Saturday, August 25, 2018

The cold hard truth about the Mueller Witch Hunt...

Here is the cold hard truth...plain and simple facts:
The USAG/FBI are claiming they must stay neutral and never get involved in political investigations...they can only investigate crimes and never give the impression it is political!
However they are also backed up by MSM as well as some pundits/talking heads at FoxNews as well...who always claim to be fair and balanced..a prime example of the proverbial oxymoron! 

Let me get this right...Mueller,Comey,Rosenstein,and now Sessions claim investigating Trump is not political albeit they have no crime just innuendo and speculation.
In the case of Hillary Clinton et al they claim it would be political to investigate her ...albeit there is a gross amount of evidence that she and her cohorts have comitted many crimes!

Uhhh guys it is totally permitted to investigate someone who is a political figure if in fact a crime has the term in itself is irrelevant. Except in a case such as the case against Donald J Trump a sitting President who is being investigated for Political reaasons without any evidence of a crime being comitted with the exception of trumped up (pun) allegations with predjudice! Even Robert Mueller/Special Counsel has admitted he will go for recommending Impeachment if no crime can be proven...That my friends is corruption baked into political agendas from the get go!

I recomend POTUS TRUMP Terminate Mueller,Rosenstein,Sessions and order the new USAG to open a investigation into the many crimes comitted by the Clinton Crime Family...including Comey,Holder,Obama any and all associated with these administrations...starting with the prime crime under 18 USC 2384/85
Let the proverbial cards fall where they may...after all they will not quit until they remove our duly elected POTUS by any means they can!