Thursday, December 13, 2018

California.... #Taxifornia Home of FaceBook,Twitter,Google,MSM

Ever wonder why the big boys of communication / Hollywood Movie Moguls call #Taxifornia their Home Sweet Home ?
Well I have come to the conclusion the reason must be they get sweet ( #YUGE ) tax breaks from the looney progressive government.Therefore they give 1000% support for the Progressive Party USA...They donate #Yuge political donations as well as becoming the Public Relations outfit for the return they receive tax breaks as well as protection from rules,regulations,laws that stifle their conservative competition.

I challenge all the true Investigative Reporters out there with a Big Mic and audience to look into how much these companies pay in taxes compared to their compitition as well as protection from rules,regulations,laws !

And don't forget to use the Hashtag #Taxifornia

Saturday, November 3, 2018

There should be a two level pay system for Cable/Satellite TV

I remember about 40 years ago the talk was cable TV was the wave of the future no more annoying commercials...the technology arrived commercials and all...we all expected it to be expensive at first to pay back the cost of development...then get cheaper as time passed as all products do.

Not so it gets more expensive each year as rates go up every 1-2 years...and we must suffer through more added commercials reducing a hourly show to about 40 minutes. With the exception of prime movie /sports events pay to play added costs.

I am not a supporter of excessive regulation however in this case I am...there should be a two level pay system...Level One Basic cable/with commercials minus prime viewing ...say a reasonable cost of $15-25.00 per month.
Level Two Commercial free with prime time movie/sports events...not to exceed a reasonable cost between $75-100 per month....if new technology comes into play and cost more fine...however those who choose to keep the old technology should be grand fathered in as well as new customers whos needs are met by the older technology

Please RT if you agree!

POTUS Donald Trump said "I am a Nationalist"

Yes....yes he did...and immediately the CPUSA aka Progressive Party USA along with their useful idiots... The dumbed down Looney Left Liberals placed the tag "WHITE" ! Nationalist upon him and went into their usual ranting and raving calling him a "RACISTS"
Well folks the only racists here are them.
Scan down the popular post column here and click on : Barack Obama the new Anthony will wake you up to whats really going on hear and now !

Y'all wonder why the the "Sleeping Giant" (USA) has awoken and elected Donald Trump as POTUS...well it's because he is the only one capable and posseses the cajones to take on the proverbial sewer/swamp Globalists known as The Progressive Party USA !

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Attn: Blue Dog Dems....Conservative Reps

Y'all had better get together and take out the DNC Progressive Party (CPUSA)starting with the leaders(We all know who they are) They have hijacked the Democratic Party and are dismanteling it day by day...The goal being transition from Socialist to full blown Communists.

There attacks on the US Constitution/Bill of Rights becomes more aggressive and violent each and every day...The attacks on Brett Kavanaugh are quite telling he is a threat to their agenda being that he is a strict Constitutionalist and will give the SCOTUS a lean to the right.

They have no moral compass and will use any means neccesary to achieve their goal...They lie,cheat,steal, smear,slander and use we all have noticed has increased since their loss to POTUS Donald Trump.

The time is now... failure to act will bring their dream of total control reality

Saturday, August 25, 2018

The cold hard truth about the Mueller Witch Hunt...

Here is the cold hard truth...plain and simple facts:
The USAG/FBI are claiming they must stay neutral and never get involved in political investigations...they can only investigate crimes and never give the impression it is political!
However they are also backed up by MSM as well as some pundits/talking heads at FoxNews as well...who always claim to be fair and balanced..a prime example of the proverbial oxymoron! 

Let me get this right...Mueller,Comey,Rosenstein,and now Sessions claim investigating Trump is not political albeit they have no crime just innuendo and speculation.
In the case of Hillary Clinton et al they claim it would be political to investigate her ...albeit there is a gross amount of evidence that she and her cohorts have comitted many crimes!

Uhhh guys it is totally permitted to investigate someone who is a political figure if in fact a crime has the term in itself is irrelevant. Except in a case such as the case against Donald J Trump a sitting President who is being investigated for Political reaasons without any evidence of a crime being comitted with the exception of trumped up (pun) allegations with predjudice! Even Robert Mueller/Special Counsel has admitted he will go for recommending Impeachment if no crime can be proven...That my friends is corruption baked into political agendas from the get go!

I recomend POTUS TRUMP Terminate Mueller,Rosenstein,Sessions and order the new USAG to open a investigation into the many crimes comitted by the Clinton Crime Family...including Comey,Holder,Obama any and all associated with these administrations...starting with the prime crime under 18 USC 2384/85
Let the proverbial cards fall where they may...after all they will not quit until they remove our duly elected POTUS by any means they can!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Sharlas Labyrinth endorses Dr Kelly Ward for Az Senate

After doing the research Dr Kelly Ward is more aligned with President Trump's agenda to make America Great...she is a fiscal as well as social life.
No negative baggage could be found.

Martha McSally is a retired USAF Officer who flew the A-10 Warthog...this is the only plus I give her...she votes along the lines of Senator Flake and Senator McCain whom she likes and supports...she has a questionable background re a short term marriage to another USAF Officer 1997-1999 which was annuled .

No need to discuss the third candidate as Ward and Kelly are the leaders.

Monday, August 6, 2018

POTUS to Special Counsel: You're Fired !

I'm sorry but I for one have had enough of wasting taxpayer money on the personal agenda of the #ClintonCrimeFamily #Obama and their Lieutenants...What POTUS needs to do is exercise his authority under the US Constitution/Bill of Rights.

Agree to a interview with SpecialCounsel Robert Mueller...with Rudy and USAG Sessions in tow...After Mueller makes his opening statement...POTUS should retrieve his termination notice from his suit pocket for Robert Mueller and state : Under the powers vested to me under the US Constitution ...Robert Mueller You're Fired for your Obstruction of Justice as well as violations under 18 USC 1884/85 in the cases against BARACK OBAMA and The ClintonCrimeFamily...hand SC Mueller the written notice as well as a copy to USAG Sessions...and state to Sessions :  Do your job USAG! 

It is is done...waiting with baited breath!

Friday, July 27, 2018

How to end the Special Counsel #WitchHunts once and for all !

I suggest "We the People" ban together open a 'Go Fund Me' account then hire a Army of Private Investigators to investigate the Special Counsel members,Congressmen and Senators on both sides of the aisle, MSM Talking Heads,appointed cabinet members... let's investigate their sexual indiscretions, financial portfolios (Kick Backs) etal akin to a full field background investigation.

Let them see how it feels to be under the proverbial spotlight known as the #WitchHunt

Whatta ya say y'all ya with me ?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

False Outrage...Separation of illegal aliens from their children

First and foremost...these parents are to blame not the citizens of the USA. They broke the law entering the United States of America illegally without permission, putting their children at risk from abuse by coyotes.

I am so tired of the looney left progressive congress as well as the RINO GOP, MSM et al wringing of hands , false tears and outright actors in a ridiculous soap opera not even worthy of a Tony award. 

Here is a simple solution which would save millions/billions and is fair and just :
The illegal entries can be adjudicated right on the border upon capture within 72 hrs ( by relocating immigration judges to the border crossing areas)...these are not complicated court cases...they crossed the border illegally were caught (Slam Dunk). Instead of separation of parent and child and  putting them in internment which is quite expensive... food,shelter,medical care,and supervision. 

It would be extremely cheaper to have use of Air National Guard as well as US Military transport aircraft at the ready to transport the parents and children back to their country of origin if they are not from Mexico...those who are can be walked back to the port of entry to Mexico. We could also bill the Mexican government for the cost of military transport being that they allowed non Mexican citizens to proceed north through Mexico in order to illegally enter the USA. 

Let's keep this short and simple and fair to all involved...congress needs to stop campaigning 24/7 365 days per year and take care of the peoples business...not special interests, their job security and auditionoing for a 2nd career as a B actor on future soap operas or MSM talking head contributors!

Friday, May 25, 2018

What POTUS needs to do to resolve the DOJ/FBI obstruction issue

It is simple really and within his authority to do...instead of firing Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein he should place them and any other DOJ/FBI officials he deems as being obstructionists on administrative leave with a court Gag order stipulating they cannot talk about anything job related while on administrative leave...with or without pay at his discretion. Appoint the DOJ /IG as acting AG since he seems to be the only one doing his job.
This will eliminate anyone from accusing the  POTUS of being a obstructionist...being that all police departments place employees on administrative leave while they are being investigated and or appeaar to be in conflict.
After the new AG complets his investigation...those on administrative leave can be reinstated or terminated...if just cause is found!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Culture Australia Hit with Largest Mass Shooting Since 1996 Gun Confiscation

Australia Hit with Largest Mass Shooting Since 1996 Gun Confiscation

Australia is often cited by gun control advocates in America as an example of the sort of gun violence-free utopia they imagine our nation could become, if only we got rid of all of the guns.
They point to the restrictive gun control laws enacted in 1996 following a mass shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania, when a gunman murdered 35 people and injured countless more.
Those gun control laws — which included confiscatory gun buybacks — banned the possession of most semi-automatic rifles and even pump-action shotguns, though some could still be possessed under certain circumstances and tight regulations and with explicit permission from the government.

The gun grabbers have often bragged that there haven’t been any mass shootings in Australia since those restrictive laws were put in place. That all changed on Friday after a suspected mass murder-suicide took place in the rural area of Osmington in the southwest corner of Western Australia that left seven people dead.
Australia’s 9NEWS reported that three adults and four children were found shot to death at a home early Friday morning. Police declined to confirm the identities of the victims, but they are believed to be the residents of the property.
Police found two firearms at the scene and are not currently searching for any suspects. They did however reveal that they had received a call earlier in the morning from a man “connected to the property” prior to the shooting, but declined to offer further details.

“‘Shocking’ is just about the only word. I feel sick to the stomach. That couldn’t happen here,” stated family friend and neighbor Felicity Haynes. “It’s just horrifying. They were good people. It’s not fair.”
Police Chief Commissioner Chris Dawson called the deaths a “horrific incident,” and stated, “The loss of any life is tragic but, four children and three adults, this is a significant tragedy.”

“It appears that gunshot wounds are there but I don’t want to go further than that as two firearms have been located at the scene,” he added. “We are trying to locate other members of the family and friends.”
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that a mass shooting is defined in that nation as one in which there are five or more victims. The most recent incident which would qualify — belying the claims of no such events since the Port Arthur massacre — occurred in 2014 when a man killed himself and four members of his family in rural New South Wales.
But such events have always been relatively rare in the sparsely populated nation of 18 million people, and though there has been a decline in the frequency of such incidents over the past few decades, the efficacy of the gun control laws put into place after Port Arthur are certainly debatable.

“We have been lucky that all forms of gun-related deaths have reduced dramatically since we took that step of having less guns (following the gun bans in the wake of Port Arthur),” stated Glenn Greensmith, a mass shooting expert studying a PhD at Edith Cowan University. “But there are as many guns now in Australia as there were at the time of the Port Arthur massacre.”
The Post noted that while there haven’t been many mass shootings since the restrictive laws were put in place, regular gun-related homicide rates have remained roughly the same. Furthermore, they reported that a local Australian newspaper, The Age, had found in 2017 that other gun-related crimes had actually doubled in recent years in the city of Melbourne.

That media outlet noted that shootings occurred on a weekly basis and people with prior criminal convictions were being caught with illegal guns at an alarming rate — a basic fact of reality that gun rights proponents have long argued.
Rather than admit the fundamental flaw of gun control measures — criminals will always gain illicit access to firearms — that outlet called for even stricter laws to be implemented as well as another mandatory buy-back, or “gun amnesty,” as they termed it, this time with a focus on handguns 

The mass shooting incident in Australia was certainly tragic, but it also just goes to show that gun control laws will never work perfectly and there is no way to stop dangerous people from doing their worst with a firearm … which is why good people should be allowed to be armed for their own protection.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Here's why the A-10 Warthog is irreplaceable

And thanks to POTUS Donald Trump for bringing this amazing aircraft back into service in the Middle East wars... Loved by soldiers with boots on the ground...a blessing when being overrun!


TREASON: Neocon Nikki Haley Betrays Trump, Backs Robert Mueller

How much longer will President Trump put up with this?

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has done her best to hide her neocon roots. But in recent days she has made her contempt for President Trump well known, attacking his ‘communication style,’ as well as defended Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation against Trump.
On Sunday, Haley stated that President Trump should not shut down Robert Mueller’s investigation, and that it should be allowed to play out, stating:
“It should go through the process. But they need to do it quickly. For the good of the country, this investigation needs to happen quickly.”
While more and more Americans are turning against Robert Mueller, Nikki Haley felt it was a good time to side with him, showing her true colors.

As anyone who doesn’t listen to the mainstream media knows, Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia collusion during the 2016 election is nothing more than a witch hunt against President Trump. Over the past few weeks, that has become more apparent, especially with evidence that Mueller has failed to follow through on pertinent details relating to the Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer, likely as to not harm his anti-Trump media narrative.

Prior to Trump’s election, Nikki Haley was a harsh Trump critic. She even used her official response to former President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address to make implied attacks on Trump and his immigration policies. Then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump responded back to her criticisms stating that “[Nikki Haley is] weak on illegal immigration, and she certainly has no trouble asking me for campaign contributions.” 
At the time of her attacks against Trump she was serving as Governor of South Carolina, where she was firmly on the side of the political establishment, caving to politically correct demands of the left. She angered conservatives nationwide when she led the campaign to remove a long-standing Confederate flag from the grounds of the South Carolina State House.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Watch The Mighty Fall

 Join Oath Keepers

by:Shorty Dawkins

Those who rise to positions of power, respect and prestige are faced with many temptations. Some succumb to those temptations after achieving their high positions. Others achieved their positions while hiding behind a veneer of respectability, while secretly having already succumbed to immoral or illegal behavior.
In my six decades of life, I have seen many people in high positions fall. Some fell from grace after their deaths, as the truth of their misdeeds, or their moral failings has come to light. Some fell from grace while still in the middle of their power, or position, or fame. Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, J. Edgar Hoover, Dennis Hastert, Gary Hart, Harvey Weinstein, Andrew McCabe, Jimmy Swaggart, Elliott Spitzer and Kevin Spacey are just a few of those who fell from grace.
We are none of us perfect, but most of us strive to be moral, caring individuals. Few of us would stand on a soapbox and proclaim our high moral standards, while seeking power and control. No, we just try to do what is right; what is moral.

Another has fallen from a high position. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D-NY) recently resigned after being accused of sexual misconduct and physical abuse. It would be ironic if these allegations were proven to be true, as Schneiderman portrayed himself as a strong supporter of “feminism”. Or would it?
I have always been suspicious of those who claim to be morally, intellectually or ethically superior to others. Why do they need to make such claims? Who are they trying to convince; themselves or others? I always felt they were taking onto themselves the mantle of virtues they lacked themselves. Maybe I’m wrong, but my suspicions have often been justified. I never trusted Richard Nixon, for instance.
Actions speak louder than words. It is an old axiom, but a wise one.

Morally bankrupt individuals, who seek power for power’s sake, can never be trusted. It is obvious they will do anything to gain, or retain, power. George H. W. Bush, his son, Dubya, and Bill and Hillary Clinton come to mind in this respect. They somehow believed they had a right to be President; as if it were some preordained summons from on high. They sought power for power’s sake.
Lord Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men,…”. It is best to heed his words. No man, or woman, is perfect, but those who are most corruptible, in my opinion, are those who seek power. Psychopaths and sociopaths seek power. Those who seek power, and control, over others are not to be trusted, as they always have a secret, dark agenda.
Beware of the power seekers, and watch closely those who hold the reins of power. Beware of those who claim superiority.
Morally bankrupt individuals, who seek power for power’s sake, can never be trusted. It is obvious they will do anything to gain, or retain, power. George H. W. Bush, his son, Dubya, and Bill and Hillary Clinton come to mind in this respect. They somehow believed they had a right to be President; as if it were some preordained summons from on high. They sought power for power’s sake.
Lord Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men,…”. It is best to heed his words. No man, or woman, is perfect, but those who are most corruptible, in my opinion, are those who seek power. Psychopaths and sociopaths seek power. Those who seek power, and control, over others are not to be trusted, as they always have a secret, dark agenda.
Beware of the power seekers, and watch closely those who hold the reins of power. Beware of those who claim superiority.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Billionaire-Backed Sex Trafficking Cult Partied With Richard Branson on His Private Island
by: John Vibes

Last week, The Free Thought Project reported that a celebrity sex cult backed by billionaires has been accused of trafficking children. The leaders of the organization, Keith Raniere and Smallville actress Allison Mack were arrested and charged with child sex trafficking and slavery.
Now that Raniere is in jail and Mack is on bail and ordered not to have any contact with other cult members, Clare Bronfman has taken on the role of leader within the organization. Bronfman and her sister, Sarah, are the primary backers of the cult, funding the organization with hundreds of millions of dollars. The Bronfman sisters are among multiple heirs to the Seagrams liquor fortune.

One of the main whistleblowers in the case is Frank Parlato, a former NXIVM publicist who has been leaking verifiable information to the press through his blog Frank Report. In a new post this week, Parlato provided evidence of another interesting connection in this case—Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson.
According to Parlato, the organization hosted multiple events on Branson’s private island, Necker Island. Although Branson denies any connection with the group and claims that he was not present at the events on the island, he is quoted in an endorsement on one of Raniere’s websites, and there are photos of him with NXIVM members.

“The tools you have for compassionately dealing with complex ethical and global issues are not only unique but also extremely valuable. This, along with a program of coordinated, organized resources, makes for an innovative approach to transforming our society. I think your founding event will be extraordinary and potentially world-changing!” Branson said of Raniere."

Parlato says that this quote was given in connection to one of Raniere’s events on Necker Island, which was also attended by Allison Mack, and the Bronfman sisters. Parlato also provided photos of Branson with NXIVM members on the island, including Sara Bronfman.
However, before this evidence surfaced, Branson vehemently denied any connection with the organization. Many news sources initially reported on the events at Necker Island, but Branson forced multiple outlets to retract the information. After removing mentions of Branson, many sources published his statement, which read:

“There is no association between Keith Raniere and Sir Richard Branson and Sir Richard has no recollection of ever taking part in a seminar hosted by NXIVM. Clare and Sara Bronfman did hire Necker Island several years ago and we understand they hosted a gathering for team members of NXIVM. The island is available for hire by the public and this was one of many gatherings held on the island over the years by various groups from across the world. Sir Richard was not aware of any of the allegations against NXIVM or its leader whatsoever and did not himself host any intensive courses for the group.” 

According to Parlato, Nancy Salzman was at one of the events and saw Branson there. 

“Nancy said she did the teaching by day. But she said he became increasingly restless and hosted really crazy parties that started earlier and earlier. The classes started at 7 a.m. and were supposed to run to 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. but everyone was up late at night and no one wanted to show up on time. Salzman said that at Sir Richard’s parties some of the women gave pole dancing performances,” he said.
Parlato also said that the Bronfman sisters were hoping to recruit Branson into the organization.

“Part of the reason they staged NXIVM seminars on Necker was NXIVM hoped to recruit Branson into the organization. Branson would have been the biggest score they ever had—a billionaire businessman. Several group members, including co-founder Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Emiliano Salinas and others went to Necker for two seminars in 2007 and 2010. They partied hard with Branson too,” Parlato said.
Branson’s island is a popular vacation destination for politicians and celebrities. Just last week, Kanye West talked about hanging out with Barack Obama on the island. Sara Bronfman reportedly paid $250,000 per visit for use of the entire island.

While it is possible that Branson had no clue about the group’s illegal activities, it is interesting that he was so quick to deny any connection to the group and its members when he was obviously a present participant in at least one of these events at Necker Island.

Since the grim details of the cult have come to light, more high-level connections, both big and small, continue to be revealed. Last week it was reported that former Trump adviser Roger Stone worked as a lobbyist for the group for two months in 2007, however, Stone claims that he broke from the group after refusing to take a class.
Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

Friday, May 4, 2018

Preacher Six Final Film Campaign!


If you like original content that is driven by action and amazing writing you have come to the right place. No remakes, redoos , sequals, do overs for us! Lets take film back!! If you like Quentin Tarantino type films, you will love this one!! "Preacher Six" is like "Taxi Driver" meets "Sin City" meets "The Prophecy" Please be a part of something awesome!! Lets do this!!
Welcome!! My name is Kyle Hester. Just a bit about me. I have been acting since I was in the 7th grade. Film is a life long passion of mine. Preacher Six is a character that I think we can all identify with. Wouldnt you want someone to fight evil if they could. I know I would.
"Sometimes darkness just needs a few well placed bullets." Preacher Six
Welcome to our Independent grindhouse action horror film. We have had an Indiegogo campaign run last year. With that and a Go Fund me fundraiser we were able to film the first 10 pages of the script in Arkansas in and around Hot Springs. You can see the results in our promotional trailer above. Weare excited to have come this far in this awesome world of independent film. Now.... the journey continues!!

My wife Tracy Ray is the screenwriter of "Preacher Six". She has created a world all of wonders that will leave you wanting to know more. I am truly blown away by the script personally!
Preacher Six is a small town preacher that is summoned to the big city where he ends up fighting evil in a literal sense! The characters that he meets along the journey are something special and unique! They could all have their own films made about them!
Grady Earls is our prolific director! You will see his graphics in the artwork. We are going for A list quality here!
"I didn't choose this......... I was chosen."  Preacher Six

Speaking of high quality! Lets look at our cast!! Schedules and availability not withstanding check out who we have lined up!
Kyle Hester from "The Chair"
Carmen Argenziano from "Godfather II"!
Zach Galligan from "Gremlins"!
Bill Oberst from "The Chair"!
Naomi Grossman from "American Horror Story"!
Tomas Boykin from "Voodoo Possession"!
David Banks from "Cut"!
Lawrence Chau from Ghostly Encounters"!
Ezra Buzzington from "Fight Club"!
Mary Le Gault from "Death Factory"!
Jeremy Fultz from "Zombie With a Shotgun"!
Plus many more!! This cast is still being announced!
The only way all those actors will work is with your help!
Independent film only happens because of people like you! This Indiegogo campaign is what will make this film happen. Everything from paying the cast and crew to the Insurance and film permits that make filming possible. The food that they eat on set is made possible because of you. Bottom line here is  without you and your support all of this is a blank screen...................
We are the new wave in Independent film and now....... So are you!!

Risks & Challenges
What are the risks here? That no one contributes anything and this film does not happen.
That......... will NOT happen! Our community is strong and the need for Independent film is strong. We will keep going until this film is made. You know the expresssion "No plan B"?
Well that is the case here! Come on board and be a part of something special!
How else can you help?
Please use the tools on this page to share the campaign on Twitter and your facebook! This is grass roots my friends and everything helps!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now......
Lets go make a film!!!

Preacher Six Final Film Campaign!
"Taxi Driver" meets "Sin City" meets "The Prophecy" "I didnt choose this, I was chosen" -Father Josh
Project Owner

Kyle Hester
Los Angeles, United States
$12,738 USD raised by 148 backers
49% of $26,000 
flexible goal 

Go here to contribute: 

Massive Gun Maker Refuses To Back Down, Hits AR Boycotters with Brutal News

By Cillian Zeal 

If Dick’s Sporting Goods thought it could ban the AR-15 and similar weapons and just face boycotts from gun owners, they were wrong — especially after they started campaigning for gun control.
One of the largest gun manufacturers in America, Springfield Armory, has announced it will no longer do business with Dick’s in the wake of their February decision to stop selling certain rifles.
The move came after it was reported that Dick’s was working with lobbyists to enact new gun restrictions on Capitol Hill.

“The company has retained Glover Park Group to lobby Congress on the matter, according to a disclosure form filed in late April,” Bloomberg reported Thursday.
“The move is unusual for a firm in the retail sector, where few brands tackle such a politically-charged issue for fear it will turn off customers.”
Forget customers, however — they might have a bigger problem on their hand with Springfield.

“Springfield Armory is severing ties with Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, in response to their hiring a group for anti-Second Amendment lobbying,” the company announced Thursday.
“This latest action follows Dick’s Sporting Goods’ decision to remove and destroy all modern sporting rifles (MSR) from their inventory. In addition, they have denied Second Amendment rights to Americans under the age of 21.”
The company went on to emphasize its belief that the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed under the Constitution, and applies to all adult Americans, provided they are not criminals.
“We at Springfield Armory believe that all law abiding American citizens of adult age are guaranteed this sacred right under our Constitution,” the statement continued.

“It is clear where Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, stand on the Second Amendment, and we want to be clear about our message in response,” Springfield said. “Their position runs counter to what we stand for as a company.
The armory concluded by noting that Americans’ constitutional rights exist because patriots and the Founding Fathers actually fought for them. As a result, it’s wrong to let those rights go to waste.

“At Springfield Armory, we believe in the rights and principles fought for and secured by American patriots and our founding forefathers, without question. We will not accept Dick’s Sporting Goods’ continued attempts to deny Second Amendment freedoms to our fellow Americans.”

Springfield Armory
20 hours ago
Springfield Armory® Severs Ties with Dick’s Sporting Goods
Springfield Armory announces its decision in response to Dick’s Sporting Goods’ attempts to deny Second Amendment freedoms
GENESEO, IL, (05/03/18) – Springfield Armory is severing ties with Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, in response to their hiring a group for anti-Second Amendment lobbying.
... See More

If Dick’s is going to continue selling firearms at all, Springfield would be a major loss. Most of their products do not fit into the sporting rifle category; their pistols have become known for both their quality and ubiquity on the market.
Such weapons would likely not be covered under any gun control legislation passed in the near future, meaning that customers would go to other stores — and give them their business — if they want a Springfield.
Why Dick’s would lobby against the interests of their suppliers and their customers is anyone’s guess, but one could predict that Springfield isn’t the last company we’re going to see boycotting Dick’s.
What do you think? Scroll down to comment below!

Something Horrible Has Happened to Barron Trump at school...No Kid Deserves This

by: Emmanuel

Kirsters Baish| It can’t be easy being Barron Trump. He’s 12 years old, and his father is the most famous person in the United States, and one of the most famous people in the world. It’s a given that around half of the country isn’t going to like the poor kid’s dad, but that definitely shouldn’t have anything to do with the way a 12-year-old boy is treated at school. Unfortunately, we live in a country in which the left doesn’t care if they are ridiculing a child. All they care about is the fact that Donald Trump won the election.
First Lady Melania Trump is constantly being attacked by the left. Trump’s other children are constantly under attack, and somehow the left even finds it acceptable to attack a 12-year-old.

According to a new report, Barron Trump is facing bullying at school over his father. 

Hollywood Life reports that the youngest Trump is “Reportedly getting bullied for his father’s current problems. ‘Worst of all, her heart breaks for her son who gets regularly teased at school and has a hard time defending his father to his classmates,’ the insider shared.”
“It’s so unfortunate for someone so young and innocent to have to deal with that so we definitely hope that Barron and Melania feel better soon,” the article continues.
There are tons of liberals who ridicule this young boy based on things his father said 20 years ago. Is this really fair?

There is no need to bully a young child based on stupid things that someone else said decades ago.
Recall back to “comedian” Kathy Griffin toting a prop which resembled the severed head of President Trump during the beginning of Trump’s presidency. As if that didn’t cause enough damage to a young boy, the left deems it necessary to keep talking trash and bullying him.

The Washington Examiner reports:
President Trump’s 11-year-old son Barron reportedly thought a gory image of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a bloody head was actually his father.
TMZ reported Wednesday that Barron was at the family’s New York City penthouse with first lady Melania Trump when the photo appeared on TV. Barron saw the image and panicked. “Mommy, mommy!” he reportedly screamed.
The first lady said in a statement that the photo “makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”
Bullying any politician’s children is simply unacceptable. We cannot blame anyone for the actions of their parents. Throwing the alleged indiscretions of the boy’s father in his face is disgusting.  Parents should never encourage their children to bully someone else. It’s truly horrible that Barron has to go through so much because the left can’t get over an election that happened years ago.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Death Panel Medicine–A Tale of Two Babies: Royal Baby vs. Alfie Evans


Patriot Nurse has a rant about the disparity between how we view the babies of the rich and famous, (in this case the British Royal Baby), and little Alfie Evans, who died recently. The British courts refused to allow Alfie’s parents to take Alfie out of the country for treatment. Really!!!! If the Royal Baby had been similarly ill, would the British courts have denied the Royal Family the opportunity to seek outside help? You know the answer to that question 

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.@realDonaldTrump is the Midnight Special...The .@GOP / #DNC /#MSM is The Graveyard Train

What say y'all?

Donald Trump: 



Hillary pal BUSTED in sex trafficking cult link

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s close friend and top fundraiser has been exposed for his shady connections to a bizarre sex cult that branded young women that allegedly engaged in human trafficking.
Richard L. Mays is a top Democratic insider that was so close to the Clinton family, Bill appointed him as a Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court while governor of the state in 1979
Mays is also directly connected to a secretive group called Nxivm, whose founder Keith Raniere was just arrested in Mexico on federal charges.
He’s a high ranking member of the organization that reportedly “brainwashes” young women and engaged in sex trafficking. While involved in that supposed cult, New York Magazine also said Mays was acting as a close “Clinton friend” and adviser, and was also one of their “top fundraisers.”
At the same time, Raniere and his organization were reportedly spying on a billionaire’s secret email corespondents with Hillary and other world leaders. Top executives in the suspected cult gave tens of thousands of dollars to Hillary’s presidential election fund as well, according to Big League Politics.

Once again with a scandal linked to the Clinton family, the stink goes all the way to the top.
In a letter attributed to Raniere previously posted on a website related to Nxivm, he denied the practices were sanctioned by the self-described self-help group.
“These allegations are most disturbing to me as non-violence is one of my most important values,” the letter said.
The complaint said that many victims participated in videotaped ceremonies where they were branded in their pelvic area with a symbol featuring Raniere’s initials.
“During the branding ceremonies, slaves were required to be fully naked, and the master would order one slave to film while the other held down the slave being branded,” the complaint says.

Investigators said Raniere preferred exceptionally thin women, so “slaves” had to stick to very low-calorie diets and document every food they ate. As punishment for not following orders, women were forced to attend classes where they were “forced to wear fake cow udders over their breasts while executives — possibly Mays — called them derogatory names,” or threatened with being put in cages, court papers say.
Raniere left the United States late last year after The New York Times reported the stories of some women who defected from their secret sorority and the government began interviewing potential witnesses. He sought to cover this trail by using encrypted email and ditching his phone, court papers say.
Raniere was arrested in Mexico in late March and is currently awaiting trail in Texas. According to the complaint, Raniere — known within the group as “Vanguard” — oversaw a barbaric system in which women were told the best way to advance was to become a “slave” overseen by “masters.”

They also were expected to have sex with him and do menial chores for masters, and to keep the arrangement a secret or be publicly humiliated, the complaint says.
Critics say it’s no surprise that top Clinton insiders would be drawn to such an organization.
Accusations of pedophilia, rape, and sex trafficking linked to the Clinton family have been circulating for decades.
So why haven’t Hillary and her pals been locked up yet?
— The Horn editorial team 

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Media Silent as Allison Mack’s Arrest Exposes Child Trafficking For Billionaire-Backed Sex Slave Ring

by:John Vibes

As more details emerge in the case of the elite Hollywood sex cult NXIVM, it seems that the story goes even deeper than was first reported. There is growing evidence that this alleged self-help group was just a front for a human trafficking ring. It has also been revealed that this group has close ties with high-power ruling class families, including the Rothschilds, Clintons, and Bronfmans. 

According to the charges, Smallville actress Allison Mack was a member of the cult and worked in a management position. As second-in-command, it was her job to lure women into the programs under the pretense of female empowerment and self-help workshops, to then convince them to sign up for a more “advanced program” called Dominus Obsequious Sororium, which required these women to basically turn the lives over to cult leader Keith Raniere. Dominus Obsequious Sororium is a quasi-Latin phrase that roughly translates to “Master Over the Slave Women.” 
When women joined Raniere’s inner circle, they were forced to sign over their finances to him, starve themselves to maintain a certain weight, and he even had them surgically branded with his initials. Raniere would use blackmail to keep the women from speaking out, by collecting nude photos and damaging evidence on family members.

“As alleged in the indictment, Allison Mack recruited women to join what was purported to be a female mentorship group that was, in fact, created and led by Keith Raniere. The victims were then exploited, both sexually and for their labor, to the defendants’ benefit,” U.S. Attorney Richard P. Donoghue said in a statement.The cult was finally exposed when the daughter of former Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg became a member. Oxenberg told the New York Times that she became concerned after she saw that her 26-year-old daughter India was extremely emaciated from dieting, and was suffering from serious health problems. 

“Some people have said this is a voluntary sorority. The women I have spoken to tell a far different story,” Oxenberg said. “Coercion is not voluntary. Extortion is not voluntary. Blackmail is not voluntary.”
When these accusations hit the news, other women, including actress Sarah Edmondson, came forward to all to tell the same story, of the blackmail, the branding, as well as the forced labor and forced sexual activity.
Raniere is also accused of having a history of pedophilia, with accusations that stretch back over 20 years, involving girls as young as 12.
In 2012, several women were interviewed by the Albany Times Union about the coercive sexual experiences that they had with Raniere when they were young girls. One of the women in the case was found dead of a gunshot wound before she was able to give the interview. Her death was ruled a suicide.

The U.S. attorney’s office requested to have Raniere held without bail in a letter to the court stating that he was a known child predator.

Although this extremely important detail is being left out of most mainstream reports, one of the main charges in the criminal indictment against Raniere and Mack is sex trafficking of children.

A quick search for Allison Mack’s arrest report or charges—as reported by the mainstream media—will not yield any mention of children. Most mainstream reports only mention sex trafficking and ominously omit that the charges were for sex trafficking of children. Exactly why the media is refusing to report this remains a mystery.

Another important aspect of this case that has been largely overlooked, is the connections that this organization has to high-level figures in politics and finance. The organization worked much like a pyramid scheme, collecting regular fees from its members. But the majority of the funding, over $150 million, came from the trust funds of Seagram heiresses, Sara and Clare Bronfman.
Their involvement with Raniere began in 2002 and has been very public and controversial, with other members of the Bronfman family distancing themselves from the sisters in the press. The Bronfman family has very close ties to the Rothschild banking dynasty, with members of both families belonging to many of the same companies, including their joint financial firm, Bronfman & Rothschild.

Additionally, at least three high-ranking members of the organization, including Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters, are members of Bill Clinton’s foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, which requires an annual $15,000 membership fee.
Now that Raniere is in jail and Mack is on bail and ordered not to have any contact with other cult members, Clare Bronfman has taken on the role of leader within the organization.
In response to the recent controversy surrounding NXIVM, Bronfman made a statement on her website denying the accusations against Raniere. She praised Raniere and the NXIVM programs, insisting that she is doing work that is truly helping people, and that no one has ever been coerced as a part of their workshops.

Frank Parlato, a former NXIVM publicist-turned-whistleblower told the New York Post that Bronfman is among the harshest leaders in the organization.
“She’s the enforcer—the brutal one. Clare’s running the [operation] now, and she’s the most ruthless of them. I’m issuing an absolute warning now. Clare Bronfman is a true fanatic, and if there’s a Jim Jones situation, everyone will commit suicide but her.” Parlato said.
Of Allison Mack, Parlato said that she was a troubled woman, who was both a victim and an abuser.
“Mack was both a victim and a victimizer. She was both a mastermind and Raniere’s useful idiot. She started as a slave and she became a slave master. Her nickname among defectors is ‘Pimp Mack,‘” Parlato said.

It is highly possible that this is a position that Mack was groomed for since she was a child, as many childhood stars turn from victims to predators as a result of what they often experience behind the scenes in the industry. Oddly enough, one of Mack’s very first roles was in a softcore porn movie called “Night Eyes Three.” She was just 11 years old at the time.
Below you can see the full charges against Mack and Raniere:

Allison Mack Case File by Anonymous YX3QstTpw8 on Scribd 

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Illegal Immigration
by: Andrew West 

When candidate Trump made a push to return law and order to the border between the United States and Mexico, he was met with a ridiculous and absurd opposition. 

You see, the liberal left has been counting on the support of illegal immigrants to America for decades.  Not only do minorities and immigrants tend to view the left as a friendlier and more lenient political group to cozy up to, they also tend to vote for them, despite the obvious legal issues therein. 

Combining the estimated numbers of both legal and illegal aliens, there appear to be at least 26 million non-U.S. citizens in the United States at any given time. The bulk of them are lawful permanent residents and illegal aliens (a total of 22 million). The balance consists of roughly 1.6 million tourists and other brief-stay visitors; and approximately 2.4 million long-term visa-holders, such as students and temporary workers.
In 2014, a study released by a team of professors from Old Dominion University and George Mason University estimated that approximately 6.4 percent of noncitizens voted In the 2008 presidential election. They also surmised that 2.2 percent voted in the 2010 midterm election.20 In addition, the study estimated that 80 percent of noncitizens who appeared to have voted cast their ballots in favor of one party. Noncitizens are believed to have voted in these elections in numbers great enough to have affected the outcome. 

Nate Silver, an acclaimed statistician with the forecasting firm Five Thirty Eight, calculated that states with newly implemented voter ID laws will experience turnout decrease by as much as 2.4 percent of the registered voter population.21 Opponents of voter ID laws claim that any decreases in voter turnout are evidence that legal voters have been disenfranchised – discounting the possibility that the reductions are due to decreased participation by non-citizens. But, as Silver has noted, this argument doesn’t make sense because the vast majority of adults in America hold some form of photo identification and states with voter ID laws offer qualifying documentation at minimal or no cost. While it is impossible to prove that Silver’s entire 2.4 percent estimated turnout decrease is entirely attributable to noncitizen voters, it is highly likely that foreign nationals without authorization to vote will constitute the majority of this group. And Silver’s numbers are consistent with the results of other studies more specifically focused on reducing unlawful noncitizen voting. 

If we take the mean of these three estimates — 7.25 percent — and apply it to just the 22 million non-citizen residents currently in the United States, then approximately 1.6 million non-citizens vote every year. According to the high and low estimates here, that number could be as high as 2.9 million (at 13 percent of 22 million), or as low as 528,000 (2.4 percent of 22 million). Both are unacceptably high numbers. 

So, in other words, yes; This really IS a problem.
Now that President Trump has made it clear that he intends to do something about this ridiculous reality, it seems as though the left is taking matters into their own hands in order to preserve their secret stash of sketchy supporters…including one LAPD officer who was recently caught smuggling illegal aliens into America

A Los Angeles Police Department officer has been arrested and federally charged after allegedly attempting to smuggle two people through an immigration checkpoint in Southern California.
Mambasse Koulabalo Patara was charged with the intent to violate the immigration laws of the U.S., knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that two aliens had come to, entered and remained in the U.S. in violation of law, did transport and move said aliens within the United States in furtherance of such violation of law, according to a complaint released Thursday.
Authorities say Patara was driving with two people inside his car who were later found to be in the country illegally.
It all happened around midnight Tuesday about 12 miles north of the Mexico border.
With the “resistance” going to such lengths to completely defy the law of the land, and the Commander in Chief, is it really any wonder that there are concerns over a New Civil War breaking out in our great nation?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Virginia City,Nevada RV Park & Market...under new owners
55 North F St
PO Box 1070
Virginia City, NV 89440

ph: 1-775-847-0999
fax: 1-866-924-3755

oped: VCRV Park is under new ownership and management...the owners are delightful people with people skills...they are continually upgrading the facility with is quite the improvement from the last owners who were very unfriendly to guests as well as the locals...and let the park get run down. 
Virginia City RV Park
3 cabins that can be rented nightly plus 50 hookup sites makes this park one of the best in the state. Within walking distance to downtown Virginia City and other historic attractions including the cemeteries and trail rides. There are accommodations for big rigs and small tent area, restrooms and shower house, on site laundry facility, convenience store, dumping station and propane sales. Full service deli which is open to the public with to go menu and breakfast buffet. 


We have a friendly atmosphere with super clean facilities.  There is a full Market for "almost" all your needs. We are Pet friendly & YES we are part of the town so we are with-in walking distance to Down Town, as well as VERY NEAR to the Gas Station and Cemetery

Our RV Park Offers...

  • 50 Full Hook Up sites
    • 1 pull through
    • 49 back in 
  • 3 Rental Cabins
  • 1 Rental Loft (sm. apt.).
  • Tent area
  • The Shower House
Not to mention a...
  • Full Market
  • Laundromat 
  • Propane Tank Exchange
  • Great views of the Town  & the Cemetery! 
  • The Cemetery Restaurant/Deli {Just opened}
We are with-in walking distance to...
  • "Historic" Town
  • Public Park & Pool
  • The Gas Station


Racist Oprah Just Admitted What She Would Force On All White People If She Becomes President! (VIDEO)


They were searching for years. It finally happened. They eventually found their “one” true gem after last year’s failure. Now after years of searching, liberals finally feel like they’ve seen a woman who can win the Presidency. Ironically, the notion to find a TV star candidate was stolen from the fact that President Trump had a bit of a TV career to go along with the rest of his business ventures. It’s also not lost on anyone that there are no two names more synonymous with wealth in America than Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey. It’s quite funny that people on the left kept spouting off that you can’t have a television billionaire run for President – but now they have their television billionaire they want to run for President. Funny how that works, right? The left has literally copied exactly what the right does because they’re unable to craft their own winning strategy. 

Oprah has given numerous honest and very liberal opinions over the years, and that is now coming back to haunt her. To make matters worse, the bumbling mainstream media is jumping up to defend her, and it’s not going well. 

It’s scary to think of Oprah Winfrey in the Oval Office as anything more than a guest taking a tour. Her unashamed opinion on race issues and disdain for white people could be a problem. The longtime TV host has become increasingly anti-white over the years, to the point that she’s handing down a proverbial death sentence to those who don’t agree with her. Her idea is that racism is a problem of the past, so to fix the problem, those who lived in that time just need to die. That’s right folks. It was a horrible thing she said, and this video would be the bane of her existence if she ever ran for President. Oprah said as much in an interview in 2013: 


‘Real Indian’ Running Against Warren, Using Her Own Claims Against Her
By Chris Agee

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s dubious claims of Native American heritage decades ago are once again plaguing her political career, this time in the form of a long-shot rival seeking to exploit the issue in a controversial new campaign ad.
The Massachusetts Democrat cited the heritage, which she has later claimed to be a part of her family tradition, at multiple points in her early career.
In addition to questioning the legitimacy of her claims, critics have also accused Warren of identifying as a minority with the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage in the workplace.

A man of Indian heritage running as an independent against her hopes to invoke the controversy to his advantage.
Shiva Ayyadurai has positioned himself as the answer to Warren, whom he deemed a “fake Indian” in a message draped across a bus parked at his property a short distance from the senator’s home, according to the Washington Times.
Though the prominent message has raised Ayyadurai’s profile, it has also prompted backlash from the City of Cambridge.
Local officials have warned Ayyadurai that the sign is a violation of a city ordinance and that its continued display could result in fines of $300 per day and additional fees.
The bus has been parked and draped with the campaign message since March 17, though, and the candidate is prepared to fight in his effort to keep it where it is.

“We will not remove the slogan from our bus,” Ayyadurai said. “We will defend the First Amendment, and we will fight this egregious attack on the First Amendment, at any cost.”

 While Ayyadurai makes the case against Warren, though, critics cite questionable claims from his own past. The most notable example is his assertion that he invented email, a claim prominently included in his Twitter username as of this writing.
As Fox News reports, Ayyadurai recently filed a federal lawsuit claiming the city’s order to remove the sign is a violation of his First Amendment rights.
His argument hinges, in part, on the theory that an ordinance pertaining to signs affixed to structures should not apply to a stationary bus draped with his campaign message.

As for Warren, she continues to cite generations of relatives in supporting her previous statements, while thus far declining to submit to a DNA test that might settle the debate.
“It’s a part of who I am, and no one’s ever going to take that away,” she said last month.
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Virginia City,Nevada Grand Prix 2018


Addendum: VCRV Park under New Ownership/Management...will be once again Biker Friendly:

April 28-29, 2018 47th Annual

The Comstock comes alive with the roar of motorcycles during the Virginia City Grand Prix, one of the largest and most competitive off-road motorcycle races in the west. This annual two-day event draws more than 1,000 racers to Virginia City to battle the rough terrain for glory. For more information or to register, visit  


Clip from 2017 event: