote for Hillary,” one mourner wrote. 

“God Bless,” another wrote. “We would not vote for Hillary if she was the only one running.”
The obituary even brought new people online to honor Upright’s wishes.
“I am a stranger and I do not know you or your departed. However, I saw the obit and wanted to express my condolences and to let you know that your sense of humor is wonderful,” one person wrote. “Please know that we will not be voting for Hillary. Blessings to you and your family.” 

Please Mr. Upright let us add our voice to so many others. Our deepest condolences, prayers and thoughts of mourning for your family, and our sincerest word… We will NOT be voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Come Hell or High Water, she won’t be getting our vote.


Evangelist Could Face Five Years in Prison for Revealing Double Standard and the Homosexual Agenda

SydesJokes Facebook Page | SydesJokes Blog | SydesJokes Twitter ...

Michael Ware 

It seems that only the left is allowed to reveal hypocrisy. When Christians do so, the state is there again to step in and cry foul. This follows the narrative I have been pointing to for a month. The government and the sodomite community says we are to agree or else. This is happening in the case of an evangelist from Arizona and a baker in Florida.
The Christian Post has reported
Arizona Internet Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein could be facing felony charges after posting a YouTube video recording of a conversation he had with a Florida baker where he asked if she could make him a sheet cake displaying the words “We do not support gay marriage.”

I want to point out that Feuerstein is not facing charges for the request, at least not yet. The issue is that he did not know that his recording of the baker without her permission is illegal in Florida. I wonder how that works since he is not in Florida. But I digress. The problem that Feuerstein faces is that he also published the recording on YouTube.
Breitbart reports that Haller is considering taking Feuerstein to court because he never got her permission to publish their conversation. Recording conversations without consent is a third-degree felony in the state of Florida and punishable by up to five years in prison, The Orlando Sentinel was told by a Sarasota-based lawyer.
But, the purpose for the recording was to point to a double standard. We all know that this double standard exists. Joshua is guilty of trying to reveal this hypocrisy.
The Christian Post said

On April 1, Feuerstein called Cut the Cake bakery in Longwood, Florida, and asked owner Sharon Haller if she would make a cake and include the words “We do not support gay marriage.” Haller initially thought the phone call was a prank. She then refused to make the cake saying, “We do not do that, sorry.” She then quickly hung up the phone.
His point is easy to see.
“It obviously violates her principles, so she doesn’t feel like she should be forced to make the cake. And yet, there is all of this hoopla because Christian bakeries think that they shouldn’t be forced,” he explained. “We’re getting to the place in America now where Christians are not allowed any form of freedom of speech.”

Haller has since contacted her local news and the FBI. She like most people has exaggerated the situation. She, apparently seeking to make Feuerstein’s motives hateful, misquoted him on the news.
“He gave credit card information and he said he wants written on the cake, ‘I hate gays,'” Haller is quoted as saying to the media outlet.
The Post also reports
 Breitbart also reports that Haller has inquired with the FBI as to whether Feuerstein can be charged with a hate crime.

This means that there is a chance that there would be federal charges brought against Joshua. So then here would be the double standard. Joshua is said to commit a crime for the statement; “we do not support gay marriage.” But Christian bakers are not allowed to refuse to bake a cake for sodomite unions. The gags are coming. It will not be long before you will not be allowed to express your beliefs concerning sodomy. They have promised they would silence us and they are.
Liveleak quotes After the Ball, the sodomite playbook
“At a later stage of the media campaign for gay rights — long after other gay ads have become commonplace — it will be time to get tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must be vilified. ….Our goal here is twofold. First, we seek to replace the mainstream’s self-righteous pride about its homophobia with shame and guilt. Second, we intend to make the antigays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types.”

Two NC Churches Victims of Sodomite Terror Tactics

Sodomy, American Style
Michael Ware 

When we think of terror attacks, we think of bombs and gunmen, but there is another brand of terror. When you attack one’s property, it is still an attempt at terror, even if you do no physical or bodily harm. When you vandalize and destroy property, you are saying to the property owners, “See how easy it was for me to hurt you, stop what you are doing, or it could get worse.” And though this might not have been the intended message of the sodomites who attacked two churches, this was the message conveyed.
Christian News reports
Two North Carolina churches recently suffered thousands of dollars in damage as their buildings and property were trashed and spray-painted with pro-homosexual messages.
We should not be the least bit surprised at this escalation. These wicked people have been morally and legally empowered by the recent political and social trends. They feel that most people who are not affiliated with these churches agree with them. It is good to be a sodomite, and these stupid Christians have no reason to oppose their deviate practices
Christian News continues

Officials at Bales Memorial Wesleyan Church in Jamestown arrived last Saturday to find the church sign broken and pelted with eggs and silly string. Some of the church windows had been smashed, flowers were uprooted and parking signs were ripped out the ground. The hood of the church bus was scratched as if it had been keyed, and a sign was shoved through the front grill.
On Sunday, officials at Grace Baptist Church in Greensboro also arrived to find similar damages to their building and property. A window had been broken, eggs had been pelted at the building and toilet paper was strewn around the outside of the facility.

So, then, why these churches? The two are in no way linked to any anti-sodomite movement in NC. They are not linked to one another either. Neither pastor is sighted as having recently preached a message against sodomy. There is absolutely no discernable reason that these churches would be targeted. And that should tell us something.
These sodomites, either to take out their anger at the symbols of what they see as hate or to strike fear in the Christian community, in general, attacked Christians for being Christians. This indiscriminate attack was not aimed at any particular group of Christians. Any Christians would do, and this is the very definition of hate and discrimination.  There was no care taken as to the position of these churches concerning sodomy. They are Christians, so they are guilty.
Pastor Coward puts the event into perspective according to Christian News

“Why would someone stoop so low to vandalize a church? In a word: Sin! The prophet Jeremiah says that ‘the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked above all things,’” Coward wrote in a post on Facebook. “Yes, it’s true that Satan opposes God and he is probably laughing about this vandalism. But God’s shows us the destructive sin nature found in all mankind—including each one of us!”
If things do not change in this country and soon, these events will become progressively worse. Christians need to see that we will soon be under persecution if God does not act quickly. We must pray for God to change these people’s hearts.

Ted Cruz Answers Gay Marriage Question Brilliantly; Some Conservatives Upset

Frank Camp 

There’s been a recent hubbub about the way in which Marco Rubio answered a gay marriage question posed to him by Jorge Ramos. “Would you attend a gay wedding?” Rubio answered in the affirmative, but his answer is irrelevant. What is relevant is why the media—in the face of the monumental problems facing the United States—would ask such an asinine question. There’s a simple answer: the gay marriage question a gotcha question, designed to tarnish candidates.
The media needs Republicans to look like bigoted, mean, closed-minded, hateful, stupid cretins. The best way to accomplish this is to ask an irrelevant question, then turn their answer against them. If a candidate says “Yes, I would,” their base will be upset, and if a candidate says “No, I would not,” the media can play that out to make them look bigoted. The masses will follow.

When the gay marriage question was posed to Ted Cruz, rather than do what other candidates have done—answer affirmatively or negatively—he changed the conversation. Some conservatives have called it a dodge, but I don’t see it that way. I see Cruz’s answer as a deft way to say “screw you” to the media, while making his views clear regarding states rights, marriage, and executive and judicial overreach.
To be fair, Hugh Hewitt asked Cruz the question in context—not a liberal.
Hewitt: “What matters more? Knowing if a candidate for the presidency will attend a gay wedding, or whether he or she will destroy the Islamic State before it throws hundreds if not thousands of more gay men to their deaths from towers. What matters more knowing?”
Cruz: “There’s no doubt the latter does, but it’s part of the gotcha game the mainstream media plays, where they come after Republicans on every front—and it’s designed to caricature Republicans, to make them look stupid or evil or crazy or extreme…the mainstream media are the praetorian guard protecting the Obama presidency, and there’s no group on this planet more ready for Hillary…” 

Hewitt: “Having put it in the context, now I want to ask the question that was asked to Senator Rubio. If you have a loved one or friend getting married in a same-sex wedding, would you attend it?”
Cruz: “Well, I will tell you I haven’t faced that circumstance; I have not had a loved one have a gay wedding…the media tries to twist the question of marriage into a battle of emotions and personalities…’Gosh, any conservative must hate people who are gay!’ As you know, that has nothing to do with the operative legal question…
I’m a Christian, and Scripture commands us to love everyone, and all of us are sinners. But the legal question—I’m a constitutionalist—and under the Constitution, from the beginning of this country, marriage has been a question for the states. It has been a question for elected legislatures in each of the 50 states…
What we’ve seen in recent years from the left is the federal government and unelected federal judges imposing their own policy preferences to tear down the marriage laws of the states. So if someone is running for public office, it is perfectly legitimate to ask them their views on whether they’re willing to defend the Constitution, which leaves marriage to the states, or whether they want to impose their own extreme policy views like some on the left are doing—like Barack Obama does, like Hillary Clinton does.” 

Hewitt essentially asked Cruz his opinion about the question, rather than the question itself. As such, Cruz answered in such a way as to give his opinion about marriage and states rights, while simultaneously calling out the media for even asking such a ridiculous question.
And to be fair, the question is ludicrous. Regardless of your personal answer as a Christian, it is indeed a personal question, the answer to which has absolutely zero bearing on one’s ability to lead the free world—and Cruz knows that. Other questions in that vein do have relevance to the political conversation, but whether or not one would attend a gay wedding does not.
Cruz took what could have been typical, and turned it into something germane to the actual argument at hand, which is the legalization of same-sex marriage, and how it applies in the context of the constitution. He also used it as an opportunity to condemn both executive and judicial overreach. A basic gotcha question turned into a complex analysis.
Cruz has a history of subverting preposterous questions posed to him by liberal journalists. He has an ability to take an irrelevant question and turn it on its head to make a larger—and often more pertinent—point. This skill is why Cruz has been able to survive and even excel in a media landscape that is not only unfriendly to conservatives, but intentionally poisonous.

Ted Cruz is a man of principle, and one who has a thorough understanding of what matters. He knows what’s important regarding leadership and his vision is outside the scope of typical political gamesmanship.
Don’t be so quick to dismiss Cruz because of an answer you didn’t prefer. He is a mix of principle and savvy unlike anything that’s been seen before in politics.
I guess what I’m saying is, have faith. Ted Cruz has proven himself time and time again, and his capacity to take asinine questions and make them pertinent to situations of leadership is extraordinary.