It’s a money laundering scheme on a HUGE scale.

The Clinton Foundation’s deliberate misinterpretation of Canadian privacy law in order to rationalize its secrecy raises several questions, chief among them: why? Why go to all this effort to hide years’ worth of million-dollar donations from foreign citizens and foreign governments? Donations which were almost certainly being made while Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State, and almost certainly with the intent to influence her decisions?
 The answer is an easy one, albeit one that is highly uncomfortable: for the past several years, the Clinton Foundation has basically been a foreign money-laundering operation. The scheme works like this: collect millions of dollars in foreign money, dump it into a foreign charity, pretend that the law prohibits you from ever disclosing the identities of those foreign donors to the foreign charity, then have the foreign charity bundle all the cash and send it to the Clinton Foundation. Then, when the time comes–whether it be a Clinton Foundation conference or a lavish Clinton Foundation trip overseas–make sure those individuals get some me-time with the Clintons. 

This is what we’ve come to in American politics today. The Democrat Party favorite for President of the United States has been running an international money laundering scheme on a grand scale, and no one in the party seems to care. Even the grassroots activists who seem to prefer other liberal candidates can’t help but support Clinton, even as the evidence of her malfeasance piles up. They pretend that this is some “right-wing” conspiracy theory, even as reputable news outlets like the Washington Times, Bloomberg Politics, CNN, NBC, Fox News, the New York Times and the Washington Post continue to find more and more problems with the Clinton Foundation.
Here’s my advice to the Democrat Party… Pick Another Candidate. The one you’ve got now is an out of touch liar, schemer and crook.